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寻隐 者不 遇 ---贾岛

寻隐者不遇---贾岛 寻隐者不遇 Failing to meet a hermit 松下问童子,I asked the boy beneath the pines, 言师采药去;He said," The master's gone alone 只在此山中,Herb-picking somewhere on the mount. 云深不知处。Cloud -hidden, where abouts unknown."

五言绝 句 贾岛

Fiv e- char acter- quatrain Ji a Dao A NOTE LEFT FOR AN ABSE NT ECL USE

寻隐者 不遇

松下问童子, When I questioned your pupil, under a pine-tree, 言师采药去。 只在此山中, “My teacher,” he answered, “ went for herbs, But toward which corner of the mountain,

云深不知处。 How can I tell, through all these clouds ?” They are one poem and two translation . .And I give you the English meanings of characters. 寻:to find 隐者: hermit 不遇 fail to meet, or be absent 松:pine 问:ask 童子: a boy and the pupil of that teacher 言:say 深:deep 师:teacher 不:not 药: herbs 只:just 在:at 此:<a determiner> this 山: mountain 中:in 云:cloud

知: know 处:somewhere

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