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JAMES W. GLA! STATE'S ATTORNEY OF WILL ‘Will County Court Anne: 87 North Ottawa Street 6th Floor, Joliet, Minois 60432 815-727-8453 June 5, 2009 Dear Mr. & Mrs. Fox: ‘The Will County State's Attorney's office has received y After talking with Detective Piazza regarding your most disappointed and baffled by your assertions. GOW UNTY | jur letter dated May 28, 2009. egcent mecting, Tam quite Historically, this office has made itself available to both of you for regular meetings meant to be informative and mutually beneficial, Detecti were a courtesy to keep you informed in the most gencral| investigation into young Ritey’s murder. He openly disc: this office, given the number of major investigations we years, Additionally, he noted that there have been no rec However, at no point did he make the statements you hay Curiously, what you left out of your letter is that Detecti office for some time has been working on plans to expan with assistance from outside law enforement agencies. assistance had yet to be finalized, Detective Piazza declit ‘we have been working with at Statc’s Attorney Glasgow Bureau's expanded participation will significantly expan Let me assure you that this investigation remains one of are doing everything in our power to find Riley's killer a ye Piazza's meetings with you lterms about the status of the ssed manpower issues affecting lave handled in the past several t Findings in the case. attributed to him in your letter. le Piazza informed you that this the scope of this investigation ince details regarding this, fed to advise you that the agency s invitation is the FBI. The our investigative resources. this office’s top priorities. We fd bring that person to justice. Ona final note, please feel tree to contact me directly if you are seeking an update on the id determine what information tions in the future. case. In that event, | will assemble the appropriate start a we cun release to you officially to avoid such misconstry Sincerely, ineth A. Chief Deputy State's Atiomey Grey OFFICE OF THE STATE’S ATTORNEY WILL COUNTY] ILLINOIS s7N.ortawa STREET, JougT, ILLINOIS 60432 (815) 727-8453 » Fax Number: (815) 727-8405 James W, Glasgow State's Attorney | FAX TRANSMITTAL DATE: June 5, 2009 . TIME: 10:13 AM TO: Kevin and Melissa Fox FAX: 815-476-0058 FROM: Ken Grey PHONE; 815-774-7867 FAX: 815-723-1612 TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES, INCLUDING COVER SHEET: 2 ‘TAIS COMMUNICATION IS INTENDED FOR THE CONFIDENTIAL USE OF THE ADDRESSEE ONLY, IN THE EVENT THAT THIS COMMUNICATION 1S READ BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE ADDRESSEE, ANY USE OF THE INFORMATION HEREIN IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS TELECOPY IN ERROR, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY NOTIKY US BY TELEPHONE TO ARRANGE FOR RETURN OF THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS, | INITIALS OF PERSON TRANSMITTING DATA: KLC |