Call for Library Volunteers

The Pine Glen Library & Technology program’s goal is to teach information and digital literacy skills, responsible usage of information and technology, and a love of reading. In order for the School Librarian and the Instructional Technology Specialist to accomplish these goals, the LTC is looking for adult volunteers who can assist with:

• Checking in/out books • Reshelving • Refilling displays • Keeping the library shelves organized • Processing and labeling new items

• Assisting students/faculty in the LTC • Accomplishing collection projects • Managing overdue notices • Managing hold requests • Other tasks as assigned


If you would like more information before you register, please attend this Information Session in the LTC:

Information Session
Monday, September 9 10:00--10:45 am

Thank You! I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Laura Beals D’Elia, School Librarian 781-221-7798

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