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Pepco-FactSheet-Bloomingdale 2013 09 06

Pepco-FactSheet-Bloomingdale 2013 09 06

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Published by Scott Roberts
Pepco-FactSheet-Bloomingdale 2013 09 06
Pepco-FactSheet-Bloomingdale 2013 09 06

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Published by: Scott Roberts on Sep 06, 2013
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Pepco to Improve Reliability in Bloomingdale with Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Upgrade Overview We are always working to provide safe and reliable electric service to our customers. As part of this commitment, we are performing equipment and cable inspections in the Bloomingdale community to evaluate overall system conditions. Certain infrastructure upgrades are already underway to address recent service issues experienced and to meet future community growth. These identified enhancements will improve system reliability for our customers. Pepco crews have used new smart meter technology to identify the equipment upgrades needed to better provide safe and reliable electric service. We have also utilized thermal technology to find hot spots that indicate potential problems with equipment. Based on our reviews and inspections to date, Pepco has installed new higher capacity transformers and plans to continue upgrades to underground cables and other existing infrastructure. We will continue to review the information generated by this technology to help determine additional upgrades. Work in Progress We are accelerating work that will increase capacity, replace aging infrastructure and improve reliability for our customers. • Work is currently underway on a feeder improvement project to replace sections of the overhead lines system. Crews will install 10,000 feet of new wire to increase service reliability. • Crews will also convert feeder 147 to a higher primary voltage due to load growth. The conversion from a 4kV feeder to a 13kV feeder will better accommodate the area’s service needs. Upcoming Work In the upcoming weeks, Pepco will build a new concrete encased duct bank 1 and enlarge a manhole in the brick alley in the rear of 7 W Street, NW to 73 W Street, NW. The duct bank will run approximately 650 feet through 13 existing manholes and will be installed in phases. Construction of the duct bank and conduit 2 will require that portions of the alley be closed as work is performed. Following construction of the duct bank, crews will install secondary conductors, increase the capacity of one transformer, and install an additional transformer. Construction is scheduled to begin in the early fall of 2013 with completion targeted for spring of 2014. Information with project details will be sent to residents abutting this alley.


Duct banks are groups of conduits designed to protect and consolidate cabling to and from buildings. In a duct bank, data and electrical cables are laid out within conduits that are bundled together. They are often buried, allowing contractors to consolidate the wiring for a building into centralized underground paths. A conduit is a pipe, tube, or tile meant to protect electric wires or cables.


Additional Work • The following work is slated to begin in September: o Redistribute services between transformers to balance load at 1st Street, NW and Randolph Place, NW. o Perform field investigations to review cable routing at 1st Street, NW and R Street, NW; 1st Street, NW and U Street, NW; and North Capitol Street and Seaton Place, NW. o Perform field investigations and take transformer readings on Rhode Island Avenue between 1st Street, NW and North Capitol Street, NW. Construction is scheduled to begin in the early fall of 2013 with DC Water on a conduit relocation project. Crews will relocate 500 feet of conduit along the intersection of V Street and 1st Street, NW; and on Thomas Street just west of 1st Street, NW. The underground service relocation will occur on Flagler Place just south of Adams Street, NW. Crews expect the work to take two months to complete and anticipate it should have minimal impact on residents and business owners. Working with DC Water, Pepco advanced a project from 2015 to later this year to accommodate the electric service for the drainage project tunnel machinery. The project is currently in the design phase. The following projects are expected to begin in the spring of 2014: o Upgrade transformer at 1st Street, NW and Rhode Island Avenue, NW. o Upgrade two transformers at 1st Street, NW and Adams Street, NW. o Install one new transformer at Flagler Place and V Street, NW.

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Completed Upgrades • Completed underground upgrades in 2013 include: o Replaced fuse modules at 7th Street, NW and P Street, NW in August. o Redistributed services between transfomers to balance load at Flagler Place, NW and V Street, NW; and 1st Street, NW and V Street, NW in August. o Made repairs to transformer and service cables at 1st Street, NW and T Street, NW; along with Rhode Island Avenue between North Capitol Street, NW and 1st Street, NW in August. o Replaced service cables adjacent to 116 V Street, NW in August. o Replaced three-way switch at 11th Street, NW and O Street, NW in July. Crews replacing a transformer o Replaced connections on a three-way switch at 6th Rick Giammaria, Pepco Holdings, Inc. Street , NW and O Street, NW in July. o Replaced transformer and added operating flexibility by installing switches and primary cables at Rhode Island Avenue and 1st Street, NW in July. o Added capacity by introducing two new mainline feeders to the neighborhood in May. The new feeders include greater operating flexibility, such as switches and additional primary cable that will result in faster restoration times. Completed underground upgrades in 2012 include: o Replaced secondary cables at North Capitol Street, NW and R Street, NW. o Replaced feeder switches at 1st Street, NW and V Street, NW; and 3rd Street, NW and W Street, NW. o Designed and built a new manhole, and installed a new transformer on W Street, NW and V Street, NW. Replaced a transformer at 3rd Street, NW and R Street, NW in 2011. Replaced a transformer at 2nd Street, NW and Florida Avenue, NW in 2010.

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Pepco’s Commitment Our commitment is to keep those in the project area informed every step of the way. We will notify residents and business owners near the project area in advance of when construction will occur, and aim to complete our work with as little disruption as possible. As we move forward with these enhancements, Pepco will maintain a special area on our website for updates and additional information. These updates are also available by following our Twitter handle @PepcoConnect and by visiting www.pepco.com/reliabilityprojects. For further questions, please contact Chris Taylor, Pepco Public Affairs Manager DC Region, crtaylor@pepco.com.

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