Ladies and Gentlemen, let us take a closer look at this year’s candidates for the Mr. and Ms.

Sports fest. Let’s start of with the BLACK PHOENIX. Ms. Black Phoenix is Maria Lynn F. Licayan. Malynn as she was fondly called by her friends is a loving daughter to Maria and Nicolas Licayan of Arellano, Orion. She’s a grade six student, born May 27, 1995. This sweet girl dreams of becoming a nurse someday. She loves dancing, that made her a member of the Theatre Dance Club…once again Maria Lynn Licayan of the Black Phoenix. Also from the Black Phoenix, we have Mr. Ian C. Macarasig, a highschool freshman, Ian was born September 8, 1994. He’s the son of Reynaldo and Myrna of Wawa, Pag-asa. Just like anybody else, this young man loves playing basketball and computer games. He is a member of the SOM sports and the Rondalla Club. Ian wants to be a nurse too. Again, Mr. Ian Macarasig of the Black Phoenix Team. Our next pair of candidates is from the White Wildcats Team. Ms. Wildcat is Angelina Faye B. Luzame. Ynah is a junior student, born October 17, 1992 and lives in Bilolo with her proud parents John and Avegay. In her free time, she loves watching movies, eating and sleeping. Her hobbies include playing volleyball and dancing. Ynah sees herself as a chef someday..once again Ms. Angelina Faye B. Luzame of the White Team. Next, we have the man of the Wildcats, Mr. Michael Don de Leon. Also a third year student, Michael is the son of Rodolfo and Teresita from Sto. Domingo. Born October 9, 1992, this man loves playing the guitar and so he wants to be a fine musician one day. He enjoys playing basketball and badminton..and he is also a member of both the SOM Sports and Rondalla Club. Again, from the White Wildcats…Michael Don de Leon.

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