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Common english expressions about money: 1. loaded 2. make a killing 3. make ends meet 4. hand to mouth 5.

to pay an arm and a leg 6. pinch pennies 7. put in your two cents = having a lot of money = making a lot of money = cannot effort for the expenses = spending/eating with the saved money = very expensive = being careful about spending money = giving your openion

Common english expressions : 1. Get the ball rolling 2. sleep on it 3. I'm broke 4. like the back of my hand 5. give me a hand 6. in ages 7 . sick and tired = to start something = think about my decision = i have no money = very well known = help me = for a long time = hate, don't like

Common workplace expressions : 1. Put on the map 2. Savvy 3. play hardball 4. power lunch 5. The bottom line 6. Tweak = to make well known = smart and knowledgable = dealing with tough situation (or) in tough way = (doing business ) discussing business over lunch = final result = make slight adjustments

7 . flying by the seat of your pants = without any plans or preparations 8. Number crunching = analyzing the numbers

Three important Words: 1.Make I Made you ---to cause to exist =create the character of a person or success

Make my day brings pain.

=when the completion or success of something makes you happy or

Can't make it Make out

=can't come or arrive = kiss for a long time/how did you do/to hear or see with difficulty

is on the make = looking for something /sexual hook up