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For Weddingsasa

For Weddingsasa

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Published by Delfin Mundala Jr

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Published by: Delfin Mundala Jr on Sep 05, 2013
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1. How did you know 2. Superman 3. Dreaming of you 4. Kung akin ang mundo 5.

The way you look tonight 6. Collide 7. Ave Maria 9(the wedding) 8. Angels Brought me here 9. I Have you (Carpenters) 10. You Decorated my Life 11. Looking to the eyes of love 12. For you i will 13. Angel of Mine 14. This i Promis you 15. I Do Cherish You 16. Thank God i Found you 17. Thank You For Loving Me 18. Couldn’t ask for more 19. A Love To Last a Lifetime 20. I’m yours 21. She’s the one 22. Pangako sayo 23. Beautiful Girl 24. ikaw lang ang aking mahal 25. Your Love 26. Growing old wiht you 27. When I see you Smile 28. Love for a LIFETIME 29. Lover’s Moon 30. Because of you 31. Make it with you 32. Love is all that Matter 33. Your the Inspiration 34. Nothings gonna Change my

love for you 35. Who am i God Give me you Marry your Daugther

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