Level 5: The Writing Process

Prewriting & Preresearching Planning Writing Polishing




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4. 5. 6. 7.

Preresearching Planning

Brainstorming, Clustering, Freewriting, Journaling

Researching Writing Rewriting Revising, Editing, and Polishing

Outlining, making lists, tentative theses, and tentative topic sentences

The Writing Process


◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Choose and Narrow your Topic Journal Writing Brainstorming & Clustering Freewriting



◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

http://www.google.com Advanced Search .edu .pdf


News Public Library

◦ http://news.yahoo.com

◦ http://www.ipl.org/




◦ Brainstorms your topic in an organized way ◦ Free association ◦ Provides *great* search words!

◦ Shows you what questions you have and what information you need to find ◦ Gives you time to fix problems in organizing your final essay



a tentative thesis

◦ Tries to bring together your entire topic ◦ It WILL change over time as you find new information, so allow it to change!

tentative topic sentences

◦ Try to write topic sentences for each paragraph in your outline. ◦ This will help you know what information you must find in your research.

Planning: The Tentative Thesis


◦ Library Databases ◦ Google Advanced Search ◦ Trustworthy websites


.org .edu .com  you must know who produces it and how old the information is!

◦ Library books ◦ Library journals ◦ Reference Section (non-circulating)



Read Make

pages 142-50

a list of 5 questions that you do not know the answer to. Preresearch the answers to these questions using Google, Yahoo!, and IPL


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