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A Little Sanctuary in the Woods of Cross Plains 50™ Anniversary July 28, 1958 — July 28, 2008 Memory Book by Fern Ramsey Table of Contents Acknowledgements / Dedication Prologue... ‘The Dream of a Little Sanctuary. The Little Sanctuary is Organized The Little Sanctuary Is Taking Shape The Little Sanctuary is the Reward of Faith and Work The Little Sanctuary is Dedicated for a Mission ... The Dedication Service........... The Little Sanctuary is Dedicated to Pathfinders Vacation Bible School Christmas Events Sabbath School. Blessed Tragedy. Gym and Educational Building... Lottie Tinnon, Chairperson for Building Committe... ‘The Silver Lining in the Flames.. Rebuilt Little Sanctuary Dedicated. Special Helpers. Graduations 1959 and Forwar Church Schoo! Days at the Sanctuary Vignettes. Mr. Yates’ Flower Garden .. Witnessing... Pastors’ Families. Our Pastors.. Pastors’ Pictures. Message from Elder Hewitt. Message from Elder Watson. Message from Elder Johnson... Message in Picture from Elder Korzyniowski Kentucky-Tennessee Conference Office and President. Three Golden Anniversaries Time Marches On — Happy Times with Friends. Snap Shots from 1997 Calendar Snap Shots in Church taken by Pastor Bob and Susan Home Comings in the Past... .. Decade Leading to 50" Anniversary with Renovations Global Rain Program ... oe Membership List Coda. a Epilogue, Reserved for 50" Anniversary Program 105-117 118-119 20-124 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My heartfelt thanks to each one who has helped me keep in touch with the Little Sanctuary after my husband’s death and my move to Maryland © newsy letters from Linda Wells, Shirley Brewer and Thelma Pitt * welcome notes from many of you © snapshots taken by Pastor Bob of members and places of special interest in and around the sanctuary the Church Newsletter edited by Susan Korzynowski ‘© Receipts from Treasurer, Sue Reynolds for occasional memory gifts All of these made me feel a part of the Cross Plains church even though I now sit in a Beltsville church pew. ‘And I am so thankful for all the happy memories I have of the’250 members whose names have been on our record book sometime during the last half century. Special thanks to Ellen Ramsey Eldridge who was a toddler in the early days, for typing the history and helping arrange the pictures. Preparing this book has brought joy and happy memories to me and I hope it does for each of you as well. DEDICATION This Book of Memories is lovingly dedicated to cach one who has been a part of our Little Sanctuary some time in the last half century. To the 19 charter members and their 22 charter children who followed step-by-step the leading of the Lord in the early days of the Little Sanctuary. To all those who have since joined by baptism or transfer and have shared special talents that have done so much for the growth of the Little Sanctuary. To all the children who have been in my Sabbath School class and Vacation Bible School, but are now grown and working somewhere in the Lord’s vineyard. We must not forget those who had a large part in the early organization, planning and building but are now asleep in Jesus waiting for Him to call them on resurrection morning. With what joy they will see the results of their dream of a Little Sanctuary in the woods of Cross Plains. Let us all be present when we meet under the Tree of Life in Heaven, for a joyous homecoming with Jesus as our Special Guest.