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Core Courses 1.

Cell biology ER, protein translation cytoskeleton actin/myosin intermediate filaments microtubules apoptosis cell cycle mitosis cell-matrix and cell-cell adhesion signal transduction (tyrosine kinase, JAK-STAT, Smad, Delta-Notch, Hedgehog, Wnt) Microscopy (fluorescence, FRAP, inverse FRAP, FRET, GFP, widefield, confocal, twophoton, photoswitchable CFP/GFP, miniSOG) 2. Circuits and signal processing op-amps instrumentation amplifiers electrical safety (grounding, macro vs. micro-shocks, isolation transformers) generalized Fourier Series Fourier Transforms, Laplace Transforms ECG circuit, ECG lead placement, what it measures Blood pressure measurement Strain gauges (bonded v. unbonded) displacement sensors, force sensors, accelerometers Piezoelectricity Flowmeters Double layer capacitors Nernst equation Amperometric sensors Potentiometric sensors absorbance, transmittance, Beer's Law Fluorescence 3. Physiology and modeling compartment models liver heart nervous system (CNS, PNS, vision, hearing, vestibular) bones muscles, Golgi tendon organs, spindles