The US is stomping to impose its will on the G20 and the rest of the world but is meeting huge

opposition and open disgust from people who are truly against the idea of allowing a modern or 21st century hitlerian entity to go on yet another deviously bloody rampage or holocaust in a foreign land. The US wants to spill Syria’s blood even though that nation has not dared challenge or hurt the US. It is the US that has been hurting Syria by aiding al-Qaeda in Syria with assistance from the UK, France, Germany, Turk, Qatar and the rabid Takfiri extremist religious fascists. The US has been MOST guilty in committing international crimes against a bevy of countries ranging from Panama, Grenada, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan to East Timor, etc, etc. Today, al-Qaeda is conducting untold havoc in Iraq as a result of US criminal actions in 2003. Iraq was the US rehearsal for recent attacks against Libya, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. And the US wants to use Syria as a rehearsal for a coming attack on Iran. The bloody US aims and actions around the world have created massive global hordes of refugees thus profiting human traffickers everywhere. And the US has been hatching endless economic shenanigans after getting a huge and expensive bill as a result of its wars abroad. Now the US wants more global economic havoc and blizzard to support more new fresh wars. The dark hitler of our time, a.k.a. the house servant in Washington falsely claims that Syria is a threat to his fascist nation despite the fact that Syria is now battling for its life against a big band of murderers and executioners which has the unqualified or unreserved support of Washington and Nato. Despite the ‘global media’ being solidly on the side of our dark hitler, he is being opposed by the UN, Russia, China and the citizens of the US.

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