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Bhrigraj Oil Preparation

Bhrigraj Oil Preparation

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Published by: shailendra kumar on Jun 20, 2009
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How to Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Some methods to prepare Ayurvedic hair oil have been detailed in couple of previous posts. 'Some ayurvedic home remedies for hair loss and hair growth' explains a simple way to prepare ayurvedic hair oil for premature greying. Also it shows another variation of hair oil for healthy hair growth. Another variation of hair oil using kuppaimeni is useful in preventing hair loss. 'Siddha Remedies for Hair Problems' explains two hair oil preparations that help hair growth for the bald. I will explain below a couple of variations of hair oil that helps luscious hair growth as well as arrests hair fall. 250 gm of fresh leaves of eclipta prostrata (bringraj in Hindi) karisalankanni is ground to a paste and then made to a cake and dried in shade. Once dried, put this cake in coconut oil (500 ml). Regular application of this oil helps hair growth. 250 gm of henna leaves also can be used instead of karisalankanni leaves. For premature greying 1/4 litre lemon juice, 1/4 litre karisalankanni juice, 1/4 litre milk all the three are added to 1 1/2 litre linseed oil and heated to almost boiling level. Remove from fire and allow the oil to cool. Regular application (at least for six months) will help premature greying, as well as good hair growth. Expect some more variations to make 'Ayurvedic hair oil' very soon.

Some Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Curry leaves are ground to a fine paste and then shaped to a solid cake. 500ml coconut oil is heated and when it reaches boiling point, add this cake to the oil. The oil is then let to cool after adding a pinch of camphor. The oil is then stored in a bottle. Regular application of this oil clears premature graying of hair. For baldness of the young (below 18 years) garlic is ground in honey and rubbed in the bald areas frequently (3-4 times a day). Paste of henna leaves 100 ml, cow milk 1 litre, sesame oil 500 ml are mixed and boiled together. Allow this to cool and store in a bottle. Regular application of this oil helps in healthy hair growth. Acalypha Indica (common name Indian copperleaf, or Indian nettle) (kuppaimeni in Tamil) 300 ml, its root and its bark 10 gm each are ground together, mixed in 350 ml coconut oil and boiled and cooled. Application of this on the scalp is an excellent ayurvedic home remedy for hair loss.

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