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Sara Mara Acosta

It's National Ice Cream Month! So Go Ahead and Indulge In the Creamy Treat
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Dolasia, Meera. It's National Ice Cream Month! So Go Ahead and Indulge In The Creamy Treat. DOGO news. July 3, 2013. Web. July 26, 2013. < > Summary: July is the ice cream month so you should go ahead and get an ice cream! The President, Ronald Regan; made a declaration in 1984 saying that the 3rd Sunday of July its the National Ice Cream Day. American celebrates this day with a lot of events, ceremonies and activities. Fun Facts: In the 4th century, by the Roman Emperor Nero, the first Ice cream was served. He told his servants to quickly get some snow from the mountains and then mixed it with some fruits, honey and even wine! The Americans are the biggest consumers of ice cream in the whole world! The consumers are mostly in children from 2-12 years old and in adults over 45 years old. 13 feet high, was the biggest ice cream cone and inside of it was a ton of ice cream. The ice cream cone was an accidentally invention. People believe that a ice cream seller came up with the idea of making a waffle cone instead of letting people go with an ice cream glass.

Words: 1. Sweltering Definition: To have a lot of heat. To be suffering because of heat. 2. Gimmick Definition: A trick

Sara Mara Acosta

Sunday June 23rd's Super moon The Biggest Since 1993

MLA Citation: Dolasia, Meera. Sunday June 23rd's Super moon The Biggest Since 1993. DOGO news. June 23, 2013. Web. June 28, 2013.< >

Summary: In June 23, a super moon appeared! It was much bigger and brighter than any moon since 1993. It happened because the moon was as close as it can get to the Earth. This amazing moon tends to occur each year, but this year was very special. Thanks to the perigee, or distance between the Earth and the moon, the moon was 14% much bigger and 30% much brighter. People from all around the world were able to appreciate this super moon. Because of the earth rotation, the full moons tend to bring the moon closer or further. Some people thought that these super moon causes that there are lots of earthquakes, and many natural disasters, but scientists do not approve this belief. They just say that it is a good time to take pictures, and know that we are lucky to be in these incredible planet.

Words: 1. 2. Perigee: Definition: The distance between the Earth and the moon. Phenomenon: Definition: Something amazing, extraordinary, and incredible.

Sara Mara Acosta

Coming to a Sky near You - The Spectacular Perseid Meteor Showers

MLA Citation: Dolasia, Meera. Coming to a Sky near You - The Spectacular Perseid Meteor Showers. DOGO news. August 9 , 2013. Web. August 20, 2013. < -meteor-showers >

Summary: Each year a slew of meteor shower appear, but it is not so visible from Earth. But this year, an amazing show of meteors shower will be performed soon. This meteor shower is called Perseid because it seems like if they are coming out from the Persues constellation. The meteors that we see are only debris, or pieces of the comet Swift-Tuttle. It can be seen from a lot of places around the world but mostly in the northern hemisphere of the earth because there is the comet SwiftTuttle. The Perseid Meteor Shower is different from other meteor showers because of the amount of balls and its speed. They are much brighter and bigger than any other star like Jupiter and Venus. Its hard to see this amazing show during the day, that is why scientist recommend seen this extraordinary show during midnight. So maybe you should wake up early these days and watch the show. Make a wish and maybe it can come true!



Slew: Definition: A huge amount of something, a large number.


Debris: Definition: The broken pieces of something.

Sara Mara Acosta

Sampal The Dolphin's Truly Magical Tale!

MLA Citation: Dolasia, Meera. Sampal The Dolphin's Truly Magical Tale! DOGO news. August 5 , 2013. Web. August 22, 2013. < > Summary: When a Dolphin gets caught by a human, usually they pass their life in captivity. Sampal, a 13 year old dolphin starts his story this way. She was caught by a fisherman in South Korea. He didnt let her go, so he took Sampal to the South Koreas Jeju Island. In here she was trained to make tricks that will amaze all her visitors. But Sampal was not a dolphin that could stay in captivity all her life, so the South Korean Animal Defenders started to discuss her liberty. Soon the whole nation and the Mayor join in the discussion and not only Sampal was release from captivity but also the dolphins Chunsam and Jedol. All of the 3 dolphins were taken to the Korean Animal Welfare Association with some experts from The Dolphin Project. They took care of all 3 of the dolphins. But Sampal was so impatient to go to the ocean that she find a hole in the wall and escape. Sampal was in good conditions because the South Korea's Cetacean Research Center found her 60 miles from where she escape with 50 other dolphins that seem to be members of her family. While the other dolphins, Chunsam was freed and seem to be swimming with her mom and another member of his original pod. And Jedol seem to be looking a group to swim with.

Word: Captivity: Is when someone is being enslaved or being held. Cetacean: Is when you belong to the Cetacean families, which are aquatic mammals like the whales or dolphins

Sara Mara Acosta

Wished You Could Celebrate Your Birthday More Often? You May Want To Consider Exoplanet Kepler 78b
MLA Citation: Dolasia, Meera. Wished You Could Celebrate Your Birthday More Often? You May Want To Consider Exoplanet Kepler 78b. DOGO news. August 28 , 2013. Web. August 30, 2013. < > Summary:

Scientists have discovered a planet that it is in another constellation, where the planets go around another star that is not the sun, this planet is called Kepler 78B. This scientist where looking for how close can planets be to the sun. This planet doesnt go around its own orbit, so one side of the planet has sun and the other not! Also because it is extremely close to the sun then it is extremely hot!! The ground is boiling lava! Also there is another planet called KOI 1843.03 that it can rotate its own sun in 4. 2 hours. But none of these planets are habitable, so until scientists dont find out a way of let us live in there, then we are not going to be able to celebrate our birthday more often!

Word: Exoplanet: A planet that goes around another star that is not the sun. Obliterated: Is to destroy or remove something.