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Luke 7:36-50

Presented by Pastor Justin Greene September 8, 2013

A car may have a tankful of gasoline, but unless the fuel is ignited, it wont move an inch. I know many Christians whose tanks are full, but they are still stalled between the Red Sea and the Jordan River. For years I was puzzled by members of my church who knew the Bible like scholars, could hear a sin drop a mile away, traveled hundreds of miles to attend Bible conferences, but whose lives lacked the plus of Christlikeness. In spite of all their knowledge and activity, there was no sign of spiritual maturity; love, joy, peace and the other characteristics of a spiritual life were conspicuously absent. They had plenty of fuel high octane stuff at that but no spark to ignite it.1 Do you find yourself in that paragraph? Lets look at some life shaping, spark throwing questions found in Luke 7.



Consider Simons reasonable concern

How do you treat others from whom you can gain nothing?

Consider the womans lavish act of worship

When your faith is on display, who or what is the focal point?

Consider Christs Paradigm Shift

If serving the Lord is a barometer for the depth of your experience of grace what does your activity say about you?

Consider the response of the observers

Are you aware that a lost world is watching?

Consider the Saviors free gift

Do you have the settled peace of a forgiven saint?


Transformation works from the inside out.

Extraordinary Victory for Ordinary Christians, Ron Dunn, 71, 1976, CLC Publications