Management Process & Organization

The Concept of Management:
History of Management Thought : The Classical Approach, The Behavioural Approach, The Systems Approach and The Contingency Approach.

Communication in Organisation:
Process of Communication, Principles of Effective Communication, Barriers to Effective Communication Formal and Informal Channels of Communication; Interpersonal Communication: Styles and Forms.

Process of Motivation: Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, Herzberg’s Motivation Hygiene Theory, ERG Theory and Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, Theories XY and Z.; Job Enrichment, Job Enlargement and Job Rotation as Motivational Tools.

What is Leadership; Distinguishing Management from Leadership; Leadership Theories – Trait Theory, Behaviourial Theory and Contingency / Situational Theory: Hersey Blanchard and Fiedler’s Models; Leadership Styles; Management Grid.

Decisions involved in determining Organisational Structure: Degree of Specializations, Delegation of Authority, Chain of Command, Types of Departmentalization and Span of Control; Mechanical and Organic Models of Organisation; Henry Mintzberg’s Design Configurations; Matrix, Virtual and Boundary less Organisations.

Organisational Structure and Design

Group Dynamics
Meaning, Characteristics, Formation, Types, Group Decision Making, Inter- Group Conflict, Group and Team Effectiveness.

Management By Objective (MBO):
Meaning, Process and Implementation

Performance Evaluation
Meaning Purpose and Process; Overview of Methods of Performance Evaluation.

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