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Group Decision Making

Group Decision Making

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Group Decision Making

Group DecisionMaking facilitate the pooling of Large groups
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information about complex tasks. Smaller groups are better suited to coordinating and facilitating the implementation of complex tasks. Simple, routine standardized tasks reduce the requirement that group processes be effective in order for the group to perform well.

Group Decision Making


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Generates more complete information and knowledge. Generates more diverse alternatives. Increases acceptance of a solution. Increases legitimacy of decision.

Time consuming Minority domination Pressures to conform Ambiguous responsibility

Problems in Group Decision Making
When groups are... • Highly cohesive • Insulated from outside input • Dominated by leader ...leading to decisions characterized by... • Limited search for information • Limited analysis of alternatives • Rejection of expert opinions • Few, if any, contingency plans ...that result in... • Decisions of poor quality • Poor group performance • Wasted resources • Lost opportunities

...they often experience GROUPTHINK... • Illusion of invulnerability • Illusion of morality • Illusion of unanimity • Stereotyping of opponents • Rationalization

Groupthink Defined
Groupthink indicates a situation where members complete consensus overrides their motivation to disagree with an argument or critically and realistically evaluate other available alternatives

Symptoms of Groupthink

Illusion of invulnerability  They overestimate their ability to succeed against high odd and they start taking greater risks and ignore obvious danger signals Collective rationalization  When group start taking more time justifying the decision rather than reflecting upon and rethinking past decisions. Belief in inherent morality  When Members have a strong belief that the group is acting good for all. This belief is so strong that the decision taken by the group are not only considered sensible but also morally correct

Symptoms of Groupthink


Its situation where the doubts regarding wisdom of group consensus are internally suppressed. The group members tends to minimize the importance of their own feelings of disagreements.
Everyone might disagree but everyone thinks that everyone else agrees. Means where the team members remain silent rather than expressing his disagreement.

Illusion of unanimity

Quality of Decisions
The quality of group decisions depends on: The manner in which group members attempt to evaluate the validity of opinions and assumptions advanced by fellow members. The manner in which group members attempt to evaluate alternative choices in light of established criteria. The nature of influence exerted by influential members of the group.

Techniques for Making More Creative Group Decisions

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