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Doktor Song is my utube hero

ALONE WITH THE ALONE: NONSENSICAL INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHTS of WHENCE All day I let my thoughts drift unto the shores of conscience, that realization of being alone with the alone. They of course turn into worrisome thoughts or destructive actions when not acted upon, as is the usual. I tend to blame such anathematic thoughts on the general chaos that which is modern ethos of vanity that has become the American dream, although I never can tell which is what and that which is; mostly because the worries provoke such self-ego mortifying emotions to the ends that shun mine own existence. The Null-Void that comes of pure speculative contemplation on Gds nature is, in and of itself, a process that is articulated by Henry Corbins Mundus Imaginalis.

positions must be constantly improved-the claymore mines have to be checkedcamouflaged-and recamouflaged-trenches have to be deepend-firing positions must be made more lethal to the enemy-artillary fire must be registered and reregistered-grass adjacent to the wire must be kept cut-the ammunition bunker must be kept dry-don't forget nuthin (STEVE april 16th 2013)

The winds of destiny sweep me off my feet, Across all time, space, and causality To remove the very essence of my spirit Thou hast led me and at times carried my limp body, To the Magnificent Gardens of Paradise Have you not heard? From your jugular Vein, from the belch, and from the groans in the bowels of your intestines? Or the Love of your Hearts ignited passions? That which is not me, but rather I am that which is, for that one is not far from here. Nevertheless your eyes deceive you Alas, I find that I am alone with my hearts heavy burden For my Love is gone with the Wind, passing me by like a silver cloud in the sky