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Brainstorming Workshop 09

Brainstorming Workshop 09

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Published by: arielteacher on Sep 05, 2013
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Brainstorming Techniques

Presented by the Writing Center

.  Emphasize that there is no correct way to gather ideas.This workshop will:  Provide hints and strategies to help generate ideas for essays  Discuss three different brainstorming techniques and how to apply them.

• The topic must be narrowed or expanded depending on the size of the writing assignment. .Keep these three ideas in mind: • The subject chosen must be appropriate for the intended audience. • Finally. the subject should be based on prior knowledge or a topic that can researched.

. They can also be used to determine which ideas need to be developed more and how to organize the paper effectively.Heuristics-Generating ideas through questioning Think about the following concerning the essay topic:  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  Why? These questions should “jog” the brain into thinking of ideas to write about.

ca/2Findingideas2.bc.htm .disted.Clustering  Type of word / idea association  Provides a “picture” of how ideas will be developed  Clustering involves branching ideas from the central word which should represent the essay topic http://rbigausk.camosun.

what ideas can be focused on for more clarity? • Substitute.is there a better explanation or example that can be used? .After Clustering… • Adapt.how can this information be used to meet overall goal? • Rearrange. combined or broken down? • Magnify.what information can be removed.

Free-writing • Free-writing – writing non stop for a certain period of time • Start writing about anything that comes to mind pertaining to the essay topic • Do not worry about grammar or punctuation This technique is effective in improving confidence when writing because the main concern is not to produce a perfect draft but rather to generate ideas. .

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