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L4, 1.3 Independent & Dependent Clauses

L4, 1.3 Independent & Dependent Clauses

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Level 4, Week 1, Independent & Dependent clauses, subordinating conjunctions
Level 4, Week 1, Independent & Dependent clauses, subordinating conjunctions

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Pages 162-164

A clause is a group of words that have a minimum of one subject and one verb.

   

ecology is a science because I am hungry if you want to we go swimming

Independent Clauses
 

S + V [+ O] Expresses a complete thought

   

The sun rose. Coffee is good in the morning. Eight A.M. is too early! Computers make life easier.

Dependent Clause

Begins with a subordinator, such as
When  While  If  That  Who  After  Although  Because

Also called a sentence fragment  Incomplete sentence  Does not express a complete thought  MUST begin with a subordinator

although I had breakfast  unless you pay for classes  who I met yesterday at orientation  whenever she eats chocolate  until I buy a car  as soon as he finds his keys

I will go to the grocery as soon as I find my keys.  Before seven o’clock every morning, Khalid runs two miles.  The EELI teachers always have meetings so that they can talk about grades.  Because the dog bites, the family returned it to the store.

3. Jet lag affects most long-distance travelers


4. Which is simply the urge to sleep at inappropriate times


5. During long journeys through several time zones, the body’s inner clock is disrupted

7. Also, changes in work schedules can cause jet lag


9. Although there is no sure way to prevent jet lag


Pages 292-95

Using the charts on pages 292-95, write 15 sentences.  Each sentence must use a different subordinating word.  Vary the order

 

Dependent  Independent Independent  Dependent

Read/Review 164-75  Tomorrow’s discussion:

Sentence Types
Simple Sentences  Compound Sentences  Complex Sentences  Compound-Complex Sentences

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