Meeting Minutes – 9/5

06/09/2013 18:17:00

Attendance: • Mat Villarreal: NOT HERE Sports Coordinator: Andrew Oestreich • Soccer Tryouts: Sunday at 4pm o Determine potential captain to field a second team (soccer/volleyball) o Funding???  URHA grant application  Ask members to pay $2?? • Volleyball Tryouts: next week sometime o Two teams o Play Wednesday nights o Need to pay for second team o Send Alex receipts: exchange payment o Need reimbursement for pool party Field Day: 9/29, 11/10 o Talk to Marinello, Hanna to make sure they are available Drum Major: Alex Judd • First march around @ Scholz’s Beer Garten 9/13 @ 7-7:30pm o LHAB invited to watch o Rally polo and khaki shorts • LHB vs. K-State: march around behind Disch-Faulk • Break post K-State • Ideas for march-around locations in the future? • YAY MORALE :) • Shirt printer in LHAB •

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o Cannot do licensed stuff New Member Reps: Brandon Gonzales/Maddy Braat • Have shirts by 10/12 o Work with new members for design (around-the-ladder??) o Check from Alex for amount  Give it to them post-production, not before o Don’t collect money and pay in cash o Set up Facebook group! o Email listserve?? KKY: Tyler Cox • Helmets needed Historian: Luis Seija • Posting photos YAY • Taking down fabric YAY • Plan: print less photos = save $$$$ o Create a scrapbook at the end of the year instead?  Potential fundraiser  Get section photos Secretary: Erin McAtee • Add new member reps to website • Link to Facebook page for photos • Upload Budget to website • Upload Constitution • Upload parent’s weekend order forms/cake order forms o Advertise cake at around the ladder • Announcements – Alison will post them

TBS: Lauren Hiller • TBS Rush o Contact Brooke Currie New Member Advisors: Kody Jones/Emma Chase • Mary Grabhorn: SEND EMAIL ABOUT BIG-LITTLE WEEK o Call her beep her if you want to reach her • NEXT WEEK: Little Week o Monday: candy o Tuesday: twin day o Thursday: EZ’s profit share • Following week: Big Week o Monday: candy o Tuesday: TBA o Thursday: Amy’s Ice Cream profit share??? • Lots of New Member Handbooks o Kudos to Jerry Hayes Parliamentarian: Robert Pritchett • Printed the Constitution • Cowbell sales at the end of this semester • New Member Rep elections: o Know number requirements for majority rule Visitor: Nick Doshier • Recycling YAY • New water bottles: $6 – contains logo, name, etc. o Find a way to have people pay for water bottles through LHBSA dues? o Use money saved from buying cups and contribute that to the bottle cost

Band office might be willing to pay for them?? • Sunday (9/8): create compost bins • Find new place for dry-cleaning? o Use less toxic chemicals?? o Talk to Marinello Treasurer: Alex Berte • Hall sales at LHAB: o Made lots of money YAY • Updated cake order forms ready o $15 per cake o $11 cake for students • Parent order form ready  President: Alison Goodwin • Observe budget and talk to Alex if necessary • Set due date for parent merchandise o Parent’s Day: 11/2 • Keychains for last year were not passed out • Attend meetings o Can miss 2 meetings per semester • Thanks and love! Vice President: Mat Villarreal • Banquet at Hyatt • Holiday Party at Midnight Rodeo??

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06/09/2013 18:17:00

06/09/2013 18:17:00

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