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Asian Journal September 6-12, 2013 Edition

Asian Journal September 6-12, 2013 Edition

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The Address at Wack Wack, Community News, Asian Journal San Diego, September 6-12, 2013 Digital Edition, H MART, DIRECTV, BODHI, MACYS' ONE DAY SALE, Offices of Chua Tinsay Vega Immigration Law, Dr S.T. Sawa DENTIST dental implants, FARMERS Desquitado Insurance Agency, Atty Rogelio Karagdag Jr U.S. Immigration Law, Atty Susan V Perez U.S. Immigration Law, San Diego News, Philippine News, Arts & Culture, Profiles, Balintataw by Virginia Ferrer, Lower Your Nets by Monsignor Fernando Gutierrez, Light & Shadows by Zena Sultana Babao, At Large by Miles Beauchamp, Take It From My Barber by Benjamin Maynigo, Street Poetry by Michael R Tagudin, Mga Tula ni Romeo Nicolas, Showbiz Watcher by Ogie Cruz, Classified Ads, Atty Gail Dulay Harold Hom Immigration Lawyers, CLASSIFIED AD, Wanted Caregiver, LOWER YOUR NETS BY MSGR Gutierrez

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Phl Bishop questions special treatment of Napoles

Father and Son, USN Retired
Living Abroad
How this Pinay coped with discrimination
in Switzerland
The Life Stories of Quintin Ramil, Sr. & Jr.
Chapter 1:
Enlisting in the US Navy
By Quintin R. Ramil, Jr.
Like so many young men
who work at something they
don’t particularly like, in this
case it was two years of work-
ing at a dam, Quintin decides
to go to the city to look for a
better job. He brings his cart
and carabao to Manila and
temporarily fnds a job as an
all-around helper in a Catholic
church in Malate. His many
duties included cleaning the
church and the facilities. On
Sundays he would also assist
as an altar boy for the masses
and acted as an all-around
helper for the pastor.
Then he heard that the U. S. Navy
was recruiting Filipino boys and he was
lucky enough to pass the exam and was
Since moving to Switzerland 19 years ago, I have experienced my fair share of dis-
crimination: My race, job, size and religion among others.
I took it all in with dignity, proud of my roots as a Filipino. It was not easy. But I man-
aged to keep my sanity by focusing on my family, growing children, work, and projects
that will help reach out to others.
Looking back, I should say I was able to hold my ground during encounters wherein
any other individual would have shied and ran away.
At school
When my daughters got sick for two weeks, I was deprived of sleep and forgot to
by Ana Angelica van Doorn (Angelica Hopes)
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September 6-12, 2013
AM 1450
M-F 7-8 PM
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September 6-12, 2013
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Ben Maynigo Msgr Gutierrez Zena Babao
The One World Trade
Center .. p 16
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Drug trafficking problem in the
country could get worse be-
fore getting better – US official
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Modern Day Martyrs
.. p 11
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“San Diego Pathfinders Lions Club” Supports The Scholarship Project of the “Samahan Filipino American Heritage”
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Million People March a success but
should Filipinos look beyond Facebook?
Online petition: Name Philip-
pine storms after corrupt pols
The Microsoft-Nokia
Deal .. p 14
Angelica Van Doorn is a Filipina writer and poet who authored the poetry book called “Landscapes of a
Heart, Whispers of a Soul”. Her book is available in Amazon and through her website. /Photo by Robin Kuijs.
ABS CBN News via TheFilipinoExpat.com | SWITZERLAND, 6/21/2013
com MA-
9/4/2013 -
Which cause
greater dam-
age to people:
tropical cy-
clones or cor-
rupt government offcials?
For some Filipinos, the
destruction created by politi-
cians who pocket public funds
is so great that Philippine
storms should be named after
An online petition is now
asking state
to name
that enter the
country after
grafters and
corrupt offcials.
“The devastation they (cor-
rupt politicans) cause is so
great... Mother Nature can’t
even compete with them for
the destruction of life and
By: Patricia B. Aquino,
InterAksyon.com, The online
news portal of TV5, MANILA
8/29/2013 -- “Don’t fool with
This is the message of the
thousands of protesters at
the Million People March to
Luneta on Monday morning,
according to economist Solita
Monsod, who attended the
rally against the misuse of the
public funds.
“We have a tipping point,
and are dangerously close to
meeting it because it’s almost
unanimous that what has
been happening—the pork
barrel—is an absolute scam
Manila Times | MANILA,
8/29/2013 -- A TOP American
anti-narcotics expert on Tues-
day said that the country’s
situation and problem in the
feld of illegal drug-traffcking
is bound to become more
‘worse’ even before it could
get better.
This is the assessment
made by Ambassador Wil-
liam Brownfeld, the Assistant
Secretary for the Bureau of
International Narcotics and
Law Enforcement Affairs on
the current situation of illegal
drugs problem in the country.
“I am sorry to say this but
I fear the problem is going to
get worse before it gets bet-
ter,” Brownfeld told reporters
in a chance interview in Camp
Crame on Tuesday.
The American offcial
has met with Philippine law
enforcement offcials, led by
Interior Secretary Manuel
“Mar” Roxas 2nd discuss-
ing the threat posed by illicit
drugs and drug traffcking in
the country.
Brownfeld made the as-
sessment based on the suc-
cessful operation by the US
Inquirer.net | MANILA,
9/3/2013 -- A Catholic bishop
on Tuesday questioned the
special treatment being given
by the government to alleged
pork barrel scam mastermind
Janet Lim-Napoles, saying
she should be treated like a
common prisoner and should
not enjoy the same privileges
given to former President
Joseph Estrada and Moro
rebel leader Nur Misuari who
were also detained at Fort Sto.
Domingo in Laguna province.
“It’s so obvious that the treatment
given to Napoles is very far from how
a common prisoner is treated. That’s
why we are asking, why? Why is she
being protected so much? Why has she
been given so much importance? She’s
been elevated to [Estrada] and Misuari’s
level,” Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broder-
ick Pabillo told reporters.
Pabillo also said the government
should not be distracted by giving VIP
treatment to Napoles in ensuring that the
prosecution of all those involved in the
P10-billion pork barrel scam would not
be slowed down.
“What is important in this issue is that
the process must be fast-tracked because
the longer it takes, the more complica-
tions will occur,” the prelate added.
Pabillo was also wary of plans to hold
court hearings at Fort Sto. Domingo
instead of being held at the Makati
Regional Trial Court, saying it might
compromise transparency.
“Is that a transparent move? If they
will hold the proceedings there, will
there be transparency?” he asked.
Senate President Franklin Drilon
earlier proposed to hold the arraign-
ment and trial of Napoles at Fort Sto.
Domingo where the training school of
the Philippine National Police Special
Action Force (PNP-SAF) is also located.
Mum on proposal
But Justice Secretary Leila de Lima
was mum on Drilon’s proposal.
De Lima said it would be the Makati
City Regional Trial Court, which was
trying the serious illegal detention case
against Napoles, that would make that
She said she would consult with the
team of prosecutors in charge of the case
against Napoles whether they would op-
pose or agree to the change of venue.
“I don’t want to make a stand at this
point without consulting the prosecuting
team,” De Lima told reporters.
Drilon made the proposal to cut costs
for the government and ensure full secu-
rity for Napoles.

Common sense
Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said it
was “common sense” that somebody
could be planning to silence Napoles
due to her alleged involvement in the
anomalous disbursement of billions of
pesos in pork barrel, formally called the
Priority Development Assistance Fund
Roxas brushed off insinuations that
the government was overreacting in
Left to Right: Ogie Cruz, Julio DeGuzman, Franco Albuero, Paul Benfer, Greg Cody, Judge Jimmy Sober, Sandra Gagnon, Leila Hermosa-Shield, Katrina Gaffud Benfer handling the check to SHA President-
Cdr. Benny Valerio, Liza DeGuzman, Cynthia Gosselin, Judge Ken Gosselin, Eleonor Sober-SFA-Immediate Past President, Dolly Alvarez, Nancy Valerio,Ed Caguya, Aida Frias, Emilio Frias.
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N3080311A.indd 1 8/27/13 11:14 AM
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com September 6-12, 2013
Page 4 September 6-12, 2013 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
accepted in July of 1929. In his joy and
excitement he went to Luneta, a park in
Manila, and let loose his carabao. Today
there is a monument in Luneta in a
tribute to the carabao found running free
in that park many years ago.
Quintin arrived in America and took his
training in the mid-west where he spent
most of his time. It was here that he became
involved with an American woman. It was
unclear where she lived but he fathered a son
and they named him Carlos.
While stationed aboard several ships in the
Pacifc feet, my dad was involved in boxing
and was at one time the All Navy champ
in the 118 pound division. His teammate
was Federico Ramirez, whose family also
lived in Novaliches and has a son, Federico
Ramirez, Jr. We met for the frst time in 1948
when their family returned to the Philippines
from Rhode Island and stopped by to visit us
in Pearl Harbor where we lived in Moanaloa
Navy housing. Today, Fred lives with his
family in Suisun, California. He is a retired
Master Sergeant from the U.S. Air Force.
As a Navy man my dad fulflled what was
expected of him by his parents. This has
been a tradition that is still going on today.
Parents expect their children to provide
for them. You can see this just by watch-
ing the local programs on TV today when
a host like Willie Revillame interviews a
local contestant. Almost always the goal
of a Filipino is to fnish school so he or she
can help her parents provide for the rest of
the siblings. Personally, as a parent, I do
not expect my children to help me, or I feel
that they have no obligation to me to help
me in my old age. But that is just me. My
father early on established a scholarship for
her younger sister and his oldest niece. He
helped Consolacion and Maria Ramil Yanos
fnish their studies. These two ladies became
nurses and in turn helped their own families.
I remember my Manang Mareng providing
fnancial assistance to her siblings even after
she had her own family. In a way this is a
very noble tradition very common to many
Filipino families.
Outbreak of World War II
After four years in the U.S. Navy, my
dad returned to the Philippines to marry
the woman who would become our mother,
Fausta Reyes. The marriage took place in
Novaliches on December 2, 1934. Looking
at their wedding picture, I noticed that one
of the bridesmaids was Tia Acang and one of
the sponsors was Faustino Reyes, a brother
of my grandfather. Lolo Tino as we knew
him was one of the frst Filipinos recruited
by the American Pineapple company to
work as laborers in Hawaii. He was recruited
in 1928. It was my father who met him in
Hawaii and advised him to return to the
Philippines before the war breaks out. He
returned and was able to buy land in the
outskirts of Novaliches. Dad continued to be
stationed aboard many ships in the Pacifc
Fleet including one that was part of the Great
White Fleet that went around the world.
After four years I was born on April 12,
1938. To my surprise, when I obtained a
copy of my birth certifcate from Mary John-
ston Hospital, my birth date was recorded as
April 11. It was obvious that the nurse who
entered the date came to work on April 11
but I was born 10 minutes after midnight
on the night of April 11 and so for 17 years
I was celebrating my birthday on the 12th.
Today I do the only sensible thing and cel-
ebrate it on both days!
Sometime in 1941 my dad received orders
to the USS Chaumont, a submarine tender
home ported in Sangley Point Naval Base,
Cavite, Philippines. My parents rented an
apartment in Ermita, Manila close to the
highway that goes to Cavite and he would
commute from Ermita to Sangley by bus.
In November of 1941 a submarine tied up
to the Chaumont needed a steward and was
asking for volunteers. My dad volunteered
and became a crewmember of the USS Sargo
In early December the USS Sargo was to
hold open house in Manila Bay and while
there he could almost walk to his apartment
in Ermita. He took leave but had to return
to his submarine to pick up his pay check as
it was conveniently close by. He planned to
take me with him but my mom said that she
was going to give me a bath and that was
the only reason I had to stay behind. When
my dad arrived at his ship, he was barely on
board when Japanese planes began bombing
Manila. This was December 8, 1941; the
very same time Pearl Harbor was being
attacked. As the Sargo was backing away
from the pier, she was hit by a torpedo fred
by one of the fghter planes and lost one of
its propellers. The crew could not help but
see the devastation Manila suffered. My dad
saw the whole city burning. He honestly
believed that he lost his family. With one
screw, the Sargo still managed to arrive in
Australia where my dad again volunteered
for another submarine to go on a patrol. It
was his compadre, Brigido Tamayo, my God
father who advised him to rest for a while
and not go on another patrol just yet. This is
what saved him as the submarine he was to
board did not return and was listed as lost at
sea. At this time he was due for rotation and
received orders for Panama where he was to
become the commissary store offcer. He was
just promoted to Chief.
As commissary store offcer he was in
charge of one big grocery store where
many Panamanian women worked. It was
there where he met Inah one of the store’s
cashiers. Believing that he no longer had
a family, he and Inah lived together and
became lovers. In 1942 Inah gave birth to a
daughter and named her Gwen. The three of
them lived together as a family and he loved
his daughter very much. He told me that
Gwen would run after him when he went to
work and always ran to greet him when he
returned. I am sure that he loved us as his
family. Also, unknown to him, he also had a
daughter, Norma, who was born during the
war. It was just that he thought we were all
gone. When he left Panama, he asked one
of his men, petty offcer Manuel Archuleta
to look after his loved ones for him. As
his chief, Mr. Archuleta had a very good
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Father & Son, USN
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Memorial Day: Captain Eulalio Arzaga, Jr. and
His Runaway Bride
Visitor Name: Carlos Elarmo
Visitor Email: ccelarmo@outlook.com
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Opinion: I know that I am 5 years late in reading this article. My name is Carlos
Elarmo Jr.. Your father was not only my Godfather, whom I never had the honor
of meeting when I got older but was also my dad's Best Man in his wedding back
in Feb. 1969. Both of our father's were very close and it crushed my dad the day he
died. My father had no idea you were ever born. It would be amazing for him know
that you do. The crazy thing about this is that I had lived in San Diego since '92 and
had just recently moved to Seattle, WA. My dad has and still tells me stories about
your dad. My dad lives in Las Vegas. If you are still interested in hearing more,
please contact me. I would like to discuss this more with you. My family and I
would be honored to meet you.
Enabling the Constitutional Prohibition on
Political Dynasty
Visitor Name: jojo salvador
Visitor Email: jsalvad@gmail.com
Menu: Editorials - TAKE IT FROM MY BARBER by Benjamin Maynigo
Opinion: so true pero ala ka maasahan na mga tao sa pinas...masaya na sila sa
isang kahig isang tuka...pag ka suweldo inom na...pag weekend nanaood ng ASAP
o iba pang estyupid noontime show...bigyan mo lang ng libreng concert masaya na
sila...i libre mo lang ok na...
Letters to the Editor
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Dr. Ami Carpenter will be presenting her lat-
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resiliency to sectarian and criminal violence.
PRESENTER: Dr. Ami Carpenter, Assistant
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Dr. Carpenter teaches graduate students in
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Love Cupcake
Café Celebrates
65,000th Cupcake
Chula Vista, Calif. – Sept. 4, 2013 –
As summer fades away, Love Cupcake
Café, the frst cupcake café in the South
Bay region, invites locals to celebrate
its 65,000th cupcake sold on Thursday,
Widely regarded as the Philippines'
most awarded broadcast news organiza-
tion, GMA News and Public Affairs
brings pride to the country anew with
two nominations in this year's Interna-
tional Emmy Awards. GMA's fagship
primetime newscast 24 Oras and longest-
running public affairs program I-Witness,
which are both broadcasted worldwide
via GMA’s fagship international channel
GMA Pinoy TV, were among the eight
international nominees for the News and
Current Affairs categories.
24 Oras' in-depth coverage of Typhoon
Pablo, considered as the world's deadli-
est natural disaster in 2012, received a
nomination in the News category. Led by
anchors Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez,
GMA News and Public Affairs' ace team
of reporters covered the deadly typhoon
that whipped Mindanao a few weeks
before Christmas. 24 Oras' coverage of
the heartbreaking loss of lives after the ty-
phoon was cited for being "a catalyst for
public debate regarding the effectiveness
of the country's emergency preparedness".
Kara David's I-Witness documentary
on children's rights titled "Alkansiya"
earned a nomination in the Current Af-
fairs category. "Alkansiya" tells the story
of a 12-year-old boy from Eastern Samar
who dives and scours the seabed every
night in search of sea cucumbers. Hoping
to fnish his studies, he eagerly deposits
his measly income from selling his daily
haul to his "alkansiya" or piggy bank. The
documentary also received the prestigious
UNICEF Child Rights Award in October
of last year in Seoul, Korea.
Entries from GMA Network are the
sole nominees from the Philippines and
even Asia in the News and Current Af-
fairs categories. The eight nominees come
from fve countries including Brazil, Ger-
many, Romania, Philippines, and United
Kingdom. GMA Network and Brazil's TV
Globo are the only international entries to
have earned a nod in both categories.
"The 2013 Nominees reported on
subjects ranging from war to politics to
human triumph and tragedy," said Bruce
L. Paisner, President & CEO of the Inter-
national Academy of Television Arts &
Sciences, the organization conferring the
Emmys, in a news release announcing the
nominees last August 14.
Winners will be announced at the Lin-
coln Center in New York on October 1.
For details on how to subscribe to
GMA Pinoy TV as well as GMA Life TV
and GMA News TV International, visit
the GMA International website www.
gmanetwork.com/international, Facebook
pages www.facebook.com/GMAPinoyTV,
www.facebook.com/gmalifetv, and, www.
facebook.com/gmanewsinternational, or
Twitter pages @GMAPinoyTV and @
Life TV and GMA News TV International
can be seen in the US, Canada and in
countries the Middle East, North Africa
and Asia Pacifc.
GMA's 24 Oras and I-Witness, only Asian nominees in this year's Emmys
Kara David of I-Witness
relationship with my father and considered
him as his idol and mentor. He not only took
care of Inah, he married her and adopted her
daughter. They did not have any children of
their own. Eventually, they settled in San Di-
ego, California. Gwen grew up not knowing
any other father except for Mr. Archuleta. I
know that Mr. Archuleta adored and loved
her more than anyone in the world. As far as
I know they were an ideal family.
To be continued (To order a copy of this
book, call 619.746.3416)
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At Miramar Hourglass Field. Pictured left to right: Ian Del Tredici, Parker Scott, Hunter Stainbrook, Austin Barker, Oliver Hume,
Armando Silberman, Jake Pierce, Nate Reyes, Felipe Abasto, Rickey Seffens, Aaron Vazquez. And of course, Coach Oscar Eusebio in the
back. Taken September 1, 2013 (Photo and caption by Lolita Reyes). The award winning team led by Filipino Coach Oscar Eusebio. He’s
not only a committed coach to the San Diego Soccer Club in the Penasquitos area but a very involved citizen of the community. Recently
over the Labor Day weekend, his team of Boys Under 8 (BU8) won the Hotspurs Labor Day Soccer Tournament. Prior to that, his team
placed as finalists in three tournaments in a row including: Cal State Games, Premier Soccer Tournament and the Rancho Santa Fe Sum-
mer Attack Tournament. Yet it wasn’t until the Hotspurs event where the boys won as champions with 3 shut out games! We are proud of
the boys (which includes one young Filipino, Nate Reyes) and are very lucky to have a coach like Oscar!
Boys Under 8 (BU8) wins Hotspurs Labor Day
Soccer Tournament
SCRC Marks 43rd Year of Fellowship and Evangelization
LOS ANGELES, 9/06/2013 -- The
Southern California Renewal Confer-
ence marked its 43rd anniversary at the
Anaheim Convention Center over the
Labor Day weekend. The event, which
also featured a separate track for youth,
flled the ampitheater with hundreds of
Catholics and their fellow Christians, a
few of whom came from other states for
the annual convention.
The conference is a favorite among
many church groups and prayer min-
istries that come to draw inspiration
each year from a selected theme each
year. The 2013 theme is “Take Courage
Have Faith” which builds on the “Year
of Faith” as decreed by Pope Emeritus
Benedict XVI.
The 3-day conference is scheduled
for the Labor Day weekend each year
and features speakers from the Catho-
lic evangelization movement, a few of
whom are in healing ministries.
One of the tracks featured this year
was a set of talks on deliverance
based on the book “Unbound” by
Neal Lozano, director of Heart of the
Father Ministries. Lozano talked about
Zarina Cruz of Carlsbad (2nd from left) and Vi Daen of Paradise Hills (right) join others during the 2013 SCRC event in Ana-
heim, CA. Also in the photo (left) is Cecilia Nguyen of Texas-based Divine Mercy Pray4HolySpirit.com outreach. In right photo, Fr
Greg Bramlage of the Missionaries of the New Evangelization has been on missions to Africa, South America and the Pacific.
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by Miles Beauchamp, PhD
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by Benjamin Maynigo
Take It From
My Barber
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n most Filipino homes sub-
scriptions to TFC or GMA
Pinoy TV channels are
common. In some way, we’re
interested to know what’s
happening in the native land.
It is not easy to disconnect
from the place we used to call
We watched different shows for
the news or entertainment values. We
laughed at their corny jokes and criticize
some horrible sitcoms. The women shed
tears watching their favorite Teleserye
stars and expressed angers at the bad
guys. The rich and powerful are always
taking advantage of the poor. The good
guys are mostly fair skinned hand-
some and beautiful. The ugly and dark
skinned ones are more often the bad
guys. The love stories touched the hearts
of emotional Filipinos and keep their
fantasies alive. The plots maybe simple
and the ending very predictable but, it
keeps the viewers addicted.
Recently, we’re mesmerized by the
hot topic of a major scam. Is it because
of the large monetary value or politi-
cians involved? Really it’s not big news,
only a new character at a different time.
It should not be shocking unless you’re
dumb or naïve. Remember that we grew
up in a country where bribery and cor-
ruption were considered a way of life.
Why did she do it? Simple, because
she found opportunity and learn to
master the ropes of the system. “Pork
Barrel” scam is nothing new. I was in
elementary school when my late father
who has 3rd grade education explained
it to me in his condensed version. Are
most Filipinos nowadays that ignorant
and less educated?
Well, you probably know what’s going
to happen to this case. The Filipinos
have short term memories, so in a
few weeks this will be old news. The
country’s judicial system will take many
years to make its fnal decision. With
her stolen wealth, she could hire the best
and smartest legal defense team. The
involved politicians will get re-elected
and fnd other smart ways to enrich
Just imagine how much improve-
ments to the country can those billions
of stolen government money do. Better
constructed roads and bridges are badly
needed so the poor farmers can transport
their products to the markets. More pub-
lic schools could be made and additional
good teachers hired to improve the qual-
ity of education. More informal settlers
from the big cities could be relocated
and trained for regular and better jobs.
The Philippines is a unique country
with its beautiful and ugly sides. The
Spaniards brought the Catholic church
and land subdivisions but no school
education. Americans introduced poli-
tics and the glimmers of Hollywood.
The Japanese soldiers delivered nothing
but hell on earth. The country was then
abandoned after the World War II.
As seen from the outside, the Filipino
people are forgiving and happy people.
If only most head of households got
regular and permanent jobs, their lives
would be different. If the couples only
have two kids, the poverty could be
minimized. Better education and good
government incentives could help kill
ignorance and control the rapid popula-
tion growth.
As seen on TV
“Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahi-
rap!” A catchy slogan that implies two
campaigns: one, Battle vs. Corruption;
and two, Poverty Alleviation. A victory
for the former means more resources
would be available to uplift the fight of
the poor.
The Pork Barrel Scam deeply targets
the very center of PNoy’s slogan
and correspondingly the two cam-
paigns. First, it is corruption involving
high public offcials entrusted with
public funds. Second, it deprived the
people of substantial resources for proj-
ects meant to beneft them.


The crime allegedly committed is
Plunder whereby certain Senators and
Congressmen who, by themselves or
their families, relatives by affnity or
consanguinity, business associates,
subordinates or other persons, amass,
accumulate or acquire ill-gotten wealth
through a combination or series of crim-
inal acts. This could be “By receiving,
directly or indirectly, any commission,
gift, share, percentage, kickbacks from
any person or entity in connection with
any government contract or project or
by reason of the offce or position of the
public offcer concerned” or any other
act enumerated in the Plunder law.
Under the pork barrel system, each
lawmaker is allotted some funds an-
nually (P200M per Senator and P70M
per Congressman) to be released to and
spent by his chosen benefciaries. The
discretion and judgment belongs to the
lawmaker. The allegation is that the
benefciaries were chosen based on the
percentage of commission or kickbacks
that the lawmaker receives directly or
In the early days, the kickbacks
supposedly amounted to 20% of either
P200M (Senator) or P70M (Congress-
man). The recent expose as detailed by
whistleblowers now alleges kickbacks
ranging from 50%-70% going to the
lawmaker concerned. If proven as
alleged, based on the amounts misap-
propriated, and series of acts committed,
it would really constitute the crime of
The crime is punishable by reclusion
perpetua (life imprisonment), which
makes it non-bailable. So, once the
lawmaker is charged, he is detained and
in fact, under the law (R.A. 7080), he is
also suspended from offce.
The law also provides that “Any
person who participated with the said
public offcer in the commission of an
offense contributing to the crime of
plunder shall likewise be punished for
such offense.”
This is why Janet Napoles and other
private parties including whistleblowers,
front men and fake NGOs/entities who
participated in the commission of the
plundering acts may also be criminally
Napoles is currently under gov-
ernment custody initially for alleg-
edly committing the crime of illegal
detention. But unlike others similarly
charged, she certainly is getting full
security and protection from the Philip-
pine government. This is primarily be-
cause, as the government contends, she
is key to determining the whole truth on
the Pork Barrel Scam. She possess vital
information – personal direct, documen-
tary, circumstantial as well as corrobo-
rating evidence to support various cases
of Plunder and/or violations of the Anti-
Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.


There have been reports on whether
Janet Napoles could be made a State
Witness for the prosecution. Some
brilliant lawyers who also happen to be
Senators have weighed in on the mat-
ter. According to reports, Senate Presi-
dent Frank Drilon thinks that Napoles
may not qualify because she is “not
the least guilty.” Senator and elected
ICC Judge Miriam Santiago claims that
Napoles many not qualify because she is
the “most guilty”. Senator Koko Pimen-
tel expresses a similar view. Ombuds-
man Conchita Carpio Morales who will
decide and propose it to the Sandigan-
bayan is still understandably silent and
undecided pending knowledge of what
Napoles could contribute to a successful
My barber asked for my take. Could
Napoles be made a State Witness?
I told my barber that my preference is
for Napoles not to be made a State Wit-
ness if it could be helped – meaning that
the Ombudsman is prudentially certain
that, even without Napoles’ coopera-
tion, she would be able to successfully
prosecute and convict all the public of-
fcials and private parties who allegedly
committed Plunder.
I further said that Napoles’ acts, as a
shrewd businesswoman who has been
taking advantage of the Pork Barrel
system and the corrupt minds of the
legislators, deserves to be punished for
her criminal acts.
But I am not averse to making
Napoles as a State Witness. This is es-
pecially true if it is determined that her
being one would guarantee the convic-
tion of certain arrogant public offcials
who have consistently abused their
power and exercised that “Wang Wang”
mentality and culture of impunity to go
with culture of corruption.
May Napoles qualify as a State Wit-
ness? I contend that if Ombudsman
Morales chooses to do it, Napoles could
be one.
First of all, she is not as “Big” a Fish
as any of the Senators, Congressmen,
and other public offcials from imple-
menting agencies who could be pros-
ecuted and convicted with the help of
the testimonial, documentary, and other
relevant evidence that she will pro-
vide. State Witnesses are used precisely
to go after the “Big Fish”.
Secondly, Napoles does not appear to
be the “most guilty” as envisioned by
the anti-graft, anti-corruption, and plun-
der law. The law is primarily directed
to prosecute corrupt public offcers and
others who participate in the commis-
sion of the crime by the said public
A Senator or a Congressman who
is suspected of Plunder is a public
offcer entrusted by the electorate
with the responsibility of safeguard-
ing and protecting public funds. He
is empowered under the Pork Barrel
system to appropriate funds to satisfy
some identifed needs of his constitu-
ency. Misappropriating such funds for
self-aggrandizement at the expense of a
trusting electorate numbering millions is
an offense of the highest order punish-
able by life imprisonment.
The principal power of discretion
and judgment is with the Senator or
Congressman. Correspondingly, the
ultimate responsibility is with him. In
the crime of Plunder, he is the principal
suspect with private parties like Napoles
as willing participants and benefciaries.
Napoles could not have been the
“most guilty”. While she was an ef-
fective and effcient executor of the
legislator’s greedy wish to misap-
propriate public funds, she was not
indispensable. As cited by COA and as
reported by GMA Research News, she
was not the only person who was used
by the legislators to implement such
a scheme. There were others involv-
ing more lawmakers, fake NGOs, and
probably more money. It is just that her
operation was the frst to be exposed
because of whistleblowers that included
a relative who accused her of serious
illegal detention.
Ombudsman are not done. Expect many
more patriotic whistleblowers to come
out. More corrupt public offcers and
participating offenders will still surface.


Will Napoles go scot-free if made a
State Witness? Not necessarily. She
will be discharged from the information
or complaint involving Plunder. But she
will remain charged for serious illegal
detention. She could also be charged
for tax evasion and probably more as the
probe and investigation continues.
Every Filipino always fghts for the
right to life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness. Napoles is no excep-
tion. She is happy she is alive and being
secured to stay alive. Liberty is cur-
rently out of the question. Happiness is
still worth pursuing if not for herself, at
least for her daughter who is living life
to the fullest in luxurious style.
For the allegedly plundering Senators,
Congressmen and other public offcers,
Napoles’ turning State Witness could
hasten the fling of Plunder charges
against them with the following legal
They will be arrested and detained
without bail as the trial proceeds; and
They will also be suspended from offce.
Upon fnal conviction,
The penalty shall be life imprison-
Any and all ill-gotten wealth and their
interests and other incomes and assets
including the properties and shares of
stock derived from the deposit or invest-
ment thereof forfeited in favor of the
State; and
All retirement or gratuity benefts will
be lost.
Plunder: Napoles As A State Witness?
Do you work at one place
and buy from a competitor?
I saw this anonymous line on Quora
recently, “Do Microsoft employees
use Google at the offce?” That got me
thinking about all the other possibilities
of employees who use something not
made by the company they work for.
And that lead from one thing to another
and before you can say “What, another
list?” I created another list.
While this list is created using “em-
ployees” it should probably say some
employees. I’ll leave that up to you.
The secret life of (some) employees
Do McDonald’s employees eat at
Do Subway employees eat at Taco
Do Ford employees drive Toyotas?
Do mathematicians write stories?
Do lactose intolerant people secretly
sneak ice cream?
Do iPhone employees use Android
Do Starbucks employees drink any
coffee besides Starbucks?
Do Delta employees fy American?
Do Southwestern employees fy
Do Carnival Cruise Line employees
cruise on Royal Caribbean?
Do Chevron employees use Shell?
Do Shell employees use Texaco?
Do Costco employees shop at Wal-
mart? (Oh heck yes. The whole world
shops at Walmart)
Do Verizon employees use AT&T?
Do Dell employees use iPads?
Do Pepsi employees drink Coke?
Do Coors employees drink Bud-
Do Van’s employees wear Reeboks?
Do Apple employees use Lenovo?
Do Chevy employees drive Jeeps?
Do Seiko employees wear Rolex?
Do Prada employees use Gucci?
Do Dunkin Donut employees eat
Krispy Kreme?
Do Folgers employees drink Yuban?
Do Maxwell House employees drink
Do Lay’s employees eat Ruffes?
Do Frito employees eat Doritos?
Do Hershey’s employees eat M&Ms?
Do Wrigley’s employees chew Big
Do Bubble Yum employees chew
Do Goodyear employees use Fires-
Do Xerox employees use Lanier?
Do RCA employees use Sharp?
Do Sanyo employees use Philips?
Do Comet employees use Ajax?
Do Tide employees use Gain?
Do Colgate employees use Crest?
Do New Balance employees wear
Do Macy’s employees shop at Saks?
Do Penney’s employees shop at
Do Disney employees go to Univer-
Do Maybelline employees use Clin-
Do Miracle Whip employees use Best
Foods mayo?
Do Heinz employees use Hunts?
Do Grey Poupon employees use
Do A1 Steak Sauce employees use
Lea & Perrins?
Do American express employees use
Do Snapple employees drink Capri
Do Hilton employees stay at Holiday
I could go on forever but you
get the idea. Is there company loyalty?
Is that an old-fashioned concept? Or is
it all just personal preference + price?
Yeah, probably (which is why most
companies give employee discounts if
they’re smart).
All names, logos and representations
remain with their respective owners
Those wild employees
Syria – Choosing
The Lesser Evil
by Fr. Shay Cullen
The attention of the international news
media is focused on what the United
States will do to prevent the Assad
regime from using abhorrent chemi-
cal weapons again. The US Senate has
given the go signal to President Obama.
The alleged war crime and crimes
against humanity that Assad and his fol-
lowers are accused of committing by us-
ing poison gas to kill as many as 1,429
people, four hundred of them children,
are shocking and must be condemned.
The evidence that has been presented
so far by the Western governments,
while still waiting for the report from
the UN inspectors, gives a very strong
case that the Assad government did
indeed commit a heinous war crime
against its own people, most of them
civilians, women and children. We have
to speak out and denounce such evil act
if indeed true as it appears to be so.
by Dr. Ofelia Dirige
Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan
Community Services. www.filamwellness.org
Contemporary Asian
American Issues
The American Heart Association (AHA),
Union Bank National City, Kalusugan
Community Services, Philippine Nurses
Association, and Operation Samahan are
teaming up to host a Health and Wellness
Expo on Saturday, September 14. The event,
which takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at
the Union Bank’s National City Branch at 22
E. 8th Street, National City, CA91950 is free
and open to the public.
The above organizations will be providing
information on heart health such as Kalusug-
an’s six handouts produced by the National
Heart, Lung, Blood Institute on “Weight
Control, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Reducing
Smoking, Nutrition, and Heart Disease.”
Participants will also receive complimentary
blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and
BMI (Body Mass Index) screenings. They
will also be given a one-on-one consultation
with a cardiologist and other giveaways.
Union Bank executives will share informa-
tion and tips about fnancial planning, such
as budgeting and saving.
The goal of the Health and Wellness Expo
is to bring the “No Wealth Without Your
Health” message to National City by provid-
ing heart health education, with emphasis
on its connection to one’s fnancial ftness.
The AHAbelieves that small efforts toward
improving your heart and brain health can
lead to big outcomes. The event will focus
on the AHA’s “Life’s Simple 7,” which rec-
ommends seven simple steps to add years to
your life – don’t smoke, get active, eat better,
maintain a healthy weight, manage blood
pressure, control cholesterol and reduce
blood sugar.
American Heart Association Diet and
Lifestyle Recommendations:
The AHA’s recommendations for healthy
eating are based on the latest advice of nutri-
tion and medical experts through the Dietary
Guidelines 2010. By following these, one
can reduce the major risk factors for heart
disease—high blood cholesterol, excess
body weight and high blood pressure. The
recommendations are:
•Balance calorie intake and physical activ-
ity to achieve or maintain a healthy body
•Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.
•Choose whole-grains, fber-rich foods.
•Include fsh, especially fatty fsh, at least
once a week.
•Choose a diet low in fat, saturated fat,
trans fat, and cholesterol.
•Watch the amount of beverages and foods
with added sugars that you drink or eat.
•Choose and prepare foods with little or
no salt.
•If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.
Achieving the above recommendations
through “MY PLATE”:
To achieve the above recommendations,
one should strive for an overall healthy diet.
All foods can ft into a healthy diet if eaten in
moderate amounts and ft within your caloric
needs. The most useful concept is called
“MY PLATE” or a plate in which half of it
are fruits and vegetables, ¼ is protein foods,
¼ are whole grains (rice or bread); and dairy
(outside of the plate).
A. Fruits and Vegetables- Half of your
plate. This includes all forms: fresh, frozen
and canned. They give many important
vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A,
vitamin C, folate, iron, potassium and mag-
nesium; phytonutrients and antioxidants.
They are also low in calories and an easy
way to get soluble fber each day. Adults
need 2 ½ -3 cups of vegetables and 1 ½-2
cups of fruits each day. To get these you
need fll half of your plate with vegetables,
fruits or combination of both.
Here are some tips on using them:
1. Vary your veggies- Paint your plate with
colorful choices. Don’t eat the same ones
every day.
•dark green leafy vegetables-- spinach,
camote tops leaves, kangkong,
•orange colors-- squash, carrots, sweet
potatoes, tomatoes
•starchy vegetables—corn, green peas,
•others —asparagus, broccoli, bittermelon,
eggplant, okra, caulifower, green beans
2. Focus on fruits- They add natural sweet-
ness and color.
•Use fresh, frozen, canned (without sugar)
and even DRIED.
•Try using them for snacks, salads, main
dish or dessert.
•Choose a variety each day and try new
ones also: apples, bananas, berries, persim-
mon, plums, nectarines, peaches, apricots,
“My Plate”: Achieving a Heart
Healthy Eating Pattern
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by Atty. Susan V. Perez
Immigration 911
Read Atty. Susan Perez’s previous articles by
visiting our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
claiming one’s freedom from sinful
habits through renunciation, repentance,
forgivness, and reconciliation with the
father; a blessing made possible by
death and resurrection of Christ.
This track was a follow up to the
another track last year that also featured
Fr José Antonio Fortea, a Roman
Catholic priest and the chief exorcist of
the diocese of Alcalá de Henares (Ma-
drid), who was the subject of the book
“Interview with an Exorcist”, along with
Fr Gary Thomas, the priest-exorcist
featured in the book-turned-movie “The
Rite”. Fr Fortea trained under Fr Gabriel
Amorth, chief exorcist of the diocese of
The other series of talks focus on Life
in the Spirit Christian renewal and the
charisms of the Holy Spirit. For more
information visit www.scrc.com
Note: Pray4HolySpirit.com owns the
copyright to the slogan “Take My Hand,
Not My Life.” Please contact Cecilia@
Pray4HolySpirit.com for permission to
use and distribute materials for her pro-
life ministry. Divine Mercy tapestries
(as shown in the top photo) are also
available from the same source and are
made in the USA.
IMMIGRATION 911 by Atty. Susan
V. Perez.
Carlos, a naturalized U.S. citizen,
went to his home country, Iran, to visit
his relatives. A common friend intro-
duced to Carlos a young and beautiful
lady, Carmen, an Iranian national. It
was love at frst sight. After a couple
of weeks of dating, Carlos proposed to
Carmen, which she accepted. Two days
before Carlos left for the United States,
they held an engagement party which
was attended by their close friends and
relatives. Carlos has been divorced for
ten (10) years. He has been looking
for the right person for a long time and
dated a lot of women in the United
States, but no luck. Carlos is good look-
ing and has a very stable job, but has a
very discriminate taste when it comes
to women. He believed Carmen was
the right woman and wasted no time
in fling a fancée petition for her. The
fancee petition process went smoothly.
Carmen and Carlos married within a
month from her arrival in the United
States. Two weeks after the wedding
Carmen left Carlos. They did not get
along and could not stand each other.
They have not started the application
for adjustment of status for Carmen and
Carlos wants Carmen deported to Iran.
What are the options for Carmen? Will
she be deported? In the next paragraphs
I will be discussing an actual case,
which should answer these questions.
Francisco is a native and citizen of
the Philippines. He met his future U.S.
citizen wife, Denise, in 1997 when
they were both vacationing in Boracay.
She fled a fancé petition on behalf
of Francisco, which was approved in
October 1999. Francisco received his
K-1 visa in February 2000 and entered
the United States with this visa in April
2000. Within 90 days from Francisco’s
entry to the U.S., they married in a civil
ceremony. In June 2001Francisco fled
for adjustment of status. In November
2002 the Immigration offce mistak-
enly denied Francisco’s application
for adjustment of status because it was
adjudicated more than two years from
the marriage. The couple divorced in
June 2003. Four months later, Francisco
was placed in removal proceedings for
staying in the country without a lawful
status. In November 2004, Francisco
married Tiffany, a U.S. citizen. She
fled an I-130 petition on behalf of
Francisco which was approved in July
2005. In the removal proceedings,
Francisco conceded removability but
renewed his adjustment of status based
on his marriage with Denise. Francisco
also fled an adjustment of status based
on the approved I-130 petition fled by
Tiffany. The Immigration Judge denied
both adjustment applications. The Im-
migration Judge denied the adjustment
application based on the frst marriage
for lack of jurisdiction since Francisco
was no longer married to the fancée
petitioner. The Immigration Judge
denied the adjustment application based
on the second marriage because he can
only adjust based on his marriage with
his fancée petitioner having entered
the country on a K-1 visa. Francisco
appealed to the Board of Immigration
Appeals (BIA).
On appeal the Department of Home-
land Security (DHS) acknowledged
that the Immigration Offce improperly
denied the application for adjustment of
status because there was no requirement
that the alien adjust status within two
years from marriage. The BIA said the
Immigration Judge had the jurisdiction
to adjudicate the renewal of adjustment
of status based on the frst marriage.
The main issue before the BIA was
whether Francisco who timely married
the fancé petition remained eligible to
adjust status outside the conditional resi-
dence period after dissolution of their
bona fde marriage. The BIA noted that
Francisco completed the required steps
in the fancé adjustment process. He
was no longer subject to the two-year
condition because his marriage was
more than two years old when is adjust-
ment application was adjudicated. He
established his eligibility for adjust-
ment of status based on his marriage to
Denise, the fancée petitioner. Francisco
was placed on removal proceedings
because the Immigration Offce improp-
erly denied his application for adjust-
ment of status. Based on the facts and
the statutory interpretation of relevant
laws, the BIA concluded that Fran-
cisco’s divorce from his fancé petitioner
did not render him ineligible to adjust
status. The BIA sustained the appeal of
Francisco and remanded the record to
give him an opportunity to renew his ap-
plication for adjustment of status before
the Immigration Judge.
We welcome your feedback. If you
have any immigration questions, please
feel welcome to email me at susan@
law-usimmigration.com or call 619
819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone
Can An Alien Who Entered the
U.S. on a K-1 Fiance(E) Visa File
for Adjustment Of Status After
The Marriage Has Ended?
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- What is Meditation?
Bodhi Meditation ofers a unique methodology that stimulates physical renewal and promotes general
health. Acclaimed as a natural stress relief method, it further help revitalize the mind and free the spirit,
and facilitate improvements in both mental and physical health.
Bodhi Meditation applies traditional practices to the challenges of modern living. Te result is a
uniquely efective meditation system that holistically enhances immunity, stamina and state of mind.
Te techniques are accessible and practical, yielding results quickly. As such, they are particularly
well-suited to manage pressure of urban life – and the health issues that result from them. In its mere
20 years of availability to the public, Bodhi Meditation has already benefted millions. All are welcome,
irrespective of age, religion or personal background.
Benefits of Bodhi Meditation:
Enhance Overall Physical and Mental Health
Help you with Stress Relief
Increase Spiritual Energy Flow
Mr. Zhao’s left leg sufered from severe rheumatoid arthritis for about forty years. Te only way he could walk was to
drag his left leg around. During the healing session from the master, water came out from bottom of his left leg. Te
water dampened the carpet under his feet and his pants were soaking wet. However, immediately his legs felt much
better after the healing. He can fnally move his legs freely. He has no problem bending his knees now. With tears
in his eyes, Mr. Zhao said “Bodhi Meditation has given me a second life”
Chang Hua::
I had terrible pain in my knee because of a bone spur rubbing against the joint. I often heard pieces of bones rattling when I shook my leg.
I also had a bone spur on my nose and my lower back often hurt too. After the healing by Master Guan-Hai not only my knee was no
longer in pain, my back felt so much better that I could touch the foor without any efort. Te bone spur on my nose has miraculously
disappeared such that surgery is no longer needed. Tis is indeed marvelous!
Registration Hotline: 619-889-3526 / 909-612-9232
Email: putila@gmail.com Website: www.puti.ca
Beginning Class: Scpt. 28th and 29th, 9:30 am - 6:20 pm
Special Energy Healing Event: Scpt. 28th (Saturday) 10:00am - 1:00pm
Location: Scottish Rite Event Center (1895 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108)
For health, For life
Time: 9:30 AM – 6:20 PM
Location: Scottish Rite Event Center
1895 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108
�All Fees Waived & Lunch Provided�
Meditation & Energy Healing Classes
ψСЬа 2Ӛ, 2013 - ψСЬа 2ӛ, 2013
The 2-day retreat ofers training in unique methods of
Bodhi Meditation practices. It is designed to enhance
overall physical and mental health.
San Diego
Te blessing and healing event will help you fnd
relief from stress, regain health, return to a natural
state of tranquility and obtain happiness, success
�Free Admission & Auspicious Gif�
Special Blessing and Healing Event
Sept 28, 2013 (ψНабЮРНеΥ
ωime: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Scottish Rite Event Center
1895 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108
Tel: 619-889-3526 / 909-612-9232
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A Seminar for Women
Business Owners
SAN DIEGO—August 29, 2013—
NAWBO San Diego will continue its
seminar series on September 13 with a
presentation from Neil Palache: How
to GROW your BUSINESS while
being SMART with your MONEY.
The seminar will be held at Brandman
University, 7460 Mission Valley Road,
from noon to 1:30 p.m.
Are you growing your business? Are
you being smart with your money? Are
you using your uniqueness to attract the
best possible clients? Are you making a
proft? These and many other questions
will be answered at this presentation.
� GROW – Grow your business,
grow yourself. Focus on what you’re
doing and your business will grow.
� BUSINESS – You are in business,
whether it’s just you or an entire crew.
The quicker you separate you from the
business, the quicker you will succeed.
� SMART – “Work Smart and Hard”,
How to GROW your BUSINESS while being SMART with your MONEY
San Diego, C A8/3/2013 – Every summer,
Professor Don Sciglimpaglia looks over the
Small Business Consulting Center’s yearly
results. Sometimes the results are good.
Sometimes they’re very good. And some-
times they’re excellent.
“Generally speaking, the results are always
positive,” said Sciglimpaglia, San Diego
State University professor and director of
operations for the Small Business Consulting
Center. “In some categories, these are ex-
tremely positive. From a job standpoint, hav-
ing more than 70 percent of the businesses
say they’re going to increase their employee
base is key.”
The Small Business Consulting Center,
a partnership between the San Diego Small
Business Development Center and SDSU,
operates throughout the academic year. This
year the partnership helped 18 different small
businesses and organizations – everything
from a restaurant to a security frm to busi-
ness improvement districts.
Sam Yoder, owner of San Diego-based Ar-
mortech Security, went through the program
before transitioning into an SBDC client.
“I love the program,” he said. “Students
can branch out and explore their own poten-
tial. This helps business as well by bringing
in fresh talent – people with training and
information needed for today.”
Yoder, who employs many current and
retired federal agents and military personnel,
said that Armortech’s main mission is “to
become the leading provider of exceptional
security and training services in California.”
The one-two punch of San Diego SBDC and
SDSU is helping him reach for that goal.
“Because of the programs, things have
San Diego
instead of “Work Smart not Hard.” How
do you create balance?
� MONEY – You’re in business to
make a proft! Revenue does not equal
your income. Charge what you’re worth
and pay it forward.
Neil Palache has been in the ‘money’
business since 1983. Although he has
owned and run several businesses,
today, he is the Founder and CEO of the
Wealth Creator Company for Women.
Neil is dedicated to empowering women
as is shown by his involvement in many
community and business organiza-
tions such as the National Association
of Women Business Owners Ventura
County, Women’s Economic Ventures
and Women’s Festivals Santa Barbara.
NAWBO members have the option of
attending this seminar for free (without
lunch) or $10 (with a box lunch). The
fee for visitors (which includes lunch)
is $25.
Registration is available through noon
on September 12 at www.nawbo-sd.org.
About NAWBO San Diego
NAWBO San Diego is one of 80 U.S.
chapters of NAWBO, a national non-
proft organization of more than 7,000
members that represents women busi-
ness owners across all industries. Since
1975, NAWBO has helped women
evolve their businesses by sharing re-
sources and providing a single voice to
shape economic and public policy. For
more information, visit nawbo-sd.org.
C.A.R. is sponsoring SB 30 to provide
relief to distressed homeowners attempt-
ing to sell their homes in a “short sale.”
Under current state law, when a lender
forgives mortgage debt in a short sale,
the seller must pay state income tax on
the amount of forgiven debt. The federal
government does not charge federal
income tax, and neither should the state.
These sellers are already in fnancial
trouble, and SB 30 is necessary to give
sellers relief from an inequitable and
unfair situation.
Last week the Assembly Appropria-
tions Committee, at Assembly Member
Gatto’s direction, held SB 30. Senate
leadership took SB 30 hostage in an
attempt to extort C.A.R.'s support for
a new tax measure. Rather than do
the right thing and pass SB 30, Mr.
Gatto decided to go along with Senate
leadership. Right now, any seller who
sold their home in a short sale this year
will have to pay income tax on the debt
forgiven by their lender.
Action Items
1. Call Assembly Member Mike Gatto
At 1-800-969-3420
Enter PIN number 3043
Call between the hours of 9AM and
5PM Monday-Friday
If you wish, you can bypass the frst
part of the message by entering the PIN,
followed by the # sign, at any time. You
may also bypass the 2nd part of the mes-
sage by hitting the “1” key to be directly
connected to your legislator’s offce.
Ask him to support distressed ho-
meowners and support SB 30. As the
Chair of the Appropriations Committee,
he is responsible for the committee’s
failure to act on behalf of distressed
Ask them to Call Assembly Member
Gatto too. They can use the same phone
number and PIN number to be connect-
ed to Assembly Member Gatto’s offce.
3. Post messages on Mike Gatto’s
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/
4. Tweet messages via Twitter. Please
be sure to include Assembly Member
Mike Gatto’s Twitter handle, @mikeg-
atto, in your message.
Here are some sample messages:
Don’t abandon distressed homeowners
#YesSB30 #CaLeg @mikegatto http://
on.car.org/redalertsb30 RT
No tax on short sales #YesSB30
#CaLeg @mikegatto http://on.car.org/
redalertsb30 RT
I am a REALTOR & support dis-
tressed homeowners. Wish @mikegatto
did too. #YesSB30 #CALeg http://
on.car.org/redalertsb30 RT
Protect underwater homeowners. @
mikegatto #YesSB30 #CALeg http://
on.car.org/redalertsb30 RT
Pay large tax vs. foreclosure?? Help
struggling homeowners. @mikegatto
#YesSB30 #CALeg http://on.car.org/
redalertsb30 RT
No tax on phantom income. @mikeg-
atto #YesSB30 #CALeg http://on.car.
org/redalertsb30 RT
Help families facing foreclosure. @
mikegatto #YesSB30 #CALeg http://
on.car.org/redalertsb30 RT
The federal government enacted the
Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007
effectively excusing borrowers from
income tax on debt forgiven in a “short”
sale. In late 2008, the federal govern-
ment extended this relief until Decem-
ber 31, 2012. California conformed to
the federal law for state tax purposes.
On December 31, 2012, Congress
passed budget solutions in an attempt
to avoid the "fscal cliff." Included in
this measure was an extension of the
California Association of Realtors:
Tax Forgiveness on Short Sales
in Jeopardy
Deadline to Register is Sept. 16

Employers throughout San Diego
County are invited to sign up for the
Rideshare 2013 Corporate Challenge
– a countywide competition that can
enhance their reputation as sustainability
leaders and help their employees save
money by adopting alternatives to driv-
ing alone.
The SANDAG iCommute program
will accept online registration for the
Corporate Challenge through Monday,
September 16.
The Corporate Challenge piggybacks
on Rideshare Week, a nationally-
recognized annual event held the frst
full week of October to promote
sustainable commute choices, such as
carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking,
taking public transit, teleworking, and
compressed workweek schedules. San
Diego employers are being challenged
to celebrate all month long by taking
part in the Corporate Challenge, October
1 - 31.
Employers will compete within their
size categories for the highest percent-
age of employees using an alternative
commute choice. Employers get one
point for every eligible commute trip
their employees log online in Trip-
Winners will receive recognition in a
print ad in a regional newspaper and on
the iCommute website, a commemora-
tive plaque, and mention in a SANDAG
press release. Employees who log
trips throughout the challenge also are
eligible to win great prizes, including an
Enterprise Rideshare weekend special
rental and car2go memberships with
driving minutes, as well as restaurant,
entertainment, health and wellness gift
Last year, a record number of com-
panies and agencies around the region,
representing more than 87,000 em-
ployees, participated in the Corporate
To participate, employers simply
complete a short form on the iCommute
website and then promote the challenge
to employees with free materials pro-
vided by iCommute. Each participating
organization will receive a Corporate
Challenge eToolkit with resources to
help promote, manage, and succeed in
this year’s challenge.
Rideshare 2013 sponsors include Enterprise
Rideshare and vRide.For more information about
Rideshare 2013, visit 511sd.com/iCommute and
click on events, or call 511 and say “iCommute.”
San Diego Employers Invited To Take The Ride-
share 2013 Corporate Challenge
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Eric Santos sings “Maging sino ka man” to Dr. Tess Mauricio of M Beauty
Read Ogie Cruz’s previous articles at
by Ogie Cruz
By Ogie Cruz
Middle School Chula Vista.
Last 2008 pa pala nakahuling con-
cert si Erik sa San Diego with Sarah
Geronimo,kaya naman tipong nanabik
sa kanya ang mga tao para mapanood
muli ang kanyang concert.
Marami siyang kinanta mula sa
kanyang mga sikat na songs at pati ang
mga theme songs ng mga teleserye.All
ages ang kanyang mga fans dito sa San
Diego,na kanyang pinakilig sa kanyang
mga awitin.
Siempre inaabangan din namin ang
duet nila ni M Beauty na si Dr. Tess
Mauricio, kinantan nila ang “Maging
Sino Ka Man” na lalong pinalakpakan
ng mga taga San Diego,paano ba naman
isa na ring Star si Dr. Tess na hanggang
sa Pilipinas e kilala na rin.Sambit pa
nga ni Dr. Mauricio, feeling si Sarah G
siya nang matapos ang kanilang kanta ni
Eric.Mapapanood pala ang kanila duet
sa Youtube,under “Showbiz Reporter”
siempre ang lingkod nyo po ‘yun.
Balita nga namin, si Piolo Pascual
ang susunod ni Dr. Tess na gusto niyang
maka-duet pero mas type namin si Sam
Milby dahil mas may appeal ito at mas
magaling kumanta.Abangan na lang na-
tin sa susunod na concert na magaganap
dito .Di ba Ms. Carnie Banares ?
Isa pang client namin sa Asian Journal
ang nag-preform sa nasabing concert
ay si Rowie Mesina ng Music Learn-
ing Center na nagpakita ng sayaw with
MLC Dancers,hindi rin nagpadaig
ang kanyan anak na may solo number
Eric Santos, Dinumog Ang
Concert !!!
din.Maraming natuwa sa sayaw ng
grupo,kahit kami napalakpak dahil
sa galing ng step at style na ipinakita
nila.First time lang namin napanood
ang ganoong klaseng sayaw,perfect sa
timing.Congrats Ms. Rowie and MLC
Dancers !!!
After the show,nag dinner pa kami sa
bahay nina Ms. Yolly Morales siempre
with the casts ng mga nag-concert at
nandun din si Erik.Isa rin kasi si Alessja
Morales ,anak niya ang nagperform
with Katriz Trinidad,hindi lang namin
maalala yung name ng isa pa nilang
Basta maraming salamat sa pag-istima
sa amin ng producer ng show na si
Cindy , iba pa nilang staff doon.Maram-
ing salamat po !!!
GON !!! Isa pang show ang napanood
namin,na ginanap sa
Greenhouse International Hotel
Norwalk,siempre dahil na rin sa an-
yaya ni Pastor Julius Obregon kasama
namin si Katrina Benfer at Ms. Tessie.
Kakaiba ang tandem nina Nonoy at
Julius compare sa napanood namin
noon dito sa San Diego na Nonoy with
Michael Laygo medyo may
pagka gospel ito.
Kinanta pa rin
ni Nonoy ang
kanyang mga
hit songs
ng “ Doon
Lang”,:Kamusta ka “ at marami pang
iba. Siempre si Julius naman hindi nag-
padaig dahil na rin sa galing ng boses
niya kumanta ng mga standard songs.
Naglolokohan pa nga sila na iba ang
generation nina Julius compare kina
Nonoy,ibig sabihin mas matatanda na
raw ang era nina Julius na kasabayan
nito na sina Jun Polistico ,Darius Razon
,Rhodora Silva samantalang si Nonoy,
ay sina Rico J,Hajji Alejandro,Rey Val-
era ,Basil Valdez at Marco Sison.
Puno rin ang tao sa Guesthouse Inter-
national Hotel ,kaya congrats kina Julius
at Nonoy !!!
issue rin ang sobrang sumambulat sa
Pilipinas ang sex scandal nina Wally
Bayola at EB Babe Yosh na pinag
piyestahan sa facebook pero nawala din
ito.Kung nanonood ka ng “Eat Bulaga”
tiyak kilala mo ang komedyante na si
Wally Bayola at pati si Yosh ng EB
Babes Dancers.Nakakadiri ang video
nila,napakabastos talaga kaya naman
parang nawalan ng pagiging wholesome
ni Wally sa paningin namin.
Hindi pa rin malaman kung sino ang
nagpakalat nito sa Youtube at nai-post sa
Facebook pero may ginagawa ng imbis-
tigasyon sa bagay na ito ng NBI, bawal
kasi ito i-upload o share ng walang
pahintulot ayon sa Republic Act 9995 o
mas kilala sa tawag na Anti photo and
video Voyeurism Act of 2009.
Hindi pa nalulutas ang kaso rin ni
Chito Miranda with Neri Naig na sex
scandal eto sinundan nina Wally at
dancer naman.Sabi nga namin kung
kilala ka na, dapat wala ng video kung
gusto mo makipag-sex para wala ng
lumabas na ganito.Lalabas at lalabas din
yan at sisingaw. Siempre kilala ang mga
personalidad na involve kaya
maraming interesado.Dapat par-
usahan din ang gumawa nitong
video na ito,dahil hindi naging
maingat ito para itago dahil
nailabas sa publiko.
Sa ngayon daw hindi
na napapanood si Wally
Bayola sa “Eat Bulaga”
ayon na rin sa manager
niya.Nakipagsabayan ang
issue na ito sa Pork Barrel
Queen na si Janet Napoles
?Abangan na lang natin
kung may mahuhuli pa sa
isyung ito o susunod na sex
scandal video.Hay Naku ang
mga tao talaga na sikat ,hindi
Wally Bayola
Top: Nonoy Zuniga, Julius Obregon, Katrina Benfer and friend. Bottom: Eric San-
tos and fans
Page 11 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com September 6-12, 2013
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Spiritual Life
Read Monsignor’s previous articles by visit-
ing our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez
Lower Your
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
At this morning’s mass in St.
Martha’s House the Pope point-
ed out that “Jesus has no need
of armies to overcome evil”
ROME, 9/3/2013 -- Light is the main
symbol of Christianity. It characterises
and adequately captures the essence of
Christianity. The light of the world on
the other hand is an “artifcial” light.
This was the focus of Pope Francis’
second mass in St. Martha’s House since
the end of the brief summer break.
“You can know everything; you can
have knowledge of all things and this
light on things. But the light of Jesus
is something else. It is not a light of
ignorance, no! It’s a light of wisdom
and sagacity, but it is something other
than the light of the world. The light
that the world offers us is an artifcial
light, strong, perhaps – but that of Jesus
is stronger, eh! - strong like a frework,
like a fash of photography. Instead,
the light of Jesus is a mild light, it is a
quiet light, it is a light of peace, it’s like
the light on Christmas night: without
pretence,” Francis said in his homily,
published on the Vatican Radio website.
Sometimes we inevitably fnd our-
selves blinded by the wrong kind of
light, the kind that brings one into the
limelight or the light of personal success
that fulfls one’s own interests. We often
give more importance to appearing
rather than being. But this glimmer of
light could be the devil in disguise, “an
angel of light” who “likes to imitate
Jesus and do good, he speaks to us qui-
etly, as he spoke to Jesus after the fast
in the desert.” “The light of Jesus, he
continued, “doesn’t put on a show. It’s a
light that comes into the heart … It’s a
light that speaks to the heart, and also a
light that offers you the Cross. If we, in
our inner light are meek, if we hear the
voice of Jesus in the heart and look on
the Cross without fear: that is the light
of Jesus.”
This is not the frst time Pope Francis
invites faithful to come out of the
spotlight (of their own vocations), that
pretentious light that makes humans
slaves of their own image. “But if a light
comes that “makes you arrogant,” a
light that “brings you to look on others
from on high” to despise others, “that
“The light of Jesus
doesn’t put on a
leads you to pride” – that is not the
light of Jesus: it’s the light of the devil,
disguised as Jesus, as an angel of light,”
the Pope said. “Wherever Jesus is, there
is always humility, meekness, love, and
the Cross.” But, he added, sometimes
“we fnd a Jesus that is not humble, that
is not meek, that is without love, and
without the Cross.” So we must follow
the true Jesus “without fear,” follow-
ing His light because the light of Jesus
“is beautiful and does so much good,”
Francis added.
AFP, 9/1/2013 - Pope Francis has
called for the world to unite in a day of
fasting and prayer for Syria on Saturday
and said "God and history" would judge
anyone using chemical weapons.
"May the cry for peace enter the
hearts of everyone so that they may all
lay down their weapons," the pope told
thousands of pilgrims at the Vatican on
The pope announced that the prayers
would be led by a fve-hour vigil in St
Peter's Square, telling the international
community it should make "every ef-
fort" for peace.
His call came the United States and
France were making plans for possible
air strikes against Syrian President
Bashar al-Assad's regime over its al-
leged use of chemical weapons.
"My heart is profoundly wounded in
these days by what is happening in Syria
and I am anxious about the prospect of
dramatic developments," the pope said.
"I condemn with particular force the
use of chemical weapons. I still have in
my mind and heart the terrible images of
the past days," he said.
"There is judgment from God and
from history on our actions that no one
can escape."
"Weapons and violence do not lead to
peace, war leads to more war," he said.
Pope announces
world prayer day
for Syria
Joke of the week: Three men – a sur-
geon, an engineer, and a politician were
arguing about whose profession was
the oldest on earth. “Mine is,” said the
doctor. “Remember that Eve was carved
out of Adam’s rib.” “Maybe,” said the
engineer. “But the earth was created
out of chaos in six days. That obviously
was an engineering job.” “Yes,” said the
politician, “but who created the chaos?”
Scriptures: First Reading: Wisdom 9:
13-18b. The Book
of Wisdom is a
collection of say-
ings, proverbs and
prayers believed to
be Solomon’s. The
author teaches that
the will of God can
only be discerned
through a wise
is very hard, but even harder is how
to discern God’s will. It is possible to
accomplish both with ease with the help
of wisdom that is from above. Second
Reading: Philemon 9-10, 12-17. This
letter clearly clarifes to Philemon, the
owner of slave Onesimus, who became
a Christian, that their Christian faith has
transformed their relationship as master
and slave and transcended any social
division between them. Gospel: Luke
14: 25-33. Jesus challenges his follow-
ers about the priorities and demands
of discipleship. Making a decision to
follow Jesus is diffcult, but obstacles
along the way make it more diffcult to
stay committed to him. Every prospec-
tive disciple must initially “calculate
the cost” and constantly reassess his
priorities and choices. No matter how
diffcult and daring the task of following
Jesus may be, it is possible to accom-
plish it with the help of divine wisdom.
Reflection: In the Middle-Eastern
culture, the family takes priority over
and above everyone and everything. As
opposed to modern nuclear families,
a Middle Eastern family is a clan or a
group of people united by actual or per-
ceived kinship and descent. It included
the father, his wife/wives, children, mar-
ried sons and their wives, grandchildren,
slaves, cousins and uncles. The family
members’ identity is
distinguished by the
name or trade of the
patriarch or father,
such as Abner, son
of Ner, Jesus, the
carpenter’s son.
Choosing Jesus is
to leave behind one’s
biological family,
to prefer and form a
fctive family with his
other disciples. Preferring Jesus and his
group over and above one’s biological
family ties is like signing one’s death
warrant. In a close-knit environment,
like that of the ancient Middle East,
severing one’s connection with his
family or renouncing father, mother and
cherished possessions in favor of God’s
kingdom involves a major decision and
entails a grave sacrifce. Jesus’ demand
then to his disciples was a tall order and
still is true today.
It is inconceivable even to consider
that Jesus wants us to hate our parents
and siblings in his favor. This is not the
case. He wants us instead to calculate
very well the cost of discipleship. When
following Jesus would truly mean pre-
ferring him over one’s family relation-
ships, even over one’s life, then it is re-
ally a cross to bear, an act of martyrdom.
Reginald Fuller wrote, “Martyrdom
is discipleship to its ultimate conclu-
sion. Hence, the honor the Church has
always paid to its martyrs.” God and
Jesus should mean more to us than all
else that we have, possess and love,
even more than our life. The way of the
cross, of martyrdom and of following
Jesus is a treacherous, challenging and
less traveled road, so he cautions us to
initially “calculate the cost” and always
rearrange our priorities.
Bernard Mischke tells this story on
how we look at the cross of our life.
“Whether it grows or not depends on us,
the ground. Take an example. A young
couple just had their frst child. Unfor-
tunately, the little boy was born terribly
deformed, without either his arms, just
two stumps at the shoulders. The child’s
father went into black despair, cursing
God and fate and his doctor for having
let the child live. The father saw only
the dark side. But the mother’s attitude
is worthy of note. She looked at her
child and said, ‘Poor little fellow. He’s
going to need a lot of help. Thank God
we’re able to give it to him’ … the seed
was falling on good ground.”
Quotation of the week: “In God’s
house we must try to accept any job:
cook or kitchen boy, waiter, stable boy,
or baker. If it pleases the king to call us
into his private council, then we must go
there, but without being too excited, for
we know that our reward depends not on
the job itself but on the faithfulness with
which we serve him.” -- Blessed John
Paul 11.
Modern Day Martyrs
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Delayed Load
by Fr Randy Roche, SJ
omeone is considered
“light-hearted” when
he or she appears to be
without cares and is generally
optimistic. We probably have
no diffculty in recognizing
the opposite mode of being:
“heavy-hearted. But what if
we were to consider our hearts
as light for others, and also to
consider our hearts as recipi-
ents of light?
Every smile that is sincere, every
word we speak that is true, every deed
that takes into account the value of
another person, arises from our hearts,
not just our minds. We could think of
ourselves as the light of the world and
yet never give a word of thanks to the
person who steps aside to make space
for us in a crowd or who hands us the
item we request. But from our hearts,
where we make all our decisions, we
can indeed provide light for others in
what we say and in what we do.
From our hearts arises light in both
the sense of illumination, so that others
might see their value as a result of our
attention to them, and in the sense of
lightening their burdens by lifting their
spirits through our thoughtfulness of
them. We can tell people of their worth
in our words, but we are more likely to
show it by the way we listen to them,
especially by refecting to them our
appreciation of the real meaning behind
their words and expressions. We can
suggest reasons for hope, but quite
often we make lighter the weights on
others’ hearts when we show them that
we believe in their capacity to deal with
whatever challenge they might be facing
at the time.
If we refect upon the ripples of
genuine goodness that extend from our
hearts, we will experience gratitude. We
were made for this: to be light in the
world. The more we think of ourselves
as being “light hearted” for others, the
more we will act accordingly. And, we
are not only a source of light, but we are
also recipients of light. When we open
our hearts to being light for others, we
are correspondingly open to receiving
light, and light indeed enters our hearts.
Some of us have come to recognize
that we became capable of being light
for others almost certainly because
family, friends and mentors were light
hearted for us. Giving consideration
to the possibility that all good begins
with what we have received does not
diminish what we do in loving others,
but provides more opportunities for
gratitude. We are rightly pleased to be a
positive force for people around us, and
can also be fttingly thankful for those
who have enlightened us through their
care, example and guidance.
We might be aware of the expression
that “he (or she) is all heart,” which
would seem to be another way of talking
about being light hearted. But we could
also consider God as “all heart,” whose
love flls our hearts, illuminating and
enlightening us, and so enabling us to do
the same for others.
Light heartedness leads to gratitude,
which in turn further illumines and
enlightens our hearts, both in giving and
in receiving.
Randy Roche, SJ
Center for Ignatian Spirituality
Loyola Marymount University STE 900.
Tel (310) 258-8695http://www.lmu.edu/cis
Light Hearted
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Tech IT
from My Barber
by Benjamin Maynigo
Call 619.602.9808
1) Color and Highlight with FREE Conditioning Treatment
2) Color with FREE Haircut
1430 E. Plaza Blvd., E-15
National City, CA 91950
(Next to Golden Chopsticks)
Hair By Nena
Last Monday, it was announced that Mi-
crosoft is acquiring Nokia’s phone-making
unit for about &7.2 billion. The acquisition
included patents and the licensing of Nokia’s
world famous mapping technology called
The reaction of investors in the stock mar-
ket was mixed. Microsoft stocks went down
while Nokia’s went up.
Specifcally, $5 billion will be paid for
the phone-making unit of Nokia and $2.17
billion on the licensing of its patents.
Microsoft will also absorb 32,000 Nokia em-
ployees worldwide including 4,700 people
in Finland. Nokia chief executive Stephen
Elop, who previously served as an executive
at Microsoft, will once again join the soft-
ware giant, heading up the newly acquired
phone-making division. It is also rumored
that he would be the leading candidate to
succeed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer when
he retires next year.
For years, Microsoft has always been
mainly a software company with its Win-
dows Operating System and several applica-
tions and programs incorporated into the
IBM, HP, Dell, OEM hardware manufactur-
ers and the like.
The success of the APPLE, Google, and
Samsung business models of combining con-
trol of software and hardware has prompted
Microsoft to slowly change gear.
Making its own tablet Surface and incor-
porating its Windows Operating System in
its X-Box devices were good starts. Now
with the acquisition of Nokia’s phone-mak-
ing unit which include patents, it is defnitely
going full blast to acquire greater share
of the tablet and smartphone markets cur-
rently dominated by APPLE and ANDROID
The integration of Microsoft’s and Nokia’s
mobile device production and global market-
ing would generating substantial savings,
which could be used as possible incentives to
application software developers and content
As I write this column/blog, I received a
press statement from Seth Schachner who
is the Managing Director of Strat Americas,
which is a global digital media consultancy
and business development enterprise.
He says, “The Microsoft / Nokia combina-
tion could mean a more unifed, stronger
approach to building the Windows Phone
application environment. Before it owned
Nokia, Microsoft previously may have had
to “propose” apps to Nokia or other manu-
facturers who released Windows Phones,
essentially only putting a toe in the water of
app development, and likely emphasizing
Microsoft’s own apps--ie, an XBox mobile
app. That’s certainly not a strong mobile
content strategy to differentiate its handsets.
With a unifed approach, it may be there
there is more internal support and commit-
ment to apps and content amongst the two
companies, and there might be more market-
ing funds available to encourage and give
developers an incentive to build apps for the
new Nokia-Microsoft environment. That’s a
potentially signifcant development.”
He further opines that “if we see Windows
Phones rolling out at the lower end of the
pricing spectrum--picking up the volumes
where feature phones usually dominated,
particularly in emerging markets, that could
have potential implications for growing their
market share substantially. (For example,
in Latin America, the Windows Phone
has stronger market positions, #2 in some
markets already. With lower priced handsets
reaching the markets, it’s possible they will
build share.)”
Seth was the founder of Sony Music’s
Latin American Mobile group, based in Mi-
ami, where he developed innovative handset
and mobile content partnerships for artists
including Ricky Martin and Shakira. He
was most recently with Microsoft Advertis-
ing, and was an early licensor of content for
major carriers, during his days with Zomba/
Jive Music. Seth has brokered some innova-
tive embedded media deals with handset
manufacturers and has a keen perspective
on how the consummation of Microsoft and
Nokia’s businesses will shape media and
entertainment deals for global handset frms
and mobile carriers alike.
It looks like the battle is no longer just for
hardware that includes design and features
and software applications to go with the
operating systems but also for content.
My barber says, “We want consumers to
Tuesday, Microsoft MSFT -2.29%announced
that it is buying Nokia NOK +2.34%’s
device business and also licensing certain
intellectual property from Nokia. There has
been much negative commentary. For exam-
ple Morgan Stanley MS +1.41%downgraded
Microsoft, and investors voted with their
money by selling shares, with Microsoft
stock trading nearly 7% lower than it did
before on Friday before the deal was an-
It’s hard to blame investors. In 2007,
Microsoft spent $6.3 billion on online adver-
tising outft aQuantive, but last year wrote
down the value of the acquisition by $6.2
billion. Despite the refexive distaste of the
market and the foibles of the recent past, I
believe that there is long-term value in this
Microsoft And Nokia: AMarriage Made In
Hell?Forbes Leadership ForumContributor
Microsoft Puts ARing On Nokia, But Will
It Last?Connie GuglielmoForbes Staff
Acquisition Of Nokia Phones Adds New
Anti-Google Weapons to Microsoft Arms
RaceRobert PassikoffContributor
Here are seven reasons why Microsoft
buying Nokia’s device business is a brilliant
Transform Or Perish
Microsoft is facing a stark choice between
major transformation or perishing as a
growth entity in its current form. Microsoft
has chosen to go the route of transforma-
tion. The other route, not chosen, would
have been breaking up the company between
consumer and enterprise segments and then
milking the cash cows of existing software
Microsoft has traditionally been a software
company, but a number of major trends have
made its traditional model obsolete. Such
trends include rapid proliferation of mobile
devices, cloud, software as a service, decline
of the PC, and tighter integration between
hardware and software on the lines of
the Apple AAPL +2.19% model.
Microsoft has embarked on a diffcult
major transformation to become a devices
and services company. To date, Microsoft’s
device business has been limited to Xbox
and Surface tablets, quite small in compari-
son to the total scope of the company. Nokia
is a major device company and bringing
Nokia into its fold will simply accelerate the
Abandoning Windows Phone Is Not An
It is true that Windows Phone op-
erating system has failed to achieve
traction comparable to Apple iOS or-
Google GOOG +0.74%‘s Android. Given
that mobile devices will dominate the fore-
seeable future, Microsoft has no choice but
to change strategies and try again until it
Nokia sells over 80% of Windows phones.
For this reason, it makes sense for Micro-
soft to take control of this strategic asset in
its quest to become a services and devices
Eliminating Duplication
Right now there is a lot of duplication
between Nokia and Microsoft. Nokia is
about to introduce a tablet to compete with
Surface. Microsoft has been readying a
Windows phone of its own. All of this du-
plication will be avoided after Nokia device
business becomes part of Microsoft.
Carrier Relationships
In the mobile phone business, relationships
with phone carriers across the globe are very
important. Microsoft does not have many
such relationships. On the other hand, Nokia
has such relationships, on par with Apple
and Samsung and in many emerging markets
better than Apple.
R.I.P. Windows
By purchasing Nokia’s smartphone
division, Microsoft has killed its signature
By Farhad Manjoo|Posted Tuesday, Sept.
3, 2013, at 12:45 PM
Stephen Elop is stepping down as Nokia
president and CEO as Microsoft purchases
the Finnish phone-maker. By integrating the
hardware and software sides of the Windows
Phone, Microsoft is inverting—and thus kill-
ing— the Windows business model.
Windows is dead. Let’s all salute it—pour
out a glass for it, burn a CD for it, reboot
your PC one last time. Windows had a good
run. For a time, it powered the world. But
that era is over. It was killed by the unlikeli-
est of collaborations—Microsoft’s ancient
enemies working over decades, in concert:
Steve Jobs, Linus Torvalds, and most of all,
two guys named Larry and Sergey.
Late on Monday, Microsoft announced
its unsurprising, $7.2 billion plan to buy
Nokia’s smartphone division. Nokia is the
world’s largest manufacturer of phones that
run Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating
system (which is a bit like pointing out that,
at 5-foot-6, I’m the tallest member of my im-
mediate family). Microsoft is buying Nokia
in order to control both the hardware and
software in its devices; this move, Microsoft
promises, will improve the phones them-
selves and make them easier to sell.
But this is the antithesis of the company’s
Windows strategy. Though Microsoft insists
otherwise, when this deal is done, the thing
sold as Windows won’t be what it’s always
been—it won’t be software that that runs
on lots of companies’ hardware, a platform
to unite disparate manufacturers’ devices.
Instead, Windows will be much like Apple’s
operating systems, iOS and Mac OS. Win-
dows will be proprietary software attached
to proprietary hardware—Microsoft’s code
running on Microsoft’s devices.
In a document that lays out the “strategic
rationale” for the deal, Microsoft makes
a stirring case for vertical integration: for
a single company that makes both mobile
software and hardware together. By purchas-
ing Nokia, Microsoft says it will be able to
create better phones by reducing “friction”
between hardware and software teams that
now reside in separate companies. Combin-
ing the companies also improves marketing
“effciency” and “clarity”—Microsoft can
sell a single Microsoft device that bakes in
the best services from both frms (Skype,
Offce, Nokia’s mapping systems).
Finally, vertical integration helps
Microsoft’s bottom line. Today, for every
Windows-powered phone that Nokia sells,
Microsoft gets less than $10 in software li-
censing fees. When it owns Nokia, Microsoft
will be able to book profts on hardware, too.
Rather than make less than $10 per phone, it
will make more than $40.
Steve Jobs long pushed against Bill Gates’
idea that hardware and software should be
made by different frms. And back in the
PC era, Gates was right. Gates recognized
that most computer users didn’t understand
hardware. We couldn’t tell the difference—
and didn’t really care much about—the
processors, drives, displays, and other physi-
cal components that made up one PC versus
another. As a result, making PC hardware
was destined to be a bruising commodity
business, with low brand recognition, con-
stant price battles, and dwindling profts.
But software, Gates saw, was a differ-
ent story. Software had a face. Software
imprinted itself on users—once you learned
one Windows PC, you understood every
Windows PC. Unlike hardware, software
enabled network effects: The more people
who used Windows, the more attractive it
became to developers, which meant more
apps to make Windows computers more use-
ful, which led to more users, and on and on.
Finally, software was wildly, almost unimag-
inably proftable. After writing code once,
you could copy it endlessly, at no marginal
cost, for years to come—and make money
on every single copy you sold.
But mobile devices altered that calcula-
tion. Today, hardware matters. Unlike in a
PC that you kept hidden under your desk,
the design of your mobile device affects its
usefulness. Things like your phone’s weight
or the way your tablet feels in your hand are
all important considerations when you’re
buying a device; you won’t choose a phone
based on software alone, and you might pay
a premium for a device that’s particularly
well-designed. In the mobile world, as Apple
has proved, hardware can command just as
much of a proft as software.
You might argue that once the basic
design of a good phone or tablet becomes
well-known, lots of companies will copy it,
and that hardware will again become a com-
modity. That’s the tide Apple is now battling
against. At some point mobile components
will become good enough and cheap enough
that a $50 phone might function just as
well as a $100 or $200 phone. When that
happens, people will again start choosing
devices by price, and hardware profts will
dwindle to nothing. And, as happened with
PCs, software, not hardware, will become
the industry’s dominant business.
All that may well occur. (The fear of
commoditized hardware explains Apple’s
languishing share price.) But if mobile
hardware does become a commodity and
software once again becomes the determin-
ing factor in your choice of phone, we won’t
see Microsoft proft from the shift. That’s
because, in the last fve years, a brutal,
proft-destroying force has emerged in the
tech world: Android.
Google’s mobile operating system—which
is based on Linux, the open-source OS
whose fans had long dreamed would destroy
Windows—is free. Any mobile phone manu-
facturer can use and alter Android however
it pleases. This accounts for Android’s
stunning market share—close to 80 percent,
according to IDC—and that market share
gives Android the beneft of the network ef-
fects that once worked so well for Microsoft.
Nokia was paying Microsoft $10 for every
phone it sold, and in return it got an OS that
can’t even run Instagram. Microsoft says that
it wants to keep licensing Windows Phone to
other manufacturers even after it purchases
Nokia, but because they can always choose
Android (which runs Instagram and every-
thing else), few phone-makers are likely to
take it up on that deal.
That’s why the Nokia purchase signals the
end of Windows as a standalone business.
There are now only two ways to sell soft-
ware. Like Apple, you can make devices that
integrate software and hardware together and
hope to sell a single, unifed, highly proft-
able product. Or, like Google, you can make
software that you give away in the hopes of
creating a huge platform from which you can
make money in some other way (through
ads, in Google’s case).
But you can’t do what Windows did—you
can’t make proftable software on other
companies’ commodity hardware. Thanks to
Android, code is now a co
Microsoft-Nokia deal: 11 quick facts
Summary: Microsoft’s bid to buy Nokia
came late on Monday. Despite rumors to that
effect over the past year since Nokia’s fnan-
cial troubles began, few expected the deal to
go ahead quite like this. We explore what’s
going down, with whom, and when.
By Zack Whittaker for Between the Lines |
September 3, 2013 -- 04:26 GMT (21:26
(Image: CNET)
Microsoft and Nokia: Together at last.
The two companies announced late on
Monday that Microsoft will acquire Nokia’s
phone-making unit for about $7.2 billion
in total — including patents — allowing
the (now) former Finnish phone maker to
expand its presence and technologies in other
Read this
Microsoft to buy Nokia’s devices, services
unit for $7.2B
Read more
The rationale behind the deal is to secure
the Windows Phone ecosystem, as well as
accelerating Microsoft’s phone market share.
In a presentation published on Monday
(PDF), Microsoft said it wants to bring “one
brand” through a “united voice.”
Nokia will retain its other technology
units, including Nokia Solutions and Net-
works (formerly Nokia-Siemens Networks),
Nokia Here, its CTO offce, and its patent
With so many moving parts, we’ve picked
out the key facts of the complicated, lengthy,
and likely to be scrutinized deal, which is
expected to close in the frst quarter of 2014.
The deal is split between the phone-mak-
ing unit and Nokia’s patents. Microsoft will
spend $5 billion (€3.79bn) on the phone-
making unit, and $2.17 billion (€1.65bn) on
licensing Nokia’s patents.
32,000 Nokia employees will transfer
to Microsoft, including 4,700 people in
Nokia sold 7.4 million Lumia smartphones
in the second quarter of 2013.
Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop, who
previously served as an executive at Micro-
soft, will once again join the software giant,
heading up the phone-making division that
Microsoft just bought.
The Microsoft-Nokia Deal
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Health and Wellness
10 Useful
Garlic Facts
You Probably
Didn’t Know
Raw, freshly minced garlic has the
most health benefts. If you cannot stand
the smell and must cook it, you need at
least four and a half cloves to get the
same effect.
Although garlic is sometimes called
“the stinking rose,” it can actually cure
your rose plants from aphid attacks.
Simply mix crushed garlic with water
and spritz the leaves and fowers with
the spray.
Drinking lemon juice or eating a few
slices of lemon will stop bad garlic
The favor of garlic is
most intense just after
it has been minced.
Garlic applied
on wounds can
heal them faster.
During World War I,
this healing quality
of garlic was harnessed intensively by
British soldiers.
A crushed clove of raw garlic, gently
rubbed on skin, can zap a pesky pimple.
The secret: a powerful compound called
allicin, which makes garlic among the
most antioxidant-rich foods on earth.
Sprouted garlic loses some of its
health benefts, but can still be used.
A Pennsylvania University research
found that a compound called Diallyl
disulfde in garlic could shrink bowel
cancer cells. An important Washington
State University study has conclusively
proved that this compound is 100 times
more effective than other antibiotics in
easing bacteria-borne digestive ailments.
What’s the ideal dosage of garlic for
you to derive all its amazing health
benefts? The University of Maryland
Medical Center, recommends daily 2 to
4 g of fresh, minced garlic clove; 600
to 1,200 mg daily if using aged garlic
extract; two 200 mg tablets three times
a day if using freeze-dried garlic; 4 ml
daily of fuid garlic extract; 20 mL daily
of garlic tincture or 0.03 to 0.12 ml three
times daily if using garlic oil.
Not all is good about garlic and it is
certainly not for everyone. Those on
blood-thinning medication must not take
garlic, because it inhibits the clotting
of blood. For the same reason, garlic
should not be taken before a surgery.
source: refreshing news blogspot
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention -- Stress can hit you when
you least expect it—before a test, after
an accident, or during confict in a re-
lationship. While everyone experiences
stress at times, a prolonged bout of it
can affect your health and ability to cope
with life. That’s why social support and
self-care are important. They can help
you see your problems in perspective…
and the stressful feelings ease up.
Sometimes stress can be good. For
instance, it can help you develop skills
needed to manage potentially threaten-
ing situations in life. However, stress
can be harmful when it is severe enough
to make you feel over whelmed and out
of control.
Strong emotions like fear, sadness,
or other symptoms of depression are
normal, as long as they are temporary
and don’t interfere with daily activities.
If these emotions last too long or cause
other problems, it’s a different story.
Symptoms of Stress
Common reactions to a stressful event
Managing Stress
Physical or emotional tension are
often signs of stress. They can be reac-
tions to a situation that causes you to
feel threatened or anxious. Stress can
be positive (such as planning your wed-
ding) or negative (such as dealing with
the effects of a natural disaster).
Disbelief and shock
Tension and irritability
Fear and anxiety about the future
Diffculty making decisions
Being numb to one’s feelings
Loss of interest in normal activities
Loss of appetite
Nightmares and recurring thoughts
about the event
Increased use of alcohol and drugs
Sadness and other symptoms of
Feeling powerless
Sleep problems
Headaches, back pains, and stomach
Trouble concentrating
Tips for Self-Care
The best ways to manage stress in
hard times are through self-care:
Avoid drugs and alcohol. They may
seem to be a temporary fx to feel better,
but in the long run they can create more
problems and add to your stress—
instead of take it away.
Find support. Seek help from a part-
ner, family member, friend, counselor,
doctor, or clergyperson. Having a sym-
pathetic, listening ear and sharing about
your problems and stress really can
lighten the burden.
Connect socially. After a stressful
event, it is easy isolate yourself. Make
sure that you are spending time with
loved ones. Consider planning fun
activities with your partner, children, or
Take care of yourself.
Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
Exercise regularly
Get plenty of sleep
Give yourself a break if you feel
stressed out—for example, treat yourself
to a therapeutic massage
Maintain a normal routine
Stay active. You can take your mind
off your problems by giving—
helping a neighbor, volunteering in
the community, even taking the dog on
a long walk. These can be positive ways
to channel your feelings.-- Link: http://
Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green, currently
in charge of the company’s own devices and
studios team, will continue to work on the
Xbox One and Surface devices, but will join
Elop’s team once the deal closes.
All Microsoft and Nokia global marketing
will fall under current executives Tami Rel-
ler and Mark Penn.
During that same quarter, Nokia sold 53.7
million units of its feature phone range.
Nokia will retain its patent portfolio, but
will give Microsoft a 10-year license to its
patents at the time of the deal closing.
Microsoft will make available to Nokia
about €1.5 billion ($1.97bn) in fnancing in
the form of three payments of €500 million
($659m) from overseas resources.
Nokia shareholders are expected to vote on
the deal in an extraordinary general meeting
on November 19 this year.
Microsoft will build a datacenter in Fin-
land that will serve Microsoft and Nokia cus-
tomers in Europe. More than $750 million in
capital will be spent on the new datacenter
over the next few years.
Besides that, Ballmer noted in an email,
“There are no signifcant plans to shift where
work is done in the world as we integrate, so
we expect the Nokia teams to stay largely in
place, geographically.”
Global coverage: Nokia Interim CEO:
Microsoft deal makes us stronger | Even with
Nokia devices, Microsoft wants to license
Windows Phone to other makers | Does its
Nokia buy thwart or fuel a possible Micro-
soft break-up? | Microsoft shows how to
fush decades of Nokia goodwill away | Mi-
crosoft gets less than $10 per Windows
Phone unit | Microsoft-Nokia deal: Reaction
from the Twitter trenches | Elop drops Nokia
CEO role to lead devices team under Micro-
soft deal | Microsoft to buy Nokia’s devices,
services unit for $7.2B
Topics: The Microsoft-Nokia Deal, Micro-
soft, Nokia
About Zack Whittaker
Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet, CNET
and CBS News. He is based in New York
Nokia was once the largest mobile phone
manufacturer in the world, the most valuable
company in Europe and an icon in its home
base of Finland. But the rise of Apple and
Android smartphones knocked the company
on its heels.
Now comes news that Microsoft is buying
Nokia’s mobile phone business for $7.2
billion. NPR’s Steve Henn answers some
questions about the deal.
So what is Microsoft getting here?
It will get Nokia’s entire smartphone
business as well as Nokia’s large feature-
phone business. Nokia still sells more than
50 million feature phones a year. Microsoft
will also inherit close to 32,000 employees
who are based all over the world, including
18,000 in manufacturing. Nokia is one of
the oldest and most storied mobile phone
companies on the planet. Microsoft is paying
close to $2.2 billion as part of this deal to li-
cense tens of thousands of important mobile
phone technology patents. It’s also buying
a license to use Nokia’s mapping service,
called Here.
It is a big deal within the industry. And it’s
not just a big deal for these two companies.
If you’re Samsung or HTC, which are also
major smartphone makers, suddenly every
big company out there that makes software
for smartphones now owns its own device
manufacturer. It’s kind of like getting caught
standing in a game of musical chairs.
Industry analyst Horace Dediu at Asmyco
in Finland called the deal “a seismic shift, a
tectonic shift ... that will have repercussions
all around the industry.”
You mentioned 32,000 Nokia employees
will now be working for Microsoft. They
will include Stephen Elop, the now former
CEO of Nokia.
It was only three years ago that Elop left
Microsoft to take the job of CEO of Nokia.
Shortly after arriving, he wrote a devastating
memo where he compared Nokia’s situa-
tion to a crew of oil workers standing on a
burning oil platform in the North Sea. He
said the company was losing market share
to rivals like iPhone and Android and it had
no other choice but to jump — to abandon
its software platform and to adopt Microsoft
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Million People
Light &
Read Zena Babao’s previous articles by visiting our website at
by Zena Sultana Babao
Saturday, September 14, 2013
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Union Bank, National City Branch
22 E. 8th Street, National City, CA 91950
Please join us
Enter to
Health & Wellness Expo
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� Free blood pressure screenings
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Anaki’y kabuting nangagsusulputan
Ang mga testigong magbibigay-linaw
Sa kasong multi bilyong Pork Barrel Scam
Mararangal kuno ang may kagagawan.
Magkakaalaman na kung sino’ng utak
Kung si Janet Napoles o mambabatas
Suma-tutal nito’y nakinabang lahat
Pera ng bansa’y walang habas winaldas.
Todo bantay ngayon dito kay Napoles
Baba-taas ang presyon, may diabetes
Ang nagpapalala’y labis kung mag-isip
Kung sino ang kanyang unang isasabit.
Sa dami ng kaniyang mga kasosyo
Sa bawal na gawaing gamit ay N. G. O.
Karamihan pala’y mga palsipikado
Doon sa S. E. C., hindi rehistrado.
Wika ng babaeng kanyang abogada
May ibig umutas sa kliyente niya
Anya’y pulitiko, ay sino pa nga ba?
Ikanta agad baka makaligtas pa.
Itong si Lozada’y humirit na naman
Ayon sa kanya ang Palasyo’y kaalam
Kaya raw kinupkop ang reyna ng scam
Baka madawit, malaking kahihiyan!
Malawak ang sakop ‘ya’y usap-usapan
Saan mang ahensya’y may kinakapitan
Sa Court of Appeal at maging sa Sandigan
Kamandag ni Janet, di matatawaran.
May buwanang sahod ang mga Obispo
Payola ng pari’y daan libong piso
Kaya si Napoles oras na ginusto
Misa’y ginaganap sa bahay nito.
Aba si Tobias ang hanap ay mabutasan
Ang administrasyo’y pinagbibintangan
Si Janet raw ay gagawing kasangkapan
Upang ibagsak silang mga kalaban.
Walang sinisino marami pang iba
Ilan silang tinulungan sa kampanya?
Kalaba’t kakampi’y may perang ayuda
Magaling lumaro sadyang doble kara.
Ika-4 ng Septiembre, 2013
By Zena Sultana Babao
Prior to the 9/11 terrorists’ attack, the
World Trade Center was a towering New
York landmark. It was the center of
America’s power and industry, and a symbol
of our economic might and preeminence in
this world.
But it became a target to the enemies of
When it was frst attacked in 1993, the
Twin Towers symbolized America’s endur-
ance. In Sept. 11, 2001, when the World
Trade Center was completely destroyed, the
horrifying image of the towers collapsing
became a call to arms, as powerful as the
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.
Even the startlingly symmetrical collapse of
the twin towers added to the mythical stature
of the place.
Staggered by the devastating attacks,
America vowed to fght back and rebuild the
World Trade Center. Now, over a decade
later, the One World Trade Center has risen
from the ashes – symbolizing our country’s
fghting spirit. The One World Trade Center
is one of the most important buildings of the
21st century – signifcant in stature, symbol-
ism and design.
Twelfth Anniversary of 9/11
This coming Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013,
we will commemorate the twelfth anniver-
sary of the terrorist attack on American soil.
This year’s anniversary is notable because
the One World Trade Center, the primary
building of the New One World Center
Complex, is fnished after seven years of
construction. This iconic Ground Zero
skyscraper formerly known as the Freedom
Tower became the tallest building in the
Western Hemisphere at 104 stories high and
1,776 ft.
By next year (2014) the One World Trade
Center Complex, standing on 16 acres of
premium New York soil, will be completed
and formally opened. This Complex is more
than just a real estate project. It is a kind of
rehabilitation for those hurt by the terrorists;
and it’s also a way to heal the scars of our
nation. Part of the healing process is new
growth, which the One World Trade Center
and the One World Trade Center Complex
The One World Trade Center, however, is
not the building that Daniel Libeskind, the
site’s master planner, conceived over a de-
cade ago. The original design by Libeskind
has been scrapped and only the height of the
building has been retained. Libeskind is still
named as one of the two architects of record,
but the new One World Trade Center is the
creation of David Childs of the architectural
frm of Skidmore, Owings and Merill.
Childs shortened Libeskind’s asymmetri-
cal spire, and increased the size of the new
One World Trade Center, partly to create
more marketable space. This iconic building
will be home to The New Yorker and its par-
ent company, Conde Nast, starting in 2015.
Child’s building looks like a conventional
New York skyscraper, particularly when
compared to Libeskind’s original; instead of
sharp angles and asymmetries, One World
Trade Center features a more traditional
profle with a wide, concrete base, designed
to protect against future attack.
The momentous construction effort of the
One World Trade Center demonstrated not
only how America climbed back, but reached
even greater heights. Looking at the rebuild-
ing of the One World Trade Center in the
prism of 12 years ago takes us back in time
– and we remember where we were and what
we were doing on that unforgettable day.
Looking Back
When I woke up Tuesday morning
(September 11, 2001) I got an urgent phone
call informing me to immediately turn on
the TV because “America is under attack!”
I did, and was horrifed at the sight of a
plane plunging right through one of the twin
towers. Amoment later, another plane hit
the other tower. I could hardly believe my
eyes when the Twin Towers crumbled to the
I was shocked, trembling, and in tears! Is
this really happening right here in America
– the world’s number one superpower? My
God, how could they even do that? Isn’t
America safe anymore? These and other
perplexing questions came to my mind that
My youngest son, Kris (a professional
dancer/choreographer), who went to my
room to watch the news with me, was pro-
foundly affected. Kris said, “This is weird!
I was just there at the World Trade Center
two months ago! I performed between those
twin towers in front of thousands of people!”
Grief overcame America. It was shock
and awe, as more tragedy struck: the bomb-
ing of the Pentagon and the downing of
United Airlines Flight 93. Most compared
the attacks to that of Pearl Harbor in 1941,
which President Roosevelt called “a date
in infamy.” This was certainly another day
of infamy, too real and too painful for us
who witnessed it with our eyes, and in our
But with a difference – for this day in in-
famy not only claimed the lives of thousands
– but disrupted our economy, grounded our
transportation system, halted the sports and
entertainment industry, and leveled to the
ground the very symbols of America’s free-
dom and prosperity. This time, the targets
were civilians and not soldiers; the buildings
that crumbled were not battleships of war;
and the enemy’s planes were our own jetlin-
ers turned into weapons of mass murder and
Two days later, I delivered a speech
entitled “Attack on America” at the weekly
meeting of one of the Toastmasters clubs that
I belong to. Aportion of my speech follows:
“Tuesday, 9-11-2001, will always remain
in our memory. The collapse of the Twin
Towers of the World Trade Center will
forever change Manhattan’s skyline. This
unspeakable tragedy will change America
forever. But America is strong! Americans
are resilient! Our nation will heal and it will
be mightier than before. New York’s twin
towers will, like the mythical bird phoenix,
rise again from the ashes.
“There is a note of comfort, though.
Tragedy always brings the best in people!
This tragedy which brought us all to tears
is bringing the American people closer
together. It is uniting opposing political
parties into one. It is re-awakening our sense
of patriotism. And it is bringing us much
closer to God!
We were united as one, in sorrow and in
anger, and in a love so strong, a love born
of tragedy. For tragedy has a way of uniting
and bringing the best in people! America
was dealt a terrible blow. But Americans are
resilient. America is strong. And America
will endure.”
The Aftermath
In the aftermath of the tragedy, we wit-
nessed and we stood as one in support of our
Armed Services. The brave men and women
in uniform faced death, risked life and limbs,
to bring freedom to those who were not free.
The food of emotion will again come
back as we remember 911 – fashing back
World Trade Center
shock and horror, anger and patriotism. But
what will be foremost in our minds is how
our country came together during that tragic
time. Paraphrasing Charles Dickens in ATale
of Two Cities, the worst of times can also be
the best of times.
As the food of memories comes rolling
in, let us keep in mind the timeless words
of our great 40th President, Ronald Reagan,
who said: “Freedom is never more than one
generation away from extinction. We didn’t
pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It
must be fought for, protected, and handed on
for them to do the same, or one day we will
spend our sunset years telling our children
and our children’s children what it was once
was like in the United States where men are
free.” XXX
San Diego SBDC
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Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
on the Filipino people,” she
told InterAksyon.com in an
interview at the grounds of the
Quirino Grandstand.
The event, which was driven by
social media, made Filipinos aware
that they could do something about
the issue and convey their sentiments
to an erring government, she added.
“A businessman stopped me here and
said, ‘Please tell the people that lawmak-
ers are worse than Judas Iscariot, because
Judas betrayed only one man. These
people have betrayed a million Filipinos’,”
said Monsod.
However, the remark is just one of the
many versions and variations uttered to
express disenchantment with a system that
allows politicians to spend money with
very little, if at all, accountability.
So what happens next after Monday’s
countrywide protests?
Miriam College associate professor Raul
Alejandrino, who was at the march with
three jeep-loads of faculty, students, par-
ents, and members of the school’s partner
communities, said that the campaign for a
resolution to the issue would continue with
the help of the very entities that started it
all: social networking sites.
As more evidence is uncovered by
the Department of Justice, the National
Bureau of Investigation, and the media
[regarding the misuse of pork barrel
funds], taxpayers will continue to rage
against the plunder of taxpayers’ money,
said Alejandrino.
He added that Filipinos should encour-
age the staff of the lawmakers involved to
become whistleblowers themselves and
reveal the truth.
“Imagine if that reaches social media.
Not only will the people stay angry, they’ll
grow even angrier,” he said.
Journalism professor and foreign cor-
respondent Alan Robles agrees.
“This is a practical demonstration that
the Internet really has an effect on organiz-
ing citizens’ power,” said Robles, who
teaches at the International Institute for
Journalism in Berlin. “[It proved wrong
the politicians who] have always said
they’re snotty to the Internet. It’s all talk.
All you do is post, put pictures on Face-
book, and share on Twitter.”
It was also proof that the Internet, which
makes sharing of information simultane-
ous, can lead to a mass protest. Especially
when driven by public fury.
“We feel the need to share, and we share
not just pictures, not just experiences, but
sentiments. And when those sentiments
happen to consist of anger, in this case
anger generated by YouTube videos show-
ing excessive lifestyles, then that can go
somewhere,” said Robles.
The march came to life because
Filipinos, as a people, love to share and
socialize. Whether it’s sustainable or not
remains to be seen, however. There are
two things that may come out of it, he
“The frst is, people get tired of these
things. There is that possibility. The other
aspect, which we haven’t seen yet, is that
the sentiment can be sustained online
because people can keep in touch with
each other and they can use it to feed
information even if they’re not physically
massing on the streets. If you want to be
hopeful, then you look at that aspect. That
people will sustain it online even if they’re
not on the streets, and they’re ready to do
it again,” he said.
The very frst action he had seen that
was organized completely on the Internet,
and what more, from the ground up, did
not exactly send a million trooping to the
streets. However, the number was still
impressive compared to what would have
resulted when the call to protest was done
“the old analog way, by sending out fyers,
phone calls, and perhaps, text messages.”
“You can really bring out thousands and
thousands using the Internet,” said Robles,
also a correspondent for the South China
Morning Post.
Monday’s protest bears this out.
It resulted in at least 60,000 people—
many of them politically-unaffliated
Filipinos—coming out on the streets; a
move that came about because of just one
Facebook status update.
property,” said the online peti-
tion launched at the advocacy
website change.org.
“Sign up now! Let this be a constant
reminder of how our hard-earned money
has been stolen or misspent by corrupt
politicians,” the petition also said.
The petition created on Tuesday by
a certain Ismael Tomelden of Marikina
City has garnered over 1,400 signatures
as of posting time.
Some signatories even lamented the
corruption in the government and lashed
out against abusive offcials.
“They need to suffer... lahat (sila)...
pati na ang mga kaapuapuhan nila...
malaman na ang yaman nila ay mula sa
pawis at dugo ng taong bayan na nagba-
bayad ng buwis... ang kakapal... pahirap
sa bayan,” said Aries Gustavo Galit of
Carmona, Cavite.
“Para matakot nang gumawa ng kari-
marimarim itong mga supposedly civil
servants,” said Leticia Tojos of Quezon
City in signing the petition.
“To have a constant reminder that
politics in the Philippine is as dirty as a
pig in a mud,” said Bob Arce of Manila.
The online petition was created in the
wake of an alleged scam that funneled
lawmakers’ pork barrel worth P10 bil-
lion to bogus non-government organiza-
tions (NGOs) and ghost projects.
A special audit report of the Com-
mission on Audit recently revealed that
at least 74 legislators exceeded their
respective allocated pork barrel from
2007 to 2009.
A total of P6.156 billion in pork barrel
was allocated by close to 200 legislators
to 82 dubious NGOs.
In comparison, the southwest mon-
soon or “Habagat,” which was enhanced
by Tropical Storm “Maring,” caused
P689.37 million worth of damage to
agriculture and infrastructure to fve
regions in Luzon
Online petition
(Continued from page 1)
improved about 150 percent. It’s had a very
positive effect on myself and my business,”
he said.
For the 2012/13 academic year, 79 % of
consulting center clients rated their overall
evaluation as ‘excellent’ and 14% percent
as “very good.” One hundred percent of
businesses said they would recommend the
service. When asked if the consulting they
received from the partnership had posi-
tive effects on their businesses, the clients
Generating additional business or expand-
ing revenue – Yes: 100%
Increasing effectiveness – Yes: 100%
Containing costs – Yes: 71%
Overall proftability – Yes: 93%
Lastly, 71% of businesses surveyed said
that following the consulting, they planned to
hire more employees. Sciglimpaglia said that
number was “defnitely higher,” and that all
these responses were a little higher than the
SBCC has had before.
Businesses interested in seeking the
SBCC’s assistance can apply online at http://
ness. The partnership is partially subsidized
by the City of San Diego, so the service is
free to businesses inside the city limits.
For More Information, contact Nickolas
Furr at stwrsbdc04@swccd.edu or Debbie
Trujillo at dtrujillo@swccd.edu.
About the San Diego SBDC -- The mission
of the San Diego SBDC is to provide superior
business consulting and education, resulting
in entrepreneurial success and economic
growth and prosperity for San Diego. The
SBDC provides assistance to owners through
workshops and/or one-on-one consulting.
Under the guidance of professional consul-
tants, clients have created jobs, expanded
sales and benefted from capital investments
in their companies. This is a win-win for our
To learn more about how businesses can
receive expert SBDC consulting or training,
Call 619.482.6391 or visit www.growmybiz.
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and watermelon,
3. Using them for dishes
•Buy fruits and vegetables when in season
when they are less expensive.
•Keep ready-to-eat fruits/vegetables in the
see-through containers in the refrigerator for
a quick healthy snack.
•Top your cereal with fruit.
•Try vegetarian pizza with onions, spinach,
pineapple, mushrooms.
B.Protein- ¼ of your plate. This includes
lean meat, poultry, fsh, dry beans, eggs and
nuts. They supply protein, vitamin B6, vita-
min B12, iron and other minerals. For most
adults, 5-6 ½ ounces equivalents daily. One
ounce equivalents are 1 oz lean meat, poultry
or fsh; 1 egg; 1 Tbsp peanut butter; ½ ounce
nuts or seeds; and ½ cup cooked beans.
•Select lean cuts of meats and poultry
without skin. Look for words such as “loin”
or “round” in pork or beef as they signal a
lean choice.
•Eat fsh rich in omega-3 fatty acids such
as salmon at least twice a week.
•Dry beans, tofu, nuts and seeds are substi-
tutes for meat.
A.Whole Grain- ¼ of your plate. Contains
vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fber.
It reduces risk for heart disease and cancer
and is associated with a healthier body
weight. It is recommended by the American
Diabetes Association to be part of a diabetic
To fnd foods made with whole grain look
for statements in front that indicate a product
is made of whole grain. Also look at the
ingredient list to fnd whole grain mentioned
such as whole wheat or whole grain oats.
Make half of your grains whole in your
meals and snacks. Substitute a whole grain
product for a refned product such as whole
wheat bread or pandesal or ready to eat
cereal with at least 8 grams of whole grain
per serving.
To increase whole grain:
•Start your day with a whole grain cereal.
•Try whole grain dishes such as brown rice
or kasha.
•Munch on popcorn and whole grain
granola bars.
•Trade in your usual pandesal for the
whole wheat pandesal.
•Wrap up sandwich fxing in a corn or
wheat tortilla.
A. Dairy Products- These include milk,
cheese and yogurt. Because it is rich in cal-
cium it helps keep bones strong and maintain
a healthy blood pressure. Dairy products
also provide protein, potassium, magnesium,
vitamins A& D, and other nutrients.
For most adults, My Plate recommends
3 cups of dairy foods every day. One cup
of milk, yogurt or soy milk, 1 ½ ounces of
natural cheese or 2 cups of processed cheese
count as 1 cup.
•Try topping fruit salads and baked pota-
toes with yogurt.
•Select low fat products such as skim or
low fat milk (1%) and low fat yogurt.
CONCLUSION: I hope that you will
start following the above recommenda-
tions. Changing one’s eating habits is a
slow process just as it took us time to get to
where we are right now. Just take one step at
a time and then you will slowly realize that
you have changed when you get there. Be
patient. Have a good appetite and eat healthy
with MY PLATE. We hope to see you at the
For more information on “Heart Health
Begins with Education” and to download
or order free ready-to-use materials, visit:
www.bellinstitute.com/hearthealth. General
Mills, Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition.
My Plate
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Angelica Van Doorn
(Continued from page 1)
bring a document to the
kindergarten class. Across
the street, the Swiss-Italian
kindergarten teacher screamed
at me in Italian, “Hey, Asian
brownie, what kind of mem-
ory do you have? I heard that
many women in your country
are in prostitution. Is that how
you fshed out your Swiss
Other mothers waited for my reaction as I
fought to hold back tears that were threaten-
ing to fall. I replied calmly in Italian, “Can I
set an appointment with you so we can talk
about my country?”
The Swiss Italian teacher who did not
speak English was quite impressed on how
I fuently spoke Italian without any foreign
accent. I told her that her overt, hostile
statement was offensive, based on her very
limited knowledge of the Philippines no
thanks to Swiss-Italian TV programs.
Aided by a travel book, I explained to her
Page 17 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com September 6-12, 2013
providing tight security to Napoles.
“It’s common sense, isn’t it? She knows
many things. She may also be keeping many
[pieces of] evidence, red book, blue book
or other documents like canceled checks,”
Roxas told reporters at Camp Crame.
“It’s possible that someone would try to
silence her permanently,” he stressed.
“On the part of the government, two things
may happen: We can prepare for it and let
her face the full force of the law or some-
thing might happen to her and the people
will accuse the government of conniving
with those who wanted her dead,” Roxas
Not for personal interest
But Bishop Efraim Tendero, national
director of the Philippine Council of Evan-
gelical Churches, said that while it was un-
derstandable why the government was giving
Napoles protection, it must not be done for
personal interest.
“We understand where the special treat-
ment [being given to Napoles] is coming
from … since she is the [alleged] master-
mind, she can be the key to fnding out
the truth,” Tendero said at a forum hosted
by the Catholic Media Network in Manila
“We see that she is being treated different-
ly and we understand, but what is important
is that this should not be used for the interest
of the few,” the bishop added.
Whistle-blower Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada
Jr. on Tuesday said Napoles might cite her
medical condition and seek hospital arrest
like former President and now Pampanga
Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
Laying predicate
“We can almost see the pattern. It’s laying
the predicate. They are now priming the idea
to the people that Janet Napoles is sick,”
Lozada told the Inquirer.
“So why frame the idea that the next thing
will happen is a hospital arrest for Napoles?
I hope they won’t do it. But if they do, it will
expose to the people who they truly are,” he
Lozada aired his suspicion after the Philip-
pine National Police said Napoles suffered
from hypertension early on Tuesday.
Senior Supt. Reuben Thedore Sindac, PNP
spokesperson, said Napoles’ blood pressure
shot up to 200/130 around 4:53 a.m. and that
she complained of headache and nausea.
After taking medication, Sindac said Na-
poles’ blood pressure dropped to 140/80.
In his text message to the media, the PNP
offcial referred to Napoles as a “patient.”
“Patient JLN (Napoles’ initials) com-
plained about a tingling sensation [on] her
left face,” Sindac said.
On Monday, a police doctor said Napoles
had an “anxiety attack” during her frst night
in the bungalow inside the training school of
the PNP Special Action Force.
Quoting the staff doctor, Sindac disclosed
that Napoles was claustrophobic, which may
have caused her anxiety attack. -- With a
report from Christine O. Avendaño
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SAN DIEGO— August 29, 2013—The
National Association of Women Business
Owners (NAWBO) San Diego, which
promotes, supports and educates women
business owners in achieving success, an-
nounced today that its September featured
program will feature start-up and business
growth expert, Allison Maslan: The 6 Steps
to a Million Dollar Business and Lifestyle.
The breakfast meeting will take place on
Wednesday, September 18 from 8:00 a.m. to
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In this powerful and inspiring presenta-
tion, Allison Maslan will present her 6
Step Strategy that she has used to grow 10
successful businesses from the ground up
yielding millions in revenue, while continu-
ing to live a healthy and wealthy personal
life. In this presentation, you will learn: •
How to grow a high-revenue business that
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to create any result you desire. • How to run
your business like the CEO you are meant
to be. • The Blast Off Action Strategy- a
step-by-step roadmap to implement Big
Plans with even Bigger Allison Maslan is
the CEO of Allison Maslan International, a
Global Business Mentoring Company. She
was recently named “One of the Top Women
Entrepreneurs Who Inspire” by Self Made
Magazine. Allison has guided thousands of
individuals to create inner and outer wealth
by helping them grow a prosperous business
and a passionate life. She has also been an
expert guest on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox
Stations across the US and is now featured
on all Virgin America fights as the entrepre-
neur to watch.
Registration is available through 5 p.m. on
September 16. More information, including
online registration, is available at nawbo-sd.
About NAWBO San Diego
NAWBO San Diego is one of 80 U.S.
chapters of NAWBO, a national non-proft
organization of more than 7,000 members
that represents women business owners
across all industries. Since 1975, NAWBO
has helped women evolve their businesses
by sharing resources and providing a single
voice to shape economic and public policy.
For more information, visit nawbo-sd.org.
The 6 Steps to
a Million Dol-
lar Business
and Lifestyle
The use of poison gas has been interna-
tionally outlawed since the First World War
as a weapon of mass destruction, the evi-
dence so far indicates that sarin, a deadly gas
that brings an agonizing and painful death to
its victims was used in the attack. There have
been other reported incidents of smaller at-
tacks with video evidence of dying and dead
people and focks of birds downed in rebel
held areas due to a suspected gas attack.
According to the Wikipedia on-line
encyclopedia it says: "Syria is one of fve
states that have not signed and one of seven
that have not ratifed the Chemical Weapons
Convention, which prohibits the develop-
ment, production, stockpiling, transfer, and
use of chemical weapons. However, in 1968,
Syria acceded to the 1925 Geneva Protocol
for the Prohibition of the Use in War of As-
phyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases. In the
aftermath of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Syria
denied that it had chemical weapons, but
admitted it possessed such weapons in 2012.
The Syrian President had earlier alluded to a
chemical weapon capability in public state-
ments, in 1990 and 1997".
In desperation and fear of a possible defeat
and subsequent wipe out of his family and
his tribe, Assad and his military are appar-
ently resorting to chemical warfare. This is
a horrendous crime and can cause terrible
deaths among civilians. If the wind suddenly
changes then it can be carried into the center
of Damascus and kill many more including
diplomats and the many Filipinos there who
refuse to leave their well-paying jobs.
The British parliament has voted against
any military strike to degrade the capability
of Assad to use these terrible weapons. The
French President is waiting to support the
decision of the United States when the US
congress fnally decides whether to authorize
a strike or not.
Syria, lesser evil
(Continued from page 6)
President Obama was caught between a
rock and a hard place. He has implacable
enemies among the fanatical members of the
Republican Party who have blocked his many
positive initiatives in other areas in the past.
If he ordered a limited strike against Syria
he would be lambasted with criticism from
his Republican Congressional enemies. When
he did not strike they were already question-
ing his leadership ability and practically
calling him a do-nothing President and would
blame him if the Assad regime was to com-
mit more war crimes.
Besides, if Obama had ordered a strike,
the Assad regime would possibly retaliate
by striking back against Israel with chemical
weapons. Obama would be blamed for that
too. The Israeli government has distributed
thousands of gas masks to a panicky nation
just in case. In a politically smart move, he
deferred to the US congress to make the
The ball is now in their court. If they don’t
approve a strike they can be accused of
ignoring a horrendous war crime and giving
encouragement to the enemy of the Syrian
people allowing them to be gassed to death
for their opposition to his oppressive regime.
It will be seen as if the US Congress is
condoning a modern day Nazi death chamber.
This is anathema to the Jewish race; mil-
lions of them were gassed to death under the
Nazi genocide of WWII. They have enough
gas chambers, one Scud missile into their
territory and all hell will break loose. Israel
could well strike against the palace and
person of Assad and his mother who is the
power behind the Assad throne. May all out
war never happen.
There has to be a choice as to which is the
greatest good, to strike or not to strike. And
a choice as to which is the greatest evil, to
allow Assad to tyrannically gas thousands
more of his people or try to prevent it by
destroying his delivery vehicles such as the
scud and other missiles and their command
and control centers. We are morally bound to
choose the lesser evil in such situations. That
is the choice facing the US Congress.
September is National Preparedness
Month – the annual campaign to encour-
age Americans to take steps to prepare
for emergencies in their homes, schools,
organizations, businesses and commu-
nities. We want to encourage you – as
individuals and families – to pledge to
prepare during the month of September
but we also want to encourage you and
your family to make preparedness a part
of your daily life every day moving for-
ward. Here are three easy steps for you
and your family to take to get involved
and be better prepared:
Step 1: Pledge to Prepare
The frst step to getting involved is to
register as a coalition member at Ready.
gov/pledge. Members will have access
to the online community, resources and
tools available to help get you and your
family prepared for an emergency.
Step 2: Take a Free Online Pre-
paredness Course
Developed in partnership with the
Emergency Management Institute and in
consultation with faith-based and com-
munity partners, FEMA’s “IS-909 Com-
munity Preparedness: Implementing
Simple Activities for Everyone” http://
training course will introduce you to a
program for promoting individual and
community preparedness through simple
and engaging activities. The course is
free, available online and is designed for
anyone to use in coordination with your
September is National Preparedness Month. Are you ready? -- FEMA.gov
local emergency preparedness partners.
Step 3: Implement Simple Pre-
paredness Activities
FEMA has made available to the
public, free training and resources to
help you and your family to take action
and implement simple preparedness
activities. Some of the simple activities
include: Creating a no-cost or low-cost
disaster kit; Preparing for utility out-
ages; and How to use a fre extinguisher.
Phl Bishop
(Continued from page 1)
at great length our Philippine history as well
as how much we value our education, family,
strong spiritual foundation and concern for
compatriots. Needless to say, I gained her
At home
The worst discrimination I suffered was
with my former, Swiss-Italian husband. He
treated me like I was “nothing.” For him a
woman’s role is to obey the man, serve the
man and stay at home. As a religious woman
taking seriously the vows of matrimony,
I submitted myself to his chauvinistic
demands but was treated like a slave for
seven years. Luckily, I found a good job at
an aviation company, giving me the courage
to fle for divorce.
Even that did not free me from more racial
Once during shopping, I was approached
by an Italian woman shouting insults at me.
“Stay away from my son! You’re a di-
vorced woman with baggage, too young and
small to be a mother! You married a Swiss
to have a better life. You come from a Third
World country, just looking for someone to
lean on,” screamed the woman.
Later, I realized that her 30-year-old son
was one of my suitors, sending me fowers.
With controlled anger and a fair amount of
respect for the woman, I shot back in fuent
Italian, “If you wish to talk to me, do so
without prejudice.”
I added, “What is it in a Third World
country that makes First World people like
you behave in the way you do? I married
because of love but was treated like a slave.
My daughters are not baggage, they are my
life. I’m not interested in your son!”
At work
While working in a law frm, I had to
endure daily insults from a lawyer.
One such encounter went this way:
“Didn’t you consider how lucky you are
working for us and not work as a maid like
your compatriots in Italy or are you much
better in cleaning toilets than working on my
court cases?”
Calmly I replied, “To match your provoca-
tions with anger will only court disaster.
Most of my compatriots are degree holders
too. It’s the system that does not give them
much better job opportunities because com-
panies save money on lower salary by giving
the lowly jobs to migrants.”
Fellow Filipinos discriminate, too
AFilipino friend, jealous of my suitors
of German, French, Italian, Swiss, Dutch,
Finnish and American nationalities, showed
her claws by spreading rumors about me to
our friends.
“She’s very much a European now, so
modern, so precise, too independent. Maybe,
she is collecting passports so she dated
them,” remarked the friend.
It’s one of those sad realities that some
kababayans don’t look at divorce with an
open mind. One time, as I was going out of
the church, a lady exclaimed at me:
“You left your husband! You’re doomed
for life! You still go to church?”
I replied, “Did the church issue a ban on
divorcees? Did you see me melt to ashes
Angelica Van Doorn
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when I knelt down to pray? Or do you want
to check my ticket to heaven or hell?”
Things to do
How should you act when facing discrimi-
It is wise to reply and act in a diplomatic
way with self-respect and dignity intact.
Learn to speak fuently the language of your
new country. Knowing their history, culture
and social mores will give you more conf-
dence when talking to them.
Don’t let any form of discrimination lower
your self-esteem.
Be the better person, exercise patience,
broaden your insights, and weigh the degree
of the circumstance. That way you can fex-
ibly handle the situation with wit, humor,
dignity, fnesse, wisdom and respect.
You have RIGHTS against discrimination
Following the Amsterdam Treaty in
2009, The European Union mandates every
member state to protect your rights against
discrimination in religion or belief in school
or workplace, sexual orientation in the areas
of social protection, social advantages and
access to good and services, ancestry, skin
color, disability, age, chronic diseases and
civil status.
You have a right to go to court and are
entitled to compensation when it is proven
that you have been
What you should do if you feel discrimi-
1. Be informed - know the offcial orga-
nizations in your country that helps victims
of discrimination, the legal and administra-
tive procedures, the nature of legal coercion
available, how to prove that the discrimina-
tion took place, etc.
2. Write it down - make notes of what
happened, who said what, where did it take
place, were there witnesses and why did you
feel that you were discriminated.
3. Register it with the authorities - you
can go to the police, call anti-discrimination
hotlines in your country or talk to offcial or-
ganizations that can help you. It is important
to make your complaint offcial.
For more information visit www.stop-
Ana Angelica van Doorn (Angelica Hopes)
is a Filipina writer and poet who authored
the poetry book called "Landscapes of
a Heart, Whispers of a Soul". Her book
is available in Amazon and through her
ABS CBN.com: This article is frst
published in The Filipino Expat, the frst and
only lifestyle magazine for Filipinos living in
Europe. Visit their website www.theflipino-
760-471-7859 OPEN DAILY
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Drug trafficking
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Short Sales
The light of Jesus
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“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
Eternal Father, I oer You the Body and Blood, Soul
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
the whole world.
On the Hail Mary beads say:
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
on us and on the whole world.
In conclusion say three times:
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
have mercy on us and on the whole world.
The Hour of Great Mercy
At three o’clock, implore My mercy,
especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief
moment, immerse yourself in My Passion,
particularly in My abandonment at the
moment of agony.This is the hour of great
mercy. In this hour, I will refuse nothing
to the soul that makes a request of Me in
virtue of My Passion (Diary, 1320). -- Divine
Mercy in My Soul: Diary of Saint Faustina
You expired, O Jesus, but the
source of life gushed forth for souls
and an ocean of mercy opened up
for the whole world.
O Fount of Life, unfathomable
Divine Mercy, envelop the whole
world and empty Yourself out upon
us. O Blood and Water, which
gushed forth from the Heart of
Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I
trust in You. Amen.
Free Divine Mercy Posters for Families (9”x15”) while supplies last. Call 619.851.9547
“20+ Years Experience”
Been living in San Diego since 1977
Attorney is available daily on regular business days at the San Diego Office
*Member, California State Bar
Licensed to practice before the US Federal District Court
Southern California and California Supreme Court
*Author,”How to Apply for the US Tourist Visa” as listed by
worldwide bookseller Amazon.com Bookstores
*Former San Diego Regional Coordinator for U.S. Immigration
Amnesty for Catholic Community Services, Catholic Diocese of San
*Legal Advisor, Los Chabacanos of Cavite City
Association, Inc., San Diego, California
*Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985),
Diploma; Oxford Institute on International and
Comparative Law (USD), Oxford, England (1984);
Bachelor Degree, University of Southern California (1983);
Montgomery High School, San Diego (1979)
*Born in the Philippines (Cavite)
For your convenience, walk-ins accepted
especially between 2:00pm – 8:00pm
Business days Monday to Friday
We can accept the following on a Contingency Basis
• WORK DISCRIMINATION (Racial, Age, Gender, Disability)
240 Woodlawn Avenue, Suite 11, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Convenient location and plenty of free parking;
Near Chula Vista trolley station. Nagsasalita kami ng Tagalog
For free consultation
call (619) 203-5782
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Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
Direction for Our
Volume Two
September 2, 2003
want My children to be
at peace. You know this,
children, as I often say this
to you. Today, I am going to
teach you how to keep peace
in your hearts at all times.
My children, when a parent rocks a
child and sings a soft lullaby, the child
knows peace, so much so, that the child
often closes his little eyes and falls
effortlessly into a peaceful sleep. My
children, I am holding you in My arms.
I am rocking you gently. Many times
through out your day, I want you to stop
what you are doing for a brief moment
and close your eyes. I will momentarily
soothe your soul with that very same
gentleness and, if only for a moment,
you will know the sleep of peace. You
will be fully aware in your senses,
of course, but your soul will rest in
complete union with Me and your entire
being will be restored and balanced. My
children, this is how I intend to keep
you at peace. You must fear nothing, not
even death. Why would death frighten
a soul who is destined for eternity with
Me? You are merely coming home, My
child, and the brief moments of death
are an almost instantaneous transit
time. No, do not fear death. That will
distract you from life and We want no
distractions from the completion of your
earthly duties. My children, are you
attempting to remain with Me through-
out your day? Remember that you are
practicing and trying to consider My
presence and how I would speak. You
are asking Me often what I would like
you to do. This is the way, children.
Do you see the changes I am making in
your soul? Do you see the difference in
how you view your brothers and sisters?
You understand now that I am making
these changes and that you can trust
Me to keep My word. We are making
progress, My child, and that pleases Me.
This world will shift the smallest bit
each time a soul moves closer to Me in
trust. I want you to feel joy, My child.
Your world is not at peace, but you must
be. I am placing peace in your souls and
the world is going to draw it from you,
much the way an infant draws nourish-
ment from her mother. That is why I am
asking you to come to Me often in your
day. As the world draws peace from
you to quiet the terrible unrest, I will
replace it in you. So do not worry or fret
because the world takes your peace. It
is for the world I give it, and I have an
endless store with which to replenish
you. Do you begin to see the depth of
My plan? I need many souls to help Me
and right now I do not have enough. So
We must take My plea to the world so
that all souls of good will may answer
and assist Me. It is fair and just, My
child, that each be given the opportunity
to answer for themselves. I am asking
and each soul must answer. In their
soul, they know they are being asked to
choose and they make the choice. I am
God. I know all. I need souls. There is
no hiding from Me. If a soul rejects Me
now, it is fnished. You cannot reject
your God and claim heaven as your
inheritance. Be at peace, My little one.
Your God moves to right all wrongs.
--- www.directionforourtimes.com
Read about the Divine Mercy Chaplet + Divine Mercy Sunday + Hour of Great Mercy + Divine Mercy Novena + Diary of St. Faustina “Divine Mercy in My Soul”
Jesus gives his Mother to you so
that she will comfort you with her
tenderness. She will discharge her
ministry as a mother and train
you and mold you until Christ is
fully formed in you. This is why
I now wish to repeat the motto
of my episcopal and pontifical
service: "Totus tuus."(completely
yours) Throughout my life I
have experienced the loving and
forceful presence of the Mother
of Our Lord. Mary accompanies
me every day in the fulfillment of
my mission as successor of Peter.
Mary is the Mother of divine
grace, because she is the Mother
of the Author of grace. Entrust
yourselves to her with complete
(Pope Blessed John Paul II, "Message
of the Holy Father John Paul II for the
18th World Youth Day," March 8, 2003,
It was written by an 8-year-old named
Danny Dutton, who lives in Chula Vista, CA.
He wrote it for his third grade homework as-
signment, to “explain God.” I wonder if any
of us could have done as well?
“One of God’s main jobs is making people.
He makes them to replace the ones that die,
so there will be enough people to take care of
things on earth. He doesn’t make grownups,
just babies. I think because they are smaller
and easier to make. That way he doesn’t have
to take up his valuable time teaching them to
talk and walk. He can just leave that to moth-
ers and fathers.”
“God’s second most important job is
listening to prayers. An awful lot of this goes
on, since some people, like preachers and
things, pray at times beside bedtime. God
doesn’t have time to listen to the radio or TV
because of this. Because he hears everything,
there must be a terrible lot of noise in his
ears, unless he has thought of a way to turn
it off.”
“God sees everything and hears everything
and is everywhere which keeps Him pretty
busy. So you shouldn’t go wasting his time
by going over your mom and dad’s head
asking for something they said you couldn’t
“Atheists are people who don’t believe
in God. I don’t think there are any in Chula
Vista. At least there aren’t any who come to
our church.”
“Jesus is God’s Son. He used to do all
the hard work, like walking on water and
performing miracles and trying to teach the
people who didn’t want to learn about God.
They fnally got tired of him preaching to
them and they crucifed him But he was
good and kind, like his father, and he told
his father that they didn’t know what they
were doing and to forgive them and God said
“His dad (God) appreciated everything that
he had done and all his hard work on earth so
he told him he didn’t have to go out on the
road anymore. He could stay in heaven. So
he did. And now he helps his dad out by lis-
tening to prayers and seeing things which are
important for God to take care of and which
ones he can take care of himself without
having to bother God. Like a secretary, only
more important.”
“You can pray anytime you want and
they are sure to help you because they got it
worked out so one of them is on duty all the
“You should always go to church on
Sunday because it makes God Happy, and
if there’s anybody you want to make happy,
it’s God!
Don’t skip church to do something you
think will be more fun like going to the
beach. This is wrong. And besides the sun
doesn’t come out at the beach until noon
“If you don’t believe in God, besides being
an atheist, you will be very lonely, because
your parents can’t go everywhere with you,
like to camp, but God can. It is good to know
He’s around you when you’re scared, in the
dark or when you can’t swim and you get
thrown into real deep water by a big kid.
“But... you shouldn’t just always think of
what God can do for you. I fgure God put
me here and he can take me back anytime he
And... that’s why I believe in God.”
Source: Christianstories.com
Explanation of God by
8-year old boy
Speaking about the devil’s disguises
and his deceptive ways, Francis said:
“Jesus doesn’t need an army to cast out
the demons, He has no need of pride,
no need of force, of arrogance. ‘What
is there about His word? For with
authority and power He commands the
unclean spirits, and they come out.’ This
is a humble word, meek, with so much
love; it is a word that accompanies us
in the moments of the Cross. Let us ask
the Lord to give us today the grace of
His Light, and to teach us to distinguish
when the light is from Him, and when it
is an artifcial light, made by the enemy
to deceive us.”
Did you ever consider how much “news”
has any real impact on your life (and more
importantly, your afterlife)?
As a man awaiting execution on “death
row” in Florida observed (just before he
died): “My magazines and newspapers stack
up unread; I have little appetite to waste
valuable, irreplaceable hours reading up on
current events. Does it really matter to me
now what’s happening in the Middle East, or
on Wall Street, or how my Miami Dolphins
are looking for the upcoming new season?
What’s the point? Ditto the TV; I’m unin-
terested in wasting time watching programs
that now mean nothing in the grand scheme
of things.” Now, there is a certain value to
news, for sure; no denying that. But despera-
tion had caused his priorities to radically
When illusions shatter, we see the truth.
It’s behind a curtain that parts.
It’s like the sunrise.
When blindness departs, we can see
The curtain could also be called “worldli-
Spiritual eyesight is proportionate to the
spiritual clarity which comes in proportion
to humility.
The veil parts during the sacraments --
especially Confession. More than anything,
it parts during deep, personal prayer from
the heart. How many are deprived of sight
because they have deprived themselves of
When we pray, the blinders lift. When
we cast out evil, they lift higher. Fasting is
The Bible suddenly comes alive.
What we need to know is spoken in 2
Corinthians 3:15-4:1, 3-6:
"Brothers and sisters: To this day, when-
ever Moses is read, a veil lies over the hearts
of the children of Israel, but whenever a
person turns to the Lord the veil is removed.
Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the
Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. All of
us, gazing with unveiled face on the glory
of the Lord, are being transformed into the
same image from glory to glory, as from the
Lord who is the Spirit.
"Therefore, since we have this ministry
through the mercy shown us, we are not
discouraged. And even though our Gospel is
veiled, it is veiled for those who are perish-
ing, in whose case the god of this age has
blinded the minds of the unbelievers, so that
they may not see the light of the Gospel of
the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
"For we do not preach ourselves but Jesus
Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your slaves
for the sake of Jesus. For God who said, Let
light shine out of darkness, has shone in our
hearts to bring to light the knowledge of the
glory of God on the face of Jesus Christ."
-- excerpt from the article by Michael Brown,
“Are You Spiritually Blind?” http://www.
Are you blind?
Our Lady of
September 02, 2013
Message to Mirjana
"Dear children, I love you all. All of
you, all of my children, all of you are in
my heart. All of you have my motherly
love, and I desire to lead all of you to
come to know God's joy. This is why I
am calling you. I need humble apostles
who, with an open heart, will accept
the Word of God and help others to
comprehend the meaning of their life
along side God's word. To be able to do
this my children, through prayer and
fasting, you must learn to listen with
the heart and to learn to keep submit-
ting yourselves. You must learn to keep
rejecting everything that distances you
from God's word and to yearn only for
that which draws you closer to it. Do not
be afraid. I am here. You are not alone.
I am imploring the Holy Spirit to renew
and strengthen you. I am imploring the
Holy Spirit that, as you help others, you
too may be healed. I am imploring Him
that, through Him, you may be God's
children and my apostles."
Then with great concern Our Lady
"For the sake of Jesus, for the sake of
my Son, love those whom He has called
and long for the blessing only from the
hands which He has consecrated. Do
not permit evil to come to reign. Anew I
repeat – only along side your shepherds
will my heart triumph. Do not permit
evil to separate you from your shep-
herds. Thank you."
income debt forgiveness sunset date to
December 31, 2013; however, California
has NOT conformed to the new federal
extension. C.A.R. is sponsoring SB 30,
to extend this relief in California law to
December 31, 2013, and make state law
retroactive to January 1, 2013.
Unfortunately, Senate leadership, in an act
of political gamesmanship, has linked the
enactment of SB 30 to SB 391, an unrelated
new recording tax. SB 391 does not have the
support necessary to pass on its own merits,
so they are holding distressed homeowners
hostage to promote the tax increase. These
are real families in real fnancial need who
may well be forced into bankruptcy by an
irresponsible legislature.
Here’s why SB 30 is critical to California:
• Distressed homeowners are faced with
a no-win situation -- either pay taxes on
money they don't get or let the home go to
foreclosure. Distressed homeowners often
only have two choices – closing a short sale
or allowing their home to be foreclosed
upon. If they fear state income tax liability
on their short sale, they will opt for foreclo-
sure instead in order to avoid state tax liabil-
ity. Foreclosures are bad for communities,
bad for homeowners and damage housing
values more than short sales.
• Families deserve to know if they will be
taxed. Homeowners currently in short sale
negotiations can’t fnalize these transactions
without potentially incurring state tax liability.
Sellers who are involved in short sales or
contemplating a short sale need to know now
that the debt forgiven is not going to be treated
as income for state tax purposes.
• It’s the right thing to do. Families who
have already been forced this year to make the
diffcult decision to sell their home as a short
sale are already in fnancial trouble. They sim-
ply should not have tax liability on “phantom”
income or debt forgiveness – money they’ve
never actually received.
For More Information
Contact DeAnn Kerr at deannk@car.org
government against illegal
drugs wherein in which in the
past ten years they were able
to reduce the demand for coc-
caine and methamphetamine
by 50 percent. .
Brownfeld said drug traffcking orga-
nizations will look for new markets and
opportunities with some groups will go
to Europe and others will head for East
Asia in which the Philippines could be
the point of entry.
The American offcial said that South
America, Bolivia, Peru and Columbia
that still produces cocaine may cross the
Pacifc thru either cargo or commercial
means to look for another country and
possibly cross the Philippines.
Brownfeld suggested that the Philip-
pines and US will strongly cooperate
to fght this problem and apply what
they have learned to the benefts of their
people and ensure putting a stop on
illicit drug traffcking. -- ANTHONY
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Love Cupcake
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Quiet Neighborhood in National City.
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Taguig Condo Rush Sale by Owner
Selling my 2BR , 50 sqm, semi-furnished
Condo unit at reduced payment terms. Ask-
ing $90,000 down and take over payments
( upon transfer of deed) for the remaining
1.5 years @ approx $650.00 per month, plus
HOA of approx $38.00. Price includes fully
titled , covered parking slot ( a $12,000 value)
and a 10 sqm rooftop storage/drying area.
Property is on 2nd floor, facing amenities of
the Thai-Inspired Royal Palms Residences in
Taguig. Pls email me at quichor@gmail.com
or call 619 254-7057, ask for Ray Quicho.
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Windows Phone.
Nokia was the only large phone maker in
the world to commit to selling phones run-
ning Microsoft’s operating system. In effect,
Elop tied his company’s fate to Microsoft’s
mobile phone business. It didn’t go well.
Now, three years later, Microsoft is buying
that business — and Elop will return to his
former employer.
The Two-Way
For Microsoft, Nokia’s Phones Are ‘Key
To Everything’
All Tech Considered
Three Tips For Microsoft’s Next CEO
All Tech Considered
Can Two Smartphone Also-Rans Rescue
Each Other?
Elop is not loved in Finland. While he was
presiding at Nokia, lots of jobs were lost,
the stock price tanked, the country lost a lot
of tax revenue. But he was able to preserve
some value in Nokia’s brand. And since
Google paid $12 billion for Motorola, you
could look at this as Microsoft getting a deal
for similar assets for $5 billion less.
One fascinating nuance of this is that
now Elop has emerged as one of the lead-
ing contenders to replace Microsoft CEO
Steve Ballmer, who announced just recently
that he’s going to retire.
What does this deal mean for consumers?
For consumers, it’s probably a good thing.
By buying Nokia, Microsoft is ensuring that
there are going to be three viable choices in
the market for smartphones instead of just
two, with Google’s Android and Apple’s
Nokia was burning through its cash —
many people expected it to run out of cash
sometime in 2014. And without a lifeline
from Microsoft, the future for Nokia wasn’t
bright. But without Nokia, Microsoft’s future
in the smartphone market wasn’t very bright
either. There aren’t very many companies
that have fully committed to selling Micro-
soft’s smartphones.
Ballmer has been saying for more than
a year that he wanted to make Microsoft a
devices and services business. This deal,
when it closes, will actually do that. Micro-
soft will soon be making millions of devices
each year.
One of the sections in the document says
fat out that Microsoft “cannot risk having
Google or Apple foreclose app innovation,
integration, distribution or economics”. In
other words, the company knows that the
iOS and Android platforms are major threats
to Microsoft and that its purchase of Nokia’s
smartphonehardware is, in their opinion, the
best way to combat that threat.
Microsoft also said in that same document
they want to work with Nokia on its HERE
mapping platform, and indicated that they
wanted to see “an effective alternative to
Google”. At the same time, Microsoft says
it will “continue to support iPhone and An-
droid/Galaxy phones with our services” such
as the recently launched Offce 365 support
for iPhones and Android devices.
There will likely be other consequences
that will be felt as a part of this deal (assum-
ing it is approved and goes through by the
frst quarter of 2014). Here are just some of
the effects that we think will take place.
Stephen Elop is now the number one
candidate for Microsoft’s CEO gig
Many people had already speculated that
Elop was going to be one of Microsoft’s top
picks as a successor to Ballmer. Now that
Elop is offcially returning to Microsoft to
head up its Devices division, the likeli-
hood that he will also be Microsoft’s new
overall leader just went up astronomically.
We would now be very surprised if the
company’s board of directors picked anyone
other than Elop to be its new CEO.
Samsung, HTC and Huawei are likely out
of the Windows Phone business
Microsoft has three other hardware
partners currently for Windows Phone 8, but
none of them have had the sales success for
their devices compared to Nokia’s Lumia
lineup. Now that Microsoft is taking over the
Lumia brand completely, Samsung, HTC and
Huawei may feel that there is little beneft
in making Windows Phone units of their
own. We might see a few devices already in
development from those companies released
this year or in early 2014, but we think that
the rest of 2014 will see Microsoft as the
sole maker of Windows Phone hardware
products, despite what the company’s head
of Operating Systems Terry Myerson might
say otherwise.
The merging of Windows Phone with
Windows on the PC can truly begin
Windows Phone, Windows RT and Win-
dows 8 all share the same Modern UI for
touchscreens, but technically those operating
systems are separate with their own rules.
The fact that Microsoft is now going to make
smartphones in addition to its Surface tablets
could be the frst big step in a plan that will
eventually see all of Microsoft hardware
products running on just one Windows OS,
with apps that can be used on a smart-
phone, tablet, notebook, desktop or even
an Xbox game console with no additional
coding required.
Apple and Google had better get ready for
a major battle in the devices and operating
systems space
Many people have accused Apple of coast-
ing on its previous products for the past year
or so, and Google’s own attempts to launch
hardware products, either with their own
brand or via their Motorola subsidiary, have
also failed to gain much traction. Microsoft
is now frmly in place as a company that
will make its own tablet and smartphone
products, and that means everyone who buys
such devices will have a lot more choices to
buy. Apple and Google should be prepared
for what could be a brutal battle for the
hearts and minds of consumers and busi-
Sept. 26, 2013. Love Cupcake Café,
an artisan cupcake parlor, will be giving
away 100 mini cupcakes on the day of its
milestone celebration as a ‘thank you’ to San
Diego community members.
First-time business owners, Hortenssia
and Juan Zatarain, opened Love Cupcake
Café to offer South Bay residents an assort-
ment of cupcake creations and beverages.
Traditional Mexican hot chocolate and
Daymar Coffee, from local, artisan coffee
roasters, are also part of the menu.
”We are thrilled to be the frst deluxe
cupcake shop in the South Bay region,” said
Hortenssia Zatarain, owner and founder
of Love Cupcake Café. “We couldn’t have
launched our business without the support
we have received from family, friends and
the South Bay community.”
In 2011, Hortenssia, lost a six-fgure
career to a struggling economy, and like
one too many Americans, was left with
many challenges to make ends meet. During
endless days at home, Hortenssia would
use her spare time baking for her husband
and his coworkers. Adelight for the palate,
Hortenssia’s baking resulted in a home-based
business, which encouraged the Zatarains
to look into opening a location in the Chula
Vista community.
However, the Zatarain family soon found
that banks were not interested in lending
to a cupcake parlor venture, led by frst
time business owners, despite good credit.
Instead, friends and family joined together
for an investment round. The Zatarain family
caught a break when the new Chula Vista,
Calif. development, Shea Homes, decided
to take a chance after a visit to Hortenssia’s
Soon after, Hortenssia enrolled in
courses under the mentorship of pastry chef
Maria Gonzales to polish her baking skills.
Gonzales is best known for her triumph in
local baking competitions and bringing the
elements of art and design that are needed to
compete against the very best.
After receiving much needed community
support, Hortenssia and Juan Zatarain uphold
the importance of community and family,
incorporating this value into Love Cupcake
Café’s purpose and practice. In August 2013,
LOVE Cupcake donated welcoming cup-
cakes for the Eastlake Little League Cham-
pions and other donations to local organiza-
tions such as Mater Dei High School. Love
Cupcake Café continues to make donations
to local organization on a monthly basis.
Located at 2110 Birch Road, #105 in
Chula Vista, Calif. Love Cupcake Café is
open seven days a week on Monday through
Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays
from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
About Love Cupcake Café
Hortenssia and Juan Zatarain founded
Love Cupcake Café in May 2013 in Chula
Vista’s Eastlake community in south San
Diego County. Hortenssia believes that
good cupcakes should always be made from
scratch and would never add anything nei-
ther artifcial nor unnecessary. Every batch
is made from scratch to ensure every bite is
always fresh and delicious.
The name, Love Cupcake Café is derived
from the challenges that were overcome
through love and support from family and
community members. The yellow logo
and signature Lemon-Chino cupcake was
inspired from Hortenssia’s grandfather who
drove a yellow taxi and was Hortenssia’s
biggest fan.
Love Cupcake Café offers a 10 percent
military and law enforcement discount year
round. For more information about Love
Cupcake Café visit Facebook.com/LoveCup-
cakeCafe or call 619-271-5683.
Page 20 September 6-12, 2013 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
Global Filipino
“Star for All Seasons” Vilma
Santos delivers tour de force
performance in Star Cinema-
Quantum Films’ comedy-drama
REDWOOD CITY, CA, September 2,
2013 – After reaping major honors at the
recently held Cinemalaya Independent
Film Festival 2013 which included the
Audience Choice Award, Jury Prize,
Network for Promotion of Asian Cinema
(Netpac), Best Screenplay for Zig Dulay,
Antoinette Jadaone and director Jeffrey
Jeturian, Best Supporting Actress for
Ruby Ruiz and Best Actress for Philip-
pine Star of All Seasons and current Ba-
tangas Province Governor Vilma Santos,
ABS-CBN Star Cinema and Quantum
Films’ acclaimed indie flm, Ekstra (The
Bit Player) has been invited to participate
in the 38th Toronto International Film
Fetsival (TIFF) which will be held on
September 5 to 15.
Ekstra will be part of the Contemporary
World Cinema Section of the festival and
will be screened in Scotiabank, Canada
on September 8, 10 and 15. There are
entries from 70 countries and a total of
366 total features, with 268 having their
World, International or North Ameri-
can premieres at the festival, including
Film director Jeturian was a production
assistant in the 1984 production of the
late international Filipina flm direc-
tor Marilou Diaz Abaya’s “Alyas Baby
Tsina” which starred Santos. From there,
Jeturian rose to become known for his
indie flms, then later as the director of
the phenomenally successful teleserye,
“Be Careful With My Heart” shown on
ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel (TFC)
worldwide. Working with Santos anew
for her frst indie flm is a dream come
true for Jeturian.
This kind of experience gave Jeturian
the right perspective to come up with a
socio-realist drama-comedy that shows
his compassionate understanding for the
unheralded “bit players” of the indus-
try. Through the main character, Loida
Malabanan (played by Santos), a single
mother who passionately works as a bit
player for television and movies, Jeturian
showed the harsh contrasting realities of
the exploited and the privileged in the
entertainment ecosystem.
Even with her hectic, full-time sched-
ule as the governor of Batangas, one of
the country’s top vote-rich provinces,
Santos shows no rustiness in her craft.
Proving she is still one of the country’s
fnest acting gems, she bravely essayed
the deglamorized role of a hapless ekstra,
treading adeptly the fne line between
pathos and comedy that demonstrated her
wide-ranging acting genius.
Tiff.net described Santos’ performance:
Vilma Santos, the enduring Grand
Dame of the Philippine flm industry,
“Ekstra” leads Filipino entries at the 38th Int’l Toronto Filmfest
delivers a performance of grace, courage,
and peerless comic timing as a single
mother toiling as a lowly TV extra in the
latest flm from veteran director Jeffrey
Among the top talents who had cameos
in the flm are Cherie Gil, Cherry Pie
Picache, Pilar Pilapil, Marian Rivera,
Piolo Pascual, Tom Rodriguez, Eula
Valdes, and Richard Yap.
Ekstra is part of this year’s offerings
of Star Cinema which celebrates its 20th
year in the flm industry.
Celebrities will start arriving for TIFF
this week. The TIFF has an incredible
lineup of flms during its 10-day festivi-
ties which include droves of celebrity A-
listers including, Sandra Bullock, Meryl
Streep, Hugh Jackman, Julia Roberts,
Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Jake
Gyllenhaal, Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth,
Jessica Chastain and Michael Fassbender.
For more information on Ekstra (The
Bit Player) and TIFF, visit tiff.net.
About ABS-CBN Canada
Based in Toronto, Ontario, ABS-CBN
Canada ULC is a wholly-owned subsid-
iary of ABS-CBN International and dis-
tributes Filipino television programming
services across Canada. Its fagship prod-
uct is The Filipino Channel (TFC), the
premier and most widely viewed Filipino
premium channel in the world. TFC has
been an authorized non-Canadian service
since 1997, and has been distributed
by Canadian cable and direct-to-home
broadcasting distribution undertakings
(BDUs) since 2009. TFC’s programming
includes news, drama, movies, comedy,
variety, magazine talk shows, travel and
lifestyle programs. In addition to being
distributed by BDUs, TFC is also dis-
tributed via internet protocol television
(IPTV) since 2007 and on the web (TFC.
tv). TFC’s IPTV service features Movies
on Demand and Pay-Per-View, a Karaoke
Channel, and two of the Philippines’
top radio channels, DZMM Teleradyo
and DWRR 101.9. ABS-CBN Canada
ULC also holds theatrical screenings for
top Filipino movies and entertainment
events. For more information, please visit

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