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Glossae, scholia et commentarii.

Commenting Texts from Antiquity to the Middle Ages Multicultural Perspective

Eremus Montis Regii (UKSW, Bielany, Warszawa), 6.XII.2013 r.

Institute of Classical Philology and Culture Studies of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University and Department of Medieval Studies and Neolatin Philology invite papers for a conference dedicated to various genres of commentary literature and methods of commenting texts from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. The role of commentary as a basic method of resarch used broadly both in Classical Antiquity and in the Middle Ages still awaits deeper analysis. Despite some international conferences devoted to commentaries and isagogic literature we are far away from the synthesis of the issue. Commentary as a research and didactic method becomes especially interesting in a multicultural perspective: were Buddhist and Arabic texts commented in the same way as it was done by late antique and medieval scholars? This topic is not researched well enough. Especially the extensive medieval commentary literature is waiting for a description in literary terms as well as from the point of view of methodology and history of particular scientific disciplines. Proposals for papers with short abstracts in Polish and English should be submitted by 1st October 2013. We intend to publish submitted papers. Conference fee is 50 PLN.

Conference secretary


Dr Anna Zajchowska

Prof. UKSW dr hab. Mieczysaw Mejor