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( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) ____________ am learning how to play the piano.

A B You He C D I They

(2) _____________ you please tell everybody to keep quiet. A B Should Could C D May Might

(3) Khairils canary ____________ out of its cage yesterday. A B flew flies C D flying fly

(4) Salim __________ a black shirt yesterday. A B wears wearing C D wore will wear

(5) Sara does not want to eat the the mango __________ it is too sour. A B so or C D and because

(6) We __________ late every Saturday. A B sleep sleeps C D slept sleeping

(7) The weather today is________ than yesterday but last week was the___________. A B hotter, hottest hotter, hotter C D hot, hottest hot, hotter

(8) Arif collected the ________ number of old newspapers for the recycling campaign in his school. A B more many C D most much

(9) _____________Farah was tired, she still helped her mother. A B Besides Although C D Therefore Furthermore

(10) Daim __________ his father went to Kuala Lumpur. A B so and C D or for


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) The police is looking _______________the thief. A B at to C D for or

(2) Natasha ____________________the rubbish into the bin. A B throw threw C D throws throwing

(3) Puan Limah is ____________ some cookies for her family. A B baking cooking C D boiling frying

(4) The tiger roared ____________when he saw us. A B bravely timidly C D strongly loudly

(5) A few days ago, a little kitten __________into our home. A B walked walks C D walking walk

(6) You have to go to Penang today. ______ bus leaves at 2.00 p.m, said father. A B My Your C D Our His

(7) Anna and Shalina _______ to school by van every morning. A B go goes C D going went

(8) Pak Hamid has three _______ to plough his paddy field. A B buffalies buffaloes C D buffalo buffalos

(9) They _______ soundly as they were very tired after the long journey. A B sleep slept C D sleeps sleeping

(10) Wool sweater can _______ our body warm. A B kept keep C D keeps keeping


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) Kelvin and Samuel _______ their grandfather in the orchard. A B helping helped C D help helps

(2) Dr Shidu _______ his patients to drink plenty of water every day. A B advises advise C D advising advised

(3) I _______ to draw and paint. A B liked likely C D likes like

(4) Be careful!Those _______ are very sharp. A B knifees knife C D knives knifes

(5) My father will buy me a bicycle ____I pass my examination with flying colours. A B although therefore C D if so

(6) Shakir come to school ______ was stick. A B although therefore C D neither because

(7) Sharifah didn't bake _______ cookies today. A B few any C D little some

(8) All the sheep _______ in the field just now. A B was were C D is are

(9) They did not practise hard enough ______ they lost the match. A B although therefore C D but because

(10) They finished the soup _______ it was delicious. A B because althougth C D so but


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) Joshua is making_______chair. A B the C D a an

(2) I always_______to work. A B drive drove C D drives driving

(3) This is Arianna._______is a pretty girl. A B He She C D His Her

(4) Please do not laugh_______me. A B on in C D at to

(5) My mother wants to buy_______house at the corner over there. A B that this C D these those

(6) There were__________people in the public hall but only___________were Chinese. A B some,much many,plenty of C D some,many many,a few

(7) That are__________eraser and_________box of crayon on the desk. A B a,a an,a C D an,an a,an

(8) _______melons are imported from Spain , the fruit seller points to the melons near him. A B these those C D this that

(9) We__________eat junk food,it is bad for health. A B have to must not C D will must

(10) Murad and Bonnie__________finish their homework by 1 p.m. A B may be must no C D must are


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) My brother _______ a few fish yesterday. A B catch catches C D caught catching

(2) James and his brother _______ hockey in the school field yesterday. A B played play C D plays playing

(3) It has been raining heavily for two weeks _______ the town was flooded. A B or so C D but because

(4) The gardener is _______ a hole. A B dig dug C D digs digging

(5) Neeta is as _______ as Linda in school. A B popular more popular C D most popular the most popular

(6) Lily Wong : Who is _______ man over there ? A B these those C D this that

(7) Both of use are classmates._______ are also best friend. A B I We C D You They

(8) Humpty Dumpty sat_______the wall. A B to at C D on in

(9) They were doing their work _______5 o'clock A B at on C D below under

(10) Emir has_______old cow. A B a an C D the -


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) There aren't__________nails in the tool box A B little much C D any some

(2) Encik Shamsul is____________than his brother. A B richer rich C D richest the rich

(3) The man who standing___________the boys is the coach. A B around among C D along across

(4) The rafflesia is the_________flower in the world. A B smallest prettiest C D biggest ugliest

(5) My friend Beng Keong__________in that house. A B lives live C D lived living

(6) My mother bought me a guitar.I play_____________guiter evey evening. A B her our C D I my

(7) Grandmother looks__________the room for her medicines. A B from around C D in out

(8) Her father___________a new car last month. A B buy buys C D bought buying

(9) Mei Ting and her sister are going to make a birthday card for_______________mother. A B her his C D our their

(10) Wahab: _______ did you break the vase? Yusof : I accidentally knocked it. A when C where B how D whose


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) We saw__________monkey and___________cobra at the zoo. A B a,the an,the C D a,a a,an

(2) ________sharpener is this? A B Where Whose C D How Whom

(3) Who is that man?__________is Mr Thompson. A B He We C D She They

(4) ________must you throw the rubbbish? A B How Whom C D Where Whose

(5) To_______shall I give this letter? A B who what C D whom whose

(6) A car is_________than a bicycle but the bullet train is the___________. A B faster,fastest fastest,faster C D fast,faster fast,fastest

(7) Sang Harimau___________Sang Kancil because Sang Kancil always tricked him. A B dislikes dislike C D disliked disliking

(8) ________organized the activities for the Nature Club? A B Why Who C D When Where

(9) ________are those people doing? A B Whose Whom C D Which What

(10) Where__________the girls yesterday? A B was were C D is are


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) Hamid_________like to eat durian because of the strong smell. A B does has C D doesn`t hasn`t

(2) "I am sorry.I cannot play with you because_________homework to finish",said Emma. A B I`ve I`d C D I`ll I`m

(3) Anne and I like to eat ice cream.________often go to the ice cream shop together. A B They We C D I She

(4) Has Hasnah written to_________since she left for England? A B it me C D you they

(5) There _______ many sheep on the farm. A B are be C D is was

(6) Helena and I are doing _______ work. A B us our C D we my

(7) We saw Azizi yesterday but he didn`t see_________. A B it us C D me them

(8) You can _______ have the pear _______ the oirange A B neither,or also,or C D either,nor either,or

(9) There _______ a team of players on the field. A B are is C D has were

(10) You must _______ attention to what I am saying. A B paid paying C D pay pays


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) Mrs Wong _______ her son like to go that restaurant for dinner. A B or so C D and but

(2) I am not interested _______ owning an iPod. A B by from C D in at

(3) Siti _______ a baju kurung to work every day. A B wear wore C D wears wearing

(4) They _______ at the club every Sunday. A B swim swims C D swam swimming

(5) We _______ flush the toilet after use. A B would should C D have may

(6) This _______ the last piece of the chessecakes. A B be is C D were are

(7) _________ he is tired, he does not stop working. A B Although However C D Because Therefore

(8) Do you like coffee_______ tea? A B or so C D but and

(9) Gold _______ an expensive metal. A B are is C D were was

(10) My grandparents _______ a walk in the park nearby every morning. A B took taking C D takes take


( Question 16 - 20 ) Grammar (1) Where is _______ blue skirt I bought last week? It is on _______bed. A B a,a a,an C D the,the the,a

(2) Hilary : Does Jenny like ice cream? Ming Hui : No, she _______. A doesn't C B didn't D

do don't

(3) My sister borrowed_______ dictionary just now A B my me C D she they

(4) The girls hung _______ wet T-shirts on clothes line. A B they their C D theirs them

(5) My father did not buy the house_______ it is too expensive A B or but C D because and

(6) There isn't_______coffee in the jar. A B some a little C D many much

(7) My father uses_______water to wash his car. A B several a lot of C D a few many

(8) The dog _______ at Kumar when he threw a stone at it. A B barking barked C D barks bark

(9) Minah _______ not _______ when her mother spoke to her. A B did, replied does, reply C D do,reply did , reply

(10) Please put_______creamer into my cup of tea. A B many a little C D a few much

SET 10

Grammar Answers SET 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C B A C D A A C B B SET 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C C A D A B A B B C SET 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C A D C C A B B B A SET 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C A B C A D B A B C SET 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C A B C A D B C A B

SET 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C A B C A D B C A B

SET 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C B A C C A A B D B

SET 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C A A C A B B D B C

SET 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 C C C A B B A A B D

SET 10 1 C 2 A 3 A 4 B 5 C 6 D 7 B 8 C 9 A 10 B

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