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Pump Injector Unit, Removing and Installing

Special tools, testers and auxiliary items required Dial gauge holder VW387 Socket insert 3410 Hex ball socket T10054 Extractor T10055 Torque wrench (5 to 50 Nm) VAG1331


and remove adjustment screws. Loosen lock nuts of adjustment screws .2 . In order to avoid canting. Note the cylinder allocation of the Pump-Injector Units. support opposite side of connector with light finger pressure.for rocker arm axle from outside to inside using socket insert 3410 and remove rocker arm axle. Loosen mounting bolts .1 . Pry out connector from Pump-Injector Unit using a screwdriver. Rotate crankshaft until cam pair of respective Pump-Injector Unit to be installed and removed face upward uniformly.Without illustration: Dial gauge Removing Remove upper toothed belt guard and cylinder head cover.for tension block using socket insert T10054 and remove tension block.3 . Loosen mounting bolt . 2 .

Insert extractor ( T10055 ) in place of tension block into lateral slot of Pump-Injector Unit. New Pump-Injector Units are shipped with O-rings and heat protection seal. check that the three O-rings. Installing Note: For each step which requires an adjustment of Pump-Injector Unit. Using careful knocking motions. Note: O-rings must not be twisted on themselves. Drive Pump-Injector Unit in using uniform pressure into cylinder head seat until stop. mounting bolt can loosen and thereby cause damage to Pump-Injector Unit / cylinder head. If old Pump-Injector Unit is re-installed. pull Pump-Injector Unit upward out of its cylinder head seat. the O-rings and heat protection seal must be replaced Pump Injector Unit O-Rings. Note: If Pump-Injector Unit does not stand at right angle to tension block. Align Pump-Injector Unit as follows: 3 . Removing and Installing . Oil O-rings and insert Pump-Injector Unit with great care into cylinder head seat. heat protection seal and securing ring are seated properly. Before installing Pump-Injector Unit. adjustment bolt in rocker arm and the ball pin for Pump-Injector Unit must be replaced. Insert tension block into lateral slot of Pump-Injector Unit.

8 mm 245. then outer bolts . Cylinder 1 2 3 4 Dimension a 333. Then in the same sequence.8 mm Re-align Pump-Injector Unit if necessary and tighten mounting bolt as follows: Tighten securing bolt to 12 Nm plus an additional 270 degree (3/4 turn) (additional rotation can occur in several stages).Screw in the new mounting bolt as far into tension block so that the Pump-Injector Unit can still be turned lightly. Align Pump-Injector Unit at right angle to thrust bearing of camshaft. 4 ..8 mm 153.6 0. check dimension "a" from outer edge of cylinder head to round surface of Pump-Injector Unit. uniformly tighten to 20 Nm (44 ft lb) plus an additional 90 degree (1/4 turn).1 .uniformly hand-tight.6 0.0 0. Using a caliper gauge (measuring range minimum 400 mm).2 .0 0. Install rocker arm axle and tighten new securing bolts as follows: First tighten inner bolts .8 mm 65.

180 degree . Hold adjustment bolt in this position and tighten lock nut to 30 Nm. Rotate crankshaft in direction of engine rotation until rocker arm roller stands at camshaft point. Turn back adjustment bolt from stop approx. Inc.) stands at highest point Dial gauge ( . Last processed: 5 . Turn adjustment bolt into rocker arm until significant resistance is noticeable (Pump-Injector element stands at stop). All rights reserved. and Bentley Publishers. Connect connector to Pump-Injector Unit and install cylinder head cover and toothed belt guard.arrow A . Copyright © 2008 Volkswagen of America.arrow B .Set dial gauge onto adjustment bolt of Pump-Injector Unit as shown.) stands at lowest point Remove dial gauge. Roller side ( .