What Stars Fortell for United States Of America and the Globe

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After having made Predictions on the Oath Taking Chart and the Simhasan Chakra for Barack Obama, I was inquisitive to do the Predictions for USA, since as per the foundation chart also the Planetary configurations were also not healthy in the Present state after 5th July 2013 and worst after 6th March 2014 when the Dasha of Mars-Saturn will come in operation. In the Present context Saturn, Rahu ,Mars,Jupiter and Mercury will be in the nakshatra of Rahu and all will be in Airy signs and Mercury retrograde on the 19-20 July 2013 is a strong indication for extreme weather conditions, like Huricans, Tornodos, Typhoons, Earth quakes and Volcanic eruptions cannot be ruled out. Communication can be disrupted world wide as well. This is applicable to other countries also for whom I have already made some predictions on the link given in this article. Rahu and Saturn in Libra also signify Necular Energy and Space and in Airy sign is a dangerous combination for the Globe as well apart from USA.Libra is also a sign of balance , hence after lot of untoward happenings there will also be balance and some inovations in the Space technology, Travel by Air etc. are some positive parameters . I also recollect the the Combinations of War mongering countries what Mr. K.N Rao had given in the Paper prepared by him GLIMMER OF HOPE IN A STRIVE TORN WORLD. Mars connection to the 3,6,7th and 12th House/Lords shows the country troubling neighbors, getting involved due to aggressive behavior in boarder clashes,or getting involved in war or warlike activities or suffering due to secret and foreign plots. In the foundation chart of USA Mars is placed in the sign of Gemini in the 11th house . Mars here is aspecting the Saturn the 6th and 7th lord placed in the 2nd house in sign of Virgo and also having a return aspect from Saturn. Mars is with Lagna Lord Sun, Venus the 3rd and 10th Lord , Jupiter the 5th and 8th Lord , the dispositor of all these planets is Mercury Retrograde and Placed in the 12th house with Rahu-Ketu axis. Thus Mars has connection to the 3rd ,6th, 7th and 12th house and aspecting the 6th house , is satisfying all the Parameters to have the above tendencies as explained above. In Navamsha also as per Rashi Tula Navamsha it is connected to the concerned houses. Jupiter and Saturn both connected to Mars in Navamsha and in foundation chart,therefore the dasha of Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Saturn could surface the above activities as mentioned . Let us have a look on the chaturthamsha of the foundation chart. Taurus sign is rising in the Lagna and Lagna Lord Venus is deblitated in the 5th house. Sun the Lagna Lord of the Foundation chart and the 4th Lord of Chaturthamsha is placed in the 8th house with 8th Lord Jupiter here who is also the 5th and 8th Lord of the foundation chart. Mars and Saturn are placed in the 2nd house and aspecting Sun and Jupiter in the 8th house. From this Varga chart it is crystal clear of the event on the 11th Sept. 2001 in the Dasha of Sun-Venus-Mercury. The Nine -Eleven Terrorist attack on the United States is well known to the world.

In the Present Context ,the Dasha of Mars -Jupiter is Running and Jupiter has ingressed Over natal Jupiter on the 31st May 2013 and Mars has just ingressed Over natal Mars on the 5th July 13. Transit Saturn has activated the natal Saturn by being Retrograde in Libra since Feb. 2013. The Transit Sun is over the the natal Sun being in Gemini. Hence Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Sun and Venus all activated. Rahu and Ketu are transiting in Kendra from the natal Rahu and Ketu. The Dasha of MarsJupiter-Mercury starting from 8th July could be a crucial one for the activities mentioned in this article warlike

conditions. The Period from 6th March 2014 to 15-4-2015 will still be worst when dasha of Mars-Saturn will come in operation as stated above. The following are some Principles for untoward man made disasters ,Terrorist Activity etc. The countries most Prone are United States of America and Bombay if we have to talk about India. Karka for Accidents, Terrorism are Rahu and Mars. External Terrorism is from the neighboring countries, hence 3rd house comes into play. Terrorism inside the country are from the 4th and 9th house afflicted . Terrorist Camps are the 4th house from the 9th house hence the 12th house, hence the houses who acquire importance are the 3rd and the 12th house. In the present context MD Mars is the 4th and 9th Lord afflicted by Saturn, Jupiter 5th and 8th Lord is connecting the 3rd, 6th 7th and the 12th house , Mercury is the Dispositor of Mars, Sun,Venus and Jupiter and placed in the 12th house with Rahu., Hence there is every possibility of some untoward happening and some activities connected to war, troubling the neighboring countries or the country getting involved in such activities by external and internal sources as well. There are possibilities of the Embassies of United States being influenced by untoward happenings including diplomats. The connection of AD Jupiter with 3rd, 6th, 7th and 12th house is the most crucial factor here in the Present context, more so the MD and AD adversely placed in the Chaturthamsha D4. Transit Parameters 1. Saturn, Mars with Rahu Ketu in Kendra from each other at the time of untoward happenings, natural or man made. At Present Rahu, Saturn in the 3rd house and Mars will ingress in Cancer and over the natal Rahu on the 19th August 2013, at this point of time There will be mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn , which is also there in the natal chart, have already pointed out that the Return aspect in the foundation chart is activated along with MD, AD, PD and the Lagna Lord Sun in Gemini. There is every possibility that the moment Mercury transits over the natal Mercury and Rahu on the after 5th-6th August 2013, On this day Transit Jupiter will be over Natal Jupiter Degrees and will be in the 8th house of Chaturthamsha the combinations may Explode into a evil untoward happenings like Terrorism through Air Attack etc., Earthquake or war like situation 2. Transit Rahu-Ketu activating the natal Rahu-Ketu, here at present Rahu-Ketu not activating the natal ones but they are placed in the Kendra from each other and Rahu will be badly afflicted by Saturn and Mars Transits in Cancer on the 19th August 2013 to 6th Oct 2013, at this point of time Mars transit will be over natal Rahu. 3. Transit Mars activating the natal 8th house or 8th lord. Mars is on the natal Jupiter the 8th lord from 5th July to 19th August 2013 (Mars will be over natal Mars on the 5th July degree wise and will be over Natal Jupiter on the 27th July 2013),there after it will transit in the 12th house and then Lagna and aspect the 8th house from 6th Oct to 27th Nov. 2013. Placement of Mars most crucial ,it is the Karka for Terrorism and Accidents, it will also be over the Lagna Lord and the Natal Mars. Placement of Mars in the 2nd, 3rd , 9th and 12th house most crucial. Mars will be in the 12th house on the 19th August 2013 satisfying this Parameter as well. For United States the 3rd Lord is Venus and 12th lord is Moon and Moon, Saturn, Venus and Rahu will be in Libra on the 9th Sept. 2013 and Mars will be over the natal Rahu and Mercury and Mars will be having Return aspect from Saturn, If you look at the transit chart of the 9th Sept. 2013 you will taken aback at the planetary configurations and the aspect of Planets degreewise. Rahu is in Stationary and then in forward motion as well. 4. Eclipses taking place in the 3rd house the Libra sign on the 26th April , 9th May and now on the

3rd Nov. 2013 will take place. If you compare the Planetary Configurations at the time of 11th Sept 2001 and 9th Sept. 2013 you shall find the following Parameters . Sun Lagna Lord in Leo in both cases at almost same degrees 24.54 and 22.53 degrees in nakshatra of Venus 2. Moon in Airy Sign in both cases , Gemini and Libra Respectively both in nakshatra of Rahu. Dual sign in Sagitarius and on the 9th Sept. Cancer in both cases activating the Natal Rahu. in the 11th house in both cases in the sign of Virgo. n both cases in Gemini at 17.42 and 21.21 degrees in nakshatra of Rahu and Jupiter respectively 6. Venus In Cancer and in Libra now, afflicted by Mars and Saturn in both case, on the 9th Sept. 2013 it is also with Rahu and Saturn . Venus is also in Mrityu Bhag on this day. 7.Saturn On the 11th Sept.2001 it was in Taurus and afflicting Natal Moon , Mercury and Rahu and in the nakshatra. of Moon, now with Rahu, Moon and Venus having mutual aspect of Mars aspecting Natal Rahu and Mercury . 8. Rahu On the 11th Sept . 2001 Rahu was with Moon and Jupiter aspected by Mars from Sagitarius and in Forward motion, Now on the 9th Sept. 2013 Rahu , Saturn, Moon and Venus all in Libra the 3rd house of the foundation chart aspected by Deblitated Mars who is over natal Rahu and Mercury . Rahu is in Stationary motion and then in forward motion. 9. Saturn and Mars both influencing the natal Rahu, in the Present context here there is Return aspect of Mars and Saturn,hence this could prove most crucial in the present circumstances,Hence till Mars crosses Libra sign the period from 19th August 2013 to 5th Sept 2014 will be a critical period more so till Saturn and Rahu are conjunct in Libra till 14th July 2014 when Rahu will ingress in Virgo. The worst part in the planetary configuration is the over stay of Mars in Libra and also getting Fallen back in Virgo when it will be over natal Saturn on the from 25th March 2014 to 14th July 2014 , at this point of time the dasha will also be of Mars-Saturn . Hence a Period starting from5th July 2013 to 14th July 2014 will be the most critical period out of which 9th Sept. 2013 could be the point from where the situations will start to worsen for the King and the Kingdom for the United States of America. See the Planets degrees and the aspect of Mars, Moon, Saturn at 13.49 degrees and Rahu at 14.47 degrees and Rahu in Stationary motion on the 9th Sept. and then in forward motion till 13th Sept. 2013. The Planetary configurations as per Oath Taking Chart of Barack Obama article Oath Taking Chart of Barack Obama and Simhasan Chakra New Approach already discussed in this website, Simhasan chakra taking the nakshatra of USA as Dhanistha,DPYH charts, Pieces New Moon chart of 2013 Concentration of 5 planets in the Pieces, which happens to be the 8th house of the foundation chart , Rudramsha, Solar ingress of Sun in Leo and Paksha Kundali of 5th Sept. 2013 , Jaimini Char Dasha , all are adverse and all pointing out adversities and are crystal clear. Jaimini Char Dasha of Sagitarius is running. Sagitarius is a dasha of Ups and Downs and Sagitarius is a sign War as well. Sag-Can 04-07-13, Sag -Gem03-01-14 and Sag- Tau 05-07-14 will be critical dasha Periods for the country for War like situations . Hence we can say the planetary configurations after the Ingress of Mars in Gemini on the 5th July 2013 will not be conducive for USA , For Terrorism through Air, Earthquakes , Tornodas etc. or warlike situation . It could be Japanese -Sino war, I have also discussed this in an article China-Japan Island Dispute Escalates to Air . It could be with Israel, Iran as all are aware of . The world will witness maximum Violence from the 5th July 5. Jupiteri 4. Mercury the Dispositor of Planets 3. Mars in the 1.

2013 to 5th Sept. 2014 in a broader perspective and more till middle of July when Rahu will ingress in Virgo and come out of the malefic conjunction with Saturn in Libra. The most sensative dates are given in bold in this article specially 27th July, 6th August and 9th Sept. 2013 for USA in the current scenerio, although the Mars-Saturn dasha can be worst from 6-32014. As far India and the rest of the world,I have already made Predictions for India and the Phase from 5th July 2013 when Mars has shifted in the 2nd house over natal Mars and where 8th Lord Jupiter is already there The supreme court verdict will be adverse for the Ruling Govt. I have already specified this date much earlier in my articles even before the supreme court deciding to give their findings on this date. Mars will transit in Cancer on the 19th August and till Mars is in Cancer till 6th Oct 2013 could be the worst time for water related adversities including cloud burst for India and the region I have already mentioned is the Himalaya Terrain which includes Uttrakhand , The South Western Zone since Swati nakshatra is signified by South Western zone . There will be water borne diseases and some parts of the country will have less rain amounting to fammine conditions also due to destruction of crops, the strong air may sway the clouds away. Those countries where Eclipses have taken place on the Lagna , Moon , Sun or the 4/10 axis can also bring adversities who are also running the adverse dasha of trik bhavs or Rahu Antar Dasha . I have already discussed some countries earlier in the article Study of 2013′s eclipse effects on the Foundation Charts of Countries.The influence will be on all Pacific illands Indonesia, Syria, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan and Australia could be worst affected by the above Transit including some parts of China. No astrologer can be Brhama to give 100% accurate predictions, but what matters is the astrological analysis should be correct and there should be divine blessings on the astrologer for the Predictions to be correct. God Bless us all. anil aggarwala 6th July 2013 Disclaimer: The above predictions are bases on Astrological principles taught to me in BVB, the writer does not hold himself responsible for any eventaulity arising out of it in any way, may be in it person or other wise.

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