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Published by: Amanda Green on Sep 06, 2013
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The Third Aspect

If you resent correction and do not like being told where it‟s at, don‟t bother reading any further, because basically you are described as an oxygen thief and a useless unit. This appraisal also includes the Coalition of the Willing and their billions of opponents. If you can get over that one and still have some interest as to where water came from this indictment against humanity will change your assumptions: „About a lot of things.‟ Unlike previous holy-land crusades these latest incursions into another‟s land are being recorded in colour. I love the camera work when they set off one of those clusters bombs; especially in the middle of a mosque. A big cheer goes up from the generals while the men in white coats stand around stony faced and think, “What‟s successful about that---too many survivors!” „Or was that a vision, like when I saw the Muslims raise Australia to the ground, instead of coming in wooden horses they came in wooden ships. I know where water came from, do you; scientists have put that one into the too hard basket, that‟s what happens when you believe your mother and father were Gorillas. Now you may think American giving chemical weapons to the Iraqis to use on their Iranian brothers as sly and evil, in secular terms this is so, although there is nothing new about the rich getting other‟s to do their dirty work is there? Naboth could have verified that one but unfortunately a couple of hired lairs said that their god Molech told them that Naboth had transgressed, so Molech‟s people murdered Naboth, no justice is there: except if you cross the vine growers god. Stealing another‟s land is a dangerous pursuit, you could end up getting a bullet between the eyes or have your guts ripped out by wild dogs. Darwin said that the Aboriginal who roamed the great Southland had not completed their metamorphous as yet and therefore not quite human; a very scary man indeed. I studied photos of him; he lived in fear of the unknown as did his Neanderthal cousin Sigmund. So Australia became terra nullius; and the blackfellows became dog food, a nice way to treat your ancestors. Howzitgoin you useless empty units of nothing, my name is hake, known by the pakeha as johnwalker I come from Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, I‟m from two families of Warriors Nations my Mother Danish my father Maori: however I have disassociated myself from both cultures. I‟m not going down with the ship and I can‟t weave baskets and I‟m too old to play AFL. Real Warriors

adapt and remain Warriors; they are not worriers‟ like the basket weavers. Two things are certain; I won‟t be going to Valhalla or Hawaiki when I kick the bucket. And before I do that I‟m going to disrobe the serious false gods like Allah, Iesous and the Israeli god, Molech. I don‟t expect any of the leaders of these cults or any of their clones to disagree with me. Why, because a look in their mirrors will tell them who their god is and who mine is and so it will be with you. It would be unwise to read any further without checking that fact, very unwise. When I was four years of age lord said „watch Santa‟ at the age of six whilst passing the Catholic and Anglican Church‟s he said, „the devil lives there,‟ you might say my life has been a set-up. The following account of racism is part of that set-up. An assumed Aboriginal man arrives at the emergency department of a South Australian country hospital, where Molech and Iesous live. The blackfellow unknowingly is suffering from Chronic Renal Colic Failure and is fairly sure that his chariot of fire had arrived. The doctors and nursing staff break into uncontrollable laughter as he cries out for help while he is convulsing on their hospital‟s emergency department‟s floor, without acknowledging the dying black-fellow in anyway whatsoever a nurse comments; “they drink, get sick then expect us to fix them up.” Three doctors smile and turn their backs then return to their private practices a couple of kilometres from the hospital. The black-fellow wouldn‟t stop screaming, so one of the three doctors, doctor Sidhu, who was rostered to tend hospital emergencies that day, had to be re-called. On his return he discovered that the subject of his earlier mirth wasn‟t a drunken Aborigine with a selfinflicted injury but rather a sober one suffering from Chronic Renal Colic Failure, which has nothing to do with alcohol or stomach ulcers. A few days later our doctor receives a bigger surprise, instead of grabbing a flagon and heading for the river, the black-fellow went to see a lawyer. Then the demon of miss-adventure got busy. The black-fellows‟ two-year-old daughter was physically assaulted by the hospital‟s staff and he is knocked unconscious by them as well. A few months later the black-fellows daughter is taken from him by the authorities; as they do, and he is arrested and remanded in custody for making bomb threats. And people wonder why the acid comments followed by if you only me what I‟m on about. On one occasion I was whinging about having to existing on a disability pension;

The Third Aspect
the reply was “if you were in some countries you‟d get nothing,” however, I‟m not am I? Australians are nasty toward me because I‟m not quite human and have busted the completed model for what, too-many of them are: callous and mean spirited. A few years ago a mother and daughter had to go to Aotearoa to find peace and acceptance; her baby girl had Aids, they whinged about rescuing adventures in the South Seas because of the expense. It was good to hear that my government put those seafarers at ease. Australians never stop blowing about how rich they are, but never about how they obtained that; to them, wealth. It cuts them to the quick having to spend their stolen money to help others. I‟ll never forget the satisfaction I felt when our government said to the yanks, “declare or disappear.” The Australians were hopping America would ignore us: And so were we, they‟ve snuck back I hear. Yes it must have been a big disappointment when the authorities realised I wasn‟t an Aborigine. One of those bomb threats was fabricated by SA police officer June Kent and the SA Health Commission‟s legal adviser David Watts. Those two deviates fabricated statements accusing me threatening to blow up the offices of the Health Commission in Hindmarsh Square Adelaide on May 24 1996 and kill Michelle Tink and Robyn North who work there. Sly and dishonest District Court Terry Worthington said, “Even witnesses whose honesty is not in question can be mistaken.” That charge was fabricated to back up another fabricated bomb threat against the Renmark Hospital on May 27 1996: to stop me attending a Hospital board meeting that evening. And, the more sinister reason, to discourage me from speaking out publically about things: lots of things. “The family” is a group of South Australian lawyers; their extended family include most lawyers in South Australia. Lawyers that say “no, not me mate,” and say the same thing when you ask them if they are willing to take the police and judiciary to Court. Greg Mead is criminal lawyer and Co-Director of the SA Legal Services Commission, and a very sly member of the family. Other family members include Prosecutors John Wells and the very sneaky Miss Abraham. And; Judges Worthington, Debelle, Blebby, Williams, Olsen and Doyle. And: Magistrates Bolton, Frederich, O‟Conner, Liddy and Meyer. „Let‟s bring the Coalition of the Willing into it, they are always good value; the antics they get up to in the name of

their god is without equal when it comes to nasty things one can do to others‟. Some folks actually get up-set when I cheer when the Coalition takes a hit. They don‟t know too much about history; do they? Every University in the world has an expert on the Middle East, some even have experts that study their religion and they fancy themselves. Like everyone else on the planet they do not know one thing about the unknown god, the god of Abraham; Joshua, Joshua in all tongues sounds like this; Joshua. Any other phonetics is a demon, if you disagree; the nickname for my house for that disagreement will be Mount Carmel. However it won‟t be Sunday picnic like last time, here is how you get to my front door; don‟t forget to update your Will before you leave home. Renmark is a small town on the River Murray in South Australia near the north western border of Victoria in the land of the long black cloud. I live in Paringa, a small hamlet opposite Renmark on the south side of the river. The town was founded by English White Supremacists‟ who introduced a caste system making it the perfect environment for the demon of fear. No one can dispute that the English consider themselves a cut above the rest and in their particular endeavours; they are. As more uninvited treasure hunter‟s arrived, the English now called Australians set up a second order based on race. The Aborigine is excluded from both these orders for they are numbered after the fauna, flora and the ground they walk on. Most ethnics, (non-English) have deserted their own countries because of home troubles and hard-ships however most lobbed here for the easy pickings. Josh doesn‟t care what your story is he gave this country to the Aborigine and unless you have their permission to be here you are as a common thief end of story. The following examples describe how brutal the first Australians were; their shocking treatment of the caretakers of this majestic and timeless land. These examples were recorded in the period in which they were alleged to have taken place. The name of the book I copied them from is called „Rivers of Gold Rivers of Blood.‟ “For the Aboriginal communities living along Tasmania‟s northern shores, the presence of these economic pioneers was catastrophic. The sealers not only depleted traditional Aboriginal food sources but in time triggered a total dislocation of indigenous social life. Skilled in the techniques of seal-catching, the Aboriginal woman were eventually regarded by the sealers as an essential

The Third Aspect
part of their operations. Violence, sometimes of the most brutal kind, became endemic in their relations. A group of sealers for example, was recorded to have punished one runaway female by tying her to a tree, cutting off her ear and the flesh from one thigh and then forcing her to eat them. An index of their endemic hatred and casual violence towards the Aborigines was provided by one of their number, who told a Tasmanian historian that he „liked to kill a black fellow better than smoke a pipe,‟ adding „and I‟m a rare one at that, too‟. Another confessed that he would „as leave shoot them as so many sparrows‟. Despite his innocent-sounding name a man called Lemon was accustomed to use them as target practice, while others confessed to feeding their dogs on Aboriginals shot especially for that purpose. Their relish for murdering the men was more than equalled by their sexual appetite for the woman, a bushranger called Carrot found a way of satisfying both urges almost simultaneously. After slaughtering a Tasmanian man, he then abducted and raped his widow and forced her to carry her husband‟s severed head around her neck as a play-thing.” „A Mr Devries told the Queensland parliament in 1946 of his concerns for the nigger:‟ “My concern is to see that the native labour is educated to the extent that the Aboriginal becomes a useful citizen. I do not say that he should be placed on the same level as the white man and I do not for a moment think that there are many in this chamber who believe that should be so. I do not admit for a minute that the nigger is as good as I am. The fact is the he is a human being and he is entitled to that measure of respect, which helps him overcome his inferiority complex, and to become and asset to the nation. I hope that the Aboriginal race is never exterminated-and I do not think we shall live to see the day when it does disappear, but I cannot allow natives to intermingle freely and unfettered with the white community. Unfortunately nothing much has changed as secular governments do not consult higher authorities rather they are directed by them. In the middle of 2009 a new Magistrate was assigned to Berri Magistrate Court. Berri is another small town a few kilometres down river, where most authorities have their headquarters and on most alternate Tuesdays, Court days, you would find me out front of the towns Courthouse with my guitar protesting about anything and everything; issues that most absolve

themselves from confronting, except in the front bar. No one worries about the bomb anymore: new uranium mines. I forget how many times the police have threatened to lock me up for busking, Foodland have had an AVO since forever and Woollies phone the coppers as soon as they see me with a guitar in my hands. On one occasion Woollies Sweeper said to me “you know you are not allowed to busk here!” I said, aren‟t you a Sweeper? She didn‟t like that and said “if you don‟t leave I‟ll phone the police.” Red haze: „I don‟t give a shit what you think you lady; spiss off, this land belongs to the Aborigine and I have their permission to sing whenever and wherever I want to. Call the cops I‟m not frighten of those morons. If you keep it up you and your boss will find yourselves before the International Criminal Court.‟ It all got a bit much for her so she resumed her regular job and I continued with mine. I‟m seriously looking into seeking a ruling from that Court because all indigenous peoples would like to know who the world‟s justice system thinks owns the so-called European Colonies. However I‟m still trying to find someone from Geneva to have a chat with the Commonwealth minister for human rights about my situation, no luck so far. It may have something to do with the brown paper bags left around Haig and Geneva from time to time. Anti-arts campaigners Mayor Martinson and his gofer Tony Saviour will attest to that, things haven‟t been going too good for them two lately. I asked to be allowed to address the town‟s council concerning a fairly serious criminal matter however before I could Saviour closed the meeting. Why he wanted to protect Wilkinson I have some idea‟s however it would be foolish to run them by anyone at the minute. Perhaps you could ask young Tony why he is trying to keep things quiet. I wanted to ask them why they keep giving ex Senior Sergeant Kenneth Wilkinson the local swimming pool contract because they knew he was being investigated for flashing his dick in front of thousands of school boys however Tony wouldn‟t let me. It‟s been going on for nine or ten years I reported the incident and was told “you know kids.” About a year ago other parents reported him yet he hasn‟t been arrested. I went to the Berri police station the other day to ask them why and give them the names of about a hundred witnesses, I was immediately surrounded a half dozen coppers and threatened with arres t if I didn‟t leave immediately. I don‟t care how many corrupt police

The Third Aspect
officers‟ surround me Wilkinson is not going to walk, Selah. When are they going to learn, I‟m the policeman and they are the persons of interest; are their ears and eyes painted on their empty heads, like the Jews. Real strange „that‟ lot; have you ever heard of the terrible atrocities England committed against that riff raff before they chased them into Germany? Still, the Jews dissevered it didn‟t they; especially after what they did in the Valley of the Sons of Hinnom. „What‟s that, the only thing you know about Jews is their whinging about what the Germans did to them.‟ That‟s because they don‟t want you to know the real reason why the Germans slapped them around. Even so, after six million of them were sent home they still haven‟t learnt anything. Talk about a stubborn and stiff-necked people little wonder josh is at his wits end trying to figure out what to do with them. Yes, every other day somewhere in the Promised Land Israelites would invite their heathen neighbours over for sex orgies and spiss on until the wee hours like there was tomorrow, unfortunately for them there was. To heighten their sexual pleasures they would throw their own children on to a sacrificial fire as an offering for their god Molech. They capped that off during their last days of their siege in Jerusalem by murdering and eating each other‟s children.‟ Very hard to believe isn‟t it; ask them I just read it somewhere. I think in the middle of the ninetieth century there were only a dozen or so survivors from the house of Judah, the real Jew, living in Jerusalem. In Palestine at the minute there are over two and a half million of them, all claiming David was their uncle. Fakes from Europe not one of them has blood that contains the DNA of David. The god of Abraham rose up Hitler to do a number on them that‟s why he allowed the English and French to torture and murder some of them then chase any that survived into Germany. The Germans treated the Jew well but the Jews fell back into their old habits of not listening, never putting in and always taking out. Any road App Ohme, like all law people, would walk passed me with her head down while I was singing and playing, however this particular day Frann gave me a quick glance and said, “we‟ve got a new Magistrate john; not like old softie.” Old softie is a decent honest man, old enough to be her father. A couple of months beforehand I was arrested for a breaching a forged AVO. I attempted to place the hospitals CEO Glen Cooper under citizen‟s arrest for his part in the

conspiracy but I was arrested instead. A few weeks before that I did a test run on the Chief justice John Doyle and achieved very good result however channel seven said it that sort of thing happened every other day, must have a man in the inside. The day came when it was my time to face the music. My name was called; I walked into the Courtroom to the dock. “Mister Walker---you have been charged with breaching an Aggravated Violence Order, how do you plead?” „How can a man of god plead to laws that were founded on theft, murder and deceit?‟ I watc hed her demon fight to save the situation, “go and sit down and have a think about it” What she really meant was “go sit down you jagged me and I‟m lost for words.” I watched her clinically dispense justice, after which I was called back to the dock. Magistrate O‟Conner continued, “Now, Mister W”--„and how can that man take note of an order forged by a Magistrate doing time for having unlawful sexual relations with a minor---answer me?‟ She ignored me and set a trial date. I kept ranting until she reached the safety of her office, from where she yelled back at me, “I‟ll have you locked up for contempt.” „Do what you want, I said.‟ I looked around, no one else wanted in, so I drove home thinking, I had better watch her, she‟s trouble this bitch. My trial for attempting to place the Cooper under citizen‟s arrest was set down for October 29 2009. When I arrived at the Berri Court Glen was sitting outside the Courtroom like a frightened rabbit. I handed him a bunch of documents which contained a tale similar to this. It also contained many documents forged by the Police, the Court and himself. He knew what his lies had and is still doing to himself and others. He threw his indictment on the floor like a spoilt child; as if it were a parking ticket I walked outside and left him spinning out. Half hour later I asked the Court orderly when the trial was going to begin. He said O‟Conner wasn‟t ready and when she was he would give me a buzz. „Another set up,‟ I knew it. I wondered why the Court staff, were looking every which way but my way. Still, I was confident I wouldn‟t be spending another three months remanded in custody. The next few sentences show you just how wrong one can be! The documents were given to App Frann Ohme who shared them with Magistrate O‟Conner? They could see that if I was given half a chance to question Cooper the shit would hit the fan. Magistrate O‟Conner „faxed‟ the South Australian Director

The Third Aspect
of Public Prosecutions to see whether I could be jagged one more time for an indictable offense, they advised against it however that woman was so livered she could not think logically. A couple of hours later I went back to the Courthouse to check out what was happening. Two detectives grabbed me, O‟Malley said I was being arrested for preventing a witness from giving evidence and that he didn‟t want to discuss the issue. He lied; he knew that the real reason why I was arrested was to prevent Cooper from giving evidence. I told Cooper after I‟d done my first three months that he was dead: from then on he started dying, just like that. He has lost about eight stone so far and looks like he‟s got aids his face and eyes are in constant torment he is a suicide risk however I won‟t let him do it. O‟Malley asked my name and address then bolted; I was then locked in the cells. Later that day I fronted O‟Conner; her demon of pride was leering at me because he for the minute had the keys to my physical freedom. “Preventing a witness from giving evidence is a serious indictable offence Mr Walker; I hear you have been speaking of self-harm.” „That‟s the legal term for „hunger strike‟ very cunning she is.‟ „What about my home and animals and everything, please, your honour, please don‟t send me to jail.‟ Grovelling, the shame of it; however that was the first and last time, O‟Conner couldn‟t contain her joy. “I don‟t care about your home or your responsibilities you will be remanded in custody until next Tuesday for a doctor‟s report to see whether you are mentally fit to plead” „but, but, but‟---“Courts Adjourned!” No, not again, another bent Magistrate, Lizzy Bolton tried that one. Her and crooked copper App Heffernan sent me to Nash House to determine whether I was sane or mad like them. I walked into the psychiatrist‟s office and stood over him because I know in closed spaces demons shit themselves. He said, “ah---Mr ah---ah---walker is it, I‟m Doctor Do little, take a seat.” „Nah, she‟s right bro I‟ll stand--what‟s your name mate, mines john,‟ “Doctor---" „nah your name bro, I know you‟re a lazy doctor.‟ I held out my hand, he recoiled like a snake. He tried desperately to open the door but because of his panic attack he found it difficult. When he finally did he bolted, road runner stuff it was. I asked the lady at the office, „where did he go?‟ “The doctor has been called away to an emergency he won‟t be back today.” They must have a silent alarm system with no flashing lights in his office? Still, I have one report which

states that I am defiantly not like Magistrate Bolton and App Heffernan. Anyway I woke up next morning and my head was back to normal as normal as it could be when you‟re locked in a cell on trumped up charges. And as usual I yelled for coffee and gave the coppers my usual spray and waited to be transported to the ARC. It took five hours to get to the Adelaide Remand Centre; the ambient temperature inside that dog box was at least sixty degrees. I ask for a drink a few times on the way but they wouldn‟t stop. On arrival at the ARC I asked again “no you‟ll be in soon.” A half hour later they said “the ARC is full so we‟re taking you to Yatala.” Instead we went to the Central Police Station, the coppers shifts were over. I asked for a drink again, “Nah, you‟ll be right mate well be there in five,” another half an hour later we arrived at Yatala Labour Prison. I was near done. I felt as sick as; the copper must have surrendered his gun. I don‟t recall much except stepping out into the cool breeze. I assumed the copper took his cuffs off me; I didn‟t notice anyone else until I heard a voice screaming in my ear, “Are when listening!” I freaked I shook my head and croaked nahhh, several prison guards knocked me to the ground, one put his knee on my head the other two bar handcuffed my arms behind my back, they dragged me a few metres to a room. Another screw ran in and said in a real threatening manner, “I was going to have a few beers after work but you‟ve fucked that up; haven‟t you?” He was not happy, I was then thrown head first into a concrete wall; I managed to turn my head just before I hit it. Two of them jumped on me; one crossed my legs then forced them down onto my shoulders---farrrk that hurt bros! “Are we listening now?” He yelled. I realised that they were in the red zone so with a super-human effort I managed to gather my faculties and say, „please mate, don‟t jump on my back I‟ve been in a car accident and‟ “or don‟t hurt him he‟s got a sore back,” one of them mocked. More pressure was applied to my legs, farrrk! Why they didn‟t break only god knows, “Are we listening?” The incensed office yelled.” „Kill me I don‟t give a fuck,‟ I said. That snapped them out of it, they dragged me to a holding cell and threw me in, „you‟re not standing over me mate! I‟m Maori: not Aboriginal!‟ A flabby Welshman said, “You‟re not Maori, I know Maoris, they‟re decent people.” I‟ll let you draw your own conclusions about what that means for the indigenous folk. Mistaken for an Aborigine, no; not again,

The Third Aspect
still, it‟s the only way I could know Australians true feelings toward the Aborigine; those experiences make a mockery of all the marches and love-ins over the last twenty years. „The „Gang of forty nine‟ is a „what do you expect‟ group of indigenous youth that have picked up on their benefactors little earn; see something you like and take it. A half hour later I was dragged out for my photo shoot. They lifted me off the ground, using the bar-hand cuffs; this forced me to fall forward---farrrk, josh was the reason why arms weren‟t ripped from my shoulders; my god the pain!‟ These blokes were in a serious state of agitation the wanted to hurt me and hurt me bad. I was then thrown into the back of a prison van then driven a few hundred meters to „G‟ division. After we arrived the screws lifted me by the bar-handcuffs onto my tippy toes and frog marched me to a punishment cell, released the cuffs, and slammed the door! „What the fuck was that all about lord‟ I said. „Toughen up you sook there‟s more to come,‟ said the still small voice. I was exhausted I had a sore everything and still felt nauseous so I crashed. The next morning I was waiting for unlock; they seemed to be taking their time so I lay back down on my concrete bed. They must have been watching me on the CCTV monitor because a few moments after I lay down next thing bang the door opened! Three goons stood there, I smiled at their leader and said „howsitgoin boys.‟ Well they were boys to me, I was sixty four at that time they would have been twenty to thirty years younger. Their leader was stunned, he tried to speak but his mouth wouldn‟t work. „Don‟t laugh I thought, look at the floor, farrrk this looks bad, get ready here we go again.‟ He launched himself at me, picked me up like a rag doll and through me at the concrete wall however again I cheated death! “You‟re lucky I didn‟t break your fuckin neck, you fuck, puff -puff. I‟ll put your fuckin head in that fuckin toilet and drown you, you fuck, puff, puff, puff; if you aren‟t standing by that fucki n table in the morning, puff. I‟ll put you in a fuckin straight jacket and tie you to the fuckin floor, you fuck.” His eyes were as a wild animal, with spittle running down his chin he finally ran out of puff and left. I still crack up thinking about it. Later the big chief did his little morning walk, to check us psychos; he looked at me like I was one of the bricks in the wall and said, “Shall we let him in the yard for a smoke.” One his flunkies said “no” I said „I don‟t smoke,‟ and straightaway I thought, here we go again, but no I got away

with it: I thought. After the big chief left the prison guards allowed me to shower; which was directly opposite my cell? The chubby Welshman said to his colleagues, “he‟s going to led the Aborigines to freedom---aren‟t you Moses?” He got smiles all round for that one. After I had showered I pressed the buzzer to let them know I had finished. I stood at attention like in the movies; one of them said “what‟s this?” „What‟s what‟ I thought, knowing that there were concrete walls everywhere. I was supposed to wipe all the globules of water in and around the shower cubical; I did that and stood at attention again. One of them, who looked a bit like Michael Slater, a former opening batsman for Oz stepped forward, bang! He gave me a left to the right side of my head, it rocked me but I stayed on my feet, four runs, I turned my cheek, bible style bang! I saw stars, another four runs, I thought „lord!‟ He tried to smash me a third time but his hand went limp: we all spun out and looked at each other: josh to the rescue again. I said to their white South African boss, „you want a go too mate? He shook his head and looked away. A couple of days later I was taken to see the prison doctor. I told the prison medical staff that they dropped me on my head. You can imagine my concerns when the screw that escorted me to the infirmary said in front of everyone “and we will probably do it again!” For a fleeting moment the nurse was stunned by his comment however her life and her job were her priority. When a prisoner is placed in solitary confinement, they are under surveillance 24/7 by the screws and cameras. Under FOI I requested a copy of anything that would reveal the truth in particular the doctor‟s medical report. All I received was the copy of the notes that were entered into the daily log by the prison guards which were illegible anyway. Prison medical freedom of Information at RAH is as corrupt as the PFOI and the Police Complaints Authority. I tried every which way to get that doctors report; the South Australian minister responsible for such things, Jennifer Rankine refused to help in anyway whatsoever. That doctor is also in breach of his obligations; not only as a doctor but as a member of the family of man, he should have reported my bashing straightaway. A few months later I ran into the young police officer who dropped me off at Yatala and asked him why he never tried to stop them. He tried to get out of his responsibilities by saying, “Why didn‟t you step up to the yellow line when they asked you to?” I find it hard to believe

The Third Aspect
that such violent people have the authority to check out a prisoner‟s mental status by using concrete walls. In September 2004 I was driving back to Renmark from Berri when I approach a car travelling in my direction at around eighty kilometres per hour. The vehicle was wandering from one side of the road to the other, „this dickheads spissed‟ I thought. So I waited until I reached an overtaking lane a couple of kilometres ahead. As I attempted to pass, Nino the driver of the other car put his foot down and we were soon behind the only other car travelling in our direction. As I began to overtake that car he did as well. He forced me into the path of the on-coming traffic I chucked my VL into to fourth gear and flattened it. I managed to get back into my lane before I had a head on with a semi. I slowed for a bend however Nino didn‟t he ran his car into the back of my car which did and end for end then a one and a half twist finishing with two forward rolls: my landing was perfect all four feet hit the ground together. When me and my VL finished our routine I realised josh was right, I was still alive. I managed to release my seat belt and managed to drag myself out of and away from my dead VL. I couldn‟t use my legs so I had to support my entire body on my hand for at least a half hour until help arrived, one hand was broken that was the decider; gold, silver an bronze, Nino kept driving leaving me for dead. The driver of the other car going our way, a lady, stopped and I assumed phoned the Ambulance. The police and Allianz refuse to tell me who she was and would not let me see her statement or anything except one they shouldn‟t .have. On arriving at the Riverland Regional Hospital at Berri I was seen by another sub-continental drop-kick. I asked them to phone my daughter. “There is no need for her to come and see you Mr Walker, you are just badly bruised---you‟ll be home tomorrow”. „You‟ve got to be joking‟ I said, but not quite like that. Anyway a half hour later I was put in the scanner, the flying doctor was called and I was scanned again at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Next morning a real doctor held up his hand and pinched his thumb and fo refinger, “you‟re a lucky man,” „the lord‟ I replied, a very awkward moment that was for that doctor, but like I said, he was a [pro; I had multiple pelvic fractures a chipped disc and a broken hand I also had no feeling in my legs more; or less just badly bruised. At the time I had no idea who was driving the car however I did know the year, make and model. A few

months after the incident I ran into a bloke I knew, he told me Nino was pissed and on the other (ice) that‟s why he didn‟t stop.” Only hearsay you say however that statement is a truthful as anything the lord has said in this indictment. I‟m filling a law suit against them next week. The police had never taken a statement from me so I went to the Renmark Police Station and informed them that it was Nino who was driving the car that hit the back of mine. They just looked at me. I said, „don‟t you want me to give a statement?‟ “No, we have all the information we need.” Allianz‟s‟ accident assessor interviewed me and said there was a problem with „the other car‟ rego. A few months later Allianz wrote and informed me that I had no claim because I was racing and that Niño‟s car never ran into the back of my car. Although the incident was a hit and run, the police never filed an incident report like they should have. The fools gave me one that stated Nino‟s' car had slight damage on the left hand front bumper and my car was totalled. Allianz and Sergeant Wilkinson allowed Nino to walk. Did a demon make Nino attempt to take me out: of course it did. My daughter and I have been threatened many times over the years however I never said anything to her. When the phone rings you don‟t say „it was just someone else that‟s going to kill you Bub,‟ I stayed awake for a couple of years after that one. To help pass the time I phoned the cops every morning from about 2:00am until day break and abused the shit out of them. I told Constable Dawson that if he forged anymore bail agreements I‟d cut his hands off. Les took an AVO out against me, the wimp; as if I was actually going to cut his hands off---see how sneaky the barstards are. After that I made it my business to belittle him every time I saw him despite their AVO and the presents of a murder of cops. What they were attempting to do was slowly build a happy farm ticket for me; so today I have instructed Stressman to begin Les‟s journey there. They knew better than to arrest me for breaching that one, god knows I did everything but deck him in my efforts to get the idiot into the witness box however his demon was on to me. I know that at least one of those threats against me and my baby was made by a colleague of police officer June Kent who worked at Adelaide Central police station. Anyway, after I signed myself out of Renmark hospital in December 1993, I phoned the hospitals management and abused them, they sent me a letter which no one can

The Third Aspect
understand, however, the author, director of nursing Andrew Vanderwal, said that he would check things out however he never did, Andrew is now a Lutheran Pastor in Adelaide. I when to see local lawyer, Brett Philips and showed him the letter. He asked me what I wanted to do about it, „have them sacked---sue them---I don‟t know; that‟s why I came to see you bro? That was of course before I realised this type of behaviour was part of being Australian. At the time I had never heard of medical people standing around laughing while their patient lay dying at their feet. Brett didn‟t blink, it was like I‟d come to update my Will. He phoned Glen Cooper and did a bit of nodding and wry smiling then hung-up. He wrote to the South Australian Equal opportunity people, partly to keep it quiet and also he knew that the long drawn out process discouraged most complainants from seeking redress. A few weeks later we were thrown on to the streets by the SA Housing trust without reason; Steve Fisoli waited until I was in jail then tried to evict me. That „cunning‟ demon again, I tried to track him down but the authorities have hidden him so I‟ve sent Stressman after him. Stressman is my Hit-Man He is the distressing spirit that was sent to one king by another, he helped coin the phrase “fall on your sword you useless drop-kick.” Glen Cooper is a just living, example of what Sress-boy can do. I‟ve send him to visit my known and unknown enemies, cool or what. In December nineteen ninety five, Bub and I began protesting on the grounds of at Renmark and Paringa District Hospital. A few days later Josie Nelson from local television station 5a interviewed me. I told her before the interview that my intention was to have the people involved stood down and Bronwyn‟s allegations looked into and that I wanted the world to know how disgracefully Australians treated the Aborigine, the lawful owners of this land. Josie tried to imply that Bronwyn and I weren‟t interested in these things but rather we were like her, chasing the money god; the white fellows human rights god. On June 4 1996 Bub and I were out front of the Berri Magistrates Court protesting when we were approached by several coppers led by Senior Sergeant Kevin Nitsckhe, I knew they going to arrest me because their demons were raging in their faces, it was if they were zombies. “johnwalker you are under arrest for unpaid warrants,” Nitsckhe lied, there were no warrants. One of the coppers grabbed my guitar and said “you won‟t be

needing this were you're going john.” When he opened our car door our dog jumped on Smiths back who pulled out his gun and said “call your dogs off john or I‟ll shoot them.‟ He didn‟t care about the dozen or so people including young children that were watching it was a crazy scene. Two of them grabbed by arms and hair, another my legs then carried me and baby who was silent out of fear and clinging to me in bewilderment to the police cells, where they wrenched baby violently from my arms. Shutting me up was their only concern they then locked me in a cell. I sobbed like a broken man „my baby, my baby lord! Do something! The other prisoners were spinning; the demons of fear and madness were everywhere. „I want see a lawyer.‟ I yelled. “What, where do you think you are john!” They grabbed me and took me to a padded cell where I was ordered to strip naked then they slammed the padded cells door; how humiliating: their speciality. After the Court was closed they came and gave me my cloths, handcuffed me and frog marched me into the Courtroom. The atmosphere in that Court room was electric demons were ragging in every eye one of them said, “John Walker you are charged with threatening to blow up the minister of health‟s office in Hindmarsh square Adelaide.” Talk a bout a stunned mullet. Usually they „charge you‟ before you go to Court. Magistrate Meyer lied when he said I was a dangerous person with nowhere to live and spoke of my daughter as if she were a thing. He further charged me with making threats against him personally and against police officers and members of the general community. He closed with “In view of the recent shootings in Tasmania and the bombings in Oklahoma and in the interests of public safety, upon apprehension he is not to be given bail, Courts adjourned.” I was then returned to a normal cell and a half hour later police officer Hilke Starz repeated Meyer‟s allegation but not the résumé and left. I thought about my baby and her birth, how I held her up and thanked the lord for her; I said, „big job lord; too big for me; it‟s better that you look after her.‟ The best decision I have ever made by a country mile, not good for Nitschke and Meyer though their little act of madness cost them their lives and their families a lot of pain. Later that evening I was taken to the Adelaide Central police station and locked in an observation cell, exhibit a. On my arrival the desk sergeant ranted, “What‟s this we can‟t take him with this!” A scrap of

The Third Aspect
paper that stated I had mental problems. One of the coppers who dropped me off said, “that‟s all they gave us.” there were no charges and no remand warrant. “Get on to them” the sergeant said in an agitated voice. The female police officer who dropped me off phoned the Berri police, and then said to the sergeant, “they are sending the paper work by dispatch tomorrow,” of course they never did. I kept asking about my baby, the sergeant said to me. “What daughter you haven‟t got a daughter john, the doctors coming to certify you.” I didn‟t know whether to laugh or cry so for the next three months I did both. The local newspaper put it like this. “Authorities accused of conspiracy.” “A Paringa man charged with a variety of counts, including threaten life, accused the Renmark and Paringa District Hospital and Riverland police of plotting against him when he faced court in Berri earlier this week. John Walker, 49, was charged with three counts of threatening life, two counts of failing to comply with a bail agreement, resisting police, refusing to give name and address and encouraging a dog to attack. The last count relates to an incident last month when the defendant allegedly set his dog on police outside the Berri Courthouse after they attempted to issue him with a warrant. Walker appeared in court on Tuesday hand-cuffed and seemingly agitated. He was represented by barrister Hugh Rischbieth, but Walker denied that Mr Rischbieth was appearing for him. Walker also denied the charges of threatening life and alleged that the police and Renmark and Paringa District Hospital had made up the allegations against him. Walker has waged a lone campaign against the Renmark and Paringa Distract Hospital for more than two years, claiming he had been treated in a racist manner when he requested medical assistance in December, 1993. He accused the police on Tuesday of taking away his two-year-old daughter; yelling out in Court „what about my Baby‟. As he was taken back to the cells the defendant alleged the authorities had been „taking babies off black people for two hundred years.‟ Mr Walker was remanded in custody to appear in court on August 20 1996.” I spent three months at the ARC without any legal charges or paperwork I have a letter from the Courts Authority stating that in 1996, it was common practice for country Magistrates to hand-write backing sheets, a highly illegal forgery, called forging the court seal or forging an official legal doc like Affidavits and

under the circumstances at least ten in chokee. Chokee is a place where they kill your spirit. I think ten years life maybe life imprisonment; it‟s up there with depravation of liberty and child abuse. Corrupt Commonwealth Human Rights Commissioner Kathleen McEvoy, a former lecture of law at Adelaide University and Crown Solicitor Ann Maclean physically edited the hearing tape and I let them know I was on to them. A few weeks‟ later Chopper Handley an insensitive South Sea Islands thug forced his way into our home traumatised my daughter and arrested me for yet another bomb threat: if I had not of had an alibi I would be doing ten years or life at the happy farm. Earlier that day the police and emergency services evacuated patients from the hospital to make it look authentic. Sergeant Ken Wilkinson was the author of that one and many other false reports. He wrote 10/4 on the bottom of each page of that forged AVO in an effort to fool me into believing it was created on 10/04/1996. Magistrate Frederich forged another back-sheet to accommodate his bullshit; ask George Mancini and Magistrate Liddy, they know all about it. I reckon about twelve years ago, I don‟t reference anymore, I distributed a flier around the town accusing the cops of corruption. Sergeant Jack Campaign and a couple of other coppers came onto my property without permission and started screaming outside my back door, “Come outside John we want to speak to you.” „Where‟s your warrant‟ that enraged them no end, they smashed the back door down dragged me outside whilst two of them held me. Hake Campaign practiced his Karate punches on me.‟ „Yah punch like the girl you are hake!‟ Magistrate Baldino told me to take the thousand bucks and spiss off. I told him he was a thief and to spiss off back to Italy and that the Mafia could do with more brown noses. I made a written complaint to the Legal Practitioners Conduct board about their behaviour, Jonathon Sims one of the boards lawyers wrote to me three times and on each occasion posed as the Lay Observer, John Forbs and forged John‟s signature on each of those three letters. Gail Bartel who works at ABC Radio Adelaide applied to the Court for a restraining order against me; she told the Court that she was the Manager of the Renmark ABC and that she lived in Renmark, „her place of work‟ a blatant lie, so Gail forges another affidavit in an effort to cover those lies. Somehow she cajoled her fellow employee Wendy Pollard

The Third Aspect
JP to witness it however it was not dated, ask her why? Fleur Bainger an ABC rural reporter, now stationed at the ABC Radio in Perth, Western Australia signed an Affidavit accusing me of holding a razor to her face, implying I was going to slash her throat---ask her? Sergeant Wilkinson was the author of that one as well, ask him; local car shark and JP, Phil Rosenthal signed and back-dated Wilkinson‟s fabrication. I fronted Phil at his car yard about it, his demon made his head jerk like a chicken, freaky it was. Phil said to me, “You and your lord can go and get fucked.” In February 2010 I was arrested for breaching O‟Conner‟s outrageous bail conditions. Conditions she had imposed on me before I was released after being bashed in Yatala between October 29 and November five 2009. One of the conditions was that I was not allowed in Renmark, I wanted to watch a cricket match between the land of the long black cloud and the land of the land of the long white on Sky; our local publican called the merchant of misery and death by josh is too stingy to have Sky. So I went to the Renmark hotel watch the game in the lounge room. As usual no one else was in there: all playing pokies the dummies. I often go there to muck around with the baby grand, however this day the Buddha child Ann who works at the front desk at Renmark police station saw me and had me arrested. Ann destroyed a Warrant of Apprehension that was forged by Gavin Dallow and Sergeant Kevin Nitschke. I told her it was a forgery and that I wanted to see the original however they panicked and came up with “a certain time has arrived and we can legally destroy that warrant, in fact we already have” While I was in the ARC I asked Michael Heggarty a lawyer and family stooge to make a bail application to the Supreme Court. However with all the information he had, that wasn‟t going to happen. So I was kept in custody for another three months after which the charges were dropped, yes they just do what they like in South Australia: but not this time. I sent comprehensive documentation to Kevin Rudd with special mention of the treatment of my daughter, he ignored me. I sent similar documentation to Robert McClelland the Minister for Human Rights at the time; he sent my correspondence back with the word „refused‟ written on the envelope. Over the years the old school media, especially Channel Seven seem to be the government fifth columnists. During the Beijing Olympics the media, the Australian government, its people and Satan

were as one as they willed a major catastrophe to befall the Chinese people so they could say the Sydney Games were better. The pot kept calling the kettle black, saying how cruel the Chinese authorities were to their citizens accusing them of putting people in jail on false charges without trial and shit like that. Mocking their construction methods and designs: a more delouse people could never be. The same black cloud that hangs over Australia now hangs over china: must be the same coal? I‟m done talking this is the reader‟s digest version so many violent incidents have been omitted. Well that‟s it folks because there is nothing more I need to tell you. It must be refreshing to read a biography that is not about the subject. Ask my lawyer if you‟ve queries he seems to know everything. At the minute we are just skipping stones down the river and waiting to see what you fellows are going to do next, later.

The Third Aspect


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