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English Creole Dictionary

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English Creole Dictionary


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Sources Used Introduction The Creole Alphabet A Guide to Creole Pronunciation Some Useful Creole Words and Phrases Medical Phrases Medical Questionaire Commonly Used Words Days of the Week Months of the Year Telling Time Numbers Colors Words Which Sound & Mean the Same in English & Creole Words Which Sound & Mean the Same in Spanish & Creole Words Which Sound & Mean the Same in French & Creole Creole Grammar English / Creole Dictionary Kreyòl / English Dictionary The Plan of Salvation 4 5 6 9 11 15 16 19 20 20 19 22 23 24 25 25 26 70 207 358


English Creole Dictionary

Sources Used
Bib La – The Haitian Bible Society, Port Au Prince Haiti Haitian Creole Dictionary - Online HTML EnglishCreole dictionary of English words and their Creole equivalents. http://www.kreyol.com/dictionary/dictionary.html Creole-English Glossary - Word list with Haitian Creole words and their English counterparts.

LeCorde’s English-Kreyol Dictionary - Word list of English words & their equivalents in Haitian Creole.

LeCorde’s Creole Grammar

Examples of sentences in Creole by Marc-Charles Nicolas A Learner's Dictionary of Haitian Creole by Albert Valdman, Indiana University Creole Institute, 1996 Creole Made Easy by H. Ormonde McConnell in 1945 and revised and edited by Wally Turnbull 2000. Ann pale kreyòl An Introductory Course in Haitian Creole - Albert Valdman, Indiana University Creole Institute, 1988. Haitians— Their History And Culture

English Creole Dictionary


This book is designed to be used by the English speaker to learn the basics of Haitian Creole. Included are a section on the Creole alphabet with a pronunciation guide, the basic elements of Creole grammar and some commonly used words and phrases. The lexicon of Haitian Creole is derived primarily (90%) from French. This word-base, however, has been enriched with borrowings from other languages with which Haitian Creole speakers historically had contact. The last few pages of the book contain the Plan of Salvation with scripture reference. Since Creole is a phonetic language, the English speaker can learn to read the Creole with a bit of practice, and although they may not understand what they are reading, the Haitian Creole listener will understand. Corrections, suggestions and additions should be directed to John Rigdon (Jrigdon@researchonline.net).


English Creole Dictionary

Alfabè Kreyòl la The Creole Alphabet
letter name a an b ch d e en è f g i j k l m n o ah ah-en bee seeahsh dee ay ay en sound a as in hat

ong (but don't long (without the g) say the g) b ch d ay same as English machine same as English day

ang (but don't clang (without the g) say the g) get same as English always like in go machine leizure same as English same as English same as English same as English hot f g i zh k l m n o

ay grav e ehf gay ee zhee ka ell em en o

English Creole Dictionary


ò on ou p

ograv owen oo pee

aw o ou p

saw home (saying the m through your nose) you same as English say Randy and place a hard H sound before the r; the sound when made correctly sounds a lot like "w". same as English same as English same as English same as English like in yes except at the end a word where it's like the ee y in "see ya!" with the a cut short. same as English


ah-wah n/a

s t v w

ess tah va

s t v

doob va w



y, ee y




Stress is on the last syllable. Haitian Creole only lacks the /th/ sounds in "thick" and "the," the /i/ sound in "pin," the /a/ sound in "hat," and the /r/

g." It contains. HC diri bebe bèbè benyen papa manman moumou bobo bòzò bonbon uit wi Ayiti English see mate get hot Food photo ought Win you /i/ /e/ /e/ /e / /a/ /ã/ /u/ /o/ /ç/ /õ/ / wi / /w/ /y/ . nasals) that do not exist in English.. The written equivalent for each sound is in bold.e.. The following list contains a phonemic description and examples in Creole and English where appropriate. great effort was made to make the sound-symbol correspondence consistent for ease in the acquisition of literacy skills. other sounds (e. letter or group of letters). each sound is consistently represented by the same written symbol (i. In the recent standardization of Creole orthography.8 English Creole Dictionary sound in "row. In other words. Vowels Haitian Creole has ten vowels and three semivowels. however.

most of the sounds are French. Each letter is pronounced. and this standard will be maintained in this publication. The following is a pronunciation guide using this standard. Therefore. which are pronounced . Creole has only been recognized as the official language of Haiti in the last few years. there are many different ways in which the Haitians write and spell Creole words. ch-share chache-to look for o-claw fo-strong e-aim ede-to aid. help ou-you ou-you e-leg mesi-thank you r-(not rolled) respire-to breathe g-go gen-to have I-see isit-here s-(always s) prese-in a hurry j-(avoid the d sound) jou-day y-yes pye-foot o-toe zo-bone There are nasal sounds in Creole just as there are nasal sounds in French. and each word is spelled as it is pronounced. There is an official standard that has been set.English Creole Dictionary 9 A Guide to Creole Pronunciation Creole is written phonetically.

there is no nasal sound. then the "n" or "m" is pronounced separately." the nasal sound is pronounced. but without the "n" itself pronounced (a rare exception to the general pronunciation rule of pronouncing every letter). If an accent is placed over the vowel. or "m. The letter s is used for the soft sound. In never indicates a nasal sound. When a nasal sound is followed by another "n".10 English Creole Dictionary partially through the nose. The letter k is used for the hard sound. Some English equivalents which come close to the nasal sounds are as follows: an-alms dan-tooth en-chopin pen-bread on-don't bon-good A. . C. B. The letter c is only used in the ch combination.

Want is followed by a that clause: *He wants that you leave now. A dependent clause with a noun subject uses V-S order: *I knew what would decide the committee. days.English Creole Dictionary 11 Differences in sentence structure in English and Haitian . and months. . languages. 45e. . Relative pronouns make no distinction between human and nonhuman: *The girls which . . Nouns and pronouns • • Some uncountable nouns in English are countable and plural in French: *furnitures. 46a. luggages. 61c. The written language • No capital letters for nationalities. 34b. Uses a clause structure where English uses -ing form: *He savored the sight of the flowers that blew gently in the wind. &c. Sentence structure and word order • • • • An adverb can occur between verb and object: *I like very much clam chowder. 53. hairs. 34b.

Articles . and does not change the verb to indicate past tense. no endings are added to indicate possessive nouns (ës). 63e. 41e. Haitian Creole does not distinguish past tense and past perfect. 45f. Verbs and verbals • • • • • • No ending on third person singular verb (-s) in French or Creole. 38c. 41f. 43. No distinction is made between She eats and She is eating. and final -s is not pronounced. Has no equivalent of gerund (-ing form). In both French and Creole. 44h. 41f. 61a. 61d. uses infinitive instead: *She asked me about to work on the weekend. Forms of be are often omitted. 41c. The present perfect form is used in French for simple past time: *He has left yesterday.12 • English Creole Dictionary • Reflexive pronouns have the same form as personal object pronouns for the first and second persons: *I taught me to ski. Adjectives and adverbs • French often uses and between two adjectives: *A big and square box. 48. particularly in Haitian Creole. French has no present progressive form.

In Haitian Creole. 60f.English Creole Dictionary • 13 • • In French. 60c.hmco. definite article is used with singular or uncountable noun to state a generalization: *The photography is an art.html . no article is used for a generalization with a singular noun: *Bird can fly. 60e. No article is used with a profession: *She is lawyer. Source: http://college.com/english/raimes/keys_writers/2e/st udents/eslcentr/french. 60c.

how are you today? = Bonjou. I am a student = Mwen se yon etidyan. Good day.) Bon aprè midi. Hello = Alo Good bye = O revwa How are you? = Koman ou ye? Hello.M. Mèsi.) (M' byen (NOTE: sounds like Spanish mui bien)) Commonly Used Sentences How do you say love? Kijan ou di "love" an kreyol? I live in Port-au-Prince = Map viv Port-au-Prince or Mwen abite Port-au-Prince.14 English Creole Dictionary SOME USEFUL CREOLE WORDS & PHRASES Greetings Good morning (Good day) = Bonjou. Good night =Bon swa. I go to school in Port-au-Prince = Mwen lekol Port-auPrince. Good afternoon = bonswa (used after 11:00 A. I speak a little Creole = Mwen palè on ti kal Kreyol. thanks = Mwen pa pli mal (Gras a Dye . Ki jan ou ye jodia? I am fine. Bonjou. . Sir. Mesy è.

= Mon vlè yon bwèson It is important = Se trè impotan It is raining.. John speaking (on the phone) = Se Jan (nan telefonn nan) My name is John = Yo rele mwen Jan. = Mwen ta renmen pran yon ti. Non mwen sè Jan.... I don't understand it = Mwen pa konpran sa I don't understand = Mwen pa konpran I understand (now) = Mwen konprann (konye-a) I want a drink. = Mwen ta renmen I would like some . = Mon swaf. see you later. Let me see! Oke.. I am tired = Mwen Fatiguè I am hungry = Mwen grangou I am not hungry = Mwen gen grangou....English Creole Dictionary 15 I would like some tea. I would like to buy a .. = Mwne ta bwè yon ti tè.. n'a wè pita Ban m wè! Thanks a lot! Mèsi anpil! . Fode mwen alè... I am thirsty. = Mwen ta renmen achtè . M'a ba ou di goud. I have to go = Fok mwen alè. OK. = Li fè cho jòdi a. Mon pa grangou.. I would like a . = Lapli ap tonbè... M' rele Jan. It is very hot today. I'll give you ten gourdes .

.. Which country are you from? Nan ki peyi on soti? Nan ki peyi ou fèt? Who are you? Ki mou'n ou ye? Ki mou'n sa? Who is that? = Ki yès sa? What is your job? = Nan ki sa wap travay? What are you studying? = Ki sa wap etidye ? What is wrong? = Ki problem ou? Ki sa ou genyen? . = Jodi a sè yon bèl jou.16 English Creole Dictionary Today is a beautiful day. Questions How much is it? = Kombyen li ye? How much does that cost? = Kombye kob sa koutè ? How old are you? = Ki laj Ou? What do you want? = Ki sa ou vlè? What is this? = Ki sa sa ye? What is that? = Sa sa ye ? What is your name? = Koman yo rele ou? Kijan ou rele? Ki non ou? Where can I find a church? = Ki kote ki mwen ka jwen'n yon lègliz? Where is .? = Ki kote ? Where is it? = Ki kote li ye? Where are you from? = Mou'n Ki kote ou se? Ki kote ou soti? Mou'n ki bo ou ye?.

ma'am. ti dam.English Creole Dictionary 17 Do you speak Creole? = Ou pale creole? Ou kon n parle creole? What time is it? = ki lè li ye la? Who is it? (on the phone) = Ki yes sa ? Hello. What are you doing? Did you have a good day? What happened? What did you do? How do you feel? Se pitit-ou? Ki jan li rele? Li rele _______. Ki sa ou ap fè? Ou pase bon jounen? Sa k' pase konsa? Ki sa nou fè? Ki jan ou santi ou? How much will that cost me? Konben sa ap koute m? What do you want? What brings you here? What do you mean? Where's everybody? Ki sa ou ap pran? Sa k' mennen ou isit? Kouman? Kote moun yo? . Ki jan ou ye? Is that your child? What's his name? His name is _______. How are you? = Bonjou.

You have AIDS. Mwen malad. Mwen bezwen yon bagay pi blese sa a Ou gen SIDA. I'm sick. I'm not too well. Tout ko mwen cho. My whole body is hot. I feel nauseated. Te gen yon aksidan. Mwen pa two byen. We need bandages/cotton. . Mwen gen djare. Where is the hospital? Where does it hurt you? She's pregnant. Kote Iopital Ia Kote Ii ou fe mal? Li ansent. Nou bezwen pansman/koton. Mwen toudi. I need something for this cut. I'm dizzy. Nou bezwen yon dokte/yon mis touswit. Mwen pa ka manje/domi.18 English Creole Dictionary Commonly Used phrases a long time . There was an accident. I cannot eat/sleep. I have diarrhea. Mwen anvi vonmi.lon tan once upon a time – yon fwa every now and then – yon lè konsa Medical Phrases We need a doctor/a nurse right now.

English Creole Dictionary 19 Can you help us please? What's the matter? What must we do? Eske ou ka ede nou. souple? Sa k'genyen? Kisa pi nou fe? .

20 English Creole Dictionary Medical Questionaire Patient Report To Use When Sending For Medical Help What is the name of the sick person? Age Male Female Where is he (she)? What is the main sickness or problem right now? When did it begin? How did it begin? Has the person had the same problem before? When? Is there fever? How high? When and for how long? Is there Pain? Where? What kind? What is wrong or different from normal in any of the following? Skin: Rapò Sou Maladi A Pou nou voye lè nap voye chache konkou doktè Non moun malad la? Laj li Gason Fanm Kote li ye? Ki pwoblèm li osinon ki maladi lap soufri koulye a? Ki le sa kourmanse? Ki jan li koumanse? Moun lan te gen pwoblèm sa a anvan? Ki lè? Li gen lafyèv? Ki wotè lafyèv la? Ki lè lafyèv la pran l? Pou konbe tan? Li gen doulè? Ki kote? Ki jan doulè a pran l? Ki sa ki pa nòman nan kòli: Po: .

English Creole Dictionary 21 Ears: Eyes: Mouth and throat: Genitals: Urine: Much or little? Color? Trouble urinating? Describe: Times in 24 hours: Times at night: Stools: Color? Blood or mucus? Diarrhea? Number of times a day: Cramps? Dehydration? Mild or severe? Worms? What kind? Breathing: Breaths per minute: Deep. shallow. or normal? Zòrèy: Je: Bouch ak gòj: Pati li: Pipl: anpil osinon piti? Ki koulè? Li gen pwoblèm pou fè pipi? Bay detay: Konbe fwa li pipi nan vennkatrè? Konbe fwa lanwit? Poupou: Ki koulè Ak san osinon glè ladan l? Li gen dyare? Konbe fwa li watè nan you jounen? Li gen lakranp? kolik? Li pèdi anpil dlo? Vè? Ki kalite? Souf (respirasyon li): konbe fwa li pran souf nan you minit? Souf la kout? li gwo? li nomal. .

hives (or bumps) with itching.22 English Creole Dictionary Difficulty breathing (describe): Cough (describe): Wheezing? Mucus? With blood? Does the person have any of the signs of dangerous illness? Which? (give details) Other signs: Is the person taking medicine? What? Has the person ever used medicine that has caused a rash. or other allergic reactions? What? The state of the sick person is: Not very serious: Serious: Very serious: Li gen pwoblèm pou li pran souf? (bay detay) Lap touse? (detay) Li gen ral nan lestonmak li? Flenm? Avèk san? Èske moun nam bay youn nan siy maladi grav sa yo? Kilès siy? (bay detay) Lòt siy li bay? Èske moun lan ap pran renmèd? Kin renmèd sa ye? Èske gen renmèd moun lan janm pran ki ba li bousòl ak gratèl osinon lòt reyaksyon alèji? Ki reyaksyon sa yo? Eta malad la: Pa twò grav: Grav Grav anpil .

English Creole Dictionary 23 Commonly Used Words airplane avyon bathroom watè bed kabann Bible Labib breakfast ti dejene brother frè building kay car machin carpenter chapant child/children timoun / pitit church legliz / tanp concrete beton customs lodwann farmer kiltivatè floor atè food / eat mange God Bondye good afternoon bonswa good bye babay good morning bonjou good night bon nui(t) hammer mato helper ede high school secondè hotel otèl house lakay Jesus Christ Jezikri Jesus Jezi / Jezu lumber planch man gason Methodist Mèthodiste milk tire money kòb / lajan mosquito maryengwen nail klou paint penti please tanpri / souple police lapolis prayer priye roof do kay school lekòl sister sè song chante store magazen team ekip thank you mèsi United States Zetazini walk mache wall mi wheelbarrow bourèt woman fi .

.24 English Creole Dictionary Days of the Week Months of the Year Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday dimanch lendi madi Mekredi (mèkrèdi) Jedi (jèdi) Vandredi (vandrèdi) Samdi (sanmdi) Maten an January February March April May June July janvyè Fevriyè mas avril mè jen jwiyè this August dawout or morning out this Apremidi a September sèptanm afernoon Today Jodia October òktòb tomorrow demen November novanm yesterday ye December dèsanm Days and Months are not capitalized in Creole. Ki lè li fèmen? = What time does it close? Li fèmen a deè. = It's 1:00. = It closes at 2:00. Telling Time Ki lè li ye? = What time is it? Li inè.

for (time). during. until. as far as til.English Creole Dictionary 25 1:00 = inè 2:00 = dezè 3:00 = twazè 4:00 = katrè 11:00 = onzè maten = morning dimaten = in the morning midi=noon a midi = at noon aprèmidi = aftrenoon nan aprèmidi = in the afternoon Prepositions of Time Kreyol a apre bò dè depi jouk juiska jus pandan vè at. from… on since (time). as far as during. in after at. up to. up to. until. up to. on. by. on. as far as til. for (time) About. in as early as. around English avan/anvan before . from til. by. until.

26 English Creole Dictionary Numbers zero en or yonn dè twa kat senk sis sèt yuit nèf dis onz douz trèz katoz kenz sez disèt dizwit diznèf ven trant karant senkant swasant swasant dis 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 30 40 50 60 70 .

English Creole Dictionary 27 katreven katreven dis san 80 90 100 Colors wouj nwa vè oranj woz jòn blè vyòlet maron blan gri red black green orange pink yellow blue purple brown white grey .

lon tan adapt .kidnape abound .Abdike – abdiquez (fr) abduct .opòtinite optimist .abonde a long time .adapte adapter . rather than pronouncing as English words.opinyon opportunity .adaptè automatic transmission .òdinè. Thus abandon should be pronounced ah-ban’-doh-naa. banal problem – pwoblèm vision .ensite Isaiah – Ezayi operation .trasmisyon otomatik incite .28 English Creole Dictionary Words Which Sound and Mean the Same in English and Creole When pronouncing these words you should use the Creole pronunciation guides. abandon – abandone abase .operasyon opinion .vizyon .optimis option – opsyon ordinary . ~diminye (to lower physical) abdicate .abese (to lower in rank-office-prestige).

female – femèl violence . er kondisyone .viyolans air conditioner klimatizè.

abase valiz .(be) present - Words Which Sound and Mean the Same in French and Creole Abdike – abdiquez .Yes Wouj – rouge – red .valiz –valise .abdicate Abase – abaissez .suitcase wi – oui .30 English Creole Dictionary Words Which Sound and Mean the Same in Spanish and Creole M’bien – mui bien – very good Prezante – presante .

To expression possession or "of the".yo .ou they . kay Jan. you place the thing possessed in front of the possessor. / the dog of the man Pronouns The personal pronouns in Creole are as follows: I . nor does it use "of".English Creole Dictionary 31 Creole Grammar Nouns Nouns have no gender Plurals for plural place the plural article yo after the noun.mwen/mon you(singular) ou he/she/it . the man's dog. bèf = cow bèf yo = (the) cows Possession Kreyol doesn't use 's to show possession. chen moun nan. Jean's house.i or li we .nou you(plural) .

When the pronoun is placed after a noun. When it follows a verb.g. The possessive pronoun for he/she/it is 'li' and its contracted form is y or'l' which follows nouns ending in a vowel (e. When the pronoun precedes a verb. For the subject of a verb.32 English Creole Dictionary Possessive pronouns are the same as personal pronouns except he/she/it follows the noun (e. For the subject of an adjective or linking verb. lavi'l. place. or thing. it is the direct object. it is the subject. manman'w).g. When two pronouns follow a verb. lavi'y). liv li. . In the case of 'ou' (you) the possessive pronoun is contracted when it follows a noun ending in a vowel (e. liv mwen). For the object of the verb. use the full form. place the full form after the verb (except for mwen which is at times abbreviated ) Impersonal Pronoun In saying where the word IT does not refer to a person. the first is the indirect object and the second is the direct object. you usually use the abbreviated form. it is the possessive adjective. you use LI.g.

Identifying Pronouns Use tèl for such and menm for very/same. mwen pa kwe li. Mwen gen yon kado pou tèt mwen. It is raining. are used after a preposition.English Creole Dictionary 33 Li fè lapli. Mwen menm. mwen menm.= I.= I have a gift for myself. yourself. you would add menm after the pronoun. Compound Pronouns To make constructions such as I myself. you use tèt instead of menm. myself. don't believe it. If myself. etc. Kreyol yon tèl moun menm bagay English such a person very/same thing Indefinite Pronouns .

many a few.34 English Creole Dictionary Kreyol anpil tout plizyè kèk enpe ase sèlman okenn nenpòt pèsonn chak sèl youn English many. much all. everyone several. few enough only no (one) any (one) nobody each (one) only one one . some a little.

The distinction of sex may be shown by: Different words: konpè/makoumè godfather/godmother kòk/poul cock/hen . male and female. Gender In Creole there are two genders. which may be applied to nouns when denoting sex. that) is ki.English Creole Dictionary 35 Kreyol anyen okenn moun nenpòt kimoun youn moun okenn bagay okenn moun Relative Pronoun English nothing nobody anyone someone nothing no one The relative pronoun (who. which.

manman is used instead of femèl.36 English Creole Dictionary frè/sè brother/sister mari/madan'm or husband/wife By use of compound words: mal kabrit/femel kabrit he goat/she goat Note: When showing a female has had young. especially when the feminine has no clear form: yon manman bèf a mother cow Gender may also be shown by derivation: kouzen/kouzi'n male cousin/female cousin nèg/nègès negro/negress .

English Creole Dictionary 37 Articles: Definite Article: Creole has a definite article 'la' with a contracted form 'a'. The sun has set. which is translated as the English 'the' and hyphenated. Sòlèy kouchè. 1. You may have noticed that the phrase is not always followed by -la. the English definite article 'the' is not always translated by Creole 'la' e. The definite article changes slightly in singular depending on what letter precedes it. after any consonant except n or m consonant add la lèt = letter youn lèt = a letter lèt la = the letter lèt yo = the letters . La is placed for the. follows the noun e. Or soley la couche. The definite article. = The child is sleeping. The contracted form is used with nouns ending in a vowel. I ap lavè asyèt-la. Timou n nan a ap dòmi. The sun has set.g. often it is put after the word instead of before. = He is washing the plate. However.g.

Otherwise. The plural version (SOME) is kèk. after words ending in m. = You take the steet. ng la becomes nan chanm = room youn chanm = a room chanm nan = the room chanm yo = the rooms 3. nm. Genyen on larivyè bo kay-la. you must use la. M pran ri la? = I take the street? Indefinite Article: The indefinite article (A. after words ending in -n la becomes an chen = dog chen an = the dog youn chen = a dog chen yo = the dogs When referring to a previously mentioned noun.38 English Creole Dictionary 2. gn. Ou pran ri a.AN) is yon or youn and they are placed before the noun. use yon. Youn is used with one syllable words which end in oun themselves. nn. after vowels la becomes a ri = street youn ri = a street ri a = the street ri yo = the streets 4. There is a river close to the house .

. Comparison Use tro for too (much). .English Creole Dictionary 39 examples. For the superlative (most) place anpil after the adjective. For the comparative (more) place pi/plis in front of the adjective. = We are sick. yon chen kèk chen yon ri kèk ri youn moun kèk moun Adjectives a dog some dogs a street some streets a man some men Adjectives require no verb and are translated as "to be.." malad = sick M malad.. = I am sick.. For emphasis (very) place anpil anpilafter the adjective. Nou malad.

.. more.. Se is not needed if there is a noun and an adjective.. Li bon anpil anpil. Li brav tankou youn chat = He's as brave as a cat. as pi . Ye is used for emphasis. = He is older than his brother. . Other tenses are made by adding verbal particles. Verbs The base verb is used as infinitive.. as imperative... Li mwen bèl pase se li. pase mwen .as not as.40 English Creole Dictionary Li gran = He is big. as simple present and simple past with time being learned from context. Li pi bon = He is bigger..... To Be The linking verbs se / ye connects two nouns in a "to be" statement. than less ..= He is biggest...... Li bon anpil. pase Tankou pa.. than as. = He is less pretty than his sister. tankou Li pi vye pase frè li....=He is very big.

Present m pale ou pale li pale Present Progressive m ap pale w ap pale l ap pale Past m pale ou pale I spoke you spoke nou pale we spoke I am speaking you are speaking he is speaking y ap pale they are speaking nou ap pale we are speaking I speak you speak he speaks yo pale they speak nou pale we speak to speak . speak.English Creole Dictionary 41 Verb Conjugation Infinitive Pale Imperative Speak! Pale! Let's speak! Annou pale! Let me Kitè m pale.

42 English Creole Dictionary li pale Past Progressive mwen tap pale ou tap pale li tap pale Future m a pale w a pale l a pale Future with ale m pral pale he spoke yo pale they spoke I was speaking you were speaking he was speaking I will speak you will speak nou tap pale we were speaking yo tap pale they were speaking we will speak nou a pale he will speak y a pale they will speak I am going to nou pral speak pale we are going to speak you are ou pral pale going to speak li pral pale he is going to yo pral speak pale they are going to speak .

English Creole Dictionary 43 Perfect m te pale ou te pale li te pale Conditional mwen ta pale ou ta pale li ta pale Past Conditional mwen ta ka I would be nou ta ka pale able to speak pale ou ta ka pale li ta ka pale you would be able to speak he would be yo ta ka able to speak pale they would be able to speak we would be able to would speak I would speak you would speak he would speak yo ta pale they would speak nou ta pale we would speak I have spoken you have spoken he has spoken yo te pale they have spoken nou te pale we have spoken .

44 English Creole Dictionary Conditional Plurperfect I would have mwen te ka nou te ka been able to pale pale speak ou te ka pale you would have been able to speak they would have been able to speak we used to speak we were speaking we would have been able to would speak he would yo te ka li te ka pale have been pale able to speak Imperfect I used to speak I was speaking nou kon pale m kon pale you used to speak ou kon pale you were speaking he used to speak he was speaking they used to speak yo kon pale they were speaking Li kon pale .

. Men yo = Here they are. in Kreyol. ra = rare raman = rarely konplèt = whole konplètman = wholly Special Adverbs Men means "Here is/are". You can also make adverbs from adjectives. Hopefully. It is usually shortened to gen except when the last word in the sentence. by adding -man (like the English -ly) to the adjective. Men matant ou ap vini. Gen dlo nan canari-a. Genyen means "There is/are".= here is a shirt I bought for you. for faithfully you would use with faith: avèk/ak fidelite. M a voye w youn mesaj ak lespwa ke ou resevwa l. = There is water in the jar. =I will send you a message. For example. you will receive it.English Creole Dictionary 45 Adverbs Generally. Men yon chemiz m achte pou ou. = Here comes your aunt. to make an adverb you would use avèk/ak(with) with the noun form of the adjective.

46 English Creole Dictionary Gen mango nan panye-a. altogether very Prepositions . simply surely as already. quite. really when (French) as when bad during. Kreyol alè anlè atè byen kan kòm lè mal pandan sèlman senpleman sètèman tankou tou trè English on time above. = There are mangoes in the basket. up above on the ground well. while only merely.

beneath. for (time). in front of English on. during. by. until. as far as til. up to. Prepositions of Time Kreyol a apre bò dè depi jouk juiska jus pandan vè English at. on. on the top of. below inside. in after at. up to. until. up to. from til. by. for (time) about. until. as far as during. within opposite. from… on since (time). in as early as. within under. above . on. over.English Creole Dictionary 47 Below are lists of some of the common prepositions in Kreyol. as far as til. around avan/anvan before Prepositions of Place Kreyol an / nan an dedan anba andann anfas inside.

under. near by on. from. after except **** English . out of among. in round. from. in front of Prepositions of Manner/Cause Kreyol avèk/avè/ak deyò eksepte grasa with behind. through. near by. inside. from .48 English Creole Dictionary antravè bò devan dèyè deyò kote/ bò kote ladan lwen nan pami pre sou toutotou vizavi across close to . above. all around opposite. under. next to. toward in. after outside beside. of far from into. within. amid close to . over. off. toward. beside before. compared with behind. about. upon. by. about.

men omwen osi oubyen oubyen…oubyen and so. as soon as. so or either… or English . and.. as but both.. neither… nor not only… but atleast therefore.English Creole Dictionary 49 kont malgre men/me pami poutèt san sòf against although. then. dispite but among perhaps without save.. except Coordinating Conjunctions Kreyol avèk/ak donk epi konsa men ni. then and. then so.ni non sèlman.

how. provided as. men ankò not only… but also pase tou for. so much as… so till. so Subordinating Conjunctions Kreyol amwens apre avan/anvan depi jan jan.. since therefore. when when although even if while English . as though as. until when as as if.50 English Creole Dictionary pa sèlman.konsa jouk/jis kan kòm kòmsi kou/kon lè malgre menmsi pandan unless after before since (time). so.

instead of instead of because so that.English Creole Dictionary 51 pase pase pou paske pou poutèt san si sòf si tankou Interjections Kreyol alo anmwe kisa lapè no o pe la silans way for. in order to because without if. whether unless as English hello help what peace no oh quiet quiet good grief banm zòrèy shut up .

Kikote yo ye? = Where are they? B. Yo nan marchè. A. 2. To be sentences with se. = John is a gardener. = That is good. = They are at the market.) John se youn jadinye. Mwen las. In this sentence. predicate is non-inherent adjective/noun 4.. = It's a car. In interrogative sentences. you may still use the verb particles even though the verb is understood (or missing). subject is sa (that) Sa se bon. add yè to the end. To be sentence without the subject noun.52 English Creole Dictionary Types of Sentences. Use se if 1.. predicate is a noun (it is a . Se youn machin. 3. To be sentences with a noun and verbal adjective. emphatic statements with ye Se ayisyen m ye = I am haitian move predicate to second position with subject in third and add ye C. . = I am tired.

a predicate containing an intransitive verb. and. subject + predicate 3. Contains a noun phrase subject. for. sometimes. = He showed it to them.verb .( or the book to the children). = He showed the children the book. M gen tan pou fè bagay la. I have time to do this thing.. ala + predicate.= He showed them the book. Ou a wè youn gro bato. = They gave me a lot of money... Li vini jodi a. Anita ap desann Pòtoprens. These follow the "subject . se + predicate.English Creole Dictionary 53 D.) . = You will see a big boat. (pou = for to. Li montre yo li. E. Transitive/ Intransitive sentence. For emphasis 1. = He came today. Li montre timoun yo liv la. Li montre yo liv la. repeat phrase 2.Do) Phrases Use pou.indirect object direct object" format. = Anita is going down to Port-au-Prince. subject + predicate For To (. one or more adverbials. Transitive sentences. Yo te ban m anpil lajan.

should/must place fò at beginning of sentence Fò ou ale. = He told him that he's going. Recently Completed Action fek. pou. you the same format and sa in place of ke Li di l sak l konnen. = If I had known that. I would not have done it. For (that) relative make two sentences or add ke between the sentences Li di l ke l prale.54 English Creole Dictionary Necessity Use pou or fo. should Kikote li ale? = Where did he go? Kikote pou li ale? =Where should he go? fò. just M fek manje=I have just eaten . = He said what he knows If/Then Statements In if/then statements the if part uses te the then part uses ta Si mwen te konnen sa. = You have to go. For the meaning "that which"or "what". mwen pa ta fè l. Relative Sentences.

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Habitual or Reoccuring Action konn, know Lapli konn tonbe. = It usually starts rainig. Le samdi li te konn manje nan restoran. = On Saturday, he used to eat in a restaurant. Ability Use kapab or kap (to be able) Preference Use pito. M pito dlo. = I prefer water. Temporal subordination Le w a vini, m av ap travay. = When you come, I'll be working. Pandan ou te dòmi, m te travay.= While you slept, I worked. Negative To make a statement negative place pa before the verb. pa pa janm not never

pa ____ anyen not ____ anything (nothing) pa ____ pèsonn not ____ anybody (nobody) pèkè not yet ( doesn't use pa)

M wè youn moun. = I see a man.


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M pa wè youn moun. = I don't see a man. M pa janm wè moun yo. = I never see men. M pa wè anyen.= I don't see anything. M pa wè pèsonn. = I don't see anyone. M pèkè wè youn moun. = I don't see a man yet. Questions? To make a question without the use of question words, place apa (aren't/ isn't) eske (is it that) before statement makes a question. Ou rele Paul. = Your name is Paul. Apa ou rele Pal? = Is your name Paul? Eske ou rele Pal? = Is your name Paul? Here are the question words. kimoun kikote kilè kisa kijan kilès kidonk kibè sa, sak Who where when what how which, who whence where what

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Bonjou! - Good morning! Bonswa! - Good afternoon!/Evening! (used after 11 AM) Komon ou ye? - How are you? N'ap boule! (most common greeting and response) Good! Wi - Yes yo - they, them Non - No Mesi - Thanks Anmwe! - Help! Non, mesi - No, thanks Souple - Please Merite - You're welcome Pa gen pwoblem - No problem Oke - OK Eskize mwen - Excuse me

Mwen regret sa - I'm sorry Gen... - There is/are... Pa genyen! - There is/are not any! Mwen pa genyen! - I don't have any! Sekonsa! - That's right! Piti piti - A little bit Anpil - A lot Gen anpil... - There are a lot of... Isit - Here


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La - There Tout bagay anfom? - Is everything OK? Pa kounye-a - Not now Toupatou - Everywhere Anyen - Nothing Preske - Almost Atansyon! - Attention!/Watch out! Prese prese! - Hurry! Dife! - Fire! Rete! - Stop! Kounye-a - Now Nou ap chache... - We are looking for... Souple, ban mwen... - Please give me... Separe sa ant nou - Divide this among you Aswe a - This evening Ou byen? - You OK? Mwen grangou - I'm hungry Mwen swaf anpil - I'm very thirsty Nou ta vle manje - We would like to eat Konben - How much?/How many? Poukisa? - Why? Kote? - Where? Kisa? - What? Kile? - When? Ki moun? - Who? Kijan? - How? Kiles? - Which? Eske gen...? - Is/Are there...? Eske ou gen...? - Do you have...?

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Kote nou ka achte...? - Where can we buy...? Eske ou ka di mwen...? - Can you tell me...? montre - show ban - give Ki moun ki Ia? - Who is there? Kisa ou vIe? - What do you want? Kisa ou ta vIa? - What would you like? Kisa ou ap fe Ia? - What are you doing there? Kisa sa a ye? - What is that? Eske ou te we...? - Have you seen...? Eske ou pale angle/franse? - Do you speak English/French? Ki moun isit ki pale angle? - Who speaks English here? Ou konprann? - You understand? Kij an yo rele sa an kreyol? - What do they call that inCreole? Kij an yo di...an kreyol? - How do they say... in Creole? Kisa ou bezwen? - What do you need? Kisa ki rive ou? - What happened to you? Ki kote li ale? - Where did he go? Kilaj ou? - How old are you? Kote ou rete? - Where do you live? Eske ou gen petit? - Do you have any children? Kote nou ye? - Where are we? genyen - to have chita - to sit manje - to eat rete - to stop


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kouri - to run kouche - to lie down vini - to come ale/prale - to go ban - to give rete trankil - to be quiet pran - to get, receive leve - to get up sede - to give up touye - to kill frape - to hit kache - to hide konnen - to know manti - to lie (not truth) gade - to look koupe - to cut kwit-manje, fe-manje - to cook fimen - to smoke atake - to attack ban pemi - to authorize kri - to shout, yell, scream achte - to buy fe-apel - to call, name netwaye - to clean femen - to close fose - to coerce, force fini - to finish obeyi - to obey fe - konfyans - to trust console - to comfort

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pati - to leave, depart mouri - to die fe-desen - to draw, sketch bwe - to drink tonbe - to drop, fall mete abo - embark, load, board atoure - to surround ranfose - to enforce ou - you, your mwen - I, me, my, mine nou - us, our, you (plural) Ii - him, her, his, hers at all - du tou in the afternoon - d laprèmidi this afternoon - sètaprèmidi a bunch - pann a lot - yon dividal Vowels Haitian Creole has ten vowels and three semivowels. The following list contains a phonemic description and examples in Creole and English where appropriate. In the recent standardization of Creole orthography, great effort was made to make the sound-symbol correspondence consistent for ease in the acquisition of literacy skills. In other words, each sound is consistently represented by the same written symbol (i.e., letter or group of letters).

Consonants There are seventeen consonant sounds in Haitian Creole.62 English Creole Dictionary The written equivalent for each sound is noted in bold letters. Common variants are marked (*). /p/ /b/ /f/ / v/ /m/ /t/ /d/ /s/ /z/ / n /* /l/ / r /* / j /* /s/ /k/ /g/ / h /* HC pè (father) tab (table) fi (daughter) vwa (voice) moun (someone) tab (table) dlo (water) soley (sun) zo (bone) nò (north) lènn (wool) mari (husband) janm (never) chèn (dog) lakay (home) gras (thanks) hadi English pen bowl five vet mat toast date soul zipper now life rat agile Chicago cat gargoyl e hand . For many of the sounds described there may be variants.

In other cases it is pronounced as a velar[F].English Creole Dictionary 63 */n/ in final position often nasalizes the preceding vowel. we have chosen to explain a few basics and to illustrate their divergence from French and English. interrogatives). generally follows the Subject-Verb-Object pattern.. otherwise it is not a part of the phonological system. Before rounded vowels it is pronounced [w] and is written that way. Jan n S V O John S take pictur s es. */h/ exists only in the Creole spoken in southern Haiti. This order is evident in affirmative and negative sentences as well as in questions (i. Therefore. wouj 'red'.. Basic Grammatical Structures (Syntax) It is neither possible nor desirable to describe all the grammatical structures of Haitian Creole here. V O . */æ/ is sometimes pronounced like the French /z/. */r/ in Haitian Creole is not pronounced like English /r/ at all.g. pra pòtr e. like English. e.e. Word Order Word Order in Haitian Creole.

O pran John S pòtre? Does O ? doesn take 't neg V (n't) John (neg) S picture s. which occurs in both French and English. la lune ('the moon'. however. there is no grammatical distinction. Haitian Creole expresses the concepts of gender and plural by using specific words. such as le soleil ('the sun'. are not marked for gender or number. she. For example: frè (brother) vs. The pronouns. my w you. sè (sister) kek liv (some books) Pronouns The system of pronouns in Haitian Creole is quite simple in comparison with French and English.64 Jan pa pran V (pa) English Creole Dictionary pòtre. In other words. There is also no plural -s ending. which occurs in French. and possessive. it. object. may occur in a full or contracted form. him. your l he. his. Full mwen ou li Contracted m I. masculine) vs. unlike those in French. There is only a single form that is used for subject. feminine). its . me. her. O take V S neg Eske Jan ? S (neg) V pictures ? O Nouns Nouns in Haitian Creole.

) y* they. form. However. them. it exhibits a variety of forms. their I bought many books. you. Articles Haitian Creole has both definite and indefinite articles. n we. Gina called me. and always follows the noun. The definite article has both a singular and a plural form. Jina rèlè m. us. Papa m chita kote li. My father is sitting next to him/her/it.English Creole Dictionary 65 nou yo M achte anpil liv. Because the singular definite article is phonologically determined by the sound of the preceding element. your (pl. tab la kay la dam nan timoun nan ban an the table the house the lady the child the mont lan vant lan radyo a biwo a kamyon an the watch the belly the radio the desk the truck . there are some differences in placement. and usage. our. as do French and English. *This contraction rarely occurs in written form.

Li te marye mwa pase.66 English Creole Dictionary bench The plural definite article has one invariant form: yo. the particle te indicates past tense. Haitian Creole uses a system of markers or short particles. tab yo the tables The indefinite article yon always precedes the noun. ap indicates progressive. and pral(e) indicates future. Jan ranmase liv yo. to indicate tense. John collects the books. There is no subject-verb agreement. For example. Gina is riding a bicycle. Some examples follow. Instead. yon (on) yon (on) tab a table a watch mont Verbs The verb system in Haitian Creole is quite different from those in French and English. which precede the verb. . Jan ak Gabi ranmase liv yo. She got married last month. The verb with no marker may indicate simple present tense or immediate past tense. Jina ap monte bisiklèt. John and Gaby collect books. An alternate form on is often used more informally. and there are no verb tenses per se.

Some examples follow. . since the Creole sound system is not the same as the French system. sometimes by either extending or restricting the semantic field (i.e. In other cases. the meanings of the words)..English Creole Dictionary 67 Janin ak Silvya pral chante pita. Words of Caribbean origin kannari sanba Words of African origin oungan zonbi Words of Spanish origin abladò sapat Words of English origin bokit Words of French origin (earthen jar) (poet. musician) (voodoo priest) (ghost) (talker) (sandal) (bucket) As for the words derived from French. it is important to note that they have been modified in a variety of ways. A great number have undergone phonological changes. the meanings of the words have changed. Vocabulary (Lexicon) For example: Janine and Sylvia are going to sing later.

shout Fr: candy Fr: small (exclusive) store Fr: night club . some acquired different meanings: • kriye • bonbon • boutik • kabare HC: to weep HC: all sweets (cake) HC: mom & pop store HC: cafeteria tray Fr: to scream.68 English Creole Dictionary Examples of Haitian Creole words derived from French which • drop the first syllable: HC: rive HC: kajou • fuse the noun with a determiner: HC: dlo HC: monnonk • incorporate a vowel change: HC: kalkil HC: kirye • drop the -r: HC: pòt HC: siga Fr: arriver Fr: acajou Fr: de l'eau Fr: mon oncle Fr: calcul Fr: curieux Fr: porte Fr: cigare As French words entered Haitian Creole.

English Creole Dictionary 69 There are also Haitian Creole words that have retained the 18th century French pronunciation. • frèt (cold) • bout (extremity) . This phenomenon can also be observed in Canadian French.

kapab abolish .abreje abroad .diminye EN: to lower physical abash .anlè.abdike abdomen .anlve abduct .aboli abound .gen anpil about to .demoralize EN: to destroy the selfconfidence of abbreviate .absans absolve .graje EN: to srcape / rub abrade .youn aback .kidnape abet .absoud absorb .lòtbò abrupt .pa sipriz EN: taken by surprise abandon .fwote EN: to srcape / rub abrade .degoutan able .aptitud abject .anbavant abduct . instigate abhor .kòche EN: to srcape / rub abreast . urge on.abreje abdicate .soutèt abrade .absòbe .avrip abrupt .deteste (v) EN: loathe.ensite EN: incite.abjèk abject .aletranje abroad .abese EN: (to lower in rank-officeprestige abase .okouran abridge .respekte EN: respect ability .kite abase .brid sou kou abrupt .bripbrip absence .a about .abandone abandon .70 English Creole Dictionary ENGLISH / CREOLE a . soutèt above .fè sa pou EN: (do something) about .apropo above . to regard with extreme disgust abide .rayi (v) EN: loathe. to regard with extreme disgust abhor .abonde abound .abilite ability .

akite acrid .akò (v) accord .loje accompany .egzak accustom .daprè accost .fè teyat (v) .abize (v) academic .aksepte accept .abstrenn absurd .reyisi acid rain .rak across from .brak acrid .akòdeyon according to .rasanble accurate .atravè act (theater) .akomode accommodate .rantre accelerator .eksplike (v) account .abitwe accustom .reyalize achieve .pedal akseleratè accept .kont (v) accountant .aksede accede .akonpli accord .aksede (v) access .ranmase acquire .trouve acquit .lòt bò dlo across .absid abuse .mal achieve .akseswa accident .familyarize ache .aksidan accommodate .pote chay access .lapli asid acid .akimile accumulate .asid acorn squash jouwoumou acoustic guitar .zanmi acquire .byen mezire accurate .akademik accede .aksè (v) access .kontab accumulate .akoste accost .doulè ache .gita acquaint .akonpli achieve .akòde (v) accordian .jistifye (v) account .bòde account .konesans acquaintance .jistify (v) account .abi (n) abuse .fè konesans acquaintance .rantre (v) accessories .English Creole Dictionary 71 abstain .an fas across the water .akonpanye accomplish .

balanse acute angle .adeziv adjective .egi (egu) acute .aktris actually .adore .adokte adopt . lousy address book .adaptè add .fanatik admit .admire admirer .adrès address.aktivite actor .liv adrès address .fè le (v) act .pwenti.adisyone add .sifizan adhesive tape .admiratè admirer .adisyon addle .adoptif adore .aksyon active .admèt admit .ajoute add .adjektif adjourn .ogmante addict .zak (n) action figure .adikte addict .pouri EN: rotten. egi (egu) adapt .aktè actress .akt (n) act .pèsonnaj jwèt action .aktif activity .aksyonen actuate .droge adding machine machinakakile addition . electronic adrès elektwonik adequate .aksepte admonish .ang egi acute .sispann administration administrasyon administrative assistant sekretè direksyon administrative administratif admire .joure EN: (curse at) adolscent .adolescan (n) adopt .adoktif adopted .adapte adapter .ajoune adjourn .avèti EN: (warning) admonish .anreyalite actuate .aji (v) act .72 English Creole Dictionary act as .adekwa adequate .adopte adopted .

efreye afresh .touche affect .adilt (n) adult . dèyè after . dakò agreeable .risk advertisement .agreyab .istwa dròl adventure .laj (n) age .vyeyi (v) aged .a nouvo afresh .kont against .dèyè afternoon .afiche affix .pase (adj) agree .Afrik after shave lotion losyon apre labab after . kont age .afronte (v) afoot .avans (v) advance .apye afraid .lèst ago .vye agency .plake afford .English Creole Dictionary 73 adorn .afab affirm .reklam advice .ankò.afekte affect .fim avanti adventure .konseyev affair .aprèmidi again .avantij adventure movie .konèy advisor .dakò agree .opoze. a nouvo Africa .gen mwayen affraid .apre.pè affront .bay avalwa (v) advancement avansman advantage .afime affirm .afè affair .ankò against .pè.depi (adv) ago .konsèy advice .òne adult .trouble affiable .konsanti. lèst agile .lyezon affect .piblisite advertisement .ajans agile .afron (n) affront .lapè affraid .efreye afraid .ajil.kesyon affair .dekore adorn .deklare affix .avanse (v) advance .granmoun (n) advance .

repati allot .tankou aliment .ayeropò aisle seat .matla pou dlo air pollution .lè airplane .sache pou vonmi air tank .74 English Creole Dictionary ahead .alkòl ale .fotèy ale aisle .aljèb alien . sipoze allude . diminye allies .tout lèzòt all .poze (v) alike .lote.bi (n) aim . sipò (n) ail .tout allay .gwopwav allude . otorize allspice .sipò (n) aid .gen yon pòz (v) air bag .eveye (adj) alert .parèy alike .tank lè air .vivan all the others .pèmèt.etranje (n) alight .avyon air mattress .er kondisyone air conditioner klimatizè.soulaje.ponp van air sickness bag .soufri ailment .lèt avyon air mail . er kondisyone air filter .sipoze .pretann.maladi aim .aeropò air pump . eveye (adj) algebra .repati allow .vize (v) air (of).zèl alarm clock . to have the .polisyon lè air port .kayiman allot .menm alike .èd. zèl aisle .otorize allow .byè alert .manje alive .ale.filtè van air freshener .santibon pou twalèt air letter .sak van air conditioner .alèz alligator .sou kiviv.revèy alcohol .diminye allay .devann aid .avyon airport .

ase.prèt pou.etonan ambassador . sifizan .manke kenbe EN: (almost catch) almost .aotvwa aloud .omilye among .English Creole Dictionary 75 allure . pou kont(pron.chanje.amenajman amend . total amount .atire allusion .ansanm aloof . aotvwa alphabet .malgre.pami.byen fò. byen fò aloud . prèt pou.amatè amazing . oranj amber .) along .alfabè already .ositou also .endiferan aloof . (almost catch) manke kenbe almost .sipoziyon ally .aotvwa. amenajman American .total amphibian . sipoziyon allusion .ameriken amiable .oranj amen . (almost catch) manke kenbe alone .sèl. ositou alter . endiferan aloud .anfibi ample .korije. sifizan ample .pou kont-(pron.tou.amonnyak among .altere alter . gran. amenajman amenity . byenke aluminum foil .lwen.konfò.) alone .ensiswatil amend . altere alternator .byen fò aloud .byenke although .anbasadè amber .ase.emab ammonia .alye almost .abriko.amenity konfò. laj .deja also . omilye amoung ourselves antnoumenm amount .alizyon.papye aliminyòm amateur .amenajman amenity .altènatè although .montan.prèske.

zannimo. kout san (n) angle .anbete annoy . animo anitpasto .onlòt.anouvo anger .chevi ankle .annwiye annual .e anesthesia . bèt.anestezi anesthetic . youn lòt another .move animal .anonse annoy .epi and .je pye. move angry .repons (v) answering machine repondè . anmède.sifizan amplifier .analize (v) ancient . anestezi anesthetize .ankò.repons (n) answer .animal .anivèsè anniversary .kòlè. lan annual . anouvo anew .amize an .kout san (n) anger .fèt. anbete annoyed .vye and so on .analiz analyze . repons (v) answer .anestezi anesthetize . animo animal .angl angle . animo animal . chevi anniversary .fache.animo animal .ak and .anestezi anew .ansyen.annwiye.elatriye and .anplifikatè amuse .anmède.anyèl.bèt.youn lòt answer .76 English Creole Dictionary ample .gran ample .antipasto ankle .ase ample .laj ample . bèt. vye ancient . anbete annoy .reponn.andòmi.chak ane. anivèsè announce .fè fache (v) anger .youn analysis . lan annual . chak ane.lan another .onlòt another . zannimo.aspè angry .

kikonk anything .nenpòt any .apatman apex . enkyetid anxiety .terifye.pwoblèm .apwostòf appall .English Creole Dictionary 77 ant .ajoute append .enkyetid any .detache apart .genlè.separe.efarouche.apendis problem . detache apartment building bilding ak apatman apartment number nimewo apatman apartment .aleka.kole append .okenn EN: (in negative sentence) anyway .tache appendix . parèt. efarouche appalling . cham appeal . detache apart .tou patou apart .foumi antacid tablet . parèt append . nenpòt anyone .bwa elan anxiety .genlè.parèt appear . sanble appear . genlè.anksyete. sanble appear . terifye appall . cham (n) EN: legal appear .eskize apostrophe .sanble. separe.pastiy kont asid Antarctica .cham (n) EN: legal appeal .liv randevou apologize .sa tout fason anywhere (at all) .efarouche appall .tèt triyang apointment book .nepòt.fè apèl (legal).terifyan appeal .fè apèl.terifye appall . parèt appear .foumilyè anthropology antropoloji Antilles .Antatik anteater .sanble appear .Zantiy antler .parèt.

aksè.apresye apprehend .78 English Creole Dictionary appetizer .jis.apreyande.apt archbishop .aproksime (v) apricot .pwogram aprantisaj approach . fason approach .pase randevou appraise .nonmen.aksè. apròch.estime appraise .pòm appliance repairman reparatè aparèy appliance store magazen aparèy elektik appliance . aksè.randevou appointment. nonmen appoint . fason approach . fason approach .aplikasyon appoint . estime appreciate .apròch.evalue. fason (n) approach .apròch.tat pòm apple .aperitif apple juice .aproche. aksè.aproche (v) approach . arete apprehend .aptopriye apt . fason (n) approach .nonmen appoint .monsenyè .fason approach . aproksime approximate aproksimatif (adj) approximate .aproksime approximate . apreyande apprenticeship program .fason (n) appropriate .dezinyen appoint .aprpriye approve . dezinyen appointment . apròch.aprouve approximate aproksimatif (adj).ji pòm apple pie .avril apt . aptopriye aptopriye .dezinyen.arete.abiko April .arete apprehend .aparèy elektrik application . to make an .apreyande apprehend .

fotèy armchair .tatou armchair .mentni arise . plede arise .reveye.fotèy. provni. provni. gaye. otou around . provni. plede arise .gaye. gaye arise .bra arm . anviron.rive arrogant . fotèy armchair . arestasyon arrival .arete (v) arrest . bra arm . zesèl armpit .otou around . mentni argue . anviron.diskite. plede.ame (v) arm .òganize. anviron around .plede arise .flèch art .provni. otou.dodin armchair .pete.arete.anviron. dodin armpit .zesèl armrest .apwi bra army . anviwon around .gaye arise . gaye arm .otou.ranje.òganize arrange .alantou. ranje array .anviron.anviron around .alantou.bra (n) armadillo . otou.eksite arouse .provni.English Creole Dictionary 79 archive .ar .plede.arestasyon arrest .otou. gaye arise .ame.arogan arrow . anviron.anbabra.ranje arrange .pete. otou around .lame around there .dodin. eksite arrange . anviron around .etalaj arrest .alantou. plede. òganize arrange . anviwon around .rive arrive .la-yo around .anviwon around . anviwon arouse . plede arise .achiv argue .

atis artistic .kom as .aspèj aspect .sandriye Asia .ajeste assemble .akote aside . la art .poze kesyon ask .kòmsi as long as .atik artificial .deziyen .Azi aside .rize.tankou ascend .la.tank as soon as possible . ar art .ront ashtray .sou kote ask a question .la.ar.asanble assert .monte ascertain .byen ke as .bourik EN: (donkey) ass .krochi asleep .artifisyèl artist .80 English Creole Dictionary art .ajistè assembly line .le pli vit ke posib as that . koken artichoke . la. bèlte artery .aspè asphalt .bèlte art .monte assembler .la art .koken artful .atake assemble .asfalt aspirin .ar.menm ak as .asayi assail .aspirin ass .rann kont ascertain .bounda ass .atistik as for . bèlte art .kom as .kon sa as well as .dèyè EN: (rear) assail .aticho article .ala as if .tcheke ashamed .otan as .tankou as .monte ascent .revandike assign .mande askew .gwo venn artful .nan dòmi asparagus .anchaje assign .chenn asanblaj assembly .

machin tiraj otomatik ATM .kole attach .las astonish .fè sote astound .a athletic supporter sispanswa athwart .anplwaye attention .antravè atlas .rize asunder .tante attendant .asteris* asteroid .sipoze assure .atròs attach .kat tiraj otomatik ATM .esè (n) attempt .asistan associate .azil at all .astwonomi astute .kase ande asylum .a lèz at least .atenn attain .ateste .aswonòt astronomy .tantataif attempt .astewoyid asthma .tache attachment .omwen at the same time anmenmntan EN: (an menm tan) at .asosyasyon assume .atake attain .machin ATM (atèmn).eseye (v) attempt .atmosfè atomic .asosye (v) association .atomik atop .pran hans (v) attempt .anlè atop .ansèyman assist .tantataif (n) attempt .machin tiraj otomatik atmosphere .reyalizasyon attempt .asistans assistant .English Creole Dictionary 81 assignment .rive attainment .siprann astound .asire asterick .etone astonish .du tou at ease .pantan astronaut .atachman attack .ede assist .atansyon (n) attest .soutèt atrocious .segonde assistance .atlas ATM card .

avèti awake .avalide admonish .avnu average .lotòn available .oditoryòm August .gòch axe .terifyan awhile .mwayèn avert .matant aunt .ekriven author .atire attribute .odiyans audience .reveye (adj) award .ava avaricious .piblik audio tape .avyatè avid .Ostrali authentic Creole .tant auspicious .vandè machin automobile .detounen avert .aks axe .adyo tep audio .lotè author .ble baboon .visye avaricious .prim away .otorite authorization otorizasyon automatic transmission trasmisyon otomatik automobile dealer.pòz attract .distan austere .lwen awful .visye avenge .zaboka avoid .out aunt .vanje avenue .odyo audit . salesman .Kreyòl natif natal author .aks azure .atitud attitude .favorab austere .oeng avaricious .baboun .on moman awkward .endiferan Australia .kalite (n) audience .avid avid .otè authority .disponib avaricious .verifye auditorium .grangou avocado .kripya avaricious .82 English Creole Dictionary attitude .evite avouch .oto autumn .rach axis .evite aviator .

sakado backup light .boulanje bakery .balans balcony .bebe baby .bekonn bacon .founen baker .zen bake .deroute (v) baffle .limyè bak aryè backwoods .pèl mekanik backpack .n.bagaj bagger .pout ekilib balance .deflektè.losyon bebe baby powder .boulanjri balance beam . deroute baffle . bal bale .laj bait .sereyal bebe baby food .vwati bebe baby cereal .anbale (v) bale .n.chòv bale .move tan bad .manje bebe baby lotion .pòt dèyè back .English Creole Dictionary 83 baby carriage .bekonn back .sachè bagage .jèbè baby food .timoun bachelor .anbalè baggy .doulè do backboard .tapi livrezon bagaj baggage .do back .poud bebe baby shampoo . bal .panno baskètbòl backgammon bakgamon backhoe .anbale. deflektè bag .mal.bibon baby .papye ijyenik pou bebe baby .bal bale .raje bacon .la kochon bad weather .revès bacon .bagaj baggage carousel .chanpou bebe baby wipes . move baffle .selibatè back door .balkon bald .bekonn backache .

detonasyon.bivèt. bande band . po bark .ba.kwafè bare . bivèt banquet .balè ballfield .bandjo bank vault . kafe bar .ekòs.bar.balerin ballet dancer . entèdi ban .dansè balè ballet slippers . kafe bar .bankè.pamtouf balè ballet .bande (v) band .entèdi ban .banyè banquet .toutouni bargain . frape bang .ekòs .entèdiksyon.kafe.batèm bar . bar barain .machandaj bark (tree) .n.84 English Creole Dictionary ball .bannann fig band .òkès bandage .band band .machande (v) bargaining . boul ball .machande bargain . bankè baptism . riban.riban band . po bark (tree) .detonasyon bang . jape bark .teren bizbòl ballot .afè barbecue grill .balon. òkès band .babel barber shop . bande band .bankè banquet .frape (v) banish .frape bang .banded bang .kavo bank .po bark .ekòs.jape .recho griyad barbell .bandaj bandaid .bar bar . po.riban.bank banner .bivèt banquet . entèdiksyon banana .bilten vòt ban .balon ball .entèdi (v) ban .kafe bar .boul ballerina .bande band .bani banjo .band.band.kwafè barber .

baz base .inifòm bizbòl baseball . baz baseball bat . pake batch .barikad barrier .lakou anga barracks .founen.eksepte barring . tròke barter .po bark .fondasyon.baryè barring .bason bastard .baton bizbòl baseball field .gan bizbòl baseball player .tapi saldeben bath towel .arid barren .teren baskèt bòl basketball hoop .anga barnyard . tròke (v) barter .tròke barter .beny bathe . steril barren .sousòl basin . arid barrette .kazèn barren .tròk.jape (v) bark .jwè bizbòl baseball uniform . prep.bata baste . baz base . sòf.pake batch .pake.steril barren .benyen .sèvyètdeben bath . eksepte barter .teren bizbòl baseball glove . sòf barring . founen bath mat .baze (v) base .aroze bat .English Creole Dictionary 85 bark .eksepte.arid.chòvsourit batch .tròk.tròke (v) base .barèt barricade .prep. jape barley . fondasyon.basen basketball court . sòf barring .prep.steril.panyèn baskètbòl bass (music and fish) bas bassoon .baze.po.òj barn .bal bizbòl basement .

damou.palpite (v) EN: (heart beat) beating.kale (v) beat . kale.batay bawl .bab beast .benywa baton .plaj bead .ous.lous.pwa (rouj)* bear . nan renmen ak (v) be in . an rout be suprised . (heart) palpite (v) beat .bat beat .pat pou fri battery .fè djòlè bay .nete yon bwa pou yon moun beautiful .pil pou flach battle .reyon bean .bat.bat.lavabo bathroom – saldeben bathroom . bat beat .moumou bathrobe . kale (v) beat .dezabiye bathroom scale .lenn plaj beach towel .batri battery .gen groje be in .baton batter .damou pou. fè djòlè bawl .bèk beam . gòlf.kale. pwa (rouj)* bean .dispoze be careful .bèt (sovaj)* beat@kadans beat .sèvyèt plaj beach . ous bean .chaplèt (n) beads (necklace) . rad.twalèt bathtub .kale. to give a .kastò .balon plaj beach blanket . (heart) palpite (v) beat . bè be about to .kolye krizokal beak .balans bathroom sink .pwa (rouj)* beard .sezi beach ball . gòlf bay .ap rive.braye.pinga be greedy .rad.86 English Creole Dictionary bathing suit kostimdeben bathrobe .bèt (sovaj)* beat kadans beast . nan renmen (v) be on one's way .bè.bèl beaver .

mandyan begin .vomi.byè beet . etan being .rote belch . avan before .gade behold .kretyen being .konpòtman behind .trete an zanmi beg .dèyè behold .kretyen.kabann bed.rive before .kretyen. mande beggar . gade beige .mande.anfavè behave . sipliye beg .myèl bee .avan before .abèy bee . vini become .konpòte behavior .chanm bedspread .mande beg . vomi belch .avan. anvan befriend . to go to .vonvon.podevwi bed .bètrav beet .anvan before .etan being .paske. egzistans being .al dòmi bedroom . kretyen being .English Creole Dictionary 87 because .egzistans being .basen.kontanple.anvan.rote. tounen bed pan .egzistans.bètrouj beetle .niche myèl bee . podevwi bed pan .vini become .abèy.skarabe beetle . akòz become .kòmanse beguile . myèl bee . etan belch .eskarab beetle .sipliye.sipliye beg . eskarab befall .tronpe behalf .myèl.demanti believe .egzistans. rote belie . kretyen.tounen become . abèy beef .kwè bell .kouvreli bee hive .vyann bèf beer .bèj being .klòch .akòz because .vini.tounen.vomi belch .

..sentiron belt . between .enjoy benefit (from) .. mye bet .dayè besiege ..paspouki bib .bankèt bend .senti. bankèt bench . and .pliye.monte bisiklèt bid .. sentiwon belt .gason bellow . nan mitan.akote besides .bwason beware .krocha beret .anba beneficence .dezoryante bewitch .asyeje best .chame.sentiwon bench .benefis benevolent .klòch. pi bon best . pari .anba belt . pliye.grenn beseech ..pi bon.kòch bellhop .mefye bewilder .senti.bese. miyò.ban. osnon. kòch bell .benevòl bent over .fè pati below . miyò best .... ansòsele beyond .kas bisiklèt bicycling . meyè.vant belong . meyè.sipliye beside .koube bend .benfisyèl benefisye ..parayj between ...berè berry .ant.senti belt . senti belt ..òf.adj.lòtbò bias .bavèt bicycle . sentiron belt . koube bend . to chose .chwazi ant ..byenfezans beneficial . mye. koube beneath .pi bon betting . omilye beverage .adv.begle belly button .lonbrik belly .parye betray ..bisiklèt bicycle helmet .trayi better .88 English Creole Dictionary bell .benefisye (de) (v) benefit .sentiron.

je pete blinds .lous nwa black .anvi biscuit (american) biswit biscuit .afab. biye.nòt.longvi biology .vès kwaze bleach .bileng bill .femèl chen bite .blame. (drill) .bayt.pèsyèn blink .biyoloji birch . (bird) bèk billboard .adj.panno reklam billiard ball . vid blanket .graden bleak .mare.avèg.avèg.nwa bladder .blenndè blessing .akouchman.mèch bitch .fèb bleed .lenn.anmè blab . je pete blind . bay pote chay (Put on someone else) bland .gro (gwo).batje (v) .gwo lous la big toe . je pete blind .rejis birth .boulo bird watching obsèvasyon zwazo bird .gwo zotèy bike rack . biye bill .pwa nwa black bear .lam blame . mòde bitter . nesans.nòt. avèg.zwazo birth certificate . emab blank . avèg blind .kal.English Creole Dictionary 89 big .blabla black bean .flanm blazer .anivèsè birthmark . tavhe binoculars .biya bind .kòlè bilingual .blan. gran big dipper .bisiklèt bile .pakin bisiklèt bike . kouvèti blaze .je pete blind .biskit bison . (v) joure. akouche (give birth) birthday .kloròks bleachers . avèg.n.senyen blender .bizon bit . uni.benediksyon blind .boul biya billiards .vesi blade .

bare block off .s) (v) blow . vante (the wind .idyo blockhead . ennbèsil blood pressure gauge aparèy pou pran tansyon blood pressure . sonnen.tansyan blood test .bloke block .90 English Creole Dictionary blissful ...s). mouche. kou.ble blueberry .blòk blockhead .s) (v) blow .mouche..n. mouche. vante (wind) (v) blow . vante (wind) (v) blow .. sonnen.. sonnen.ennbèsil.jeble blue jeans .sonnen. vante (the wind .mizik bluegrass blueprint .mizil blouz bluff .byennere bloated .flè blot . blòf bluff .san bloody .sonnen. soufle blow .soufle blow ..vante (wind) (v) blue jay . chòk blow .ennbèsil blockhead . soufle.blòf . soufle blow . sonnen.chòk blow .ble plan batisman blues (music) .mouche.soufle.senyen bloom . soufle blow .s) (v) blow .tès san blood work .blofe.annaliz san blood .sonnen.blouberi bluegrass (music) ..s) (v) blow .vante (the wind .tach blouse ..mouche..soufle. sonnen.vante (the wind .boufi block off one's way .djin blue . soufle. vante (the wind . vante (wind) (v) blow . idyo blockhead ..kòsaj blow .idyo.blofe (v) bluff .

zo bonfire .kare. liv bookcase .mòtadèl bolt . chante gam boast .ront blush .flanbo bongfire .anbake.bato. planch board .anbake (v) board .blouzon avyate bone .bòbslèd body .bouyi bold . planch board . temerè bold .kat pasaj boast .n.rouji blush .n.atifisyèl boat . temerè bold . blòf blush . atifisyèl bobby pin .vante.bongo book bag .fè gam. fè gam.rouji.n.boulon bomber jacket .chèz pou woze bebe boot .etajè liv boom box .arete (v) book .zepeng cheve bobsled .vante boast . fa pou figi (makeup) boa constrictor . odasye.sak lekòl book store . ront.kò boil .k`o body .odasye.chante gam boast .planch jwèt board . fa pou figi (makeup) blush . ront blush .rechaje boost .fa pou figi (makeup) blush .flanbo bongos .planch boarding pass .remonte booster rocket .temerè bologna .etajè liv bookshelf .libreri book . rouji blush .ront.rouji.aparèy esteryo pòtatif boost .ront.boa konstriktè board game .bòt .English Creole Dictionary 91 bluff . chante gam boat .fize lansman booster seat .

toulede bother . nwi bother . raz bored . anmède bother .fon. traka.anmède. raz boring .bounda bough branch bottom . lizyè border . penitan borrow .frontyè border . anmède bother .traka bother . bounda bough .anmède bother . frontyè bore .anmède.penitan.lizyè.raz boring . raz bore .traka.bòdi.bounda bottom . anba bottom . traka.anbete.anplwayè. anbete.branch bottom . anba.anniye (v) bore .anbete.lizyè border . traka bother . traka.fon. anbete.frontyè.nwi bother .bounda bough@branch.tete boss .bòdi. frontyè border .raz. traka bother .boutèy bottle. baby .anbete. bounda bottom .raz bored . nwi bottle opener ouvboutèy bottle . anbete.ni ---. bòdi. raz bore . patron boss . nwi bother . bounda bough .anniye.penitan boring .bibon bottled water . bòdi.patron both and .prete bosom . anba.raz boring .traka.pwatrin bosom .92 English Creole Dictionary border .fon.anba bottom . lizyè border .adj. bounda bottom . bounda bough@branch. anba .adj.anba.ni both .branch bottom .boutèy dlo bottom .anba.

chante gam brag .wozèt box .peryòd. kriz bout .kriz bout .bòl bowling ball . boulè flè bout . chante gam bragger . bankal bow .English Creole Dictionary 93 bough .atach.atak. kriz bow (weapon) .bretèl.branch bounce .brasle idantite brag .atak. peryòd.koube (v) bow .gason.boulè flè.bòlin bowtie . odè bouquet .soulye bòlin bowling .jenere. abondan bouquet .n. kriz bout .atach (v) brace .peryòd.bwat box .amoure boyfriend . gason boyfriend .bretèl brace . kriz bout . atach (v) bracelet . fè djòlè. fè gam.jenere bountiful . fè gam.fè gam.vante. atak.odè.odè bouquet .vilbreken (n) brace .gason boy .ti gason boy .boul bòlin bowling shoes .adj.ak bow .soutyen brace (tool) .abondan bountiful .san limit bountiful . bwat boxing glove . bretèl brace .fè djòlè brag .lwanjè . jenere bountiful .gan bòks boxing trunks .bankal bow .ti gason.koube. bankal bowl .boulè flè bouquet .bòks boy . fè djòlè brag .fè djòlè.chante gam brag .butt) boundless .mate (v) bounda(buttock .chòt bòks boxing . ti gason boy . chante gam brag . amoure bra .vante.anmore.abondan.

brize. leton brass .goumen (v) brawl .pen.bread pen bread .pann breakfast . kase breakdown .misk.brize.miskle.brav bravo .tèt brain .n. biswit break up (relationship) kite (v) break . kraze. separe (v) break .bravo brawl .dejne breakfast .muskle. kase break .separe.tèt. separe (v) break . muskle brawny . separe.fren .kuiv (metal). muskle.goumen.pedal fren branch . dejne breakfast .muskle brawny .limyè fren brake pedal . misk brawny .musk brawn .kolasyon. kolasyon breakfast . kraze.leton brave . manje maten breakfast . dikisyon brawn .biswit bread . separe (v) break . brize.kase break .miskle.sèvo brain . kase break .kraze.kolasyon breakfast .manje maten breaks (of car) .bread .pen brawny .misk brawn . sèvo brake (car) .fren brake light . musk brawn .kase.pen bread . leton brass .dejne. manje maten breakfast . brize. dikisyon brawl .kraze. dejne.94 English Creole Dictionary brain .kase (v) break . tèt brain .kolasyon. kraze.sèvo.dikisyon brawl .separe (v) break .kuiv.branch brass .musk.dejne.

n broth .bouyon brother .pon bridle path .emèt broadcast .elve (v) breed .voye (v) broccoli . bròs .san souf breed .poud broad .rebò bring .briz bribe .tete.alèn.laj broad .razè broker .English Creole Dictionary 95 breast .brose (v) brush .emisyon (n) broadcast .anime brisk .bòfrè brow .koutye brook .kòronp brick .respire breathless .shofe brittle .sousi brown .chofe bring .kwaze.dosye (n) briefcase .wout chwal brief .pantalèt bright . elve breed .pote brisk .brose.mètri bruise . souf breath .souf breathe .elve breed .mawon bruise .bò brim .brizurye broke .frajil brittle .kwaze. sen breath .bwokoli broil .klere (adj) brilliant .fò brilliant .griye (v) broke .brik bricklayer .liberal broadcast . elve (v) breeze .mètri (v) brush .sous brook .ti kouran dlo brook .klere brim .bale broom .mennen bring .mason bridge .frè brother-in-law .pasdlo brook .eklere (adj) bright .maron brown .briyan bright .brèf (adj) brief .sen breast .ti rivyè broom .pòtdokiman briefs .

pann (n) bundle . bonbe (v) bull .anpoul elektrik bulge .voryen. grap.ransè.pat.pakè. lyas .konstwi build .pake.zonyon bulbs (light) . frape bump . chòk. pakè.anpil (adj) bunch .tablo pou aflich bump . ensèk bug . frape bump .bokit bud .brital (adj).bati.defans bun .chòk.sovaj (adj) brwo . kou bump .konstwi.ransè buffoon .frape.pen lèt bunch .voryen buffoon .anpil (adj) bunch .sovaj brute .kou bump . kou. pann (n) bunch .n.boujon budge . sovaj brute .pinèz build . konstwi build .bròs (n) brussek sprout .pouse (v) bump .ensèk. ransè bug spray .bouje budget .kou.bouldozè bullet .bidjè buffalo . frape bumper . chòk.ensektisid bug . pouse (v) bump . grap.n. pann (n) bunch .sousi bucket .grap.pouse.bròs brush .lyas bundle .chou briskèl brute .bonbe (v) bulge . sovaj (adj) brute .pann (n) bunch .gonfle.toro bulldozer .brital.bal bulletin board . pinèz bug .frape bump . voryen buffoon .ensèk bug . chòk. pinèz.96 English Creole Dictionary brush . bati bulb (flower) .boufalo buffoon .bati build .pann EN: (a bunch) bunch .

vòlè.rak business card .bere butter .bere (v) butter .afè business .raje.estòp bis bus . biznis.afè.estasyon bis bus stop .grap bunsh . bere butter .boule (n) burn .otobis.chofè bis bus fare .jennen bureau .recho burp .men butcher . negòs.biznis. pakèt bunsh .bis bus . negòs.okipe.boule (v) burner .komès business .kwafèz (furniture) burglar .otobis bus . biznis business .kanbriyolè burglar .afè.pri kous bus station .pete burst .bis. komès business .kat biznis business . eklate bury .afere busy .boule burn .pakèt.English Creole Dictionary 97 bunk bed .negòs.negòs. rak bush .antere bus driver . grap burden (oneself) .pete.negòs. kanbriyolè burial .bouche butter knife .eklate burst . afè business .pakèt bunsh .wote burst . afè business . negòs. bis bush . afere but .kouto bè butter .biznis. biznis business .antèman burn down .kabann de etaj bunsh . biznis. otobis bus .biwo.grap.boule burn .eklate. kwafèz (furniture) bureau .bè. komès business . komès busy .mantèg .biznis business . pete burst .

kanistè (n) can .berye butterfly .kalòj cajole .kanpman (n) campaign . bè.kalme (v) camel .kalkile calf . kafe cage .n. mantèg butterdish .pou lò m bypass .kalm calm .devyasyon.taksi cabbage .poze pye (v) camp .n.kantin .lèt kaye butternut squash jouwoumou po jòn buttocks .kandida candle .san pitye calm .provèb.98 English Creole Dictionary butter .chandèl candy .anile cancer .fran candidate . devyasyon byword . telegram cache .n.kanpagn can .kajole (v) cake .kapab (v) cancel (comp) .kontoune (v) bypass .papiyon buttermilk .achte buzzer .di callous .di callous .kodak camp .rele (v) callous .kennsèl (v) cancel .fès button .desann camp .ti bèf California .sonnèt by (agent) .chou cabin .kansè candid .kachèt cafe .pa by (location) .bò by myself . bè butter .sirèt cane .Kalifòni call .bwat. kontoune bypass .gato calamity .kann canteen .kabin cable .bouton buy .kamera camera .rèd callous .chamo camera .kab.bonbon candy .kalamite calculate . sinonim cab .

komik carve . capon caption .kabwèt carrot .vès cardinal .ka case .kapacite (kapasite) capital .apwofondi careful .capon EN: The word.lajan cash .chapantye carpet .English Creole Dictionary 99 canvas .anvlòp casino .dezenvòlt cat .sizle carve .bare (v) capture .kazino cast .oto i carcass .skilte case .swen (n) career .antèt caption .charyo carriage .kaptif capture .aman casing .chat .bòs mason carpenter .aksidantèl casual .karyè careful .kaptire car .karès (n) carpenter .voye (v) castigate .kès cash .kaptive captive .bwat case . castle .atantif caress .manyak captivate .desen anime cartoon .kat cardigan .kach (n) cash .kontan (adj) casing .tapi carriage .chato (n) casual .reprimande.pote cartoon .twal (n) cap .machin car .acheval captious .jete (v) cast .joure (v) castigate .chatye castigate .jwe card .konpetan capacity .kapital capon .vwati car .karòt carry .ròl (n) cast .swanye (v) care .berè capable .kakas card .lejand captious .kadinal care .

sede ceiling .trou CD rom .kategori cater .rezon cause .santral centralization santralizasyon century .lakòz caution .fete celebrate .sètifika certify .pake pay caffer chagrin .chagren (n) chagrin .sereyal certain .friksyonen (v) chafe .sispann cede .kòbi.kenbe (v) catch .betay cauldron .aprovizyone cater .selebrasyon cellar .100 English Creole Dictionary catch .ti galope (n) center .direkte chairman .ze cavity .lapèch (n) catch .lakre .kòz cause .chèz chairman .kav cemetery . santim ò center .plafon celebrate .bal chaff .chenn (n) chained .kontraryete chain .founi catholic .siswafè certain .sètènman certificate .pran category .kav caviar .chodyè cause .trote (v) central .prekosyon cave .syèk cereal .gròt cave .bay legen cede .sètifye chafe .kavya caviar .sèten certainly .selebre celebration .frote chafe .fant cavity .trape (v) catch .rete cease .katolik cattle .simityè cent .irite (v) chaff .si certain .mare chair .bare catch .sidwonm cease .presidan chalk .stòp cease .

chaje (v) charity .chase (v) chase .mache (v) chew .koze (v) chatroom .cham chary .chandelye change .chimi cherish .moulen chicken .jou cheer .po figi cheek .ezitan chary .figi cheek .chèk (n) check .ankouraje cheer .charite charity .titile (v) chandelier .chapit characteristic karakteristik characterization karakterizasyon characterize .Chal charm .kraze (v) chew .kaskèt (n) chapter .fromaj chemistry .verifye (v) checker .pran swen cherry .chans chancel .kouri dèyè (v) chaste .manje chiklet (v) chew .pridan (v) chase .chatwoum cheap .aplodi (v) cheese .tifi (adj) chat .pitit child .zèv Charles .timoun .chaj (n) charge .jenn gason chap .seriz chess .monnen (n) chant .chekè cheek .echèk chest .chante chant .chabon charge .pwatrin (n) chew gum .bèlte charm .karakterize charcoal .tronpe (v) cheat .chanm champ .poul chief .vole check .chanpyon chance .chanje (v) change .English Creole Dictionary 101 chamber .refren (n) chap (young man) .chanpyon champion .chèf child .bon mache cheat .

sitwayènte city hall .blòk (v) church .pòslèn Chinese .patnè chum .propozisyon (n) f claw .klasik clause .zanmi chump .chemine chin .ron k circumstance sikonstans circus .flanke deyò (v) chuckle .Nwèl chop .koupe Christmas .chwazi chop .tranche.lakomun city .klarifye (v) clasp .eklèsi clarify .sivil claim .lavil city .manton china (porcelain) .sonnen (v) clap .ansèk circular .rezone (v) clang .vil civic .preferans choke .klas classic .kranpon (n) clang .koupe (v) chop .toufe (n) choose .Chinwa chink .sèk circular .sirk citadel .pòslèn chink@trenke china (porcelain) .sitwayen citizenship .sitadèl citizen . koupe (v) Christmas .sigarèt cinder .chokola choice .sann cinema .trenke (v) chocolate .pòslèn chink .legliz cigarette .grif (n) .Nwèl Christian .sivik civil . preferans choice .chwa.bat bravo (v) clarify .102 English Creole Dictionary chill .aplodi clap .agraf (n) class .kretyen Christmas tree abdenwèl chuck .sinema circle .rafredi (v) chimney .ri anbachal chum .reklamasyon (n) clammy .trenke (v) china (porcelain) .mwat clamp .

rivaj (n) coat .lòlàj clock .raproche (adj) cloth .transparan clear .adj pròp clean netwaye (v) clean .lapwòpte clear .manto (n) obese .desann sou roulib (v) coast .rad clothing .revè clod .ponyen (v) clench .nuaj (nyaj) clump .kouvri ak kouch coat .fil arenyen Coca Cola .gòch (adj) clumsy .kòk coddle .chabon coarse .nèt (adj) clearly .mask (n) clock .komi clever .twal clothe .fann clement .touf (n) clumsy .kòk (n) EN: rooster / male chicken cockpit .entelijan cliff .gen pitye clench .abiye clothes .pròp clean@netwaye clean .ame.English Creole Dictionary 103 clay .netwaye (v) clean .koefisyan coerce . branche (v) cock .fèmen (v) close .sere clergyman .grap coal .maladwa (adj) cluster .kafe .tè glèz clean .bwòdè coconut .gagè cocky .klè clear .falèz climb .ajil clay .pròp (adj) cleanliness .kontrenn coffee .rad cloud .koryas coast .koka kola cock .bit tè close .granpe cloak .dòlote (v) coefficient .mare clench .obèz coax .klèman cleave .debarase (v) clear .kajole (v) cobweb .klèje clerk .

).kolon Colon .kolèj colloquial .konpoze (v) compound .konpleksite complicate . rekonfòte (v) comfortable .kominate compact disc .sèjèy cognac .(n) kolòn.kolonèl colonial .peny come in .konpoze comprehend .pran lari (v) come .familye colon .konplike compose .104 English Creole Dictionary coffin .alyaj (n) compound .monnen (n) coincidence konyensidans cold .konplent complete . chenn collect .vini comfort .kòl.kominike (v) communication kominikasyon communion .konfò (n).depwen colonel .(v) kolore (v). pilye comb .konplete (v) complete .konyak cohabit .konplè (adj) complexity .koabite (v) coin . konpetisyon compilation konpilasyon complain .komunyon community .frèt (adj.kolonyal color . koulè (n) column .plenyen complaint .antre FR: entrez SP: entre come out . fredi (n) collaborate .konkou.konpare comparison konparezon competency test egzamen konpetans competition .dis konpak company .konplenn complain .konpanyi compare .konfòtab communicate . kolekte college .kolabore.rasanble. soutni (v) collar .konprann comprehension konprann comprehension - .

favorize conduct .konferans confess .konsansis concentrate .konklizyon concrete .sirèt (n) confident .konsènan concern .konkli conclusion .shelled marine conciliation konsilyasyion concise .kondwit (n) confectionery .asire confident .konfòm (adj) conform .English Creole Dictionary 105 konpreyansyon computer .konfese (v) confetionery .siman (n) concrete .konsène conch .konfime conform .gaga confused .sirèt confetionery .kondisyon (n) condition.bloke = congest .konjeste congratulate .rasanble .kondwi (v) conduct .konfòme (v) confront .pwotèj gason condom .pwotèj condone .konpitè computer programmer pwogramè konpitè comrade .egare confused .konsèp concering .konduit (n) 'i conduct .Lambi ( conch shell .konfizyon congest .konkrè condition .kout conclude .brèf concise . on the akondisyon conditioned kondisyone condom .sirèt (n) conference .kondui (v) conduct .konsantre concentration konsantrasyon concept .Mussel ) Conch: any of various large spiral .konfwonte (v) confused .konkrè (adj) concrete .mele (adj) confusion .konmarad conceal .bouche (v) congest .fè konpliman congregate .gen konfyans confirm .kache concensus .

konjwen (n) conjugate . èmanan (adj) constant . rennen constain . mande konsèy (v) consult .kontrenn (v) constain .konstan.konekte conquer .konsole (v) consolidate .rennen constain .konsolide constain . konstan constitute .konsidere consistant .konkeri conscience .èmanan (adj) constant .frennen.reyini.konstant (n) constant .konjekti (n) conjoin .konsole console .deklare. rasanble.konstitye constitute .kontrenn. frennen. frennen.konstrui construct .konstitye (v) constitution konstitisyon constitutional konstitisyonèl construct . rennen constain .kontakte contaminate .gen konesans (adj) consent .konstan constant .mepri contend .mande konsèy (v) consult . konsilte contact . kontrenn (v) constain .106 English Creole Dictionary conjecture .conjecture konjekti conjecture .konsilte consult .konstrui (v) construction konstwiksyon consult .mande konsèy.konjekti congregate .rennen.konsistan consolate . . kontrenn (v) constant .konsila console .deklare contend .kontamine contempt .konstant.konsyans conscious . soutni.konjige connect .èmanan. konstan constant .frennen. èmanan.konsanti consider .konsilte.

sanisfè.kontni (n) content . reyini convene .kontrekare.konvoke.koze. koze conversation .kontòsyone contract .debouye .sanisfè (adj) content .kontribye contribution kontribisyon convene .kontinye contort .kizinyè (n) cook (male) . deklare contend .konpetisyon.kondane (n) convince . soutni.soutni. deklare contend .kontredi. kontrekare contravene .pratik convention .abitye cope . kenbe (v) content .konkou (n) contest .soutni.kenbe. opoze contrary .kontni content .konvenk cook (female) .kontinan continue . kontredi contribute . konkou (n) continent .konvansyon conversation konvèsasyon conversation konvèsasyon. konkou contest .konkou contest .kontra contradict .kontrekare contravene .kizinye (n) cool . konvèsasyon convey .kontrè.jandam cope .kenbe (v) contend .kontredi contrary .konpetisyon.frèt coordination kordinasyon cop .reyini convenient .jandam cop .deklare koupab (v) convict .opoze contravene .tansmèt convict .kontredi contravene .English Creole Dictionary 107 kenbe (v) contend . kontni contest .koze conversation .

kouzin cousin (male) .còronp.peyi county .dekont (n) count .krak cradle . visle corrupt .touse (v) t council .vach coward .koutwa cousin (female) .flè mayi corpse .kwen (n) cornflower .kopye copy .korije (v) correct .bèf cow .kopye (v) cord .kopi (n) (kopye) copy .kanape cough .kòronp.koute (v) cost .bachote (v) cram .tribinal court.kòd (n) cork .depatman couple .fè pwose ak courteous .108 English Creole Dictionary copper .kouvèti cover .pri (n) cotton .konvansyon (n) cover .koton couch .rize cram . to .pè (n) courage .tous (n) cough .bèso crafty .koresponn corrode .akouple (v) couple .kous (n) court . visle corrupt .marye couple .mayi corner .bare (v) corner .noure .koup.kole (v) couple .kouvri (v) cover .fant (n) crack .kapon crack .proteksyon (n) cow .abil (adj) crafty .kuiv copy .akouple (v) couple .ak1o covenant .rouye corrupt .kouzen covenant .lakou court .visle cost .kòrèk (adj) correspond .konsèy count .kadav correct .kouraj course .bouchon lyèj (n) corn .konte (v) country (nation) .ekri correspond . pè (n) couple .

tretman (v) curious .kreyati credit .Kiba cult .kònèy crowd .sèk crook .grosye (adj) crude .kredite (v) creed .English Creole Dictionary 109 crash (comp) .mechan cruise .kriye (v) Cuba .lètkaye cure .ankonbre (v) crowd .ranpe crayfish .foul (n) crucify .malen cup .travèse (v) crow .kredi (n) credit .kri (adj) cruel .krèm Crease .krisifye (v) crude .kreye creature .krash (v) crash .pli create .kirye curl .kilti culture .kwazyè crumb .kyiyèl cruel .krim cripple .kretyen creature .enfim (n) cripple .vòlè crooked .kraze (v) crave .krake (v) cream .fraka (n) crash .ranpe Creole .n remèd cure .koutcha cunning .kilti culture .kwaze (v) cross .rekòlt cross .pli currency .swanye cure .krout crumb .kwa cross .kredo creek .bèso crime .estropye (v) crisp .glise (v) creep .gode curd .anvi crawl .kribich crazy .fou creak .rivyè creep .krout cry .kraze (v) crust .kilt culture .lajan .krochi crop .Kreyòl (adj) crew .myèt crush .ekip crib .

jou day .bazdone database .pase randevou daughter .done data .jounen day.maje (v) damn .dekouraje daunt .danse (v) danger .koub cushion .ranse dawn .bisiklèt dabble .joure (v) curse .idyo daily .baraj (n) damage .tifi daunt .koupe (v) cute .javlo (n) dart .eleman database .devanjou day .malediksyon (n) curtain .papa daft .laprit! damp .bèt daft .avanjou dawn .kouran (adj) current .defye dark .entimide (v) dawdle .toulejou dally .nan fènwa darkness .110 English Creole Dictionary current . in the .modi (v) curse . the other .reprize (v) dart .fonse dark .mouye damp .danje dare .detale (v) dash .dans (n) dance .detabez date .suveyans cut .babote daddy .mwat dance .elektrik (n) curse .plonje (v) dash .priz (n) data .dat date.flèch dart .modi (v) damn! .lanbinen dam .cheri darn . make a .avegle (pete) je .lanbinen dawdle .pitit fi daughter .bay gabèl (v) dare .kousen custody .lotrejou a dazzle .nwa dark.bèl cycle (bicycle) .fènwa darling .domaj (n) damn .rido curve .

definisyon deft .pini degree .English Creole Dictionary 111 dazzle .famin dearth .defans defer .desizyon deck .debòch debt .enpas deaf .shè dearth .grad delay .fon default .pouri deceive .defakto dead .platfòm deck .abese debase .eblouyi de facto .pon declare .diskite debauch .aksyon deep .payas decrease .defo fabrik defense .dilit (v) .dekonpoze (v) decay .dèt decay .refize decorate .venk (v) defect .degre degree .deside decision .bese decline .diminye decree .mouri dead .briye dazzle .lanmò debase .bat defeat .ajil defy .bay (v) deal .desepsyon decide .mò deaden .bay koutba deceive .delege delete (comp) .diplòm degree .retade delegate .grangou death .defo defeat .amòti deaden .desanm decentralize desantralize deception .avili debate .sheri dear .soud deal .distribye dear .definitif definition .defye defy .mouri deadlock .debat debate .ranvwaye definite .dekore decoy .deklare decline .dekrè deed .desevwa December .

demann (n) demand .depann depict .arete detain .reflechi delicate .destine destroy .demokratik demolish .efase deliberate .depòte depose .dezespere despite .desè destiny . fou delirious .fouye demand .peze depth .malgre dessert .delala.demontre deport .renye depart .dekri depict .detèmine (v) .atoufè desperate .dezè deserve .kenbe detect .desann describe .delivre delve .depo deprave .detounen depress .plezi delirious .pwotèz deny .delika delicious .vle (v) desk .esprè (adj) deliberate .biwo despair .pwofondè descend .desen (n) design .depatman depend .anpeche determination detèminasyon determine .bon gou delight .epè density .kraze detach .dechoke deposit .depoze depot .demoli dense .fou deliver .detekte deter .detache detail .depo (n) deposit .demokrasi democratic .pati department .desine (v) desire .detwi destroy .dansite denture .mande (v) democracy .112 English Creole Dictionary delete .detaye (v) detain .merite design .dezespere desperate .detay detail .dekri desert .debat (v) deliberate .ansi desire .

andikape disable .dyalektal dialogue .rayi detour .deteste detest .enfim disagree .difikilte dig .tètchaje disaster .diferan difficult .delye dim .pal dinner .devwe dew .plonje direct .salte dirty .dezas disburse .diksyonè die .pa dakò disappear .fè paspouki dictionary .dijere (v) digest .fouye digest .kras dirt .desevwa disapprove .enstriman devil .detou devastate .difisil difficulty .devaste develop .dine dip .dezaprouve disarray .dirèk (adj) direction .antete determined .direktè directory .diab devout .anyè dirt .detèmine detest .diyite diligent .pa dakò different .mouri differ .larouze disagreeable dezagreyab dialectal .sal disable .deranje disable .direksyon director .develope (v) development developman device .dirije (v) direct .dyaloge diaphragm (sex) .jounal pèsonèl dick (slang) .kòk discriminate diskriminen discriminate .debouse .pwotèj fanm diary .debouya dilute .pousyè dirt .English Creole Dictionary 113 determined .disparèt (v) disappoint .demon devil .ekstrè (n) dignity .

distribye district .maladi disgrace .diskalifye dissipate .dezonè disgrace .dekouvri discern .deden disease .disrè discretion .vide discipline .114 English Creole Dictionary disc .klè distinction .deposede dispensary .dezòd disown .wont disguise .doktè document .lage dismiss .twou dive .gaye distance .dekouraje discover .plonje diver .ranvwaye disorder .dofin .deranje ditch .fabrike do.diskresyon discrimination diskriminasyon discrimination paspouki discuss .ravin ditch .distans distinct .diskèt discern .degou dish .disipline (v) discontent mekontantman discord .plat dismiss .dola dolphin .diskredite (v) discrete .distrè distribute .chen doll .koule dive .digizmann disgust .diskite disdain .dezakò discourage . be about to .distenge distort . plat dish .gen vètij do .divòs dizzy .disène discharge .asyèt.distenksyon distinguish .dispoze doctor .defòme distract .etale (v) disqualify .divès divide .dokiman dog .dispansè display .dayiva diverse .disten distinct .poupe dollar .divize divorce .dekouvri discredit .

rèv dream .pròche drawback .log book dosye.anba-a download .tach double .rale draw near .sou dry .bwè (v) drip .abiye (v) dress .domine domination dominasyon Dominican Republic Dominikani donkey .chofè driver .peyi (adj) domestic .pwen dot .degoute drive . (v) note .kanna .double (v) doubt .English Creole Dictionary 115 domain .ròb (n) drift .dòtwa dosye .gout (n) drop .dròg drum .pijon down .fayit door .farinen (v) drop .desann (v) downtown .log dot .dril (n) drill .tris dress .flote drill .egou draw .kondui drive .domèn domestic .doub (adj) double .pat farin dove .kondiktè drizzle .nwaye drug .sonm dreary .lage (v) drought .droum drunk .pòt dormitory .fè egzèsis (v) drink .sechrès drown .kourandè (n) drag .reve (v) dreary .doute (v) dough .anba (adv) down .dout (n) doubt .dezavantaj dream .restavèk (n) dominate .trennen drain .desann (v) down there .anrole (v) draft .lavil draft .sèk duck .promenad (n) driver .bourik doom .bweson (n) drink .

enterese eagle .latè earth .lès East Asia .egare (adj) dumb .kwen edit .edite editor .zòrèy early .dwa duty .alès Easter .genyen earn .annavans early .pilsab dung .malfini eagle .kolore (v) each .fòs .eko economic .pandan twa dènye aneyo dusk .bout edge .fasil eat .jete (v) dump .editè educate .lèz easily .ekonomik economically ekonomikman economy .Ewèp de Lès easy .tinen dwelling .posede earnest .ekonomi edge .pandan during the last two years .bònfwa earring .gaga (adj) dummy .bonè earn .pil fatra (n) dune .edike education .tè ease .enbesil dumb .egare dummy .pousyè duty .manje echo .fasilman east .Azi de Lès east.fimye during . in the .Pak Eastern Europe .labrin dust .edikasyon eel .èg ear .zanno earth .mat dumb .kay dye .taks dwarf .chak eager .akòz dull .enbesil dump .efase effort .fè lajan earn .116 English Creole Dictionary due to .zangi efface .

elimine elitist .adrès elektwonik elementary .elijib eliminate .elemantè elephant .bay kouraj embrace .egoyis eight .kwoke embroider .oswa ejaculate .brode (bwode) emit .kont email message .onz eligible .anplwaye empower .granmoun elect .djòb (n) employee .anbasad embellish .elitis else .emosyonèl emotional.tizan embolden .imel email .fè emosyonèl emphasis .jennen embarrassment .elektoral electro .retire elaborate .otorize empty .emèt emit .anbrase embrace .kouryèll email .nenpòt either .jenn embassy .pouse soti eject .ze eggplant .eleksyon electoral .chwazi elect .nonpli(s) either .uit eighteen .konplike (adj) elbow .anplwaye (v) employ .mel email account .koud elder .elabore (v) elaborate .anfaz employ .katreven either .English Creole Dictionary 117 effort .elefan eleven . to be .eli election .fè sikile emotion .dizuit eighty .emosyon emotional .chemistry elektwochimi electronic .vid (adj) .osinon email .efò egg .mel embarrass .anbeli embers .jefò effort .berejenn egotist .voye (v) eject .

jwisans (n) enormous .ase (adj) enough . tout entire .bout end .andirans endure .machin engine .enòm enormous .melanje entangle .anrichi enroll .tout entrails .angaje engage .enèji engage .bouche enclose .banboche enjoyment .lenmi energy .motè English .vlope (v) envious .kontre encourage .anrole enroll .asire entangle .rejwi enjoy .enstige entice .vide (v) encircle .magouy enjoy .menmen enormous .anvi (n) equal .fèmen encounter .papa enough .antre entrance .enstige (v) entice .angajman engine .kenbe enemy .anvlòp (n) envelope .egale (v) .egal (adj) equal .benefisye enjoy oneself .Angle engrave .pyete end .jiwi enjoy .anvye environment .foure engagement .pòt envelope .fè lasisiy entire .ankouraje encourage .antye.kont (adv) enrage .grave enigma .amize entice .agase enrage .enève enrich .antre enterprise .antrepriz entertain .antoure enclose .antouraj environment anviwènman envy .enigm enigma .118 English Creole Dictionary empty .fen endurance .zantray entrance .mele enter .rekrite ensure .

valye (v) etc.chase evidence .lomisyon error .fòt erupt .evidans evident .patou evict .konpayon (n) especial .menm (adv) even worse .jis (adj) even .espesyal especially .eklatman escape .evalyasyon evangel .mawon evade .espyonaj esquire .pati escape .pete eruption .Ewopeyen evade .avoka essential .preche even .evalye evaluation .estime estimate .vètikal (adj) erection .sware event .sove evaluate .levanjil evangelize .chak fwa everybody .egal even . .aklè (adj) evident .erè error .aklè (adj) evil .monte (v) erect .etabli esteem .etènel European .chape escape .estim estimate .ekipe equipment .evidan evident .English Creole Dictionary 119 equip .evade evade .efase erect .evenman ever .esanyèl establish .espesaylman espionage .move .aswè evening .chape escape .eskòte (v) escort .eklate erupt .janmen every .ekipman erase .espyonaj espionage .drese erect .janm ever .bibit errand .eksetera eternal .swa evening .sove escort .tout moun everywhere .chak every time .dwat erect .pi grav evening .

esplwate exploitation eksplòtasyon explore .fè egzèsis exhale .ansent expecting .egzamine examine .alatant expect .egzak exactly .mòflè (n) exist .fose exert .ekspè explain .eksperyanse (v) expert .egzan exercise .eksede except .depans expense .retire excuse .akonpli execute .eksepte except .eksite exclude .ranvwaye expense .eksploze explode .klè explode .egzanp exceed .frè (expenses) expensive .gwòs expel .egzajere examine .120 English Creole Dictionary evil.chèche .pete exploit .egziste expande .etann expect .ekslisit explicit .egzale exhale .twòk excite .depase exceed .egzanplè exempt .tann expecting .eksperyans (n) experience .elaji expande .echanj (n) exchange .eklate explode .kontrole example .evolisyon exact .eskize (v) execute .briye (in) exceed .rann souf exhaust .sòf exception .eksepsyon exceptional eksepsyonèl exchange .kraze-brize evolution .eskli exclude .eksplike explanation eksplikasyon explicit .egzekite exemplary .egzakteman exaggerate . to d .chè experience .egzèsis (n) exert .

fanmi famine .andeyò extort .lafwa fake .eksplozyon export .enpòtan famous .eklatman explosion .souflè (v) .istwa face .kapris fade .espresyon extend .zye eyebrow .estansyon exterior .fo false .gade (anfas) (v) face to face .gran fan .extricate extricate .fakilte fad .kapwonnen (v) faith .jis (adj) faith .figi (n) face .verite faculty .famin famine .pal (adj) fair .linèt fable .ekspòte (v) expose .sousi eyeglasses .deyò exterior .akstrèm extreme .esans (n) extract .ekitab (adj) fair .eksteryè external .disparèt (v) fade .je eye .rate faint .tonbe (v) false .ouvri extent .djanni (adj) fake .etann extend .eksprime expression .manti false .fennen (adj) fail .ekspozisyon express .afwa faith .pa vre family .eksplore explosion .krizokal (adj) fall .grangou famous .fasil fact .rache eye .ekstrè extract .peze extract .ekspoze exposition .limit extention .English Creole Dictionary 121 explore .fasafas facile .afwonte (v) face .rale (v) extraordinary ekstraòdinè extreme .ekspòtasyon (n) export .fab fable .

fèt feather .vantilatè (n) fancy .abitan farmer .fasine fashion .lamòd fast .gra fate .jennen feel .byen lwen farm .vit fasten .pete (v) farther .epè fat .pran pòz fellow .plantasyon farmer .favè (n) favor .nouri feel .kokenn far .bay manje (v) feed . to .babako (n) feast .femèl (adj) fence .Fevriye fee .pè (v) fear .mak February .lantouray ferocious .fòt favor .anvi feeling .kriminel female .sò father .pè (v) feast .plim feature .122 English Creole Dictionary fan .destine fate .fèb feed .anpenpan (adj) fancy .entrige fascinate .lapè (n) fear .lwen far away .kiltivatè fart .santiman feign .papa father .nèg felon .fatig fault .santi feel like.dan fang .feròs .imajine (v) fang .fente feign .bay tò fault .baryè fence .karakteristik feature .mare fasten .fanm (n) female .defo (n) fault .pilwen fascinate .pè fatigue .dwa (ladwann) fee .rapid fast .tache fat .jaden farm .kwòk fantastic .frè (depans) feeble .bambòch feast .

feodal fever .jwe ak (v) field (career) .kenz fifth .dokiman (n) file .finalman finance .jaden field .tate finger .sineyas final .dife (n) fire .premye.dosye fill .entrepriz (n) firm .terib fifteen .fen (adj) finger .solid (adj) first .peche (v) fish .chèche feudal . dabò (adj) (at first) first .fini fire .alè ki le finally .fim filth .domèn field (career).anfòm (adj) fine .fiksyon fiddle .rann kont fine .finans financial .plen film .finansyè find .fètil fetch .final finally .dwèt (n) finger .prenom first of all .fayèl file .English Creole Dictionary 123 fertile .premyèman. domain domèn field .premye (adj) first .manti (n) fiction .amann (n) fine .lafyèv few .senkyèm fifty .senkant fight .dokiman file (comp) .sal fimmaker .feròs fierce .jwenn find out .batay fight .bay (fè) manti (v) fib .donnen fertile .teren fierce .a la fen finally .revoke (v) firefly .kras filthy . dabò (adj) first . (at first) premyèman.dabò (adj) first .tripote (v) finish . premyèman fish .adv.kèk fib .koukouy firm .pwason .dabò firstly .

124 English Creole Dictionary fish trap .klavye food .ranje fixed .flote flock .plat flavor .fiks flag .silèks flip .woule (v) foot .fleri (v) flower .chè flesh .farin flow .manje fool .prp pou .fanatik font (comp) .mouch (n) fly .drapo flame .twompe (v) fool .pechè fist .anvayi (v) flood .flanm flash .vyann flight .grip fluent .kouran fluid .bouya fold .baskile flirt .paske for .lavalas (n) flooding .nas fisherman .voye jete (v) flint .lanouriti food .klere (v) flat .file float .enbesil (n) fool .c chase flush .flechi flinch .etaj flour .pwen (n) five .lavalas floor .senk (adj) fix .inondasyon (n) flood .koche flea .pinèz flea .katab folk .bann flock .pli (n) fold .pis flesh .flè (n) flu .likid flush .vide fly .pliye (v) folder .gou flay .kole (adj) flush .pye for .tresayi (v) fling .vòl (avyon) flinch .koule flower .peyi follow .suiv fond .troup flood .lenmi fog .vole (v) foe .

Frans France .tan lib freedom .etranje foreman .bòs foreman .lib.bliye fork .fòma format .fòmasyon formatted .ranmase (v) form .foròm forward .pokòk forest .erente frazzle ..fòs (n) force .of charge) gratis free .jele .fran fraud .fòse (v) forecast .rakbwa forever .pini force .frakti (n) fragile .fondman legal four .volay fracture .lib. gratis free time .libète freely .forè forest .fòm (n) form .fòtin fortune .delibere (v) free .pa ekzanp forbid .librèman freeze .fròd frazzle .ajamè forever .fouchèt (n) fork .fòmann foreskin .ankadreman France .etranj foreigner . (.fòmate (v) formation .abandone former .kraze.protokòl format .abandone forsake .English Creole Dictionary 125 for example .fòme (v) formality .devan (adj) foundation .richès forty .gratis (free of charge) free .ansyen forsake .frajil frame .defann forbid .fòmate former .sanzatann free .lage fortune . erente freak .la pou toutan forget .Lafrans frank .projte (v) foreign .avanse forward .kat fowl .karant forum .glase freeze .

garaj garden .zanmi fright . of .glas frown .benefis gain .fant garage .moke function .freyè fright .lantèman funny .konpay friend .gwonde (v) frown .ranpli full .Vandredi friend ..bil gall .jele fruit .mare min (v) frozen .fri fuel .mèb further .Enstiti Franse frequent .ponmdetè fri French Institue .pi devan fuss .devan frost .fonksyone (v) function .souvan fresh .amizman (n) fun .avni future .fre fresh .galon gallop .126 English Creole Dictionary freeze .klik gap .firye furniture .pilwen further down .konjile French .laperèz frog .komik furious .gen gall .plen fume .jwè game .galope gamble .fwi frustration .gaòt fuss .ffyèl gallon .amizan (adj) fun .meli melo future .krapo front .akeri (v) gain . make .jaden flè .vapè fun .frèch Friday .plezi (n) fun.gaz fulfill .mach fundamental fondamental funeral .fristrasyon fry .fineray funeral .jwèt gang .lavni gain .franse french fries .akonpli fulfill .

jeometri German .mezire (v) gauge .jeyan gift .amoure girlfriend .tifi girlfriend .fikse gaze .patè gardner .pran emosyon (v) get a breath of fresh air pran van get a haircut .jadinye garlic .janti gently .jeografi geometry .abiyman garment .alman get .degaje.fè kado give birth .leve ghost .pwodui generation .ranmase gathering .jenere genetics .konbit gathering .fè yon moun pou (v) get down .anmore give .fè tèt get along .pran get .don gift . kenbe get back .zonbi giant .fantom ghost .jenetik Genisis .djin girl .tcheke (v) gaze .derape get up .dousman geography .monte get out (of vehicle) desann get started .akouche give .mete get in a vehicle .bay give away .rad gas .Jenèz gentile .ban give .kontanple general .griyen gin .soupl gentle .ponp gaz gate .pòtay gather .kado giggle .rantre get back at .gaz gas station .English Creole Dictionary 127 garden .jenerasyon generous .geji (v) gauge .rasanbleman gauge .lay garment .jenere generate .jeneral generate .djal girl .delivre .

kabrit God .miwate glide .grad grade .bon good bye .kole (v) glue .nivle (v) graduate .kalbas (food) govern .dye god .Bondye god .papiyon lanp go .lage glad .tenèb glory .ekla glass .lagras grade .kontan glance .abondone give up .gouvène government gouvènman governmental gouvènmantal gown .zwa gossip .gourde Haitian currency.ale go .vè gleam .glòb gloom .sefwe go back and forth .desann go in .danre goose . (food) kalbas Haitian currency.gouman gluttony .annò good .glise glitter .ròb grace .babay goods .tripotay gossip .objktif goat .kouche go up .goud. money gourde .monte goal . money gourde .goud gourde .ekla globe .esperyanse go to bed .safrete gnat .vit glass .briye glitter .lò golden .diplome .motedesann go down .lakòl glutton .zin gourde .espri god .rantre go through .evalye grade .laglwa glue .lwa gold .128 English Creole Dictionary give up .gade glare .

devine guest .chiklèt (v) gum .salte grin . guess .gonm gum .grann grape .voras greedy .salitasyon grilled .gwoup group .ri jòn grind .gradye (v) grain .tè group .grav gravy .sòs gray .vè green .gran great .gad guard .rezen grapefruit .teren ground .rekonesans gratitude .gade (v) guard .visye greedy .moulen grip .pwovizyon ground .grandi growl .gwo greedy .revolve .English Creole Dictionary 129 graduate .koupab gulp .priz grocery .siveye (v) guard .chadèk grasp .zèb grate .atrab grass .salye (v) greet with much respect .graje gratitude .rekonesans.gonmen (v) gum .vèt greet .grese (v) great .kanno gun .tonm (n) grave .gouman greedy .gri grease .gwonde (v) Guantanamo Gwantanamo guard .jandam.grenn grandchild .goonm gun .granpapa grandmother .vòlè green .moulen grinder . grave .gòje gulp .grie grime .envite guilty .vale (v) gum .gwoupe (v) grow .salye ak anpil respè greeting .ptit-pitit grandmother .

manch handle .an mal makak happen .djipsi habit .fè tèt hairdresser .bèl handy .sou la men (adv) hang (in there) .waf hard .lanmen handsome .ere happy .Aiysyen half .bando hairbrush .machande hail (ice) .rive happy .lagrèl hair .pann hang out (to idle) pandye hang up .men hand .cheve hair .mouchwa handle .demi (n) half .rafal gut .goin handsaw .pase (v) handbag .pwal hairband .gidon handsaw .chire hack .òl ham .andikap handkerchief .touche (v) handlebars .rache haggle .kwafè Haiti .okipe handle .130 English Creole Dictionary gust .itil handy .lans handle .bwòs tèt haircut .mwatye (n) hall .jimnastik Gypsy .valiz handcuffs .legoin handshake .kontan harbor .Ayitii Haiti .kwoke hang .kwoke hangover .nèg gymnastic .Peyi Dayiti Haitian .korido hall .janbon hammer .goyin handsaw .manyen (v) handle .mato hand .pò harbor .kenbe hang .abitid hack .difisil (difficult) .ponyen handicap .zantray guy .menòt handful .pase happen .

suèl heavy .bòdi hedge .ezite hiccup .lou.men here . peze Hebrew .maman poul her .fè atansyon heel .lizyè heed .haddrav harm .(v) asistans help .sèvi ak haven .talon height .bwote haul .ansante heap .tètfèmal health .maltrete haste .English Creole Dictionary 131 hard drive .ede help .wotè hell .anpresman hat .okèt hide .ebre hedge .lesyèl heaven .bonjou help .zèb he .kè (heart). mitan (center .dirije (v) head .rayisman (v) hate .èn (v) haul .genyen have a .fèt pou (fò/fòk are used at the beginning of the phrase) have use for .maltèt headache .sante healthy .chaje have .(v) kache hide .mitan heat .azil hawk .chalè heaven .kè heart .li head .middle) heart .pil heart .chapo hate .alfini hawk .lanfè hello .isit herring .(n) po .fo have to .tèt headache .aran herself .èd hen .rayi (v) hate .li-menm hesitate .fè fèt have to .zepis here .paradi heaven .lasante health .li herb .malfini hay .

elve high .(v) frape. zen (v) hop up and down ponpe hope .(v) kwoke hook .otès hot .wou hoe .sousa horse .lekèl segondè high .sere hideous .lotèl .zen (v) hook .ospitalite host .kochon hold .lonè hoof .kijan hog .lopital hospitality .onèt honey .answe hoe .knoje hollow .132 English Creole Dictionary hide .enplwaye historic .pat zannimo hook .devwa homosexual.orizantal horn .lakay homespun .lespwa horizontal .mòn hillbilly .twou holiday .wo hijack .moun mòn hire . chwal hospital .(v) espere hope .kenbe hole .natif natal homework .kòn hornet .detounen hill .kre holy . kou (a hit with a stick = kou d baton) HIV positive sewopozitif hoarse .cheval. lèd high school .kwòk.kòman hoe .efreyan.nostalji home .klakson ( klakxonn) horn .cho hotel .apik high .siwo myèl honor .animatè host .mètkay hostess .gèp horny (slang) .istorik hit . male akimafe honest .sen home economics ekonomi domestik home sick .

kay how many .mouye humiliate .chasè hurricane .ide identification .kreten ignorant .silans hyphen .konbyen how many .tirè ice cream .moun humble .kat-didantite idea .san hunt .bosu hundred .pik ice .poutan however . sòt.ranni huge .chase (v) hunt .imen human .iyoran ignore .konbe how . kreten) ignorance .fè ront hunchback .si ignorance .English Creole Dictionary 133 hour .fènwa ignorant of .vag .kouri.dwa moun human .lachas (v) hunter . prese husband .idantite identify .kouri.aryenafè if .inyorance ignorance .modès humid . inyorance.iyore ignorant .depi (since) if .gro human being .baba idiot .kretyen vivan human phisiology fizyoloji moun human rights .iyorans (same as: liyorans.epoutan however .idyo idle .krèm ice pick .kijan however .idyòm idiomatic .imid humid .lè house cleaning lapwòpte house .idyomatik idiot .mari hush .konbe how much .kòman how much .men howl .idantifye idiom .konbyen how much .glas ID Card . siklòn hurry .

revoke impeach .enpòtan.sizoka in France .enpresyon imprison .enplije importance .sou san (sou san-m) in a while .imite imitation .enbesil (same as: joko) imitate .ilejitim.imigran immigration imigrasyon (v) immoral .an Frans in general .imoral immortal .anpeche imperialist .imans immigrant .ilistre image .ilejitim.maledve ill . deyò illicit .enpasyan impeach .malad ill mannered .ilegal illegitimate .imaj imaginatiom imajinasyon imagine .talè in case .pou in order .maladi illustrate .bourik illegal .ladan in order to .an jeneral in it .enpresyone impression .trèzenpòtan impossible .opa .malgre in step .imedyat immediately .amelyore improvement amelyorasyon in a good mood .tousuit immediately imedyatman immense .enposib impress .enperyalis implicate .ole immediate .imòtèl impart .enpòtans important .an règ in spite of . [very important] .analfabèt illness .anbachal illiterate . konsekan. deyò illegitimate .imitasyon immature (unripe) .134 English Creole Dictionary ill bred .imajine imbecile .anprizone imprisonment anprizonnman improve .montre impatient .

enfòm (v) information - .plede inch .ozetazini in the wink of an eye taptap (adv. around there .an in .anplas inbred .grenn pa grenn (n) individual .) in the .pant include .enklinasyon inclination .andedan in .alwès in the .alès in the .enkwayab indeed .ras kabrit inbreed .pous incise .endike indicate .pou granmèsi in .koupe incite .akouple incense .endividi (n) individual .enfekte infertile .endiyasyon indirectly endirèkteman indispensible endipansab individual .la-yo in the afternoon .lontan fènwa in vain .akize indifferent .ankli (v) including .oun (n) individually endividyèlman industrialization endistriyalizasyon infect .d laprèmidi in the U S .montre indict .ogmante (v) incredible .kanmenm independence endepandans independent endepandan index .a in .ankli increase .ogmantasyon (v) increase .enfliyans inform .ensite inclination .lansan incessantly .endeks indicate .English Creole Dictionary 135 in that area.nan in .endiferan indignation .arid influence .

inisyal initial .kontrole install .eritaj initial .iwonilman .moman (n) instead .inosan inquire .entansyon interest .deranje invent .lenstriksyon insult .andedan insist .vansèyman infrastructure enfrastriki inherit .136 English Creole Dictionary enfomasyon information .enstiti institution .fou insecticide .fè iron .foure inside .envoke involvement .yòd iron .koupe intersection .fè demann insane .olye institute .envante invention .lèspri intelligent .envesti (ak) (v) invisible .enstale (v) instant .ensektisid insert .entrèronp interrupt .envansyon invest .ensolan inspect .enterese interfere .pase fè (v) ironically .joure (v) intelligence .lentansyon intention .envite invoke .nan introduce .enstantane (n) instant .enstitisyon instruct .angajman iodine .kafou into .entelijan intend .enstriksyon instruction .entènet interpretation entèpretasyon interrupt .premye ink .prezante introduction entwodiksyon intrude .eritye inheritance .gen lentansyon intent .ensilt insult .montre instruction .lank innocent .envizib invite .ensiste insolent .entèfere international entènasyonal internet .

bat laponyèt jacket .zile Isreal .English Creole Dictionary 137 ironically.kostim jaden flè .li-menm jab .janbon cop .janti nice .Izrayèl it .janmen kind . pa janm) manner .kacho jail .awoze island .jandam officer .soupl bark . ever .janm never .grate (v) itself .Jacmel EN: a city in Haiti parrot .jadinye jag .jan type .janti gentle .anprizone (v) EN: (to put in jail) Jakmèl .jape (v) jar .dechikte jargon .javlo .koutpwen jack off .jandam.janti January .jan ham .konfiti EN: (food) never .jandam guard .jakorepèt EN: a person who repeats everything said jealous .Janvye gentile .jagon jail .leg ever .awoze irrigate .bonkal jargon .demanjezon (v) itch .jagon slang .andouteyaj jam .jakèt jacket .jaden gardner .landscape farm .janti polite .il island .jagon dart .irige irritate .italyen itch .jamè (janm.pa janm janm . speak iwonize irresponsibility iresponsabilite irrigate .jalou jam .jaden field .li Italian .jako parrot .

jennen EN: (burden oneself) embarrass .jennen lad .jennjan knee .zagripan EN: (person) Jesuit .jije (v) judgement .jele effort .jis apt .je pete (n) guard .jij judge .jinyò skirt .siveye (v) eye .aptopriye till .jeneral generous .zye Thursday -Jedi jeep .jemi wail . jiska until .jemi June .jenn gason EN: (young man) embarrassment .jiskaske justify .jeyan juice .jeografi geometry .bijou giant .bijou jewelry .jip swear .jis.jidisye judge .fòs moan .ji judicial .Jezuit generate .jenere genetics .jimnastik twin .pwodui jewel .djip effort .jimo junior .jenere bouquet .jis narrow .Jen general .jenetik chap .jiri even .jire (sèmante) jury .jis apt .jenn young .jennen feel uncomfortable jennen narrow .gade guard .138 English Creole Dictionary jaw .jeneral generate .jis narrow .jiska until .jenn burden .machwa blind .jenou Genisis .jefò jelly .Jenèz geography .jeometri jerk .jistifye .jijman gymnastic .

djòb job .koud join .jiwi job .krich juice .kontantman admonish .jistifye (v) justice .log book admonish .djògin join .jounalis journey .rankontre join .reyini join .jodi pause .blag jolly .English Creole Dictionary 139 account .vole June .jou up to .mellow joy .annik EN: (time) just .jounen blame .jistis enjoy .Juli July .jounal jounalis .joure casiigate .jouk pumpkin .jwe joke .vwayaj jovyal .joumou (kalbas) EN: (squash) diary .journalist day .eksplike enjoy .jij (v) judge .jog jogging .lajwa joyous .jwenti (n) joke around .kontan cheek .Jen junior .travay EN: (work) account .joure (v) dosye .benefisye joint .jounal pèsonèl note .avèti journalist .jiye jump .koud enjoy .jidisye jug .jis just .jinyò junkwood .jis just .joure joy .ji Julie .legal .jiri just .ponpe jump .jijman judicial .jwaye judge .kabinaj bwa jury .jou day .jije (v) judgment .juyè July .rejwi today .joure insult .note (v) log .

paran kind .beapen kindness .kle kick .talan knave .kangourou karate .jistis justice .gaz lanp kerosene .a jenou EN: (ajenou) .jòn yolk .asasen kilometer .jèbè young .wa kink .wòch nan ren kidney .file keep .bo kitchen .timoun kidney stone .jenou kneecap .kizin kitchen .jwèt toy .kewozin kettle.tuiye killer .kap kitten .karate KB .jwenn jew .fò knack .kap kite .jistifye find .kilobayt keen .kilomèt kin .jwèt baby food .Kenntèki kerosene .janti kindling .mete ajenou .jònze kangaroo .mokle key .pike keen .ne kink .lajistis justify .sere Kentucky .jwif Jewish .fen keen .jantiyès king .touye kill .ren kill .koken knee .pli kiss .chodwon key word .jwenn locate .140 English Creole Dictionary justice .jwif game . (v) kneeling .jen yellow .frape ak pye () kick .zo jenou kneel down .kenbe keep .chat knack .lakizin kite .kou (v) kid .sèvolan kite . large .

mank (v) lack .jennjan ladle .pòtab lard .kouto knit .ne know .Creole labor pain .liy language .dire (v) last .debake landlord .konnen knowledge .pwopriyetè landscape .rekoni knuckle .Amerik Latin Latin .jwenti dwèt knuckle .kòde .defayans lapse .dwa law .anreta (adv) ta Latin America .mouton land . (v) knot .lalwa lawn .gazon lawsuit .frape knot .konesans knowledge .doulè akouman labor .ri law .atèri (v) land .jaden flè landscape .oslè kola .travay lace .kò kraze last .save known .Laten laugh .kout fwèt lassitude .lwa law .dènye late .grès kochon lard .madanm lake .peyizaj lane .teren land .erè laptop .perime (v) lapse .tè land .pwose .la large .lase lack .manke (v) lad .louch lady .trikote knock some one down blayi knock .lang lapse .bò lari lane .labtòb laptop .chodwon large .English Creole Dictionary 141 knife .lak lamb .laj lash .kola Kreyól .brode knit .

etann lay .tchwi leave .zaboka lax .kui leather .142 English Creole Dictionary lawyer .longè less .sotu leave .kouche lazy .legal legible .kouche lax .mantlè .leson let .dirije lead .koule (v) lean .legal rezidan legal .lese leave .pran lari leak .gòch left.an alè let's . to the .fuit leak .poro left .pye legal resident .lwaye (v) lease .mwens leather .annou letter .aprann lease .mwenn least .janm leg .lèt level .kòmande lead .lwe (v) least .nivle (v) level .plon leader .pastan lemon .panche learn .ponn (v) lay .pati leave .fèy leak (info) .ann let's .neglijan lax .sansi leech .nivo (v) liar .apiye lean .bòs leaf .blayi lax .vag lay an egg .sotu leech .lizib leisure .sitron lend .parese lead .djòlè liar .vantouz leek .mwens lesson .prete length .lwazi leisure .blayi lay .kite leave .lage (v) let's go .kite let .agoch leg .

lavi life .dra linen .klere (v) EN: (light up) light .kouvèti lie down .lyon lip .koukouy lightning .lenn link (internet) lyenajwèb link .leje (adj) light .lisans lick .monte light .bouchon lid .vi lift .piti little.limite (v) line .kon.lèv lip .lis listen .pobouch liqeur .leze lightning bug .lacho limit .leve lift .pwopriyetè lis list . (like this/that) konsa like .koute (v) literature .likè liquid .zeklè like .kon like . up) klere (v) light(weight) .bout pou bout little .bibliyotèk lice .limen (v) light ..relye (v) lion .pou license .renmen (v) like .leze (adj) EN: (light weight) light .blayi lie .tankou (v) lime .niche lid .eklè lightning .literati little by little . (.manti life .boul lie .delibere liberty .fè yon ti () (v) .liy linen .enpe little .renmen (v) like .English Creole Dictionary 143 liberate .libète library . to (v) a little .lyen link .lanbe lick .likid list owner .tankou (v) like .limen.

rega () look .prete (v) lobster . l`j (v) lock .akonpli live .branlan looter .chaj (v) load .rete live .bay ladesant (v) lodge .note (v) log in .abite live .lokal local .ebèje ().piyajè lose hope .lokalize lock (of hair) .jounal log book .viv liver .très lodge .dezespere lose weight .galata log book .fwa living .chache kont look for .chache look for .kadnase (v) lock .kadna lock .pen loafer .flannen (v) loaf .chèche look .roma local .natif-natal local .meprize look for trouble .chaje (v) loaf . l`j (v) lock (of hair) .vivan lizard .bay ladesant.peyi locate . bay ladesant.jwenn locate .dosye lone .gade (v) loop .riban (v) loop .enpav loan .144 English Creole Dictionary live in .zandolit load .lògin (v) log out .lògawout (v) log .ebèje (v) lodge . to (as lovers) .kadnase (v) lodge .l`j (v) lock (of hair) .l`j.bloke (v) lock .dosye log book .bout bwa log .anpren loan .lon look down on .sèl long .lage (v) loaf .abite live together.gade (v) loose . () ebèje loft .leza lizard .desann .

desann (v) lucid ..English Creole Dictionary 145 lose .magouyè lug . (.majistra magnificent .tèt klè luck .konvwate machine .akajou maid .damou pou love with. (each other) damou (v) love.lis abòne main .fache mad .gro moso lump .nan renmen (v) love.trennen luke . make .chans lucre . be in .lou lumber .majistra magic .fou mad.anpil EN: (a lot) lottery .fòme (v) machine .amou love .sanp magistrate .lanmou love .fèt madistrate .koupe.machin (n) mad .pran emosyon (v) made .nan renmen ak (v) love .chagren loss . be in .aleche lure .renmen.bwa lump . get .mentni .fè lasisiy lust .pran EN: (to make love) love .bwat lèt mail list .damou love.prensipal main .pèt lot .lotri loud .damou (v) EN: (love each other) love ..majik magic .fò lousy .santral maintain .lisid lucid .mas lunch .to) pran low .manje midi lure .ba lower .pèdi loss . be in .bòn maid .dine lunch . be in .restavèk mail box .manyifik mahogany .degoutan love with.

nonm manage .yon dividal (adj) map .fè (v) make .brase mash .pron.fabrike (v) manufacture . yon dividal (adj) many .Mas mark .make (v) market .marekaj Martinique .moke make a .limanite manner .akimafe male .bat .malveyan malice .(v) kraze mask .anpil.mak mark .marye marsh .maske (wear a mask) mass .plizye many .liv (n) manufacture . nonm man .mesye man .maniskri many .manyèl (adj) manual .Matia masacre .146 English Creole Dictionary maize .prensipal (adj) majority .mansyo mansion .moun.gro kay manual . pron.mache marriage . plizye.malis malign . yon dividal (adj) many .mal malevolent .masakre mash .imanite mankind .manifoul mankind .tach (n) mark .pou pi si make .kat March .maryaj marry .anpil many .majò (n) major . debouye mango .pase randevou make sure .nèg man .. (.fason manner ..dirije.mango manifestation manifestasyon manifold .to) pran make ..(v) metrize masturbate .majorite make .jan mansion . of .nuizib man .koupe.mas master .mak (n) male .izin (n) manuscript .mayi major .fabrike (v) make .

reyini meeting .rankontre meet .fonn member .preri meal .alimèt match .materyèl (adj) maternal .medikal meditate .rankout meet .mwen meadow .matche mate . vyann media (news) .menas (n) mend . match .mèt maybe .(n) mezi.manb member .manje .jovyal melt . (n) match .kontre ak meet .matyè.medya medical .meaning .mantal mentality . manb memory .reinyon.chè.rakomode (v) mend . repa mean .mantalite mention .mwayen measure .petèt MB .English Creole Dictionary 147 laponyèt match .(adj) fache. (v) vle di .megabayt me . (v mean .(n) match. (n) mwayèn.(v) maksimize May .granmoun maximize .fè konesans (v) meet .rapyese mental .Me may . (v) siyifi. reyinyon megs .memwa menace .matènèl maternity .mèg mellow .dou mellow .(adj) fache.mi mature . (n) mwayèn.medite meet .alimèt.sans. siyifikasyon means .mansyone .(n) matlo material . problem (pwoblem?) mature .(n) materyo material . (v) mezire meat .manm.matènite mathematics matematik matter .(v) akouple mate .matyè material .

make mission .ministe EN: (government minister) minister .miwa miscalculate .amalgame merge .pisans (n) mild .merit (n) merit .prn pam minimize .minimize (v) minister .milyon mince .malè misguide .lèt milk .erè mistreat .merite (v) merry .petèt (adv) might .rache mind .pastè EN: (religious) minor .minorite mint .dous mild .milisyen milk .sèlman (adj) merge .148 English Creole Dictionary merchant . message .maltrete .apèn (adv) mere .metòd mettle .fonn merit .movèz akouchman miser .minè minority .mesaj method .mizè misfortune .pitye mere .min mine .glas mirror .mitan (n) middle .mèji mercy .malkalkile miscarriage .kouraj Middle East Mwayennoryan middle .misyon missionary .misyonè mist .koèsan mercury .jwaye mess .amalgame merge .filange mince .fatra.mwayen militant .dezòd mess .tire (v) mill .mirak mirror .lespri mine .pedi miss .akouchèz might .minit miracle .jwif (n) misery .militan militia man .moulen million .labrim mistake .omilye (adv) midwife .mant minute .min (n) mine .

modere moist .mòn mountain .moke model .manman moth .matènèl (adj) motion .plis (adj) moreover .jemi moan .pousè dife monkey .bouch move into .imid moist .anpil most .bab panyòl most .motive motor .atmosfè moon .lalin more than .metrès mistress .pi plis more .mefyans misty rain .moleste moment .melanje (v) mix .mefyans (n) mistrust .mòfèm morphology .moman Monday .pote sèy mouse .maten morpheme .farinen mix .mouvman motivate .mòn mourn ...enstale .mele (v) mixed up .lendi money .sou kote mistrust .modil model .mòfoloji moss .rale mobilization mobilizasyon mock .mele (v) moa .deranje molest .pi.sourit moustache .rale moan .manman mother .English Creole Dictionary 149 mistress .motè mount .kòb money .atitid mood .moustach mouth .melanj (n) mix .lajan monger .mwa mood .mons month .mouye molest .anplis morning .pase (adv) more .modèl moderate .papiyon lanp mother ..pi gran pase more than .mefye (v) mistrust .montay mountain .makak monster .imid moderate .maman mother .plis moth .

mouman (pron) movie making sinematografi much .deplase move .rakonte narrow .pwòp necessarily ..dwe must .fimye mud .nesesèman neck . into) enstale (pronoun) movement .ni .labou mushroom .mwen mysterious .djondjon music .mistik nack .nazal nation .sèvyèt narrate .nasyon nationaity .navige (v) near .mouman (v) move .kabicha napkin .negatif neglect .egui needle .klou nail .enstale (pron) EN: (move into) movement .non name .mouton mutual .bouje. (. ni neither .gaye must .mizik muss (hair) .resipwòk my .prenom nap .nonmen (v) name.toutouni name .vakabon navigate .bezwen needle ..neglije neighbor .ni youn ni lòt neither .bèbè mutton .nonpli(s) .nesesite (n) mute .chanpiyon mushroom .chire nack . first .kloure (v) naked .etwat narrow .nasyonalite native .fò (v) must .150 English Creole Dictionary (pronoun) (v) move .natif-natal naughty .pre neat .akote near .toupre near .kou need .vwazen neither .anpil muck .rache nail .zegi negative .nikò naked ..jennen narrow .jis nasal .

non (adj) okenn nobody .diznevyèm ninety .kounye-a nowadays .okenn kote noxious .ti non niece .jamè never .nòt (v) nothing .roman November .bon nice .pèsonn nod .bwi nomination .nyès nifty .debouya night .avi notice .ni normal .non nò nose .lanuit night .twou nen not .nouvèl next .nekoulan nor .katrevendis nip .nosif nuclear .nèf news .anyen notice .nonsans noon .zongle EN: (flower) no .midi noose .nòmal normalization nòmalizasyon north .narin nostril .nich never .note (v) note .janm never .nuit nimble .nominasyon none .English Creole Dictionary 151 nephew .Novanm now .neve nest .okenn nonsense .pwochen nice .Nouyèk new .Nouvèl Lanne New York .nen nostril .notis notion .bri noise .direksyon nò north .nikleyè .ne noise .kase boujon nip .nouvo new .sèjousi nowhere .nosyon nourish .souke tèt node .nèf nineteen .nouri novel .koupe nip .diznèf nineteenth .pa janm New Year .ajil nine .janti nickname .nèmal normal .pa note .

bagay obediet .okipe occupy .obeyisan obese .mis nursery .aklè obvious .sistèm rekonesans optik October .ponongon numb .obèz obey .evedan occasion .avwan oath .objektif obligate .pran occur .oseyan OCR .pase EN: (take place) occur .obsede obsolete .mamè nun .grenn nut .dròl odd .obsèn obscure .pran obvious .nwa oak .lòdè .kenkay odor .objè objective .ankiloze numb .pepinyè EN: (plant) nut .nizans nuisance .obligatwa obliged .bare obstruct .bouche obtain .obstak obstetrician .rive ocean .152 English Creole Dictionary nude .relijyez nurse .Oktòb odd .okipasyon occupy .blije oblivious .ablije obligatory .bwatchèn oar .obeyi object .okazyon occupation .obsève obsess .enfimyè nurse .chif number .chèsè nun .loseyan ocean .obsèvayon observe .zaviron oat .dòmi number .nonm number .toutouni nuisance .fènwa observation .doktè obstruct .obteni obtain .bagay object .sèman obediet .nimewo nun .demode obstacle .enkonsyan obscene .enpe odds and ends .

akondisyon of (about a topic) .puvri old .sou option .on dire officer .biwo once ..etenn once and for all .odè on the .ou on and off .opinyon omen .operasyon olive .dosye onion .English Creole Dictionary 153 on purpose .ofanses fini offense .kalalou open .sous of course .)-la or .osinon jou ki te (.oliv opinion .sou d on top of .sou of (used very sparingly) .aje open .tobe-leve or .esprè odor .luile (v) only .osijè on top of .pase sou optimist .sèlman OK .zonyon Log .kont offend .opsyon on (the day of ) .prezaj opportunity .men wi on .ofans once upon a time .jounal only .yon sèl fwa office .prn menm log .nan or .ofisye one .opòtinite omit .ofri (v) youn fwa offer .vye operation .oswa on foot .en officer .annik oil .jandam one .souvan oneself .prp sou okra .a pye .sèl oil .luil (n) only .kabinè one would say .louvri old .sè tè offer .onfwa office .youn often .se byen onto ..optimis on (a topic .on the .òf (n) once .limen off .

òdinè ore .anlè over .dwe owl .banal ordinary .anpakte package .pasifik pack .oralman orange .mèt owner .fou over .pòch ze oven .padsi overcome .zoranj EN: Fruit orbit .genyen own .majore overcoat .demode outlet .deyò outcome .koukou own .bwachat other .anbale (v) pack .òganize orientation .proprietè.pakèt pack .oryantasyon origin .koli (n) padlock .fè laviwonn (v) order .ankonbre overdue .paj .èganik organization òganizasyon organize .desann owe .oranj EN: Color orange . koli pack .ke bèf oyster .zuit pa janm .never pace .koli pack .oral orally .dwe our .orijine (v) orphan .posede owner .ekzòbitan outside .oubyen oral .pespektiv outrageous .anreta overflow . mèt ox .nou ours .lòd (n) ordinary .òfelen other .154 English Creole Dictionary or .pake.anro overcharge .kòmann order .sikisal outlook .bèf oxtail .apante (v) pacific .rezilta outdated .deyò ovary .minrè organic .lòt ought to .debòde overflow .kòmande (v) order .kadna page .pan out .orijin originate .

separe tè.pèsi part .paran parent .pè (n) pair .fanmi. doub pal up with . kasròl pan .palmante.pak parley . palè parch .panike panic .pye palmis.dòlote pamper .plamye.pawèl parrot .plamye palm .penti (n) paint .paran. panike panic .bonm.panik.palmante (v) parley .dòlote (v) pan . pyès . pye palmis palm .paralize pamper .pal palm . poupale parley .pantalon.Pènama panic . kanson papaya .doulè pain .kasròl pan .paralèl parcel .doub (adj) pair .poupale parley .bonm (n) pan . paran parent .fanmi parent .English Creole Dictionary 155 page .pentire (v) painting .paralize parallel .paj(of book) fèy pain in the neck ponongon pain .pè.palè (n) parcel .poupale (n) parliament .palman parole .papay paper .palè parcel .fè konpay pale .paradi paralize .griye (v) parent .paye paradise .doub pair .lapenn paint . fanmi park .moso.griye parch . bonm (n) Panama .kasròl.pye palmis palm . plamye palsy .jako parsley .tablo * pair .panike (v) pantry .gadmanje pants .panik (n) panic .kanson pants .pantalon pants .separe tè (v) parcel .

modpas past .pati party .pòv. pati party . pòv pauper .pase passenger .pòv pauper .pati. pyès patch .modele.egzanp (n) pattern . pati party .moso.pati politik. egzanp. pati part .pasyans patient .pastè pastry .pasyan patriot . in the .pati politik party .pyès. pyès (n) patch . patche.grif .endijan.fè fèt pass . egzanp (n) pauper . pyès path . modèl pattern .patisipativ particular .lontan pastor .asfalt pavement .pasyel participate . rakomode (v) patch .chemen patience .lepase past.patche. rakomode.patche.patch.patikilye particularly patikilyeman party .modèl. have a . asfalt paw .espesyal. patche. modèl pattern .patisri patch .pave.rakomode (v) patch .pati part .patch.156 English Creole Dictionary part .rakomode. endijan pavement .patisipe participation patispasyon participative . fèt party.egzanp.pyès (n) patch . pyès.pasaje passion .fèt party .endijan pauper . patikilye particular .patisipe partial .patriyot pattern .pyès part .pyès patch .modele (v) pattern . pyès patch .pasyon passport . pati partake .fèt.paspò password . fèt.modèl pattern .

egzekite.pèp.kreyon penetrate .pèfomans perfume .gade pay . anmède peeve .pese peek .fè travay performance . ti kò penis .pèch peak .pwav.plim pencil .beke (v) peculiar .moun people . antre penis .peyizan.pedal. anmède (v) pelt .pwa peace . moun pepper .penetre.piman pepper .beke peck .peye pea .pasifik peaceful .anmède peeve .pasifik peacefully .kale (v) peep .lapè peaceable .moun.petèt peril .pafen perhaps .kole zorèy.kò fason.kalonnen pelt .pat.abitan peasant .plannen pay attention .pipi . pedale pedal .pasifikman peach .pèp people . grif pawn .percent pousantaj percent .fè jouda (v) peeve .antre penetrate .pedale pedal .somè peak . fè travay perform .spesifik pedal . abitan peck .tablo .tèt.kale peel .gade vit peek .gade vit (v) peel .danje periodic table .irite.anmède (v) peeve . pèp people .irite. somè peasant .kalonnen (v) pen .kole zorèy per up ones ears .pousantaj percentage .pousantaj perform .pedal (n) pedal .pedale (v) pee .fè jouda peep .English Creole Dictionary 157 paw . piman per up ones ears .ti kò people .

pik (n) pick .pran.ranmase.figire.pòtre.ranmase. (something up) kanpe (v) picnic .filozofi phonetic . lisans. pran (v) pick . pòtre photograph .petròl phase .pèsuade pet .pòtre (n) picture .bèt kay (n) petrol .peri perk up ones ears .pèsonèl perspiration . pòtre (n) picture .filozòf philosophical . pèmi (n) permit . figire.kanpe (v) EN: (pick something up) pick .kole zorèy permanance .foto.pèmi permit .swè persuade .pèsiste person .pik.pèmèt. imajine .fizik pick .pemanans permission .faz philosopher .lite persist .fraz physical education edikasyon fizik physical . pèmi permit . pran pick . (something up) kanpe (v) pick .pèmi (n) permit . imajine picture . foto.pèmisyon permit .foto.piknik picture .figire.pòtre phrase .pèsonèlman personnel .imajine (v) picture . figire.pèmèt (v) permit .lisans. pran pick .imajine picture .bèt kay pet .filozofik philosophy .fonetik photograph .peryodik perish .pèsekite perservere .158 English Creole Dictionary peryodik periodic .pran pick .lisans. pran.pran (v) pick .anbarase persecute . pik.moun personally . imajine (v) picture .ranmase. pèmi perplex .foto. imajine picture .

kòde (v) plait .tiyo (n) pitcher .zepeng (n) pincers .pitye (n) place .klè plain . kole.pil pile .anana pink .roz pipe .poze (v) place.kochon pigeon .poze place . pilye pillow .pip.pip.zongle (v) pine . kare (adj) plait .plèn plane .pijon pile .pyès (n) piece .mete. poze place .krich pity . pyès (n) piece .kole.pitye pity .pyès.kondi pipe .andwa.kote (n) place .plasebo placid .plas (n) place .trese.kote.pil (n) pill .mete.kare (adj) plain . kòde plait . moso pierce . plas (n) place . tiyo. très. tiyo (n) pipe . in .kote.pòchri pig .kole (v) piece .avyon EN: (airplane) . poze (v) place . zepeng pin . klè plain .kòde (v) plait . plas (n) place . moso piece . kòde plan .grenn pillar .zorye pimple .klè.pilye pillar .bwapen pineapple . kondi pipe .tache. mete.avyon plane (flat area) .très (n) plait .kare.plan plane (airplane) .pèse pig sty . andwa.kondi (v) pipe .trankil plain .tat piece .moso. poze place .kòde plait .trese.anplas placebo .pens pinch .très.bouton pin .poto.tache (v) pin .English Creole Dictionary 159 pie .moso piece .

ase.enplore.gaj pledge .konplote (v) plot .anpil plenty .souple!.teren.160 English Creole Dictionary plant .gaj (n) pledge .deplimen. asyèt play . plat plate .laplenn plian .jwe (v) play . anpil plian .pasèl pluck .souple! please! .pyèsteyat. teren (n) plot (of land) .plede. jistifikasyon plea .jistifikasyon (n) plea .plèd.deplimen. rache. gaj plenty . jwe plea .jwe. silvouple! please .asyèt.note byen please! . rache pluck . tanpri (v) please . pasèl plot .garanti.plat plate .badnen (v) EN: (with some one) play . souple! please! .silvouple! please! . jistifikasyon (n) plead .plè kontante.jwe play .plè kontante.keyi .pyèsteyat (n) play .bannan plate .plat. tanpri please .garanti (v) pledge .plèd.laplenn (n) plot (of land) .plot (of land) .tanpri (v) pleasure .plede plead .teren (n) plot .jistifikasyon plea .asyèt plate . (with some one) badnen (v) play . keyi pluck .anizan please note .plezi pledge .plant (n) plant .bannan ( food: bannan pezè ) plantain . plede plead . keyi. enplore pleasant .pasèl.plant plant .silvouple!.tanpri please .plante (v) plantain .konplote.enplore plead .

montre point .vklere (v) polite .pòch pocket .pwen.pap popular .pwazon (n) poker .gra plunge .prin plump . ploi polite .pòp poor .ploi polite .montre (v) point .janti polite .pwazon poison .bouche (v) plug .eleksyon poll . janti political .keyi.anpoche (v) pocket .lapolis.janti.reflechi pool . polis police .anpwazonnen (v) poison .lapòs (n) post .labouyl Port .diswa pneumonia .English Creole Dictionary 161 pluck .anpwazonnen. poto .pokè police . pòz positive .poste (v).kochon porridge .priz kouran (n) plum .rache pluck .posib post office .ploi.polis police .vòt.politisyen politics . lapolis polish .bouche.poze (v).positif possess .priz kouran plug .popilasyon pork .pòch (n) point .rache.pòv pope .au-Prince Pòroprens porter .pòtè pose . pòch pocket .anpoche. eleksyon (n) pond .popile population .pisin poor thing .posiblite possibly . priz kouran plug .politikal politician .lapolis police . montre poison . keyi plug . rache pluck .basen ponder .posede possibility .polis.pwen (n) point . pwazon poison .politik poll .plonje pm .nemoni pocket .

pisans (n) power .pisans.glorifye.alimante power . egzak predict .lapryè preach .vide pout .prejije.prejije prejudice .presye.prefas preface . gròs pregnant .chè precious .po potato mashed pòmdetè pire potato .predi prediction . glorifye praise .prefer.plenn(animals) prejudice .presede.vin anvan precede .faktè postpone . presi precise .glorifye praise .ansent (humans).prediksyon preface . alimante practically . lwanje (v) praise . lwanje (v) praise .liv pour .vin anvan.lwanje (v) pray .alimante (v) power . paspouki (n) preliminary . pito preference .gròs. vin anvan precede .162 English Creole Dictionary postman . gròs.poud power . plenn(animals) pregnant . boude (v) poverty .preliminè premature birth akouchman anvan lè .elòj (n) praise .prèxke practice .gou pregnant .louwe.povrete powder .pòmdetè pound .patat EN: (sweet potato) potato .prekosyon precede .preche precaution . presede precious . glorifye.pito prefer .paspouki (n) prejudice .priye prayer .prefer prefer . prefer prefer .fache.pratike (v) praise .pito.elòj. plenn(animals) pregnant .egzak.presi.glorifye (v) praise .ansent.gròs pregnant .prefas (n) prefer .retade pot .prejije (n) prejudice .presede precede . chè precise .

n. anpeche prevent .prèt priest . evite. montan proceeds . legim (n) produce .konfiti.enprime (v) printer (comp) .pike (v) pride . anpeche prevent .pretann pretty .prizon private .prenntè priority .prezans present .fè pitit.prezide president .prive privatization .domine prevent .anpeche prevent .kounye-a preserve .pri prick .prokreye.evite.prepare prepare . legim produce .laprès (n) press .prevni.prens princess .bèl prevail .kontinye proceeds .bay.prezève (v) preside .montan process . prezève preserve .prensip print . prevni. fè jwenn procure .prezan (adj) present .fè jwenn produce .presedan price . anpeche prevent .anpremye prince .preparasyon prepare .prevni.prokreye procreate .konfiti (n) preserve .prbab proceed .privatizasyon probability .prezidan press (news) .English Creole Dictionary 163 preparation .premyèman primary .peze (v) pretend .evite.fè pitit procreate .prezante (to be present) presently .legim produce .prepare (v) presence .benefis.prezève preserve .pwobabilite probable .priyoite prison . fè pitit procure . anpeche previous .pwosesis proclaim .danre.kado (n) present .pè primarily .fyète priest . prokreye procreate .danre.prensès principle .peze press . pwosesis process .legim (n) .la present .prklame procreate .

prolonje prominent .defann prolong .konvnab proper .prospere. reyisi prosper .prospere. rive.leve. rive prosper .diton.rive.proteje protein .rive prosper .promèt (v) promote .pouse.profite (v) profound . pouse. profite profit . konvnab property .prononse pronounce .fo non .monte grad prompt .provèb.akondisyon provided that .profi.rapid pronounce . soti protrude .reyisi prosper .propriyete.rode prowl . byen propose .profi (n) profit . soti protrude .pwofane profane .soti proud . soti protrude .abondan program .rode (v) psuedonym .verifye (v) proper . prospere. akondisyon prowl .pwotid protest . leve. soti protrude .byen property .pwofane (v) professional .pwogram programmer .onèt. diton provide .onèt proper .fourni provided that .avanse promote .pwoteste (v) prototype .pouri ke.pwofesyonel professor .provèb proverb .profite profit .repete promise .leve.prouve proverb .fon profuse .prèv (n) proof .pwononse pronunciation pqononsiyasyon proof .pouri ke provided that . reyisi protect .164 English Creole Dictionary profane .propoze prosper . rive prosper .reyisi.pwototip protrude .fyè prove .pwogramè prohibit .fò prominent . provèb proverb .pouse.diton proverb .promès (n) promise .profesè proffer .prezante profit .byen panse profound .

mete sou pye puzzle .toufe .kafe.ponpe. plise purse .elèv puppet .acha.mannken purchase . mete put .sikoloji pub .kalifye (v) quality .gouman quarry .plise (v) pursue .komisyon (n) purify .achte (v) purchase .ka quarter .dròl quake . pini punishment .katye (adj) onka quash . etenn.karyè quart . foure.acha purchase .sikolojik psychologically sikolojikman psychology .sikyat psychiatry .bous.vomi (v) pull .sere.tranbleman tè qualify .bistro pub .rale pull . ponp pumpkin .ponpe (v) pump .kèplen qualm .kraze quash .English Creole Dictionary 165 psychiatrist . etenn put . sere.pouli pump .entansyon purse .depoze.bous (n) purse .sikyatri psychological .anka quart . sere.joumou (kalbas) (squash) punish .pouse (v) pussy (slang) .depoze.tire pulley .pirifye purpose . etenn put under way .reprimande.problèm quadruple .pinisyon pupil .ka galon quart .devinèt puzzle . bistro publish .koko put .pouswiv push .ponp (n) pump .batay quarrel .pini punish .etenn put . foure.pibliye puff .noze quantity . foure.souf (n) puff .soufle (v) puke . komisyon (n) purchase .kat fwa quaint .bay pote chay put .kalite qualm .kantite quarrel .

rasmoun (n) race . drese.koupe swaf (quench thirst) quench . () kesyone (v) quick .trankil quilt . rasanble rally .byen quiz .166 English Creole Dictionary queen .radyatè radio .direksyon.fè kous (v) rack . (cattle) .kesyon.lapli (n) raise . pòte . drese.leve.baro rail .etajè radiator .divage ramp .aliyen.ras race (species) . pase swaf li quench .parapè rain .ranp rancid .tranpe.radyo radish .gade (v) raise .kous (n) race (species) .drese.leve.tou quite .drese raise .vit quiet . klase (v) range . pòte range . kanpe.kouvèti quilt .gade (v) rally .radi rag .aliyen.anverite quite .pase swaf li (quench thirst) question . direksyon.lapen rabid .raliman.ransi random . (thirst).ranyon ragamuffin .leve raise . kanpe (v) raise .ase quite .rèn quench . kanpe (v) raise .anraje race (contest) . parapè rail . razya (n) raid .kanpe (v) raise .razya (n) rail .kanpe raise .egzamen rabbit .direksyon (n) range .raj raid .rapid quickly .raliman (n) rally .lage quite .sanzave rage .atak raid .baro.lenn quit .kite quit .etenn quench . (cattle) .atak.drese.aza range .rasanble (v) ramble . kanpe.

boustabak ravine .pòte. to rate .divage. tanpete (v) rave .English Creole Dictionary 167 range .anchante.klase (v) range .antouzyas.pito ration . tanpete rave .ravin ravish .klase.dapiyan ravish .antouzyas rapt .anbouye (v) ravel .boustabak.enpridan rash .divage.devaste ravage . ravaj.demantle .koken rash .rat rate .rape (v) rat .rasyon ravage .reyon raze . ra rarely . vyole (v) ravish . rape (v) rasp .boustabak raven .vyann kri (n) rare .ravaj. rapid rapt .to rate .anbouye ravel .vyole (v) rapid . anchante rare .kòche.frape rap .devaste. pòte range . vit rapid . anbouye ravel . devaste ravage .vyann kri.rapid. antouzyas rapt . aliyen.enpridan (adj) rasp .kaw raven .mele. to (n) rate .tanpete (v) ravel . rape rasp .kòche.dapiyan.kri ray .pousantaj.ra (adj) rare .devalize ransom .rapid rapid .frape (v) rape . ravaje (v) ravage . devaste rave .pousantaj. kaw raven . direksyon.ra rare .anchante rapt .raman rascal . anbouye (v) raven . direksyon (n) rank .grad rank .pòte (n) range .grad (n) ransack .tanpete rave .ravaje (v) ravage .kaw.mele.ravaje.rape rasp .ranson rap .vyole (v) raw .ravaj (n) ravage .vit rapid .to (n) rather .vit.

prepare (v) ready .read li.pare (adj) ready .rezone.resevwa recent .dèyè rear .reklame recommence . pare real .pare ready . drese (v) rear .read .rive.li. tout bon real . rezone.tout bon. jwenn (v) reach .read .atenn.jwenn (v) reach . reyèl reality .li.demantle (v) razor . jwenn (v) reach .rezonab reassure .tout bon real .168 English Creole Dictionary raze .jwenn. rive.remake reamrk .resite (v) reclaim .remake (v) rear . rezon reason .rezon (n) reason . rele sou receive .rekomanse (v) recommend . vrèman really .reyalizasyon realize .rezone.reyèl real . dèyè rear .sal resèpsyon recess .rekòmande recommendation - .elve.atenn.vrèman reamrk . reflechi (v) reason .rekomanse recommence . rezon reasonable .rezon reason .reflechi.reyalite realization .rele sou rebuke .rekreyasyon recess . fè lekti ready . fè lekti read .reyèl. fè lekti reach . fè lekti reach . rive.fè lekti read .resan reception . dèyè reason .rasire rebellion .rebèl rebuke .fè lekti reach .resèpsyon reception room .reprimande.rive.rebelyon rebellious .reyalize really .drese (v) rear .razwa reach .dèyè (n) rear . jwenn.li.elve.prepare. elve. rive.reflechi (v) reason .konsa menm.drese.rekreyasyon (n) recite .

ranbouse reject .bwat resiklaj red . koutje regard .zòn register . refize refuse .dosye record .repran.charony (n) reek .regrete (v) regular customer .enskripsyon registry . amensi reek . refize rejwi.refleksyon reform .refize refuse .rejete. gade. repran recover . konsidere.rejè (n) reject .English Creole Dictionary 169 rekomandasyon record . rejè.chagren (n) regret .refigye refugee .ranfòse refer .gade.repran recover .enskri (v) registration . konsidere (v) regard .refize (v) regard . gade.konsidere.rejyon.konsidere (v) regard .frijidè refugee . zòn region .referans reflection .rejwenn.bobine.fatra.bobin (n) reel .rega.santi move (v) reel . regrete regret .charony. dosye recover .rejete (v) reject .enskri.dosye (n) record . koutje (n) region .rakonte .refije refuse .santi move reek .rega.koutje (n) regard . rejete (v) reject .koutje regard .bobin reel .refere refer . bobin reenforce .pratik reimburse .fatra (n) refuse .redui.refere (v) reference .chagren.bobine (v) reel .rejwenn recover .rejyon region .enjoy relate .amensi reduce . rejwenn recycle bin . koutje regard .rejè.enskri (v) record . koutje regard .rouj reduce . benefisye .enskri register .refize.regrete regret .gade. santi move reek .refòm (v) refrigerator .rejis regret . refize reject .refize reject .

detann release .rete (v) remark .asezonman (n) relish . rilaks relax .liberasyon release . asezonman (n) rely . fanmi relax . swaye (v) remedy . gou relish . paran relative .adistans (adj) remote .gen konfyans (v) remain .detann.fè sonje. liberasyon relief .remak remark .solajman.remò remote .raple. liberasyon release .restan.detann relax .alemye (n) relief .depann sou.relasyon relative .relate.lwen. alemye (n) religious . rakonte relation .remak. pawòl (n) remark .gen konfyans rely .remak (n) remark .fanmi relative .sonje remind .alemye relief .remèd remedy .libere (v) release .solajman.170 English Creole Dictionary relate .remèd (n) remedy .paran relative . lwen (adj) remote .restan (n) remain . adistans (adj) .swaye (v) remedy . rete remain .adistans. libere (v) release . soulaje.soulaje.remake (v) remedy . remèd remedy .fè sonje remind .relijye relish .libere.relate (v) relate .konvalesans remit .lage.lwen (adj) remote .swaye. lage.gou.pawòl (n) remark .asezonman.liberasyon (n) release .rilaks relax .remèt remorse .raple remind .depann sou. fè sonje remission .soulaje.lage.rakonte.paran.rilaks. relate (v) relate .fanmi. remèd remember . gen konfyans rely .gou relish . gen konfyans (v) rely . alemye relief . raple remind .rete remain .

reponn response .repo.n. respekte respond .respekte (v) respect . repare repair .lwaye (n) rent .demand request .reziste resource .represyon reproduction - repwodiksyon republic .demand.repete (v) replace . tradui (lang) render .resous respect .delivre research .residans resist .n.reprezante represent . lwe rent . retire render .resell revann resell . rete.rann render . rann render .wete. reprezantatif representative reprezantatif repression .respekte respect .retire.reprezante (v) representative .lwe (v) repair .remèt.respè (n) respect .pote chay responsible .plas rezève residence . repoze .responsab rest .retire remove . wete remove .rechèch research . remèt.renplase reply .lwaye.tradui (lang) render . accept .remèt. rès.rezève reserved seat .repitasyon request . rann. tradui (lang) render .repibiye reputation .repare repeat .rapè represent .reponn (v) report .repo (n) rest .tradui (lang).ranje.reponn reply .repons responsibility responsabilite responsibility.repete repeat . rann rent .rann.sanble resemble .revann (v) resemble .mande request .respè.mande (v) rescue .rechèch.lwe rent .sanble (v) reserved .wete remove . mande request . repons reply .English Creole Dictionary 171 remove .

revele. rete.retounen return .devinèt (n) ride .riban rice .rès.restrenn result . gaye reveal . rekonpanse reward . repoze rest . revi review .revisyon.revize.korije revise .revanj review .revi. gaye revenge .repase.172 English Creole Dictionary rest . tounen return . revi review . revize.diri rich . rès.rich rid .rekonpans (n) reward . repoze rest .devinèt riddle .restoran restrict .rekonpanse (v) rib .repoze.devwale.restan.gaye reveal . retounen reveal .revele. revisyon (n) review .retounen. devwale.bèt. repase. revi (v) review .repase (v) review .repoze rest .debarase riddle .rekonpans. gaye reveal .rès.tounen return .restan.ridikil ridicule .rezilta return . repoze restart .repase.dwat . repo.revisyon (n) review .korije. rete (v) rest .ridikil (v) rifle . zokòt rib .adwat right (directoin) .revize (v) reward .rekonpanse reward . gaye reveal .monte (v) ridicule .kòt.restat (v) restaurant . rès.devwale. repo (n) rest .korije (v) revise .revi (v) review . ridikil (v) ridicule .rete (v) rest .monte ride .zokòt ribbon .adwat (adv) right (directoin) . revize (v) revise .bèt. rete.rete.adwat (adv) right (side) .tounen. repo (n) rest . ridikil ridicule . revele. revi (v) revise .fizi right (direction) .revi review .

apwen ripe . chemen roar .rout road .isit-menm right there .rèd rigid .rijid. balanse rock .balanse.po.rense riot . dodinen (v) rock .leve (the sun rises) rise . flèv.rivyè. sèk rigid . ranmi. gwonde (v) rob .vole.dlo river . flèv.vòlè robber .ranmi roar .rèd. vòlè rob . rèd rind .flèv. larivyè river .English Creole Dictionary 173 right (side) .dlo.gronde. dlo.sonnen (v) rinse .rivyè. rivyè river .mi. galèt. ranmi (v) roar .rivyè river . dlo river . galèt..isit-la-menm right.bag. rijid.larivyè river . rijid.rèk.gronde.ranmi.adwat rights (legal) .dwat (adj) right away .galèt rock .galèt.krout rind . larivyè roach . larivyè river . to the .gwonde (v) roar .dlo.atroupman ripe . rout road .leve kanpe rise .bag ring .flèv.leve ritual . (the sun . dlo. rèk.dodinen (v) rock .ròch. sonnen ring .ranmi (v) roar . sèk rigid .dodinen.rout. rèd rigid . dodinen.seremoni.leve kanpe. ranmi roar .sonnen ring .rijid..ravèt road .mi. krout ring . balanse . dlo river . balanse rock . apwen ripe .tousuit right here .degre ritual . degre river . apwen rise .chemen road .apwen ripe .chemen.sèk. rivyè river .s) .flèv. gwonde (v) roar . flèv.balanse rock .dwa rigid .vòlè rock .sèk rigid .gronde.

flannen row .masaje row .dirije.ronje (n) row .rout (n) routine .chuichui rumor .fatra rude .chuichui.roulo (n) romance .rasin rope . roulo roll .kòmande.règ rule .ruine (v) ruin . galèt rogue .roulo roll .pouri rough .ran (n) row . règ rule .kaoutchou rubbish .kraze run over .roule (v) roll .174 English Creole Dictionary rock .barak round .ron (adj) rouse .koule run down .bri rumor .arondi (v) round .règ (n) rum .kouri ale bè rout run away .pouri (v) rot . chuichui rumor .ruin ruin . règ rule .roz rot .kraze (v) .ronm rumor .ròch. twakay room . kòmande (v) rule . vòlè rogue .kouri ale bè rout (v) run down .malonnèt ruin .kòmande (v) rule .brital rough neck .romans roof . bri run .kòd rose .vakabon.vòlè role .ruin (n) ruin .bri.tèt kay roof .rame (v) row .twakay. tèt kay roof .twakay roof .grosye rudeness .tèt kay.masaje (v) rubber .roule.dirije.achemine (v) route .chanm rooster .rub rub .ruine.pouriti (n) rotten .routine rove . ruin rule .grosoulye rude . dirije.reveye route .koule (v) run over .kòk root .wèl roll .kouri run away .frote (v) rub .

sab sandwich .kòfrefò.somon salt .rouy (n) rust .voye yon kout chapo (v) same .navige (v) sail .di say.salye (v) salute .tristès safe .lisid sanitation .lesovè savior . vwal sail . that is to .Tonton Nwèl sash .boure saturate .satistè (v) saturate .kòfrefò (n) safe .senesòf safe .sev (v) save .vwal (n) salad .sokoup sausage . lesovè savor .vandè machin saliva .lapwòpte Santa Claus .sètadi .rouye sack . senesòf safe .echantiyon sample .gou say .sandwich sane .sokoup saucer . sovè savior .vwal sail . rouye rust .satire.rouy.sentiwon satisfy .menm sample .sove savior . lavant sale .sak sack .balans. voye yon kout chapo (v) salute .salad salary .sakrifis sacrifice .riral rush (to do) .sak (n) sacrifice .krache salmon .galope rust .tris sadness .samdi sauce .sovè savior .salye salute .navige.sosis save (comp) .lavant (n) salesman .balans sale .lavant sale .sòs sauce .satistè satisfy .rouye (v) rusty .echantiyon (n) sand .kout chapo salute .sovè.lesovè.rouye rust .senesòf (adj) sail .sakrifis (n) sacrifice .salye.sakrifye (v) sad . boure Saturday .English Creole Dictionary 175 rural .salè sale .sòssaucer .sèl salute .

bouskay search .ansekirite (adj) .gaye scent .grafouyen (v) screen .pòch grenn.sekrite secret . fè pè scare .skò score . alame. rafle (v) scrape .sekrite secure .alame.alame.chode scale .eskanè scare .bouskay search (comp) .syans scientific . fè pè scare .orè scent .efreye.skò (n) scorn . fè pè scare .sele (v) seal .sele seal .rousi. orè schedule .nete yon bwa pou yon moun scribble . pogrenn scrub .rafle scrape .fè pè scarf .chèz second (time) .grate.orè schedule . efreye.meprize (v) scoundrel .frote (v) sea .ondire scald . they .orè.sant scent . sele search (comp) .orè (n) scholastic .eskolè school .madjigridji scribble .chèche (v) seat .madjigridji (v) scrotum .tanpon.loseyan seal .balans scan .rafle (v) scratch .sizo scold .reprimande scorch .syantifik scissors .tanpon (n) seal .sant.pogrenn scrotum .grate.lanmè.fouy.176 English Creole Dictionary say.frote scrub . loseyan sea .segonn secondly .eskane (v) scanner .kannay scrape . sant scent .boule scorch .echap scatter .lekòl school .grafouyen scratch .sekrè (n) secretary .efreye. rafle scrape .pwofesè lekòl science .dezyèmman secret . fè pè scare .meprize scorn .ekran screw someone . boule score .chèche search .

fraz separate .segman seize .bòn servant .poze.sedui see .prèch serpent .semantik semicolon .andòmi seduce .seksyèl shabby .sekans series .pwenvigil senate .sevè sew .separe (adj) separate .apa (adj) separate .etabli (v) settle .serye sermon .plan seek .separe September .sanble segment .lachanm senate .koupe sexual .restavèk.English Creole Dictionary 177 security .swadandis several .fen sequel .egoyis sell ..sansasyonalis sensationalize sansasyonalize (v) sense . lachanm send .chwazi select .sans sensible .kole sandal ak shade ..separe (v) separately .sena senate .grenn seed .koulèv servant .sauit sequence .Septanm sequel .wè seed .restavèk servant .sena.sèvi server (comp) .sèvè service .lonbraj (n) shadow .kouche settle .chèche seem . (v) (liquid) settle . bòn serve .sekirite sedate .tabli (v) seven .panzou pouvwa select .bòn.kò self . kò selfish .s) .sèks sex.tèt.sansib sentence .koud sex .seri serious .voye sensational .ranyon shack up with .sèt seventy .plizyè severe . restavèk servant .vann semantic . to have .seleksyone self .sezi seize power .lonbraj .sèvis set (the sun .

boutik shop .separe share . magazen.magazen.boutik (n) shop .dezonè (n) shame .raze.chèfseksyon shift .chok (n) shock .nout kanson (n) .raze shave .li sheep .koupe sharp .souke (v) shallow . bwòdè.boutik shop . tonnèl (n) shelter .mouton sheet .separe. nout kanson (n) short . pwenti sharp .pataje share . separe share .ront shampoo .fòm share .chòt.chòt.bato shirt .tonnèl (n) sheriff .chanje (v) shine .tranble (fredi) (v) shock .ladesant. raze shave .magazen. koupe sharp . boutik shop .file.fè bab shave .bòdmè short .bwòdè. boutik (n) shop for groceries .pwenti sharp . briye (v) ship .choke.fè bab.chemiz shirt long .klere shine .fè pwovisyon shore .etajè shell .achte.choke (v) shock .178 English Creole Dictionary shake .tranble (fredi) shiver . fè bab she .pa fon shame .chok shock .dra shelf . tonnèl shelter .file. bwòdè.ladesant.shoulder sipòte.achte (v) shop .chanpou shape .pataje.tire (v) shop . koupe sharp .pwenti.briye (v) shine .sleeved chemiz manch-long shiver .tonnèl shelter .sezi shoe .klere. zepòl short . chok shocked .soulye shoot . pataje shark .koki shelter .rèkin sharp . pwenti. koupe shave .

douch shower .sanble.bèt.kale kò li show off .malad side .English Creole Dictionary 179 short .program (n) show off .peche sin .pankat (n) sign . genlè menm simple .chemen kout shorts .program show .genlè menm similar .kote.genlè menm.shoulder .fasilite sin . pankat signature .nout kanson. lajan silver .selibatè .bò.retresi shut .pase (v) sight . pankat sign . komik silly .soupi sign . komik silly .siyen. siyen. komik silly .binyin (v) shower . bèt. kote (n) side .silans silk .grenn single .komik silver .peche (v) since .binyin.peche (n) sin .sanble similar .senp simplify .lajan similar .rele fò show .lwanje. komik silly . douch shower .enbesil.swa silly .siyifi silence .siyati signification .siy.v montre (v) shout .bò side . kale kò li shower .kote (n) side .sipòte.pankat sign .sipòte (v) shoulder .rele fò show@montre show .enbesil.siyen (v) sign .douch (n) shrink .depi sincere .ajan.siyifikasyon signify .fèmen shut .zepòl short cut .siy. sanble similar . selibatè single .zepòl (n) shout . bò side by side .bortkanson shoulder . chòt.kòt a kòt sift . enbesil.timid sick . pankat (n) sign . zepòl short .sensè single .bèt.grenn.fèmen (v) shy .

splandid slice .andòmi (v) (to put to .jip skirt .mens slim down .lesyèl sky . plonje sink . (to put to .) sleep .po skip something . dimansyon (n) skate .selibatè.grosè.patinen skill . voye sling .sirote (v) sister .sis sixty .souflete (v) slavery .jip sky@syèl sky .dòmi (v) sleep .dòmi sleep .dimansyon size .dimansyon (n) size .plonje sink .grosè.plonje..sitiyasyon siveye .tranch slice .syèl.pantlon.pase sou skirt . dous sleep .) andòmi (v) sleeve .guard six .dòmi. koule (v) sinner .koule (v) sink .manch slendid .souflete slap .pantlon.jip skirt .krochi skid .koche.trase (v) skew .swasant size .dous sleek .sirote sip . po skin .koule.voye .kase sling .jip sky .sit situation .swa.glise slide . grenn sink . kanson slack .chita site .esklavaj sleek .kanson slack .echap (n) sling .kalomnye slang .koche (v) skin .pechè sip .monte paten sketch . kanson (n) slander .syèl skirt . swa sleek .kanson (n) slack . dimansyon size .jagon slang .glise (v) slightly .jagon slap .180 English Creole Dictionary single .toupit slim .tranch (n) slide .sè sit .dous.talan skin .swa sleek .echap.. lesyèl slack .

santi.sitèlman.ronfle (v) snore .alò.fimen.kalmason snake .dousman slowly .alò.santi. pran sant (v) smell .parese sluggard .fimen (v) smoke . machwè snout . pran odè (v) smell .lafimen (n) smooth .machwè snow .konsonmen smoulder .snout machwè. lafimen smoke . djòl snout .English Creole Dictionary 181 sling .ronfle.fò smart . fò smart .lis smother .lafimen smoke .trangle. sitèlman so .eslogan slow .rize.pran sant (v) smell .bankoulou small . to . konsonmen snack . otan .sounwa.trangle smother .toufe.lanèj snow .parese (adj) sly .beke sneeze .entelijan smart . pran odè smell .kraze smash .piti smart .djòl snore . pran sant (v) smile . trangle smother . sitèlman so . rize sly fellow .souri smile . nèj (n) snow . entelijan smash .sounwa sly . otan.lanèj (n) snow .mijote.glise (v) slogan .koulèv snap at.lanèj.djòl.sitèlman so . sounwa sly .glise slip .fò.voye (v) slip .otan so .kraze (v) smell . otan so .rize sly .otan.toufe smother .pran odè smell .santi.nèj (n) so .pran odè (v) smell .etènye sneeze . pran odè.entelijan.dousman sluggard .pran odè.etènye (v) snore .souri (v) smoke . toufe smoulder .goute (n) snail . sitèlman.goute snack .

lasoup soupl .tranpe (v) soap .pafwa son .si Souteast Asia .bayay something .chante soon .derechany .sosyal society .kriye sob .solanèl solid .talè sore .pitit gason son in law .souvni soviet .sonm some .sovyetik sow .yon moun somehow .chosèt soft .chagren sorry .kichoy something . soup soup .regrèt (v) soul .pitit gason son .de (pl article) some .espas space .kan sa so far .enpòt kijan something .sòfwè soil .bofis song .enpe somebody .sosyete (n) sock .rezoud solve .sal (v) soldier .solisyon solution .solisyone somber .soup soup .sid souvenir .savonnen (v) soap .tounen (v) sour .savon soap .plas Spanish .kriye (v) social .sonnen (v) sound . son soup .fèm solid .solda solemn .savonnen. savon sob .fis son .mou software .panyol (panyèl) spare .kòkraz sorrow .Azi di Disès south .solid solution .savon (n) soap .nansid south .kichòy sometimes .son sound .nanm sound .tranpe soak .lojisyèl software .lasoup.gentle sour (milk) .182 English Creole Dictionary so .tranpe (n) solve .lasosyete (n) society .so .simen (sow seeds) (v) space .annatandan soak .lasoup soup .sonnen.

kalbas (n) squash .c klere speak .espesyal specific .zepis spider .English Creole Dictionary 183 sparkle .tenbre (v) stamp .vitès speed .devide spin .iwonize speak .estaf stage .zariyen spill .kiyè spot .move zè spirit .espesifik spectacle .kare (adj) squash .vitès (n) spellchecker . (ètograf) spend .joumou.pale de (speak of) speaker .gate (v) spoiled .verifikatè òtograf spelling .gaye (v) spring (the season) prentan spring .gaye spread .tach spread .separe (v) spoil . joumou.prentan spring .tenm .kraze (v) staff (team) . program speech recognition . kraze squash .tenbre.etap stair .resò spring (the season) .krache (v) split .pale speak . kalbas (n) squash .move zèspit krache (v) spit .vire spinster .kraze squash .plas square .depanse (v) spice .kare square .sistèm sentèz vokal speed . kraze squash .bege stamp .espyon square (plaza) .sistèm rekonesans vokal speech synthesis .joumou.eskalye stammer .kalbas. tenm stamp .sous spy .pawòlè special .lespir.òtograf. move zèspit krache (v) spirit .lespir.vyèyfi spirit . sous spring .program spectacle . move zè spirit .gate spontaneously espontaneman spoon .resò.spektak.

estati stay .gildiv. kras stocking .estat.bouyon stick .fikse.estanda stand .gade fiks stare .fiks steal .toujou stingy .. at) desann steady .tonbe (v) (start doing something) startle .kranpe.grangou.etanda (n) stand . deklare state .zetwal stare . pantan starve .etwal.stasyon statistic . (.leta.tenm (n) stand .mouri grangou starve . deklare state .desann (stay at) stay . eta (n) statement .vole steal .kras stingy .ba stomach . leta.pawòl station .vole.etwal. kranpe.184 English Creole Dictionary stamp .gade fiks.vòlè steal .grangou starve . vòlè steal .sezi.volan step .kranpe.baton still .kripya.deklare (v) state . zetwal star .estatistik status .fikse stare .standard estanda stand . mouri grangou starve . (doing somoething) tonbe (v) start .etanda.asye steering wheel .mouri grangou.eta (n) state .anbativant . mach stew .stat start .setwal star . gade fiks stare .stat (v) start .rete.pantan startle .estanda star . (up) levekanpe (v) stand .standard .eta.leta. toujou still .vòlè.vapè steel .kripya stingy .leve-kanpe (v) (stand up) standard .pa. fikse start .deklare state .rete stay .kranpe (v) stand . setwal star . grangou state .mach step . vole steam .

frape strike . (doing something) sispann (v) stop .estrateji straw .rete stop .pay.rale stretch . rete (v) stop .trangle. anbativant.rete (v) stop .loraj storm .n stop stop estope. move tan.magazen (n) storm .fisèl. anbativant stomach .dwat straight ahead .lari street . (doing something) sispann (v) stop .frape (v) string . sousdlo stream .fòse (v) strange .estope. rete stop it . kont story .boutik.stop stop@estope. move tan storm . magazen (n) store .fòs. kòd . rete. toufe strategy .van.kont stove .ròch stool . rivyè street .toufe strangle . move tan storm .istwa.pwisans stress . pwisans strength .etranj strangle .vant. van.stop (n) stop .magazen store .rete.move tan storm .kouraj.van. etranj strange . magazen store .sispann (v) (stop doing something) stop . lari strength .boutik.sousdlo.trangle strangle .rivyè stream . lestomak stone .rivyè. chalimo stream . loraj storm . lestomak stomach .rale (v) strict .dròl.sousdlo stream . pwisans strength .ri.strik strike .anbativant.lestomak stomach .English Creole Dictionary 185 stomach .move tan. loraj story .recho straight .fòse strain .kanpe li store .loraj. kouraj.tansyon stretch .taboure stop .chalimo straw .vant.tou dwat strain .

.kòd stroke .fò strong .siside (v) suicide (commit .souskri (v) subscribe .kout san (n) strong . soumèt submit .remèt.) kostim..sijesyon suicide (commit .tete (v) suddenly . tèl such .lite (v) stuck ..kalite. souskri (v) subscribe .sik suggest . lite struggle . remèt subscribe . lite struggle ..tèl such a way .bare student . fè prosè .) .boule (n) struggle .souse (v) suck . kostim.lit. byen tonbe suicide (commit .osijè submit ..) . boule (n) struggle .. boule (n) struggle .sivoke sugar .reisi success .sòt subject (theme) .soumèt submit .byen tonbe suicide (commit .sijere (v) suggestion . fò structural .sijè subject of.abòne subscribe .siksè such .soufri suffer . to . lite struggle .batay.elèv study .soufri (v) suffocate .fobou succeed .etidye stupid .byen tonbe.abòne. byen tonbe suicide .boule.186 English Creole Dictionary string .soumèt.fè pwose ak suffer .tèlman such as .) siside.sisid suicide .tèlke suck .souse.lit.lite struggle . batay.estrilti struggle .souse suck .estrikti structure .fè prosè.gen kouraj.batay.sanzatann sue.estipid stupidity .sijere suggest .. lit..remèt submit . tete (v) suck .estiktirèl structure .sisid (n) suit .suit . on the . lit. abòne suburb . lit.koze subject .souskri.

fè prosè (v) suit .youn kat je nwwa superior .siviv suspect .si surely .sole sun .sikre sweet potato .anlè surgeon .kostim (n) suitcase .pase (v) switch .antouraj survive .siryen .sipòte support .antoure surrounding .chirijyen surprise .soutni (v) suppose .flè sunflower .patat swell .dous sweet .sipoze (v) supreme .siperyè supervise .siprèm supreme court .swe sweep .silab syntax .sentaks Syrian .navige su entènèt la surface .sipriz (n) surrender .lete summon .konvoke sun .sue sweat .siman surf (the net) .balanse (v) swing .sispèk swallow .baylegen (v) surround .ete summer .kochon swing .switch (n) syllable .balansin (n) switch .lakou siprèm sure .pisin swine .sispann suspicion .chanje (v) switch .bale sweep .anfle swift .sispekte (v) suspect .jire swear .asire sure .vale (v) swear .naje swimming pool .sispèk (adj) suspend .chape survive .solèy sunglasses .suspisyon suspicous .sèmante sweat .founi (v) support .sipevize supply .solèy Sunday .valiz sullen .rapid swim .English Creole Dictionary 187 (v) suit .dimanch sunflower .pase bale sweet .mòksis summer .sèten sure .

tablo table below .ke tail .gou.istwa tale .teknoloji tedious .taks tax .televisyon tell .rakonte tell .koze (n) talk .depèch telephone .teknik technology . school .di tell .ro tame .koze (v) talk .tinedjè telegram .kont talk .tep tape recorder .fatigan teenager .tep (v) tape recorder .tablo ki anda tail .anseye teach .pwofesè lekòl team .pran (v) take a walk .gou (n) taste . anbete technical .sentaksik table .te teach . goute taste .rale take place .tape (v) tape .tayè take .montre.dechire (v) tear open .vize (v) tart .anbete tease .sistèm sytaxic .telefonn television .team .fè youn vire take back .sereng system .tape tap .ekip teach .pale tall .rakonte. rakonte tell .toumante.pase tale .travay taste .taks (n) tea .dechire tear .goute taste .di.tep tape .ekip teacher.188 English Creole Dictionary syringe .goute (v) tax .montre.regle take out .dekond tease .brak task .vize target .repran take care of . anseye teach .tab table .anseye.mele tap .lake tailor .team .donte tangle . montre.ekip tear . di .tep (n) target .toumante tease .telefonik (adj) telephone .

panse.teat theater .enève tense .donk therefore .tanperaman temper . reflechi.vòlè thigh .trwazyèm third .ba blag tell a lie .sètadi that is to say .tann tense .teori there .sèci temwen than all .alò then .tyèmondis . sinema then .grenn testify .yo thick . panse.tanpèt temple .remèsye thank god .epè thief .tant term .pasè tout thank . enève tension .English Creole Dictionary 189 tell a joke .vwala therefore .menm theater . rèd (adj) tense .tandans tender .genyen there is/ are .tanporè tempt .ondire they .tès test .fen thing .atò theory .gen there it is .egzamen. kwè thinking . tès test .panse.tès.ale-retou there is .tèm terrible .tanperaman (n) tempest .kwè think .sinema theater . egzamen (n) testicle .laterè test .enève.kuis thin .terib terror .tansyon tent .lokatè tendency .rèd (adj) tense .teat.sètadi the day after tomorrow aprè demen the other .ba manti temper .tante ten .bagay think .tanp temporary .gras a dye that is to .lotrejou a the same .panse third .dis tenant .reflechi.egzamen (n) test .teste (v) test .la there and back .sansib (adj) tender . kwè think .reflechi.rèd. kwè think .pakonsekan they . kwè think .

).swèf thirsty .tonen (v) Thursday ..jis till .ansanm toil .toupiti tip (gratuity) .n. lè(when) time.an menm tan timid . timid timid .travay di toil .n. fwa(number of .jiska timber ..kravat (n) tie . at the same .pous thunder .mil thread .zòtèy together .timid tin can .).).fwa(number of .tit (n) toast . kou time .gòj throw .sètaprèmidi Thomas . kaoutchou tired .loray thunder .papye twalèt title . fwa(number of .tan(general).trimen (v) .).bwa chapant time ..tan(general).tikè tidy .poubwa tip .jodi toe .swèf thirteen .biye ticket .sere till . kou time . kou. fwa(number of .lage throw .twa throat . tan(general).pwòp tie .tèp tire .lè(when). fwa(number of .kou time .mare tighten .190 English Creole Dictionary thirst .menas (n) threaten .kazwèl.pikan thought .bande (v) tie .lè(when).trèz thirty . time . tan(general).fè blan tiny .Jedi ticket .panse thousand .voye thumb .tan(general).fatige (v) tire . time .).kazwèl timid .mare tie down . kou time .. pen grye today ..menase (v) three .Toma thorn .fil (n) threat .trant this afternoon .fatige tissue .

bwote (v) transportation .bokit fatra travel .English Creole Dictionary 191 tomato .sèvyèt town .trase trace .touche.touche touch .tou.jwèt trace .lang tonight .metye (n) traditionally tradisyonelman traffic .twòp tool .suiv track .trèt transfer .manyen.zouti tooth .touris touristic .trete (v) tree .tòchonnen. vwayaje travel .transfè transfer .tren training .total touch . trò too .metye trade .aswè too .trafik train .vil.transfere (v) transfer .trò too much .demen tongue .lavalas tortoise . trase trace .transfè (n) translate .trening traitor .pyebwa . lavil toy .transfere.trase (v) track .malmennen (v) total .dan top .tòti torture .malmennen torture .fatra trash .vwayaje (v) treasure .vè towel .lavil town .trete treat .tras.tòchonnen (v) trash .tradui transport .touristik toward . transfè transfer .fatra (n) trash .tèt torch .trezò treat .manyen (v) touch .jwèt toy .tòch torrential rain .tras (n) trace .vwayaj (n) travel .vwayaj. manyen (v) tough .transpè transportation transpètranspòtasyon trash .tonm tomorrow .rèd tourist . fatra trash can . touche touch .suiv (v) trade .vwayaje travel .tomat tomb .

liny.verite.defwa twin .tòde (v) two .lèd ukele .troub trouble .très trial .192 English Creole Dictionary tremble . tounen (n) trip .pwose trigonometry . verite truth .vire tutor .kamyon truck driver .profesè tutor .Istwa Etazini UFO .tounen.lonbrik umbrella .jimo twist .enkapab unbearable .jan type .chofè kamyon true .fè konfyans (v) truth . monnonk uncomfortable .parapli unable . liny.profesè (n) TV .ven twenty first century venteyinyèm syèk twice .pantalon truck . History .jimo twin .tòde twist .tounen.vwayaj.liny trip . troub trouble .tonton.vre truly . troub trousers .oukelele umbilical cord .mizik turkey .trouble. troub (n) trouble .laverite. laverite.kodenn turn . tounen (n) trip .douz twenty .vwayaj. liny trouble .try - eseye try .trouble trouble .tranble tress .jan U.S.jennen .vrèman trunk . trouble.fè konfyans trust .problèm.try .ensipòtab uncle .trignometri trim . liny trip .tivi twelve .tounen (n) trip .madi tune .eseye (v) Tuesday .eseye truth .laverite.de type .bòdu trim . tounen.UFO (ouefò) ugly .bòdu (v) trip .troub (n) trouble .kòf trust .verite truth . vire turn .monnonk uncle .problèm.

anba undergo . pa kontan unhappy .inifye. sendika union .inyon.ajou up .defè uneven .konprann understanding .English Creole Dictionary 193 uncomfortable.jiskaske until .jis.dezabòne untie .grenn unit .malerezman unhappy .anro .jiska.inegal.etranj unsubscribe .jiskaske. ansibreka unforgettable . sendika union . soutèt up .sibi underground . inegal uneven .mare. maryaj.jiska until .inivèsite unkind .estraòdinè uncommon .inoubliyab unfortunately . anro up .pa komen unconscious .pa kontan unhappy .tris.chemizèt understand .anbatè underpants . mare unite .malonnèt unknown .tris.fè youn unify .ini unite .poto elektrik up . jiska untility pole .inite. anro. jiska. pa komen uncommon .Zetazini unity .jiska until . jiska until .mare unite . fè youn union .maryaj.lage until . pa kontan unhappy .inifòm unify .anlè. jiskaske until .anlè. jiskaske until . kagou.kagou.inite universe . soutèt. grenn unite .inifye unify .san konesans under .ini.ansibreka.Nasyonini United States . feel jennen uncommon .slip undershirt . pa kontan uniform .jiskaske until .estraòdinè.konesans underwear .sendika unit .souvètman undo . jiskaske.inegal uneven .ansibreka uneven .malchans unfortunately . ini United Nations .linivè university .jis.

savann valuable .itil useless .deranje upset .itilite utility sink . fache.anro.vèkse.varyasyon various .to-date . soutèt up .voryen (n) vague .vag vain .vapè variation . deranje upset .vakabon vagabond .itilizasyon utterance .valè valve .soutèt.vaniy vanish . anro up .jouk up to .soutèt up .eran (adj) vagabond .valiz valley .genyen vanity .anlè urbanization . deranje. to get .selon lizaj usual .trouble upset . deranje. fache.dokazyon used .jouk upset .trouble.ibanizasyon urge .nou use .òdinè utensil .vast .valv vanilla .vakans vagabond .dezyèm men used .varye (n) vast .chèlbè valiant .initil usher .vanyan valid .abitwe useful .rekòmande us . deranje upset .venk vapor . trouble upset .genyen vanquish .vanite vanquish .plasye usual .disparèt vanish .avadra (n) vagabond .ize used to .ankouraje. rekòmande urge .divès varnish . ajou up to .basen lesiv utilization .konn used to.fache.itilize used .espresyon vacation .istansil utility .plato valley .vèni (v) vary .fache.valid valise .valab value . trouble upset .raz vague . trouble upstairs .resan.deranje.194 English Creole Dictionary up .

bouk village .jijman verify .vèsyon verticle .serye vital .toutbon very .vinèg violate .volontè vomit .riske (v) verdict .English Creole Dictionary 195 Vatican .egzamine (v) vigilance .vwayèl .menm (the same) very .antrepriz venture .vyolasyon violence .vè version .vomi (n) vote .anpil (very much) very .prononse (v) voice .trèzenpòtan very poor .aere venture .mani vice .parazit vermin .vyolèt virgin .venere ventilated .viktwa view .vèmin verse .visa vision .tif virgin .negòs venture .vis vice versa .viyolans violet .machin vend .viris visa .vokabilè vogue . vote voter registration enskripsyon elektè voudou (voodoo) .trè (very much) very .volim volunteer .vòt (n) vote .vyèj virus .lamòd voice .ale pou vini (adv) victim .respekte venerate .vètikal very .vann venerate .vodou vowel .vyole violation .verifye vermin .bien (very much) byen very .vilaj vinegar .vòt.vijilans village .viktim victory .Vatikan vegetable .vizyon vital .vwa (n) volume .brizorye vex .vekse vice .vote (v) vote .voodoo voudou .dezobeyi violate .vital vocabulary .desizyon verdict .vote vote .legim vehicle .

pare ward .detounen ward .dekadans.demach :to take a walk .vle.senti waist .demach walk .pare.acèti warn .pare ward . detounen ward .jemi wail .a pye walking .paryaj (n) wager .zanpoud . acèti warning .salè.patoje wage .mache (v) walking .peròl (n) wage .leve walk .tann waiter .rem tay waist .lagè ward .parye wager .bous wander .anvi want . sal ward .acèti.fè youn vire walk . anvi want .dekadans (n) wane .mi wall . anvi want .mi.ren.vle. anvi war .paryaj. tay waist . prevni warn .detounen.panno wall . panno wall . ronbe wane .vle want . detounen. mi wallet .tay wait .ronbe (v) want .prevni warn .panno.avètisman warrant . peròl (n) wager .pare.detounen.salè.bezwen. luke . sal ward .veye (n) wake up .vwayaj wade .parye (v) wagon . a pye wall .ronbe wane .196 English Creole Dictionary voyage .charyo wail .peròl wage .lou warmth . peròl wage .gason wake .manda wart .bouton wart .prevni.flannen wane .amwa warehouse .reveye (v) wake . bezwen.chèk (n) warrant .sal wardrobe .chalè warn .rèl waist .tyèd warm.adj. parye wager .garanti (v) warrant .depo warm .

bèlantre (n) welfare .fatig weather .fè santinèl water .febli wealth .siveye (v) watch .gèp waste .pinga! watch.lave (v) wash .byennèt well .benwa wasp .kivèt washbasin .pajwèb wedding .vag (n) wax .gaspiyaj (n) waste .pwa welcome .fèb weaken .tise (v) web (comp) .maryaj Wednesday .fòtin wean .fen semenn weep .jan we .siveye watch out .peze weigh anchor .bon (adj) .kriye weigh . semenn weekend . twalèt washing of pubic region fè twalèt deba washtub .tan weave .nou weak .dlo wave .klima weather .mare (v) weave .flote (v) wave .wèb web .fè twalèt (li) washable .n' we .gade (v) watch .ti sèvyèt washing .derape weight .gaspiye (v) watch .basin washtub .lavaj.filareye webmaster .mete (v) wear .lave wash .maske weariness .byenvini (v) welcome .lavado washcloth .semèn senmenn.veye (v) as in eye watch for .English Creole Dictionary 197 wash .mont (n) as in time watch .pote wear a .raje week .wèbmastè webpage .sevre weapon .chemen way .netwayabe washbasin .lesiv (n) wasp .zam wear .gèp wash up .mèkredi weed .sèvyèt twalèt washcloth .lasi way .byen wealth . to keep .

sovaj will .pandan while . pe.waf what .byen (adj) well .vèv widower .alwès Western Europe .kimoun whoever .vèf width .lajè wife .laj widow .wiski whisper .kou when . apral (v) will .toubiyon whiskey .tandiske whim .lwès west .tout wholly .av will . ape.tandiske whet .antye whole .le when .kisa whatever .balèn wharf .rou when .a. in the .kilè when .fanm wife .kikonk whole . pral.ke which .ava (v) av va will .kibò where .kidonk whenever .pe (v) ap ape will .kapris whirl .blan who .ile whether .mechan wide .siflèt (n) white .poukisa wholly .kilès who .poukisa wicked .en ben werewolf .konplètmen wholly .bouzin why .ble wheel .nenpòt wheat .piu (n) well .chuichui (v) whistle .kikote whereas .nan lwès west. (v) will .kan when .kèlkeswa whatever .Ewèp Oksidantal wet .lougarou west .kilès while .nepòt kilè where .ap.sous (n) well then .konplètmewhy wholly .likè whence .madanm wild .si which .ki which .mouye whale .volunte (n) .198 English Creole Dictionary well .toutbon whore .

kab wire .sòsyè with . san without .English Creole Dictionary 199 win .swete (v) wit .fanm. avèk with .deyò.van wind .fil elektrik.fi. fanm. (pl. (pl.diven.avèk with . wè (v) witness .reziste.wè (v) witness .san. .van (n) window . fi.sipòte withstand .zèl wing .wè witness .genyen (v) wind .wè. sipòte withstand . wè witness .retire.madanm.genyen win . rale soti (v) wither . wè.livè wipe . medanm) woman . medanm (pl.diven wine .retire.sèvi temwen (v) witness . sèvi temwen (v) witness . sèvi temwen (v) wizard .siye wire .ak. fèsiyo wink .deyò without .ak with . temwen.kab wisdom .batje (v) wink .andedan without . madanm.) woman .wing .kenbe within . madanm.fennen withhold .) woman .fenèt wine .lasajès wise .swete wish . medanm) woman .temwen. ak withdraw . wè witness .sipòte (v) witness .fèsiyo winner .sòsye woman .avèk. medanm (pl.fanm.rale soti (v) withdraw .ateste.reziste.wntelijans witch . (pl.gayan winter . sipòte (v) withstand .konprann wit .temwen (n) witness .saj wish .fèjefou.rale soti withdraw .san without .fi.ateste.zèl wink .ateste. rale soti withdraw . deyò withstand .

mizerab wring .trakase (v) worse .ray machine .lenn word .patat jòn yard (3 feet) .lite wretch .travayè world .ekri wrong .bwachat world.leven yell .travay worker .ray . fi.mo word .mache work .) woman .medanm (plural) woman .mal wrong .ponyèt write .mèvèy (n) wonder .bwa wool .liv souvni lekòl yearn .ane year .fil yawn .rid.kriye .200 English Creole Dictionary medanm) woman .medanm (pl.mezanmi! papa! wrap . chifone (n) wrist .valè worthy .pawòl work (to function) . etone wood .tòde.fotokopye xmas .) wonder .rid (n) wrinkle .traka (n) worry .nwèl xylophone .lane yearbook .mizè wretched .ouvriye.pè etranje (adj) xenophobia .fòje x .blese (v) wound .zenofobi xerox . tòdye (v) wring . other . travayè worker .aparèy radyografi x .tòdye (v) wrinkle . third .lemonn world.mèvèy.blesi (n) wow! .pa sa wrong .radyografi x .twa pye yard .move wrought . medanm (pl.ray technician/ teknisyen radyografi xenophobia .vlope wrestle . fanm.mo. pawòl word .zilofòn yam .sipliye yeast .lakou yarn .etone (v) wonder .baye year .chifone (n) wrinkle .tyèmondis worm .vè worry .pi mal worth .madanm.merite wound .

de ryen young .zigzag (v) (zigzage) zinc .zòn zoo .rale zoom lens .panno lesepase yoghurt .jòn yes .laba you .jònze yonder .deja yet .yè yet .donnen yield sign .kòd postal zipdrive .yogout yolk .wi yesterday .English Creole Dictionary 201 yell .zoum zucchini .anprèsman zebra .rele yellow .zèb zero .bay yield .zou zoom .lajenès zeal .zipdrav zone .zenk zip .rejyon zone .zero (zewo) zest .anko yet .ou you're welcome .zip (v) (zipe) zip code .antren zigzag .ou-menm youth .toujou yield .eskwach .ou yourself .jen (jenn) your .

live. forsake abdenwèl – Christmas tree abdike .will (v) abandone . abridge abriko .clothe. peasant abite . in. live in SN: rete abitid .202 English Creole Dictionary KREYÓL / ENGLISH a .ability abitan . bountiful SN: jenere abonde .give up abreje .dressed abèy .abbreviate. to get abitye . at.amber SN: oranj absans .bountiful.abandon. dress (v) SN: ròb abiyman.abject ablije .obligate aboli .absorb abyè .abstain absòbe . pral. to get used to.debase EN: (to lower in rank-officeprestige SN: avili abi .absolve abstrenn .at ease a nouvo .bee SN: myèl abòne .garment abize .accustom.crafty (adj) abilite . SN: komisyon achemine . former.habit abitwe .subscribe (v) SN: souskri acha .absence absid . walking a.route (v) .cope abiye . to a jenou (ajenou) kneeling a la fen .abolish abondan . rad .finally a lèz .abound abondone . profuse.abuse (v) abjèk .about. apral .farmer.afresh a pye .apricot abil .abuse (n) abiko .on foot.absurd absoud .purchase (n).abdicate abese .

addition adisyone .admire admèt .affirm Afrik .bland afab.firstly adv.admit adokte .right (direction) (adv) adwat .address adrès elektwonik address. electronic adrès elektwonik electronic adv. manyak captious achiv . lwen .adore adrès .archive achte .adopted adolescan .affront (v) . magazen.to the adyo tep .English Creole Dictionary 203 acheval.adjective administrasyon administration administratif administrative admiratè .adapter adekwa .right (directoin) (adv) adwat .adhesive tape adikte .warn adapte .adolscent (n) adopte . emab .remote adistans.remote (adj) adisyon .busy afiche .affiable afab .adopt adoptif .affix afime . boutik .adopt adoktif .addict adilt .bland afekte .shop acèti .air port afab .adapt adaptè .right (directoin) adwat .warn acèti.affect afere .right.ventilated aeropò .admirer admire .add adjektif .affront (n) afronte . purchase (v). premyèman .adopted adore .buy.adult (n) adistans (adj) .best adwat . mye. shop (v).adequate adeziv . miyò .audio tape aere .Africa afron . to the adwat . prevni .

nimble ajil.and ak.acquit akize .left.male akimile .adjourn ajoute . biznis business afè.agency aje .business agase .with ak.assembler ajou .condition.up ajoune .indict aklè .act (v) ajil .old ajeste .barain afè .with ak.nimble ajistè .clay ajil. e . negòs.Haitian ajamè . tè glèz .add ajoute .obvious aklè.agile ajil.homosexual. negòs.accommodate akondisyon .affair afè .to the agraf .obvious akomode . biznis.nèf .couvenant ak1o.gain (v) akeri . epi .assemble aji .mahogany akeri () .and ak1o .append ak . lajan .evident aklè .business afè.evident (adj) aklè .academic akajou . evedan . epi. konvansyon couvenant (n) akademik .silver ajans .enrage agoch .forever ajamè.clasp (n) agreyab .agreeable Aiysyen .clay ajil .faith afwonte . on the .deft ajil . avèk .gain (v) akimafe . male akimafe .face (v) afè .clasp agraf . la pou toutan forever ajan.nine .bow (weapon) ak .204 English Creole Dictionary afwa . to the agoch .accumulate akite . komès . lèst .

to (as lovers) akonpli .on the akondisyon .approach akt .actor akò .access (v) aksè.to (as lovers) akonpli.due to al dòmi .accost akote .midwife akouple .inbreed akouple .to go to ala . toupre. give akouche .active aktivite .fulfill akoste .action aksyon .aside akote .access (v) aksepte .bed.English Creole Dictionary 205 akondisyon .birth.couple (v) akouple .fulfill akonpli .accident aksidantèl.near akouche .accomplish akonpli .provided that akonpanye .accede aksede . dezenvòlt casual akstrèm .near akote.act (n) aktif . pre . ranpli .admit akseswa . egzekite execute akonpli. pre .accord (v) akòdeyon .accordian akòz .extreme aksyon .give akouchman .actress aktè .because akòz .mate akouple .achieve akonpli .accept aksepte .beside akote.execute akonpli .axis aksede .activity aktris .live together.mate (v) aks .actuate aksè .accord (v) akòde .deed aksyonen . to go to al dòmi .birth akouchman anvan lè premature birth akouchèz . apròch.axe aks .accessories aksidan . fason .accompany akonpli . fason approach (n) aksè.as for .

sitèlman. anviron. fonn .hawk alimante .finally alè ki le. match match aliyen.west.then alò.so alò.go ale pou vini .alphabet alfini .east.in the alèz .scare alantou.relief (n) aletranje . in the alyaj . match .merge amalgame.there and back aleche. anviwon .merge aman .then alò.fine (n) .algebra alkòl . souf .lure aleka.in the alwès . sefwe .compound (n) alye . otou around alantou.allies alò .alternator alwès . fè pè scare alame. sitèlman .abroad alfabè . separe.breath alès . zèl . otan.aisle ale-retou . fè pè . klase .German altere . detache apart alemye .power alimante .around alatant . otou. direksyon. atò . anviron. matche. efreye.ally alè ki le . pòte range aliyen.so amalgame . sipoziyon allusion aljèb . otan .relief alemye .vice versa (adv) ale. anviron around alantou.compound alyaj . otou. fè lasisiy .alcohol alman .range (v) alizyon.go ale.casing amann .power (v) alimèt.alter altènatè .206 English Creole Dictionary alame.expect ale .match (n) alimèt. in the alès . finalman finally alèn.

time.illiterate analiz .deaden amòti.English Creole Dictionary 207 amann.board (v) anbake.board anbale .amend amenajman . planch .beneath anba .fun (n) amonnyak . andedan.in analfabèt .bale (v) .American amizan (adj) .bottom anba .amateur ame .in France an jeneral .across from an Frans .in an alè .below anba .amuse amize .down anba-a .pineapple anba .ammonia amou .cock (v) ame. desann .Latin America ameriken . mouri .fun amizan .improve amenajman .arm (v) ame. bra .boyfriend amoure .cock amelyorasyon improvement amelyore .down (adv) anba .arm ame. amizan (adj) fun amizman.entertain amizman .fun (n) amizman. nan.bottom anba.fine amatè .armpit anbachal . bounda .under anba.let's go an fas .girlfriend amwa . fen .wardrobe amòti .amenity amensi .analyze (v) anana .deaden an . a .analysis analize .bottom anba.reduce Amerik Latin . bounda bough branch .love amoure . plezi .illicit anbake . zesèl .down there anbabra. branche . kòk .fun (adj) amize . branche.in order an. at the same an règ .in general an mal makak hangover an menm tan .

pakèt .anesthesia anestezi .rapt anchante.amphibian .embellish anbete .within andedan.package . lane .endurance andouteyaj . traka.inside andedan .year ane.ravel anbouye . an .ravel (v) anbrase . a.bale anbale.embassy anbasadè . alè ki le finally anfen. lestomak stomach anbatè . plas .embrace anbrase..external andikap .bagger anbarase . finalman . enfim . a .) andòmi. pake.place (n) andòmi .sleep (v) EN: (to put to .bother anbete.assign anchante .finally anfibi .disable andikape.annoy anbete .underground anbavant .year anestezi .anesthetic anestezi .ambassador anbativant .disable andirans . traka.sedate andòmi .perplex anbasad .208 English Creole Dictionary anbale . koli.tease anbete.anesthetize anfavè . alè ki le.in andeyò . traka .handicap andikape . anmède bother anbete. nwi bother anbouye .pack (v) anbale.abdomen anbeli .stomach anbativant.pack anbalè . bal .in andedan.jam andwa.behalf anfaz . kwoke embrace anchaje .emphasis anfen. anpakte. anestezi anesthetize ane . antouzyas rapt andedan . a la fen. a la fen.

involvement angl.yet ankonbre .barn angaje.annoy .pleasant anka .afresh ankò. soutèt . ka galon.frame ankiloze .up anmenmntan .at the same time EN: (an menm tan) anmore .above anlè. fen . soutèt .anew anlve . anouvo .overcome ankouraje .quart anka. mètkay .abduct anlè .brisk animo .angle angle .numb ankli . anro .including anko . rekòmande urge anksyete.girlfriend anmore. anbete .bother anmède . anro. ka .cheer ankouraje .peeve anmède .animal animatè.quart ankadreman .atop anlè .cancel animal .quart anka.acute angle anga . ka galon .encourage ankouraje.host anime .birthday anizan .animal anivèsè . aplodi .cheer (v) ankouraje.English anile .anniversary anivèsè . fen fine anfòm.fine (adj) ang egi .English Creole Dictionary 209 anfle .up anlè.again ankò.peeve (v) anmède. animo . a nouvo .surface anlè .upstairs anlè.over anlè .crowd (v) ankonbre .bitter anmède . aspè .engagement angajman . amoure boyfriend anmè . bèt. enkyetid anxiety ankò . amann.swell anfòm (adj).include (v) ankli . foure . soutèt.engage angajman . zannimo.

boss anpoche .imprison anprizone . in anplifikatè .bother ann .attendant anplwaye . anpil .so far annavans .many (adj) anplas .pocket anpoul elektrik . traka bother anmède. anbete.impeach anpeche .very EN: (very much) anpil.much anpil . anbete .pack (v) anpakte.annoyed annwiye. yon dividal .prevent anpenpan .amplifier anplis .many anpil .place. () prete .early annik .210 English Creole Dictionary anmède.moreover anplwaye . patron .golden anonse .announce anouvo .fancy (adj) anpil (adj) .in anplas .employee anplwaye.bore annou .blood work annatandan .most anpil.haste anprizone . prete () . plizye.package .anew anpakte.let's annwiye .pocket (v) anpoche. anmède.lot EN: (a lot) anpil .loan (v) anpren. anbale .just EN: (time) annik .bunch anpil (adj) .many (adj) anpil .plenty anpil .bore (v) anniye. pòch .bunch (adj) anpil .employ anplwayè.primary anpren. djòb .jail (v) EN: (to put in jail) .let's annaliz san .annoy annò . traka.pakèt . pron.loan (v) anpresman . raz .employ (v) anplwaye .only anniye .deter anpeche .bulbs (light) anpremye . plis .much anpil. anbete. nwi .pack anpeche .

determined antipasto .team ekip . gwòs .English Creole Dictionary 211 anprizone .healthy ansekirite . omilye between Antatik .enroll anrole.along ansanm . pwazon poison anraje .forsake . vye . plenn(animals) pregnant ansent .desire ansi.surround antouzyas . ron .pregnant ansent.expecting ansent. gròs .together ansante .Antarctica antere .encircle antoure .zeal anpwazonnen .draft ansanm . inegal uneven answe .secure (adj) ansent (humans).circular ansèyman .environment antouraj .amoung ourselves antouraj .bewitch ant.up anrole . kourandè . soutèt . abandone .uneven ansibreka.former ansyen.anitpasto antnoumenm .teach ansi . montre.ancient ansyen.rabid anreta (adv) ta .desire (v) ansibreka . vle .surrounding antoure .poison (v) anpwazonnen.circular ansèk.expecting anseye .to put in anprizonnman imprisonment anprèsman . nan mitan.late anreta .draft (v) anrole .over anro.overdue anreyalite .hoarse ansyen .teach anseye.actually anrichi . gròs.enrich anro .rapt .bury antete .up anro.assignment ansòsele . anlè .former ansèk .lage.

tou .directory anyèl.pace (v) aparèy elektrik appliance aparèy esteryo pòtatif boom box aparèy pou pran tansyon .nothing anyè .before anvan.caption anvan .envelope (n) anvlòp. avan .flood (v) anvayi.casing anvye .quite anvi .to anvi . pòt .aloud aotvwa.entire antèman .burial antèt. . otou .whole antye.venture antropoloji anthropology antye .separate (adj) apante .feel like.envy (n) anvi . chak ane.enter antre . separe separate apa. ape. lejand .penetrate antre. lan annual aotvwa . to anvi .apartment .entrance antren . inondasyon flood anverite .enterprise antrepriz .blood pressure gauge apatman .be on one's way ap.around anviwon .before anvayi .want anviron . pe.quite anverite.athwart antre . tout .zest antrepriz .212 English Creole Dictionary antouzyas. separe .envious anyen .crave anvi .around anviron.aloud ap rive.around anviwènman environment anvlòp .birthmark anvi . aman . byen fò . anchante rapt antravè .will (v) apa (adj).come in antre . an rout . anviwon around anviron.

bèlte aran .(v) apprehend.mere (adv) SN: sèlman ar .there is arestasyon .clap aplodi. book.ripe apwi bra . detain SN: apreyande.cater aprovizyone .clap (v) aprann .apprehend apreyande.appreciate apreyande . apròch.aptopriye aptitud . fason . aksè.apostrophe apye (a pye) . fason . walking apèn .learn apre.approximate aproksimatif approximate (adj) aproksime .barren.cater aprpriye .approach (n) apt .after apresye . infertile SN: steril arogan . aksè. fason approach apròch. genyen .herring are .approve aprovizyone .application aplodi .approach (v) aproche.afternoon apròch.gen. liv arid .appropriate aprè demen .ability aptopriye .approximate (v) apropo . dèyè .apt apwen .approach aproksimatif (adj).art SN: la.high apiye .the day after tomorrow aprèmidi . arete apprehend aproche .armrest apwofondi .English Creole Dictionary 213 apendis .lean aplikasyon .arrogant . aproksime . bat bravo .appetizer apik .careful apwostòf .about aprouve . arrest.cheer (v) aplodi .appendix aperitif .(adj) afoot. ankouraje . arestasyon.cheer aplodi.arrest arete .

plenty ase.aspirin aspè .plate atach .evening aswè. laj . gen konfyans confident asire. tou quite ase.ample ase.raid atak. sèten. tou .sure asistan .relish (n) asezonman.steel asyeje .besiege asyèt . razya .ensure asire .assistant asistans . tou. byen.tonight aswè. gou . sware.asteroid astwonomi .enough (adv) ase. bretèl . kont.astronaut aswè .quite asezonman .assure asire .association asosye .idle asanble . kriz . swa evening asye .enough (adj) ase.sure asire.plate asyèt.artificial aryenafè .confident asire . kont .bout atak.killer asayi . peryòd.bout atak. plat .214 English Creole Dictionary arondi . plat .asterick astewoyid .attachment atak .asparagus asteris* . anverite.associate (v) aspirin .astronomy aswonòt .baste artifisyèl .dish asyèt.brace (v) atach.asphalt asfalt .quite ase.round (v) aroze . () ede .help (v) asosyasyon . sware . anpil .raid (n) .angle aspè . gran. anverite . kriz . sifizan .assembly asasen .aspect aspèj .assail ase (adj).acid asire . anverite.relish asfalt . si .pavement asid . ase enough ase .assistance asistans. sifizan ample ase.brace atachman .

forward avanse . teren.advance (v) avanse .attract atis .atlas atmosfè . jwenn .attain atenn.avaricious ava . atitid .vagabond (n) avalide .avouch avan .read li.will ava .dawn avans . atmosfè . anvan .riot atròs .advantage . alò .before avan.atrocious atèri .promote avanse. wè .atmosphere atmosfè .will (v).allure atire .advance (v) avanse .reach (v) ateste .then atò.mood atitud . apwofondi careful atenn .attack atansyon .attention (n) atantif.boat atik . debake land atò .Pòroprens Port av .attitude atlas .land (v) atèri.then au-Prince .English Creole Dictionary 215 atake . tè. rive.witness (v) ateste.assail atake .artichoke atifisyèl .artist atistik .mood atomik .grasp atravè .across atroupman .mood atitid. monte grad promote avansman advancement avantij . temwen.reach atenn.before avanjou . sèvi temwen witness (v) aticho .artistic atitid . wè.atomic atoufè .attest ateste. fè lekti .article atire .mood atmosfè. av va avadra .desperate atrab . wè witness ateste. jwenn. rive.

notice avid .admonish EN: (warning) avètisman .feast babay .with avèti .cram badnen .with avèk. lavni . notis .object .haven ba .plane (airplane) avyon .abrupt avwan .oat avyatè .baggage bagay .future avni.good bye babel .ring bag.Asia Azi de Lès .ring bagaj .avenue avoka .idiot babako .Souteast Asia azil . kafe .feast (n) babako.tell a joke ba manti .tell a lie ba. je pete .blind avèg.airport Ayiti.bar bab .air mail avyon .East Asia Azi di Disès .plane EN: (airplane) avèg.warning awoze .dabble baboun .bagage bagaj . eblouyi dazzle avi.Haiti aza .blind avèk .stocking ba blag .beard bab panyòl .baboon bachote .airplane avyon .future avnu .dazzle avegle (pete) je. sonnen .moss baba .asylum azil .avid avili .debase avni .irrigate ayeropò . avèg. Peyi Dayiti .play (v) EN: (with some one) bag . bambòch .low ba . ak .aviator avyon .April avrip . noure .obediet bagay .216 English Creole Dictionary avegle (pete) je .barbell babote .cram (v) bachote.esquire avril . je pete .random Azi .

bullet bal .bale bal .ballet balèn .band (v) bande . pake pay caffer anmèdan .swing (v) balanse.flock .bank bankal .balance balans .chaff bal bizbòl .balcony balon .actuate balanse .bow bankoulou .scale balans.bench banal .broom bale .baseball bal.English Creole Dictionary 217 bagay .sale balanse . kravat .feast bambòch.sweep bale.thing bakgamon backgammon bal .feast (n) ban .to feast band .band bandaj .hairband bani .ordinary banboche .bandage bande . mare.bandaid bandjo .swing (n) balansin.sly fellow bankè .give ban.ball balè . lavant .band band.banjo bando . balanse .sale balans . riban.band bande .tie (v) bande. bande band band.bench bann .tie banded .enjoy oneself banbouche .whale bambòch . bankèt .chaff (n) balans . dodinen .banish bank . bivèt .rock balanse . òkès .banquet bankèt .ballerina balkon .rock (v) balansin . boul .beach ball balon.ball balon plaj .swing balanse . pase bale .bathroom scale balans . babako .swing bale .banquet bankè.sweep balerin .

plantain bannann fig .capture (v) bare . trape.obstruct bare .corner (v) bare . aplodi . podevwi .quarrel batay. lit.218 English Creole Dictionary bann.dam baraj . bouche .file dosye.clap (v) bat bravo.defeat (v) bata .beat (v) bat.battle batay . venk . lite .bar bar.flip bason .beat bat bravo . troup . dokiman . parapè .bastard batay .quarrel batay. lit.obstruct bare.rail baro.barrier baryè .utility sink basen.bed pan basin .plantain bannan .barrette bas .banana banyen .bar baraj . trape . kale.pond basen lesiv .fight batay . kenbe .barricade baro .rough neck bare . boule struggle (n) batay.catch (v) barikad .catch (v) bare.basin basen .defeat bat.flock bannan ( food: bannan pezè ) . goumen. lantouray .bassoon bat .rail baryè .banner bar .block off one's way bare . kafe . venk .fence barèt .jack off bat laponyèt masturbate bat.bass (music and fish) basen .stuck bare.dam (n) barak . kale .clap bat laponyèt .fence baryè.fight batay.struggle bati .washtub baskile .bathe banyè . (heart) palpite beat (v) bat. gouman .build .

feed bay manje . konstwi .to bekonn .put bay tò .bite (comp) baz . l`j .back bekonn .stick baton bizbòl .procure bayay .lodge (v) bay ladesant.blink (v) batje .dare bay gabèl . gen.deceive bay koutba.ceiling plafon .wink (v) bato .stammer begle . detabez database baze .yield bay avalwa . put bay pote chay .ship bato.baton baton .peck (v) beke .embolden bay koutba . atifisyèl . sede.lock (of hair) (v) bay legen .feed (v) bay pote chay .base (v) baze.fib (v) bay .bib bay (fè) manti .bacon benediksyon .baptism bavèt .English Creole Dictionary 219 bati.base bazdone.fault bay.benefit benefis.yawn baylegen .baby bege .baseball bat batri .battery batèm .snap at.kindling bebe .dare (v) bay kouraj .blessing benefis .blame on s. desevwa deceive bay ladesant .cede bay legen.boat baton . () akeri gain (v) .cede bay manje . fondasyon. fè jwenn .something baye . to beke .surrender (v) bayt .build batje . baz base beapen .bellow beke .o else.give bay .advance (v) bay gabèl .deal (v) bay .

library bibon .office biwo.office biya . komès . kwafèz (furniture) bureau biwo. afè .business bizon .ballot binyin . cap bese . pliye. baby bidjè .desk biwo .bathe benywa .butterdish berè . kabinè .bus bisiklèt .business biznis.need bezwen.bike bisiklèt .bathtub bere .bend betay . otobis .budget bien .zwazo biology biznis . douch .very EN: (very much). montan proceeds benefisye (de) .bottle.bath benyen .business biznis.biscuit (american) biswit .shower bis.butter (v) berejenn .enjoy benevòl . jiwi .bicycle bisiklèt .bird .cycle (bicycle) biskit .bison .benefit (from) (v) benefisye.pub biswit .benevolent benfisyèl .banquet bivèt.shower (v) binyin.biology biyoloji.aim (n) bibit .erection bibliyotèk .clod bivèt .biscuit bistro . negòs. anvi .beret.beneficial benwa . koube .decline bese.bread bit tè .butter bere .ticket biyoloji .banquet biwo .gall bilding ak apatman apartment building bileng .ticket biye. jewel bil .eggplant berye . bankè .washtub beny . tikè .220 English Creole Dictionary benefis.bilingual bilten vòt .cattle bezwen .billiards biye . byen bijou – jewelry.want bi .

boa constrictor bobin .hunchback bouch . kadnase () .congest bloke.reel (n) bobine .bongos bonjou .cheap bon. vid .pan (n) bonm.wheat ble plan batisman blueprint blenndè .forget blofe .lay blayi .blank blan .blank blayi .lock (v) bloke.chump (v) bo . annavans .early bortkanson .azure ble .hello bonkal .lax ble . konjeste.nice bon .bulge (v) bonbon .reel (v) bobine.wound (v) blesi .shorts bosu .bucket bokit fatra .obliged bliye .blueberry blouzon avyate .bomber jacket blòf .good bon .bluff bloke .delicious bon mache .wound blije . kasròl .block off bloke . bouche congest (v) blouberi . blòf .pan bonè.bluff blòk .nice bonbe .lie down blayi. kouche .English Creole Dictionary 221 blabla .blame (v) blan .bluff (v) blofe.trash can bon .kiss boa konstriktè .joke blame.white blan.jar bonm . bobin .blab blag . joure .wound (n) blesi.well (adj) bon gou .lock (v) bloke.reel bofis .knock some one down blayi .block blòk .mouth .blue ble .blender blese .wound blese . blese .candy Bondye . bouche .God bongo . janti .son in law bokit .

pout (v) boufalo .purse bouskay .scorch boule .plug (v) bouche.bottom bounda bough . magazen .bowling ball boulanje .bouquet boulè flè.little by little bout.lie boul biya .cork (n) boude .raven boustabak.village boul ..end bout bwa . kaw .search (comp) boustabak . magazen .edge bout .shop boutik .congest (v) bouche .shop (n) boutik.buffalo boufi .donkey bous .struggle (n) boule. odè .bolt boulè flè .budge bouje.burn (n) boule .purse (n) bous .baker boulanjri .obstruct bouche . plise .move (v) boujon . anba .bulldozer boule . priz kouran .bouquet bounda .obstruct bouche.wart .birch boulon .ball boul . into) enstale (pronoun) movement mouman .end boutik .raven bout .enclose bouche .ass (donkey) bourik .pimple bouton.log bout pou bout .ass bounda .billiard ball boul bòlin .bud bouk .butcher bouche .bakery bouldozè . zanpoud . batay.burn (v) boule .wallet bous.branch bottom bounda bough@branch.button bouton .bloated bouje . fen .saturate bourik .222 English Creole Dictionary bouche . lite struggle boulo .bottom boure . lit.store (n) bouton .store boutik. bare .burn down boule .lid bouchon lyèj .plug bouchon . (.

avegle (pete) je .brave bravo .breeze brize. kase break brizorye .cock (v) branche.rough brital.brace bretèl.bright briye .knit brose .boil bouyon .lumber bwa .abrupt brital (adj). trikote .loose brase .world.ill bretèl .knit brode.timber bwa elan .brute brital .brush brèf .branch branche .arm (n) brak . sovaj .noise bri .dazzle briz .bottled water bouya .bracelet brav .antler bwachat .concise bròs .broke brode .maledve . kòk . separe .embroider brode .bottle boutèy dlo .bawl bred .glitter briye .arm bra .brace (v) bri .mash brase.other bwachat .concise brèf. eblouyi.bounda(buttock bwa .brief (adj) brèf .brick bripbrip .noise bri.break (v) brize.rumor bri. bròs .mash (v) brasle idantite . fè djòlè .bravo braye. atach .exceed (in) briye .bough branch . bwi .English Creole Dictionary 223 boutèy . kraze . other .tart branch .fog bouyi .abrupt brik .brush (v) brose.whore bra .very poor brizurye .embroider brode.rumor brid sou kou .broth bouyon .cock branlan . kraze.brush (n) butt) .brute (adj) briyan . separe. chuichui .wood bwa chapant . bwode .shine (v) briye.stew bouzin . kout . sovaj .acrid brak .

bri . cham .cute bèl .bay bè.welcome (n) bèlte .noise bwode .aloud byen ke .beverage bwat .kalòj cafe bwatchèn .property byen .ox bèf.noise bwi.box bwat . ka .case bwat.aloud byen fò.beneficence byenke .drink (v) bwè. aotvwa .profound byen tonbe .suit (v) byen.beak bèl .drink (n) bwi ..hairbrush byen .embroider bwokoli .pine bwason .welcome (v) byè .accurate byen panse .suicide (commit .ale byè .charm bèso . kafe.cow bèj .224 English Creole Dictionary bwapen .bay bèbè .broccoli bwote .mute bèf .as well as byen lwen . gòlf .cocky bwòdè.drink bwòdè .beautiful bèl .welfare byenvini .) byen tonbe. anverite. rad. bere .beige bèk .cafe bwat . chaje .oak bweson .handsome bèl .cradle bèso .well (adj) byen fò .pretty bèlantre .mail box bwat resiklaj .wealth byen . tou . vach .art bèlte . koupe .although byennere .transport (v) bwote.haul bwè .recycle bin bwat.quite byenfezans .case bwat lèt .drink bweson .blissful byennèt .cage .crib . fè prosè . bweson .charm bèlte..butter bè.far away byen mezire .beer bè .sharp bwòs tèt .

charcoal chabon .regret (n) chagren .border bòdi.load (v) chak .grapefruit chagren . restavèk .by (location) bò .haul chaje .charge (n) chaj .regret chaj . frontyè .foreman bòt .trim (v) bòfrè .brother-in-law bòks .chagrin (n) chagren .daft bèt kay .maid bòn .brim bò .side (n) bòbslèd . restavèk .bobsled bòde . vide . komik .shore bòdu .load (v) chaj.bowl bòlin .earnest bòs .loss chagren .bowling bòn .beet bètrouj .boot c chase.sorrow chagren. komik .coal chache .pet (n) bèt.animal bèt.kadans beast bèt (sovaj)* beat@kadans beast bèt . chaje .charge (v) chaje .lane bò. lizyè .accost bòdi.ridicule (v) bètrav . lizyè .flush c klere .boxing bòl .border bòdi.maid bòn.charge chaje .flush c chase. kole. fòmann . ridikil . animo . kontraryete chagrin chagren.hedge bòdmè . chapantye carpenter bòs.silly bèt.servant bòn. kote .beet bò .load (v) chaje .look for trouble chadèk . vide .English Creole Dictionary 225 bèt (sovaj)* beat .leader bòs mason.each .look for chache kont .silly bèt. regrete . liy .capon The word capon chabon .side bò lari. enbesil.servant bònfwa .sparkle capon .

song chante gam .suèl. lan .hunt (v) chasè .chant chante .heat chalè .road chemen . altere .straw chalè .chatroom chatye . zèv .wagon charyo.heat cham .chapter chaplèt . kabwèt .evict chase .annual chak fwa .champion chans . paradi .carpenter chape .luck chante .escape chape . refren .camel chandelye .cat chat .escape chape. siviv .chant (n) chapantye .baby shampoo chanpyon .warmth chalè.brag chante.every time Chal .hat charite.bewitch chamo .chase (v) chase .change (v) chanje . ansòsele .bedroom chanm .castigate (v) chekè .bead chaplèt . joure . pati .room chanpiyon .charm chame.survive chape.appeal (n) legal cham .charity charony .checker chemen .mushroom chanpou .226 English Creole Dictionary chak .reek (n) charony.reek charyo .path chemen .bead (n) chapo .carriage charyo .survive chapit .carriage chase .switch (v) chanje.way .hunter chat .shift (v) chanje .kitten chato .chamber chanm .Charles chalimo .chance chans .champ chanpyon .every chak ane.heaven .castigate chatye.boast chante gam .chandelier chandèl .candle chanje .alter chanm . santi move .shampoo chanpou bebe .castle (n) chatwoum .

rumor chwa.shock chokola ..short cut chemen. to chose chwazi ant .number chifone .. preferans .shock (v) choke.nack chire.scald chodwon .truck driver chofè.shock (n) choke .ankle chif .Chinese chire .bus driver chofè kamyon .darling cheval ..driver chok .choice chwal. bri . kondiktè ...hack chire. pwal ..sock chou . seleksyone .select chè . and . eli ..select chwazi ant .rumor chuichui .chimney chemistry . osnon. osnon.sit cho .assembly line chenn.bring chofè bis . kòl ..expensive chè .cauldron chofe .hair cheve..cabbage chou briskèl .chemistry Chinwa .horse chwazi .elektwochimi electro chemiz .nack chirijyen .hair chevi .collar cheri .....shirt chemizèt .collar chenn asanblaj . rout .English Creole Dictionary 227 chemen kout .road chemine .hot chode .brussek sprout chuichui .meat . cheval .. between ...flesh chè . rache .undershirt chen ...kettle.elect chwazi..gum (v) chiklèt.whisper (v) chuichui..surgeon chita . () gonmen .large chodyè . chok . rache . large chodwon ...gum (v) chimi .. to chose chwazi..choose chwazi .chain (n) chenn ..dog chenn .chocolate chosèt .horse cheve .wrinkle (n) chiklèt .

legim .love with. be in (v) dan .check (n) chèk .in the afternoon dabò .ravish (v) daprè .be in (v) damou pou.nun chèz .corrupt d .look for chèche .fang dan .diver dayè . atèri .dance (n) danse . eksplore . nan renmen ak .bat cola .Coka còronp.blow chòk.tooth danje .bald chòvsourit . nout kanson .you're welcome debake .chair chèz .danger danje .density dansè balè .228 English Creole Dictionary chè .sipòte.first of all dakò .land (v) debarase .explore chèche . verifye .clear (v) .goods danre.first (adj) dabò .ballet dancer dapiyan. zepòl . garanti .some (pl article) de .warrant (n) chèk.seat chèz pou woze bebe booster seat chòk .seek chèche.love (v) (love each other) damou pou.precious chèche .chief chèfseksyon .warrant chèk.boxing trunks chòt.short (n) chòt.of (used very sparingly) d laprèmidi .according to dat . vyole .short chòv .date dayiva .explore chèf .search (v) chèche .check chèlbè .fetch chèche . frape .two de ryen .bump chòt bòks .koka kola .besides de . visle .produce (n) dans .dance (v) dansite .agree damou .peril danre .sheriff chèk .search chèche .land debake.vain chèsè . nan renmen ak .shoulder .

nifty debouye .fault defwa .state (v) deklare koupab .forbid defans .contend deklare .wane (n) deklare .rid debarase.baffle defo . esprè .yet dejne .disdain defakto . nèt.disburse debouya .cope debouye . klè .deliberate (v) debat.drip degre .overflow debòde.deliberate debouse .adorn dekore .already deja . bay tò .forbid defann .to disguise degou . deroute .twice defye.debate debat. perime () . pini .de facto defann .discourage .tear open dekonpoze .prohibit defann. pini .overflow dechikte .clear debat .jag dechire .tear dechire .tear (v) dechoke .definite deflektè.fault (n) defo fabrik . erè.depose deden .definition definitif .lousy degoute .defect defo.count (n) dekore .get along degize .breakfast dekadans .default defo .defense defayans. transparan. diskite . () perime lapse (v) defayans.English Creole Dictionary 229 debarase .affirm deklare .undo defòme .debauch debòde .bumper defans .distort degaje . desann .ritual deja .convict (v) dekond . bay gabèl .lapse (v) definisyon .disgust degoutan .manage debòch .dare (v) defye.declare deklare .abject degoutan .decay (v) dekont .diligent debouya .decorate dekouraje .defy defè .

depend depann sou .delegate delibere .abash to destroy the self-confidence depann .telegram depòte .district deranje .put depwen .weigh anchor derechany .walk demanjezon .if depi .tomorrow demi .exceed depase .intrude deranje .download (v) .describe dekrè .move deplimen .deliver delivre .liberate delika .delicate delivre .department depi (since) .obsolete demode .descend desann .molest deranje .ago (adv) depi .dilute demach .rely depans .outdated demokrasi .230 English Creole Dictionary dekouvri .free (v) delibere . depoze .demand (n) demanti .since deplase .exceed depatman .give birth delivre .discern dekouvri .democratic demoli .discover dekri .deposit (v) depoze .upset derape .deport deranje .December desann .pluck depo .democracy demokratik .deposit deposede .spare deroute .expense depanse .belie demantle .depot depo .colon depèch .disown depoze .devil demontre .demolish demon .down (v) desann .county depatman .baffle (v) desanm .warehouse depo.get started derape .depict demoralize .decree delege .half (n) demode .spend (v) depase .disable (v) deranje .deposit (n) depo .rescue delye .raze (v) demen .itch (v) demann .

deception desevwa . frape .hijack detounen .bang detou .design desine .verdict destine . komik cartoon desen.ward detounen.disapprove dezaprouve .detail detaye .detail (v) detekte .detour detounen .bang detonasyon.camp desann.detach detale .deprave detounen .ward detounen. kanpman. rayi . bay koutba deceive desevwa. desine .decision desizyon .ward detwi .go down desann .destroy detwi.detect deteste .disappoint deside . sò .lose weight desann .lower (v) desann .fate destine.design (n) desen anime . rilaks .destiny destine . to regard with extreme disgust deteste.camp (v) desantralize .destroy detèminasyon determination .stay (stay at) desann sou roulib .relax detann. pare .detail detaye .cartoon desen anime.abhor (v) loathe.detail detay. detaye . poze pye .overflow desann .detest detonasyon . kraze .decide desine .database detache .dessert detabez . poze pye .English Creole Dictionary 231 desann . sal .fate desè .disappoint desevwa.dash detale .avert detounen .relax detay .dash (v) detann .deceive desevwa .design desepsyon .coast (v) desann.design (v) desizyon .get out (of vehicle) desann .apart detache .decentralize desen .

kontoune bypass deyò .riddle devinèt . problèm .violate dezonè .devout devyasyon.dream . san . gaye .forward (adj) devan .dawn devann .ransack devan .out deyò .discord dezaprouve .puzzle devinèt .exterior deyò .reveal devwale.ahead devaste .develop (v) developman .disgrace dezoryante .ravage devaste. moumou bathrobe dezabòne .homework devwale.development devide .outside deyò .diagreeable dezakò .casual dezespere .drawback dezavantaj.used dezyèmman . atoufè desperate dezinyen .devastate devaste .forward devanjou . nonmen appoint deziyen . antete determined devalize . avanse .232 English Creole Dictionary detèmine .bathrobe dezabiye.disaster dezavantaj .lose hope dezespere.front devan.bewilder dezyèm men .unsubscribe dezagreyab .assign dezobeyi . ravaje .develop develope . revele. wont .appoint dezinyen.secondly dezè .rèv drawback dezenvòlt .shame (n) dezonè.desert dezòd .spill devine .guess devinèt .determine (v) detèmine.disorder . gaye reveal devwe .without dezabiye .dawn devanjou.puzzle devwa .shame dezonè .disapprove dezas . avanjou .illegitimate deyò .ravage (v) develope .riddle (n) devinèt.despair dezespere .without deyò.

dirèk . debouye .callous di .allay diminye .lead dirije.disguise dijere .direction direksyon .dictionary dilit .decrease dine .discredit (v) diskresyon .range direkte .manage dirije.callous diab .graduate diplòm . mentni .direct dirèk . rèd.graduate diplome.compact disc disiplin .digest (v) dikisyon .ten dis konpak .Sunday dimansyon .debate diskite .discipline (v) diskalifye .disqualify diskite .direct dirije.dinner dine .rice dirije () .tell di.degree dire .lead dirije.argue diskredite .last direksyon .tell di. manje midi .rule dirèk . gradye .different difikilte .size dimansyon .English Creole Dictionary 233 dezòd .discredit diskredite .abase to lower physical diminye .fire (n) diferan .rule (v) dirije.lunch dine. dènye .direct (adj) dis .digest dijere .say di .head (v) dirije .size (n) diminye .discuss diskite. kòmande .difficult difisil . pòte .mess di .discipline disipline .director diri .last (v) dire.delete (comp) (v) dimanch . san pitye .brawl diksyonè .lunch diplome .difficulty difisil . rakonte .fire dife .head (v) dirije .direct (v) dirije .devil dife .range (n) direksyon nò.chairman direktè .discretion . kòmande .hard (difficult) digizmann . non nò north direksyon. règ .

zèl .proverb diton.234 English Creole Dictionary diskriminasyon discrimination diskriminen . dekouvri .gin djip .deal distribye.rave divage.available dispoze .various divòs .liar dlo . rivyè .vanish disponib .mushroom djòb .deal (v) distrè .jeep djipsi .employ (n) djòb .distinction distribye .rave (v) diven .be about to dispoze .distinct disten.eighteen djal . bay . bay .Gypsy djondjon .wing .divide divès .disappear (v) disparèt . flèv.girl djal. klè .employ djòb .proverb divage .armchair dodinen .fade (v) disparèt .snout djòlè .water dlo.jogging djòl .wine divize .back dodin .river do .blue jeans djin .diverse divès . provèb .distract diswa .girl djanni .dispensary disparèt .distinguish distenksyon . tifi .dicriminate diskèt . fotèy .distance disten .river dlo .distribute distribye.discrete distan .pm disène .nineteenth diznèf .discern diton .job djògin .rock (v) .river dlo.do. machwè . klè .discern disène.distinct distenge .disc dispansè . larivyè . be about to disrè .divorce diyite .armchair dodin. tanpete .ramble divage.disappear disparèt .snore djòl.fake (adj) djin .nineteen dizuit .wine diven. tanpete .austere distans .dignity diznevyèm .

sleek dous . mwayen . galèt.file (n) dokiman.shower (n) doulè . double .mild dous.double double .mellow doub .domain domèn .dolphin dokazyon .backache doulè.record dosye . jovyal .fertile donte . domaj.sleek dousman .ache doulè .data donk .double (v) douch .mild dous .brief (n) dosye .pair doub .data done.fight dokiman . () note .Dominican Republic domèn .og dosye .document dokiman .English Creole Dictionary 235 dodinen.gift done .damn .tame dosye . dokiman .file (n) dou.domination domine .log book (v) dosye.field (career).file (comp) doktè .slow dousman .damn modi . sikre .labor pain doulè do .damage (v) domaje.gently dousman .used dokiman . eleman .modi damage domaje .field (career) domèn . domain don . () note .log (v) dosye.sweet dous.pain doulè akouman .doctor doktè akouchman obstetrician dola .double double .sweet dous.slowly .double (adj) doub .therefore donnen . fayèl . swa . lapenn . fètil .damage dominasyon .dollar domaj .pair (adj) doub.damage (n) domaj.yield donnen.dominate domine .record (n) dosye.pain dous .prevail Dominikani . balanse rock dofin .

erect drese . epi .flag drese . lwa .must (v) dwèt .debt dèyè .sleep (v) dòmi.drill droge . ak. fò .erect (v) dril . monte .dialectal dyaloge .human rights dwa.rights (legal) dwa moun .last dèt .right (side) (adj) dwat .Hebrew ebèje .quaint dròl.sheet dra. fè egzèsis .after dèyè .numb dòmi . lenn . frè (depans) .must dwe .236 English Creole Dictionary dout .straight dwat.rear drese.duty dwat . elve.erect dwat.quake .law dwa .exchange (n) ..dazzle eblouyi .twelve dra .fee dwa .raise drese .god dènye .doubt (v) douz .behind dèyè .odd dròl.at all dwa (ladwann).drill (n) dril.and eblouyi . taks .rear (n) dòlote .quaint du tou . dèyè .drug dròl .erect (adj) dwe .pamper (v) dòmi .dormitory e .ass (rear) dèyè .rear (v) drese.coddle (v) dòlote .strange dròl.finger (n) dwèt.drum dròg . enpe .linen drapo .tranbleman tè .dazzle ebre . vètikal .right (side) dwat .addict droum .lodge (v) echanj . (to put to .law dwa.and e.doubt (n) doute .duty dwa .) andòmi sleep (v) dòtwa . drese .ought to dwe .dialogue dye .finger dyalektal .owe dwe. etranj . tripote .

edit editè . tès .sling echèk .equal (adj) egal. gaga.needle egui.quiz egzamen .exact egzak .afraid efreye.exhale egzamen .acute egou .help (v) edikasyon .even (adj) egal.even egale .scare efreye.being .exhale egzale. akonpli .examine egzamine .exempt egzanp .execute egzekite.egotist egoyis . jefò.pattern (n) egzanp.education edikasyon fizik .drain egoyis . enbesil .delete efase .physical education edike .assist ede .test (n) egzamen konpetans competency test egzamen. terifye .effort egal .appall efarouche. fè travay perform egzistans .dumb (adj) egare. modèl . voye .test egzamine .view (v) egzan . alame. mele confused (adj) egi (egu) . zegi .example egzanp .editor efarouche .pattern egzanplè .chess ede () .confused egare .sling (n) echap.dummy egare.appall efase .exaggerate egzak . menm.exemplary egzekite .sample (n) echap .effort efò. rann souf .English Creole Dictionary 237 echantiyon . jis .efface efase .exactly egzale .help (v) ede .precise egzakteman .execute egzekite. jis .scare efò .educate edite .selfish egui .hideous efreye .accurate egzak .erase efreyan . fè pè . fòs . fè pè .equal (v) egare .needle egzajere .


English Creole Dictionary

egzistans, kretyen - being egzistans, kretyen, etan being egziste - exist egzèsis - exercise egzèsis - exercise (n) ekip - crew ekip - team ekipe - equip ekipman - equipment ekitab - fair (adj) ekla - glare ekla - glitter ekla, briye - glitter eklate - burst eklate, eksploze - explode eklate, pete - burst eklate, pete - erupt eklate, pete - explode eklatman - eruption eklatman - explosion eklere - bright (adj) eklè - lightning eklèsi - clarify eklèsi, klarifye - clarify (v) eko - echo ekonomi - economy ekonomi domestik - home economics ekonomik - economic ekonomikman economically

ekran - screen ekri - correspond ekri - write ekriven - author eksede - exceed eksede, (in) briye - exceed eksede, depase - exceed eksepsyon - exception eksepsyonèl - exceptional eksepte - barring eksepte - except eksepte, prep. sòf - barring eksepte, sòf - except eksetera - etc. eksite - arouse eksite - excite ekslisit, klè - explicit eksperyans - experience (n) eksperyanse - experience (v) eksplikasyon - explanation eksplike - account (v) eksplike - explain eksplore - explore eksplore, chèche - explore eksploze - explode eksploze, eklate, pete explode eksplozyon, eklatman explosion eksplòtasyon - exploitation ekspoze - expose

English Creole Dictionary


ekspozisyon - exposition eksprime - express ekspè - expert ekspòtasyon - export (n) ekspòtasyon, ekspòte export ekspòte - export ekspòte - export (v) eksteryè - exterior ekstraòdinè - extraordinary ekstrè - digest (n) ekstrè - extract ekstrè, dijere - digest ekzekite - execute ekzòbitan - outrageous ekòs , po - bark (tree) ekòs, po, jape - bark elabore - elaborate (v) elaji, etann - expande elatriye - and so on elefan - elephant eleksyon - election eleksyon - poll (n) elektoral - electoral eleman - data eleman, done - data elemantè - elementary eli - elect elijib - eligible elimine - eliminate elitis - elitist elve - breed (v)

elve - high elve, drese - rear (v) elve, dèyè - rear elèv - pupil elèv - student elòj - praise (n) elòj, glorifye - praise emab - amiable emab - bland emab, afab - bland emisyon - broadcast (n) emosyon - emotion emosyonèl - emotional emèt - broadcast emèt - emit emèt, fè sikile - emit en - one en ben - well then en, youn - one enbesil (same as: joko) imbecile enbesil - dummy enbesil - fool (n) enbesil - imbecile enbesil, bèt, komik - silly enbesil, gaga - dumb enbesil, gaga - dumb (adj) enbesil, gaga, egare - dumb (adj) enbesil, komik - silly enbesil, twompe - fool endeks - index


English Creole Dictionary

endeks indicate - endike, montre - index endeks indicate@endike, montre - index endepandan - independent endepandans independence endiferan - aloof endiferan - austere endiferan - indifferent endijan - pauper endijan, pòv - pauper endike, montre - indicate endipansab - indispensible endirèkteman - indirectly endistriyalizasyon industrialization endividi - individual (n) endividyèlman individually endiyasyon - indignation enfekte - infect enfim - cripple (n) enfim - disable enfim, andikape - disable enfimyè - nurse enfliyans - influence enfomasyon - information enfomasyon, vansèyman information enfrastriki - infrastructure enfòm - inform (v)

English - Kreyol enigm, magouy - enigma enjoy - benefisye enjoy - rejwi, benefisye enkapab - unable enklinasyon - inclination enklinasyon, pant inclination enkonsyan - oblivious enkwayab - incredible enkyetid - anxiety ennbèsil - blockhead ennbèsil, idyo - blockhead enpas - deadlock enpasyan - impatient enpav - loafer enpe - little enpe - odd enpe - some enpe, piti - little enperyalis - imperialist enplije - implicate enplore - plead enplore, plede - plead enplwaye - hire enposib - impossible enpresyon - impression enpresyone - impress enpridan - rash enpridan - rash (adj) enprime - print enprime - print (v)

English Creole Dictionary


enpòt kijan - somehow enpòtan - famous enpòtan - important enpòtans - importance ensektisid - bug spray ensektisid - insecticide ensilt, () joure - insult (v) ensilt, joure () - insult (v) ensipòtab - unbearable ensiste - insist ensiswatil - amen ensite - abet incite, urge on, instigate ensite - incite enskri - record (v) enskri - register enskri - register (v) enskri, dosye - record enskripsyon - registration enskripsyon elektè - voter registration ensolan - insolent enstale (pronoun) - move into (v) enstale - install enstale - install (v) enstale - move (pron) (move into) enstantane - instant (n) enstantane, () moman instant (n) enstige - entice

enstige - entice (v) enstiti - institute Enstiti Franse - French Institue enstitisyon - institution enstriksyon, lenstriksyon instruction enstriman - device ensèk - bug ensèk, pinèz - bug entansyon - intention entansyon - purpose entelijan - clever entelijan - intelligent entelijan - smart entelijan, fò - smart enterese - eager enterese - interest entimide - daunt entimide - daunt (v) entrepriz - firm entrepriz - firm (n) entrige - fascinate entrèronp - interrupt entrèronp, koupe interrupt entwodiksyon introduction entèdi - ban entèdi - ban (v) entèdiksyon, entèdi - ban entèfere - interfere


English Creole Dictionary

entènasyonal international entènet - internet entèpretasyon interpretation envansyon - invention envante - invent envesti (ak) - invest (v) envite - guest envite - invite envizib - invisible envoke - invoke enèji - energy enève - tense enève, agase - enrage enève, rèd - tense (adj) enòm - enormous enòm, menmen, papa enormous epi - and epi, e - and epoutan - however epè - dense epè - fat epè - thick er kondisyone - air conditioner eran - vagabond (adj) ere - happy erente - frazzle eritaj - inheritance eritye - inherit

erè - error erè - mistake erè, () perime - lapse (v) erè, defayans, perime () lapse (v) erè, fòt - error esans - extract (n) esanyèl - essential eseye - attempt (v) eseye - try (v) eskalye - stair eskane - scan (v) eskanè - scanner eskarab - beetle eskize - apologize eskize - excuse (v) esklavaj - slavery eskli - exclude eskli, retire - exclude eskolè - scholastic eskwach - zucchini eskòte - escort (v) eskòte, konpayon - escort eslogan - slogan espas - space espere () - hope (v) espere - hope (v) esperyanse - go through espesaylman - especially espesifik - specific espesyal - especial espesyal - special

English Creole Dictionary


espesyal, patikilye particular esplwate - exploit espontaneman spontaneously espresyon - expression espresyon - utterance espri - god esprè - deliberate esprè - deliberate (adj) esprè - on purpose espyon - spy espyonaj - espionage espyonaj.esquire - avoka espionage estaf - staff (team) estanda - standard estansyon - extention estasyon bis - bus station estat, (doing somoething) tonbe - start (v) estati - status estatistik - statistic estiktirèl - structural estim - esteem estime - appraise estime, valye - estimate estime, valye - estimate (v) estipid - stupid estope, rete, (doing something) sispann - stop (v)

estrateji - strategy estraòdinè - uncommon pa komen - uncommon estrikti - structure estrilti - structure estropye - cripple estropye - cripple (v) estòp bis - bus stop esè - attempt (n) eta - state (n) eta, leta, deklare - state etabli - establish etabli - settle (v) etaj - floor etajè - rack etajè - shelf etajè liv - bookcase etajè liv - bookshelf etalaj - array etale - display etale - display (v) etan - being etanda - stand (n) etanda, kranpe.standard estanda - stand etann - expand etann - extend etann, blayi - lay etann, ouvri - extend etap - stage ete - summer lete - summer


English Creole Dictionary

etenn - off etenn - put etenn, foure, mete - put etenn, tranpe - quench etenn, tranpe, (thirst) koupe swaf, pase swaf li quench etenn.offend - ofanses - off etidye - study etonan - amazing etone - astonish etone - wonder etone - wonder (v) etranj - foreign etranj - strange etranj - unknown etranje - alien (n) etranje - foreigner etwal, setwal - star etwal, zetwal - star etwat - narrow etwat, jennen, jis - narrow etènel - eternal etènye - sneeze etènye - sneeze (v) evade, sove - evade evade, sove, mawon evade evalue, estime - appraise evalyasyon - evaluation evalye - evaluate evedan - obvious

evedan, aklè - obvious evenman - event eveye - alert (adj) evidan, aklè - evident evidan, aklè - evident (adj) evidans - evidence evite - avert evite - avoid evite, anpeche - prevent evite, prevni, anpeche prevent evolisyon - evolution Ewopeyen - European Ewèp de Lès - Eastern Europe Ewèp Oksidantal - Western Europe extricate - extreme ezitan - chary ezitan, pridan - chary (v) ezite - hesitate èd, ede - help (v) èd, sipò - aid (n) èd ,asistans, (v) èg - eagle èg, malfini - eagle èganik - organic èmanan - constant (adj) èmanan, konstan - constant èn - hate (v) ètograf - spelling

easily fasine .make (v) fabrike . trouble upset fache.simplify fasilman .woman fanm.misty rain fasafas .family fanmi .weariness fatigan . medanm (pl.do fabrike .dearth fanatik . (pl.mean fakilte .mad fache .fatigue fatig . vle di .angry fache.) woman fanmi .accustom familye . madanm.gap fantom .tire (v) .fascinate fason .easy fasil .colloquial famin .mad fache.admirer fanatik .facile fasilite .dearth famin .parent fanmi .face to face fasil .crack (n) fant .fond fanm . paran .English Creole Dictionary 245 fa pou figi (makeup) blush fab .bigot fanatik .ghost farin .tedious fatige . jan . zonbi .postman falèz .approach (n) fason.crack fant .ghost fantom.upset fache.female (n) fanm . move .flour farinen . paran .fable fabrike .manner fatig .relative fanmi.pout (v) fache. deranje.parent fanmi.manufacture (v) fache .tire fatige . fi.female fanm .drizzle (v) farinen .cleave fant . medanm) .wife fanm.faculty faktè . deranje .cliff familyarize .manufacture fabrike .relative fann . fou .cavity fant .approach fason .mean (adj) fache. grangou .famine famin. boude .drizzle farinen .

thin fen semenn .cobweb fil elektrik.female fen .weekend fen.file (comp) faz .feudal feròs .face (n) figi.end fen .February ffyèl.mess fatra.thread fil .weaken femèl .sharp .cheek figi.wither fente . kab .female (adj) femèl chen .favor fayit .fierce fete .end fen.web file .tired fatra . pwenti .window feodal . madanm. (pl.fiction fil .stare fikse. fanm.246 English Creole Dictionary fatige . refize . terib .trash (n) fatra.) woman fi.stare fikse.thread (n) fil .steady fikse . bout . imajine .yarn fil arenyen . gade fiks .auspicious favorize .fierce feròs.sequel fennen . medanm (pl.mince filareye . sauit .doom fayèl .wire filange .keen fen .feign fenèt . dezòd .cheek figire.gaze fiksyon .keen file. kontanple .bitch femèl. medanm) woman figi . jou .trash fatra .refuse favorab .picture (v) fiks .rubbish fatra .fine (adj) fen . fanm .picture figire. jou .flirt file . imajine .fade (adj) fennen . bil . pran pòz .fine fen .celebrate fevriye .gall fi. po figi.fixed fiks .refuse (n) fatra .condone favè .phase febli . pè .ferocious feròs .feign fente.favor (n) favè.

rivyè .flower (v) fleri.flinch flechi.river fo .loaf (v) flannen . tresayi . lafimen .cornflower flè.bloom flè .river flèv.wave (v) flè .rove flannen .river flèv.suburb fon .physical fizyoloji moun . alè ki le .muck final .smoke (v) fimen.finish firye .flame flannen () . a la fen.flinch (v) fleri . bwòdè.loaf (v) flannen .dung fimye .false fo . kòd .flower flote .rifle fizik .smoke fimye .bongfire flanke deyò . pwenti.son fisèl. lantèman .have to fo non .drift flote .chuck flanke deyò .chuck (v) flanm .funeral fini .adventure movie fimen .dart flèch.psuedonym fobou . tresayi . koupe . flè .human phisiology flanbo .air filter fim . dlo .float flote .flower (n) flè mayi .philosophy filozofik .deep .funeral fineray.finally finans .sunflower flèch .finally finalman.string fize lansman .finance finansyè .English Creole Dictionary 247 file.financial fineray .furious fis . larivyè .flower flè . javlo .final finalman . anfen.blaze flanm .dart (n) flèv.booster rocket fizi .philosopher filtè van .wander flechi.arrow flèch .philosophical filozòf . dlo. solèy .sharp filozofi .film fim avanti .bonfire flanbo .

nwa . bounda .melt fonn .phonetic fonksyone .brittle . fabrike manufacture frajil .exert fose.armchair fotèy ale .insane fou .put fourni .foure .oven fou.fork foujè . bouskay .fern foul .forest foròm . izin. pòtre .cater founi .delve fouye .picture (n) fotokopye .bottom fon.xerox fotèy .provide fouy.profound fondamental .anteater founen . pòtre .dark forè.forum fose .ant foumilyè .insert foure.delirious fou .base fondman legal . fè egzèsis . dodin .bake founen . bounda bough@branch. figire.supply (v) founi. anba. baz . imajine picture foto.search (comp) fouye .merge fonn.crazy fou .mad fou. fache . byen panse .insane fouchèt .exert foto. bounda bough branch . mete .dig frabrik.put foure. pake .crowd (n) foumi .aisle seat fotèy.fork (n) fouchèt.mad fou .photograph foto.batch founi .supply founi . anba bottom fon.bottom fon. amalgame .fundamental fondasyon. ranmase . aprovizyone .function fonksyone . anba.manufacture (n) frabrik.engage foure .function (v) fonn .foundation fonetik .insert . rakbwa .dark fonse. etenn .cater foure .248 English Creole Dictionary fon. izin .batch founen.merge fonse .armchair fou .

kraze .candid fran .fee frè .frank Frans .hit frape .fracture (n) fran .strike frape .cheese frontyè .bump frape .scrub frote .bump (v) fraz .English Creole Dictionary 249 frajil . irite ..cold fren .brother frè .fresh frèt .. irite chafe (v) frè (depans) .bang frape .strike (v) frape ak pye (). kou time . irite.rub (v) frote .fright fri . frèt . Lafrans .chafe (v) friksyonen.border frote . frote chafe fristrasyon .rap frape . rennen .).leak fwa .fresh fredi .fry frijidè .kick (v) frape.knock frape .cool fròd .frustration fromaj .constain freyè .time fwa(number of . friksyonen.border frontyè.expense (expenses) frèch .breaks (of car) frennen.fracture frakti . kou .cold (n) fredi.kick (v) frape ak pye .rap (v) frape .brake (car) fren . kontrenn constain (v) frennen.sentence fre .chafe frote .phrase fraz .cold frèt .refrigerator friksyonen.liver fwa(number of . lizyè . .bang (v) frape .French frape .France franse .hit (v) frape .crash (n) fraka.crash frakti .). bòdi.France Frans.fragile fraka . pouse .scrub (v) frote.fraud fuit .

lure fè lasisiy. cham . rankout .read fè paspouki.shave fè blan .250 English Creole Dictionary fwa(number of .trust (v) fè konpay .make (v) fè apèl (legal).procreate . diskriminen dicriminate fè pati .entice fè lasisiy . chante gam .party.pride fè .meet (v) fè konesans.fruit fwote . kontre ak.peep (v) fè jwenn . fose .pal up with fè konpliman congratulate fè kous .have a fè fèt .heed fè bab .anger (v) fè fèt .entice fè laviwonn .race fè kous .iron fè .drill (v) fè egzèsis . enstige .exert fè emosyonèl .act as (v) fè lekti . fè gam.drill fè egzèsis .proud fyèl.bawl fè djòlè .emotional.orbit (v) fè le .brag fè jouda . chante gam .reach fè lekti .).race (v) fè lajan .abrade to srcape / rub fyè .brag fè djòlè. cham appeal fè apèl. to be fè emosyonèl .exert fè egzèsis.boast fè gam.give away fè konesans .brag fè egzèsis .earn fè lasisiy . tan(general).shave fè bab.peep fè jouda . rankontre.to be fè fache .appeal (n) legal fè atansyon .gall fyète .tin can fè demann . have a fè gam.trust fè konfyans .meet fè konfyans . raze .belong fè pitit .time fwi . chante gam . kou..procure fè kado . lè(when) .inquire fè djòlè .acquaint fè konesans . bil .

remind fè sonje.washing of pubic region fè tèt .unify fè youn vire .astound fè teyat .about to (do something) fè santinèl .get a haircut fè tèt .have to fèt.make fèb .to (v) a little (v) fè youn .solid fèmen .perform fè twalèt (li) .party fètil . emèt .watch. raple .emit fè sonje . to fè pwose ak .to fè pwovisyon . fèsiyo .enclose fènwa .shut (v) fèmen. bambòch.do fè.court.close (v) fèmen .obscure fès .act (theater) (v) fè travay .suit (v) fè pwose ak .loud . to (v) a little (v) fè yon ti () .to keep fè santinèl .made fèt .English Creole Dictionary 251 fè pitit. pati .sue. bouche .leaf fò .ignorance fènwa .wash up fè twalèt deba .darkness fènwa .emit fè sikile.anniversary fèt.shop for groceries fè pè .haircut fè yon moun pou . to fè pwose ak .weak fèjefou.to be born fèt pou (fò/fòk are used at the beginning of the phrase) .humiliate fè sa pou . mak .remind fè sote .party fèt .feeble fèb . fabrike . prokreye procreate fè prosè .bleak fèb .buttocks fèsiyo .take a walk fè. anivèsè .shut fèmen .get back at (v) fè yon ti () .scare fè ront . to keep fè sikile . fabrike . babako feast (n) fèt.wink fèm .fertile fèy .wink fèt .little.brilliant fò .make (v) fè.

guard (v) gade (). () gade.knack fòje . bay tò . gen dwa.strain (v) fòt .form fòm .guard (v) gad.force (v) fòse .252 English Creole Dictionary fò . fikse . kouraj.effort fòs.format (v) fòmate .guard (v) gade ().fault fòt. fòse .smart fò.guard (v) gade .wrought fòk. gen pou.smart fò . siveye . richès .pay attention gade . siveye . dwe .fortune fòtin .formation fòmate .behold gade .effort fòs . konsidere .face (v) gade .wealth fòtin. gad.loop (v) gade (anfas) .stare gade fiks.glance gade .format fòmann .watch (v) gade fiks .prominent fò . efò .force fòse .must (v) fò .form (v) fòme . jandam.error fòt.error fòtin .must fò. riban .machine fòme . jefò. fòk. pwisans strength fòse . defo . gen dwa.form (n) fòm .stare gade vit .force (n) fòs. fèt pou (fò/fòk are used at the beginning of the phrase) have to fòm . erè .peek (v) gade.shape fòma . fèt pou (fò/fòk are used at the beginning of the phrase) .peek gade vit . siveye .formatted fòme .strain fòse .force fòs.loop (v) gade . entelijan .fortune gad. talan .have to fò.fault (n) fòt.regard (v) .form fòs . fòm . defo.strong fò.machine (v) fòme.foreman fòmasyon .effort fòs . gen pou.

spread gaye . egare confused gagè .baseball glove gan bòks .guard (v) gadmanje .dumb gaga .waiter gason.kerosene gazon .arise gaz .spoil gate .pantry gaga .waste (v) gate .loft galon .garage garanti . mele .rush (to do) galèt .cake gayan .English Creole Dictionary 253 gade. egare .gallon galope . balanse . plede .muss (hair) gaye . gaj . gen pou. provni.pledge gaj .boxing glove garaj .gauge (v) geji.abound gen dwa.conscious (adj) .gauge (v) geji.waste (n) gaspiye .be greedy gen konesans . mezire gauge (v) gen .fuel gaz .bellhop gason . mele.scatter gaye . koutje .winner gaye .gallop galope .lawn gaòt.reveal gaye .confused (adj) gaga. fèt pou (fò/fòk are used at the beginning of the phrase) have to gen groje .regard gade.pledge gason .boy gason .jwè gan bizbòl .arise gaye .conscious gen konesans .pledge (v) garanti .spread (v) gaye.dissipate gaye . ti gason . () tcheke.warrant garanti .rock gamble .spoiled gato .pledge (n) galata .warrant (v) garanti. meli melo .boy gaspiyaj .dumb (adj) gaga. siveye .dumb (adj) gaga.cockpit gaj .there is/ are gen anpil . () tcheke .spoil (v) gate .rock galèt.fuss geji .gas gaz lanp .

confident gen konfyans .clement gen pou.254 English Creole Dictionary gen konfyans .acoustic guitar glas .gain (v) genlè menm .rely (v) gen konfyans. chiklèt gum (v) .vanish genyen .frost glas . gen .freeze glise . () gonmen gum (v) gonmen ().there is/ are genyen.creep (v) glise .slip glise .strong gen lentansyon .still gita .praise glorifye .have to gen vètij . sanble appear gentle .vanquish genyen .gain (v) gen.slide (v) glise .afford gen pitye . posede . chiklèt.globe gode . chiklèt . parèt.have genyen .praise (v) glòb . gonmen ().bulge (v) gonm.air (of).handsaw gonfle.slip (v) glorifye . parèt .cup goin. to have the (v) gen yon pòz . chiklèt. () gonmen gum (v) goonm. lwanje . () akeri . sanble similar genlè.rely gen konfyans .similar genlè menm. toujou .gum (v) goonm. asire confident gen kouraj. goyin .mirror glase .to have the (v) gen.own genyen.soupl genyen . bonbe .gum (v) gonmen .win genyen .handlebars gildiv.there is genyen .own genyen . fèt pou (fò/fòk are used at the beginning of the phrase) .ice glas . fò .appear genlè.dizzy gen yon pòz .praise (v) glorifye. akeri () .intend gen mwayen . posede. fè lajan earn gidon .win (v) genyen.

famous gran. asezonman .gourde goud.gourde Haitian currency.dosye. laj .preference gou .grandmother gran-papa.brawl (v) goumen.flavor gou .rank grad . mouri grangou starve granmoun .degree graden . visye. diplòm .scratch (v) graje .fat grad () evalye.dearth grangou. grann grandmother grandi .file .avid grangou .relish gou .bleachers gradye . dokiman .scratch grafouyen . goute .quarrel gouman.great gran. nivle .ample gran-papa .relish (n) gou. (food) kalbas gourde Haitian currency.ample gran.plump gra. dikisyon . batay .grate gran . money gouman . sifizan .taste (v) gouvène .grow grangou .brawl goumen. ase.abrade to srcape / rub graje . lage .handsaw gra .quarrel gouman.graduate (v) grafouyen . money gout .elder .taste goud .English Creole Dictionary 255 gou .grade (v) grad .fight gourde .savor gou . epè .graduate gradye .dearth grangou .snack (n) goute . gwo .rank (n) grad.government gouvènmantal governmental goyin .taste (n) gou.glutton gouman .govern gouvènman .drop (n) gout.greedy gouman .famine grangou .drop goute . voras greedy goumen .starve grangou.adult (n) granmoun . sifizan . famin .

size (n) grès . gwonde roar (v) grosoulye .scrape grate.bunsh grap . la .grandmother granpe .size grosè.grain grenn .grease (v) grese.grease gròs .engrave grenn .bunsh grap.gray grie . rafle .scrape (v) gratis .parch (v) griyen . ranmi.free (free of charge) grav () tonm .grave (n) grave . mansyo . dimansyon .claw (n) grif . (ve) grese .claw grif .roar gronde.cluster grap.seed grenn .crude (adj) grosye . ranmi . grès .cave .climb grap . gran .lump gro.256 English Creole Dictionary granmoun .nut grenn . pann .bunch (n) gras a dye .unit grenn pa grenn .huge gro kay .mansion gro moso . selibatè .lard grès kochon.pill grenn .single grese .roar (v) gronde.grilled grif . pakèt . dimansyon .flu griye .mansion gro kay.rude grosè. endividi . ranmi .single grenn .berry grenn .mature grann .grease grès kochon .grease gri .giggle gro .rude grosye . () oun. plenn(animals) pregnant gròt .individual (n) grenn. () oun individual (n) grenn pa grenn.testicle grenn .big gronde.itch (v) grate.pregnant gròs.paw grip .thank god grate .broil (v) griye . rafle .parch griye .individual (n) grenn pa grenn.lard grès.

idiot idyo.illegal ilejitim.bay haddrav .immediate imedyatman .blockhead idyo .left gòj . siveye (v) guard .immense imedyat .blockhead idyomatik . gran .identification ide .throat gòje .urbanization idantifye .big toe gwo. deyò .email imen .allspice gwoup.group (v) gwoupe () .wasp gòch .big dipper gwo venn .image imajinasyon .daft idyo.artery gwo zotèy .group (v) gwoup. kouryèl. mel .human imid .awkward gòch .immediately imel.identify idantite .moist .expecting gèp .expecting gwòs.idiom il.moderate imid .picture (v) imanite. limanite mankind imans .idiomatic idyòm . bè . () gwoupe .clumsy (adj) gòch .humid imid .fancy (v) imajine .frown (v) gwonde . bèt . gwoupe () .roar (v) gwopwav .island ile .illegitimate ilistre .imaginatiom imajine .big gwonde .picture imajine .siveye Gwantanamo Guantanamo gwo .hard drive hanache .imagine imajine .growl (v) gwonde .group (v) gwòs . ennbèsil .great gwo lous la .group (v) gwoupe .idea idyo .bay gòlf.gulp (v) gòlf .whet ilegal .English Creole Dictionary 257 guard .illustrate imaj .hornet gèp .gade. ansent .gulp gòje. () vale . zile .to harness ibanizasyon .

peeve irite.irritate irite.unite ini.irrigate irite .immigration imigrasyon .chafe (v) irite .flood inondasyon .flood (n) inosan .useless inivèsite .utensil istorik .flood (n) inondasyon. ansibreka .258 English Creole Dictionary imigran . anmède .handy itil . kont .ironically iwonize .unite inifye .initial inisyal. kont .utility itilizasyon . men .innocent inoubliyab .initial inite .university inondasyon .right there isit-menm . kreten) .uneven inegal. speak iwonize .use iwonilman .speak iyoran (same as: sòt.S.ignorant .chafe isit. premye .ignorance iresponsabilite irresponsibility irige.utilization itilize . anmède .peeve (v) irite.historic istwa .uniform inifòm bizbòl .unforgettable inyon.story istwa.ironically.immortal inegal .imitation imite . awoze .here isit-la-menm .adventure Istwa Etazini .baseball uniform inisyal .unify inifòm . History istwa.tale italyen .immigrant imigrasyon . maryaj. grenn .imitate imoral .immigration (v) imitasyon .useful itil.U.immoral imòtèl .tale istwa dròl .unify inifye. mare .(adv) sou la men handy itilite .unity inite. sendika union inyorance) . lavalas . frote .unit initil . fè youn .Italian itil .right here istansil .fable istwa .uneven ini .

janmen . patè .polite janti . siveye .landscape jaden flè.polite janti.parrot jako . siveye guard (v) jandam.field jaden flè .officer janm .kind janti .used izin . pa janm) never jamè.guard (v) jandam.gardner jadinye .nice janti . pa janm . bon .jacket jalou . .gentle janti .kind janti .nice .never janti .officer jandam .ham jandam .never jan .manufacture Izrayèl .farm jaden .manner jan .never janmen . gad.type jan . gade ().ever janmen .English Creole Dictionary 259 iyorans (same as: liyorans.leg janm.guard jandam.nice janti . pa janm) never jamè (janm.manner jan .slang jako . fabrike . inyorance) .Isreal Jacmel .parrot a person who repeats everything said jakèt . janm.garden jadinye .field jaden .ignorance iyore .way janbon . ofisye .ham janbon .jargon jagon .parrot jakorepèt .jealous jamè (janm.manufacture (n) izin. pa janm .ever janmen .gardner jagon .officer jandam.cop jandam .ever janm.type jan .Jakmèl a city in Haiti jaden .ignorant of ize . () gade.jargon jagon .ever janm .cop jandam .slang jagon .

bark jape . rèl .bouquet jeneral .wail jemi .generous jenere.chap (young man) jenn gason .generation jenere .wail jen .young jeneral .Thursday jefò .bark (v) javlo . feel .young jenn .general jenerasyon .blind je pete . abondan .260 English Creole Dictionary janti.generate jenere .gentle jantiyès .moan jemi .uncomfortable. pwodui .chap (young man) jennen .polite janti.June jen . efò .effort jefò.moan jemi .embarrass jennen .blind (n) je pye.January jape .general jeneral .June jen . flèch .jenetik generous jenetik .generate jenere .embarrassment jenn .eye je pete .embarrassment jenn .Thursday jedi .generous jenere .young jenn gason .feel jennen .freeze jele .effort jele .burden (oneself) jennen .kindness janvye . plonje.dart (n) javlo.frozen jele .blue jay jedi .genetics jenetik .bountiful jenere.ankle jeble . fòs .feel jennen .embarrass jennen .genetics jenn .genetics . soupl .bountiful jenere .jelly jemi .bark (v) jape . chevi .effort jefò.generate jenere.uncomfortable jennen .dart javlo .dart je .burden (burden oneself) jennen .wail jemi. ploi .

jiska .twin jimo .judge (v) jije . jiskaske .narrow jis .even jis .swear jire .skirt jip .geography jeometri .Jesuit ji . jiska . (time) annik .giant jeyan .jury jiri . jiska.twin jinyò .narrow jis .junior jinyò . jiskaske.geography jeografi .judgement jijman .English Creole Dictionary 261 jennen.judicial jidisye .skirt jip sky .genisis jenèz .juice ji pòm .juice ji .till jis. aptopriye .geometry jeometri .narrow jennjan .junior jip .swear jiri .skirt jire (sèmante) .verdict jimnastik .cast jete.just jis .swear jire.judge (v) jije . legal .Genisis jeografi . jis .syèl . voye .knee jenèz .till jis.dump jete. voye . jiska .judge jij .skirt jip sky@syèl .lad jennjan .fair (adj) jis .geometry jete .cast (v) jeyan .judge (v) jijman . pil fatra .judicial jij .lad jenou .till jis.until jis.dump (v) jete.just .jury jis . aptopriye .gymnastic jimnastik .cast (v) jete .narrow jennen.even jis .knee jenou .judgment jijman .giant Jezuit . jis .apt jis.apple juice jidisye .gymnastic jimo .until jis. sèmante .apt jis.just jis. legal.even (adj) jis .

day jouk .plea (n) justify (jistifye) .castigate (v) joure .plea jistifikasyon . jis.log jounal pèsonèl .cheek jou .squash jounal .squash (n) joumou. jiskaske . chatye . rejwi.admonish (curse at) joure .July jodi .bwa chapant till jiska .enjoy jiwi.og jounal. dosye .today jog . jiska .until jiskaske .justice jistis. modi .until jistifikasyon .up to jouk .till jiska .account (v) jistifye .journalist jounen .curse (v) joure .until jiska.curse journalist .July jwaye .day jou .castigate joure.merry jwe .up to joumou (kalbas) .curse (v) joure.jounalis jouwoumou .Julie July . lajistis . kraze .log book (v) jounalis .cheek jou .day jou.blame (v) joure . () note . dosye.262 English Creole Dictionary jis.joke around jwe .pause joke around .day joure .insult (v) joure.diary jounal.pumpkin (squash) joumou.justice jiwi .till jiska.timber . kalbas .until jiskaske . jounen .timber .juyè juyè .justify jistis . benefisye enjoy Jiye .until jiskaske. malediksyon .bwa chapant .jwe jou .play (v) .mellow Juli .acorn squash jouwoumou po jòn butternut squash jovyal .joyous jwaye .

corpse kadinal . anka .quart ka galon.coffee kafe.find jwenn .office kabinè.quart ka.lock (v) kadnase .quart ka galon.hide (v) kacho .Jewish jwif . telegram kabann .junkwood kabinè .reach jwenti .English Creole Dictionary 263 jwe ak . () kadnase. charyo . bloke lock (v) kadna.case kab . ka .enjoyment (n) jwè . bwat .cardinal kadna . kadnase () lock (v) kadnase () .nap kabin .quart ka galon .gamble jwè bizbòl .knuckle jwif .miser (n) jwisans .wire kab.play (v) jwenn . rive. don .case ka .cage .goat kabwèt .baby food jòn .yellow jònze . (with some one) badnen .yolk ka . bloke. bwat .bed kabann de etaj .locate jwenn . bistro .pub kafe.cash (n) kach.conceal kache .kalòj .carriage kabwèt.read .carriage kach .li.toy jèbè . kontan .padlock kadna.office kabrit .cable kab .game jwèt .gift kafe .bar kafe . lajan. fè lekti .joint (n) jwenti dwèt.yellow jòn .jail kachèt .fiddle (v) jwe. oslè .cash kache .cabin kabinaj bwa .lock (v) kado . kès.cafe kafe.cafe . biwo .present (n) kado.bunk bed kabicha .reach (v) jwenn.jew jwif . bar .bar kafe.baseball player jwèt .cache kadav .

when kanape .quality kalite.cane kanna .rubber kaoutchou. fatige .gourde (food) kalbas .squash (n) kalbas.calamity kalbas .quantity kaoutchou .cage kamera .beat kalifye .slack (n) kansè .qualify (v) Kalifòni .stop it kanpman .camp (n) kanpman.calm (v) kalomnye . kraze squash kale .raise kanpe .can (n) kanmarad .tire .beat (v) kale.scoundrel kanno .slander kalonnen . poze pye .indeed kann .peel kale .snail kalme .calm kalmason .pick (v) (pick something up) kanpe . joumou.okra kalamite .peel (v) kale kò li .camera kamera.cancer kantin .show off kale.canteen kantite .pelt (v) kalòj .California kalite .calculate kalm .coax (v) kakas . (heart) palpite .candidate kangourou .burglar kandida .kangaroo kanistè . pa kontan unhappy kajole .pants kanson .264 English Creole Dictionary kafou .attribute (n) kalite .campaign kanpe .carcass kal .slack kanson .gun kanpagn .duck kannay . bat .camp kanson .raise (v) kanpe li . tèl .couch kanbriyolè .pelt kalonnen .intersection kagou.commarade kanmenm .can kanistè .such kalkile .truck kan . kodak .camera kamyon .beat (v) kale .bit kalalou .

ID Card katab .pan (n) kastò .karate kare .card kat-didantite .career karyè .business card kat fwa .slim down kase ande .raven kaw. kanistè . odasye.square (adj) kare.able kapab .capital kapon .boarding pass kat tiraj otomatik .square kare .whim kaptif . boustabak .bicycle helmet kase .chap (n) kasròl .plain kare. separe break (v) kaskèt .catholic katreven . klè . kraze. kat jwe .pan kasròl.captive kaptire .break (v) kase . temerè . ze .captivate kapwonnen .asunder kase boujon .quadruple kat jwe .coward kapris .capture (v) kaptive .dwelling kay .feature karakterizasyon characterization karakterize .eighty katrevendis .caviar kaw .category katolik .can kapasite .bold karyè .ninety katye (adj) onka . gròt .characteristic karakteristik.fad kapris .bank vault kavya.folder kategori .caress (n) karòt .English Creole Dictionary 265 kap .raven kay . bonm . bare .four kat .can (v) kapab.quarry karès .nip kase.capacity kapital .map kat biznis .ATM card kat. brize.forty karate .kite kapab .capture kaptire.beaver kat .card kat pasaj .characterize karant .carrot kas bisiklèt .cellar kav.cave kavo . mak .quarter kav .house .faith (v) karakteristik .

rache .which kilès .quit kite.contend (v) kenbe .keep kenbe . pati.kilometer kilt .let kite .whence kijan .where kichòy .hold kenbe .who kimoun .abandon kite .KB kilomèt .abduct kidonk .question (v) kesyone .anyone kikonk .endure kenbe .break up (relationship) (v) kite .timid kazwèl. koutcha .leave .quit kite.cancel (comp) (v) Kenntèki . lese. sotu .timid kazèn . lage .culture kiltivatè .how kijan. wou . lake . kòman . arete .what kite .whoever kikote .pluck keyi.barracks ke .which Kiba .when kilès .Kentucky kenz .question (v) kewozin .hoe kikonk .pluck ki .where kilobayt . timid .something kidnape .cult kilti .hang (in there) kenbe .affair kesyon.culture kilti.tail kenbe . kesyone () question (v) kesyone () . deklare contend kenkay .alligator kazino .oxtail ke. () kesyone question (v) kesyon. kòman.tail ke .detain kenbe.who kirye .odds and ends kennsèl .fifteen kesyon .farmer kilè .Cuba kibò .casino kazwèl .266 English Creole Dictionary kayiman .catch (v) kenbe . soutni.kerosene keyi .which ke bèf .withhold kenbe.curious kisa .hoe kijan.

flay koche .clergyman klèman .class klase .plain klè.coefficient koken . kare . sotu .classic klavye . direksyon. er kondisyone air conditioner kloròks .holiday koabite .clear (adj) klèje .fantastic . lakizin .range (v) klase.artful koken .shine klere.washbasin kiyè .font (comp) kle . pòte .clarify (v) klarifye.plain (adj) klè.camera kodenn . lavado .horn klarifye . kòn .coin .horn klakxonn .bleach klou.nail (v) klè . kamera .cohabit (v) koabite. kloure () .shine (v) klik .spoon kizin.nail (v) kloure . () kloure .English Creole Dictionary 267 kite.bell knoje .clarify klas .camera kodak.monnen cohabit koche . kòch .knave koken .cook (female) (n) kkon[etisyon . transparan.brilliant klere .bell klòch.bright (adj) klere .key klere .horn klakxonn.distinct klè . nèt . briye .competition klakson .pig kochon .kitchen kizinye .pork kochon .light (v) (light up) klere .cook (male) (n) kizinyè .clearly klòch .clear klè .hog kochon .flash (v) klere .explicit klè .leave kivèt.range klasik .turkey koefisyan . aliyen.rascal kokenn .nail (v) klou.swine kodak .weather klimatizè.skin kochon .skin (v) koche.nail (v) kloure () . eklèsi .gang klima . po .

append kole .college kolòn.perk up ones ears kole zorèy. moso .kola kolabore. manje maten . vide . depwen . dejne. dejne . pilye .attach kole . lakòl .couple kole.glue (v) kole .as komandan .flush (adj) kole .glue kole.collect koli .community kominikasyon communication kominike .commision .couple (v) kole .column kolòn.percent pousantaj .piece kole.cartoon komik .pack kolon.piece (v) kole sandal ak .pussy (slang) kola . soutni collaborate (v) kolasyon .268 English Creole Dictionary koki .communal kominate . akouple .commander komen . desen anime cartoon kominal .breakfast kole .shack up with kole zorèy .as kom .communicate kominike .color (v) kolore .per up ones ears kole.colonial kolonèl .colonel kolore .breakfast kolasyon.flush kolekte . marye .common komi .dye (v) kolye krizokal . anpakte.column (n) kom .beads (necklace) kolèj .couple (v) kole.clerk komik .colon kolonyal . pilye .communicate (v) komisyon .dye kolore .silly komik.pack (n) koli.funny komik .per up ones ears kole zorèy .breakfast kolasyon.package pakèt . soutni collaborate kolabore.shell koko .

conform (adj) konfòm. acha .condition kondisyon . prezève .conform konfòme .preserve (n) konfiti.conduct kondwi . konbe . kondui .how much konbit .comfort (n) konfò.preserve konfizyon .commerce komèt .how many konbe .how many konbyen.condition (n) kondisyone .commission komisyon . negòs .conditioned kondui .drive kondui.acquaintance konesans .conduct (n) konekte .commit (v) kon sa .gathering konbit.conference konfese .comfortable konjekti . tankou .conduct (v) kondui . konbe .understanding konesans.confront (v) konfò .business komès. save knowledge konferans .drive konduit .conform (v) konfòtab .purchase (n) komisyon.English Creole Dictionary 269 komisyon .condemn kondane .conduct (v) kondwit .purchase komunyon .confess (v) konfime . () renmen .how much kondane .confusion konfwonte .jam (food) konfiti .confirm konfiti .like (v) kon.convict (n) kondi . promenad .confess konfese .driver kondisyon . amenajman amenity konfòm .conduct (n) konduit.as that kon. rasanbleman gathering konbyen.comfort konfò .connect konesans .commit komèt .communion komès .pipe (v) kondiktè .conjecture (n) .like (v) konbe . konfòme conform konfòme . (like this/that) konsa like kon.pipe kondi .conduct kondui .

comprehension konprann .wit .congest (v) konjige .complete (v) konplike .conjugate konjile . konpetisyon competition konkrè .comprehend konprann .complete konplete .escort konpayon . bouche congest konjeste. elabore elaborate konplote .capable konpetisyon .competition konkou .compare konparezon .contest konkou . konkou contest (n) konpilasyon .computer konpleksite . alyaj .wholly konplètmewhy .conjoin konjwen .know konpanyi .complete (adj) konplè.contest (n) konkou. konkou competition konpetisyon.conclude konklizyon .elaborate (adj) konplike. bouche .competition konpetisyon.friend konpayon .conquer konkli . pasèl .conclusion konkou .plot (of land) teren.compound (n) konprann . konkou contest konpetisyon.complicate konplike .compilation konpitè .concrete (adj) konmarad .compose (v) konpoze.complaint konplete .complain konplent .comparison konpay .comrade konn . bloke.company konpare .270 English Creole Dictionary konjeste.wholly konpoze .understand konprann .complexity konplenn .compose konpoze .plot konplè .escort (n) konpetan .plot (v) konplote.used to konnen .freeze konjwen .conjoin (n) konkeri . alyaj .concrete konkrè . konplete complete konplètmen .compound konpoze.

English Creole Dictionary


konprann, konpreyansyon - comprehension konpreyansyon comprehension konpòte - behave konpòtman - behavior konsa - like (like this/that) konsa menm, vrèman really konsansis - concensus konsanti - consent konsanti, dakò - agree konsantrasyon concentration konsantre - concentrate konsekan - important konseyev - advisor konsidere - consider konsidere - regard (v) konsidere, gade, koutje regard konsila - consolate konsilte - consult konsilte, mande konsèy consult (v) konsilyasyion - conciliation konsistan - consistant konsole - console konsole - console (v) konsolide - consolidate konsonmen - smoulder

konstan - constant konstan, èmanan - constant (adj) konstant - constant (n) konstant, èmanan, konstan - constant konstitisyon - constitution konstitisyonèl constitutional konstitye - constitute konstitye - constitute (v) konstrui - construct konstrui - construct (v) konstwi - build konstwi, bati - build konstwiksyon construction konsyans - conscience konsènan - concering konsène - concern konsèp - concept konsèy - advice konsèy - council kont - account (v) kont - against kont - email account kont - enough (adv) kont - story kont - tale kont fini - once and for all kont, ase - enough kont, istwa - tale


English Creole Dictionary

kontab - accountant kontakte - contact kontamine - contaminate kontan - cash kontan - cash (adj) kontan - glad kontan - happy kontan - jolly kontanple - gaze kontanple, gade - behold kontantman - joy konte - count (v) konte, dekont - count kontinan - continent kontinye - continue kontinye - proceed kontni - content kontni - content (n) kontoune - bypass kontoune - bypass (v) kontra - contract kontraryete - chagrin kontraryete, chagren chagrin (n) kontre - encounter kontre ak, fè konesans meet (v) kontre ak, rankontre, rankout - meet kontredi - contradict kontredi - contravene

kontredi, kontrekare contravene kontrekare - contravene kontrekare, kontredi contravene kontrenn - coerce kontrenn - constain (v) kontrenn, frennen, rennen constain kontribisyon - contribution kontribye - contribute kontrole - inspect kontrole, egzamine examine kontrè, opoze - contrary kontòsyone - contort konvalesans - remission konvansyon - convention konvansyon - couvenant (n) konvansyon, ak1o couvenant konvenk - convince konvnab - proper konvnab, onèt - proper konvoke - summon konvoke, reyini - convene konvwate - lust konvèsasyon - conversation konvèsasyon, koze conversation konyak - cognac

English Creole Dictionary


konyensidans - coincidence konèy - advice kopi - copy (n) (kopye) kopye - copy kopye - copy (v) kordinasyon - coordination koresponn, ekri correspond koridò, òl - hall korije - correct korije - correct (v) korije - revise korije - revise (v) korije, revize - revise (v) korije.amenity - konfò, amenajman - amend koryas - coarse kostim - jacket kostim - suit (n) kostim, byen tonbe suicide (commit ...) kostimdeben - bathing suit kote - place (n) kote - side (n) kote, andwa, plas - place (n) kote, bò - side kote, mete, poze - place koton - cotton kou ( a hit with a stick = kou d baton) - hit (n)

kou ( a hit with a stick = kou d baton) hoarse answe - hit (n) kou - bump kou - kick (v) kou - neck kou - time kou - when kou, () frape ak pye - kick (v) kou, chòk, frape - bump kou, lè(when) - time koub - curve koube - bend koube - bow (v) koube, bankal - bow kouche - go to bed kouche - lax kouche - set (the sun ...s) kouche, etann, blayi - lay koud - elbow koud - join koud - sew koud, rankontre - join koud.elder - granmoun elbow koukou - owl koukouy - firefly koukouy - lightning bug koule - dive koule - flow koule - leak (v)


English Creole Dictionary

koule - run down koule - run down (v) koule - sink (v) koule, plonje - sink koulè - color (n) koulè, kolore - color koulèv - serpent koulèv - snake kounye-a - now kounye-a - presently koup, pè - couple (n) koup, pè, kole, marye couple koupab - guilty koupe - chop (v) koupe - cut koupe - cut (v) koupe - incise koupe - interrupt koupe - nip koupe - sex, to have koupe - sharp koupe - to have koupe swaf - quench (quench thirst) koupe, (...to) pran - love, make koupe, (...to) pran - make koupe, kase boujon - nip koupe, zongle, kase boujon - nip

koupe.Christmas - Nwèl chop kouraj - courage kouraj - mettle kouraj, pwisans - strength kouran - current (adj) kouran - fluent kouran elektrik - current kouran elektrik - current (n) kouran, kouran elektrik current kourandè - draft kourandè - draft (n) kouri - hurricane kouri - hurry kouri - run kouri ale bè rout - run away kouri ale bè rout - run away (v) kouri dèyè, chase - chase kouri dèyè, chase - chase (v) kouryèl, mel - email kous - course kous - course (n) kous - race (contest) (n) kous - race (n) (contest) kousen - cushion kout - concise kout chapo - salute

English Creole Dictionary


kout fwèt - lash kout san - anger (n) kout san - stroke (n) kout, brèf - concise koutcha - culture koutcha, kilti - culture koute - cost koute - cost (v) koute - listen koute - listen (v) koutje - regard koutje - regard (n) kouto - knife kouto bè - butter knife koutpwen - jab koutwa - courteous koutwa.cousin (female) kouzin - courteous koutye - broker kouvreli - bedspread kouvri - cover (v) kouvri ak kouch - coat kouvri, proteksyon, kouvèti - cover kouvèti - blanket kouvèti - cover kouvèti - lid kouvèti, lenn - quilt kouvèti, proteksyon - cover (n) kouzen - cousin (male) kouzin - cousin (female)

koze - chat koze - chat (v) koze - conversation koze - subject (theme) koze - talk (n) koze - talk (v) koze, konvèsasyon conversation koze, pale - talk koèsan - merchant krache - saliva krache - spit krache - spit (v) krak, fant - crack krak, fant - crack (n) krake - creak krake - creak (v) kranpe - stand (v) kranpe, (up) leve-kanpe stand (v) kranpe.standard - estanda stand kranpon - clamp kranpon - clamp (n) krapo - frog kras - filth kras - stingy kras, pousyè, salte - dirt krash - crash (comp) (v) kravat - tie kravat - tie (n) kraze - chew (v)


English Creole Dictionary

kraze - crash kraze - crash (v) kraze - crush (v) kraze - destroy kraze - mash (v) kraze - run over kraze - run over (v) kraze - smash kraze - smash (v) kraze - squash kraze - squash (v) kraze, brase - mash kraze, brize, separe - break (v) kraze, detwi - destroy kraze, erente - frazzle kraze, kase - break kraze, toufe - quash kraze-brize - evil, to d kraze-brize - to d kre - hollow kredi - credit (n) kredite - credit (v) kredo - creed kreten) - ignorant kretyen - being kretyen - Christian kretyen - creature kretyen vivan - human being kretyen, egzistans - being kretyen, etan - being

kreyati - creature kreye - create kreyon - pencil kreyòl - Creole (adj) Kreyòl natif natal authentic Creole kri - crude (adj) kri - raw kribich - crayfish krich - jug krich - pitcher krim - crime kriminel - felon kripya - avaricious kripya - stingy kripya, kras - stingy krisifye - crucify (v) kriye - cry kriye - cry (v) kriye - sob kriye - sob (v) kriye - weep kriye - yell kriz - bout krizokal - fake (adj) krocha - bent over krochi - askew krochi - crooked krochi - skew krout - crust krout - rind krout, myèt - crumb

English Creole Dictionary


krèm - cream krèm - ice cream kui, tchwi - leather kuis - thigh kuiv (metal), leton - brass kuiv - copper kuiv, leton - brass kwa - cross kwafè - barber kwafè - barber shop kwafè - hairdresser kwafèz (furniture) - bureau kwaze - cross (v) kwaze, elve - breed kwaze, elve - breed (v) kwazyè - cruise kwen - corner (n) kwen, bare - corner kwen, bout - edge kwense, bare - corner (v) kwense, kwen, bare corner kwoke (), kwòk, zen - hook (v) kwoke - embrace kwoke - hang kwoke - hang up kwoke - hook (v) kwoke, anbrase - embrace kwè - believe kwè - think kwòk - fang

kwòk, zen - hook (v) kwòk, zen, () kwoke - hook (v) kyiyèl - cruel kyiyèl, mechan - cruel k`o - body kè (heart), mitan (center middle) - heart kè - heart kè, mitan - heart kèk - few kèlkeswa - whatever kèplen - qualm kèplen, noze - qualm kès, bwat - case kès, bwat, ka - case kò - body kò - self kò fason, ti kò - penis kò kraze - lassitude kòb - money kòbi; santim ò - cent kòch - bell kòche - abrade to srcape / rub kòche, rape - rasp kòche, rape - rasp (v) kòd - cord kòd - cord (n) kòd - rope kòd - string kòd postal - zip code

blouse kòt a kòt . règ . visle . korije .commend kòmande . wou .rule (v) kòmande.order kòmanse .correct (adj) kòrèk. senesòf .knot (v) kòf .lard la .collar kòl.command (v) kòmande .cause la .rib kòz.present la .command (n) kòmann .horn kòn.bacon la pou toutan . konbe how much kòman. rezon .art la .there la kochon . zokòt .bribe kòronp. .order (v) kòmande .trunk kòfrefò .as if kòn .hoe kòman.commence kòmantè . konbyen.art . klakson . rezon .cause kòz.commentary kòmsi .command kòmann .dick (slang) kòk .rule kòmande. kout san .safe (n) kòfrefò.crow kòronp .forever la.hoe kòmande .side by side kòt. klakxonn .corrupt kòrèk .rooster kòk.horn kònèy .begin kòmanse .sore kòl .collar kòlè . ar . dirije.horn kòn. òdone commend (v) kòmann .lead kòmande.safe kòk .plait kòde .cock (n) kòk .cock (n) (male chicken) kòk . kòmann command kòmande. lakòz.art la.coconut kòk .anger (n) kòman . chenn .278 English Creole Dictionary kòde .plait (v) kòde . dirije . bèlte .cock (n) kòkraz .correct kòsaj .lead kòmande .cock kòk . (the male member) kòk .bile kòlè.

sifizan ample lajan .age (n) laj .quit lage . prezan .currency lajan .porridge labrim . libere .dismiss lage. grès kochon .justice lajistis.shelter ladesant. ranvwaye . ke .around there la-yo . kontan .broad laj .money lajan . sifizan .war laj .English Creole Dictionary 279 la.lake lakay .smoke (n) Lafrans .youth lajistis .glory lagras .senate lachas .cash (n) lajan.joy lajè . kach . tonnèl .ample laj .smoke lafimen .cash lajenès .release (v) lage.throw lage .grace lagrèl .wide laj.in it ladesant.give up lage. tonnèl .untie lage.tail lake. liberasyon .tail lakizin .laptop lachanm .dismiss lage .mist labrin .forsake lage.present (adj) la-yo .dusk labtòp.large laj .drop (v) lage .justice lajwa . jistis . abandone .hunt (v) lacho . pòtab .silver lajan.width lak .France lafwa .throw laglwa . voye .kitchen .let (v) lage .drop lage .faith lafyèv . around there laba .home lake .yonder labou .shelter (n) lafimen . gran. abondone .baggy laj . ase.loaf (v) lage .in that area.mud labouyl .lime ladan .fever lage .release lage.lard la.hail (ice) lagè .

dally lanbinen .police laprit! .sea lanmò .annual lanbe .rain (n) lapli asid .hell lang .press (news) (n) lapwòpte .fashion lamòd .city hall lakou .law lalwa.language lang .chalk lakòl .pain laperèz .plian (n) lapli . fineray .damn! lapryè . kòz.moon lalwa.snow (n) lapen . lwa .tongue lank .affraid lapè .army lamòd .cause lakòz.glue lakòz.conch lame . polis .rabbit lapenn .love lanmè. rezon . nuit . dwa.prayer laprès . nèj . dwa .funeral lantèman.barnyard lakou siprèm .law lam .yard lakou anga .fright laplenn .280 English Creole Dictionary lakomun . lwa.funeral lanuit .year lanfè .lick lanbinen . loseyan .night lanuit. rezon .house cleaning lapwòpte .handle lansan . baryè .peace .fear (n) lapè .court lakou .handshake lanmou .supreme court lakre .police lapolis.sanitation lapè .ink lanmen .dawdle landscape .cause lalin .night lanèj .plian laplenn .snow (n) lanèj.snow lanèj .food lans .fence lantouray.vogue lan .dawdle lanbinen.blade Lambi ( conch shell Mussel ) .incense lantouray .fence lantèman .acid rain lapolis . ranse .jaden flè lane .death lanouriti .cleanliness lapwòpte .

earth lavabo .light (adj) lekèl segondè .wax lasosyete .high school lekòl .terror latè .English Creole Dictionary 281 lapè. verite .asthma lasajès .truth laverite.legal legal rezidan .flooding lavalas . soup .river larouze .washbasin lavaj.as soon as possible leg .catch (n) lapèch.sale (n) lave .catch lapòs . trape .city lavil .eseye .town lavni .torrential rain lavant .Monday lenmi .wisdom lasante . (time) annik .society (n) lasoup .washing lavalas .school lemonn .downtown lavil .legal resident legal.try .soup lasoup.janm legal .fear lapèch .just legal .bathroom sink lavado . goin.post office lapòs .street larivyè .post office (n) lari .just legim .future lay .just legal.linen . pè .earth latè. goyin handsaw lejand .Latin laterè .world lendi .produce legim .dew las .life lavil .vegetable legliz .enemy lenmi .foe lenn .church legoin.flood (n) lavalas .caption leje (adj) .wasp .garlic le .when le pli vit ke posib . twalèt .lace lasi .truth lavi .wash laverite.produce (n) legim . jis .wash (v) lave.gèp .light leje . tè .soup Laten .health lase .sale lavant .

sovè .light (adj) (light weight) leze .instruction lentansyon .it li .her li . deklare .summer lete.leave lesiv .wash (n) lesiv.get up leve .quilt lenn . soti .she li.spirit lespir.rise leve kanpe.s) leve .light(weight) li .hope (v) lestomak . sotu . kanpe . (cattle) gade . (.rise (the sun rises) leve . drese.raise leve .wasp .gèp wash leson . move zè .state leta. zandolit . drese.stand (v) (stand up) leven .protrude leve. espere () .itself lib. kanpe.raise (v) leve.summer leton .savior lespir. kouvèti .heaven leta..evangel leve .lift leve .free lib.he li .state (n) lete . lave.sky lesyèl.mind lespwa. ete . pati.broad liberasyon .free liberal .rise leve. gratis . eta .blanket lenstriksyon .hope (v) lespwa.protrude leve-kanpe .of charge) gratis .release (v) . (the sun .stomach lesyèl ..read li-menm . move zèspit krache .raise (v) leve.intent lepase .lesson lesovè ..release (n) libere .282 English Creole Dictionary lenn . pati. paradi .wool lenn plaj .light (weight) leze .herself li-menm . fè lekti .leave lese.past lese.yeast leza.spirit (v) lespri . soti . () espere .brass levanjil . kite.wake up leve kanpe .lizard leze . pouse. sotu .savior lesovè.beach blanket lenn.

light limit .limit (v) limyè bak aryè . boule .struggle (v) lite .legible lizyè . (adj) leje . (adj) leje.liberty likid .manual (n) liv . frontyè . (weight) leze .license lisans.dosye log.literature liv . limen. bòdi. up) klere .freely libète .extent limite .border lizyè . lite .struggle lite .freedom libète .light (v) limen .when limanite .lucid lit.line liy.book liv . log book . bò lari .perservere lite .light limyè.dosye.light (v) limen. leje (adj) .pound liv adrès . lage.sane lisid.lane lizib .on limen.trip liny.English Creole Dictionary 283 libere.fluid likid .apointment book liv souvni lekòl .light limyè.struggle (n) lit. liberasyon release libreri . tounen .eyeglasses lis .wrestle literati .manual liv .address book liv randevou .brake light limyè.lane liy . (v) note .liqeur likè .backup light limyè fren .liquid likè .list lis .universe liny .winter liy .border log book . pèmi .permit (n) lisid .struggle lite . tèt klè .smooth lis abòne .mail list lisans .yearbook livè .mankind limen .permit lisans.hedge lizyè. pèmi .book store librèman . leje (adj) light linivè .. (.trip (n) linèt .

werewolf lous nwa .storm loray .honor lopital .warm.law lwa.black bear louvri .oil luile .sea loseyan.ocean loseyan .umbilical cord longvi . log book . tonen .autumn lou . luile .lease (v) lwaye.lease (v) lwaye .lottery lotè .ocean losyon apre labab . van. lwe . repati .show off lwanjè .lease (v) .284 English Creole Dictionary log.storm loraj. dwa . natif-natal. peze . glorifye.long lonbraj .accommodate lojisyèl .oil luile .software lokal.locate lokatè . () lwe .shade lonbraj .heavy louch .binoculars longè .rent (n) lwaye. lwaye .open louwe.in the lontan . natif-natal local lokalize.the other lotri .allot lotrejou a . in the lonè .day.after shave lotion losyon bebe .errand lon .shadow lonbrik .rent lwazi .bragger lwaye . lwanje praise (v) luil . luke lou.past.thunder loray.oil (n) luil.hospital loraj .note (v) loje .leisure lwe (). move tan .shade (n) lonbraj .tenant lomisyon .law lwanje .hotel lotòn .baby lotion lote. jwenn .ladle lougarou .god lwa . oseyan . kale kò li . peyi.length lontan .praise (v) lwanje. peyi local lokal.luke lou .oil (v) lwa .thunder loseyan .author lotèl .belly button lonbrik . the other lotrejou a .

time lè(when).English Creole Dictionary 285 lwe .work (to function) .letter lèt .aloof lwès .rent (v) lwen .step machandaj .across the water lòtbò .intelligence lèst .other lòt bò dlo .air lè .haggle mache . kou time lèd .milk lèt avyon .link (v) lyen.odor lògawout .ease lò .walk (v) mache . .commend (n) lòd . kòmande commend lòdè .lion l`j .).east lèspri .hideous lèd .market mache . () relye .hour lè(when) .west lyas .beyond mach . () ebèje.remote (adj) lwen.gold lòd .lock (of hair) (v) l`j. relye () .ugly lès .link (internet) lyezon .chew (v) mache .link (v) lyenajwèb .away lwen .far lwen .bargaining machande . fwa(number of . pobouch .lease (v) lwe .time lè(when). tan(general).bargain (v) machande . bay ladesant lodge (v) lè .abroad lòtbò .lip lèv.rent lwe .buttermilk lètkaye .curd lèv .bundle lyen..walk mache .order (n) lòd.).bargain machande .agile lèt . adistans (adj) remote lwen.. endiferan . tan(general).air letter lèt kaye .lip lèz .log out (v) lògin . fwa(number of .affair lyon .log in (v) lòlàj . òdone.clock lòt .

cunning . vwati.miss maksimize . boutik .scribble madjigridji .store magazen .scribble (v) magazen . sanp .car machinakakile .shop (n) magouy .lucre majik.monkey make .unfortunately malediksyon .engine machin .machine (n) machin .) . vwati .clumsy (adj) malchans .286 English Creole Dictionary mache.overcharge majorite .store (n) magazen aparèy elektik appliance store magazen.mark (n) makak .chew (v) mache. fi. fòme .sick maladi .illness maladwa .ill malad .bad malad .magic majistra .enigma magouyè . tach .wrong mal.madistrate majore . fonksyone function mache.major (n) mak .shop magazen.vehicle machin tiraj otomatik ATM machin. oto .snout madanm .lady madanm . fanm. moulen . medanm) woman madanm.woman madi . move .maximize (v) mal .wife madanm.ailment maladi .majority majò .adding machine machwa .jaw machwè . fonksyone function (v) mache.Tuesday madjigridji . (pl.male mal . kraze .ache mal . pa sa .chew machin ATM (atèmn).mark (v) make . machin tiraj otomatik ATM machin .car machin.disease maladi .curse (n) malen .feature mak .machine machin.make (n) mak. boutik .wrong mal. medanm (pl.

mention mant .beggar mango . chèk .member manch .handle (v) manda.(v) lack (v) manke kenbe .warrant (n) manda.lunch mank.ill mannken .rudeness malonnèt .member manman . papiyon lanp moth mannered .chew gum (v) manje maten .mother manman.hen mamè .mistreat maltèt .despite malgre .headache maltèt.mango mani .sleeve manch.mother maman poul .malevolent malè .English Creole Dictionary 287 malerezman unfortunately malfini .almost EN: (almost catch) manm (manb) . chèk.baby food manje chiklet .in spite of malgre. ailment SN: lanouriti manje bebe . sipliye . food.request (v) mande konsèy . (manke) .manuscript manje . tètfèmal .beg mande .mint .demand (v) mande .misfortune maman .malice malkalkile . touche.puppet mansyo (gro kay) mansion mansyone .bourik .ask mande .eat.harm maltrete .hawk malgre .beg mandyan . garanti warrant mande .nun manb .unkind maltrete . byenke . okipe .manifold maniskri .vice manifestasyon manifestation manifoul .although malis .miscalculate malmennen . manyen.breakfast manje midi .headache malveyan .eagle malfini (alfini) . meal.consult (v) mande.torture (v) malonnèt .

(adj) manual SN: liv mare . clench.(n) cloak maske . (v) weave mare min . touch SN: touche manyifik . materyo material . fasten.butter manyak .captious manyen .mate (n) matlo. bande.Martinique matla pou dlo . wedding.(v) couple.mental mantalite .match (n) matche .false.coat (n) manton . union SN: sendika marye . uni.chin mantèg . akouple mas . . matyè material (n) materyèl .match (v) mate .masacre mask . akouple .bricklayer mat .brown maryaj . marry SN: kole. matyè. ponyen. unite. clench. tie.chained.aunt match . tavhe marekaj . Matia . tie down.material (adj) materyèl. tache.air mattress matlo .mentality manti . lie.(v) handle.mathematics maten .bounce (v) matematik .hammer matyè .March. unite.husband maron . kravat.dull matant .frown (v) mare (v) tighten.mask .marsh mari .288 English Creole Dictionary mantal .morning materyo.liar manto . mass mas.marriage.material (n) matyè.(v) rub (v) masakre . fasten.mate mato . wear a mason . fib (n) manti. bay (fè) manti fib mantlè . bind SN: sere.lump SN: gro moso masaje .magnificent manyèl .

jovyal memwa .email message melanj .mistrust (n) mefye .May mechan .fuss mellow .the same menm .media (news) mefyans .woman medanm .evade mayi .mother (adj) mawon .mix (v) mele .wicked mechan.entangle mele . jis .entangle mele .here men wi .however men.mathematics matematik .maternity matènèl .matter matènite .ravel (v) mele.even (adv) menm .corn mayi .woman EN: (plural) medikal .tangle mele. papa enormous .) .English Creole Dictionary 289 matyè.MB mekontantman discontent mel .alike menm .confused meli melo . kyiyèl .cruel medanm (pl. mele .mistrust (v) megabayt .brown mawon .hand men .mix (v) melanje.as menm.maternity matènite. epoutan .of course men.maize me .even menmen. problem .menace (n) menas . egare .same menm .meditate medya .however menas .mix (n) melanje .threaten (v) menm .cruel mechan .beware mefye .confused (adj) mele .threat (n) menase .mixed up (v) mele .very EN: (the same) menm ak .but men .medical medite .memory men . anbouye . poutan. sepedan.email mel . sepedan .

foure. depoze.kneel down (v) mete sou pye . moun. sere.ripe mi.master (v) metrès. poze . apwen .wall mi.mature mi.measure mezire .wow! mezi .trade (n) metòd .best mezanmi! papa! .worthy mesaj . rèk.maintain menòt .deserve merite .militant milyon . nonm .message mesye.wear (v) mete ajenou . prn pam .ripe midi .master metrize .handcuffs mepri .gauge (v) mezire . mye . nonm .put under way mete.man mete . nèg.bring mens .scorn meprize . konsonmen smoulder mil .argue mentni .method meyè. .thousand milisyen .look down on meprize .290 English Creole Dictionary menmen.militia man militan .measure (v) mi . poze . enòm enormous mennen . sou kote mistress metye .mine (n) min.put mete .mine . etenn .put mete.measure mezire . apwen .million min .slim mentni .place mete.trade metye . merite .wall mi.merit (v) merite . nèg.contempt meprize .merit merite . papa.scorn (v) merit .man mesye. moun. granmoun .place (v) metrize .measure (n) mezi.merit (n) merit. mezire .get down mete .noon mijote. panno .

make .word mobilizasyon mobilization modele .humble moke .misery mizè .gleam miyò . of moke .minority minrè .pattern (v) modele.mock mokle . malediksyon curse modil .make .minor mirak .model modèl .mission misyonè .. modèl pattern modere .middle miwa.damn (v) modi.wretched mizik .middle) heart mitan .ore minè .model modpas .moderate modi .heart mitan.minimize (v) ministe .English Creole Dictionary 291 minimize .best miyò.brawny mistik .word mo.tune mizik bluegrass bluegrass (music) mizil blouz .pattern modèl.music mizik . kè . pawòl .wretch mo .curse (v) modi . meyè.heart mitan .bread pen .minute minorite .pattern (n) modès .nurse misk . egzanp . omilye .middle (n) mitan. muskle.minister EN: (government minister) minit .mysterious misyon . muskle .molest .miracle mis ..missionary mitan (center .brawny miskle.password modèl .best mizerab . of moke . glas .mirror miwate . egzanp.blues (music) mizè .key word moleste .brawn miskle.fun. mye .

s) blow (v) mouche. drese erect montre . dwat.ascend monte .bicycling monte grad .instruct montre . machin .team . pati .fly (n) mouche.part mote-desann . total .monster monsenyè .moment monnen ..point (v) montre.blow (v) mouchwa ..piece moso.skate monte.uncle mons . avanse promote monte paten .index montre .teach montre.ride monte .go up monte . as in time montan . vante (wind) .amount montay . soufle.fly mouch . pyès . sonnen.watch (n).get in a vehicle monte .promote monte grad.mountain monte .archbishop mont . soufle. vante (the wind .engine mou .change (n) monnen .ascent monte . sonnen.part moso.blow mouche. soufle .lift monte .assemble monte .piece (n) moso.motor motè. anseye . enstantane instant (n) moman .motivate motè .indicate montre . pyès .292 English Creole Dictionary moman ().proceeds montan.soft mouch .coin (n) monnen.ride (v) monte bisiklèt .erect (v) monte .instant (n) moman .handkerchief .ekip teach moso .change monnonk .point montre .impart montre . chanje .go back and forth motive . pyès.

mò .sheep mouvman .starve mouri grangou.person moun mòn .English Creole Dictionary 293 moulen .deaden mouri .moustache mouton . imen .movement (pron) moumou .man moun.mill moulen. grangou .motion mouye .man moun.mutton mouton .month mwat .angry move .dead moustach .human moun.spirit move zèspit . nonm . kraze chew (v) mouman . pèp .bad weather move tan . dezabiye bathrobe moun .evil move tan .wet mouye.die mouri grangou . nèg.chew (v) moulen.damp move . loraj .starve mouri.mean movèz akouchman miscarriage musk . mache. mal.pen brawny mwa .people mouri .brawny muskle.brawn muskle .brawn musk.lamb mouton . fache.wrong move. pa sa .krache spirit (v) move.wrong move. mwat .moist mouye .hillbilly moun. misk .grind moulen . fache .damp mouye .movement mouman .people moun . mal . mache .chew moulen .storm move zè .bread .clammy mwat .mean (adj) move. mwayèn.storm move tan. vle di .bathrobe moumou.humid mouye . nonm .damp .grinder moulen .

)-la . montay .least mwenn. fache.morpheme mòksis .least mwens .we naje . demi .. in the nan fènwa .Middle East mwayèn .mild Mwayennoryan .crumb mèb .dead mòde .half (n) mwatye .in the nan jou ki te (.bee myèt .to nan dòmi .bologna n' .Wednesday mèt . dous .sullen mòn .mean (n) mwayèn.best myèl . omilye between nan mwa fevrye lane 1993 .bruise mètri .megs mèji .wonder mò .mountain mòtadèl . mouye .west nan mitan.morphology mòfèm .mild mwayen.on (the day of ) nan lwès .least mwens .bit (drill) mèg .in February 1993 nan renmen .love.asleep nan fènwa .wonder (n) mèvèy. etone .less mye .bite mòflè .average mwayèn .owner mètkay .half (n) mwayen . be in (v) .mount mòn.me mwen .exhaust (n) mòfoloji .bruise (v) mèvèy .damp mwatye ().furniture mèch ..means mwayen .hill mòn .swim nan . mwens .dark.into nan .may mèt .host mètri .my mwenn .294 English Creole Dictionary mwat. vle di mean mwen .mercury mèkredi .

local natif-natal . be in (v) nan. blayi.pneumonia nen .screw someone .soul nansid . afè .node ne.knot ne . nenpòt .business negòs.lax neglije .etann. biznis . biznis. pli .English Creole Dictionary 295 nan renmen ak .must nesesèman . a.sail (v) navige su entènèt la surf (the net) navige.venture negòs.south narin .lay .beating.United Nations natif natal .noose nemoni . akouchman birth nesesite . dwe .necessarily nete yon bwa pou yon moun .love with.navigate (v) navige . kouche .negative neglijan.any nesans.in nanm .business negòs.kink ne .nasal ne . andedan.in nan. peyi .either nenpòt.nation nasyonalite .must (n) nesesite. an .sail nazal .lax neglijan.local navige . a .nostril nas .nostril narin.nose nenpòt .commerce negòs . non.fish trap nasyon .any nenpòt .homespun natif-natal .native natif-natal.kink negatif . andedan. oswa. vag . vwal .either nenpòt .whenever nepòt. twou nen . to give a nete yon bwa pou yon moun .neglect negòs . komès business nekoulan .nationaity Nasyonini . fò.whatever nenpòt. oswa . nonpli(s) either nepòt kilè .

ni.neither nich .log (v) note .name (v) non.name (v) nonm . a.ni .name (v) nonmen .in non.neither ni . an. () nonmen . ni neither ni youn ni lòt.level (v) nivo .bee hive nikleyè . a .grade (v) nivle .north non. andedan.nest niche .naked nimewo .please note .name (v) nonmen.. nonpli(s) neither ni youn ni lòt .washable netwaye .nuclear nikò. toutouni ..home sick nosyon .noxious nostalji .man nonm . ni youn ni lòt neither ni .note (v) note . dezinyen appoint nonpli(s) .neither nonsans .nephew never .to give a netwayabe . ni . ni ... an .pa janm) ni .. ni . nan.number nimewo apatman apartment number nivle .note (v) note .in non.both and ni .nonsense nosif . nonpli(s) . ni. nòt .appoint nonmen .clean (v) neve ....notion note (). nonmen () . andedan.lick niche myèl ..nor ni ---.296 English Creole Dictionary nete yon bwa pou yon moun . ni.either nonpli(s) .no non nò .nuisance nominasyon nomination non (adj) okenn .level (v) nizans .number nonmen () .neither ni youn ni lòt..log book (v) note .note (v) note byen .

clear (adj) nèt.qualm noze.feed nouri. biye.man nèj . zepòl . () note . nonm .obediet .to the devil obeyisan obese .obèz obey . fonse .snow (n) nèmal . bay manje . lanuit .English Creole Dictionary 297 notis .we noure .qualm nuaj .cloud nuit .our nou . biye .night nuit. nonm .objè. (bird) bèk .normal nòmalizasyon normalization nòt .bother Nwèl .drown nwi .short nouvo.niece nèf . bagay .normal nèmal.note (v) nòt.clear nòmal .obeyi object .nine nèg .black nwa .bill o diab .obediet obeyisan obese .cloud nyès . chòt.New York novanm .feed (v) nout kanson .man nèg.obeyi . nòmal .bill nòt.new nèf .nourish nouri. kèplen .sipòte.New Year Nouyèk .guy nèg.obèz obey .Christmas nwèl .news Nouvèl Lanne .malign nwa .shoulder .short (n) nout kanson.normal nèt . bay manje . moun.new nouvèl .fellow nèg . klè .us nou . nèf .cram (v) nouri .notice nou .night nuizib .note (v) nòt.dark nwaye .xmas nyaj .cram noure.nut nwa.dark nwa .November noze . bachote .

avaricious ofans .among omilye .298 English Creole Dictionary objektif .occupy okipe.offend ofisye .officer ofri .nowhere okipasyon .middle omilye .officer ofisye. jandam .at least on dire .October okèt .abreast oktòb .observation obsève . manch.one would say .audience odyo .immature (unripe) oliv .auditorium odiyans . manyen () .none okenn kote .odor oeng .obscene obsèvasyon zwazo .busy okipe.offense ofanses .goal objè . temerè .increase (v) ogmante .offer ofri .anything EN: (in negative sentence) okenn .hiccup ole .instead omilye .olive olye .obtain obèz .bouquet odè.obligatory obsede .observe obteni . touche. () ogmante . lòdè . pran .handle (v) okouran .bouquet odè.increase (v) okazyon .obtain obteni. ogmantasyon .middle (adv) omwen .objective objktif .increase (v) ogmante (). afere .bold oditoryòm .handle (v) okipe.occupation okipe .occasion okenn .obese odasye.obsess obstak .between omilye . pran .object obligatwa . boulè flè .obstacle obsèn .increase (v) ogmantasyon.bird watching obsèvayon .offer (v) ogmantasyon .add ogmante .audio odè .

English Creole Dictionary 299 on moman .horizontal oryantasyon . they ondire . nenpòt .or ositou .or oswa. anviron .Australia oswa .around otou.car otobis .origin orijine .either oswa . sant .operation opinyon .automobile oto . anviwon around . on the osinon . youn lòt .another onz . konvnab . bis .once onlòt .either otan .contrary opoze.so otan.also oslè .orally oranj .amber oranj .option optimis . sitèlman .knuckle ospitalite .ocean osijè .orange EN: Color orijin .car oto.proper opa .schedule orè .bus otobis.empower otou .schedule (n) orè.in step operasyon .hospitality Ostrali . kont .originate (v) orizantal .say. vwati . nonpli(s) .around otou.scent orè .proper onèt. machin.opinion opoze .oral oralman .honest onèt .subject of.allow otorize .opportunity oral .awhile ondire .either oswa.bus otorite .on the osijè .optimist opòtinite .they onfwa.against opsyon .scent oseyan . anviron.orientation orè .eleven onèt . yon sèl fwa .authority otorizasyon authorization otorize .else osinon .another onlòt.so oto .as otan .

August ouvboutèy .spelling pa .your ou-menm . mach .false pa.offer (n) òf. etann .step padsi .offer òf. kòmande commend òf .ordinary òdinè .you ou .organize òganize. ofri . pwa (rouj)* bear@lous.bean ous.by (agent) pa .extend ouvriye.bab bean out .beard . grenn pa grenn individual (n) oun . pari .300 English Creole Dictionary otè .barley òkès .shallow pa janm .extend ouvri.band òl .unhappy pa sa .usual òdone .arrange òganize .adorn òtograf.bottle opener ouvri .sometimes paj .arrange òj .page .differ.hostess ou .commend (v) òdone. disagree pa ekzanp . travayè worker ozetazini .in the U S òdinè .overcoat pafen .ukele oun (). ètograf .individual (n) ous . ranje .or oukelele .wrong pa sipriz .never pa komen .for example pa fon .not pa dakò .author otès .hall òne .bid òf .yourself oubyen .perfume pafwa .or ou .aback EN: taken by surprise pa vre .bid òfelen .uncommon pa kontan .orphan òganizasyon organization òganize .

panic panike . talk pale de .breakdown pann .bunch (n) pakèt .package .therefore pakè. while US: pandan twa dènye ane-yo .hang out (to idle) panik .sign pankat .webpage Pak .sign (n) pann .batch SN: founen pake pay caffer anmèdan . lyas .during.ballet slippers pan .bunsh pal .panic (v) pankat . park pake .chaff (n) pake pay caffer@anmèdan. pann .hang panno baskètbòl backboard panno .pakèt .bunch..panic panike .Easter.parley (v) palmante. grap.parliament palmante .parcel (n) pami.lean pandan .panic (n) panik.during the last two years pandye .page pajwèb . koli . bal chaff pake. speak.English Creole Dictionary 301 paj(of book) fèy .speak EN: (speak of) pale. koze . koli.pack (n) pake.bunch EN: (a bunch) pann.wall . pale. panike .talk (v) palman .bike rack pakonsekan . grap . faint (adj).bunch (n) pann . package pakèt. anpakte. (.dim. kwoke .beat (v) EN: (heart beat) palè .bundle pakin bisiklèt . of) pale de speak pale.pack pake. poupale parley palpite .among pamtouf balè . apiye .. omilye .ours panche.

trousers pantalon.paralize paralèl .papaya papiyon . fanmi .wall panse . panyèl .astound pantan . panyol .kin paran .rail parayj . kanson .startle pantlon.pants pantalon . mi .pope papa .Spanish panyèl.betting parazit .inclination pant.thinking panse .relative paran.father papay .relative parapli . enòm .paradise paralize .tissue paradi .pants pantalèt .briefs pantan . kwè . fanmi .ward .parent paran.billboard panno.302 English Creole Dictionary panno lesepase .slack pantlon.slack (n) panyol .heat paradi . pè .gnat papiyon lanp .enormous papa.think panse.butterfly papiyon lanp .enormous papa.daddy papa .palsy paralize .parent paran .Spanish panyèl .moth papye aliminyòm aluminum foil papye ijyenik pou bebe baby wipes papye twalèt .seize power pap . reflechi.umbrella parapè .ready (adj) pare . kwè think pant . kanson . kanson .thought panse.yield sign panno reklam .vermin pare .Spanish panyol.heaven paradi . enklinasyon inclination pantalon .parallel paran .Spanish panyèn baskètbòl basketball hoop panzou pouvwa .

English Creole Dictionary 303 pare.lazy parese .sluggard (adj) pari .ago (adj) pase .bet parye . òf . prp pou .peacefully paske . rive .occur pase .passport . make a pase randevou .sweep pase fè .omit pase sou .pacific pasifik .for paspouki .pass pase . detounen.wager (n) paryaj.occur pasifik . chanje.switch (v) pase .because paske.appear parèt.to make an pase sou .wager parye .sluggard parese . to make an pase randevou .appear parèy .wager parye .wager (v) parèt .brook pase .bid paryaj .skip something pase swaf li .make a pase randevou .take place pase bale .ward pare.peaceful pasifikman .passenger pasdlo .peaceable pasifik .happen pase .hand (v) pase .quench pase swaf li .bias paspouki .for paske. akòz . sanble . sal ward parese .occur EN: (take place) pase .alike pasaje .sift (v) pase . rive .quench EN: (quench thirst) pase.prejudice (n) paspouki. detounen . switch switch pase.bid pari.iron (v) pase randevou appointment. parye .happen pase.date. diskriminasyon discrimination paspò .

part pati .minister EN: (religious) pastè .patience pasyel .plot pasèl.passion pasè tout .plot (of land) (n) pat farin . pann bunch (n) pataje .potato EN: (sweet potato) patat .yam patch.chum patoje . pakè.patch (v) pati . grap.everywhere patriyot .party pati politik.partial pasyon .participate patispasyon participation patisri .patch patche.batter pat zannimo .antacid tablet pastè .sweet potato patat jòn . rakomode .share patat .garden pave.than all pasèl .participative patisipe .leave pati.depart pati .minister pastè . fèt.pastor pasyan .party pati. sotu .wade patou .paw pat.patch patche.share pataje.leisure pastiy kont asid . fèt . grif .patriot patron . rakomode.patient pasyans .skid patisipativ . pati party pati.patch (n) patch.boss patè .escape pati . pyès .pastry patnè . kite. separe . teren .dough pat pou fri .hoof pat. asfalt .leave patikilye .pavement .partake patisipe .particular patikilyeman particularly patinen . patche.party pati politik .304 English Creole Dictionary pastan . pyès . sotu . pyès .

sin (n) peche .remark (n) pawòl . penti .sinner pedal .burst pete .paint penti .lapse (v) perime .lapse (v) peryodik . antre . provni.loaf (v) pen. atak. raz . () flannen .paint peny . chalimo .parole pawòl . kriz .bun pen.boring pens . kriz .pedal pedale .burst pete.erupt pete . plede .brake pedal pedal.fish (v) peche .pedal (n) pedal akseleratè accelerator pedal fren .bout peryòd.bread pen. eksploze explode pete.toast pen lèt .decoy paye .outlook pete . eklate.English Creole Dictionary 305 pawèl .straw payas . eklate .periodic peryòd.bout peròl .perish perime () .word pawòlè .fisherman pechè .nursery EN: (plant) peri .bread pen grye .permanance pen . biswit .sin (v) pechè .paint (n) pentire . pedale . flannen () .fart (v) pete.will (v).pincers penti . gaye.wage peròl .misguide pemanans .sin peche .paint (v) pentire.paper pe .loaf (v) penetre.explode pete .boring penitan. ap ape peche .speaker pay.comb pepinyè .statement pawòl .wage (n) pespektiv .penetrate penitan .pedal (v) pedi .pedal pedale .arise .

more than pi grav .pile (n) pil fatra .ice pick pik . gaye .peasant peze .pay peyi ..dove pijon .press (v) peze .Haiti peyi.country (nation) peyi .thorn pike . abitan .dump pil fatra .even worse pi mal . meyè.heap pil .pigeon pik .pillar . mye .perhaps petèt.prick (v) piknik . plede.heavy peze .dump (n) pil pou flach.depress peze .might (adv) petèt . natif-natal .column pilye .better pi bon.local Peyi Dayiti .pick pikan .audience piblisite . batri battery pilsab . pi gran pase more than pi..domestic (adj) peyi .farther pilwen . jaden flè landscape peyizan. provni.keen pike .306 English Creole Dictionary pete.more (adv) piblik .worse pi plis.further pilye .domestic peyi .best pi bon .best pi devan .further down pi gran pase .petrol petèt .arise petròl .might peye .picnic pil .column (n) pilye .publish pijon . miyò.pase .dune pilwen .weigh pi bon .pick (n) pik.maybe petèt . pisans .advertisement pibliye .folk peyi .local peyizaj.press peze . pran ..pile pil .extort peze .

English Creole Dictionary


piman - pepper pinga - be careful pinga! - watch out pini - defy pini - forbid pini - punish pini, defann - forbid pini, reprimande punish pinisyon - punishment pinèz - bug pinèz - flea pip, tiyo - pipe (n) pip, tiyo, kondi - pipe pipi - pese - pee pirifye - purify pis, pinèz - flea pisans - might pisans - might (n) pisans - power (n) pisans, alimante - power pisin - pool pisin - swimming pool piti - little piti - small piti, enpe - little pitit - child pitit fi - daughter pitit fi, tifi - daughter pitit gason - son

pitit gason - son pitit, timoun - child pito - prefer pito - rather pito, prefer - prefer pitye - mercy pitye - pity pitye - pity (n) piu - well (n) piyajè - looter plafon - ceiling plaj - beach plake - affix plamye - palm plamye, pye palmis palm plan - plan plan - seed planch - board planch jwèt - board game plannen - pawn plant - plant plant - plant (n) plantasyon - farm plante - plant (v) plas - place (n) plas - square (plaza) plas rezève - reserved seat plas, espas - space


English Creole Dictionary

plasebo - placebo plasye - usher plat - dish plat - flat plat - plate plat, asyèt - plate platfòm - deck platfòm, pon - deck plato - valley play - jwe plede - arise plede - incessantly plede - plead plede, enplore - plead plede, gaye - arise plen - full plenn(animals) pregnant plenyen - complain plenyen, konplenn complain plezi - delight plezi - fun (n), pleasure pli – Crease, curl, fold (n) kink (SN) ne - kink pliye - fold plim – feather, pen plis - more (adj), most plise - purse (v) pliye - fold (v)

pliye, koube - bend plizye, pron. yon dividal - many (adj) plizyè - several ploi - polite ploi, janti - polite plon - lead plon, kòmande, dirije lead plonje - dart (v) plonje - dip plonje - dive plonje - plunge plonje - sink plonje, flèch - dart plonje, koule - dive plonje, koule - sink (v) plè kontante, tanpri please plè kontante, tanpri please (v) plèd, jistifikasyon - plea (n) plèn - plane (flat area) po - bark (tree) po - hide (n) po - pot po - skin po figi, figi, jou - cheek po figi, jou - cheek

English Creole Dictionary


po, jape - bark po, krout - rind pobouch - lip pobouch, lèv - lip podevwi - bed pan pogrenn - scrotum pokè - poker pokòk - foreskin polis - police polis, lapolis - police polisyon lè - air pollution politik - politics politikal - political politisyen - politician pon - bridge pon - deck pon, platfòm - deck ponmdetè fri - french fries ponn - lay an egg (v) ponongon - nuisance ponongon - pain in the neck ponp - pump (n) ponp gaz - gas station ponp van - air pump ponpe - hop up and down ponpe - jump ponpe - pump (v)

ponpe, ponp - pump ponpe, vole - jump ponyen - clench (v) ponyen - handful ponyen, mare - clench ponyèt - wrist popilasyon - population popile - popular poro - leek posede - own posede - possess posede, fè lajan - earn posede, genyen - own posib - possibly posiblite - possibility positif - positive poste - post (v) poste, poto - post pote - bring pote - carry pote - wear pote chay - accept pote chay responsibility, accept pote sèy - mourn poto - post poto elektrik - untility pole poto, pilye - pillar pou - in order to


English Creole Dictionary

pou - lice pou granmèsi - in vain pou kont-(pron.) - alone pou lò m - by myself pou pi si - make sure poubwa - tip (gratuity) poud - brittle poud - powder poud bebe - baby powder poukisa - wholly poukisa - why poul - chicken pouli - pulley poupale - parley (n) poupe - doll poupe, mannken puppet pouri - addle EN: rotten, lousy pouri - decay pouri - rot (v) pouri - rotten pouri ke - provided that pouri ke, akondisyon provided that pouri, dekonpoze decay (v) pouriti - rot (n) pous - inch

pous - thumb pousantaj - percent pousantaj - percentage pousantaj, to - rate pousantaj, to - rate (n) pouse - bump (v) pouse - push pouse - push (v) pouse soti - eject pouse soti, retire - eject pouse, kou, chòk, frape bump pouse, leve, soti protrude pouse, soti - protrude pouswiv - pursue pousyè - dust pousyè, salte - dirt pousè dife - monger pout ekilib - balance beam poutan, epoutan however povrete - poverty poze - alight (v) poze - place poze - place (v) poze - pose (v) poze kesyon - ask a question

English Creole Dictionary


poze pye - camp poze pye - camp (v) poze zak - commit the act of (v) poze, - settle (v) EN: (liquid) poze, pòz - pose pqononsiyasyon pronunciation pran - get pran - love EN: (to make love) pran - obtain pran - occupy pran - pick pran - pick (v) pran - take pran - take (v) pran emosyon - get (v) pran emosyon - mad, get (v) pran hans - attempt (v) pran lari - come out (v) pran lari - leak (info) pran odè - smell pran odè - smell (v) pran odè, pran sant smell (v) pran pòz - feign pran pòz, fente - feign

pran sant - smell (v) pran swen - cherish pran van - get a breath of fresh air pran, (something up) kanpe - pick (v) pran, bare, trape - catch (v) pran, bare, trape, kenbe catch (v) pran, lapèch, trape catch pran, obteni - obtain pratik - convenient pratik - regular customer pratike - practice (v) prbab - probable pre - near preche - evangelize preche - preach predi - predict prediksyon - prediction prefas - preface (n) prefer - prefer prefer, pito - prefer preferans - choice prejije - prejudice (n) prejije, paspouki prejudice (n) prekosyon - caution


English Creole Dictionary

prekosyon - precaution preliminè - preliminary premye - first (adj) premye - initial premye, (at first) premyèman, dabò - first (adj) premye, inisyal - initial premyèman - primarily premyèman, dabò - first (adj) EN: (at first) prenntè - printer (comp) prenom - first prenom - name, first prens - prince prensip - principle prensipal - major (adj) prensipal, majò - major prensipal, santral - main prensès - princess prentan - spring (the season) prep. sòf - barring prep. sòf, eksepte barring preparasyon preparation prepare - prepare prepare - prepare (v) prepare - ready (v)

prepare, pare - ready preri - meadow prese - hurry presedan - previous presede - precede presede, vin anvan precede presi - precise presi, egzak - precise presidan, direkte chairman presye, chè - precious pretann - pretend pretann, sipoze - allude prete () - loan (v) prete - borrow prete - lend prete - loan (v) prevni - warn prevni, acèti - warn prevni, anpeche prevent prevni, evite, anpeche prevent prezaj - omen prezan - present (adj) prezan, la - present prezans - presence prezante - introduce

English Creole Dictionary


prezante - present EN: (to be present) prezante - proffer prezidan - president prezide - preside prezève - preserve (v) pri - cost (n) pri - price pri kous - bus fare pri, koute - cost pri.prick - pike - price pridan - chary (v) pridan, ezitan - chary prim - award prin - plum privatizasyon privatization prive - private priye - pray priyoite - priority priz - dash (n) priz - grip priz kouran - plug priz kouran - plug (n) priz, detale - dash prizon - prison prklame - proclaim prn menm - oneself prn pam - mine problem - matter

problèm - puzzle problèm, devinèt puzzle problèm, troub - trouble (n) problèm, trouble, troub trouble profesè - professor profesè - tutor (n) profi - profit (n) profite - profit (v) program - show (n) program - spectacle projte - forecast (v) prokreye - procreate prokreye, fè pitit procreate prolonje - prolong promenad - drive promès - promise promès - promise (n) promèt - promise (v) promèt, promès promise pron. yon dividal - many (adj) prononse - pronounce prononse - voice (v) prononse, pwononse pronounce

rive. prèt pou. byen property prospere. rive .formality prouve .bosom pwatrin .onto prèch . paske .for prp pou.bosom pwav. tete . verifye . diton .open pwa (rouj)* bear .grandchild puvri .proof prèxke .owner propriyete.cover (n) proteksyon. mèt .proverb provèb.practically pròche .hair pwason .beard .arise provni. plede.proof (n) prèv.draw near pròp .protect proteksyon .almost prèt.prosper prospere.weight pwa nwa .bab bean pwa .chest pwatrin .prove provni. cheve . piman .byword provèb .fish (n) pwatrin .clean (adj) pròp clean@netwaye clean ptit-pitit . pè .314 English Creole Dictionary propoze .lous.for prp sou .black bean pwal .proverb provèb.priest prèv . ous . reyisi prosper proteje .fish pwason .pepper . (almost catch) manke kenbe almost prèt .hair pwal.pea pwa . sinonim byword prp pou . plede .propose propozisyon .priest prèt pou. (almost catch) manke kenbe . gaye arise provèb . kouvèti cover protokòl .sermon prèske.clause propozisyon .chest (n) pwatrin.clause (n) proprietè.bean pwa (rouj)* bear@lous.

probability pwoblèm . koupe sharp pwenti.protein pwototip .poison (n) pwen .leg pye palmis .generate pwodui.trial pwosesis .fist (n) pwen .English Creole Dictionary 315 pwazon .foot pye .school pwofesè lekòl . jenere generate pwofane . pwotèj gason condom pwotèz .landlord pwopriyetè lis . tach . school pwofondè .teacher.problem pwochen .point (n) pwen.dot pwenti .point pwen.dot pwen .denture pwovizyon .palm pye palmis. tidy pye .strength pwobabilite . egi (egu) .depth pwogram .lawsuit pwose .neat.process (n) pwoteste . bwòdè.list owner pwose .fist pwen .generate pwodui .protest (v) pwotid . plamye palm .acute pwenvigil .prototype pwotèj fanm diaphragm (sex) pwotèj gason .poison pwazon . montre .pronounce pwopriyetè .program pwogram aprantisaj apprenticeship program pwogramè programmer pwogramè konpitè computer programmer pwononse .profane pwofane .profane (v) pwofesyonel professional pwofesè lekòl .grocery pwòp .next pwodui .sharp pwenti.semicolon pwisans .condom pwotèj.process pwosesis .

parsley pèsiste .couple pè.personally pèsuade . moun .persecute pèsi .poor thing pòslèn .favor (v) pè . pati . marye .china (porcelain) .priest pè.allow Pènama .peach pèdi .lose pèfomans .part pyès . efreye .fear (v) pè .permission pèmèt .Panama pèp .pocket pòch .priest pèch .xenophobia (adj) pè etranje .pierce pèsekite .pair (n) pè .ovary pòchri .people pèse . pogrenn scrotum pòch ze . kole.nobody pèsonnaj jwèt . moso .father pè .blinds pèt.apple pòmdetè .permit (n) pèmisyon .pair pè.persist pèsonn .permit pèmi .performance pèl mekanik . jwe .couple (n) pè .personnel pèsonèlman .play (n) pyèsteyat.potato pòmdetè pire . lisans.tree pyete.action figure pèsonèl . ankouraje encourage pyès .backhoe pèmi . pèmi permit pèmèt.piece (n) pyès.piece pyès.316 English Creole Dictionary pyebwa .affraid pè . prèt .people pèp.pig sty pòm .part pyèsteyat . kole.harbor pòch . doub . chagren .persuade pèsyèn .xenophobia (adj.play pè .pocket (n) pòch grenn.afraid pè.patch (n) pyès .loss pè etranje .potato mashed pòp .permit (v) pèmèt. otorize .) pò .

attitude pòz . relate .hack rache .English Creole Dictionary 317 pòslèn chink .scrape rafle .relate rakonte . keyi .picture (n) pòtre.trenke china (porcelain) (v) pòslèn chink@trenke china (porcelain) pòt .entrance pòt dèyè .backwoods raje . chire .door pòt .chill (v) raj .extract (v) .photograph pòtre . direksyon . gòlf .radiator radyo . imajine picture pòtè .mend rakomode .patch (v) rakomode. di .range (n) pòte.garment rad. figire. endijan .draw rale .rare (adj) rach .rage raje .weed raje.poor pòv.porter pòv .clothes rad .mend (v) rakomode .tell rakonte.acrid rak . pyès patch rakonte . filange .extricate rache . patche.gust rafle .bay radi .axe rache .pauper pòv .nack rache.pluck rache.pauper pòz .bay rad.mince rache.pluck rad .tell rakonte.nack rache .scrape (v) rafredi .rare ra .laptop pòtay .clothing rad . bè .narrate rakonte .radish radyatè .chill rafredi .back door pòtab .gate pòtdokiman . foto. gòlf.relate (v) rale .bush rak .bush rakbwa .radio rafal . rak .range (n) pòtre .briefcase pòte .pose ra .forest rakomode .

fè konesans .repair ranje. òganize .render rann kont .fulfill ranse .buffoon ransè. pran .zoom rale soti .find out rann souf .rally raman .row (v) ran .fork ranmase .crawl ranpe .join rankontre. kontre ak.pick (v) ranmase.meet (v) rankontre.exhale rann.howl ranp .take out rale .go in ranvwaye .render ranni . pran .arrange ranje .defer ranvwaye .accede rantre .meet (n) ranmase .roar (v) ranmi.318 English Creole Dictionary rale .fulfill ranpli.access (v) rantre .expel . reyini.stretch rale .buffoon rantre .creep ranpli . voryen .exhale rann souf.dawdle ransi . rankout .rarely rame .pull raliman .arrange rankontre .moan rale .ramp ranpe .gather ranmase. pik.fix ranje.withdraw rale soti . rasanble . repare .stretch (v) rale .fork (v) ranmase .get back rantre .row (n) ranbouse . koud join rankout .roar (v) rann .meet rankout . (something up) kanpe .meet rankontre. gwonde .reenforce ranje . tire .roar ranmi .rally (n) raliman.dismiss ranvwaye . akonpli . tradui (lang) .ascertain rann kont .acquire ranmase . pran.pick (v) ranmi .moa rale .pick ranmase.reimburse randevou .rancid ranson .withdraw (v) rale.appointment ranfòse .ransom ransè . egzale .

close (adj) rapyese . penitan .race (n) (species) rasmoun .rat rate .swift rapid.vague raz.reassure rasmoun .shabby rape .dismiss ranyon . rakomode . to regard with extreme disgust rayi .detest rayi .hate (v) raz . lage .rasp (v) rapid .English Creole Dictionary 319 ranvwaye.congregate rasanble . twou .bore raz .bored raz .shave .prompt rapid . fè sonje .congregate rasanbleman . kolekte .hate (v) rayisman .mend (v) rapyese.x ray technician/ teknisyen radyografi .conjecture konjekti .x ray machine .collect rasanble.x rayi .report ras .rally (v) rasanble.ravage ravaje .hate (v) rayisman.boring raz . vit .accumulate rasanble .root rasire .mend rapè .ravine ravin.rag ranyon .radyografi . fè bab .ravage (v) ravaje.gathering rasin .fail ravaj .remind raple.remind raproche .ravage (n) ravaj.abhor (v) loathe.ditch ravèt .ration rat .race (species) (n) rasanble .ditch ravin . devaste . rasmoun . ravaj.aparèy radyografi . devaste ravage ravin .race (n) (species) ras kabrit .rapid raple .fast rapid .shave raze.race (species) (n) rasyon .rasp rape .quick rapid .boring raze .roach ray . () rayi .inbred ras. rakomode .rapid rapid .

burner recho . remonte .stove recho griyad .320 English Creole Dictionary razwa .boost rechaje. refize .meeting reisi .reject rejis .enjoy rejwi. jiwi enjoy rejyon .reason (v) reflechi.ponder reflechi .raid (n) razè .resell . bese .barbecue grill rechèch .think reflechi.succeed rejete .refer (v) refigye .reject (v) reflechi .reduce referans . panse.refugee refije .razor razya .take care of regrete .revann research redui. rezon reason refleksyon .recover rejwenn.refugee refize .reject (v) rejete.regard rega.research rechèch.refuse refize .reject (n) .registry rejwenn . kwè . benefisye . esprè deliberate reflechi.rebellious rebò . amensi .birth certificate rejis . debat .recover rejwi . benefisye. kwè . repran . rezone.enjoy rejwi.regard (n) regle .brim rechaje . gade. debat.decline refize.region rejyon .chant refòm . zòn .rebellion rebèl . rejè.reject refize.sorry (v) reinyon .reference refere .regret (v) regrèt .refer refere .reform (v) rega () gade .deliberate (v) reflechi. konsidere.region rejè .chant (n) refren. rejete .broke rebelyon .reflection refren . chante .zone rejyon.look (v) rega. koutje .refuse (v) refize . koutje .regret regrete .think reflechi.boost recho .

yell rele fò show .call rele . tay.recommend rekòmande .remark (v) remonte . senti .boost remèd .yell relijye .comfrot (v) rekoni .recommence (v) rekonesans . kriye .waist remak . rekonpanse reward rekonpanse .thank remèt .relation relate .reward (n) rekonpans.render remèt.boost remonte.relate (v) relate.crop rekòmande . pawòl .reamrk remake . soumèt . rann.reclaim rekomandasyon recommendation rekomanse .submit remò .nun relye () .remark (n) remake . tradui (lang) render remèt.grave .reamrk (v) remake .grav () tonm .waist .submit remèt.comfrot rekonfòte .religious relijyez .remedy (n) remèsye .remit remèt .enroll rekòlt .link (v) relye .call (v) rele . refize .English Creole Dictionary 321 rejè.rebuke rele.remark remak .remorse ren . rechaje .urge relasyon .v montre shout (v) rele fò show@montre shout rele sou .remedy remèd . rakonte .recess rekreyasyon .reward (v) rekreyasyon .gratitude rekonesans.link (v) rem tay .reject reklam .relate rele .gratitude (n) rekonfòte . rann .recommence rekomanse .claim (n) reklame .recess (n) rekrite .kidney ren.known rekonpans .advertisement reklamasyon .reward rekonpanse .claim reklamasyon .remark (n) remak.

tankou like (v) renmen .deny repa .answering machine reponn . joure.answer (n) repons .answer (v) repons .recover represyon .represent (v) reprimande .meal reparatè aparèy . kon.response repoze .take back repran.rest (v) repran .recover repran .punish reprimande.punish reprimande . rejwenn . pini . rele sou rebuke reprize . manje . rès.repeat (v) repete.repeat repete . kontrenn constain (v) renplase .residence resipwòk .represent reprezante .reply reponn .love (v) rennen . joure castigate (v) reprimande.rinse renye .prominent repibiye .darn (v) repwodiksyon reproduction resan .review repase.review (v) repati . frennen.mutual . revi .receive residans .republic repitasyon .appliance repairman repare .repair repase .meal repa.rest (n) repo. chatye.reputation repo .rest repoze.replace rense .respond reponn.allot repete .reply (v) reponn . revi . rete.322 English Creole Dictionary renmen ().recent resevwa .scold reprimande.review (v) repase.rest repondè . repons . chatye castigate reprimande.like (v) renmen.repression reprezantatif representative reprezante . rete . revize. (each other) damou .answer (v) repons . fò .darn reprize .constain rennen. repoze .

respect respekte .stop (v) rete.recite (v) resous .stay rete . eskli .domestic restoran . repo. pouse soti .rest rete.dream (v) revele.responsible responsabilite responsibility respè .live rete . respekte .breathe responsab . repoze . tounen . repo .rest (n) restat . sous .restaurant restrenn .eject retire.remove retire.delay retade .maid restavèk .servant restavèk.shrink revandike .assert revanj . peyi .return retounen.withdraw (v) retire.respect (n) respè.eject retire . gaye reveal . rale soti .English Creole Dictionary 323 resite .rest restan.venerate respire .maid restavèk. devwale.spring resò. bòn . at) desann .cease rete. stòp .stop rete .withdraw retire.remove retounen .remain restan. wete .revenge revann .live retire . rès.servant restavèk. rete. viv.exclude retire.remain (v) rete . (. rès.remain rete .reception resò spring (the season) prentan .remain (n) restan.cease rete .domestic (n) restavèk . repoze . (doing something) sispann .postpone rete ..rest (v) rete .return retresi .respect restan .stay rete.exclude retire .resell (v) reve .respect (v) respekte .resource respekte . bòn .spring retade .restrict resèpsyon . abite .abide respect respekte . rale soti .stop (v) rete.restart (v) restavèk . rete .

awake (adj) reveye .bekonn .324 English Creole Dictionary revele.outcome rezilta .reasonable rezone .convene reyini.withstand (v) rezon .review (n) revisyon .solve rezève .real reyèl. tout bon . revi review revize . rasanble congregate reyini.bekonn back reveye .review (v) revi.realization reyalize .alarm clock reyalite .fire (v) revoke .conjecture konjekti .review (n) revisyon.reason (n) rezonab . rasanble.review revi .withstand reziste.resist reziste.review (v) revoke .chuckle .gun revè .beam reyon .reason rezon .arouse revi .clang rezone .rouse reveye .wake (v) reveye.achieve reyisi .reason rezoud . revisyon . prospere. repase. rezon .real rezen .impeach revoke.clock revèsbakon .grape rezilta .reveal reversebacon . sipòte . kanno .achieve reyalize .meeting reyisi . reflechi .cause rezon . dife . fè konesans . sipòte .reality reyalizasyon . revi .back revèy .reserved ri . rive prosper reyon . koud . kontre ak.revise (v) revize.ray reyèl .join reyini.congregate reyinyon .prosper reyisi. eksite .reason (v) rezone. gaye .clang (v) rezone.attainment reyalizasyon .result reziste .meet (v) reyini. rankontre.laugh ri anbachal .fire revolvè.wake reveye .realize reyini .

stream rize .river rivyè.prowl rode .grin ri. flèv.adventure riske .ribbon riban.English Creole Dictionary 325 ri jòn . sounwa . sousdlo .arrival rive .circular ronbe . chifone .wrinkle (n) rid.stream rivyè. dlo .li.loop (v) riban .creek rivyè .romance ron .rural risk .street riban .sly ro .band riban . dlo. bande . flèv.artful rize.prosper rive.read . () gade . jwenn .reach rivyè .fortune richès.snout . lari .loop (v) riban .happen rive . reyisi .relax riral .occur rive . abil . sèk .sly rize.tall rode .band rich .round (adj) ron.venture (v) rivaj .attain rive .wane ronbe . djòl . rèd .rigid rilaks .relax rilaks.ridicule (v) rido .rum .occur rive. detann .crafty (adj) rize.snore (v) ronfle.row (n) ronm .rich richès .rigid rijid.curtain rijid.crafty rize. fè lekti . larivyè river rivyè.reach (v) rive.fortune rid .circular ron .wrinkle (n) ridikil . koken .astute rize .novel romans . abil . fòtin .coast (n) rive .lobster roman .prosper rive.machwè.river rivyè .befall rive . ansèk .arrive rive .prowl (v) roma .ridicule ridikil . pase .happen rive. pase .wane (v) ronfle .snore ronje .

rest (n) rès.sand sache .rock ròl .bag sache pou vonmi .corrode rouye .ruin (v) ruine.dream ròb .shame (n) ront.blush rouji. ruin .dress (n) ròb . voye .tough rèd.callous rèd. enève . galèt . fa pou figi (makeup) .bag safrete .rock ròch. apwen .rust (v) rouye . roulo .belch rote. dodinen.road routine .road rout .rigid rèd.cast sa tout fason . balanse .shark rèl .gluttony saj .blush ront. rouji .ruin rèd . dezonè .queen rès. repo .roll roulo .rigid rèd .ruin (n) ruine . rijid.tense rèd. ront.blush rote .scorch rout .wise sak .roll (v) roule.tense (adj) rèd . rete.wheel rouj .rule (n) rèk. repoze .cast (n) ròl.belch rou .rusty roz .rose rub . jete.blush rouji. vomi .red rouji . fa pou figi (makeup) blush ront.callous règ .gown ròch.sack .pink roz .rust (n) rouye .blush roule . di .row ruin .wail rèn . boule .ripe rèkin . san pitye .rest rèv . sèk .326 English Creole Dictionary ront .anyway sab .route (n) rout. chemen .rule règ .routine rouy .roll (n) rousi.air sickness bag sachè . ront . galèt.ashamed ront .

salute (v) salye ak anpil respè .greeting salte .sensational sansasyonalize sensationalize sansasyonalize sensationalize (v) sansi.breathless san.hundred san .wage (n) samdi . peròl .dirt salte .unconscious san limit .reception room salad .sensible .English Creole Dictionary 327 sak .wage salè.cinder sanp .boundless san pitye . voye yon kout chapo .meaning sans . kontni .greet (v) salye .salute (v) salè .resemble (v) sanble .salary salè.magic sans .seem sanble .sacrifice sakrifis .dirty sal . deyò .backpack sakrifis . peròl .book bag sak van . rèd. vantouz .callous san souf . siyifikasyon meaning sansasyonalis .ashtray sandwich .salad saldeben.air bag sakado .soil (v) sal .Saturday san .blood san . di .sense sans.content (adj) sanisfè.grime salye .sacrifice (n) sakrifye .without sanble .sandwich sanisfè .greet with much respect salye.ward sal resèpsyon .sack (n) sak lekòl . parèt appear sandriye . genlè menm similar sanble.similar sanble.without san konesans .leech sansib .resemble sanble .content sann .sacrifice (v) sal . twalèt bathroom salitasyon .callous san pitye.filthy sal . genlè.appear sanble .

pran odè. pran odè .semantic semèn .feel santi move .central santral .ceiling . pran odè .secret (n) seksyèl .scent sante.celebrate seleksyone .ragamuffin satire.select seleksyone.soap (n) savonnen .bachelor selibatè .suddenly sanzave .tender sant .smell santi. pran sant smell (v) santibon pou twalèt .assist segonn .segment segonde .health santi .usual semantik .sexual sele . lasante .single selibatè.soap se byen .sequel savann .reek (v) santi.week senmenn.sequence sekirite . chwazi . orè .second (time) sekans .soap savon .soap (v) savonnen. prensipal .scent sant.328 English Creole Dictionary sansib . bay legen .feeling santral .seduce sefwe .valley save .air freshener santiman .secretary sekrè .knowledge savon .security sekretè direksyon administrative assistant sekrite .main santralizasyon centralization sanzatann .tender (adj) sansib.celebrate selebre.OK sechrès .go segman . semenn .freak sanzatann .select selibatè .cede sede.seal sele .drought sede. fete .single selon lizaj .reek santi move .celebration selebre .satisfy (v) sauit . grenn .satisfy satistè .saturate satistè .cede sedui . savon .seal (v) selebrasyon .plafon . boure .main santral. tann .secret sekrite .smell (v) santi.

belt sentiron.save (comp) (v) sevre .series seriz .break (v) separe . foure.vital setwal .belt senti.parcel (v) separe tè. ponyen . pataje .seize . palè . kraze. mete put sere.safe (adj) senk . lachanm . etenn.keep sere.holy sena .syntax sentaksik .fifty senkyèm .belt sentiwon .five (adj) senkant .senate sena.fifth senp .cereal sereyal bebe .split (v) separe tè .separate (v) separe . degre .share separe .bleed senyen .sash senyen .September sere .parcel separe. detache .be suprised sezi .syringe sereyal .apart separe.belt sentiron .wean sevè .cherry serye .share sepedan .sytaxic senti .HIV positive sezi .star sev .clench seremoni.break separe.safe senesòf . mare .belt sentiwon .clench (v) sere.serious serye .hide (v) sere .union senesòf .separately separe . ponyen.belt senti . sentiron .however sepedan.bloody separe .English Creole Dictionary 329 sen .put sere. senti .split separe .ritual sereng .separate separe .senate sendika .breast sen . poutan.severe sewopozitif .baby cereal seri .waist senti. etenn .simple sensè . kase . epoutan however septanm .sincere sentaks . sentiwon .five senk .separate (adj) separe . foure.

suggest sijere .suggestion sijè .hurricane sikoloji . nansid .hush silans .circumstance sikre .suggest (v) sijesyon .sure si .ample siflèt . souple! . dous .undergo sid.sour si .adequate sifizan .CD rom sifizan .subject sik .surely siman.sure si.cigarette sijere .byword siperyè .dear si .sow simen .please! silvouple!.sow (sow seeds) simen .sow sow seeds simen .startle shelled marine . sheri .beg .cinema sinema .superior sipevize .sow (v) simityè . asire .brisk shè .south sidwonm .concrete (n) siman . depi (since) .sugar sikisal .if si .dear shè.certain si .sweet sikre.330 English Creole Dictionary sezi .fimmaker sinonim .psychology sikolojik .cemetery sinema .sweet siksè . konkrè .outlet siklòn .shocked sezi. pantan .psychiatry silab .movie making sineyas .silence silvouple! .syllable silans .byword sinonim. provèb .concrete simen .if sibi .whistle (n) sigarèt .whether si. shè .dear shofe .Conch: any of various large spiral sheri .flint siman .theater sinematografi .please! silèks .success sikyat .dear sheri.supervise sipliye .psychological sikolojikman psychologically sikonstans .psychiatrist sikyatri .

system sistèm rekonesans optik OCR sistèm rekonesans vokal speech recognition sistèm sentèz vokal speech synthesis siswafè.support (v) sirk . stòp..suicide (commit . otan .suit . soutni . si . sispekte .six sisid .beseech sipliye .confetionery (n) sirèt.support sipòte.confetionery sirèt .candy sis .) (v) siside. byen tonbe suicide (commit .suppose (v) sipoziyon .fè prosè.athletic supporter sispekte .situation sitron . rete.suspect (v) sispèk .site sitadèl .so .citadel sitiyasyon .Syrian sirèt .suicide (n) siside .so sitèlman. bonbon . kostim.withstand (v) sipòte.suicide sisid .circus sirote .adjourn sispann . soutni .sip (v) siryen . stòp .suppose sipoze .citizenship sitèlman .certain sit . mande ..beg sipoze .English Creole Dictionary 331 sipliye .cease sispanswa . rete .shoulder (v) sipòte .allusion siprann ..supreme sipò .suspend sispann.suspect (adj) sispèk .withstand sipòte .allude sipoze .lemon sitwayen .aid (n) sipòte .astonish sipriz .cease sispann..sip sirote .surprise sipriz .) sispann .surprise (n) siprèm .suspect sispekte .citizen sitwayènte .suspicous sispèk.confectionery (n) sirèt .suspect sistèm .yearn sipliye.stop (v) (stop doing something) sispann .assume sipoze .

solèy .clang .signature siye .honey siy.guard (v) siveye . sizle . sole . mouche.sound sonje .sunflower solèy.score skò .meaning siyifikasyon . chape .civil siviv .civic sivil .kan sa .dreary sonnen . entrepriz .relief solajman. rezone .saucer solajman.underpants so .sign (v) siyen.honey siwo.sun solid .solid solid. siyen.beetle skilte .relief (n) solanèl . tris . pankat .sound (v) sonnen.ring (v) sonnen .signification siyifikasyon.carve skilte.scissors sizoka .dreary sonm .ring sonnen .wipe siyen .watch for sivik .sign siyati .carve sizle. sans meaning sizle .watch (v) siveye .in case skarabe .solution solisyone .firm (adj) solid .firm solisyon . skilte .somber sonm.honey siwo myèl .salmon somè .survive sivoke .sign (n) siy.survive siviv. soufle blow sonnen.solemn solda .sun somon .score (n) sleeved .so sokoup . alemye . siwo myèl .signify siyifikasyon . pankat .carve skò .chemiz manchlong .shirt long slip .remember sonm .sun solèy .sign siyifi .suffocate siwo .soldier sole .carve sizo . alemye .peak son .mean (v) siyifi .sun sole. pankat .332 English Creole Dictionary siveye .solve solèy .

remèt .breath souf .bowling shoes soumèt .English Creole Dictionary 333 sonnen.please! souple!..on top of soud .aside sou kote .shoe soulye bòlin . sonnen. sonnen.please! souri . remèd .remedy soulaje. souf .puff souflete .puff souf .buzzer sosis .handy (adv) sou san (sou san-m) .of (about a topic) sou .s) .gentile soupl . lasoup .shake souke . rezone ...sight soupl .suffer (v) souke .submit soumèt. silvouple! .soup soup.mistress sou la men (adv).leave sou .fan (v) soufri .sausage sosyal .remedy (v) soulye .. diminye .blow (v) sonnen.blow (v) soufle.clang (v) sonnen.deaf souf . rize . sous .allay soulaje.alert (adj) sou kote .slap (v) souflè . swaye .gentle souple! .slap souflete .drunk sou . vante (the wind .social sosyete .protrude sotu .blow soufle .society (n) soti .on (a topic) sou kiviv.sound sonnen.ail soufri .s) .shake (v) souke tèt .suffer soufri . son .puff (n) soufle .sly soup .in a good mood sou.nod soulaje. vante (wind) blow (v) sonnèt .puff (v) soufle. vante (the wind . eveye . vante (wind) .blow (v) soufle.smile .on (a topic sou .submit sounwa .soup soupi .sly sounwa. itil handy sou la men .

collaborate (v) soutni .slendid stasyon .smile (v) sourit .334 English Creole Dictionary souri .brook sous .peculiar splandid .contend soutni. rivyè .escape sove.station stat .start (v) steril .cease stòp.wild sove .horny (slang) sousdlo .subscribe (v) souskri.subscribe sousòl .above soutèt . program spectacle spesifik .spring sous .soviet sovè .sweat suiv .support soutni .suspicion . mawon .on top of sous .track suiv . swe .follow suiv .savior sovè.eyebrow souskri .track (v) suspisyon .atop soutèt . anro .brow sousi .suck (v) souse.brute (adj) sovaj .barren stop .contend (v) soutyen .evade sove . abòne . lesovè .basement soutni .often souvni .savior spektak.stop (n) stop stop@estope.brwo sousi .up soutèt. chape.escape sove.cease sue. arid .suck (v) sousi . pati . tete .souvenir souvètman .barren steril.brute sovaj .start stat .support (v) soutni.mouse sous . rete stop strik .up souvan .save sove. kenbe .stream souse . chape .suck souse .stream sousdlo.underwear sovaj . rete .well (n) sousa .frequent souvan .strict stòp .bra soutèt .collaborate soutni .evade sovyetik . deklare .

evening swa.sleek swadandis . soulaje.lone sèl .swear sèt . paradi .oath sèmante .perspiration swèf .mere sèlman .cure sware .sure . si. swa .nowadays sèjèy .only sèman .say.switch (n) swè .sky sè . lesyèl . remèd remedy swe . pou kont-(pron.silk swa . asire .seventy swanye .only sèl .rigid sèks .science syantifik .sister sè tè youn fwa . dous .salt sèl.care swanye .care (v) swanye cure .once upon a time sèci temwen .this afternoon sèten.care (n) swen.sweat swen .dry sèk .scientific syèk .testify sèjousi .crisp sèk .evening swasant .rigid sèk.wish (v) switch .switch switch . aswè. rèd . that is to sètadi .that is to say sètaprèmidi . si .wish swete .sleek swa.thirst swèf .remedy (v) swaye.heaven swa .mere (adj) sèlman .cure (v) swanye cure@remèd.evening swa .English Creole Dictionary 335 suveyans .circle sèk . tretman .sixty swaye .sure sèten.seven sètadi . rijid.sex sèl .thirsty syans . swanye .evening sware.care swete .century syèl.custody suèl.that is to sètadi . sware .coffin sèk . tretman .n remèd.) alone sèlman .

sokoup .fasten tache.certificate sètifye .dot tache .brain sèvolan .witch sòt .witness (v) sèvis .except sòf.server (comp) sò . eksepte .dot tach .certainly sèvi .free time . mare .certain sètifika .pin taks .stupidity tab .bath towel sèvè .fate sò. dwa .soon tan .beach towel sèvyèt twalèt. tèt .table tablo ki anda .heel talè .blot tach .table tabli .brain sèvo.tax taks .fasten tache .kite sèvyèt .napkin sèvyèt . kap .knack talan .attach tache .fate sòf .towel sèvyèt plaj . pwen .except sòfwè .bulletin board taboure . destine . make .mark tach.tax (n) taks.weather tan lib .wizard sòsyè .mark (n) tach .have use for sèvi temwen .table below tablo peryodik .append tache .periodic table tablo pou aflich .spot tach.duty taksi .software sòs .settle (v) tablo .certify sètènman . si .336 English Creole Dictionary sèten.pin (v) tache.sauce sòsye .painting tablo .kite sèvolan. ti sèvyèt washcloth sèvyètdeben . siswafè. zepeng .service sèvo .duty taks .gravy sòs . kap .in a while talè .sauce sòssaucer .serve sèvi ak .skill talon .cab talan .stool tach .

as tankou . kou.tailor tcheke ().pie tat pòm .bind tay. mare.tent tantataif . tripote .time tan(general).tender (adj) tanp .carpet tapi livrezon bagaj baggage carousel tapi saldeben .).theater teat.aunt tant ..expect tann. lè(when) .theater teknik .please (v) tanpèt .rave tanpete .telephone (adj) telefonn .in the wink of an eye tat .finger tate. kou .seal tanporè . fwa(number of .seal (n) tanpon.tendency tandiske .technology telefonik .) .tension tant .leather te .like (v) tann .while tank .whereas tandiske .attempt tantataif .finger (v) tatou . uni . dwèt.blood pressure tansyon .stress tansyon .attempt (n) tante .English Creole Dictionary 337 tan(general).waist tayè .time tan(general).tempest tansmèt .apple pie tate. fwa(number of .tender tann .attempt tante . senti .time tandans .tea teat . tripote .air tank tankou .temper (n) tanpete . sele .).as long as tank lè . geji .temple tanperaman .wait tann.bind tavhe.rave (v) tanpon .telephone .armadillo tavhe .temporary tanpri .convey tansyan .technical teknoloji . alatant .tap tape .tap (v) tapi .gauge (v) tcheke .tempt tape .ascertain tcheke . sansib . .bath mat taptap (adv..gauge (v) tchwi . sinema .

boy ti gason. sen .penis ti non . pwatrin .land teren .bosom tete. tè .boy ti kouran dlo . gason .center (n) ti galope.milk (v) tire .ground terib . debake .hyphen tise .teenager tinen .awful terifye .daughter tifi .cable televisyon .appall teste .television temerè .field teren.roof ti bèf . wè .shy timid .ticket timid .chaste (adj) tifi . trote .timid timoun .stamp (n) tenèb .daughter tikè .land teren.terrible terib.fierce terib .gloom teori .stamp (v) tenm .brook ti kò .baby timoun .chancel (v) tivi .washcloth tif .bold temwen .girl tifi.theory tep .child timoun .bosom tete .pull tire . efarouche . jaden .title (n) titile .TV .tape (v) tep .suck (v) tete.witness (n) temwen.breast tèt kay .ballfield teren bizbòl .test (v) tete .center ti gason .nickname ti rivyè .appalling terifyan .kid tinedjè .weave (v) tit .plot (of land) (n) teren baskèt bòl basketball court teren bizbòl .dwarf tire .witness tenbre .baseball field teren. feròs .virgin tifi .shoot (v) tirè .tape recorder (n) teren .calf ti galope .appall terifye.338 English Creole Dictionary telegram .brook ti sèvyèt . pitit fi .fierce terifyan .

shelter (n) Tonton Nwèl . okipe .sour (milk) (v) tounen .smother toufe .also tou.resan. retounen .whirl touche .strangle toufe.bull total .quite tou dwat .daily toumante .shelter tonnèl .amount total .quash toufe .yet toulede .too toubiyon .choke (n) toufe .tease tounen .English Creole Dictionary 339 tiyo .thunder (v) tonm .thunder tonen .Santa Claus tonton. manch.return tounen .cough . trangle .total tou . vire .tourist touristik . pre .uncle toro .near touris .trip (n) tounen. trò . pre . liny .embers to .quite tou.up tobe-leve .rate to .handle (v) touf . manyen () handle (v) touche.still toujou .become tounen.turn toupit .smother toujou .touch (v) touche.clump (n) toufe .touch touche.near toupre. ajou .start (v) (start doing something) tonen .rate (n) to-date .fall (v) tonbe .anywhere (at all) tou. monnonk .become tounen .trip tounen.both toulejou .pipe (n) tizan . vini .choke toufe .handle (v) touche .touristic tous .affect touche . anbete .Thomas tomat .straight ahead tou patou .tiny toupre.return tounen.tomb tonnèl . anverite .on and off Toma . akote. ositou . manyen .tomato tonbe .slightly toupiti .tease toumante.

worry (n) traka.bother traka . anmède .chop trangle . imedyatman immediately touswit .everybody toutbon .bother trakase .transfer transfè .quiet tranpe .immediately tout .kill tradisyonelman traditionally tradui (lang) .smother trangle.wholly toutouni .quench tranpe .transfer (v) transfere.real tout bon.tremble tranbleman tè .nude touye . koupe.Nwèl .cough (n) touse . toufe . koupe .soak (v) tranpe . reyèl .strangle trankil . remèt.slice tranch .solution (n) tranpe.soak tranpe .smother trangle .traffic traka .cough tousuit .shiver tranble (fredi) . (thirst) koupe swaf.bother traka.all tout .placid trankil . transfè transfer transfè .render tradui (lang). rann render tradui .bare toutouni .cough (v) touse.slice (n) tranche.real tout lèzòt . nwi . traka .whole tout bon .shiver (v) tranble . toufe . pase swaf li quench transfere .340 English Creole Dictionary tous .translate trafik .very toutbon .strangle trangle.worry tranble (fredi) .right away tousuit.chop (v) tranche. tous .naked toutouni .worry (v) trakase.worry traka .quake tranch .all the others tout moun .entire tout .Christmas .transfer (n) .

dreary tristès .befriend tretman .unhappy tris.flinch (v) trese. nèt .cheat (v) .dreary tris .worker travèse .plait trete .cure (v) trezò .trace trase .train trening . très.sketch (v) trase .sadness trimen .cross (v) trayi .catch (v) trape.toil (v) tronpe .toil travayè .treasure tribinal.knit trimen .drag trennen . trase . kòde .beguile tronpe . sonm .lug tresayi .gossip tripotay. pa kontan unhappy tris.finger (v) tris .sad tris. pa kontan .catch (v) tras .chink (v) trennen .treat (v) trete an zanmi .plait (v) trese.clear (adj) transparan.task travay .toil (v) tripotay . klè clear transpè .trace (v) trasmisyon otomatik automatic transmission travay . kòde .English Creole Dictionary 341 transparan.trace (n) tras.work travay di . nèt.treat trete .job EN: (work) travay .cure tretman .thirty trape .knit trikote.transportation transpètranspòtasyon transportation trant .trace trase . kenbe . lakou .labor travay .catch trape . brode .gossip tripote .betray tren .flinch tresayi .training trenke . zin .court trignometri trigonometry trikote . kagou.

traitor trèz .flock trouve .affect trouble .warm tyèmondis .trouble troup . debake . very trò .plait (n) très .lock (of hair) très .land tè.center (v) trou.three twa pye .plait très.fool (v) twompe.fool twompe . touye .earth tè.roof twal .earth tè .too tròk .barter (v) tròke . troub .nostril twou.ground tè glèz .third tyèmondis . third tè .cheat trote .too much tyèd .important.flock troup.lodge . l`j .tress très.trouble (n) trouble . narin . deranje upset trouble.third trè . fache.ditch twou .cloth twalèt .yard (3 feet) twakay . teren. bay ladesant.roof twakay .lock (of hair) (v) trèt .ditch twòk .barter (v) tuiye. kòde .clay tè. fant .kill twa . teren .very EN: (very much) très .fool (v) twou .canvas (n) twal . ravin .land . bann . echanj . ajil .342 English Creole Dictionary tronpe. vole .exchange (n) twòp .hole twou nen . latè .ebèje ().clay tè glèz.exchange twòk.upset trouble.thirteen trèzenpòtan .nostril twou nen.acquire trwazyèm . woule .world.trouble trouble .cavity troub .bathroom twompe .

worth van . gòje .term tèp .twist (v) tòde. egzamen . kò . fatra .valid valiz .trash (v) tòchonnen.self tèt.such a way tèm .torch tòchonnen .lucid tèt triyang .bind vach .lax vag .disarray tètfèmal .test (n) tèt .English Creole Dictionary 343 tèl .twist tòde . dirije () .vagabond vakabon. move tan vandredi .swallow (v) vale.suitcase valiz .cow vag .gulp valid . move van.valise valv .UFO uit .wring (v) tòti . kouche .vacation valab .brain tètchaje .estimate (v) valè .Friday .value valè .top tèt kay .rogue vakans . sèvo .handbag valiz . neglijan lay .headache tòch .trash tòde .ignore vag . twakay .head (v) tèt.vague vag .tortoise UFO (ouefò) .wave (n) vag.wind (n) van.valuable vale .blood test tès. tòdye .tip tès . somè .such tèlke .test tès san .roof tèt kay.gulp (v) vale .wring (v) tòdye .valve valye .roof tèt klè .such as tèlman . vòlè .peak tèt.lax vakabon .apex tèt.eight uni .naughty vakabon .brain tèt .etann. blayi.

anbativant stomach vant.verify verite . anbativant.vanquish venteyinyèm syèk twenty first century verifikatè òtograf spellchecker verifye .bladder veye . salesman vandè machin .steam vapè .venerate venk .defeat (v) venk .leech vanyan .boast vantilatè . chante gam .information vant . fè djòlè.eseye .fume vapè .check (v) verifye .twenty venere ..s) blow (v) vante (wind) .truth verite.variation varye .Vatican vekse .brag vante.salesman vanite .truth vesi .wake vi .vary (n) vast .information vansèyman.vast Vatikan .blow (v) vante . chante gam .life . as in eye veye. reveye .avenge vann .defeat venk .vanity vaniy .vanilla vanje .344 English Creole Dictionary vandè machin automobile dealer. fè gam.wake (n) veye .valiant vapè .fact verite . laverite.boast vante.audit verifye .vex ven .fan (n) vantouz . enfomasyon .stomach vante (the wind .proof (v) verifye .vend vansèyman . lestomak .try .belly vant. fè gam.brag vante. fè djòlè .vapor varyasyon .sell vann .watch (v)..

polish (v) vle .empty vide . tounen . bezwen.fast vit .blank vid. anvi .quickly vit.glass vital . siyifi .town vilaj .vigilance viktim .desire (v) vle .aim (v) vize .flush vide . gouman greedy vit .victory vil.wrap vodou . presede precede vini . rapid .visa visle .voudou . abite .English Creole Dictionary 345 vid .blank vid . anvi .empty vide . vide .come vini.avaricious visye.brace (tool) (n) vin anvan .quick vit.want vlope .avaricious visye .victim viktwa .speed (n) viv.virus vis . blan .discharge vide .target (v) vizyon . ansi .empty (v) vide .envelope (v) vlope .become vinèg .precede vin anvan.vinegar vire .turn viris .spin vire .greedy visye. vè .vision vklere .violence vize .alive vivan .want vle.mean (v) vle di.become vini .village vilbreken .living viyolans .want vle di .glass vit .mean (v) vle.live vivan .city vil.desire vle.pour vijilans . voras . voras. lavil .vice visa . lavil .corrupt visye .empty (adj) vid.vital vitès .

sail (n) vwala .fling (v) voye yon kout chapo salute (v) voye.fling voye jete .belch vonvon. rote . tounen trip (n) vwayaj.really vrèman .sling (v) voye .vagabond (n) voryen.steering wheel volay .voyage vwayaj.volume volontè .travel (n) vwayaj .throw voye jete .voudou (voodoo) voras .cheat (v) vole.beetle voodoo .vocabulary volan . lage .346 English Creole Dictionary vokabilè .ejaculate voye .puke (v) vomi .send voye . vòlè .fly vole.journey vwayaj .baby carriage vwati.rob vole. oto .true vrèman . tounen.travel (v) .will (n) vomi .steal vole.cheat vole . vwayaje . ponpe .car vwayaj .buffoon voryen .fowl vole .jump vole.belch vomi .vomit (n) vomi. gouman .fly (v) vole .jump vole .throw vre .volunteer volunte .greedy voras.car vwati bebe .ejaculate (v) voye . liny.travel vwayaje .truly vwa .steal volim . eskarab . ransè . mouch . vòlè .buffoon vote .there it is vwati . liny trip vwayaj.sling voye .cast (v) voye .voice (n) vwal .vote (v) voye .greedy voryen .broadcast (v) voye . tronpe .

robber vòlè .varnish (v) vès .vowel vwazen .steal vòt . vote .violet vyèj . visye. eleksyon .age (v) vyolasyon .green vè . ra .beef vyann kri .green vètikal . drese . vole . monte.violation vyole .verse vè .blazer vèsyon .ancient vye .widow vòl (avyon) .glass vè .old vyeyi .spinster vè .thief vòlè.upset vèmin .crook vòlè . fache.virgin vyèyfi .rape (v) vyole .English Creole Dictionary 347 vwayèl .wharf .cardigan vès kwaze . gouman .vermin vèni . voras . vèt .ravish (v) vyole .rogue vòlè .greedy vòlè.flesh vyann .violate vyolèt .green vèf .rare (n) vyann kri.toward vè .harbor waf .widower vèkse.king waf .glass vè.neighbor vyann . dwat. trouble . vè .rare vye .aged vye . voras.erect vèv .green vèt.verticle vètikal. gouman.steal vòlè .meat vyann bèf . deranje.vote (n) vòt.greedy vòlè.flight vòlè .poll (n) vòt. vit .version vèt .erect (adj) vètikal .rob vòlè . kanbriyolè burglar vòlè. visye.worm vè.vote wa .

high wont .chum zanmi .weapon zandolit . retire .act (n) zam .hoe woule .gut zariyen .role wòch nan ren .avocado zaboka .lizard zangi . animo animal zanno .height wou .remove wi .entrails zantray .webmaster wèl .yoghurt yon moun .one youn kat je nwwa sunglasses youn lòt .iodine zaboka .caviar ze .earring zanpoud .Antilles zantray .acquaintance zanmi .kidney stone yo .wit wo .web (comp) wèbmastè .burp wotè .yesterday yòd .wart Zantiy .they yogout .a youn .see wè .witness (v) wè. bèt.fool (v) wout chwal .bridle path wozèt .oar ze .whiskey wntelijans .bowtie wè .remove wete.an youn .disgrace wote .348 English Creole Dictionary wete .spider zaviron .needle zeklè .bait .lightning zen .lawyer zagripan .eel zanmi .another yè .once youn .jerk EN: (person) zak .egg zegi .somebody yon sèl fwa .friend zannimo. sèvi temwen witness (v) wèb .yes wiski .

oyster zwa .ghost zongle .hook (v) zenk .aisle zèl .strokes zokòt . spice zepòl – short.pin (n) zepeng cheve .kneecap zoklo .island zilofòn .charity zòn .zip (v) zo .zero zesèl .ear zòtèy .zipdrive zipe .goose zwazo .gossip zip .zip (v) zipdrav .orange EN: Fruit zorye .rib zonbi .wing zèv .zoom lens zouti .United States zetwal .zigzag (v) zile .bone zo jenou .xenophobia zenofobi.nip EN: (flower) zongle . hay zèb .zinc zenofobi .eye zèb – grass.zero zigzag (zigzaze) .zebra zèl . shoulder (n) zero .zone zòrèy .pinch (v) zonyon .armpit Zetazini .bird zye .tool zuit .bobby pin zepis – herb.pillow zou .xylophone zin .zoo zoum .English Creole Dictionary 349 zen .region zòn .bulb (flower) zonyon .toe .xenophobia zepeng .star zewo . (adj) pè etranje .onion zoranj .

I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. I go to prepare a place for you. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. and I will be his God. neither sorrow. And if I go and prepare a place for you. Heaven is a beautiful place. I will come again. Behold. And he said unto me. neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. the beginning and the end. . and receive you unto myself. and there shall be no more death. I make all things new. that where I am. It is done. nor crying. I would have told you. I am Alpha and Omega. Write: for these words are true and faithful. And he said unto me. And he that sat upon the throne said. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so.350 English Creole Dictionary You Can Live Forever. believe also in me. and he shall be my son. there you may be also. He that overcometh shall inherit all things. Jesus said: Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in God.

yo p ap janm plenyen ankò. yo p ap nan lapenn ankò.English Creole Dictionary 351 Ou Kapab Viv Toujou. Lè m a fin pare plas la pou nou. mwen se konmansman. Li gen pou l cheche tout dlo nan je yo. mwen fè tout bagay vin nèf. mwen se finisman. Yo p ap gen pwoblèm. Lakay Papa a gen anpil kote pou moun rete. paske pawòl mwen se pawòl ki vre. Syèl pa si bèl kote. san danje. se la n a ye tou. Mwen pral pare plas pou nou. moun ki te chita sou fòtèy la di: Koulye a. mete konfyans nou nan mwen tou. Mwen se A ak Z. Apre sa li di mwen: Ou mèt ekri sa. Si yon moun swaf dlo. m a tounen vin chache nou. m a ba li bwè dlo gratis nan sous dlo ki bay lavi a. Pèp Bondye a va rete lakay yo ak kè poze. kote m a ye a. Tout vie bagay sa yo pral disparèt. Konsa. Jezi tris: Jezi di yo: Pa kite bagay sa yo toumante nou. y a va pitit mwen. mwen pa ta di nou sa. Si se pa t vre. p ap gen lanmò ankò. pawòl tout moun dwe kwè. Apre sa li di ankò: Bon. Ma va Bondye yo. Lè sa a. Se sa moun ki va genyen batay la va resevwa nan men m. Mete konfyans nou nan Bondye. Yo p ap tande moun fè . yo p ap janm soufri ankò. Tout bagay fin fèt.

We have turned every one unto his own way. and all liars. and another inhabit. wasting nor destruction within your borders. and unbelieving. and they will plant vineyards. All we like sheep have gone astray. the judgement. But the fearful. They will build houses. They will not build. and another eat:. and whoremongers. Violence shall no more be heard in your land. and your gates Praise.So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many.352 English Creole Dictionary My people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation. Mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands. and inhabit them. It is appointed unto man once to die and after that. and sorcerers. and idolaters. but you will call your walls Salvation. and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation. and murderers. Sin has separated us from God and your sins have hidden his face from you that he will not hear. and in quiet resting places. . and eat the fruit of them. will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. they will not plant. and in sure dwellings. and the abominable. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Moun va bati kay pou yo rete. pou moun ki lach yo. plas yo se nan letan dife ak souf k ap boule a yo ye. Yo p ap plante jaden ankò pou se lòt moun ki pou manje l . chak moun bò pa yo. ansasen yo. ni moun p ap kraze l .English Creole Dictionary 353 mechanste nan peyi a ankò. chatiman ki pou te tonbe sou nou an. Tout moun fè peche. bann moun deprave yo. Se peche nou yo ki fè l vire figi l pou l pa tande nou. yo tout vire do bay Bondye ki gen pouvwa a. apre sa. Pèp mwen an ap viv rive gen menm laj ak pyebwa. moun ki pa kenbe pawòl yo. . se mwen menm k ap pwoteje nou. M ap sèvi nou ranpa. Y a plante jaden rezen pou yo manje rezen. Men. Seyè a fè l tonbe sou li. Tout moun gen pou mouri yon sèl fwa. n a fè lwanj mwen. Pèp mwen chwazi a va jwi travay yo fè ak men yo kont kò yo. Men se mechanste nou yo ki mete yon bayè ant nou ak Bondye nou an. Men. Se sa yo rele dezyèm lanmò a. M ap sèvi nou pòtay. Nou te tankou mouton ki te pèdi bann. moun k ap adore zidòl ansanm ak moun k ap bay manti. Yo p ap bati kay ankò pou se lòt moun ki pou rete ladan yo. Moun p ap devalize peyi a ankò. Bondye gen pou jije yo. moun k ap fè maji yo.

As I live. For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. and every tongue shall confess to God. We have all sinned. We all do wrong things. you will be saved. How can I be forgiven of my sins? If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus. every knee shall bow to me. Being good and doing good things can never take away our sins.354 English Creole Dictionary The wages of sin is death. So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. But God has laid on him (Jesus) the iniquity of us all. that whoever believes on him should not perish. What saves us? We all have sin in our hearts. For it is written. For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son. our Lord. and with the mouth . and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. but have everlasting life. saith the Lord. but the gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ. God showed his love towards us in that while we were yet sinners. With the heart man believes unto righteousness. Christ died for us.

Annou konsidere you lòt kesyon: Kisa peche fè? Peche separe nou ak Bondye. chatiman ki pou te tonbe sou nou an (Jezi). nou tout nou gen pou n konparèt devan Kris la pou li ka jije nou. Sou pwen sa a. Seyè nou an. Adan. Kisa peche fè? Kounye a nou konnen kisa peche ye epi nou konnen pouki nou fè peche. Bondye moutre nou jan li renmen nou anpil. Se peche ki vin ant nou e Bondye. Se te peche ki vin art Bondye e premye moun. Seyè a fè l tonbe sou li. yon lavi ki p ap janm fini. chak moun va resevwa sa ki pou li dapre byen osinon dapre mal li te fè antan l te nan kò sa a. . Lè sa a.English Creole Dictionary 355 Peche peye nou kach: li ban nou lanmò. men kadò Bondye ban nou gratis la. paske nou t ap fè peche toujou lè Kris la mouri pou nou. Bondye renman nou men li rayi peche nou you paske you separe nou ak Bondye. Paske. Men. Sa yo ki mouri ak peche you pa padonned va separe ak Bondye nan you plas terib Bib la rele lantè. se lavi ansanm ak Jezikri.

356 English Creole Dictionary confession is made unto salvation. Isaiah 53:6. If any man be in Christ. I have everlasting life. 60:18. Behold all things have become new. 5:10 . Romans 10: 9-11. Isaiah 59:2. Romans 3:23. 65:21. I have sinned. Old things have passed away. he is a new creation. It is this simple. Bible references: John 14: 1-3. For the scripture saith. I believe him. John 3: 16. Romans 6:23. God loves me. Christ died for me. Whoever believes on him shall not be ashamed. 22. II Cor. Romans 14: 10-12. Revelation 21: 4-8. Hebrews 9:27. . Isaiah 32:18.

Bondye ak amou. Tout moun ki va mete konfyans yo nan li p ap pedi lavi yo. li vin yon lòt moun. Paske. Bondye sitèlman renmen lèzòm li bay sèl Pitit li a pou yo. Kimoun ki kapab sove nou anba peche nou yo? Si ou deklare ak bouch ou devan tout moun Jezi se Seyè a. Krè mewn. wa sove. Okontrè y a gen lavi ki p ap janm fini an. se lè sa a Bondye fè l gras. Y a gen lavi ki p ap janm fini an.English Creole Dictionary 357 Paske. Bagay lontan yo disparèt. se lè sa a Bondye delivre li. lè yon moun gen konfyans tout bon nan kè l. Si yon moun ap viv nan Kris la. Kris la mouri pou nou. Bondye se yon. dapre sa ki ekri nan Liv la: Nenpòt moun ki mete konfyans yo nan li p ap janm soti wont. . Lè yon moun deklare ak bouch li devan tout moun li gen konfyans nan Bondye. si ou kwè tout bon nan kè ou Bondye te fè l leve soti vivan pami mò yo. se lòt bagay nèf ki pran plas yo koulye a. Senp! Mewn genwen peche.

Revelasyon 21: 4-7. Women 10: 9-11. Women 3:23. Jan 3:16. Ebre 9:27. Ezayi 59:2.358 English Creole Dictionary Bib la: Jan 14: 1-3. Women 6:23. Ezayi 32:18. Ezayi 53:6. Women 5:8. 2 Korent 5:10. 2 Korent 5:17 .

English Creole Dictionary 359 .

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