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2013: the new CIO and his department (appendix)

2013: the new CIO and his department (appendix)

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Round Table Summaries
Round Table Summaries

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Published by: Dr Jimmy Schwarzkopf on Sep 06, 2013
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Questions for RT


The nature of change in IT departments
Boiling frogs Alien invaders

Continuous / incremental change

Discontinuous / Instant change CIOs don’t see it coming, and they “can’t understand” the implications when it does

CIOs can see it happening all the time, but too “busy” to notice

• • • • Cloud BYOEverything Consumerization of IT Connectedness

• • • • Speed of change – three layers Big data / big analytics The clover-leaf Shamrock organization Social and crowd solutions

The problem: Expectations versus actual (effort) : IT departments

How much time/effort do you manage to put in:

Do you agree?

How would you define your organization? If Shamrock what %?

A c

Shamrock Organization is
an organizational structure where a core of essential executives and workers are supported by outside contractors and part-time help.

How close are you to this “utopic” New IT Department ?
Zero capital model (LOB metered charge back) utility pricing
IT Delivery Services

IT Services

Office of the CIO “Customer Experience Manager”

Enterprise Procurement”

Software House

How close is this to your OCIO ?
Line of Businesses Customers’ ideas, needs, demands PPM


Software House

Enterprise Procurement

IT Delivery Services

Bill of materials

Infrastructure Requirements SLAs

Managed Services


Does your IT Delivery department act as as an internal Cloud Provider?
Zero capital model Line of Businesses

Can you operate as a private cloud provider for your organization? Elastic On-Demand Usage Metered Self-Service Access Saving

1. 2.

Next year Run the business Capital investment

IT Delivery Services (SW + HW)

The money you charged for IT delivery this year


Do you have some type of IT Chargeback?
utility pricing

NO more all inclusive IT! “different” time & materials allocation to internal customers! Chargeback connected to actual consumption

IT’s speed of change – three layers

IT department up to 2013
Innovation layer

IT department after 2013

Differentiation layer

Innovation layer

Transaction layer

Differentiation layer
Transaction layer

‫שאלות לדיון פתוח‬
‫‪ .1‬כמה קרוב ‪ IT‬בארגונך למודל ”‪ “new IT department‬המוצג לעיל?‬
‫‪ (a‬האם תקציבי ‪ IT‬נמצאים באחריות של חטיבות עסקיות?‬ ‫‪ (b‬האם רכש ‪ IT‬התמזג עם רכש כללי בארגונך?‬

‫‪ .2‬תחומי האחריות של ‪ OCIO‬בארגונך?‬ ‫‪ .3‬כיצד מתפלגים מאמץ ומשאבים של ‪ CIO/IT‬בארגונך‪ ,‬לפי מודל ‪Shamrock‬‬
‫‪Transaction layer – IT Delivery (a‬‬ ‫‪ (b‬שיפורים עסקיים – בידול עסקי‬ ‫‪ (c‬מנהיגות ‪ -‬חדשנות‬

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