com DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF KILIMANJARO CAPITAL LTD The August 29, 2013 admission to trading of Kilimanjaro Capital to the Danish GXG Markets Exchange is a monumental triumph for both Kilimanjaro Capital and for the Government of Southern Cameroons. Kilimanjaro Capital is the license holder for the future oil and mineral concessions in an independent Southern Cameroons. The acceptance of their business model by the public markets is a crucial milestone for the freedom struggle in Southern Cameroons. Now progressive investors can directly support self determination and the end to criminal oppression in Southern Cameroons. The Government of Southern Cameroons which will benefit economically by the increased opportunities for exposure and liquidity the GXG Exchange offers pledges to use its royalties to achieve self determination for the people of Southern Cameroons by all legal and non violent means. Even as this hopeful event yields concrete support for our cause, the people of the Bakassi region of Southern Cameroons have now come under the iron boot of President Paul Biya’s regime. A recent massacre of Bakassi indigenes at Efut Obot Ikot by Biya’s gendarmes is but a prelude to the larger ethnic cleansing that is planned to make way for oil exploitation. Addax Petroleum, a subsidiary of Sinopec, which holds the exploration license from the corrupt regime in Yaoundé, stands to profit from the ethnic cleansing in Bakassi. This is not the first time an unethical oil company has tried to profit by genocide and war crimes in Africa. The Government of Southern Cameroons only recognizes the license granted to Kilimanjaro Capital and will take legal measures to contest both the ethics and legitimacy of Addax’s presence in Bakassi. Only the people of Southern

THE GOVERNMENT OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Cameroons have the right to determine their economic self determination, not the government of a foreign oppressor. Dated this 4th of September 2013 in Washington DC:

President GoSC Ebenezer Akwanga

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