We continue to receive great reports from Word of Life radio concerning the Gospels impact on peoples lives. Recently a family contacted the station that had been listening faithfully and asked Keith Stensaas to come and preach to them. As a result, three accepted Jesus Christ that day.

We never take for granted the safety of the Lord. As we travel from place to place, we ask you to fervently pray for us that the Lord would protect us and keep us safe. We have recently had some scares on the roads but God has watched over us and we are continually grateful for God’s protection.

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Amazing Grace Radio is preaching the Gospel to thousands on this island and many are responding to the message of Jesus Christ. Recently, one of the radio staff opened the mic and preached the simple plan of salvation and several called in to the station to tell them that they received Jesus Christ that day.

In September, Gene Sharp and myself will be traveling back to Uganda to upgrade three stations with new antennas. This will enable these stations to reach out to more people and ensure the longevity of the stations impact for years to come. Then, we are anticipating a November departure for Papua New Guinea where Gene Sharp and myself will be installing several stations for Missionary Brad Wells. As always, we greatly appreciate your faithful prayers and financial support for this ministry and ask God’s richest blessing upon you.

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