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Not too long ago, a man known as Oliver Stone accused the US fascist government of deliberately keeping the

country on a perpetual treadwheel of war. Why are the US leaders and generals and Congressmen and the US media so keen to ensure that the whole country is always getting involved in whacking, banging and blowing up foreign nations and foreign societies ? The chief reason is that the US is a war society or a society that nurtures a culture of war. It is war number one followed by war number two, war number three and war to the nth number. Americans truly love blood (other peoples blood) and gore. The other reason is that the US economy is closely tied to wars. Every president since WW2 has been involved in one war or another. Wars allow the US leaders to spend and spend and later to borrow and borrow. It is the direct result of the very criminal and incestuous relationship between the military, the wheelingdealing politicians, Wall Street, and the arms industry in the US. Because of these evils, the US is dragging the entire world to the edge of the feared abyss. This coming October, the US will reach its current debt ceiling of $16.7 trillion and the US could run amok if it is not allowed to borrow more money. In the future when the money is finis the US will go straight to the poorhouse. But not before destroying the earth through WW3.