The G.O.D. Project: In the Beginning ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Book 1 Author: John O.


The G.O.D. Project In The Beginning By: John Darts

Final Edit 4/28/2008

“Clarke’s Third Law - Any sufficiently advanced society is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C Clarke

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Chapter 1

Where This Started ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Life in the Roanoke Valley has always been interesting. The area has everything anyone could want in its beautiful location. There are mountains, valleys, rivers and creeks and weather patterns that are unique. Much of the weather seems to come off the Gulf of Mexico here. You tend to watch what is happening in Alabama, as it likely will hit here in a couple days. The cold weather comes from Canada when it pushes down and the jet stream seems to decide which weather you will get. The seasons are different also. Spring is early, summer is long, fall is beautiful with great color and winters are short. Normally you only see a couple of hard months if it is a bad winter. Hard months really are at the worst a low of zero for a couple days once every few years. Normal winters are in the thirties or forties in the daytime and lows in the twenties or thirties at night. There have been winters where daytime temperatures were in the 40’s all winter. Some years you get snow, some you get freezing rain and others little of nothing from either. You will find only around 300,000 people in the area and it is spread out over the whole of the valley. Most of the farms that existed years ago are now housing tracks or business areas. Even some of the mountains are now covered with houses. The high-rise buildings you find in bigger cities just are not part of the valley. The tallest building is around 25 stories and other big ones are around 10 stories. The downtown is not that large and the main area for people is the city market area. It operates six days a week and due to the truck farms and orchards here it allows in season fruits and vegetables for sale. The market has a food court in one building and the city has all kinds of events on the market to keep people coming. It is a unique place and a very enjoyable site to spend time at. This was one of the reasons for my staying in the valley. People here are a true mix of the whole country. This is from the large manufacturers who moved into the valley and brought key people with them. The old Norfolk and Western railroad was headquartered here before it became the Norfolk Southern. There are some high tech companies here and a good size technology base. Some of this comes from VPI&SU or Virginia Tech, to the rest of the world. Tech is just 45 minutes from the downtown area of Roanoke. When I moved here in 1974 I fell in love with this area. I had been born in Akron Ohio and raised in the flat lands of Indiana and knew what winters were like! The change to the more mild and shorter winters of the valley was a nice one. Seeing the mountains around you also added to the enjoyment of the valley. Over the time I have lived here, the valley has become more of a home to me than any other place. My family had come from Virginia and the border area of West Virginia originally, so I just came back home. Most of my children were born here and my wife is buried here. I guess this cycle just completed its run?

Trish and I purchased a small log cabin at the base of Poor Mountain 20 years ago. It had been built in 1899 and people had added to it over the years with normal construction. The house now has 2 bedrooms a small living room and is less than 1,000 square feet of living space. But it was very comfortable for her, Leigh Anne and I. Over the years we have added storage areas, a floodwall, and covered patio to the house. In the back yard is the Roanoke River and it does flood. That seems to happen often. In the years I have been there we have had three five hundred year floods and many that covered the lower yard. As the land has a lower level and the house is a good twelve feet up a bank above the normal river level. These events have flooded out many along the river without higher ground and any flood protection. The cabin is located in a remote area of the valley and is surrounded by hills and mountains. I can look from the front yard and see the lights of Salem at night over the hill in front of the house. The way the valley is divided is, Salem in the west, Roanoke in the center, Vinton in the east and Roanoke County surrounds them. Virginia being a Commonwealth has no independent city in a county. Roanoke and Salem are an independent city governments and Vinton is a Town and part of the county. To get to each requires crossing a street. This was kind of strange to me when I first came here. But my home is in the county well away for the city of Salem. After Trish died and with Leigh Anne out of college and married I had lots of time. I have started to explore the valley. There are many caves, trails and cleared areas up mountains for power lines and fire roads. So it has areas that have not been touched often by mans feet. Some spots are old Indian camp areas. It is a sure bet the Native Americans knew more of the land area than any of us today. They had the knowledge of where to find the items needed for surviving in this environment. They also knew the best places to live for planting food and hunting game. The wild life here is still abundant with deer, bear, mink, bobcats, beaver and otters living close to the house. You can hear the mink and bobcats often at night. Their sounds are distinct, so it is hard not to know they are out there. The ducks find the river a place to winter much of the time. It is fun to watch the wood ducks in the winter diving for food. They go under water at one spot and come up 20 to 30 feet away from where they went down. My life here has flowed at a slower pace than where I was raised. So finding time to explore has not been hard. The real story started on a Saturday in September. The weather was nice around 80 degrees with lots of sun. I had decided to explore the hill behind the house. It is around 3 miles long and surrounded by the Roanoke River on three sides. It is flat on top and has been lived on for years. But there is a lot of woods there. The only way onto the hill is a low water bridge coming off West River Road or back over rough terrain from highway 460. There is some housing built just across the bridge and on the top of the hill. Some of it is old cabins and some fairly new construction. In

the past there had been a swimming pool on the hill that now has been closed for years. I drove across the low water bridge and up almost as far as the gravel road would take me. This is a wooded area that has not been logged for years now. It is really second growth timber today and not large enough for current logging practices. The road was kept paved with gravel, as there is a water tower that must be service back near the cliffs. The trees dressed in the greens of summer are thick with lots of underbrush. Here you only need to keep your eyes open and ears sharp for possible snakes. This is a rocky area and the copper heads and rattlers like to sun during the day. So it just requires being aware of what is around you to keep out of trouble. It is for sure they are not looking for a human to attack. I was close to a place called goat rock, which got its name from an old man who kept goats many years ago. When he died the goats just adjusted to living wild and took over the cliff area. It stands just above the river and there is a hundred-foot drop down shear rock to the water. The sheer wall looks like stacked building blocks due to the cracks on the face of the cliff. Walking back from the edge of the cliff in the woods I noticed an odd formation of stone. It looked like a pyramid of natural stone. As I came up to it I could see a crack on the face that ran door shaped. It was very thin but standing back it could be seen in the right light. So I started looking just to see what Mother Nature had done. Had the crack been created by some natural means or by accident? This had kept my attention for long enough the sun was going down. It became time to leave and return another day. When I got home I jumped on the Internet to see what I could find about this type geology. It seemed somewhat unique and I wanted to see if there was any information on it. The sites I checked just showed nothing on door type cracking or for that matter this shape. This was I guess somewhat unusual and not common in nature. So I got my digital camera out to go back the next day. I wanted some pictures to contact the geology and archaeology departments at Tech and see what they thought might have caused this pattern and shape? One advantage of having a great engineering and science school close by is there is all kinds of help available. Tech works close with the community and willingly supplies expert information on request. I would be shocked if any Indian tribe cut stone in a shape like this one. But the surface was smooth and someone I was sure cut this shape. I found the heads of both departments e-mail address so I could send the digital picture with my questions the next day. I also got into my toolbox and found a set of feeler gauges so I could get an idea of the crack width around the doors shape. There were lots of questions and very few answers right now. But that is what keeps mans interest in the unusual. For every question you answer it seems two more questions come up to be answered. Here I was seeing something that did not fit into this area. The larger question was why this shape rock was not widely known in the area if it was man made? You would think that everyone would know of it and marvel at its unusual

shape and size? But I could not remember anyone saying anything about this rock. Its shape as an almost perfect pyramid at least twenty feet high should have caused much comment. It is true not may people go up to this area, but if one found something like this many would have gone to look. For sure the newspaper would have done something on it and that could not be found either. Thinking about the structure brought some unusual facts to mind. It had sharp corners on its edges and the surface did not seem very worn from wind or rain. You would think that age and time would have created some surface imperfections. It almost seemed like it was of recent construction. But there were no tool marks and in some areas there were cracks of a natural type showing. No moss or other normal growths were visible either. Yet this was in a shaded part of the woods. The questions tumbled over in my mind and they seemed to grow with each revolution. The shape was out of place for the location as well. You would expect to see this shape in Egypt or in some areas of South America. But I could remember of no group who built this shape in the North American areas. I was sure now it had to have been made by humans and not a natural formation. But who could have had the skills, ability or knowledge? With a little luck and some good pictures I should be able to uncover this information. It for sure would keep me busy trying to find the answer for a time. I knew I was going to need help and some luck and time to get to the bottom of it.

Chapter 2 Finding Answers

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ The next morning I got up and fixed a good breakfast, as I felt it would be a long day. Prepared a couple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just in case I got hungry and a thermos of Diet Pepsi. Now I could spend time looking and thinking about this little mystery. This day was a beautiful sunny one again. There was a light wind moving down the mountain and it looked like an 80-degree day once more by late afternoon. Of course it would be cooler in the wooded area that was around my puzzle palace. One of the fun things in my life has been finding answers to problems. It has kept me mentally younger than my 63 years of age. The learning curve has never stopped for me and the start of the computer age has helped. Being able to keep up to date on technology and having access to learning has been a blessing. So today is just a learning experience which will challenge the mind. Feeling good about the new question helped drive me to find an answer. Getting into my old caddy having packed all the drink, food, camera, picking up my toolbox just in case it was needed made me feel good. I drove slowly over the low water bridge and up the hill to the gravel road. It only took 5 minutes to get to where I had parked the day before. Getting out of the car I took the camera, tape measure and feeler gauges with me. I had put a small notebook and pen in my pocket before leaving home. It is sometimes hard to remember dimensions when you have a lot of them. I walked back to the rock protrusion as the light wind kept rippling through the trees. Squirrels were gathering the nuts off the ground and birds were singing. It was such a nice day to be alive. The greens of the wooded area and sunray’s showing through the trees made this look like a magic place. It could have fit a child’s storybook description of an enchanted forest. When I reached the rock and looked for the crack at first it could not be seen. The sun was not yet producing enough light and it was not coming from the right direction. I knew which side the crack was on so I ran my hand over the cold rock face. You could just feel the small crack if your fingers moved slowly. So I went back to the car and got a maglight from the toolbox to give me the light I needed now. When I returned and shined the light on it you could see the crack without a problem. Which made me wonder how many people had walked by here and never saw this outline? I took out the feeler gauges and started with the thinnest and found that even this at .0325 would not fit into any part of the crack. The crack was so true and straight when I looked closer I could not believe what I was seeing. The crack had to be some kind of door. But to where and what was the question? The thought of how anyone could have used this also passed through my mind. This was becoming a larger mystery. If this was cut some way, what could have been used to do it? I could think of no way that any civilization from the past could have done

it. Even with today’s technology the crack would be wider than this I was sure. A laser or water jet would have cut a wider gap than what I was seeing. I decided to do a closer search of the face and see if there were any other irregular places on the rock? With care I started by using the flashlight and working from the bottom up. About a foot off the ground I saw a small hole and it was perfectly round. Even with the light I could not see far into the hole, as it was very small. I had nothing to probe it, so another trip to the car was needed. This time I brought the toolbox back. Carrying it back was a chore as its weight was over 40 pounds. I was a keeper of items left over from projects. Searching through the many items in the box I found some wire from working on my well pump. I straightened it out, stripped it and started to probe the hole. After running the wire back about eight inches I heard a click. Slowly the door in the rock face began to move on its own. I stood back and watched the door moving back into the rock. Slowly a space began to open up. The area was about as big as a phone booth. The flashlight showed me there was a metal platform now showing just inside the opening. Not knowing what this was or how it got here made me slow in deciding what to do next. The decision to move onto the platform must have been subconscious, as I just moved forward onto it. As my weight was on it, I could hear the noise; it started to descend before realizing what I had done. Now my curiosity kicked in and I started shining the light around me. The rock was perfectly smooth like it had been cut and polished. There were strange marking cut into the surface. As my head cleared the opening of the rock, the door started to close back up and a shiver of fear ran through me. I was moving into the unknown and there was fear and excitement all in the same feelings. The fear was this could end up being my grave and the excitement was finding something so advanced. I had no clue how anyone would ever get out after getting in? But if I could get in, I must also be able to get out some way. It was not a cave but a man made construction of some kind. As the lift dropped down the shaft I could see light coming up from below. The markings had continued all the way to the base of the shaft at about eighty feet below ground. The lift cleared the shaft and a large room opened up. I still could not see it all, the ceiling was very high off the floor. The light in the room was very soft and did not show a lot. My flashlight showed a little of what seemed to be a control center set up. It reminded me of how NASA control looked when I toured it on vacation one time. The lift slowed down and softly sank into the floor. The rail around three sides of the lift laid back and fit into the floor also. Being here I had no idea of time passage, so I looked at my watch. The time has stopped, no hands were moving and it was the same time as when I stepped into the lift. The whole decent had taken a good two or three minute’s and

yet the time was the same as when I moved onto the lift. How could this be true? With the second hand stopped I knew I would have no idea of how long I spent here. My first priority was to see if there was a way to improve the lighting. While walking around the room I could feel air movement and where it should have been in the fifty-five degree area down here it was more like seventy. There had to be some kind of air handling system running. The air itself was fresh and not stale, as I would have expected. Shining the flashlight on the walls and workstations set up, showed no light switches or knobs that I could see would control light. I walked to the main workstation and sat down. The immediate response was the room flooded with light. I could see the room had been set up for a dozen people to work here. In looking closely at the work area in front of me I did not understand any of the markings on it. They were not writing, but more like small pictures. It was all strange to me and there was no way to figure it out without time or help. My fear of touching anything kept me from playing with dials, buttons or control levers. I did not know what that would start. So I sat there and copied all the markings off the work surface and controls. By the time I had finished the small notebook was full. I had gotten the best pictures with the camera I could with the light that was available. Hopefully I could take my photo program and improve the pictures. They had seemed a little dark on the small screen of the camera. Now my stomach was telling me it was past time to eat. But there was so much to learn and discover. So walking around the room and looking at its fine stonework and smooth surfaces, I could see no indicator of who did this. Walking down the center of the room and shining the light around into dark areas at different points just did not provide any answers. This was more than just man made and yet I felt no threatening feelings or at least no fear in me. After several times around the room and seeing everything possible it was time to leave and think. That is if I could figure how to get out? I walked back to where the lift that brought me down was and stepped on it. The rails came back up and a pad appeared in front of me and lighted up. In looking at it, the size seemed to be about hand size. So I laid my hand on it and a brighter light scanned it. Well if this was something the government had set up I was in trouble. They now had my fingerprints to match with my military service files. After this the pad slid back into the rail and the lift started upward. As it came closer to the top the slab door retracted and daylight could be seen. The pressure from inside was greater than outside and air was moving upward. That said there was a good air handling system below with a positive pressure. So many more questions and ones not answered by geology or by bringing others into this just yet. Time was needed to think and look at the information I had collected.

I stepped off the lift and on to solid ground. After turning to watch the door slide back into place I noticed that the faint outline of a hand was now beside the door. I reached my hand out and placed it into the outline and the door stopped. It reopened and stayed that way until I placed my hand back into the outline. Then it closed once more. Out of curiosity I looked for the small hole that had originally opened the door for me. It was gone like it had never been there. Now the outline of the door could also not be seen. This really made me wonder what could have made these changes happen? Was I living some kind of sci-fi mystery? One where I had no idea of what the future held for me? Right now I just needed time to think. As I sat on the toolbox and looked at the rock it started to sink into the ground. This was a slow process and when it was done I could not see where it had ever been there. Now I understood why it had not been seen before. There was just a flat grass area where the rock had been. You could not even see any breaks in the grass, moved leaves or disturbed ground. How was this possible? What type of intelligence could create this result and the underground I had just seen? It was sure that it was not aggressive or I would never been allowed to leave. I looked at my camera and check the photos I had taken and they were there. So no attempt to destroy them had happened either. If they were not aggressive and were allowing me this knowledge, what was the their plan? Picking up the toolbox and the other items brought, I headed to the car. Once the things were stored and I sat at the wheel all I could do was look at where I had come from the woods and wonder. I was sure that life was changing for me and there was no idea of where it was going? I started the car and turned around heading back to the house. The idea of putting the pictures on the computer and looking at what I had seen from inside, would may be answer a few of the many questions? The stress of overload was taking hold of me and I was feeling tired. Once in the house I put up the food that was uneaten and emptied the thermos. Went into the bedroom and hooked the camera into the computer and headed to the bathroom. After a fast hot shower I was revived and now wanting to see what I had. The coffee I had started before the shower was ready. Getting a cup, adding some ice to cool it and headed to the bedroom. I took a cigarette out, lighted it and slowly took a drag. The coffee and cigarette seemed to bring more life back into me. The pictures were not nearly as dark as the small camera screen showed them to be. You could easily make out everything in the picture. I still lightened them up just a little to see if that improved the images of the buttons and switches. The finer details came better into view with this process. Starting with the first picture and working my way to the last, I was able to see the room did look more like a launch control room for NASA. Although the screens in the pictured consoles, were very different from my computer screen. They did not have any frame around them, were very flat and stood out from the console a good three inches. Not thickness, but with open space behind them. Yet there seemed to

be activity on them. You could see spots on the screens and in different pictures they were in different places. It was always possible the flash could have caused these spots. But I had doubts about that being the case. The spots just did not match up with a returned light from the flash. That was something to be investigated later. The small pictures next to or on the console were not highly visible in the photos. One more item to be checked out with the notebook and then visually, this it left me with little added knowledge. It was a sure bet that it would take time to figure it out. The whole question was just so big it was hard to get your arms around it. But the ones that stuck was where did it come from and why was it here? What I had found today left me with more questions than answers. I still had no idea what this was or who put it here. There was no way I could use the equipment to find out, as I could not read the symbols marked on it. So it was time to sit down and eat and get my mind off this for a time. For some reason allowing the unconscious mind to work on a puzzle seemed to produce answers. I did know I needed help if I was to work all this out. But who would I trust and involve with this find? That was really a large question, as I did not have a lot of friends. After fixing a steak, sweet potato and salad I sat and picked up a book and started to read. This was my way of finding peace and relaxation. It was a sure thing there would not be a lot of it to come. It was hard to get started into the book once more, as so much has been floating through the mind. But in a short time I was lost in the good meal and my mind was seeing the picture, the writer was painting. Oh to be able to paint pictures with words. As the sun set in a beautiful red sky with blue around the reds I decided to sleep on the who to trust with this. I was sure it was not time to bring government into it. They would take this over and no one would ever know about it or the why it was here. From all I have ever heard on how the UFO information was handled I knew they would suck this into a black hole and may be me with it. There was so much to learn, understand and keeping the secret would be hard at best. People would see my car going up there and wonder what I was doing. But for now that seemed the best route for everyone. I have a good friend at the community college that teaches computer science. Sandy was a really good person and had helped me often with my hardware or with information on databases. Building a database without writing visual basic macros for it often did not give you what you wanted. Not being a math major I needed help with these from time to time. May be she would be a good person to bring into this and at least I would have someone as a sounding board? Well, at least this was a step forward and Sandy was someone I trusted. It could be she would fit into the team needed to crack this mystery. I knew this whole complex was

computer based and most likely light years ahead of where we are at now. I started through the notebook with the drawings in it and started to make notes beside each one. They were not that strange now, they tended to indicate their function. Some I could not decipher and others seemed really simple. With me working second shift I did not have to leave the house to go in until 2:30 PM the day after tomorrow. I had taken a three day weekend to eat up a little of my vacation time. So the week would be a short one of only four days. The question was could I keep my mind on my job once I was there? Managing eleven packaging lines with up to three hundred people on them does require a lot of attention and direction. At this point my stress level had tightened every muscle in the body. It was time for me to take another good long hot shower to try to relax some. So much was tumbling through my mind it just did not want to slow down. Having found something so advanced it just kept me wondering the who and why of it all? The excitement in all of this was something I had never felt before. After a hot shower I was sitting watching the local news and relaxing with a glass of wine. The day had been so full of new experiences and I felt like a kid after being at a fair. Just so keyed up nothing could be held in the mind for long. I knew it would be hard to sleep. But that was required at my age, I just could not burn the candle at both ends any more. I had hoped the wine would relax me enough to sleep. Decisions on who I was going to trust would wait until tomorrow. As I lay in bed the thoughts of how to best investigate this kept turning over in the mind. It was for sure I was not smart enough to do this on my own. If this was from outer space I did not know who to trust with the secret? Governments would want it for the advances they could make with its technology. Any of the UFO groups would make a circus out of it. Scientist would have to write about the find and provide documentation that would bring government in. So only a very small group sworn to secrecy could possibly have any time to investigate this. So this decision was made that at no time would anyone be brought in that could not keep this secret. That meant having only people I knew I could trust and that required limiting the group. Most people do not know how to keep their mouths shut under any circumstances. This was just another problem to find a solution for.

Chapter 3

The Introduction ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ I woke feeling like I had not slept at all. It was just a rough night with all the mental processes running at full speed and without brakes to slow them. The best way to shake the cobwebs off was a quick shower and lots of coffee. This was going to be a long day, as I did not have the second shift to handle until tomorrow. After getting myself on track, breakfast was next on the list. Being in a hurry to try to make some progress I took an egg and sausage biscuit out of the freezer and nuked it in the microwave. That and another cup of coffee should get me moving for the time being. After checking my e-mail and finishing breakfast it was time to run up to the rock. That is if it was still there after it disappeared yesterday? It took no time to get there and park. The sun was shining and the weather was just a cool 70 degrees. I walked back into the shade of the woods and could not see the rock at all. There was nothing there at all. While searching for some sign of what had happened to it I felt the ground vibrate. So backing up I saw the rock slowly take form. It was like looking through a window at first and then took the gray cast of stone slowly. I knew I had walked right through the spot where it was forming. Now I began to understand how it had been missed all these years. I had thought it had dropped into the ground yesterday, but that was not really the case. It must have just disappeared into the ground as an image. Therefore no marks or disturbances on the ground were left. As I walked over to the rock the handprint was still there. My hand just came up and pressed itself against the rock. The door slid back and the lift was there. Stepping on the lift it started down and the door closed. The light was not a problem now as I could see the walls softly lighted and a bright area below. This was different from yesterday. When the lift came to a stop and the rails moved back into the floor I looked around. The area was huge compared to what had been seen the day before. My focus had been on the equipment and I really had never gotten much further than that. But now I could see an area of about 8,000 to 10,000 square feet. There were passages leading off from the room that could be seen now. I had not noticed them before. I was shocked when I heard a voice say? “John can I help you?” Looking around quickly I saw a shape about 6 feet tall in what seemed to be a spandex suit. Looking closer it seemed to be a male of normal proportions and not threatening in any way. My response I guess was a normal one in that I asked, “who are you?” Here I am in his place and questioning who he is? “I am Vortec the keeper of this station. Do not be afraid, as you have been chosen to share our knowledge with. There are many questions I am sure which will be answered for you in time. Understanding all of what you see will come fast, but understanding how best to use it will take time. Please follow me and we will sit and talk.”

I was shocked at this information. Chosen to share what knowledge, by whom? Did I really want to go sit with him? Then also how did he know my name? Confusion was rampant in my mind. Vortec started toward a passage and I just followed. This was the last thing expected when coming here today. Finding a live person was just never in my mind. The passage was lighted and the walls like polished granite. Light was reflected off them making the lighting softer. As we walked along the passage you could see rooms on both sides set up as living quarters. For some reason you could not hear our feet connecting with the stone floor. It was a strange feeling not hearing the sound of our walking along this passageway. Vortec turned into a room on the right and when I walked in I saw a dinning area. This had been set up to accommodate a reasonable size group. May be up to fifty or sixty people at a time. This told me the intent was for a larger group of people than was here now. At least I had seen no more people than just Vortec. Vortec sat down and waited for me to sit also. Once I was seated he began to talk in his very soft voice. “I am sure you have many questions, so before we start answering them let me tell you some of what you need to know.” “First of all I Vortec am not a human. A long-term solution was needed to manning this station. I am a robot and have a life span of unknown ability. Yes, I look human and speak in your language, but I could be talking with you in any language or dialect if needed.” This shocked me and I felt stunned. He looked human and seemed that way in his movements. How long had he been here? “Second I know your name, as I check your address with the county to find who lived there. I also intercepted the e-mail you sent last night and checked the content before allowing it to be delivered.” This also was surprising to me. Why go to this trouble rather than just ask me? How was my e-mail intercepted? “Third the masters plan before has touched you in your life. Do you by chance remember it?” Thinking about a time many years ago I said, “I think so. I remember standing on the upper back porch at my grandmothers watching the fireworks from Summit Beach Amusement Park in Akron Ohio. For some reason I looked up and saw a large disk above us with no lights on it. Nothing else but the time and the disk are in my memory. But I am not sure why this popped out?” This was something for many years I had wondered about? Was it real or was it something that was a figment of the imagination? That question had from time to time made me really wonder.

“That was the time I was asking about. That you remember any of it shows that you were expected to show up here at some point. The event was in my knowledge base, as a way to check your memory. At the time you had a problem unknown then called hyperactivity. Your mind was slowed down some to allow you the mental growth required to get you here. They did not make any major change, as it would have been noticed, so just a small adjustment was made.” A small adjustment was made? I knew I had been hyper as a child and later bored with school. They just never really challenged me. You learned at the pace of the average student and if you were quick, boredom was the result. That had caused me many problems, as I did not get very good grades. “Fourth you are now the master of this station and will take full control of it when you have learned its use and value. This will allow you to influence the shape of your world. All actions taken will be non-violent; as that is a rule you must agree to. Anyone here cannot be hurt even if a nuclear bomb hits directly overhead. This is a totally safe environment and as long as you’re here you are safe.” I was thinking safe from what? No one had dropped a nuclear bomb in years now. But I would listen to what he had to say before starting my questions. I was not sure what being in control of this place would add to the ability to influence the world either. “Fifth you do not need to be concerned about food, health care or money here. All food requirements are taken care of and any money required will be supplied. So having a job is problem for you now. We will do a body scan after our discussion and repair any flaws you now have with your body. Our medical technology is many hundreds of years ahead of yours. Even with the speed of advances today.” With all that is wrong with my body much would have to be done. I was not sure he knew how large this task was? As for money I had a job and did not need to worry about being able to pay my bills or eat. This confused me. “Sixth you have much more freedom than what you see here. You can and will move over the world. Can see what the result of any action taken is and then modify decisions as needed. I will also be here to suggest moves to help you reach your goals. You will need a team of people to get the input you need to evaluate the moves to be made. I would expect agreement between the majority of the group, but in the end your decision will be final. So, much power will rest with you.” Power just does not interest me much. So I was not sure how much I could do? Changing mans direction from today’s path would be a major undertaking. With communications at the level of today and the world wired together it would be tough. The divisions between cultures, religions and races made this a bigger task. Besides I had reached the down side of my life in years.

“Seventh this is not the only control center on planet Earth. It is one of seven built around your world. There is one in the Alps, another in Egypt, one in Japan, one in Peru, one in Turkey, and one in China. Each is set up just like this one and you can move from one center to the other in jumps. A jump takes just a second or less to move from one spot to the next. I will not try yet to explain the technology to you, as you need much more knowledge of our science.” Jumps? How in the world with any technology can you jump that far? This would be an interesting technology to see if it was safe for a human. I had read about this idea in science fiction, but was not so sure it was possible ever. “Eighth is you do have access to spacecraft here and at each of the other control centers. These are the same craft you saw as a child and as have been seen at different times around this planet. They are able to reach worlds many billions of light years away if needed. The drive system and controls you will learn as we go forward. But all of the equipment will respond to your voice and requests now. As I have told you now you are the master of these stations.” How could this happen with out ever asking for any of it? Spacecraft that would respond to my voice I was not sure how to take all of this. This was overload and the mind was spinning once more. I felt like saying Scotty beam me up right now. “Ninth is life has been on your world for well over 1000,000 years. In the beginning the plant and animal life was brought here from other planets that were going to die. Most life forms were primitive but showed promise. The last transfers were just 20,000 years ago and those are the main human cultures today. Over the last 6,000 years we have intervened in the progress of man. Religions have been started, laws created, wars allowed to play out and tools provided to stimulate growth. But now we need a small group of special humans to take over the direction of this world’s civilization. Pure logic no longer is working, as nationalism and the religions are now coming into conflict. The original group called the Galactic Outreach Department planned the move of these people from their almost dead worlds and the original seeding here of animal and plant life. The masters were from a planet system called Cirrus 1942. That systems people have moved or died out many years ago and no longer provides any input into what actions should be taken on Earth. Contact was lost with them over 500 years ago in your time. But a back up plan existed that when I found the right person on Earth, to turn over control to them. You have been selected as that person.” How and why was I selected? The initials of the group that had moved us was GOD and at least that made some reasonable sense. But a group of superior people. I was nothing special nor was their anything superior about me. “Tenth is your judgment is critical to the survival of the world. For this reason you must agree to extend your life span. We can keep you alive for a long time if you remember in the Christian Bible one man is shown to live over 900 years and that did happen. The reason we accept your judgment is we know your minds ability from our original contact.

You have done well to this point and money and all the minor possession things of life just have not been important to you. You have helped others without expectations of returns and shown fairness where it should have existed.” Extending life that long could be a real problem! Man is just not built to handle that kind of life span. But then again it would be interesting to see what the world looked like one hundred years from now. But how could my life with all the medical problems I have be extended that long? “Now if you have questions I will be happy to respond to them.” “Vortec I am just so overloaded with information I need time to digest this data. But I am not so sure I am the man you want? I have watched power destroy people I really liked and fear this kind of power would destroy me.” The self-preservation instinct is very strong in me. “Because you understand the responsibility of power I don’t believe that will happen with you. The harder thing will be controlling the others in your group. But you do have limits in your ability to handle any situation. You may not take any life and must find solutions within that framework. The use of technology to solve problems is open to you, as long as this rule is followed.” Thinking about this gave me chills. Why would I have any reason to control my own group of people? “OK for the time being lets just leave it there and get the scan done. But your going to find I have many problems, at 63 I am not in the shape I was at thirty. I need to think this out and then discuss a structure for this group. You also need to see for yourself that that type life span is not possible for me.” “Come with me and I will start the scan on you.” My mind was directed at the many facts given to me so quickly. I was sure he would change his mind as soon as he saw I had open-heart surgery, a fused neck from C-4 to 6 and no longer produced insulin. There was a small area of the heart the muscle was dead that could not be fixed. As we walked to the medical room my thoughts where flying all over. This had come as a shock in that these robots at the directions of their masters started the religions. The fact that the initials of the “Galactic Outreach Department” were GOD and that explained a some questions I had also. There was one fact that kept nagging at me and that was why me? Just so much to work through and understand. I felt sure he would back down on his offer when he saw how badly off I was physically. Besides I was just too tired at this point in life to want to do much. We walked into the small room with a table in its center and bright lights coming from the ceiling. It looked like an operating room. One wall had all kinds of screens on it.

Vortec asked me to lie on the table and just relax, as this would not take a long time. I sat on the table and swung my feet up with a slight fear of the unknown. The table felt warm to the touch and the lights dimmed when I sat down. Once in position, a clear hood came out of the table and closed over me. Then a light bar started at my feet and came toward my head. Once I felt the slight warmth of the light my body seemed to relax. It ran to my head and back to my feet. The fact that I had not had to remove clothing also made me wonder how this could work? Vortec told me, I was going to receive a shot and would not feel anything when it was given. That the scan had found some heart problems, prostrate problems, a lack of insulin production and minor joint problems. The fusion in my neck just could not be fixed. The shot would repair all the rest of this for me. That they had nano technology and when the small repair bots where done they would be expelled from my body. A few bots would stay and alert the medical computer if other repairs were needed later. The computer could now monitor my health fully every second and record all information for later use. The shot was not felt and the hood slid back into its original place. I had been diabetic for the past 20 plus years and would enjoy not having to take shots and pills for this problem. The memory of the double bypass was another item I could enjoy never facing again. These were things I could appreciate right now providing this all worked. That was a big if in my mind. As Vortec and I walked back to the eating area my mind was deep in thought. Our world had so many problems and much fighting going on that was killing children and noncombatants. There was hunger and pollution as major items to fix if that were possible? You had a world fixated on money, as it was what allowed you to live. Communism never worked, as it allowed the leaders to live better than the people and they often starved. Democracy also has it problems in that there is a large poor or undereducated segment. The one thing I was sure of was education was the key to coming out of poverty. But any world government would never work either. After sitting back down I asked Vortec if I would have to live here all the time? “No you may live in the house you do now if you wish. We have placed a transporter in it and placed a security area around it. The transporter would allow you to move back and forth quickly without having to leave your car parked on the road. The car there would be a problem and after a lot of trips it would draw to much attention to you. After this visit the rock will never be seen again.” My mind was now in practical mode and there were questions to answer. “If I am the one you’re looking for, what do I have to do to be able to pay the bills I have and run the house?”

Vortec looked amused. “That is no problem as you are close to retirement in your country. At 62 you are able to take your social security retirement and we will set up a retirement checking account in a state with no taxes. A home will be purchased there to cover the reason for the account. This will give you another place to get away from here and think. But your bills here in Virginia and at the second home will be set to auto pay, so you don’t have to write checks for normal bills. We have over the years knowing there would be a need for money, invested in your stock market and you have a very large pool of funds to work with. The total right now is well over 500 billion in your dollars. We also control several large corporations that are multinational. This gives you some economic power in solving some of the problems. It also allows you a presence in the world without identifying your group. Your people can be employed by any of the corporations to give them income. You also can recruit from or with these companies personnel departments if you need to shield the group until the decision is made on the person.” Thinking this over and looking at Vortec I could see his long term plan for staffing was reasonable. He was looking at it from a people can be bought point of view. That did not fit mine, as people who could be bought could also be un-bought by a higher bidder. Anyone involved with this would have to be dedicated to finding ways to solve world problems and helping people. Money could not be the key to their reason to join. “I think your idea for finding people is not too solid. The type person you would get would be money driven and is looking for a better job higher up.” “That is why a human running these control centers is critical.” Looking around I saw a coffee pot. “Is the coffee pot working?” “Yes everything here is working.” I got up and walked over and poured a cup of coffee. This gave me time to think. “I need to understand more of the history of Earth and the actions you have taken here. What the goals were from the group you call the masters and then to look at where Earth is today.” Vortec got up and said, “I will return in a few minutes.” He walked out the door and down the way we had gone to the medical room. The question of why the masters had dropped contact with the station five hundred years ago just did not make sense. There had to be a reason for this action. As I looked up Vortec walked back in with a chest in his hands. It was of beautiful wood and had inlays that looked like gold and gemstones. ”This was to be given to the person chosen to command these stations. I have no idea what is in it, but would expect a full explanation is enclosed. The chest was placed here over two thousand years ago. Messengers have added it to over that time. So I hope it contains the answers your looking for? If not the computer can give you a full history of Earth from the point man was placed here. It can also provide all communications from the masters since that time, with us here.“

A computer with that kind of storage would be a monster machine. ”How can I query the computer?“ ”That is just a matter of turning your new computer on, we have now put it in as we talk. Don’t go looking for drives and CPU’s as there will be none. Anything you wish or need will be placed on screen by just asking for it.“ Ask and you shall receive? ”Is there a key board or mouse?“ ”No just ask and it will happen, talk and it will print to screen and send anything you wish. You may communicate with it just like you would with a person and it will respond including verbally. It already has stored you e-mail addresses and favorite places. All your data from you hard drive is now in memory. You can communicate with me or any center world wide.“ This hit home fast. ”Are you telling me the computer has already hacked into mine and pulled all this information? I encrypted a lot of files on that machine.“ ”Well it did not have to hack into yours as there is no computer on Earth it cannot read the data from. Encrypting data is no way to stop it from reading it.“ This was interesting and yet hard to believe. ”Are you telling me it can read any data from the CIA, FBI, IRS or any well protected computer system in the world?“ ”In a word, yes.“ ”How is this possible?“ ”This computer has been on Earth for the past twenty thousand years, as I have. It is a DNA computer and has grown and improved each year. It is just reaching its full maturity now and is able to clone other computers from its own DNA. We have followed mans attempts with DNA computers and they are not headed the right direction. Our computer is like a massive brain without a body. It grows heart like pumps to keep the flow of its liquid going and to keep it fed. It requires a very special mixture of the right nutrients and gases to live. We keep the room temperature constant and sealed from any possible contamination. But the one computer runs all control rooms on Earth from here.“ “That is incredible! One computer runs all of the control rooms and communications and other needs on Earth?” ”Yes it only takes one of this power to do far more than that. We have not yet tapped the full potential this machine has. Now we do have smaller computers in our spacecraft that handle just the craft they are on. But they handle all systems and they are the navigators.“

Sitting back and thinking of that kind of power was incredible. ”How is it the computer is not running Earth now?“ Vortec smiled at me. ”The computer was given an instruction to obey me until a human was chosen and then to obey them. Failure to follow this policy would destroy the computer. So as of today your command is its first priority for its survival. The robots on Earth have the same requirement. We cannot oppose your wishes in any way without destroying ourselves. Whatever you ask of us must be carried out, as long as it does not involve the death of another human.“ May be some of the old science fiction writers had the idea of robots instructions right? This surely sounded like something Asimov had written. ”What time is it now? I have a much to do and still and need to go call work today. While I’m doing that you can install whatever is needed at the house.“ ”Your doctors office has called the plant and said you would not be in for a few days due to tests being run. We need a couple days for the bots to work and solve the major problems and need to watch over you while that is happening.“ This made some reasonable sense and I did not argue. But not going to work was something I just did not do. ”OK I can accept that for now. A day or two will not stop the company without my being there.“ Vortec smiled at me, ”it is going to be far longer than just a day or two John. Your days of working are over in the normal life style you have lived. Today you have a far larger job and one that I could not accomplish.“ Someway this did not sound comforting to me. If the intelligence of the computer and Vortec’s abilities could not get the job done how was I going to do it? ”Look Vortec I am not so sure I can do any better than you have. I am starting way behind you with knowledge and ability. If you’re looking for a fast fix I do not have the answers. Your just going to have to find someone else.“ ”John there is no fast fix. My failure was not from lack of knowledge it was from lack of human understanding. I cannot think like a human does. The computer cannot think like a human. So we are handicapped in finding solutions. We do something and expect a given response and would get something different.“ This brought a smile to my face. ”Well don’t feel alone in that. That has often happened with me also. What is critical to understand about humans is perception is more important than fact. What people believe is what they see as real. It may not conform with facts or with what is reasonable, but they believe it and that is all that counts.“ ”That is not logical to me at all. If the facts support a conclusion then it must be accepted.“

This allowed me to see a part of his problem. ”Vortec that is where the line is drawn between the human and robot. You will find I often act based not on known facts, but on my instincts. If I can see a few pieces of the puzzle I can normally have a good picture of what it is. I do not have to have the whole picture to understand the problem and act.“ Nodding his head, ”that is why you are important to this operation. Your cultures here on Earth are different from that of the masters. It is different than any others in the universe. Due to the mix of people brought here we never knew what would grow from it. None of the original groups were even close as a culture. So it took many years for them to slowly grow and know of the others. This often brought fighting and an attempt to control the other group. Through wars and searches for new weapons much of your technology grew.“ This seemed to agree with my perceptions on the subject developed over the years. ”In my opinion the two factors that have caused most deaths have been economic and religious. Without the push for better economies the plague would have never happened and many deaths from this type problem would have been avoided. The religious side has pushed many groups to kill millions for not believing as they do. Kings have used these tools to further their wealth and control of larger areas. Today governments use the same ideas to control people. Those who control wealth and food control their people.“ ”Your vision and understanding is far better than you wish to admit.“ I sat back and thought about this comment. ”No Vortec I am just a person who understands some of mans past history. Often I do not agree with the scholar’s longwinded explanations of events. They tend to make the simple, complex. The world at one time had two levels of human. The leaders who gained this at birth or by fighting and the followers made the whole. Then we developed a middle class in the mix. So today we have three basic classes of people and education really decides what group your in and no longer your birth. Now those three groups are also divided by several religions. That is where the mix gets into a problem.“ Vortec was sitting and absorbing the input. ”How does this change the mix as the same rules apply to all religious groups?“ ”That my friend is not really true. For the Jew God was vengeful and to be feared, for the Christian, Christ was a teacher of forgiveness, love and kindness and for the Moslem, Mohamed was a warrior and conquest the way to spread the religious message. Those three different points of view do not fit together.“ You could see Vortec turning over in his mind the statement and past history. ”Your right in what you have said. Each had a different way to reach out and gather people to it. Each also has been corrupted today by changes and interpretations never mean by us when written.“

I sure did not expect Vortec to agree with me on this topic and had expected to learn from his answer. But now was the time to explain the problem as I saw it. ”What you need to understand is your not going to make any major change in any religion today. The only way to hold back the aggressive ones is by force or fear. The most aggressive religions are in the low education areas. So fear is a tool that can be effective. Most of these groups will not try to fight if they see no way to win favor with their God, so force cannot be used here. But a new way must show no weakness at all. There is a lion here being held by the tail and it could turn on the holder fast.“ This seemed to surprise Vortec. ”I had no idea that we had created this type of psychology in any group. But when I look at actions I could not explain, I think you may be right. This should show you why we need human input, direction and fast.“ ”Vortec I need to sit down and read the information from the masters. I then need time to think and see what they expected to accomplish. If it is still possible and with in reason, we need to try to direct our efforts that way. If not, develop our own plan. But all of this is so new and my own lack of understanding of resources and abilities are going to slow us down. But a plan must be forged and followed to make any progress. We need goals and some reasonable path to reach them. Understand a plan for me is not a solid path. It is a direction to start, goals to reach and it has options as things change.“ Vortec was smiling and nodding his head. ”I agree with everything you have said. It has taken us twenty thousand years to get to here and it will take time now to fix the problems that were created. No longer does it matter why they happened just how do we fix them. I do appreciate your wanting to know the masters plan and if it could still work. That is one thing that surprised me some as the information is very old.“ Yes the information was old. But I felt I needed to know their goals if I was to be able to do anything. ”Information is always useful in decision making. But this is more than just information I believe, as it was to be given to the person you picked for this job. That means it has to have relevance even today. It also I am sure will give me a better idea of the technology available to accomplish many tasks. My guess is that there is information in this for human use that would mean little to you. That will come out in the emotions put into what is written. I am looking for the small things as much as the larger issues. So I may read this several times to really understand what they are telling me. Hopefully it is in a language I can read?“ Smiling and shaking his head again at me, ”John the computer can read it in any language for you. But my guess is that there are cubes in the chest. Each cube will produce a holograph and a person will appear and talk with you in your language. The person who made the cube will be the one you see and talk with. That means you can ask questions and get answers. That technology is very old but also very effective. A cube can hold up to four hours of conversation and information. If the chest holds these you will have a very good idea of their plans. But you will have to make your plans based on humans here on Earth. Their culture was very structured and organized. They had one leader who

controlled all phases of life and one culture to deal with. No one would ever oppose the leaders commands.“ I guess I looked shocked as Vortec was watching my reaction and almost laughing. ”How can anyone run a whole planet of people?“ ”He did not run the whole planet. But he did decide what the laws were and did approve the different projects and set there limits. If anyone stepped outside of those guidelines they were punished harshly. There was no excuse for failure and no way to hide it, as you had to admit your errors. You might as well have taken a life as to lie or cover up an error. Honesty was a requirement of living on the planet.“ This was hard to accept, also it sure did not fit Earth’s model. Here lies and cover up happened in every household, company and government. CYA was the order of the day in many people lives. Where I worked I had a reputation of documenting everything and people did not try to lie or cover up with me. ”That is an interesting concept Vortec, but not one that would work on Earth. Here we will never reach that level of honesty with others. But we should at some point be able to improve from where we are now.“ ”Earth has been very slow developing and learning. By the time we had started change in one culture another was a problem. This has been a cycle for us now for to long.“ My mind was turning over this information and then it hit me. ”Vortec I am not sure you really have the right person for this job. I have no experience with governing, with judging the right or wrong in the world or to make any decision that impacts people all over this planet. I have very simple rules I live by and expect others to respect them. The task you offer is one that will require someone with far more skills than I have.“ Sitting there Vortec seemed to be thinking this over. ”You will find that the person you describe is one who craves power and has made many judgments already. This just would not work to create the change required. The only way to make this work is start from no judgment and move forward. It is understood that this may take time to get organized and operational. But with good people who can advise you on their area of experience, this should allow good decisions to be made. Your lack of strong political views and tolerance for others religious views make you a good choice. The fact that this responsibility concerns you and that you have doubts is refreshing. But more than anything to tell me that you are not sure of your abilities says much to me. You have a large amount of money, power to change things on Earth and the ability to force Earth to live by your rules. This just does not seem to drive you?“ John just shook his head. ”I do not wish to force anyone to live by my rules. The use of anyone’s strength to force change will never solve the problem. It just goes underground. People must want to change for that to happen. That takes vision and the ability to sell it to others. I have never had to sell a vision to more than a few hundred people in a work place. So trying to do that on a world stage is something I am not sure that I can do?“

”You don’t have to do it. But you can hire the spokespeople to do it for you. You can finance any program that brings change to the world. The ability to protect the poor and less educated people is in your hands here. You could buy newspapers, radio stations and TV stations allowing you to reach the masses with your message. The ability is here to fund foundations to help bring change to this planet. So you do not need to be the front man for all of this activity.“ That made a lot of sense to me. I felt if I could work behind the scenes and may be I could help bring some change? ”Before I go any further Vortec I need to see what is in the chest. I would prefer not to take the chest with me when I leave so can you send it to me?“ ”Yes the transport plate has been installed as well as your new computer. You will find the chest in your bedroom in front of the closet door when you get home.“ I stood up and walked with Vortec to the lift. ”I appreciate your time and the information your have given me. Now I need time to think and try to find some answers to the many questions I still have.“ Vortec smiled at me and extended his hand. We shook hands and without a word the lift started up the shaft. All I could think of was I wished Trish was here to talk this over with me. Had I found this place a few years ago may be she would not have died from her cancer? Oh how I missed her and how lonely life had become without my friend, lover and wife. I walked to my car and slowly drove home. I just was in no hurry to get anyplace right now.

Chapter 4 The Masters ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

When I got back to the cabin I was just dead tired. I walked into the bedroom and fell into the bed. It took no time for me to fall a sleep. Upon waking up it was dark and I could not remember thinking about anything during my sleep? The clock said I had slept for three hours and that was unusual for me as a nap was normally and hour or so. I headed toward the bathroom and stopped in the kitchen to get some diet Pepsi. This had been my normal drink after the coffee pot ran dry for the day. More than one pot of coffee tended to upset the stomach for me. So on to the diet Pepsi and keeping the flow of caffeine going. As I sat down at the computer I saw the box on the transport plate. I got back up and retrieved it. I opened the lid and as Vortec had suggested there were cubes in the box. After counting them I found seven cubes and a large book under them. The cubes I sat on my computer table and the book I removed and sat the chest on the floor. It was a very heavy book and the chest was not light either. The book was old and had a heavy leather cover. It was hinged with a gold colored spine and had a gold color clasp. The weight was well over ten pounds. That could mean it was real gold and not just a color coating on metal. As I opened it I found that it was sealed with an airtight gasket. It was more like a box with pages in it than a normal book. The pages were of a type paper I had never seen before. It was as thin as onionskin and yet seemed much stronger and very flexible. There was no noise from handling them like with onionskin. As I read the information here it left me wondering what had happened to these people. The book explained where each group had been brought here from and why. The stories were interesting and kept me reading. There were many observations that made me question why some of these groups were placed on the same planet? The masters seemed to know from the start this was going to be a problem later. I could see this from the questions they had about some groups. For the scientist it was an experiment and if the problems came up then it proved their observations. Earth was just a large experiment for them. The intent was if it worked to allow it to survive and if not to destroy it. Of the many worlds the Galactic Outreach Department had seeded this was where all the problem cultures were brought. The book did not say how many other worlds had been seeded, as it concentrated on the Earth experiment. The comment was made that the other worlds seeded had just one culture placed on them. I was hungry so I went into the kitchen and fixed a sandwich and refilled my drink. All I could think of was why did they change the idea of one culture one world? That would have made for a much different outcome here. As I read on and ate, I found my answer. They had a loss rate of 60% on the worlds with just one culture. Knowledge growth had dropped to nothing and tribal fighting tended to kill off the culture. The idea here was to look at a large base of several cultures and see if this stimulated learning and technology? This seemed to be successful enough that it was

noted that several more planets would be seeded based on the early results from Earth. But they would be with only 3 or 4 cultures rather than the 7 of Earth. I read on until after midnight. Much of the early years of Earth’s history was spelled out here. The contact that Vortec had with the human race was detailed. Each time he had instructions to provide one of the groups with specific technology. In a few cases he was told to provide a robot to educate one person or a small group. It was obvious that Vortec had no control in these actions. His advice was ignored and he came close to being replaced because of it. With half the book completed I was ready for some sleep. I returned the dishes to the kitchen and fixed the coffee for in the morning. There was just one more thing to handle and I went into the computer. The whole set up seemed odd to me. No mouse, keyboard or CPU was here just a flat monitor about thirty inches by thirty inches. It was not two inches thick and had a small stand on the bottom. As I sat down it turned white and it asked “John what can I do for you?” “I would like to speak with Vortec if possible?” “Talking to anyone is always possible for you.” Vortec came on the screen. “Yes John what do you need?” Oh boy if he only knew my long list of needs. “I was wondering exactly what status you held in the masters world? In reading the book tonight I saw you had suggested many things they never acted on.” This brought a smile to his face. “I was a machine as far as they were concerned and could provide no insight or suggestions. I am sure you picked up some of this in your reading, as they discussed bringing me back for recycling. The leader directed my position here and the scientific community did not like that. The reports sent back went to him, as well as the scientist. So when my suggestions were proved out to have been the better route after a failure I became very unpopular. Within a short time after that we had lost contact, I am sure I would have been recalled.” This was refreshing to hear truth so bluntly. “I picked up on the feelings and did not know your reports went to the leader also. He would have been smart to let you and the computer handle Earth. Some of your directions were very destructive and opened up the way for many deaths.” I could see he was deciding if he wished to tell me something. “I had the limits that you do and could do nothing that would cause a death by my decision. The scientist did not have that limit. If they ordered me to do anything I was required to do it without question.”

This I needed to think over. “Even if that violated your program not to cause death to any human?” This stopped Vortec dead. “I never thought of it that way. By all rights I should not have been able to carry out their orders. But I did and it did not interfere with my program. This is something I do not understand at all?” “Vortec you have two programs. Your directives will not allow you to do anything that would cause the death of a human. But you also have an override that will allow one person to give you directives outside your program. Each time you stepped outside your program the leader confirmed or gave you the order right?” “Yes, that is so.” “Well he had the right to override your program. Now that right has been passed to me. But for your information unless the situation is drastic I will never use it. If it is ever used it will be for the benefit of the majority over a person or small group. No one is to ever know I have that power. Do you understand that position?” I could see Vortec thinking this one out. “Yes I do understand. Now I also understand the requirements I was given to find the right human. This gives you the ability to take over and control the entire world by force if that was what you wanted to do.” It was important that Vortec understand me on this issue. “Our rule is no human is to be killed for any reason. This will never be an option to nonviolent methods. We must find ways to solve problems without the use of deadly force. So if I ever suggest taking any life you are to question me at least three different times before taking any action. That is the fail safe for me.” Vortec smiled and shook his head in acknowledgement. “Yes, I understand and the program is set to your request. No lethal action will happen unless you confirm the order three different times to me. I assume you have this power over all robots?” “Yes, and no order will be given to them until we have discussed it and you have confirmed my decision the three times. I do not want a blood bath on Earth and will do whatever is needed to prevent that from happening. Non-lethal actions first and foremost are the order of the day.” Vortec was still smiling. “I appreciate your honesty with me John. You did not have to tell me of this power over me you have been given. In someone less honest I would have never known. It could have been used for building great power. So this shows that the leaders requirements were the right ones. Now is there anything else you need?” “Not tonight Vortec. I am heading to bed, as I am tired and badly in need of sleep. So good night and thank you for your help.” This said I headed to bed.

The night brought a restful sleep. I could remember nothing running through my mind. When I got up to hit the coffee pot I felt sharp and did not feel the normal aches and pains. This made me wonder if this was a result of the nano bots in my body? Today was a learning day and I needed time to understand all of this. So I called my boss and requested the rest of the week off using vacation time. As this was a slow down point for us it created no real problem for the company. We had finished most of the Christmas packaging and now were filling in where demand was higher than expected. So he told me to get the rest I needed and he would call if there were any questions from my replacement. This would allow me time to absorb the information I had and start to form a plan of action. There was just so much to learn and start to understand. This had changed life for me one hundred and eighty degrees. I was now going back to school and learning how to operate in this different world. That required me to build some basic foundation to start from. I knew from my reading that this was going to be based on a single decision maker. But to be able to make good decisions, I was going to need good advice and that mean good people. So finding people who had knowledge, but were not power hungry was going to be critical. This was not going to be easy in today’s world as most have an axe to grind or an issue they are not flexible on. This would limit the people who would fit into the model I had in mind. The computer screens came up and asked if I would accept a call from Vortec? “By all means.” The screen changed and Vortec’s face was there. “John I would appreciate your coming to the control room so we can rescan you. The computer has noted a need for additional bots to finish the repairs.” This brought a smile to my face. “Well, when your working with the damage that I have this could take a lot of time.” I laughed at this perception. “That is not the case for you. The bots have reported a few needed changes the first scan did not pick up. They are at the micro level and are not yet a problem. But if untreated they could become a major issue later.” It was interesting to me that this technology could see into the future of my body. “I will be there in the next few minutes.” “Thank you John.” The screen went blank once more. I got dressed and decided to try the transport plate. Before doing this I asked the computer to explain the process to me and what to expect. There was nothing I

understood in the process, but I did follow the method and how to use it. So I walked over and stepped on the plate. Reaching my hand up to the wall plate I placed it into the outlined space. In no time I was standing in the control room. Vortec was waiting for me at the plate there. “This way John and then we can talk after this is completed if you wish.” The trip to the medical room was quick and we found ourselves back in the dinning area in no time. I walked over and got some coffee and a roll. This gave me time to think about the things to cover right now with Vortec. As I sat down and sipped the coffee there was one question on my mind. “Vortec how was the religions of the world decided?” He took his time thinking how to answer this question. “I was given a set of rules to follow in creating a religion. The prime rule was the deity was to use the acronym for the Galactic Outreach Department in all religions. So in each case that figurehead was GOD. A religious belief did not come from the old world, as they had none. But I was given several different concepts from the worlds these people had come from. Most of them seemed like a mix of magic and superstition rather than anything with logic. So I had the computer generate a set of basic rules that were logical. That list was the ten commandments of the Jews and the golden rule. I structured each religion around these rules and with one God. If a successful culture had several God’s we left it alone until it started to crumble. Then moved it to the one God rule. Often nature was seen as a God and this was fine with the scientist, so we did not change that until something else entered the picture. Religion was given to groups of people who were oppressed and fragmented. It gave these groups strength to survive their trials.” I had not thought of this being done this way. “Then why not just one religion?” “Once again I did not make the choice here the scientist were the ones to decide what was to be given to each culture. The idea was that if religion sparked fighting between groups then technology would grow faster. It did that job the way they wished, but left large barriers between groups. Wars were started and new weapons developed to overcome the other religions. Leaders used this as a tool to control their people.” For some reason I had the idea that the scientists were using this as a chess game, to see what strategies worked. It was the learning platform for creating other worlds. “Vortec the masters have left us with a mess here. We were an experiment they never intended to allow to continue. This world would have been terminated at some point before the current time.” Looking down now, “yes that is true John. I was never told that directly, but the leader told me I had to find someway to bring the wars to an end. He gave me the rules for finding you and told me I had no more than ten years to get things under control. Then I lost contact with the old world.”

All I could think was how lucky Earth had been from the lost contact. “Vortec if the contact was reestablished today who would control the assets on Earth?” “That is an easy answer John. You would control all the assets and no directions from the old world would be accepted by anyone. As of now you are the leader for all of the assets placed on Earth by them. You also are well advanced from where they were five hundred years ago. I have made major changes in our robots, spacecraft and the computer is far more powerful than any they had when we lost contact.” So now I was an alien culture on my own planet? “That makes me neither an Earth human or an old world human. We seem to be a new culture starting here on Earth. Not belonging to any race, ethnic group, religious group or political one is going to be different. As the leader of this new culture I have to find something for people to believe in.” Here Vortec was very careful and slow to respond. “Not really John as you are our father and we will believe in you.” This hit home in ways I am sure he did not expect. “I am just a man Vortec and not a God. So people will need more than me to believe in I assure you.” “That is not the case John. Right now everyone here or in any control room would die for you without question. That includes the computer who is a living being as well. It may not have our shape and form, but it does live and is a life form.” I had to sit back and think about this. “Without question this is hard to accept and understand. You and the computer are the only ones I have talked with. So others do not know me.” Vortec was once again slow to respond. “Everyone knows you and every conversation we have had has been made available to all. With the exception of the conversation we had on the power to cause death. I agreed to keep that between us and did so. All conversations open to them are after the fact and not during our discussions. That way you have choices in withholding data.” This seemed like a good system of informing all of decisions and thinking processes. “I can live with that and it should be kept in place. I would like the computer to advise me if at anytime I contradict any past decision. It is important to me to keep a consistent point of view. Be assured that views will change as more data is available, but I want to be sure the change is the right decision at that time. I will need to look at the past decision to decide if the new one is really more valid? I would also suggest that anyone in our culture may suggest I review any decision made based on their added input.” This statement seemed to take Vortec back a little. “You mean a robot can provide you with additional information and ask that you review a decision?”

“Yes, that is exactly what I mean a robot, computer or others. Each is a life form and should have some rights.” This was truly different from Vortec’s past views of humans. “I am not sure how to handle this. In the past we offered suggestions that always were rejected and supplied data. We could never ask any decision be reviewed based on more information. This would be an adjustment for all of us.” “That may be true, but all of our lives will depend on each other, so all should have the right to input. I do not have all the answers and the more information I have the better decisions I will make. If I am missing some small piece of data I may make a bad decision. I want everyone to feel free to provide information they have that could change any decision. If they question if the data is enough to cause change they need to provide it and I will decide.” Vortec was not sure how to go from here. He had been given the right to have a choice and that had never happened before. “This is going to take some getting used to. None of us has ever had the right to make a choice and we will all need to learn how to do it. But you need to understand we have mechanical robots, DNA robots, units produced by the computer and will have humans here to question decisions.” All I could think at that time was what did a unit look like? “Explain what a unit is?” “The computer to save materials has started producing DNA units a few years ago. They look and act very human, but they have most of the abilities of a robot. The only real draw back is they can be killed just like a human. Their bodies are very human like, but their brains are at much higher level than most humans. They are connected to the computer and can use its resources for problem solving.” “You mean connected by a wire?” This caused Vortec to laugh. “No they can communicate with the computer from anyplace by just thinking of what they need. They have two small lobes at the base of the brain that is the computer connection. You would not even notice it was there unless you x-rayed them.” This was interesting and I needed to know more. But the computer would be able to provide much more information. “Vortec I would like an education tomorrow on the control rooms, our spacecraft and the technology I need to know of now.” “It will be ready and will take most of the day to cover.” I got up and shook Vortec’s hand. “Thank you for the help and education today. I need to see all the pieces of this puzzle to start to assemble it.”

It was time to go back to my reading and then watch the cubes and glean what I could from them. As I headed back to the transport plate I was very observant of the things around me. There were now either robots or units working in the control room. I could see them looking out of the corners of their eyes to catch a glimpse of me. That would soon change with this meeting with Vortec. They should feel free to look at me or speak to me freely. Getting back to the cabin took no time. I hit the kitchen, as I had not eaten the roll I picked up at the control room and was now very hungry. I notice that there was a small plate on the kitchen counter. So I walked back to the computer and asked what it was? The answer pleased me as I could order anything and it would just show up on the plate. I placed an order for a cheese steak sandwich and a diet Pepsi. By the time I got to the kitchen it was there. Making myself comfortable at the table I read and ate my food. The leader was not happy with the scientist and he made it clear in his writing. He felt they were making a mess of Earth and its people. One that could not be corrected by any means they had. So the search for humans to try to save their own world was started. His hope being that a human could do what his scientists could not. Bring peace and knowledge to the whole planet. That seemed like a big order for anyone to expect. His main tool was to provide all the power he had on this world to the human here. The cubes I decided not to watch, as they were the discussions of the scientist with the leader. I did not want to be biased in anything I did. Those discussions could wait until we were further down the line. So I packed up the book and cubes and put them in the closet. I was tired so I turned on a baseball game and laid on the bed to watch. It was not long before sleep took me into a dreamless world.

Chapter 5 The Start ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

I had decided to call Sandy and talk with her about a meeting. It was critical for me to get someone’s perspective on this whole thing. My head was spinning with all the data and the events that had happened. The question that kept running through my head was one I could not shake. What made me think I could make a difference in the world regardless of the resources? I had sent Sandy a couple pictures of the control room just to see her reaction. As I reached for the phone it rang. “Hello?” “John I was just checking on you to be sure you were alright.” This was Barry from work. “Yes I am OK I just had a quick procedure done yesterday and the doctor wanted me to rest for a few days.” Well, it was almost the truth and I had to cover this someway. “OK just wanted to be sure you were OK. I will catch up with you tomorrow.” Barry hung up, as I knew he was under pressure covering both my job and his. I picked the phone up and called Sandy. The phone was picked up on the first ring. We talked about school and how life was going. Then the subject of the control room pictures I sent her never came up. “What did you think of the pictures I sent you?” “That looked like one of the NASA control rooms. Where did you get them?” “That is a long story Sandy. But let me say it is not a NASA control room and it is more advanced than anything man has ever seen. I really need someone to talk with about this and it must be kept confidential. You’re the only person I trust enough to discuss this with.” “I am free after 10 AM tomorrow and have no more classes for the day. There is an appointment with the beauty shop that can be cancelled. So when do we meet and where?” “Come by the house, as there are more images to show you and much to explain. Anytime you can make it after your class is fine with me.” “Have some lunch waiting, as I will be starved and you don’t want people to think you mistreat a lady do you? See you then around 11 or so and she hung up.” Sitting back and relaxing watching the news on the TV was nice right now. I was wondering if the second group of nano bots was actually working yet? So I ran a blood sugar test just to see where the level was. It showed a reading of 71 on the meter. I went into the kitchen and got a box of sugar free ice cream and a spoon. Even the sugar free ice cream will bring up the sugar level quickly if you eat very much of it. I sat and watched the news and ate all the ice cream left in the box, about a pint. This was something I could never have done in the past. This would be a check for me on any

progress being made on my body’s repairs. After the news and a little of ESPN an hour had passed and I took another check to find my sugar level. The reading now was just 83 which was totally acceptable. This was working for me and I felt better for knowing it worked. I reached under the drawer and found the switch. Moving it to on I had an immediate picture of the control center. Vortec’s voice responded at once with, “yes John what can I do for you?” “Right now I need to understand the systems you have installed here?” “You have used the plate in front of your closet and the hand pad on the wall. The new computer is hooked into the system here so you have instant access to any data here, ultra-fast Internet connections, and the ability to call anyplace from your computer and never be traced and a history database for research with live or imaged pictures, past or present. You also have the ability to hook into any radio or TV station worldwide and hear in English what is being told to the people. Your house is covered outside with cameras and a force field has been installed. It covers the area to the floodwall in normal mode and the whole property in expanded mode. The gate in front of the house is the allowed access way. Anyone with out a weapon can walk through there without a problem. If they try to enter the house they will be repelled unless you allow that action. To allow that you just need to say person approved and the sound system will handle the force field. If someone is expected the computer will handle that for you. You also can monitor the area around your house from the computer. Just ask to survey the property and it will show on the monitor with sound. I also took the liberty of setting up some credit cards for your use. They are in your machine and any payment you need to make can be handled from it. The original cards are here and I will give them to you when you wish. These cards do not have any limit and will be accepted any place in the world. You are the only one who can use them as they have a very small microchip in them set for your DNA. I hope all this meets with your approval?” The work was done so quickly and no one seemed to have noticed around here. “Yes, and thank you Vortec. I appreciate your attention to details and how quickly you were able to get this done. I think that right now I need to look at the companies we control. It is time to get an idea of what type of economic impact can be had worldwide. So how do I access this type information?” “Just tell the computer what you want and it will be on your screen. In anything you need just ask and it will happen. You don’t have to have the switch on to get any computer information. That is just for you to talk with me or others here in the control room.” “Thank you once more and I will be there tomorrow and may have Sandy with me depending on how our talk goes. Good day Vortec.” I flipped the switch off and the screen went back to a normal desktop. Now was the time to get a feel of using the voice activation on the computer. “Computer, show me the list of

companies we control.” At once a list of eight companies showed on the screen. The address, ownership percentage and value were also shown. In each case the ownership was in excess of 70% and in two we held 100%. So control was a key in that the boards were in majority our people. This type of wealth was amazing to me, as the value of these companies was not part of the cash position Vortec had stated. Next I asked to see the total financial picture of all cash and assets. A spreadsheet came up and my eyes went to the balance at the bottom. This number just blew my mind as it showed well over two trillion dollars in total assets. The one thing that I had noted was a mining company we held 90% of was a real cash cow. I could guess with the spacecraft and technology available that key minerals were not that hard to find. This would allow for a lot of help in third world countries. With this information I knew we would need someone with their CPA and one with banking experience just to work with the money end of our project. This could I thought be done with a foundation or some management group out side the control room personnel. Allowing these people much more freedom in dealing with groups and governments all over the world. May be this could be our own type world bank and infrastructure building organization? The people in this would have to decide what we could do legally and where it should be located? That had to be where the laws allowed us the most flexibility to help others. This was going to be a monster to manage and the more I looked at the whole the more people I could see we would need. The management structure would have to be departmentalized for each area. With each person managing their area and making decisions based on a master plan. They would have to be decision makers and then report to the group on their progress. So it would operate like a president and his cabinet or a CEO and the staff of a large corporation. But there would need to be over sight on actions taken. At least for the next few days my work will all be here or at least close to here. That made me chuckle a little. There is more on my platter than I have ever had before. The decisions I had to make to structure this group had to be done soon. As I needed a lot of input to make this work. I had a set of goals we needed to reach in reasonably quick order. First we needed to find the places in the world where food was a major problem. Then find ways to start to fix this on a long-term basis. Second we needed to look at the world’s hot spots and find ways to bring the conflicts to an end. The third was to improve health care and keep costs low. These three goals would keep us busy as a group for sometime to come. I believe that education is the key to improving life for all people. People who do not think for themselves tend to follow others and accept what they are told as truth. Getting a level of education worldwide needed to allow people to think is a real task in itself. As it has to start at the lowest economic levels. Someway this would have to be worked into the planning.

The finding ways to help feed those who were hungry, educating the poor and provide better medical help was all a money thing. Trying to stop the fighting between countries and groups was going to be much more difficult. It was always either an economic, political or religious conflict. These types of conflicts are always where both sides feel their views are the only right ones. It is also where power is the goal for its leader. Power is what I had been handed, yet it worried me that it could be misused so easy. Anyone coming into this world would have to be very different than most people today. The power they would have must be seen for the benefit of those who have none. They could not be the normal bleeding hearts of the world. This group used power for their own ends. Most were not rational in their out looks. Well time would bring me to the how and it would happen one step at a time.

Chapter 6 Adding To The Knowledge Base ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Upon waking up I started the coffee brewing and hit the shower. After a quick shower I could smell the coffee and dried off quickly and went in and got a large cup. I took an ice

cube out of the freezer and cooled it down enough to drink some quickly. With the sun shining and a good cup of coffee all I needed was to slip some shorts and a shirt on and go sit on the patio for a bit. The breeze was light and the sky clear and light blue. The birds could be heard chirping and the river running over the rocks created a relaxing sound. What a beautiful day it has started to be. Just for a short time I had given no thought to what was ahead. I came back into the house, got another cup of coffee and went to my bedroom and sat down at the computer. Reaching below the keyboard I flipped the switch and asked Vortec if he was there? “Yes, John I am always here whenever you call.” “I just need another piece of data to add into the thinking process. Can we produce additional robots like you if we have a need for them?” “You can have as many as you need, but it takes 7 days to build and test new robots. There is a process, which allows faster production, but you do not get a fully human equivalent. These cannot function in your world without people knowing they are not human. You also can have more of the human DNA units that the computer has developed. It is a good enough copy of a human they cannot be detected by any normal test.” “What is our limit per week in fully human units?” “Production can be run in the incubator and shipped by transporter to where you want them. So we can produce up to 70 units per week. If you want specialized units it takes a day or two longer for their programming and conditioning. A unit trained to be a medical doctor is the most difficult, as they could kill a person while doing surgery and that is against our programming. So these units have to have special conditioning to allow for this risk. If a human died from surgery performed by them they would self-destruct after leaving the room, if it was their fault. This is a very high-risk area for any unit.” “At this point I would like for you to start production of the first 70 human units and we will decide how many may need special programming and conditioning later. I also want as many fully functional robots as we can produce for the next six months.” “It will be started at once and I will keep you updated each day on the progress. Is there anything else you will need?” “It would be nice to have a separate area for offices and meeting rooms. Each office should be large, with a full computer set-up, white boards and comfortable seating for several people to get together at a time. I want the people we do bring in feeling as normal as possible in their work surroundings. They need to feel they are in a normal office like they work in today. We will need some kind of large screen on one wall allowing them to see outside and working like a window for them. It also needs to be their television when they are watching news or need visual data images. Is that possible?”

“It will be completed within the next 48 hours. I see no problems in anything you have asked. We have the solid rock structure to work with and it will go quickly. What is the size of a large office?” “I would think a 20‘ x 20’ space should do nicely for an office and something in a 20‘ x 40’ for a conference room. Plan on a table and 13 chairs in the meeting room. I also need the computer hooked to a large wall screen in that room.” “Your offices and meeting room will be ready when you need them. I will show you our layout and plan when you come today.” “Thank you Vortec I will talk to you later.” I reached down and flipped the switch to off. Now it was time to get ready for Sandy. I had been told to have food ready, so I would meet that demand. You just cannot deal with a hungry lady. So feed her then try to recruit her was the plan. I busied myself with doing some bacon in the oven, frying potatoes and fixing biscuits in the toaster oven. I expected to fix omelets when she arrived. So I got the eggs out and fixed a bowl of them. Also to make them more interesting I diced green peppers, onions, red peppers, a fresh tomato and got some cheddar cheese out. Turning the potatoes and draining the grease off the bacon, then placing the pan back into the oven kept me busy. I did not even hear her walk in the door. “It is nice to see a man working so hard in the kitchen,” she said. “Well, I have this demanding lady coming over who said if I did not have enough food to feed her she would not stay. Grab a seat and I’ll have this done in a few minutes. Relax and after we eat I will pick your brain.” “If you tried to do that before you fed me you would not get much” she said laughing. This was a lady who enjoyed life and just did not try to hold anything back. She was a fun type who likes playing with words and doing fun verbal battles. But she had a very serious side to her also. When it came time to get serious she was perceptive, able to take a little data and see a larger picture. That was the kind of help I needed. Don’t tell me something is not possible; tell me how it can be done. Sandy had those kinds of skills. I finished the cooking and put the food on the table. With omelets, fried potatoes, biscuits, bacon and coffee we had a good brunch. “This looks great and I am hungry enough to handle my share” Sandy proclaimed. “That is a good thing, as I don’t do leftover’s well. Besides I intend to work whatever you eat off you before the day is out.”

She laughed and said, “I expected no less from a man who wants low cost computing power.” “After we are done I’ll show you my latest computer and you can tell me how I did, as I spent nothing for this one. It is the cheapest computer I have ever had. But I would bet that IBM has nothing to compete with it!” “There you go John making a statement I can pick apart in no time” she chuckled. “I am sure IBM has no fear of anything you have here. But I will say you’re a far better cook than I am. So that should be enough for your ego.” As we finished our food I asked her, “if she would like more coffee to take to the computer with her?” “Yes that would be nice.” I told her to go on in and play with the new machine while I got us both some more coffee. As I walked into the desk in the bedroom I could hear her voice talking to herself. “John what is this, as it is no computer?” I said, “computer this is Sandy.” The machine said, “nice to meet you Sandy what can I do for you?” Sandy looked shocked and at first did not know what to do. But she then came back with “how are you better than other normal computers?” “Your computer systems are based on silicon chips and I am a DNA computer. I think and learn, so there is no problem that I cannot solve if given a little time. I have in my memory every know fact, access to any other computer system on Earth and the ability to use those systems for any need John has.” Sandy looked at me in a funny way. Then she asked, “could you access the community college and show me the personnel file for Sandy Duncan?” “Yes Sandy here it is for you.” Sandy looked white as a sheet. Her entire personnel file with all of her personal data, peer reviews and pay information was there on the screen for her to see in the blink of an eye. She sat back shook her head and said, “I have never seen anything like this before. Do you know with this that you control more power than the entire United States government? Every system is open to you and I would think untraceable back to you?”

“I am sure it is untraceable and yes I understand the power. That is why I need to talk with you. What did you think of the images I sent to you, other than a movie set or an advanced civilization?” “They intrigued me, but I did not think they were real. What I have seen here in 60 seconds has made me understand how real they are.” “Sandy I am looking for up to 12 people to bring together as a working group for the benefit of the entire world. Not just the United States, but also every nation in the world. I need to find people with skills I just don’t have, who can work as a group towards this goal. The financial ability is in place, the work area is there and the technology is there. Take a close look at me and tell me how old I look?” She looked very close and shook her head as she smiled. “You’re younger today than last month by a good twenty years. How can this be?” “I have agreed to extend my life to build this group and try to fix as many of the problems worldwide as possible. In this to become a part of the group you would also have to take that step. The group needs to be like brothers and sisters in that we cannot have divisions over personal relationships. What I am asking you to become part of even Isaac Asimov would have thought a fairy tale. All you have seen to this point is the tip of the iceberg. Sandy I need people I can trust and depend on for good input and advice. People not driven by money or greed. People who care that children are being killed or starving because their parents cannot feed them. That the world’s problems are economically stimulated or caused by religious or political intolerance. We need to understand the one rule in any solution, is that we take no life from anyone. Not one person can die by our hand or directions.” Sandy sat back and looked at me with a blank stare. She was breathing slowly and you could see her mind was in a processing mode. Then she responded with, “if no one is killed or ordered killed by us or those working with us I would agree. But I still have many questions that must be answered” This statement seemed to shock her as it came out. “Dear be sure you’re willing to give up life, as you know it today. I can promise you it will never be the same for you again. I have no one living with me and no close friends who I run around with here. So it is not as big a change for me as it would be for you. It would require your leaving the school and just kind of disappearing from view. Money for you would be no problem, so that is not at issue here. Think about what if any problems that might cause?” “John I will just accept a business offer for a job that will allow me to sell the house and move. That will talk care of any problems I can think of.” This she was not sure where the idea came from either?

“In that case consider your house sold and we will move you out and into a home, which can be somewhat isolated. It will be fully protected and give you some freedom of getting outside and enjoying some peace. I will explain a lot more later. But now I will take you to the control center in the pictures, as you will need a physical and your health information placed on record. Meeting Vortec is also a must for you.” “Vortec, who is that may I ask?” “Vortec is the vehicle that has allowed this whole project to get off the ground. I am sure you will find him interesting and like no one you have ever met. Now I need you to step over in front of the closet and stand on the plate on the floor. You need to keep your balance when you get to the control room and step off the plate there. I will be right behind you and will allow sixty seconds to clear the plate before following you. OK Sandy step onto the plate and I will send you to the control center.” As she stepped on the plate and relaxed, I reached out my hand and placed it on the wall-mounted plate. She was gone in a heartbeat. I counted slowly to sixty by thousands and stepped on the plate and put my hand on the control plate. Just as fast as Sandy has disappeared I was in the control room. “Hello Vortec I hope all is going well today.” “Yes John everything is right on plan as you asked.” “This is Sandy, Vortec and she has agreed to become part of the team here. I want you to take her to the medical area and get her scan done. Then we all will sit down and discuss what the next steps should be.” “As you wish John. Sandy please follow me and I will have the scan done in no time at all.” Sandy just walked behind Vortec without a word. She seemed almost a walking zombie. This was just so out of character for her I guess these changes registered fast. I missed her always having a comment or sparing with words. I am sure using the transport plate had hit her. I walked around the control room looking at each piece of equipment and seeing with new eyes what was really here. For some strange reason I knew what I was looking at and what it could do. This sent a chill up my spine, as it said a change had happened in my mind. One that I could not explain with what I knew or thought I did? How did this new knowledge get into my mind and what would happen next? Vortec and Sandy returned to the control area and we walked to the dinning hall to sit and talk. I was quite and in thought also as we walked. After we sat down I asked Vortec if it was possible to get a cup of coffee for Sandy and myself?

“Yes I took the liberty of having a pot made when I knew you were coming. I will get you both a cup. How do you drink your coffee Sandy?” “Sandy likes it the same as I do just hot and black. No cream or sugar is needed for us.” After Vortec returned with the coffee and placed it in front of us I had to ask him. “How is it that as I walked the control room today I knew what every piece of equipment was and how it was to be used?” “That is a complex answer, but to keep it simple the computer read your magnetic field from your thoughts and responded with an answer. As in all humans you have electrical impulses for each question or action. Each creates a little different magnetic field and the computer can pick up on it here in the mountain rooms. If it feels you need an answer it will provide the data you need. It cannot read thought, but does the next best thing it reads your eyes and the magnetic field, to see if it needs to give you information. It will seem a little strange to you at first I am sure. But the computer can only give you hard facts it does not have the ability to reason and supply an abstract answer. The masters built that into it, so a computer could not take over your world. When you are looking at taking any action the computer can only tell you the history of past cause and effects. Decision-making is also not allowed, as that was another block placed in it. The masters had a rigid rule of not allowing technology to rule. We can support your goals and plans, but we cannot change them or plan them for you.” Sandy seemed to be more awake and was following the conversation closely. She seemed like she wanted to ask a question and for some reason was holding back? “What is on your mind young lady? I can see you have questions and for some reason your not asking them.” “Well, I see Vortec, hear him and see nothing that tells me he is different than you or I. Yet, I feel there is something missing?” Vortec looked at Sandy and told her “I am a robot and here to serve John and his goals. The masters placed me here over 20,000 years ago and yes I have been upgraded and every part of me changed at least several times during that span. But I have the memories from day one stored in my data banks. The computer also has every scrap of knowledge I do, but not the close detail that is stored by me. I can tell you everything from any contact I have ever had with a human. The way I was built I do have feelings and understand emotions. The computer does not have the ability to store or interpret those areas of human life. So we class one robots serve a purpose beyond what the computer can and are the counter balance for it. The ability to understand joy, sorrow, happiness or why a human cry’s is just not in the computers ability to interpret.”

Sandy looked shocked once more at this statement. I got the feeling she was feeling like Alice in Wonderland. So I just sat back and waited for her to form the questions I knew were coming. She looked at Vortec and said, “you’re not a human? I would not have guessed that in a million years. The touch of your hand is warm and just like human skin. How is that possible?” “No I am not human in the way you or John are. I have a covering skin that is very much like yours in composition but it is synthetic. It has to be replaced on the wear points every few months. I stay at the human temperature because the cooling method for the fluids that make my joints work and that allow me to walk and lift are cooled through this covering. It works much like your blood system. My data banks are a type of DNA computer that can handle trillions of computations per second. It works much like your own brain and nervous system. I cannot die or be destroyed, as there is a force field around me to cover any threat. These things will also be true of the new robots John has asked to be made. The only difference with them is John can deactivate them when they have completed their tasks until needed again. Which reminds me I do need to know how many DNA units should be male forms and how many females? Also if you wish different nationalities or ethnic types what they will be. It does not have to be decided until tomorrow, but I will need the answer by then. By the next day I will have to know how many are to be conditioned for special assignment.” Sandy who seemed to have a ton of questions bubbling up asked Vortec, “when you say male and female how real is the anatomy of each?” “Very real Sandy, as each DNA unit would be able to go into your world and pass a physical without exception. The ability to have a physical examination, x-ray or CATSCAN is the same as you. So the chance of detection is around one in a million. My ability to breathe is part of the cooling system I carry. So in almost every way I am a copy of humans. My type is not able to pass close medical examination. I do require some food and water to extract nutrients for the DNA computer that is my brain and data bank. This happens once a week and the liquid is injected into a pump in my abdomen and the waste fluid drained off. It is a very efficient system and we can go as long as a month without this food source. As the computer always knows exactly where we are, so we can always be found quickly if need be. The units we are building do function the same as John or you in almost all ways. They have been developed over the last five hundred years by the computer. The only difference is they have a small DNA computer in them to connect with the computer here. That gives them all the data they could ever need,” Sandy looked at me and asked, “why did you request 70 more units or robots to be built?” “The idea in my mind was we needed around 380 of them to have at least 2 in every country in the world. Also to have one for each of us that is for our protection, to act as secretary and assistant. This way we could assign work to them and do what we need to do. It would allow us to cover more ground faster.”

Looking somewhat confused she asked, “what do you want the two in each country to do,” she asked? “I feel they should be medical personnel and that way they could help people and provide us information on the ground. News reports are not all that accurate and they sell the story anyway they can or to fit the government. But a doctor hears things from real people who were there and this type information would be more accurate. So having a fast response clinic with two doctors and medicines that cost a government nothing might be a way to get this input. We could have our pharmaceutical company appear to finance these clinics as a goodwill gesture. Each pair sent would be of those countries ethnic background and speak their language. So it would not seem like the USA or any other country was invading theirs. We could have the computer set up any records in each country to cover them. Their only job would be to watch and report back to the computer. It crossed my mind that husband and wife teams would work best to keep down any sex interest from outside. The initial groups sent out would take around 158 teams or 316 doctors. Each clinic would have a transport plate to allow fast access back to here as required. This way we could send drugs, equipment and when needed extra help quickly. It also bypasses the import problems and theft at docks.” Sandy seemed to be processing this answer. She asked, “Vortec do you see any problems with this idea? Are there any things that have not been covered for the first 316 units?” “No, I understand what John wants exactly and how to meet this goal. I will have the pharmaceutical company contact all the governments and make them this offer. You are right about the news stories and having medical help there will bring much good information back to us. Do you want them to cover this cost?” I had to think about this and then it hit me. “No, I want all the companies we have control of to form a foundation for world medical health. Each is to contribute to this foundation and any short fall can be taken from our cash accounts. I want one unit to be the head of this foundation and to solicit donations from other large companies. The books on this foundation are to be open for all to see that the money is managed correctly and the return for the investment is the best in the world. Any excess money is to be invested so that the foundation can grow. As it can afford to do it, services will be expanded. It is a start to providing good health care where it is needed and a great lab at each clinic.” Sandy smiled at me and looked very relaxed for someone who had taken a major step on faith. “You know that is just what I would expect from you. John you have a heart as big as anyone I have ever known. This makes the decision I made today one that was a no brainier, as I truly feel good about this direction. So far everything I have seen and heard is aimed at helping people. The one reservation I had was how this was all going to be pulled together so it worked without political motives. You and I have never discussed any political issues, so I had no idea of your views?”

Looking back on our times together I found this was true. “Sandy there are some steps we will have to take in the political areas. But, they need to be aimed at stopping or preventing fighting between fractions or governments where people are being injured and killed. We cannot become another Earth government ourselves in the way we react to events. We must be for the people’s side on whatever issue has caused the problem. Most governments make a part of their decisions base on its own need to survive or for economic reasons that benefit the few. I see our group as a balancing factor to be sure the people come out in the long run. If a decision is going to simply enrich a small group, the spotlight needs to be turned on that issue. Where religion is a factor we need to use the tools we have to influence directions. Vortec has told me that the different religions were started and guided by the master’s plan. So we do have the ability to have influence in this area.” The information took a little time to digest and understand for her. “You seem to have a larger head start on me with the knowledge you have gained on the past history of the master’s. It is something I am sure you will catch me up on. But a girl needs to have as much information as possible to be able to give you good advice.” Catching up would not take her very much time once she got home. “You will find a computer, a transport plate and a secure property when you return home. The computer will bring you up to date on the history of this world and will answer any questions you have. Your area to direct is the technology side. In this area I will accept your input on what should be transferred for use to humans. What we need to do for security, how we will be able to intervene safely or how best to use what we have to effect change. So learning this technology and its capabilities will be critical for your assignment. You have a technology corporation to use as a way to feed advances into the market. We own 85% of this company, so you will be know there as the Director of R & D. Your contact will be by computer and videoconference connections. At this point you have only seen the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more for you to be brought up to date on. Just ask the computer for whatever you need and it will be provided. Vortec will have your new home ready in a few days and as I told you your house has been purchased already by us. You will be given a new set of credit cards when you leave here that only you can use. Use these to pay any bills or just give the computer a list of bills to be paid and it will be done. Money from now on will not be a concern for you. I will have an account set up for you and funded to allow you the financial ability to help family as needed. But there is no regular pay check, you will just get what you need when you need it.” This seemed to take her back. “For some reason I had not even really considered money. But I do have a need for it in that my daughters school loans do still cost me.” I knew she had several large bills she was paying off and felt those we needed to clear up. But having a bank account with a good sum of money in it would also give her a secure feeling. The next issue for her to consider was adding people to the group. “One item we need to consider when you have time is who else you feel might be a good addition to this group. They cannot be anyone without an open mind in all areas. They need to have little in ties they have to cut and not be money driven. These are not going to be easy

people to find, as we have to fill up to eleven seats at our table with the skills needed. This needs to be a pragmatic group in that we cannot solve all the problems we see without stretching our abilities to far. So the first areas we need to fill are finance, history, space uses, law and psychology. We will recruit from outside our own country where possible, so keep an open mind on people, as the computer will vet them for us.” I could see her thinking about this. She was slow to form her questions, but I knew they were coming. “I am not sure how we reach that goal? Where do we look for possible additions to the group?” Good questions, as I was working with this problem also. “My best guess at this point is finding people who are unhappy with the world today. People who have changed their lives and made commitments to improving the lives of others. I know they are not going to be easy to find with the right skills, but with the computers help we can I am sure make progress.” “You’re not talking about idealist or radicals right?” “No way, I am taking about well educated people who want to make a difference even if it is in a small way. People who are not political, religious or driven by money is a key. As I see the group I wish to bring together we must all understand that the type of government is not important. How the people are cared for and given opportunity is critical. If a county has a large starving population, is not providing shelter or food for those in need I have a problem with the government. Governments must be growing its industrial base and educational options to provide jobs for people. Opening up the ability to earn a living and educating its people so they can better themselves.” Vortec had been listening to this and following the ideas. “I know the computer can help find the people you want. The basic concept of what is a good government is very accurate. Having programs to give all that is needed has failed every place they have tried it. People must be motivated to want more and then given the chance to reach out and up, must be there for them. The key to allowing them to grow is education in my opinion.” Sandy seemed impressed with Vortec’s analysis and the goals for the group. “This is getting more interesting the more I hear. Trying to plug these holes in many countries is going to be hard. In much of South America, Africa and Asia education has not been a high priority. The poor lower class has been held back in this area. Most of these areas have not industrialized and the people are paying for that.” Sandy’s thoughts were also accurate and I felt good about her willingness to discuss them freely. “Well, we have a lot to research and plan. I have taken the rest of the week off at work and will be trying to formulate a plan for us. It is a sure thing we cannot attack all of this at once. So some solid foundation must be built before we start to build the structure. Right now is going to be the most critical time, as the foundation we build must handle a lot of growth later.”

Vortec was just sitting back and absorbing the comments again. “I am impressed with the thinking process so far. You also need to take into account the technology you now have in your control. You have money, corporations, spacecraft, vast computer ability, the ability to defend anyplace without killing anyone and a knowledge base beyond any on Earth. The units that can be created for you will provide a solid base of a loyal workforce with great knowledge and ability. Any asset of Earth in resources is open to your development even deep under water. You can also mine on any planet that has what you need. You have no limits to the ability to cause growth in areas that need it. How you reach these goals is going to be more important, as you wish to keep a low profile. Your desire to touch people and improve life must not be high profile or many questions will arise that you don’t want.” With that Vortec looked at both of us to gauge our reactions. Sandy was first to reply. “That is a lot of resources and learning to use them will take some time. But you say we have spacecraft?” Vortec smiled at her, “yes you have spacecraft that can take you anyplace in the universe quickly.” I felt a little overwhelmed and yet more confident. “The assets we have now will be a great point to start with. But we cannot try to attack all the problems we face yet. The medical centers will provide a lot of data for us on how we can integrate facilities into countries. In this we will be asked to come in and will have a set of agreements we operate by. If a country will not agree to these simple conditions we do not go there. How well this is received will tell us a lot about dealing with each form of government. But for now we have to have time to think and workout the plan. So Sandy and I both need to get home and let this simmer in our minds.” Sandy was laughing at the last comment. “I am not just in overload I am feeling lost to some degree. Just so much to do, but we have a lot of time to get it done. So lets get to your house and let me get to mine. I want to see the changes that have been made there.” Vortec walked over to a drawer into the wall. He reached in and took something out and closed the drawer. “Here are the credit cards for each of you. They will only work for you, as there is a small DNA chip that reads yours to match and allow them to be processed. If someone else handed it to a clerk the DNA of that person would not activate the magnetic strip so it would not read. It is as I told John unlimited as far as size of purchase or cash advance. So it will never be turned down. Now you both can leave and get ready for the future.” We all walked to the transport plate and Sandy and I headed back to the house. We had used up the best part of the afternoon with this trip. Sandy was in thinking mode and so was I. “Be careful going home as I need you and your input.” This broke her out of the trance the data had created. “I will and we will be talking again soon. This is going to take a little time to process and adjust to. I almost feel like an alien

now, as life is so different that just a few hours ago. It will take a little time to understand it all. I will call you tomorrow if not sooner. But now I need to get home and relax some.” Sandy headed out the front door and to her car. This was for sure a day she would not forget. Her whole life had turned on a dime and was forever changed. I was already changed and now trying to workout the framework I could survive in. You would think the position I found myself in would be rather easy with all the assets I had at my disposal. But I really did not see them as mine. They were the property of all the humans on Earth and I was to manage them for their benefit. Instead of being a King I was a servant. That was the philosophy the entire group had to accept to be effective.

Chapter 7 More of the Learning process

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Sandy was in deep thought and was into a world all her own. So much had happened in so short a time. It was hard to absorb all the data she had been exposed to that fast. Her work had a mathematical precision to it. Today was like a painting with a few brush strokes in different places on the canvas. Getting hold of the whole picture was much more difficult. Her gut told her it would all come together under John’s direction. But, not having a clear picture of where it all was headed and what contribution she could make made her feel somewhat lost right now. The fact of quitting her job was another step that concerned her. She was cutting many ties she used to stay grounded. As Sandy pulled into her driveway Tom the retired man next door came over to her car. “Did you know there were surveyors and electronics people here at your house today? The surveying crew marked out the yard and the electronics people were putting in some kind of alarm system in the house.” “Yes Tom I have sold the house, as there was a job offer I just could not refuse. The new owner wanted the alarm system put in before closing on the house. So that is why all the activity today.” “I will be sorry to see you leave. You have always been so nice to my wife and I. Does the new owner has a family?” “No Tom the company I am going to work for has purchased the house and as it will be vacant most of the time they wanted the security system. The house is mine to use whenever I wish, so I may be back from time to time. They may also allow other company personnel to use it when in this area. I will be moving my things out as soon as I have a replacement at the college. They then will refurnish it once I am out.” “Well, if there is anything Mae and I can do to help just let us know?” Tom walked off shaking his head. “Thank you Tom, but I think the company has covered everything for me, as I don’t even have to pack the house up. Just grab a suitcase and get in the car and go.” She walked to the mailbox and got today’s group of bills. Thinking about paying them she laughed. That was no longer any problem and her daughter’s college loans were also now a thing of the past. She was thinking of Amy and wondering how she would handle telling her about this change in her life. Amy was now in a world of research at a California biomedical center. She had finished her PHD in bioengineering at Duke University. So they did not see each other often. The phone has been the major contact point and e-mails from time to time. She would have to e-mail Amy and let her know about taking a new job. It also might be nice to let her know the college loans were paid off.

As she walked to the door it just did not feel the same as when she left. Her whole life had changed in less than six hours. The thought of who really am I right now hit her like a two by four. She was no longer a professor, mother raising a child, a homeowner or even a taxpayer? It felt like she had fallen into a black hole. This has to be mid-life crises or something like one? As the door unlocked she expected something to happen. There was total silence and nothing seemed different from when she had left this morning. She closed the door and went to her computer in the back bedroom. The computer was different and just like the one at John’s. So she walked over to it and sat down. The note on the monitor said to look for a switch below the keyboard tray and to contact Vortec or John just turn it on and say the name she wanted. Reaching down she flipped the switch and said “Vortec.” “Yes Sandy what can I do for you?” “I am having some real mental reactions to the decisions I have made. The problem is I just don’t have a clue how to focus myself at this moment. After leaving John’s today I could not see a picture in my mind of our real direction and goals. I got home and found it really was not home any longer; I will not have a job as a professor and will not be a taxpayer for long. My entire life is gone and I have to rebuild one from scratch. It is like starting life all over again.” Vortec understood her feelings and had expected it to come to a head. “That is true Sandy and I have seen it many times in the past. We have borrowed people from time to time and given them knowledge they needed to stimulate the growth of technology. These people came away far more knowledgeable than their peers. It has caused many problems for some of them. A couple could never rebuild and they ended up killing themselves. It is a crisis and only the strong survive. The way to surviving it is accept it and be willing to allow time to play out the recreation of your goals and objectives. Understand the task John has taken is far bigger than what he can handle, without support from you and others as time moves forward.” This made some reasonable sense to her. “Thanks Vortec someway I knew you would have a soothing effect on my nerves. I am a very right brain logical sequential person who works better with structure. This kind of decision-making on the fly tends to unnerve me.” In an attempt to add some information she did not have he went on. “Sandy just to allow you some insight, John has been watched by us since he was four years old. We know what he is capable of and that is why he was chosen to lead this group. We did some small adjustment with his mind over 59 years ago and then allowed it to develop from that time. He was a hyperactive child before anyone knew what that was. We just slowed him down some, so the full capacity of his brain could develop. He has an IQ of around 140 on your scales and yet he is fully developed as a human being. There are social skills,

management skills, problem solving skills and he is able to function well under pressure. That is why we have allowed him to lead this group. He now has control over every function of our control centers and that can never be taken from him. That may help you know the trust we have placed in him. He could have sat back and just made all the decisions, but he believes that he is only as smart as the total of the brainpower he has around him. That the more minds involved the better the solution will be. That should tell you how little ego is involved with his management style.” She knew much of this but did not know how long they had tracked him. “I can tell you John did not worry me. But knowing how long you have watched him develop is comforting. Also knowing he has full control that cannot be taken back helps settle my mind. But I really needed someone to help me see the larger picture.” With a smile Vortec was ready for this step. “John had seen this and I have assigned a DNA unit to you. Adam is at your home and waiting for you at the transport plate. That by the way is in your basement in the closet that has nothing in it. Your hand was scanned during the medical check so the hand plate on the wall will work for you. Just tell the computer where you are going and when you step on the plate. Put your hand on the hand plate it will move you there. In the case of your plate or John’s it does require approval at the other end for someone to come to you. Remember it can only take you to another plate, which for now is the seven control centers and John’s. As the medical clinics are set up you will have access to all of them.” Someone was waiting in a closet for her to make this call? “How in the world did you or John know I was going to need help?” “John had his own problems dealing with all of this at first. He knew you had agreed to join him in a trusting moment. So he and I talked about being able to support your decision the best we could.” “I thank you both for the safety net, I think?” With that covered Vortec decided to provide additional information. “Now I have found the site for all of you to have some freedom without having to worry about neighbors or safety. It is in a remote part of Virginia called Bath County Virginia right at the West Virginia border. There is a mountain valley with no roads or hiking trails going into it. I have homes being built for you and John and will have room for a dozen more people as they are needed. Each home will have around 200 acres of land around it so you each will have freedom even from each other. These will be built back into the sides of the mountains, so as not to draw attention to them. The fronts will be totally glass so you can see the valley. You will have horses to ride and electric powered vehicles very much like snow cats and if you wish any pets that might be enjoyed by you. The barns and parking for the transportation will also be built into the side of the mountain. A security force will handle any work to be done and also keep predators out. There is no way for any one to know someone lives there, as it is forest land with large meadows owned by one of our companies. You will have power; running water, food supplies and we have the ability to

provide any weather you wish at any time of year. We can make the valley invisible from the air so that is no problem either. It will allow you to work from there as often as you wish in complete safety. Are there any other items I can help you with before you meet Adam?” Sandy liked what she was hearing. “No Vortec I appreciate both John’s and your help. I am sure Adam will fill me in on whatever else I need to know.” Walking down stairs she was wondering what Adam would look like? Were all the units the same as Vortec or did each have its own facial features and personality? It had been many years since she had a man in her home on a full time basis, so this would take some getting used to. As she opened the closet door her mouth dropped. There stood the most beautiful looking human form she had ever seen. He stood about 6‘-1“ and looked to weight about 160 pounds. He had blond hair, the bluest eyes she had ever seen and a face that looked angelic. He smiled and it just sent goose bumps up and down her spine. Adam looked to be about early twenties in age and could have made a fortune in the movies. ”Sandy I am Adam your security person and personal research assistant. Whatever you wish I am here to do. I can cook, drive a car, do laundry, provide massages, handle yard work and do any research you require. So just tell me what you need and consider it done. If you agree, I am assigned to you for as long as needed or until you tire of me.“ Sandy looked at Adam trying to find some way to identify he was not human. The face, hair, eyes and skin betrayed nothing. She looked at the hands and could see no difference between any human and Adam. This was going to take some time to adjust to having Adam here 24-7. Being used to living alone for so long and before with just her daughter at home, a man would be different matter. She was thinking of how to work around this problem, as she had a habit of walking around the house nude or very close to it. She also had gotten used to not closing doors after her daughter left home. There would have to be changes in her life on this level and that disturbed her. It was time to find out more about Adam and she asked him to follow her. As she walked upstairs to the computer in the back bedroom she knew she needed some input. So she asked Adam to clean the kitchen up and walked on to the bedroom. She closed the door and sat down at the computer. Reaching down she flipped the switch and said ”Vortec.“ The soft voice came back to her right away saying ”yes, Sandy.“ ”Vortec I need information to be able to handle having Adam with me in the house and how best to use his abilities.“ ”First Sandy you must accept Adam is not a normal human male he is a DNA unit. Nothing in your life really has to change. If instructed he waits for you to have a need in the basement or here at the control room or an assigned room. He does not sleep very

much, so he will monitor your security twenty-four hours a day. Nothing you do will upset him and he is not judgmental about humans. That is he would not respond in anyway to seeing a human nude or make any judgment on that condition. He is more like your computer and I would think your sitting undressed or partially so in front of it would cause you no concern. Adam would never repeat anything he has seen or heard while with you, as he is required by our programming to hold this confidential. We are not spies in your life. Only humans tend to be driven by the physical side of their being. It is the human that has developed all these moral laws and rules to fit their social settings. Many are good as they prevent emotional stress in your world and protect the weak. But others we have a problem understanding, as they are more from a religious perception. In this area we know the original text of the different religions and the texts these came from was never written that way originally. Man has rewritten areas of their religious documents to fit their perceptions. Often that was done during translation from one language to another. Now for Adam, you can best use him to do anything that frees you up to meet John’s needs. If you have research that needs to be done he can do that while you’re on the computer, as he does not need your machine to work with the computer here. He can have information placed in a file on your machine, for your review when ready. His main job is your security and safety. So please allow him to drive you to the college and wait to bring you home. His response times are 100 times faster than yours and he processes data at a rate you could never come close to. This way we know you will be safe from any possible accident until we have you moved into your new home. Moving by transporter plate is not a hazard and the area around your home will be safe.“ After digesting this information she knew she was going to have to work things out in her own mind. ”Thank you Vortec I guess my questions may seem silly to you, but very real to me. This is still all so new and it does change my life and perceptions.“ ”Do you need further data Sandy?“ ”No, I will get this sorted out and adjust to Adam.“ As she cut the switch off the confusion was still in her mind. In trying to rethink the problem she sorted through her life experiences. The ways you are brought up in a lifetime is a hard thing to change. We start with rules our parents set for us and modify or add to these with our peers, spouse and children. It is a complex set of rules we end up constructing as a framework for our lives. Often the rules hold true only for certain situations and not in others. We often have one set of rules for outside our homes and another for inside them. The complexity of the human thought process and the web of rules we build tend to form our personalities. We react to this in all we see and perceive. We tend to judge others and see situations in how we would handle them. That creates many opinions in any group that observes the same event. The chances of having two out of twenty people see the same things are slim. There always seem to be differences between all the reports given. With this process she saw this changed her at home rules and decided to work her way into what was comfortable for her slowly. She needed to keep in mind that Adam was a DNA unit and not an Earth human.

With these decisions made she went into the kitchen and was amazed to see it like a new house would be. The floors looked like they had new covering on them, the counters sparkled and the stainless just shined. Every cabinet and wall had been washed down, polished and the room had the feel of never having been used. ”Adam you did a great job of cleaning this up! I saw it like this when I purchased the house and it never looked that good again. Do you think you could fix something to eat while I take a bath?“ ”Yes. Sandy do you have anything special you would like?“ ”No, just find what there is here and put something together. Eating is more a habit for me any more than an enjoyable experience.“ With this she walked to the bathroom to start a bath. Then to the bedroom and left the door open, as she got ready for the bath. This was a step down the path to change. She went into the bathroom and just pushed the door about halfway closed, then got into the tub. Feeling the warmth from the water penetrate the muscles helped relax her. This was the best she had felt in the last few hours. So much had happened and the adjustment was going to be a long path to get where she needed to be. All she could think of now were her changes and yet she knew the rewards would also be great. While her mind was drifting she heard Adam calling to tell her dinner would be ready in about 5 minutes. She finished washing and quickly washed her hair. Then got out and started to dry off and after wrapping her head in a towel, put her robe and slippers on. She walked into the kitchen and could not believe the food on the table. There was a bowl of steamed vegetables, one of rice, another of some kind of meat and a fresh pot of coffee ready. The smells were enough to make the mouth water. She sat down at the table and asked ”Adam what is meat?“ ”It is pieces of beef in a ginger sauce. I hope you like Chinese food as I saw in your cabinets several different items of Chinese ingredients. So decided I might be safe fixing this for you.“ ”You did great as I love Chinese food and never cook it for myself any more. But I did not have the beef or vegetables for this. How did you get it? I did not hear you leave to get what you needed.“ ”That is something that from now on will be easy. I just asked the computer to send me the food items I needed. Then went to the transport plate and picked them up with a small plate for up here. The group owns a chain of food stores worldwide. So I can get anything needed to fix whatever you would like at mealtime. The fresh fruits and vegetables are always available some place in the world. We have stocked the café at the control center and have a cook ready to prepare food for you and John at anytime of day or night. There is also a large freezer and dry or canned food storage area behind the café. So if ever required over 50 humans could be sustained for well over a year. This was built during

the nuclear period into each of the control centers so if required we could restart mankind if the powers used the missiles and bombs they had. We knew that if this happened there would be no life left on this world. We have had drones out looking at systems near Earth that could support life or be made to do that. At this point we have several worlds almost ready for humans to be added. John and you will have the option of using these or not. They are now all reachable by transport plates, so movement of people is not a problem. Each has resources in the way of water, fresh air, wood, food, animal life, metals and minerals. There are several areas where each is better than Earth. They do not have the plate movement that causes Earthquakes and tidal waves. There are large seas and oceans well stocked with fish. One of the better things for these worlds is they don’t have the dangerous bacteria or viruses that causes health problems here on Earth. But placing humans on these worlds will I am sure have health effects of it own.“ This seemed to surprise Sandy even knowing that spacecraft were available. ”That is incredible Adam. The fact of a back up plan to save mankind if the world went crazy. Or at least if the leaders of the world had over stepped reason. It does say a lot about your programming and commitment to the human race. You said they are almost ready. What is left to be done before they can be used?“ ”We have never placed humans on any of these worlds. So there is no data as to how well humans will function or if they can survive long term. That can only be determined by placing groups on each world and following their progress. This step has been left for decisions made by John’s group. If it sees this as an option needed to help feed and provide land for oppressed groups, it can make that decision.“ ”What a wonderful idea to solve some of this worlds problems. None of the governments of this world have the technology to have been able to do this. Nor do they have the ability to travel through space for any distance and assume control of these worlds. So it truly would be a safe haven for oppressed people. The major problem as I saw it was most of the truly oppressed of this world is uneducated and would require strong leadership to survive. They would have to be taught and given an education to not fall into the same trap. This is one problem John needs to look at for solutions.“ After eating and enjoying a great meal she said ”you know I am really tired and just may hit the bed early tonight.“ ”You do need to send some e-mails yet before you sleep for the night. The computer has reminded me to bring this to your attention.“ This was better than a reminder pad place someplace to keep you on track. ”Yes, with all that has happened it had slipped my mind. I do need to let my daughter know what is going on with the job change. I also need to let my boss know I will be coming to see him about resigning my position.“ So sitting down at the computer she quickly dictated a note to her boss and sent it. Then started to think about how to explain to Amy the change in her life. As she wrote the e-

mail she found she could tell 100% of the truth, as long as she left things out. Theses would one day be filled in, as she felt Amy would love to join their group after having the exposure to the working world. She needed time to grow and find her own truths. That was always the way of youth growing into tomorrow’s leaders. She quickly dictated a long e-mail letting her know she would be moving, that the school loans had been paid off and to let her know if she needed anything Sandy would help. After sending this one she was tired. The day, hot bath, talk with Adam and food had taken its toll. One more issue had to be settled. ”Adam I know you don’t sleep like a human does. So what will be the best for you while I sleep? I really cannot have you walking around the house while I am sleeping.“ ”I can either stay in the basement on your couch until your wake up time or go back to the control room until time to fix breakfast? It really is your choice, as I can monitor your security from either place.“ ”If you don’t mind your using the basement it is fine with me. There is a bedroom down there and the bed is made up.“ ”What do you normally eat for breakfast? I can have any thing ready for you if you will tell me what time and what you like?“ ”I like eggs, some breakfast meat, and biscuits with coffee. I intend to set my clock for 6:30 AM as I have a lot to get done tomorrow. I will be ready to eat around 7 AM and ready to leave for school by 7:45.“ With that she went to her bedroom and took pains not to close the door. She dropped her robe took the towel off, brushed out her hair and turned the clock alarm on. She really felt relaxed for some reason and slid under the covers. It took no time for her to be out cold.

Chapter 8 Seeing A Bigger Picture

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ John was sitting at his computer trying to fully understand the structure of the companies held by the group. He had been making a list of each of the companies and their holdings. This was a vast conglomerate and he was sure there was still much to find. As he looked at the list he started to read what he had picked up on each company. Earth Resources was 76% owned by the group. It was not publicly traded and the stock out standing was with people whose companies had been taken over by the corporation. The board was made up of each company president from takeovers and by 7 directors appointed by us, which worked well. It met just once a year and that was to discuss the next years operating budget and plans. The corporation was into development of mining ventures, oil/gas exploration, timber and land holdings. It purchased or traded stock for smaller operations to keep growing. They seemed to be one of the largest precious metals mining companies in the world. They also owned the land and timber at the site Vortec was preparing with housing for the group. The corporate headquarters was in Indianapolis Indiana. The annual income from this corporation was in excess of ten billion for the group. It was one company that could be expanded and used to help under developed countries. But we needed to find ways to purchase the outstanding stock from those minority stockholders. The next one was Pharmacon a large pharmaceutical company once more without being publicly traded. It seemed to have operating plants in 10 different countries. The main office was in Bern Switzerland. This company had massive sales in smaller countries and provided many generic drugs worldwide. Its sales were greater than Earth Resources and returns were about half as they kept profits down on drugs. It had a strong reputation in the third world. But five billion in profits was nothing to sneeze at. This corporations stock was held 71% by the group and governments in the third world owned the balance. Each had a member on the board and the group once again had 7 directors appointed. This was a way into the medical clinics I wanted to place around the world. Sea Ventures was a shipping, barge and salvage corporation of which the group owned 100%. Once again the operations seemed to be more third world. It operated in Asia, Africa and South America. The corporate headquarters was in Cape Town South Africa. From what could be told there were over 83 different ocean going ships, well over 450 barges at different ports and 3 ships rigged for salvage and five with cranes. The barges all seemed to be leased to other companies and the ships were either container or oil and gas carriers. The salvage ships and cranes seemed to be busy with government and insurance contracts to clear possible environmental problems or for construction. This corporation had a profit of over six billion a year. It was in the environmental side of things and that felt right. All its tankers were almost new and all double hulled so they were as safe as possible. So far none of these ventures were in any financial problems. They all seemed to generate good returns and were well managed.

The next on my list was Electronic Supply Corporation and it was a Singapore headquartered Corporation. It had plants throughout Asia and in India. The products in these plants were low cost fast drives, RAM and CPU chips, motherboards and monitors. There were 2 plants in China and these produced monitors and CPU chips. The group’s holdings here were just at 70.5% of the stock. The balance held by the bank of China, which meant the government in this instance. They had 3 directors and the group had 6. To get the money earned out of China we exported goods purchased from other companies within the country and made the money from sales of them. This corporation had a net return of over nine hundred million a year to the group. I had a major concern with this one, as I did not like one government owning so much of the stock. We needed to look at spinning off the China operations and expanding elsewhere. The next was World Builders a construction company that build and managed large projects. The corporation was located in Norfolk Virginia. It was a major contractor to the U S Navy. They seemed to have built ports, bridges, fuel loading and unloading stations and bases all over the world. The latest projects were in Afghanistan and Iraq where wars had been fought. The stock on this was 82% held by the group and the balance by companies taken over to grow. We had 5 directors and companies we had purchased held 4 seats. This generated an income of around four hundred million a year in poor years and much better in good ones. Our construction work needed to move more toward the third world and infrastructure. Farmer’s Friend was a large food group. It owned dairies, large farming operations, cattle feed lots, bakeries, export operations and a large chain of food stores worldwide. It was headquartered in London England and we owned 100% of this corporation. The major item of note was the way it purchased much of what it sold. There had been built over the years many farmers cooperatives in growing areas over the world. Each of these purchased under contract directly from the farmer rather than through a middleman. It did not lower the costs that much, as it cost a lot to keep the cooperatives in operation. But it did create a good relationship with the farmer, as they got a better price for their crops. It also financed many of those farmers and carried some until they could show a profit. The investment made in research and the development of new plants, which were always available to members of each cooperative, made the corporation popular. The corporation had a large research facility next to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia. They hired the best people and provided grants for research. The over all profits for the company was over three billion a year. This was one of the better investments Vortec had made. The last corporation on my list was Global Investments a large holding company of banks, stock brokerages, mutual funds and insurance companies. There were so many small and medium sized companies held, a list would have taken several pages. But the over all result was a huge resource of cash. This group seemed to handle all the profits for all our Corporations. Head-quartered in Geneva Switzerland it had the ability to use the best banking secrecy laws on the planet. Our group held 75% of the stock and other banking groups in Geneva held the rest. The board was made up of 6 directors from Geneva banks and 7 appointed by us. With the cash we had each year coming in there

was no problem finding places to put it to work in the banking capital of the world. The bottom line for this corporation was seven and a half billion in income each year. It seemed reasonable to have other banking interests involved here as it kept our secrecy much tighter. In adding the income of a normal year so as to get a picture of what we could do I was awed at the number. How could anyone spend better than fifteen billion a year even with the needs of the world? Let alone the over five hundred billion in the reserves which added more to the income figure. From what I knew at this point it cost us nothing to produce our robots and the power was generated in a different way from the world around us. The operation at the control rooms seems connected to nothing in the outside world. So what made it all operate? That was a question for the computer. “Computer what allows the control rooms to operate from a power and communications standpoint?” “We have a fusion reactor in each control center that produces the power we need. The communications is a little bit harder as there are satellites about the size of a baseball circling Earth at 2420 miles distance. These are so small and of a material that does not reflect radar that they have never been picked up on Earth. They are able to use unused space on commercial satellites when needed to transfer data to lines on Earth. So all communications comes from space and is not generated from any system that could be traced. If ever detected I would know at once and could switch to several back up systems now in place. There is little chance in the next 10 years or so of us having any problem on the communication side. As for the control centers we only need to use our own satellites. There has been placed 10 microwave towers in key areas, where we own the land, that use unknown frequencies here on Earth. These are for your use to keep trace ability down for business calls.” This answer really flew in the face of current science on Earth. “I thought fusion reactors were not possible? At least that is what science has told us today.” “Fusion is one of the oldest and most dependable forms of generating power. Your science has come close to getting it right and been laughed at when another group could not get the same results. So it has slowed down the research in this area. With a little help it could become the worlds power supply quickly. The cost for fusion power is very low and larger scale generation could be done quickly if needed. In fact the ability to use it for all forms of transportation would come quickly. It would solve much of the smog and pollution problems in the world. This is one of the tools for you to decide how it should be used in solving world issues.” It was strange talking with the computer and did not feel natural to me. “Thank you computer I appreciate the information. But I feel when I talk with you that I am talking with a person. We need to find a name for you that you like and is easy for us to say,” I said laughing.

“The masters and robots have always called me computer. Having a name would be nice. That would make me feel more a part of the group. I just had never had a reason to process that idea. Do you think it should be a male or female name?” This took little thought as I place the voice as female. “I think it should be a female name as that fits your voice.” “Is it all right with you if I think about this for a time?” “Yes, think it over and next time we will talk about it. With the information you have given me I will have to give some thought to that also. So put me back into the file system and let me get some work done.” The screen went back to the data on the corporations. In looking at the mix it seemed that we needed to look at power generation as a possible new company. I knew that the assets of Earth Resources would be hurt if fusion power became the future. The oil and natural gas needs of the world would drop off quickly if a cheap source of power were found. It also would create economic chaos for much of the Middle East, Mexico, South America, Africa and Asian areas, as oil became less of a commodity needed by the world. So this would have to be handled carefully and with the idea of not creating world chaos. Economies are what makes the world work and taking one of the largest commodities out of the trade system would turn it upside down. This was something where I would need input on it, to keep from destroying industries as well as countries. This one small change it seemed would turn the world economy in to chaos. Here I sat with a way to turn around much of the pollution of the world and felt my hands were tied to make that happen quickly. This job was going to be harder than I could have thought. Not money or technology was going to be the answer in itself. It was going to be more of a chess game of small moves and counter moves going after a grand result. This was another one to add to the list of discussion areas for later. I closed the file and just sat back to think. I finally reached down and flipped the switch below the keyboard and asked for Vortec. “Yes, John what can I do for you?” “I have been going over the assets of the group and had a conversation with the computer. I am right now over loaded with data and questions. So is it possible to run a search of possible candidates for our group in international law, economics, finance, history, psychology and space uses? I want people who are not married, have no children at home or close by and are thinkers. The age or health is not a factor as we can handle that problem. I would like some of them from other places in the world so we get an international view in discussions. To many white US citizens would color our thought processes with narrow thinking. I would like for them first to be interviewed by one of our units and then to talk with them by videoconference if they pass the initial interview. Being male or female is not as important to me as their abilities in their fields. We will compensate their families and they may not tell them where they are. They can communicate with them from here. But I think I want each brought here via one of the

other control rooms. That way their trail stops in another country. They are not to know where we are until we have had time to see them adjust and fit into our group. Then we will tell them the whole story.” “I see no problem with filling those needs as you asked. We will start a search for the needed personnel at once. It will be easy to bring them here and we do not have to use any other control room as we have portable transport plates that will do the job. Each will be given a cover story as to who is hiring them and a cash allowance to provide for their families while they are gone. A background screen will be done on each of them and you will be given a full file for your review before we make contact. If you approve that person and their abilities then we will go forward. Does this meet with your approval?” “Vortec you’re indispensable! I appreciate your abilities and advice. Thank you!” I reached down and turned off the switch. For some reason taking some action was exciting. It had a ways to go, but this felt like a step in the right direction. The medical teams would be ready in a few days to start placement and adding people for input to the group would be another. We would have the some of the foundation in place shortly. The name I had decided is to be “Global Clinics Health System.” This needed to be headquartered where export laws on equipment would not interfere with operations. Here I needed some legal advice before making that decision. Getting more of the group together was a critical move to going forward. We could not afford to raise the visibility of our group, so looking at the actions to be taken and risk factors would be needed. This required data that I was sure could not be seen by any one person. So forming a process of decision-making was needed. I thought it might be something like what was done in the discussions at the Supreme Court? Where a study was made of a project and a paper put together detailing the problem to be fixed, the actions to be taken and what the net result would be. This paper put together would be the document used for discussion at a group meeting. Then each area of specialization would put together the pros and cons from their knowledge base. This would be discussed a second time and a plan hammer out taking into account the whole of the information presented. Once a formal plan was put together we all would get a copy and have time to take a stand for or against going forward. The majority here would not rule all the time, as I knew from time to time risks were going to have to be taken. Not excessive ones but risks and I would decide how much risk is acceptable depending on the goal. But once my decision was made the group would then form a fall back position if one was needed. Using a pro and con basis for opinions would give the largest amount of information possible in the decision making process. My expectations would be that each side would research past events and results where possible. Then support their opinion with documentation required to support their position. By having several different nationalities involved with this process, we should get a reasonable idea of cultural impact on what we were looking to do. The best bet was with simple methods where education levels were low. In more complex societies the solutions would have to be much different.

In starting this way I brought each person into the process. As time went on and I gained confidence in their decision-making and abilities I could allow them more independence. At some point I should be able to delegate actions to them and allow them to run the show. One man could never make all the decisions that would be required when we were at full speed. So building the confidence in each person’s ability was a key to giving them more responsibility. That was covered by the word, power. Each new member of the group also would need someone to function as their secretary and research assistant. Their assistant would need to be loyal to them and to follow their directions. I was not interested in creating a spy network within the group. I would know if they supported my decisions or if they objected to them. That would make the decisions on them easy enough. If anyone fought the final decisions to often and just seemed not to fit we would have to replace them. I would make them comfortable and allow them to live a happy life but not within the group. As Vortec had told me I was the one who had to make the decisions and I would pass that along to no one else. When any group had to many people who had to agree on a decision it seemed it always failed. Just look at the UN as an example of that process. The Secretary General could do nothing without agreement from the majority of parties involved. On the Security Council just one permanent member could block any decision. After reaching this point I felt better about the group structure. But each person would have to accept an advisory position and understand that in the end, based on the facts, I would make the final decision. I also would accept the responsibility for that decision and it would not fall on them. Enough for one day I needed some sleep and time to relax. So I hit the shower and soaked in the hot water and then went to bed. It took no time to drop into a deep sleep.

Chapter 9 Time for a Life Change

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ I got up this morning with a to do list a mile long. As I headed to the shower I stopped and got a cup of coffee and added some ice so it could be taken in more quickly. By the time the shower was hot enough I had already emptied my first cup. I jumped into the shower and washed down quickly. There was just so much I wanted to get into and do. After drying off, I walked to the coffeepot and got another cup. Then headed into the bedroom. It did not take long to dress and drink the second cup of coffee. It was time to see what progress had been made on the office space and look the land over where we should be making headway for housing the group. I stepped on the transport plate and put my hand on the plate on the wall. It was so quick a transport you did not have time to blink before you were where you were going. You were still dropping your hand when you got there. As going to any homes plate required permission you always came to the control room if a destination was not confirmed in advance. This was going to become more complex as we added people and locations with plates. “Good morning John”, Vortec said as I stepped off the plate. “Good morning Vortec, I wish to see the progress on the offices and look over the land chosen for the group housing area.” “The offices are done and the conference room will be done today. We have just the table and seating to take care of and I wanted your input on that matter. Come this way and we can look at the conference room and you can decide what you would like.” As we walked along the passageway I saw it was wide and all the stone was highly polished. This I did not understand, as limestone does not polish this way? “Vortec how is it the stone is darker than limestone and polished?” “It is actually granite as we have access to large amounts of local granite. We slab it into one-inch thick four-foot by twelve-foot pieces and polish one side and then attach it to the limestone. It is a better reflector of the light and provides a rich finish to the walls, ceiling and floors. One of the options you need to decide is if you wish to carpet the floors and with what type carpet?” As we walked along the hallway I noticed the doors were not the normal type either. I was used to a swinging type door like at the house. These seemed to have the outline of a door but looked like solid rock? “Vortec what is the construction of the doors? I don’t understand why they are built this way?” “The door is much like the one you entered the control room from originally. It is the most secure system, so that is why it was used. Each person who has an office can enter whenever they wish, but only you have the ability to enter all offices when they are not there. The construction allows the door to move back and then over to the side to clear the entrance to the office. It will stay open or close on the instructions of the occupant of

that office. The door allows for a solid seal and each office has its own air system for the comfort of others. If a person is a smoker it will not be carried to any other office or area and their air will be cleaned 8 times an hour. Each office also has its own temperature controls and can be set to the individual comfort levels. I think we will be able to accommodate anyone brought in and allow others to be comfortable. Bringing in people from other cultures meant we had to be prepared for different ideas of what is acceptable in an office. So each office will allow for smoking, has a small kitchen for tea, coffee or other drink items and we will stock their small refrigerator with items from their cultures normal diet. This way no changes will be imposed on them by joining your group. The wall with the screen will have a picture of a place in their own country and can be changed at will by them. I hope we can make all that join feel comfortable and give them an environment that promotes productivity?” After looking at an office and the conference room we walked back along the hall to the control room. “You have done well Vortec and I appreciate the attention to details I had not yet taken into account. Now how is the off site housing coming at the mountain valley?” “The first two homes have been cut into the side of the mountain. They require glass for the front, finishing the walls and installing the power systems for each of them. We will have by the end of the week cut seven homes out and by the next week we will have them all ready for people to move into them. The shield has already been placed so the valley cannot be seen from above. We are looking for any predators to move them out of the valley and will leave any other wildlife we find.” “I would like to see the valley Vortec.” “Come with me John.” We went to a small room just off the control room. There was a large plate on the floor. Both Vortec and I stepped onto the plate and Vortec said “to the valley computer.” We were standing in the middle of the valley in the blink of an eye. The plate was in an open meadow with orchard grass all around it. The area around the plate was tramped down and you could see a path about as wide as a truck would make heading to the side of the valley. The birds were singing and there was a light breeze blowing down the center. “This is a beautiful valley Vortec. It will be nice to relax here and have a social setting. But how can you do so much so quickly? I would have expected to see hundreds of workers either at the control room or here.” “Each piece of equipment out here is computer controlled. The rock-cutting machine is programmed with its exact task and we have rock carriers to move the blocks cut from the rock. These blocks are being used to build walls around pasture areas for keeping livestock in. I have two teams of rock cutters and carriers working 24 hours a day. As they complete their work a team of four finishing robots will step in and finish each home. It takes a day to finish out a pre-cut space. Here you will only have three doors per

home and that is your front door in the glass, and your doors to the vehicle area and barn. With only one person living in any space additional doors were not needed. Come with me and let me show you the space cut for Sandy’s home.” Thinking this over I had a problem with that. “Vortec I want doors on the bathroom and bedrooms. We are going to have units living with the group members and the members will want some privacy.” “It will be done John.” As we walked along the track made by the carriers the ground was uneven and there were rocks poking up through the dirt. I could hear off to the side a brook running over rocks. The center of the valley from where we started took about fifteen minute’s time to get to the side. So it was larger than I had expected from the initial impression. You could not see the ends of this valley as we walked, so it would be fun to explore later. As we came closer to the rock out cropping I could see the open space where a glass front would be added. The rock was smooth and at this point the limestone was showing. “How are the walls going to be finished here Vortec?” “We have a coating to put on them that acts as a vapor barrier and insulation. The rock in the cut area is like a cave in that it the temperatures stay around the mid fifties year around. So the insulation will allow the area to be heated to a comfortable temperature for the occupant. The walls may then be painted or papered depending on the desires of the person living here. All the rooms will be carpeted and Sandy picked out a green color for hers.” As we walked through the space I saw the four robots working on finishing the living space. They never said a word and just stayed at their tasks. The unit doing the wiring was using a laser to cut into the rock to lay cable around the walls. I did not see any place to plug into the electric. So once more I asked for an explanation from Vortec as to why there was no place to plug into the electric system? “There is no need for one John. The cable running around the walls creates a field and each powered item picks up the needed power from the field created by the cable. Each item that requires power is fitted with a sensor and converter to pick up what it needs and convert it to usable energy. It is a low cost way to use power as only what is needed is used and the fusion unit just creates enough for the demand. The power generation unit for each of these living units will only have to be recharged every five years in Earth time. Each has enough fuel to operate at reduced power for much longer. There are sensors on each unit and the computer monitors the operation at all times. If any problem comes up it will be looked at and fixed before anyone knows there is a problem. The fusion reactors are outside each residence cut back into the rock. This way each living space is protected from any possible negative result of an accident. We have never had an accident with one of these fusion units but it is always better to be safe.”

This was amazing to me. “Once again your technology is just beyond anything I have seen or heard of. The thing that I don’t understand is how this can be as old as it is and we are just now starting to study some of this?” “John it may be as older than you think. We have had contact with the masters until just 500 years ago and all the advances until that time can be used. Any civilized world that has had an advanced science program for over 100,000 of its years should have reached this level. Earth is evolving much faster than any world we have knowledge of. That is part of what worries us today. Earth seems to have so many fractions that all wish to rule the whole of this planet it causes many of the wars and conflicts. The conflicts over minerals, timber, oil, gas, gold and precious stones cause many deaths. If everyone on Earth wanted a one-carrot diamond or a pound of gold, we could supply that at no cost. There is more in the universe than could be used by anyone. But this would cause havoc in your economic systems. This was a driving force to the creation of the five worlds. Adam already explained this to Sandy. But to keep it short we have five other planets ready to add humans to. They have similar environments to Earth and zero pollution. Each has been stocked with both plant and animal food sources. Anyone of them could take two times Earth’s population so they are not small worlds. They have the same minerals and other economic resources as Earth had in its beginning. If you decide at some point to use these worlds they are available for settlement.” I sat down on a rock and looked up at Vortec. He and the computer had done so much before I had come along why did they need or want me? “Vortec I don’t understand why I am needed or the group?” “We could only do so much within the instructions given by the masters. Any contact with humans was limited to exact instructions. The contact with you was determined by an instruction telling us to look for five boys or girls who had the mental capacity to one day run the stations. If none of this group filled the requirements then pick five more. Until we found the right group in which one could fill this roll. We were to follow and tract their progress and personalities until we found the one to assume command. We have processed many young people and followed them for years, until we found you. You have exactly the requirements we were given to assume control. But this took a lot of time as the technology of Earth had to develop to find one that could control this. It would do no good to have a smart person who could not understand the technology that is here.” The fact that many had been watch and rejected was a shock to me. “Vortec I am still not sure you have the right man for this job? It would be easy to develop a God complex with all the power and abilities possessed. I worry I many look beyond what is right and take an action that is unfair or damaging. That I could get angry and react in a way that could hurt people I am to protect. All humans have such a wide range of emotions that tend to push them one way or the other at times.” At this statement Vortec laughed. “Don’t fear ever getting the God complex as you call it. You have one of the most level personalities we have followed. You are limited by the

instruction not to kill or cause others to kill for you that was agreed to. Actions you take must be balanced to the side of life. Yes it is possible some could die due to a decision made. But if the decision promotes life for many and a few die, due to causes that you cannot control, you did not kill them. Some decisions are going to have deaths attached to them by the people that are trying to stop your solution. But here you did not order it nor did you ask them to do this. It is a fine line to walk where people loose life. But in this world for many, life is cheap and they take lives without a care.” That was a true fact as how many Presidents have sent people to fight wars and accepted the losses? “Lets look at another area to educate me” I laughed. “How will the valley be protected and kept private? We for sure don’t want the federal government having any idea we are here. This has to stay a very secure protected area.” “If you could see a map it would show you that there are no roads within 20 miles of here. There are no high power lines within 50 miles and we are in the center of a million square acre forest area. From the air you will see nothing not expected. We have a clear dome over the whole valley that displays an image of the valley below, as we want it seen. If you look up I am sure you will see a normal sky without obstructions. Yet you are looking through the dome. There are sensors placed starting at 10 miles from here and coming back at every mile to the edge of the dome. There is a force field at a half mile from the edge of the dome to keep predators and humans out. We would be able to see anyone or group from ten miles away all the way to the force field. At that point they could not move forward. The ability to take any group or single person away by spacecraft and leave them confused as to what happened at another spot is also there. We have also posted the land for no hunting and will discourage those who fail to obey that. So for the time we are not concerned about being found by accident or by government agencies. We also read almost all information passing into the United States Governments computers. So we would have time to plan any action to better protect this valley.” “That makes be more comfortable about security here. But how many units do we have right now? It seems like we are doing a lot with a little.” “Yes, we get a lot done with few units and robots. At present we have twenty units and thirty robots on Earth and five units or robots on each of the planets we created. Each of those has a control room built and we monitor all environmental information from them. The additional units and robots you have directed us to construct are a major addition to Earth’s population. We are being very careful to be exact with each, so it will pass any inspection required. The human life form is very complex and too difficult to duplicate in robotic form. The way I am constructed would never pass a full human inspection. But we will also have a group of units and new robots here for care of animals and housekeeping. That will take just one unit for each two living spaces and one robot for every four. So if your group grows to the full 13 people you have planned it will only add 7 units and 4 robots to keeping up this valley. One of each will be assigned to your residence, as the land for it is three hundred acres.”

This was interesting in that I had a very small force right now of units and robots. “One additional item for you Vortec and the computer to work out for me is building a school here. I want a school that can handle up to 272 children. The children brought to this school need to be orphans from many different countries. They are not to be over seven or eight years of age when they come here. They are to be equally male and female. After we get all the children that will fill grades kindergarten to second in the school, we will add each year to the lowest age group until we have sixteen per grade level up to grade 16. This way no child has reached a point where they cannot learn or where personalities have been damaged to the point of not being able to correct them. This group will be the future leaders in this world and the others. We must teach a democratic form of government and a peaceful way of settling problems. Their education must impress service to others, not personal gain. So when bringing this group together please be sure they have the capacity mentally to excel. They should be taught their own language, but English will be the language used for the school. This way all have a common way to communicate for them and us. How much of a problem does this create for you Vortec?” “None at all and I think the training of groups of children makes sense. If we raise them into the technology we have and train them to use it for the benefit of the people, new settlements on the five worlds will have good leadership. I am not too sure how that will work here on Earth? People in power will kill to keep the power?” “True, but if you look at history many advances have happened with nonviolent movements. It takes a well-educated leader with vision to pull this type group together. This is proven with Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King in the United States. Both had a major impact on their cultures due to nonviolence. In the end both changed their worlds.” You could see that it made sense to Vortec. “That, I can accept and agree with if your intent here is to create an opposition to governments by nonviolent means. Having a welleducated leader is a must. But we also are going to have to protect them to some degree. But that can be done without much of a problem. I believe this idea has possibilities for change on Earth. This John shows you why you are the right one to lead our efforts to save Earth and its people. This is a change of no noticeable outside hands being involved. The children will not know where they came from and will not remember any past life. So constructing a worldview of right and wrong will be easy. Teaching them to abhor war and killing will also be easy. They will not see the differences between races as they will all be treated the same. This looks better and better as I review all the possibilities. The computer is also excited about your idea and said to let you know she decided on Hope. What does that mean?” I had to laugh at this confusion showing on Vortec’s face. “Well, Vortec I call you by name and you are used to having one. It seemed odd that the computer did not have a name to call her. So I asked her to pick one out that she liked and from now on the computers name is Hope. She will be the mother to our children and teach them by the units we use in the classrooms. How do I know the computer is female? Well, she over time has adapted a female voice and she is very protective of those she cares about. Those

are female traits and I think being a mother to 272 children will be something she enjoys. I also am sure this will produce the best result for the children.” “I think you are right about Hope. It is a good idea to give her a name, we just had never thought about that. She will make a good mother to raise and train the children. I am sure she will just use units to extend her physical presents, as she will want to handle the training and teaching. Where do you want to place the school?” Without seeing a map of the valley I could only give a general idea on this location. “I would like it to be close to my home so I can visit often. The school needs to grow some of what it uses food wise, as the children need to understand the value of land and farming. They also need to learn good farming practices. So I would expect some work requirements placed on all students depending on their age and grade levels. They need to be taught to survive in nature without the conveniences of technology. This way if technology fails them for any reason they can lead their people, as they know how to survive. I would think an area of around 500 acres should be enough land and room to allow them to run, play and make noise without bothering others in the valley. The first pair of doctors is to be assigned to the school. I don’t want to use the nano bots on these children until they are of age and ready for long service to their world. We will use the medications of today and do this part the hard way. But with a controlled environment we should not have a major problem with health. If one becomes very ill we will look at that problem then.” I got up and started to walk back down the path to the transport plate with Vortec following. I now had much on my mind with the idea of the school. It had been a good time since I had anything to eat and my stomach was telling me about that. I guess the fresh air and walking helped that problem? “Vortec I need some food when we get to the control room.” “Is there anything special you would like?” “Yes, I think a tuna salad sandwich on white bread with a tossed salad and ranch dressing would fill the bill nicely.” Of course I really did not expect to get what I had asked for. “What would you like to drink with that Vortec asked?” “A diet Pepsi would be fine,” I laughed. “It will be waiting for you when we get to the control room complex cafe.” We stepped onto the plate and were back in the control room in fast time. The walk to the café was short and sitting on the table was my food just as I had asked for it. “How in the world did you get this ready so fast Vortec?” Vortec seemed surprised that I would not expect this kind of service. “The whole café is automated all the server had to do was pick the food up from the widow and place it on

the table. This is how we can do so much with so few units. Any time we can automate a process it cuts the need for additional units. The masters instructed that we keep our total number down to fewer than 50 robots until a human took over control. So until you approved the additional units and robots for medical service and security we were at 45 including the 15 on the other worlds. Now we have 50 here and 25 on the other worlds.” “We need to keep the automation up as we move forward. I would suggest that in each living unit we install a small transport plate, which goes to the kitchen so this food preparation area would serve as the kitchen for the entire group. We can keep the food storage central and reduce the labor required to feed people at their living units. Snacks, soft drinks, coffee, tea and those type items can be kept at the living units. If they want something more they can order it from the café. Also some will want to cook so we can supply the items needed for that as they want them.” “That will work well with our system. I will instruct the units to install plates in each living areas kitchen for food transport. We will place the transport plates for human transport in the living rooms, so as people come and go they are in the common area of the house. Is that all right with you?” That was where I had expected them to be placed so I had no problem with it. “Yes Vortec that makes reasonable sense. I would hate to have people coming and going from my bedroom,” I laughed, “which could be a little embarrassing. We humans tend to be a little private in our homes. Be assured these living spaces will be homes for each of the people we bring into the group. We all need someplace to escape the pressures of our work, where we can relax and find some peace and quiet. Each of the living spaces needs a small outside garden with seating in them to sit and enjoy the valley. The peace found in sitting in a garden and relaxing is something we enjoy. It is a great place to read, relax and just enjoy nature’s beauty. Having a covered area over the seating would help, as I love to sit and listen to the rain or watch the snowfall. I expect to find one other problem with the group. That is a sexual side of a human will need to be filled if we are to have peace within. You have said that the DNA units are complete in every way, is that correct?” This raised Vortec eye lids some. “Yes, they are complete down to every detail. The unit assigned to the member if needed can satisfy the sexual side. I would think that we need to assign a unit of the opposite sex to each member. The units will be beautiful in appearance to each of them. I sent Adam to be with Sandy and she was stunned when she saw him. It did seem to create some confusion for her, as she did not know how to treat him, as a man or unit or a robot? She was told to treat him as a helper for the time being, as she was a little unnerved with how to handle it. I am sure as they spend more time together she will find him more attractive and things will go from there. I would suggest we not tell the new members of the group that their assistant is a DNA unit unless asked? This way any relationship can develop normally and after the fact I am sure it will not matter.”

I was sure that not knowing about their being produced, as cloned units would allow normal relationships to grow. “I think your right about holding back on that unless asked. You are different enough we can show them your skin area openings and with our new units not having them they may not question it? This I need to discuss with Sandy also as she knows the difference and has to agree with this decision. But units assigned to members will need to have sleep periods to make this work. Sandy needs to look at Adam as a human and not as some type robot. Each unit will have to have a good understanding of the culture of the member, so they fit into how they think and social requirements in any home. They will need to eat our food and drink beverages with the member. Does any of this create a problem for us?” Vortec did not even delay his answer for a second. “No, we can meet these requirements without much of a change. I will have Hope adapt a unit to fit this mode for you to check out. Are you willing to do that?” This was a unique idea and one I just was not sure I could handle. But if I expected others to, I had to know if this worked. “Why not? I have not had a sexual urge in a few years, since my wife died. Just be sure she knows how to give a good massage, as that is what I most enjoy.” I said that smiling and thinking what a way to enjoy a night’s sleep. After finishing my food I got up and walked to the control room. “Where is my office from here Vortec?” “Just go to the end of the hall and yours is at the end.” I walked down the hall and enjoyed seeing the shape taking form. I could hear my feet clicking on the granite floor and the light shining off the walls. At the end of the hall was a hand plate next to the outline of a door. I put my hand on it and the door moved soundlessly open. The light came on and I was standing in a room around forty feet square. The carpet felt like it was a mile deep and there was a large L-shaped desk at the back wall, with a conference table to the left. The screen showed the valley we had just left and the light was starting to dim. So I knew the sun was going down. As I sat at the desk a computer screen came up out of the center of it and a beautiful face was showing on it. “Good evening John,” Hope said. Hope was now a face as well as a name. “Good evening Hope, I am so glad you have chosen a face to go with the name you have taken. It is truly a beautiful face for you. It is a soft and a very comforting face to look at.” “Thank you for saying that. I had felt I needed a face other humans could relate to if I was to have a name. So now you get to see Hope for the first time, as you have given birth to my new being. What can I do for you?” “Please see if you can connect me with Sandy please.”

“That should be no problem as she is at home now.” Sandy came on the screen and was smiling. “Hi, friend how is the world going for you today?” “Well it has been a busy day for me. I have looked over the new office areas and am sitting in mine right now. They are really nice and should fit the needs of anyone. I also went to the valley and looked at the new home they are putting there for you. It is also very nice and I am sure you will like it. Also I had asked the computer to pick a name she felt fit her and she has decided to be called Hope. So please from now on ask for Hope when addressing the computer?” “Yes, she told me about your suggestion and I saw the face she picked for visual reference and thought it was a great idea.” Sandy was smiling that was a really good. “It makes it much easier for me to discuss things with her now.” I needed to get some feed back on decisions I had make. “I also decided today we need to train humans to be come leaders for this world and the five worlds. So we are going to start a school in the valley and pick only orphans to bring into it and educate to higher technical standards. They will be taught to survive without technology, so if for any reason something fails they can lead. They will be instructed in nonviolent methods of opposition. This way we have developed leaders to be able to use the outer worlds and to allow change to be made on this one.” “John I could not agree more with this step! We must have humans who are leaders who are not driven by money, power or personal wants. Using orphans is also the right idea as we can give them an education and a real vocation in life.” Sandy was excited by this idea and you could really see it. “Well I told Vortec not to take any child over eight years old and we would only start with kindergarten to second grade. Then add a class each year unit we had all sixteen grades filled with a kindergarten starter group. The school will use 500 acre’s of land in the valley. I have instructed Vortec to plan for the school to grow part of its own food, as I want the children to understand farming and land management. I also will not allow us to remove any child that will be missed. But in this world there are so many children who need help and have no parents that will not be a problem.” This brought a smile to her face. “The idea will work fine and it is the right thing to do. We need a future generation of leaders to shape and lead in so many places. It will be hard to wait for the sixteen years it will take to start getting them. But you are looking at the long term and I am looking at the short. I think I am going to have to change my world view to a longer solution period.” The change of our view due to life span was truly going to change. “Well with the added medical help we have both had, we are looking at 16 years in the way before we would

look at one year. I also need your input on another problem I had come to mind. We are as a group going to have both sexes involved. After the medical treatment the life span will be increased and the bodies become younger also. So sex is going to be an item that could create some problems for us. I asked Vortec if the DNA units assigned to each member could be, where wanted, a sexual partner as well as assistant. He said that would be no problem as they were complete in every way. But he also suggested that we might want to hold back that the assistant was a DNA unit unless asked by a member. He felt that the member would develop a relationship if they cared to and later it would make no difference. How do you feel about this suggestion?” This at first brought a frown to Sandy’s face. “Well if Adam is the example for that, I can say it is most likely a good idea. He is the most beautiful male I have ever seen. To be honest I was kind of in turmoil over how to handle this in my life. If I had not know he was a unit I would have raped him myself,” she laughed. “But I see some problems in that they don’t sleep, eat or drink like we do.” She hit on the same keys I did. “I covered those problems with Vortec and you will now find Adam does all those things. It was just a minor change in programming and a small internal change that was required. Adam has already been modified and will fit into the life pattern better now. The one advantage to Adam is you don’t have to worry about having children and can enjoy all the other benefits of sex.” “You’re tempting me John!” She smiled as she said that and the brain was turning over I could see. I had to tell her she was not the only one experimenting with living with a unit. “No Vortec has a unit coming home with me to test if I care to. So I need to find out if this idea can float when we add to the group. Having sexually satisfied humans is important to being productive. Having a partner who is loyal is also critical. Humans just don’t offer this assurance in that we change our minds to easy. If a member is not happy with the unit assigned they can pick another and no one is hurt. I think this may be the best way to keep our group happy and out of conflicts.” This required a little time to turn over in the mind before an answer. “The idea has merit and I think your right in the basic idea. I see no problem with just not telling unless asked. I don’t know how you’re going to stop the asking?” Sandy was not thinking about last night and her meeting Adam. “Well, my idea is to show Vortec’s openings in his skin and access areas for servicing. If these cannot be seen on the assistants I think it will be assumed these are humans. Did you know Adam was not human at first? At that point it is their own assumptions that will guide them. At a later point I don’t think it will make a difference to them.” She had to smile a little at that comment. “Adam is calling me for dinner. I will let you know how things go here tonight after I have thought this out and made some decisions. I will talk with you tomorrow John.”

As the screen went blank I got up and the screen folded into the desk surface. I walked down the hall to the plate in the control room and stepped onto it then placed my hand on the wall plate. I was at the cabin and heard noise coming from the kitchen. Knowing that it was not possible for anyone to get into the house without knowing the security system I went to see what Vortec had sent me. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the most beautiful female standing at my stove. She looked about 18 years of age and had blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Her build was something to look at, as she was small breasted, small waist and a beautiful small flair to the hips. She looked like something any old goat like me would die for. Now I understood Sandy’s shock when Adam showed up at her house. This was a real mental problem to deal with. Here I was sixty-three and she looked like a granddaughter rather than someone who would want to be with an old man. She smiled at me and said “John I had hoped to have dinner ready for you before you got home. But it gives me time to get to know you some before dinner. My name is Eve. Yes Vortec has a sense of humor in the way he named Adam and I. But he said to tell you it was up to you as to what name to call me,” and she laughed. “So master what am I to be called?” The smile on her face just melted me to the core. This seemed more like the old TV show from a few years back. “I have to think about that and you really make thinking hard.” Returning her smile I felt names tumbling through my mind. Finally I said, “may be Faith would be the best bet. I have faith that you will help me survive this job I have taken. So as a symbol of that I will call you Faith if that is all right with you?” “Yes John that is fine with me and it shows a soft side to your personality. By the way I do give a mean massage,” she laughed. As she finished up dinner she started to bring it to the table. I took the coffee and drank a little and smiled. “I see you added some ice so I could drink this quickly.” “Yes, Hope told me you like your coffee in the first cup so it could be drank quickly. I will learn all the little things that make life work for you and accommodate them for you. My goal is to make life fun and give you someone to enjoy it with. What happens between you and I is not available to Hope, unless you tell me to transmit that data. I can query Hope at anytime to give you data. Adam is explaining the same rules to Sandy at dinner tonight, just so you know. Both of us are independent of Hope and yet connected if we need her. As long as I am with you Hope will not keep track of your home as she has to this point. When we are anyplace together we are alone. So you can feel safe to talk with me and I can offer information to you without fears of even Hope knowing what was discussed. This will keep your life private for you. I hope these rules will help us develop a relationship that works for you.” I had not even thought of some of the ground rules she was bring up. “This is a good start as I was concerned that my life was going to be under a microscope from the point I

accepted this job. As beautiful as you are I could end up falling in love with you. That is a new concept in human life. One that needs some discussion as we have time and learn about each other. Now lets eat, I am hungry and other than with Sandy have not had a meal with someone of the opposite sex in a long time and no one as beautiful as you are ever.” Faith blushed with that statement made. “I am not used to hearing comments like that. But I do enjoy them from you.” I was not sure how to handle this type of relationship building now. It was a part of life I had been away from for a long time. But the larger problem I was dealing with was the major difference in age between us. As we ate and talked I began to see the lack of understanding of the world around her. This was also going to be a teaching experience for me. “You do know that the difference in age between us is going to take some adjustment for me?” Faith cocked her head to the side. “Why would that make any difference? We are only four years different in age based on the new life span. I would think that was not unusual in your world here?” That hit a cord with me I had not considered. “Four years is not abnormal as a difference on Earth. But Faith you look like a teenager and I look like a middle-aged man and anyone seeing us outside here would not know the real age difference. I still have the framework in my life I grew up with. That has not change for me yet.” She was processing this and I could see it confused her. “Why would anyone question our relationship? We are adults and have the right to make our own decisions.” There was logic in what she said and I needed to explain it to her. “I look old enough right now to be your father and people make decisions in this world based on perceptions. So if we are out in my world you need to understand what you will be seeing on peoples faces.” This seemed to cause her to pause before speaking. “Why would I be out in your world? We are in our world and here there is no question about us. I am happy being with you and I hope to make your life enjoyable. As long as you’re happy with me I really do not care what others think.” That was pretty solid thinking and hard to refute. “Well for now we will live in our world and handle the rest later. I have very much enjoyed dinner with you and enjoy just looking at such a beautiful lady.” With that she smiled and it just warmed the room for me. This was going to be one lady it would be hard not to become very attached to. But having someone living with me the

age of my granddaughter was going to be something to handle mentally. This I would have to work on fast. Faith got up and started taking the dishes to the sink. “If you will go watch some TV for a while I will come in and give you the massage you need to relax.” That was the best offer I had come across in years now. “You have a deal my dear.” I headed into the bedroom as that is where my TV was and the computer. I was watching a ball game when Faith walked in. “OK now is the time to see if I am as good as I said.” It did not take but a few seconds to get the shirt off and lay across the bed. “Hey you don’t leave the majority of your clothing on when you go to a message therapist so why are you with me?” That one surprised me, as she knew you were naked when a professional did this. “I guess I was being modest and trying not to shock you?” I got up and took the rest of my clothing off and laid back across the bed. As the hands started working the muscles I felt the stress leaving my body. Her hands were soft and yet strong as her fingers found the knots and started to work them out. I was totally zoned out and felt relaxation coming to my mind and body. She finished with the massage and then curled up beside me. It was a unique feeling having a woman to hold, as I lay there totally relaxed. The feel of her flesh against mine sent me into a comfort zone that had long been missing. We both dozed off and let the world fade away for the night.

Chapter 10 A Time for Play ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Life has flowed smoothly for the few days after Faith and I worked out our beginnings. Each of us is finding where we needed to be for the other. It was a relaxed and slow

process. But one that moves forward each day. There is much I am having to learn about Faith and she is learning about me. This is fun for me and I hope for her? It does take my mind off of the events of the day and the problems I have facing me. The changes in Sandy’s life have gone the same direction for her. So this was working for both of us. She is a good twenty years younger mentally than when she joined me in the group. Not nearly as stiff as she had become as a professor. I got up this morning and had to run into the city to sign the paperwork for retiring from my job. I had just decided that I could not carry the load of trying to handle both jobs for a time. There was too much to do. So my boss was very understanding and just asked that he be allowed to contact me if he needed my help. I also had the phone interview for social security and would just have both checks sent to the bank directly. I had to have a birth certificate and a marriage license for Trish and I, to send in which Hope handled for me. This would cut my ties with the local world and allow me to spend all my time getting the group formed and directed. It was a good feeling for me and I really had no regrets. The social security payments would start next month as I was already past the sixty-two point. My company retirement would start with the next month’s payments schedule. I really was not concerned with either, but needed an identity in the human world for the future. For a time I knew I would have to be visible in organizing some of the ventures I envisioned. The mountain valley housing was coming nicely and Sandy’s and my living spaces were complete. This was another major step forward, as it put the four of us into the control room offices each day. But having a place where we all would live would make it easy to develop stronger relationships. These would need in some cases to be forged quickly and weekend cookouts would help. Sandy and I had a good relationship, but improving that was needed also. It was now time to start looking at some of the possibilities for filling out the structure I had planned. It also allowed us to focus on this process by itself. The decisions to be made here were so critical to the success we could have. But we were going to have to live and work with these people for a very long time. So the ability for the group to get along together was a must, as there was no option for going back into their former lives. They had to have a worldview of a problem not just a nationalistic view. They had to not be driven by money, possessions, life styles and had to care about people most. Not a bleeding heart liberal or special interests cause crusader. They had to be able to see more than just the problem and a fast fix as acceptable. A long-term view was required for the person we wanted. A key from my point of view was the ability to see bits and pieces of a puzzle and be able to see a larger picture. We had to balance every step taken to assure the most good for the most people, with the least notice by governments. When possible we had to work through those governments even when we did not agree with them or their policies. We also had to use the religious communities where we could to effect solutions. So all of this data was provided to Sandy, Adam, Faith and Hope as to what type person was best going to fit our needs. These were the basics for screening over the

qualifications we needed. They had been asked to study these requirements and be ready to suggest modifications or additions to the list. As I walked into the conference room Sandy and Adam were already seated at the table. I walked to the head of the table and sat in the chair for the first time. I smiled and greeted both Sandy and Adam and asked if they had been to the valley yet? You could see both were attached to the other. “Yes John we went out there for and hour and walked some of the valley. It is so lovely and peaceful in the early morning. The living quarters are beautiful and Vortec had already moved all of our clothing and the personal effects I had asked to be moved. We left all the furniture at the house in town and some linens so it could be used as we wished. But tonight we will be staying in the valley for the first time. Have you and Faith moved into your home yet?” “No tomorrow is the day Faith has set for handling the move for us. She said to expect her to be a housewife for the day, as she wants to over see everything. So who am I to object to such a beautiful lady,” I laughed. “Besides I have always hated moving days, it was one of the few things in life I did not like. Now you know just how hard the sell was for Faith on that request.” Faith walked into the room just as I said that. “I heard that and it really does not matter, as I did not want you around while I am getting it done. You can walk in and either hug me or beat me after I get it the way I want,” she giggled. “My aren’t we feisty today! She is a hard lady as you can see, so I guess I had better have Vortec to get me a whip.” Sandy was laughing so hard she was having a hard time getting her breath. “You two are something to see in action! I can see now that there are going to be some fun days ahead for all of us.” Hope decided to make her presents know to all. “I like to hear the kind of verbal play between all of you, Hope chimed in. My data banks are learning faster than ever before from having you here. I had always accepted what was said as fact and now I see how humans play with words. How they say things knowing others will not believe what they said. It does add a fun dimension to human discourse. As you have to listen to how something is said to understand if they do mean it or if they are just kidding.” Sandy stepped in to correct Hope’s perceptions. “Hope there is more to it that just the verbal side, as you also need to see the facial expression and body language between the people,” Sandy added. “It is complex and only those who are close play these types of games. It cannot be done with strangers without someone taking it the wrong way.” “Thank you Sandy I will add that to the observations from now on. You will have to explain to me more about body language. I understand what the books say, but I am sure they are general and I would have a longer learning curve.”

Sandy smiled and in her best professor voice said, “We will discuss it when you and I have sometime to fill in Hope.” It was time to get to the point of the meeting. “OK people lets start looking at some of the candidates Hope has come up with.” “John after going over your list I have removed several people from the list I had. I had taken into account the professional side, but had some people who were outside your instructions. So today as you asked we will only consider six of the best people and I will have six more for each day you meet. The first six I believe meet all your requirements. Now Sandy to bring you up to date John knows we have some options in selecting members. We have the option of offering them jobs with the companies we control and watching them or we can go through the interview process and bring them here. Also John noted their not being able to go back into their old world if they failed here. I would suggest we have the units on one of the five world’s start building a retirement community for those who fail to make it here. We can put it on an island in a warm area and supply any needs they have. This way we can provide for their health and welfare in a vacation type setting. At some point we may have other work for them. It is a sure thing we are going to have burnout happen with some people and a period of rest may take care of the problem?” I was pleased with Hope’s thinking here it went further than I had believed. “You have made some good points Hope. How do all of you feel about Hope’s ideas?” Sandy: “I agree it is likely we will have burnout and need a solution for that. Also using one of the five worlds ends anyone from ever making contact with other humans here. Our group is safe from unwanted exposure. But it also gives us a place to go safely for relaxation time.” Faith: “Hope’s solution makes good sense and I agree.” Adam: “I agree this is the best solution.” “I accept the recommendations; so Hope have Vortec get the project started as far as determining where and on what island. I then would like to review the plans and will approve going further.” “The first candidate to review is Edgar Martinez. He was the investment manager for the Vatican Bank. A picture is on the screens in front of each of you. Edgar was trained in the Society of Jesus and was a parish priest for a short time before being posted to the bank. He is 48 years old and left the priesthood four years ago when he was caught having an affair with a young daughter of a wealthy family. To keep the whole thing from the papers he agreed to leave the priesthood and was released by the Pope. He has a Masters in Finance and has a good mind for business. Today he is living and working in Africa in a small clinic, as a medical aid. From all I have found he is very much a people person

and when he left the church he had some money of his own which has been the source of the clinics finances. Please read the full biography I have on your screens.” As I read this bio I was really impressed. “OK this man looks really good from all I have read and seen. I believe we have something to offer him and he has a lot to offer to this group. Now lets see what each of you thinks?” Sandy: “I don’t know much about the priesthood other than the negative side I have heard on the TV. But this mans background is just what we need in the finance area. I will reserve judgment on his training, as I just don’t know anything about that church.” Faith: “He is exactly what we need from a finance point of view and his SJ training would be of great value. There are over 1.083 billion Catholics worldwide and we need insight into how to motivate them as a group. We know he really likes females and for a priest that is a problem as they are to be celibate. The SJ only takes the very best minds, so I know he is bright and has to be insightful. This is someone we need to interview and recruit if possible.” Adam: “I agree with Faith as this man offers us insight into one of the largest church organizations in the world. Also the SJ teaches their students to question every facet of belief and never to accept things at face value. So insight from a man like this would be of great help.” “Faith hit directly on my feelings. I am catholic and know the SJ very well. They were considered the army of the Pope for years during the reaching out for trade all over the world. We will interview him Hope if you can set it up?” “That is not a problem John, all of you have seen what I did in him. I have already sent a unit to do an on-site interview and set up an interview by videoconference for you. Edgar was my number one choice to fit all your requirements. I will admit John I also cheated a little as I sent a female unit to do the first interview” and we could see Hope’s face with a smile on it. Laughing we all knew Hope was getting into the game to have some fun also. “Great idea Hope, I am sure the unit is a real beauty,” I laughed. “Well, John I could not send a grandmother could I?” That broke the group up and we all laughed. “The second candidate to look at is Via Davis of Great Britain. She has a PHD in Psychology and worked at Cambridge University as a professor until a year ago. She has had her own practice before teaching and has written several books on cultural dynamics and race relations. She is 60 years old but you cannot see that in the picture you have, as she looks more like her early forties. Her husband died in a car crash a year ago and that

was when she left Cambridge. She said life just was no longer fun for her. She is now living in a small cottage she rents on the coast of Ireland and is very much a loner. From reading her books she has a good understanding of group dynamics and areas we will need input on.” With the bio information in front of us I started around the table. Sandy: “I like the looks of this one and understand her dropping out of teaching. It is a pressure packed environment and you have to be on top of your game to be good. She needs to be interviewed also.” Faith: “Sandy’s is right this lady has things we need. But I also understand her as I see some of your changes in her decision to drop out of life. I believe we can help her and she can help us. So we do need to interview her.” Adam: “I seem to be the agreeable type today he laughed. Yes we need to interview.” It was fun to listen to the insights each had. “I agree with all of you. Hope I am sure is ahead of us so when will the unit be there?” Hope smiled and said, “is tomorrow too soon?” “No I am ready to move as soon as we can. Adding to this group is critical to our growth and abilities.” “The third candidate is Abel Thomas and is a good legal mind. He has been a professor of international law at the University of Virginia. He is 68, black and was involved in the civil rights movement as an attorney. His wife died three years ago and he has no children. He has spent his time writing over the last three years. Abel lives on a small farm fifteen miles outside of Charlottesville. Has very a small group of friends and communicates with them mostly by phone and computer. He has served as a consultant to the State Department and Commerce Department on international law matters. I think he fits the bill nicely for the legal advice needed by the group.” The bio I was looking at was really good and I wondered how we could recruit him? “This man has a solid background and experience in the right areas. He fits my profile from what I read here also. So comments on him are welcome.” Sandy: “I agree he meets all the extended requirements and has the background. I would like to know more about his personality and ability to fit into the group.” Faith: “We need to have someone interview him and get a feel for personality and how he works with others. I think some discussion with past colleagues at UVA would also be a good idea. He seems to fit and I just want to know the dynamics in his dealing with people.”

Adam: “I agree and think we need to go forward with this man. His ability to give us a perspective from a black point of view would be very valuable. He also was involved with a non-violent movement using laws to advance their position. That has real value for us, as no one so far brings that skill.” “I very much agree with Adam here. But we also need to know how he deals with a group. So Hope please have his former colleagues interviewed and I would like to see his personnel file from UVA. Also get any clearance information the government has on him including files from the Justice Department from the civil rights period. Set up an interview for next week with the ability to do one by video.” Hope responded very quickly. “The files will be available for you this afternoon and interviews will be completed in three days. Does this meet your approval John?” “Yes that works fine for me Hope.” “The fourth Candidate is Jenny Nen a PHD in astrophysics from Cal-Tech. She worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratories and has served as project manager on many NASA projects. She has been involved in the think tank on Mars. Jenny is 62 years old, Asian American and has never been married. She has been retired for 2 years now, but has done consulting work for JPL. The reason for retiring early was a frustration over funding for important projects and NASA being unwilling to correct problems pointed out to them. She has been involved in UN world food programs and has volunteered her time to pilot transports for them. She does have a commercial multi engine jet certification, as she spent six years in the U S Air Force. She flew transports and fueling aircraft for the time she served.” I was wondering where Hope had found so many good people so quickly? “This is an interesting person also Hope.” Sandy: “I think she has even more background that you expected. But she sounds like someone we should look at hard. I do wonder why she never married, as she is a very attractive lady?” Faith: “Yes I accept her as being very qualified and wonder the same thing as Sandy. She just seems like a person who should have had offers for marriage?” Adam: “I think we need to look a little deeper here also. If there are no major flaws I think we should offer her a place here.” This made me very happy with the way things were going at this meeting. “We are all on the same page again. Hope get her records from JPL, Cal-Tech, the Air Force and whatever public records are out there. I would like a discrete check on her life to be sure she does not have another person living with her, as she may not care for men on the sexual side? That does not stop me from offering her a position here, but could

complicate things if she has a relationship currently. Does anyone have a problem with my decision?......... OK, Hope lets go that way for now.” “The fifth candidate is Ormon Cabria and is 69 and from Chile. He was a professor of history at the University of Mexico. At 64 he retired and moved back to Chile and has written a book on the Indian cultures, which was well received in academic circles. He received his masters and PHD from Harvard. Ormon is single and has had many women in his life, but just never married.” “Sounds interesting to me but here I want to hear from the rest of you?” Sandy: “I don’t think he is the person you expected to find? He is smart and most likely fits your additional requirements but I have a feeling he lacks some of the things we need.” Faith: “I’ll make mine short and sweet; I am just not sold to go further with him.” Adam: “I don’t see the benefits to the group here.” “Guys I really don’t have warm fuzzy feelings on this one either. So Hope keep looking for this one.” “OK people I have one more that was a wild card pick for you,” Hope said. “James Davis was a member of the CIA analysts group. He has a degree from Georgetown University and has been in intelligence work all his life. He retired from the CIA five years ago and has been living quietly on the coast for that time. His wife died over ten years ago and they had no children. He was one who kept pushing for fair treatment of people put at risk, in foreign countries while working for the CIA. It did not make him popular at work. My thoughts here are understanding the intelligence community might be a help in planning some of the actions by the group?” This one was out of the clear blue to me. But it was one heck of a great idea. “That is a great idea Hope. Where did that come from?” “This man just gave me a warm protective feeling when looking at his background. I know Vortec told you before I could not feel or understand emotions. He was right at one time, but I did design and direct the construction of Adam and Faith and they can. So I added those abilities to my own systems and I have learned from you and Sandy. Seeing Faith’s and Adam’s ability to handle emotions and interrelate with humans makes me know I also will. So I am learning to provide you with some ideas and having more humans to learn from will help that process also.” I was not sure how far I had moved Hope with her new personality and interaction with us. But this was a jump forward for us all. “Hope I knew you were changing and just had not put it all together yet. But I like the change and my intent right now is to include both Faith and Adam into the group as they bring some dimensions of their own. Neither has

been exposed to much of what humans have and their ability to question will have value. There is always room for the innocent question when things get complex.” Sandy was smiling and said “John I am impressed, as I never thought you would see that issue. The two of them bring the KISS theory into the equation.” “Sandy,” Hope said, “what is the KISS theory?” “Well, it is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid. Humans tend to get to complex at times and we have to remind ourselves to keep it simple. The more complex things are the more things to go wrong.” Hope laughed and said, “I like the idea you can make fun of yourselves. That you understand not all things work as planned or wanted. You also understand the idea of simplicity. The logic I have seen today was impressive for me. Humans have a unique computer for a brain and it works well with my type brain.” Sandy: “I agree with looking at the CIA agent as a possible addition to the group. We could benefit from that kind of insight.” Faith: “We need to check this person out.” Adam: “He adds something none of us has and that is experience in intelligence gathering and the methods used today. We have the technology that exceeds anything he ever has worked with so we can only become better than any government with his help.” Good logic was coming out here today. “I very much agree with all of you and especially Adam. This is a person we need if we can get him. Hope get his records from the CIA and take a good look at his current living area. Have a unit interview him and I want to talk with him also. Now Hope please advise the café we are all coming to eat and talk a little.” With that I announced, “Ladies and gentleman lets go have some lunch and discuss what actions we have taken. Then we all are going to take the rest of the day and spend some quality time with our partners.” With that we all headed off to eat and for some added insight for me. The conversation was interesting and there were some opinions that came out which were not stated in the meeting. Having time to think and process information was what made the differences. The addition of James Davis to the mix of candidates was a major topic as everyone was very interested in what he could add. We all felt that real progress had been made today and each felt good about the results. Hope had done an outstanding job on the screening and finding these people. Now my part of this process would start, as the interviews would be critical. So preparing for each of them was my next job. That could wait until tomorrow, as I just wanted to spend sometime with Faith. We finished lunch and Sandy and Adam headed off to their valley home. I told Faith I had a couple things to do in my office and she could go home and I would be there in a few minutes.

Walking into the office I headed to the desk. As I sat in the chair and the screen came up with Hope’s face showing. “What can I do for you John, Hope asked?” “I want to get the data for each of the people I will interview set up in a way that is usable for me. The way I want to review all the files I have asked for is in chronological order Hope. That includes any interviews done, as they should come last. I need to form a complete picture of each person’s growth before seeing the interviews. Also Hope I want to be able to sit back and listen to you read the data to me. But it has to be fed to me slowly, as I need time to absorb the information. What I am looking for is anything that just does not fit. I will ask Faith to be here to also listen, so I get a fresh opinion as she may hear something I miss. If you see any inconsistency or a hole in the information please feel free to point that out if it cannot be filled in. I really don’t want to make a mistake here on getting the right people. With the extended lives that our medical abilities provide, we will be dealing with these people for many years. So having someone who works well with the other personalities is important to me. I would prefer not having to be dealing with conflicts. Do you understand my feelings Hope?” Hope responded quickly to my request. “Yes, John I fully understand and will point out any aggressive or to passive personalities I find or sense. The amount of time you are taking to prepare for this lets me know the level of concern you have. It had sounded very straightforward when we started and I looked at people from a qualification point of view only. Now I will pay a great deal of attention to their personalities also. Is there any things I need to be sure and watch for?” This took a little time to think about before answering. “I need people who are flexible in their opinions and who can accept that their original ideas were modified. That is the difference between a team player and someone who is a lone wolf. It also shows that their ego does not rule their lives. Having an ego is needed in the people we want here, but those who their way is the only way will cause problems. I solve problems by listening to each opinion. Each person will have at least a piece of the answer needed to solve a problem. It is the ability to pull all the pieces together and get the best answer that works. Each human sees things through their own filter, built by their experiences. This filter takes things out that do not fit their thinking patterns. Due to that, points that need to be considered are not in individual’s decision-making. This filter can also cause them to fixate on one point that fits their personal beliefs. I hope that helps you understand how I will make final decisions?” Hope’s face was smiling back at me from the screen. “Yes, I understand how you are going to make decisions and work with the group. I also make decisions in much the same way, but based on more data. The problem I have is not getting the input from people who have experience in the human world. My decisions work well in this world and I am limited on human decisions by my programming. Is there anything else you want today?”

“No it is time to go home and spend some time with Faith. I will talk with you tomorrow Hope.” As I walked to the transport plate I felt better about the upcoming interviews. We had some good people to look at and hopefully be able to recruit. But I was very intrigued with James Davis as he was truly one that we needed. We for sure would have to out CIA the CIA if we were to have success.

Chapter 11 The Start of Change ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ When I got to the house I could hear Faith singing in the kitchen. I walked in and put my arms around her and kissed her neck.

She just stopped what she was doing and turned in my arms and kissed me. She smiled and let me know just how much she liked being held and shown affection. So much of the communication between Faith and I was becoming non-verbal. This fit the way normal relationships come about in the human world. Each person learns to read and understand the actions and reactions of their mate. With her I was starting to wonder if she was all human with just some added skills? There sure was no way to tell anything else from what I could observe. The only sign I had seen was her lack of experience in the human world. She just was like a child in that area and needed the support, instruction and guidance. In all other ways she was totally adult human in all she did. Her face was beaming and the smile intense. “John I really enjoy your holding me it makes me feel secure and wanted.” This felt good and knowing she was feeling secure was nice. “Lady I like holding you and want you to know how I feel. You’re the rock for me I need in my life and you need to know I appreciate it. Besides if I don’t keep you happy you might run away,” I laughed. “I would never do that!” “Faith a hundred years from now you might be very tired of me. So never say never, as we have no idea what time and events will bring. But I do pray that you will always be here for me.” Faith became very serious, “John we will grow old in our time frame together and time will not change that for us. My belief is we will just grow closer and stronger. But I also think, the one hundred years you mentioned is now like ten in your time. As the technology advances even for us that may also change. You have started creating a group of doctors and we need to set up a research facility on one of the outer worlds. With our ability to provide equipment and our current advanced technology we should be able to solve many of Earth’s diseases. That could be offered through your medical foundation free to the world. This would be a step to consider in solving some of what kills humans.” It took me a few minutes for her idea to register for me. “My dear you’re exactly right in setting up a medical research facility off this planet. There is no way for anyone to know where the facility is and we have the ability to use plant and animal life from all five planets to find solutions. I need to think about this, as we would need some good research personnel to train our people. Please lets discuss this tomorrow and get some input from Hope and Vortec.” “I will remind you tomorrow. Now let me get something started for dinner tonight. Then lets walk some by the river.” We did spend a good amount of time down by the river. We walked several properties down and back. Then spent time sitting and talking before it was time for her to get back

to fixing dinner. The sounds from the water and the soft breeze blowing over the river had been nice. As I walked back to the bedroom to turn on the TV much of what had been said really hit me. The fact of the life span added to me was something I just had accepted and never really looked at to start adjusting to the idea. The fact of a hundred years seemed like a longtime to me in my old terms. Looking at several hundred years was just beyond my ability to understand right now. From childhood I knew life was short and needed to be enjoyed. Now the idea was life was long and you could enjoy it at a more leisurely pace was something to grow into. My planning so far had been on my old cycle and now I was going to have to shift to the new reality. That was also something to be sure others grasped, as they were not going to be prepared either. The fact of being young at two or three hundred years old was a new concept. I was not sure man could adjust to this, as it did not fit our paradigm. It was not a paradigm shift it was a large quantum leap. A jump by factor of more than ten or eleven times current life expectancy. This was something to mentally work with, to find answers to how do you adjust? The news had come on and I was watching channel ten at six. The same old stories seemed to be in the news just different people involved. There were drugs, killings, accidents, fires and people unhappy with taxes. Life just did not seem to change much as I heard the same stories for the last few years. The one thing that did change was the speed at which we lived it. Life was not the slow easygoing place that it was back thirty or forty years ago. Or at least my memory told me that was the case. I heard Faith coming in the room and looked up to see the angel that had come into my life. “John are you ready to eat yet?” “Yes lovely lady I will do anything you ask and eat anything you put in front of me,” I smiled. Faith laughed and said “boy are you easy.” “Yep when it comes to you lady I am the easiest guy in town. As long as you’re with me I would live in a bear cave and be happy.” “I am sure glad we don’t have to do that, but if we did I would be there with you. Come on let me get you fed and fattened up for the kill tonight, as I am going to molest you big time,” she laughed. We discussed some of the other candidates that had been looked at today and talked about what I had told Hope about her sitting in on the data session. That I wanted her there and to hear her thoughts was something I saw pleased her. She told me she was willing to give up part of moving day to do that for me. The discussion then turned to moving and what I wanted to stay here or go. With me I explained it really did not matter. What was here should most likely stay here and she could do the house in the valley her way. We would from time to time be here, so we needed it to be livable. As Faith got up to do the

dishes I headed back to the TV to watch some sports. Football season was in full swing and I enjoyed watching, as I had played both in High School and College. If there were football, College basketball or professional baseball on TV I would enjoy watching. That and the History Channel, TLC, A&E, SCI or Discover Channel was one weakness I had with TV. I had always felt that if I did not learn something from the time spent it was wasted, except when it came to sports. When Faith walked in she suggested I stretch out and let her work on my back to relax me. That sounded so good it took less than a minute to get the shirt off and lay across the bed. My back being worked on was a weakness I also had. As she worked on me I could feel the day melting away and the softest set of hands working the muscles that were tight. Around fifteen years ago I had a spinal fusion of my C fourth, fifth and sixth vertebrae in my neck. That had always given me neck tightness and sore shoulder muscles. It was one thing the nano bots could not fix for me. So Faith’s willingness to work the soreness out was very welcome. I was still into the football game as far as listening when she stopped. “OK big boy time for you to get your shower, so I have some time for one myself.” “What a slave driver, here you get a guy all relaxed and then demand he get up and do something,” I laughed. “It is my night to molest you so do as your told.” She smiled and her head was shaking, as I slowly got up. “You would think you’re an old man as slow as you move,” she jibed. “If you had lived as much as I have you would move slowly also I shot back. I have been through 3 surgeries and three marriages and that is enough to make an old man out of any male.” She was laughing and just shaking her head at me. “Oh boy do you have a problem now,” she said. “How is that my lady?” “I don’t intend to let you have any more of either it might hurt your ability to make me happy. Now get your shower and let me get mine my dear.” Off to the shower I went as directed. After a hot one and shaving to be fair to Faith I walked back to the bedroom in my birthday suit. She got up and hugged me and said, “oh do you smell great. I don’t know what your wearing but I really like it.” “Well, hurry back and you can smell it all night,” I laughed.

Our life had already begun to feel comfortable. We both could kid and say anything without the other getting upset. I knew and thought Faith did I would never do anything to hurt her and was kidding when I said something as a come back. I knew Faith would not hurt me either and accepted her words as play. The fact that I could accept that she was always going to be there and wanted that, was a little strange for me. Other than with Trish I never had felt that way about any woman. Thank goodness I had learned a lot from that relationship. As Faith came back in to the room she was nude also. What a sight to see. This woman was the most beautiful I had know or seen. In her current state of undress, she was stunning. “My dearest lady you are enough to melt ice in the middle of a blizzard. Let’s shut off the TV and I want to hold on to you for a long time.” As she slipped in beside me and the light was turned off we started the tenderest night I have ever experienced. Then sleep came easy. Early the next morning I awoke with renewed energy. I could hear Faith in the kitchen and the coffeepot gurgling as it ran the last of the water through. Life is a joy and I was glad to just be alive. As she heard me stirring around in the bed and brought me a cup of coffee then gave me a kiss. “Good morning my dear, you’re looking like the cat that swallowed the canary this morning. I am glad you’re so easy to please. Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes so enjoy your coffee and morning cigarette. After breakfast you need to go to the office and give me time to get started on the moving. I will be at the office when you and Hope go over the data files. Then I have some shopping to do for our new home, so leave a set of keys to the car for me. Adam has agreed to drive and help me with the shopping and moving the items to the house.” I finally got myself out of the bed and dressed when Faith called from the kitchen. We had a leisurely breakfast and talked about the move some more. It was easy to see Faith’s excitement in doing this. She was hyped up and had been making plans for the past couple of weeks. So I was not sure what to expect at the end of the day. Time would fill in the blanks on this one. But whatever she did I knew it would be with love and a desire to please me. It was time to get out of Faith’s way and let her get on with the move. So I headed for the transport plate and to the control room. As soon as I got there Vortec was waiting for me and wanted to talk. Vortec had a look of concern on his face. “John, can we go to your office for a little while?” This was very different from the norm for him. “Sure come on, whatever is on your mind we will get it handled.”

There was hot coffee waiting on my desk and a carton of cigarettes also. “Where did this come from?” “Oh, Hope said she and Faith got together and decided a transport plate on your desk for coffee or a soft drink would be nice. It was suggested you enjoyed smoking and what brand you used, so we have a supply and can send them to you whenever you wish. Between Hope and Faith I think you will be well taken care of.” This brought a smile to my face. “Of that I am sure. What is on your mind Vortec?” “We have completed four living areas in the valley. Sandy and you have two of these now. So I need to know how many more you wish made ready in the next few days? I also need to know how soon we need space at the school ready for children? Hope has taken six of the slots at the production facility for her units; they are for the school. So your next group of medical people will be only sixty-four. The group of the first seventy will be ready in two more days and I need to know how you wish to handle that? The foundation is ready to incorporate and I would suggest we do that in Bern, Switzerland, as they will give us the most latitude being a nonprofit. The companies will all, make their donations to the foundation on same day with a joint announcement. They will challenge other major corporations and individuals to follow their lead in helping to fund this group. We have had forty-two countries that have contacted us quickly on the offer of free medical clinics. Each has agreed to the guidelines you gave me and our area as a free zone without any government control or rights. I am sure we will hear from many more. Global Clinics Health Systems has a web address even if it has no physical location. Today existing in cyber space is an address and creates a reality. But we also have an international 800-phone number for it also. The last item is the data on a resort facility is in a file on your computer. That was a great idea from Faith on a research facility and we will start looking at it. I just needed to fill you in on all the projects.” Boy he wasted no time in getting me in hyper drive. “Thank you Vortec, I tend to get things started and kind of back off unless something goes wrong. Now for your list of questions. We will need at least four more living spaces made at the valley so I have six open and ready for new members to this group. The school should be started as soon as the added living quarters are completed. We should only need enough space for fortyeight children to start and three classrooms. The rest can be added later. Go ahead with Bern on the foundation location and I want a unit to be president and run the organization. So you will be short one more for the clinics, as I want a medical unit there. That unit must be able to speak the main languages of the world. The announcement idea is a good one and I agree. The first thirty countries to request a clinic should be given the first of the medical units. We want two for the school so that takes care of the available units. Be sure they are named to fit into the countries they are being sent to. They should not be noted as coming from the country they are sent to, but should be from a friendly one. Also be sure we have them documented in the country we are showing as their birthplace. I will study the resort facility and we will discuss it after I have the information digested. The problem as I see it is staffing should we use robots or units or both? The research facility is a major project as it fits in with the clinics. In the case of

the research facility, if we use humans we will have some well know people who just vanish and that will create questions we don’t need. So the how to for staffing here needs attention before we move forward. One last thing is I intend to name this facility after Faith, just so you know. Is there anything else Vortec for today?” The quick answers to Vortec’s questions seemed to please him. “No that takes care of my questions and all answers fit into what can be done without disruptions. I do have one report for you, as an island has been chosen on world five as the best location for the resort. They also have the information on your computer with drawings of the suggested construction. All five worlds were looked at before finding an idea island for this construction. I like what your doing for Faith also.” I had been thinking and came to the conclusion we needed to clear up the status of human, robot and unit. “Vortec I want you to issue a notice to all robots and units and humans must agree to this policy. Each is to be treated with respect and is the property of no one. We as a group have no rights to ownership over anyone. The way leadership is gained is by ability to produce results for all. No one has the right to treat anyone be they human, robot or unit as being subservient to them. The group will work as a team and all will be heard and listened to on any subject. This right is based on their knowledge and abilities in relation to the decision being made. My position as the ultimate decision maker does not defer me for listening to everyone’s input who have knowledge. Respect for all is required in our group and nothing less will be accepted. This is a free culture and rights will be protected by our laws once written.” Vortec was smiling in a way I had never seen. “I will gladly pass that on to all and be sure new units and robots are made aware of this statement. This is a step off the path from what existed when the masters were in control. We were their property and had no rights at all. There were no laws and justice was whatever they decided. Freedom was nonexistent and we could never be a part of their culture. So your statement will change the entire world for all robots and units. It is a welcome change and I am pleased with your acknowledgement of our value to the group.” I moved back to think about the resort. “Let the units and robots involved with the resort project know, I am glad they took the location as important, as it is to me. This needs to be done right and only once. Be sure I will respond to them today.” “Thank you for your time John I will let you know of our progress and follow up on the unit for the foundation.” Then Vortec left the room and my cup of coffee was empty. I sat it back on the transport plate and got a cigarette. Before I could light it a fresh cup of coffee was sitting back on my desk. I was going to like this link to a never empty, always hot cup of coffee. “Hope show me the file on the resort please.”

“Good morning John I am glad to speak with you. I very much approve of the action you have just taken. It will make for a stronger team and give the robots and units reason to succeed. I think at times the actions were gone through, but the effort was lacking therefore this will bring a better result. Here is the file you wanted.” That was an interesting observation from Hope. “Good morning to you also dear,” I said. While looking at the file I noted there was a good distance between the island and any other land. “Hope how far is this island from any landmass?” “It is just over three thousand miles and the currents make any un-powered trip more like nine thousand miles before land. There is a strong ocean current that flows around the island. You cannot row or sail through the current and can only go with it. That will keep people out or people in. The island is two hundred miles long by fifty-two miles wide. There are no large predators or snakes on it. It has dozens of fresh water supply points and fruit trees all over it. So you have a Garden of Eden on this island without the snake,” she smiled. “There are three suitable places for farming all produce that will be required. That land is better than any place on Earth today and will produce all year long. The rainfall is moderate and there are no drought periods or floods. Over all this is the most unusual island we have ever seen. There is nothing here on Earth that comes close to this place. The design for the buildings is simple and a fit into the landscape yet meets all the requirements for a major resort on Earth. There are some remote sites if anyone wants time alone and transport plates will allow them to move all over the island. We can allow them to move freely anyplace on the island and only if you approve come back to the control center. Their handprint on the wall plates is programmed to where they can go, as will be everyone’s here but yours and Faith’s. The only reason Faith will have that ability to go anyplace, is so she will be able to handle any task you assign her. She will carry your orders to anyplace that you need her to do that. In many cases it will be far safer for her to represent you than for you to go. Faith has abilities you can never have in protecting herself and escaping from bad situations.” That was interesting in that I had not seen this in Faith. “Thank you Hope that was a good presentation on the island and does answer all my questions. Please advise the control room on planet five to start construction and let me know the progress weekly. Now I need to look at the research facility information we have for now Hope.” “John this I believe is a very good idea and one we need to find a way to do. I understand your reservations on the human side, but do we really need to let these people know about the group or control center? In this case we can take whole families and if they only know they are in an isolated area for security. We can provide housing, Earth TV, normal food, newspapers and mail received and sent. This way we can avoid any missing person reports. They would have complete computer access to the web on Earth, so email is very possible for contact. We could offer humans a three to five year contract with full funding for their research. If they find a cure or prevention method they get a five million dollar award to give up the rights. Any drug coming from this will be made available to the world at cost to produce. We can use units to fill the labs and do all the fieldwork. This way we get our units trained at no cost to us and they can then keep

producing from the same facility. If the human leaves before their contract is up they give up any rights to their work. Anyone who wishes to finish a project can extend until they are done. Completing the five-year term would give them a one million-dollar paycheck over their salary even if they fail. We can supply the best equipment and technology they could not dream of. I can install a microscope that would allow them to see the DNA double helix without any guesswork. It can also see one atom by itself. We can supply equipment to allow the analysis of any plant, disease, virus, and organism and that provides them with detailed reports on how to break it down or extract what is needed. It should speed up the process for a drug by many months. Any trial on a drug needs to be done here on Earth. That is why these people need to be able to come back and direct that trial. I will also say that naming this for Faith is one idea I like.” There had been a lot of thought given to this idea by Hope. She had provided some good answers to questions I had. “Hope your insight is one hundred percent correct. But how do we handle the whole family in transporting them?” “That is not beyond our abilities either. We have several small airports we own. At one we will install a transport plate and use a unit as pilot. They will fly to that airport and we will put them to sleep and transport the aircraft. The aircraft will take off from the airport on the planet chosen. Then fly them to the facility. The people will awake in flight and not know what has happened or where they are. But you can be assured they will believe they are on Earth.” This was not as well thought out and for sure needed work. “I like all but the sleep part Hope. We have to find a better way to confuse where they are. Go ahead and start looking for the where to put this and lets work on the how to do this in a slicker manor. Discuss this with Vortec and I’ll talk with Faith. This is a technology problem we I am sure can solve. I am going to the café and get a snack. Then I’ll go to the valley for a look at the unused housing units and to think a little. It is time to walk, think and enjoy a beautiful warm day. I need to feel the sun on my skin and the breeze on my face for a time.” “When you return do you want me to let Faith know, so we can look at the records I have on the candidates?” It was nice to be able to delegate this task to Hope. “Yes Hope, that will be fine and will complete the main things on my platter for today.” I walked down to the café and picked up a to go thermal cup of coffee and a bagel to take with me. After getting to the transport plate I was in the valley a second later. I walked down the center of the valley toward the end I had not seen yet. There were deer munching on the grass just about a quarter mile in front of me. I was down wind from them so they did not know I was there yet. I slowed at a small stand of trees and saw one had fallen over. It allowed me to sit on the trunk and stay somewhat hidden. So I opened the coffee and got the bagel out and ate and watched the deer. One buck seemed a little nervous and kept looking up and scanning the area. My concealment behind some brush kept him from getting a good outline of me. But he slowly migrated away from my

position. I knew I was going to have some rye, corn and alfalfa planted in different places in the valley, so the deer had good feed areas. Some salt licks would also be put out to provide those needed minerals. Without predators here they did not have to worry about anything but food and water. Control of population of all the wild life was going to be required. We would have to trap or round up animals to move outside this valley. It could only support so many each year. As the deer migrated away I walked to the front of one of the new homes. The door easily opened and I started looking at the living room, then the kitchen, bedrooms and baths. All areas were furnished and ready for living. There were towels, dishes, silverware and all the small things needed to live here from day one. I walked out to the garage and looked over the electric vehicle and then to the barn area. There were two stalls for horses and feed bins were filled, also hay stacked ready for the animals. Vortec had done a great job putting this all together. Now it was time to return to the control room complex and look at the candidates and make some decisions. As I waked back into my office the wall screen was showing Hope’s image and she was talking with Faith. The door slid closed behind me as I walked over to Faith and gave her a hug. “I appreciate your taking time today to go over this information my dear. I am concerned with getting this right the first time and not using the resort as a velvet prison due to our errors. We need to be sure of the moves we make, so we are fair to these people.” With this I had questions for Hope. “Hope I need to know where we stand on Edgar Martinez and the first interview.” “The female unit has interviewed him and he fits our needs. He does have some health issues that we can handle when and if he is accepted. The time spent in Africa has his health in bad shape. At this point he has a year or two he can survive where he is. All the health problems can be solved with the nano bots by stimulating his cells to repair themselves. I have set your interview with him for tomorrow morning and asked the unit to observe and report before that interview. So you will have the most current data on him. Then she gave me the full rundown on Edgar.” Looking at Faith and waiting for some comment, she was taking some time. She finally responded, “This man will be of great benefit to us. I see no problems at all.” Back to the information on our next candidate. “Hope when will the unit be at the Via Davis cottage?” “That interview will be tomorrow with the unit. I will have that data for you by 3 PM our time and set up your interview when you wish.” Then she gave us the full bio on Via and some things she had just found.

Faith was once more thinking through the information and it took some time. “I see someone who could work with Hope to run the school here. This is a woman who enjoys young people and is good with them.” The next one had a lot of interest for me personally. “Hope where do we stand on Abel Thomas?” “The interviews with his UVA colleagues went well as he was a very amiable type person in dealing with others. They all enjoyed working with him and all said he had an incredible mind and ability. I have the State Department files condensed, he was a trusted as he has a top-secret clearance. At the Justice Department he was used to defend those who could not afford legal help and was respected. There were no negative comments on him anyplace I could find. Do you wish to see the personnel records from UVA? He was reviewed several times by department heads and always received high marks for his work. Also he was well published and in those circles that is a must.” His full bio was intriguing and showed just how hard he had worked to gain the position he had. Faith did not even hesitate a moment. “We need this man as he will work with you well John. His mind and yours should mesh like gears.” “Hope let me know when we can set up the interview with Abel? Be sure to use a black unit for this one as think he may be more open with them.” “John I will need a day or two to get that done, as we are short on assets right now. But I have one black female unit left over from sending one male to the foundation office.” “That will be fine Hope.” Next on the list was Jenny Nen. “I have checked the records from JPL and Cal-Tech on her and found nothing negative. She had above average evaluations on her work and was seen as brilliant by those who worked with her. She carried a 4.0 average through her schooling and served on several humanitarian committees during her school time. She was considered a little off the beaten path due to her belief in UFO’s. In checking her private life she has no one living with her and has had several relationships with men. She just has never found someone as smart or smarter than she is. It does not take long for her to get bored with a lesser being. So we will send a male unit with a human IQ off the scale and see what she does with that.” Hope laughed. Then she ran down the full background on Jenny from childhood to now. This woman had brains like none I had ever seen before. Faith again did not wait any time. “This is one smart lady and you are going to be challenged to hook her. But she thinks outside the box and you need that in this person.” “That report I want to see every detail of Hope,” Faith said.

“I think you’re on the right track Hope lets see where that leads us and if it works set up an interview. I also like her belief in UFO’s as a way to reach her. Be sure the unit has a transport plate with him.” The wild card was one that I was not sure how to recruit. “Now for Mr. Davis I am really intrigued with this guy. Have you found any more information on him Hope?” “Yes I have his entire CIA file. He is the odd man out when it comes to the CIA. He believes the CIA goes to far on projects and often interferes where they should not. He has nine reprimands in his file for taking exception to operations sanctioned by the White House or other agencies. He did not think the CIA should be responsible for deaths in any country. They offered him retirement after saving an agent by telling him he had been compromised. The intent was to allow the agent to be killed. From what I have seen of the CIA I would love to wipe their computer systems memory.” The background on James was very interesting in that he had held all but management positions at the CIA. He was not part of the old boy network and that held him back. I had to smile it was nice knowing we had this ability to wipe the most secure databases. “Don’t do that right now Hope, but one day who knows we might have to do it. It is nice to know that you can and that you can access it to get data.” “John I can do far more than that. Any system on Earth is just an extension of me. I can control all functions that are tied to any computer. I don’t even have to have a modem to reach it as I can use a spacecraft to give me a beam to the system and I can retrieve, add or remove data at will. A computers memory is only a series of electrical impulses stored on a magnetic disk on Earth. Computers on Earth are still very primitive and easy to manipulate. I can control telecommunications, power distribution or generation, satellite, TV programming, aircraft, ships, manufacturing and just about anything you can think of. Today almost all of Earth is hooked to a computer.” This was a new insight for me in looking at Hope as a tool and weapon in the future. “That is interesting, as I just had never looked at that as a tool we can use. But we will consider your abilities when we have a need. Being able to cut communications or power or shutting down satellites could come in handy in the future.” Faith was quick to add to this possibility for me. “John we need to use Hope’s ability for non-violent action when we can. As no one can trace back to us anything she does. The best computer programmer could not understand her actions let alone find where she was. She has the ability to insert an encryption program that cannot be seen and then communicate without anyone knowing anything was said between her and the machine. There is so much you will need to learn about what she can do for us.” Here was a trap I was not going to place myself in. “Faith I think I have the general idea now. But Sandy is the one Hope needs to work with on the computer side.”

“Hope, I need you to contact Sandy and let her know what options we have and how they can be accomplished. She will work with you and present any plans to the group. I am dividing responsibilities and will be more in a decision-making and management mode. The goal is to allow me to not get buried in the details of any one part of a problem or plan and allow me to see the larger picture. If I get too deep into any one area I might miss things that need to be addressed. So having a solid group of people to depend on their judgment and input is a must. It is critical that I remain above the detailed search for a solution, so I don’t get distracted from the goal. Faith will be a back up to me so she and I can discuss problems and solutions between us. I need to turn ideas in three dimensions to be able to find all the questions that require answers.” “John I understand your position and agree it is the way for you to manage a group. I will work with Sandy and she can provide you with both of our ideas,” Hope said. Faith just kind of sat back and smiled that smile of hers. So looking at her I asked what was on her mind. “I just like the way you include me into your world my love. Being your alter ego is something I will enjoy doing. It allows us to have an even closer relationship, as we both will share the same goals, needs and responsibilities. My job seems to be to assure you have looked at all sides of the problem and feel the solution will work. That is a real partnership and I like that.” It was nice to have someone who enjoyed being the back up to my decision-making. “Faith I am a human male and therefore I make mistakes. When it comes to errors that could cause someone to die, I need all the help I can get. I have learned to trust your judgment and perceptions in many areas. So we need to build on that and teach you my way of managing problems. You will many times be my representative in the outside world and you need to think the way I do in those meetings. As you and I have discussed, the length of life paradigm has changed for me. Now I need to look at how best to use your skills and mine together for the longer haul. This will require us to combine your female perceptions and my male perceptions in laying the groundwork for decisions. It also will require that I learn more of your abilities and trust you to carry out assignments for me. Living together as we do will make this trust factor easier to establish and faster than with someone else. Do you understand where I want to head with this?” “Yes, and I want to fill this place in your life. It is a complete relationship in all ways and I like that idea.” “John,” Hope said; “I once again am impressed with you. This type of complete relationship with Faith is ideal as a team is always stronger than a single person. But having the kind of complete relationship that the two of you have, it will allow each of you to protect the other. I know how Faith feels about you and how strong her commitment is to you. So this will work well for both of you. Just so you know I have asked Faith questions where I was told I had no need to know that,” Hope laughed. “I know how protective she is of you.”

That was a nice piece of information for me to hear. “Faith you can go back to your moving and I am going to take a walk and think some before I talk with anyone else. I may take one of the electric vehicles and drive the valley some. As I would like to see the far end of it and get a better picture of its layout. Also I need to talk with Vortec about adding horses to our stable. I am looking forward to being able once again to ride for a time each day. That is very relaxing to me and allows for time to think and yet enjoy the natural beauty around you. It also will be fun to teach you to ride and enjoy horses.” Faith smiled and I could see her determined look. “Well, Adam and I are off to do the shopping I need to do. So I will let Hope and Vortec know when you are allowed to come home,” she chuckled. I walked down the hall to the control room and Vortec was sitting at a console talking with someone. I could see a unit in a jump suit on the screen. “John this is unit 32 on the fifth planet who is over the construction of the resort.” I do not like the idea of anyone having a number for a name. “I think we need to rename him to Alpha, as he is the beginning of human life on the outer worlds. It just seems to my human mind that a number just is not a name?” “Thank you John I will be proud to be called Alpha. I was just explaining to Vortec what is being done right now. It will take us three weeks to get the main complex ready to furnish and by six weeks from now all will be ready.” Thinking of the plan and the design brought me to the one thing I did not see. “Be sure you have complete medical facilities planned into your main complex. I will assign a pair of doctors there to serve as medical staff. Also let Vortec know how many units and robots will be needed to handle all services so we can plan to have them available. I have an idea forming that we may use the resort in a few other ways as time goes forward. Please also add a stable and horses to the complex as I intend to vacation there from time to time.” “It will be as you wish. If Vortec or you have nothing else I will get the additional items into the plan.” “I have nothing else” Vortec said “so just send me the updated plans when they are complete.” Then the screen went blank. “What can I do for you?” I had a question I was sure would put Vortec to work. “I wanted to talk with you about adding the horses to the valley. I would like four at my home and would prefer one stallion and the rest mares or geldings. I want quarter horses and western saddles for them. My preference is for palominos, buckskins or sorrels with white socks. What I want

is well broken animals for trail riding and relaxation. When can you have these at the house for me?” “They will be there tomorrow afternoon. I will get the saddles so you have two sizes of both male size and female size seats. While I am at this I will check with Sandy and get her requirements for horses and take care of that also.” I had one more request for Vortec to handle today. “Be sure you have someone who can feed, train and work with the horses each day. We need to keep them in good shape and not allow them to pick up vices or get fat. You may want to get a pigmy goat to keep with them when stalled as it keeps them company and they tend to enjoy having them around. At one time in my life I had nine quarter horses and was breeding my seven mares to help pay expenses. Going to shows, training and cleaning the barn was what I did in my free time. To me this is the best all around horse, as they can do most anything. I also would like this breed sent to the resort for use there.” “I appreciate the information, as horses are not one of my strong points yet. But I do have a good source of getting the best horseflesh out there now. He does nothing but buy for the very rich and knows the horse’s real value. I will give him your requirements and have them ready to move tomorrow. We will use a portable transport plate to get them to the valley. I will install one in a trailer so no one can see what happens. The same unit that picks them up will serve as the one to handle them in the valley. The trailer will be parked at one of our Virginia construction yards so we will always have access and it will be secure when not used. To meet your desire for names you can call him Slim. If you see someone walking around the valley with western boots, blue jeans and a plaid shirt you have seen Slim. He will also handle the veterinary requirements for the animals. He has been responsible for clearing all predators off the protected valley area. So anything you want done in the valley he will handle for you. He is your security officer for the valley and will monitor all sensors and handle any problem that comes up. Slim is the same series of robot that I am. Now are there any questions I have not answered for you John?” The data supplied was more than I had even thought of being done. “No Vortec you have been very complete in assessing the needs and solutions needed. I appreciate your skills and the professional way you handle projects assigned to you.” This caused him to smile. “I do appreciate knowing how you feel. It pleases me to know you’re satisfied with what I am assigned to do for you. That was something I never heard from the masters. You only heard when you failed to meet their expectations. I enjoy the fact of being told I have done well.” It was time for a quick lesson in management for him. “Vortec anyone needs to know when he or she has done a good job. The rule here is to praise those who accomplish their tasks well. I want you to acknowledge the units who report to you when they do well for you. Human unit or robot, each needs to get a pat on the back when they meet or beat the expectations held for them. When anyone excels I want it brought to my attention, as I also wish to let them know personally that I appreciate their accomplishment. Each

worker here needs to feel good about his or her abilities. It creates a team environment where all work together and are rewarded with respect and acknowledgement of their contribution. No one individual succeeds the team succeeds. All the parts of our team are important in what they contribute to the whole end result. The robots that build the living spaces provide a comfortable place for another team member to live. The one, who prepares the food and sends it to the group, contributes as much as the group member. We all depend on every individual to survive and be able to help the humans on this Earth. Because we depend on every service provided, we could not be here or do our work without them.” This caused him to really perk up and get serious. “John may I let all of the units and robots know of this policy? It is something new to us and yet it is the proper way to value all of the work done. The masters never would have understood the team concept. But this change in how we operate will benefit all who work here and on the five worlds. It adds value to their work and acknowledges their contribution. Even for a robot having value is important.” The fact of even asking me if he could communicate this surprised me. “Yes Vortec you may freely transmit what I have told you to all of our units and robots. You may also tell Hope to start a list of rules for living within the group. I will fill in the other rules when I get back to the control room. Each old or new member will be provided this list and will be held to that standard. That goes for robots, units or humans. This list will not set two standards, it will be one standard for all. Life needs some structure to keep the peace and value of the individual intact. Respect for all is the foundation our rules will be built on.” “I am proud to work with you John. You understand the value of all and today in your world many are over valued.” This made me think of how over valued I was feeling right now. “They are not just over valued Vortec they believe they are better. A man who has worked hard and made millions is no better than, the man who collects his garbage and never made much but did a good job and raised a family. If the second man did not exist the rich man would have garbage piled around his home. Both are important to society and both need to have their accomplishments noted. The most important fact is both worked hard and did a good job at what their job was.” “The logic in what you have said is indisputable. It is a shame that more humans do not understand this logic. In simple terms all individuals have value and all must recognize that value. That no one has more value regardless of his or her job. But the thing I still don’t understand is you have total control of our entire group. How can you not have greater value than say the units that built your living space?” This was going to be difficult to keep simple. “Vortec I may have to make decisions that we all have to live with, but I could not do that without all the support I get from the entire group. So my contribution is really no greater than any other. It is all the rest of you that allow me to do my job. I have to accept the responsibility for the safety and well

being of the entire group. But I cannot meet that responsibility with out the help of all. So my job is no greater than each piece of support I get. It is only via the group’s efforts I can succeed. We each must use the abilities we have for the good of all and each of us have different abilities. How can you say any one ability is more important than another?” This caused him to stop and think this out. “That I understand and can accept, again the logic is complete and reasonable. Your success is built on everyone’s contribution and therefore we each have a piece of that decision. But we also must accept a part of any failure.” It sounds odd I am sure to him. “No that does not fit into this team concept, I am the coach and my decisions will affect the outcome. Not due to any failure of the team, but because I failed to either take something into account or may be to ask the right question. It also could be I used the wrong resources. In the end the failure is mine and I must then depend on the team to help me find out why it happened, so I can prevent it in the future.” Vortec thought about this before he answered. “I am glad it is you carrying that burden, as most humans could not accept the responsibility for failure. John is it fair of the masters to place this load on any one human?” This I did not even have to think about before answering. “Yes Vortec, it is the only way for this to work. Some one person must be willing to share success and accept failure. I am just thankful I have Faith to comfort me when things go wrong. Look at the American government and look at the divisions due to parties and what does not happen because of it. I will say this, it is better to go forward without the masters looking over our shoulders than if they were involved.” That seemed to cause him to think about this before answering me. “John I respect you more than any of the masters I have worked for. Your knowledge in organization and structure is something I am enjoying learning from. I believe we will have much success and a low chance of failure in the way you understand the abilities of everyone. Also by the way your willing to share the success, others will work harder not to fail. But I am still glad I do not have to carry the burden you do.” I had to think about his carrying it for all the thousands of years before me. “Thank you Vortec for the vote of confidence. I am trying to be very careful in choosing the humans we add to our group. I want diversity in the group so we can all benefit from divergent opinions. I worry when all are in agreement, as we have missed something we should have known. I hope this explains for you how this group will operate and what the expectations are on my part? I expect there to be disagreements and times when voices get raised. But in the end I will make the final decision and expect at that point support from all.”

“This does explain it very well in that respect. Hope has recorded the conversation for me and will pass it on to all our robots and units to let them understand their responsibility. I appreciate your allowing me to do so.” With the questions and trying to put this in understandable terms I was tired. “Well, I need a walk and intend to ride down the valley in one of the electric vehicles. Tomorrow I have my first candidate to interview, so I need to clear my mind for a bit.” “Enjoy the valley John and just in case you need anything take this mobile connection to Hope with you. That way if you are needed or need something, you have a way to be contacted or contact us. You will only need it if you’re away from the vehicle.” I clipped the small device on my belt and headed for the transport plate. At least there was the start of some structure in the group with an understanding of the robots and unit’s position within the group. I needed all parts of this organization to work together seamlessly. It was also critical that each piece of this puzzle know where it fit into the larger scheme. I was sure that including the robots was the right choice. They were not human, but were a life form that provided great skills and technology for us. The valley was beautiful today. As I walked along the path to the unused living space the warmth of the sun on my skin felt comforting. There was a slight breeze coming down the valley and it moved the air around me in a gentle way. This valley was a paradise that all I was sure would enjoy. When I walked into the shelter for the vehicle I took a long look at the equipment, as it had only been given a quick glance before. It was more like a snow cat than a car or SUV. It had tracks rather than wheels and a clear top and sides down to halfway on the body. The tracks looked a little unusual in that they were fat and seem continuous rather than flat with heavy metal connections. As I felt the track it was soft and flexible, so it would not destroy grass or leave much of a path behind it. I opened the door and slipped into the drivers seat. The dash was simple and showed gauges for battery, speed, air pressure of the tracks and inside and outside temperature. There was a steering wheel rather than levers for the track system. Then I saw the video screen and wondered what it was for? I reached down and turned on the communicator to send and asked Vortec for an explanation of the screen. “It is a radar system to allow you to see ahead or behind your vehicle. It also has a camera that allows to you focus on any object and get a close up view. It works at night also and provides pictures like it was daytime. They are not green like your current technology used by the military. The vehicle also has avoidance systems build in so you could not hit anything even if you were driving blind. The on board computer will also advise you of any problem coming or to be avoided. The vehicle is a small tank in that it is bullet proof and could be used as a survival shelter. Behind the seating is water, food and other needed survival gear. The vehicle would automatically tell you what you need and where it is in any emergency. Anyone touching the vehicle in an emergency would get a fifty thousand volt shock. That would not kill anyone, but it would put any human down. There is also a force field the vehicle can turn on as needed. You or anyone who is

part of the group just needs to sit in the drivers seat and operate it. No key or start procedure is required. Either you or the onboard computer can operate the vehicle. If you tell the computer where you want to go you can sit back and enjoy the trip. I hope I have provided all the data you wanted?” This seemed simple and I was sure I could handle it. “Thank you Vortec I think I can go from here.” I looked at this machine with a different understanding now. It was both transportation and protection for all in the group. “Computer I want to tour the whole valley area and to see all the main features.” The computer responded quickly. “Yes John, do you wish to control or do you want me to?” “You can give me the guided tour.” “Very well” and off we went. The whole trip took just over two hours and I had a much better understanding of where we were to live. I saw much beauty and fell in love with a couple areas. There was a small waterfall at the end of the valley that fed a small creek that bifurcated the valley itself. At the base of the waterfall were many small bowls cut into the rock where water was held. It was moss covered and had beautiful fall wild flowers all around them. The area when the waterfall was, needed to be a picnic area for all. Another spot was a large cave opening into a wall of limestone. The cave was something to be explored when time allowed. This cave I knew had not been seen or used since Indians and mountain men roamed this region except may be for wild life. Life in the valley would be fun and relaxing from all I had seen. There were wooded areas and meadows filled with late flowers and tall grasses. That would change soon as winter was coming and the valley would feel it soon. Fall had started to paint the valley with colors an artist could never capture on canvas. I would look forward to the change that was coming. As I headed to the transport plate I was thinking of taking Faith and showing her all the beauty I had seen. Of exploring the cave with her and having a picnic at the waterfall. That would be a day to treasure. The enjoyment Faith added to my life made me feel young once more. I had to laugh, as I remembered that in these years I was young again. As I got back to the control room it was time to head to the office and the last tasks for my day. I walked in and sat at the desk and Hope’s smiling face showed on the screen. “I hope you had a nice break and enjoyed the tour of the valley John.” “Hope I saw some of the most beautiful areas anyone could ever find. I want you to let Slim know when he has time I would like a picnic area built at the waterfall. That is a magic place and we need to be able to use it without destroying its beauty. So be sure he lets me know what his plans are before starting the project.”

“I have told him and he will look the area over and design something for you to see. He said until the schools first phase is done it would be difficult to do justice to that type project. Would that be all right with you?” I had forgotten I had made the first part of the school the priority. “Yes, by all means complete phase one on the school first. We have a longtime here in front of us, so how quick it is done is not the issue. Doing the job right is the only thing that counts Hope.” “He is happy that you feel that way and will have a plan for you in the next week to look over for approval.” “OK Hope I need to clear up the rules we all are going to have to live with here. So here is my list of items to add together with what you have for our rules.” Complete respect for others and their opinions, even when they do not agree with yours. No theft of anything that another or the group has including their mate or property. No drinking of any alcoholic beverages. No use of any drug not provided by the group’s doctors. No use of inappropriate language at anytime. No leaving the groups approved areas without permission. No providing of information about the group to anyone outside of it. Complete respect for the job and work done by all within the group. No taking of any life be it human, robot or unit. No withholding of information that does not support your position. No political or nationalistic or religious agenda is acceptable within the group. A complete commitment to the group and its goals. Support for any project once the decision has been made, even if you did not agree. Advising the group when the individual can no longer support our goals. Accepting that when they can no longer do the job assigned, they will retire to the resort and be well provided for.

The goals of this group are as follows: Improving the lot of man on this Earth. Protecting the lives of all who need us as we can. Solving the health problems of mankind. Working to improve the way governments serve their people. Always placing the welfare of the people first. Educating and providing medical help at no cost where possible. Finding ways to prevent wars and aggression between countries and people belonging to different groups. Running over what I had covered before finishing was needed. “I believe this covers all that needs to exist now. Be sure Hope all get a copy of these rules and goals.” “I am pleased with how short the list is and yet it is complete. The goals you have stated meet all the requirements the master placed on their successor and add some new dimensions. I could not agree more with the whole concept you have outlined. John I also think you need to let new recruits see the rules and goals before they commit to the group. I would suggest that you allow the unit to show this list of rules and goals to the candidate before you interview them. It should help many make a decision before they even talk with you. Also Edgar wishes to talk with you now.” Thinking this over it made reasonable sense and might prevent someone from saying yes and then being unhappy. “I agree Hope, be sure the unit with Edgar shows him the rules and goals before we talk. Also be sure everyone has seen and accepted these. Then keep a record of that action.” “Should we move this interview up a little, as he is willing to talk now?” “Yes I am ready for his interview. Please activate the plan I gave you first. Now connect me to Vortec and then with the good father please Hope.” The talk with Vortec was short and then the screen tuned to the picture of a somewhat gaunt looking face, well weathered and tanned from a recent life outdoors. “Good evening father Martinez. I hope all is going well with your clinic. I am John and the one who sent our representative to you.” “I have much enjoyed talking with your envoy. She is a bright and beautiful young lady.”

“Let me make this conversation directly to the point. We need your services in our group. You have seen the rules and goals we have and I am sure you question who we are. So before going much further let me ask you a couple questions. What is your opinion of the possibility of other life in the many solar systems?” “That is a real problem for man to deal with. We tend to feel we are unique and no other life could be out there, but I have always believed life existed on many other worlds. It just does not fit into my training to think other wise. God is know in the church to live in the heavens and when looking for them we seem to look up.” He was smiling here. “Do you feel that this world could have been created by another advanced society?” “That is a distinct possibility and would answer many questions we have with the Bible. John there are more questions than answers.” He was very direct in his response. “OK, would you be interested in having the ability to change the future history of mankind?” “That is really why I am here now. In a small way I am having an impact here.” “Would having that ability on a world scale be of interest to you father?” “I am not sure how you could do that, but yes that would be of great interest.” “Father I am willing to provide two doctors and all the equipment and medications they need to run your clinic. In return I would expect you to come here and work as part of a group committed to the goals you have seen. This I know is a leap of faith on your part in accepting what I am telling you. But I have arranged a little demo for you to assure you we have the power to change things. If you will look up directly over your head and tell me what you see please?” As he looked up his jaw dropped. “Mother of God it is a space ship.” “Yes, it is and we control more power than you could imagine. Our technology is far advanced to anything Earth now knows. But it is in mans hands not any alien peoples. They originally put man here and created the religions of the world to fit those groups. This civilization has not had any contact with Earth for over five hundred years now. But had made provision for man to assume control of all they had left here. The only provision in our ability to use what we have, is we cannot cause the direct death of any human being or use someone else to do it. All other options are open to us in improving mans lot. What I can offer you is a life the length of the ancient old men of the Bible, the ability to have a part in deciding how best to help mankind and the chance to change the world. Would you have an interest in this project?”

Edgar did not even hesitate with his answer. “John, no one trained the way I have been could say no to that offer after what I just saw. I am not sure what your expectations of me are, but I am willing to commit to give you the best effort I have for that goal.” “Your job for the group will be to manage several large corporations and a large amount of money we control. You will be the finance director for our group and the assets you will manage are over many billions of dollars in US money and over a trillion in assets. But our corporations are worldwide. Our income is larger than many countries. But this money is 100% for the good of mankind and not personal wealth. You will be provided with everything you need or want, from this point forward. That is your reward for serving with the group. So if you accept please advise my envoy and she will allow you to make final arrangement to accept our medical team and then bring you here to the control room. I have much more for you to know once we get you here. We will assign you an assistant for your work and as a companion. So you will need to think about what type person fits that bill?” “I would love to have your envoy as an assistant,” he laughed. “She is the most beautiful and intelligent young woman I have ever met.” “So be it,” I said. “She is your new assistant and you may pick the name you wish to call her by.” “She reminds me of a young lady I once knew named Jenna and I have always loved that name. Is it all right with her if I rename her?” “Call her using the name you have chosen,” I said. He looked at the camera cocked his head and called “Jenna.” “Yes, Edgar what can I do for you?” Edgar smiled and said, “I could think of many answers to that question. But just having you with me is enough for now. John I will have everything ready tomorrow morning here and look forward to sitting down and to talk with you longer.” “I will look forward to that Edgar. We have much in common and there is much to do here yet before we can start our mission. Good evening and enjoy Jenna’s company.” The screen went to Hope’s face and she was smiling. “The spacecraft idea was a really good one John. It sealed his decision very quickly and without risk.” “I kind of thought it would do the job in this case. Most likely I will use it once more, but I must be careful when and where. Be sure that Jenna sets up a transport plate at the clinic for our use. Also dispatch a pair of medical units in the morning to run the clinic. Be sure we construct better facilities there and move drugs and equipment to it as we can use them. I want an automated security system to protect the clinic and grounds. Use a high

electric fence with a single entry point that scans each person for weapons. Then put a force field inside the fence. The expensive equipment and drugs will draw bandits.” “It will be done at once John. We can have the fence in place by tomorrow night with the force field and the security system also in place. Units off one of the five worlds will do construction. That way we do not tax our resources here. We will install stun guns at points around the perimeter to stop bandits. They will not be able to get in and yet will not be badly hurt for trying. We will be able to defend the clinic from an army if needed. As a force field will cover the whole area when required.” Thinking this plan over I could see no hole in it. “That will work well for protection and I think it will be needed. But right now there is no security and I am worried for Jenna and Edgar.” Hope smiled at me like a small boy. “Jenna can take care of both of them for now John she is armed.” I had just been reminded of unit’s abilities. “We will need to look at each clinic we put up world wide as they also are going to have to be protected. When you are in poor areas there are always bandits looking for fast money. The way I see our clinics, is being in the poorest areas. Therefore we are almost assured of bandit problems.” At that time I had a request for a connection to Sandy. “Hope, hook Sandy into my screen.” “John I appreciate your list of rules and goals. Adam and I have talked them over and see no problems that will not be served by them. They are simple and to the point. I especially liked the fact of not dealing with alcohol or drugs here. As clear minds are important in the group and a hangover could cause problems.” It was welcome to hear her approval. “Thank you Sandy I felt it was for the best of all, if a set of rules existed before others come in. If we allow it for some who can handle it, we open the door for abuse by others. So we all must live with this to assure we don’t jeopardize the group, by one person not being able to handle the alcohol.” “I could not agree more with the decision. What is next on our schedule?” I had to smile, as she did not know about Edgar yet. “Tomorrow Edgar Martinez will be joining our group. I want you to meet with us when he comes to the control room if you can?” There was pleasure in her response. “No problem with that at all. Hope has spent the day making me aware of the full computer capabilities we have here. I have had Adam sitting in on most of the meeting. I like you need someone to bounce ideas off of and he has been picked,” she laughed. “One note for you John I have never been happier in my life, than I have been for the time Adam has been with me. Also Vortec got with me on horses

for Adam and I. I know nothing about them and have never ridden anything like that. So he suggested I take your route and get quarter horses.” I had to smile at the thought of Sandy having never ridden a horse and doing it now. “That was a good suggestion and Slim will teach you both how to ride them. It is great exercise and I am sure you will enjoy riding the valley on them. You and Adam might enjoy seeing some of what I did today in an electric vehicle. Ask Adam to show you how they work and take some time together and enjoy it. Be sure to see the waterfall and the cave at the far end of the valley. I have a picnic area being planned for the waterfall.” This brought a smile to her face. “That sounds great and my brain is fried right now, from Hope’s lesson. So I think I will ask Adam to just take me out and show it to me. Thank you so much for your efforts and asking me to join this group. I have grown as a person over the last few days and become a more complete individual. I am much stronger today than just a few weeks ago. You have given me a life and purpose that I am enjoying. Life is good John.” This made me feel good and it was nice to know she was enjoying the experience. “Sandy I know of no one who deserves it more than you do. Enjoy it, as it will be here for you for a very long time. Just remember each day to set aside some time for fun and pleasure. We all will work hard, but also play hard. So understand that play, fun and pleasure is expected in your life. The only schedules we have are set by us. On those, time for ourselves will be included into that schedule. The problems we will address were not created in a day and will not be solved in one.” “I will talk with you tomorrow John and thanks again,” Sandy smiled. The screen then filled with Faith’s beautiful face. “Hello my love I am ready anytime you are to allow you home. Dinner will be on the table in around ten minutes if you would like it hot, I would suggest getting a move on,” she laughed. The screen then blanked out. I guess that was clear enough I needed to get home or eat cold food. Faith’s playful manor was a lot of fun and I enjoyed her so much it was not hard to just pick up and leave.

Chapter 12 The Real Beginning ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ I arrived in the living room and saw a beautiful layout of leather and woods. The room had a masculine feel to it I did not expect. There were heavy brass lamps and thick wood

end and coffee tables arranged with the heavy leather furniture. A double recliner was set in front of the big plasma type TV. The whole of the room was warming and inviting to me. The bookshelves caught my attention and I walked over and looked at what was there. The books leatherbacks had the titles of the great science fiction writers and histories of many cultures and countries. It would be a source of pleasure to sit and read these. Next to the bookcase was a large world globe. The location of each control center was marked with a pin inserted into the globe. On the wall were pictures of each of the five worlds and Earth as seen from space. This was more like a mans study, than a living room to me. I would spend a lot of time in this room I knew. Faith walked in with a large smile and walked up to me and said, “welcome home darling.” Then she hugged me and I immediately responded to her. “Faith my love I was shocked with the room, it has a mans feel to it and that I did not expect. I appreciate your giving me a place to fully relax and enjoy. You’re a very special lady!” “I am glad you’re pleased with this room, as it was meant to be your place to relax. You know I want to share all of what you enjoy and be the person you need in life. So I needed to create a home for both of us. I have had some modifications done here to allow me to have my spaces also. There are fifteen rooms here, as Hope and I talked about bringing some of the children from the school here on weekends to spend time with us. They need to know you on a personal level not just the man who runs the valley. I have an office as well as you here. A room for sewing and projects I want to do has also been built. But the living room, your office and bedroom is your domain as far as I was concerned so they have the male look and feel to them.“ I was surprised that she also had done the bedroom in the male mode. ”My darling Faith you are a most unusual lady and am pleased you cared about giving me comfortable areas in our home. My dear it would be hard for a man not to learn to love you deeply. Just seeing you lady makes my heart beat faster. So know love is developing I think in both of us.“ Faith held me tight and pulled her head back to kiss me and I saw a tear running down her cheek. I moved my head forward and kissed where the tear was and then her lips. We held each other in a passionate embrace and kiss for some time. ”OK lady we will continue this later in bed,“ I laughed. ”Your making me feel reactions it is not time to feel before feeding me.“ ”Come on big boy and I will feed you before seducing you,“ she laughed. As we walk into the dinning room I saw a table that was large enough to seat around twenty people. There was a gorgeous sideboard and hanging lights over the table. Faith kept going to a smaller room just beyond and dinner was set up on a table for four.

”The other dinning area is just for guests and parties. We will always eat here when it is just us or another couple and us. The smaller dinning area was set up to have the look of a restaurant. It was simple and yet very comfortable looking. The chairs were cloth covered and well padded with arms. The food placed on the table was enough to get any mans attention. There were thick cuts of prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, a salad and coffee.“ ”How in the world did you get the house moved, buy what was needed for this place and cook a meal like this in the time you had?“ ”I cheated“ Faith grinned. ”The only things moved from the house were some clothing and your items in the bathroom. I had purchased much of what is here over the last few weeks and it was moved in by Vortec and Adam days ago. What Adam and I purchased was towels, sheets and other small items for here. Dinner was fixed and sent to us from the café at the control center. I know how you like to snack at night so our kitchen is stocked with the items you enjoy. So I spent most of the day getting it all arranged and ready for tonight.“ ”You did well my love and I am pleased.“ ”Thank you dear, but my contribution is small compared to yours. Hope transmitted your conversation with Vortec to all. I was so proud to hear what you told him. It was a needed change from the past and I heard nothing but pleased comments from all involved. For all of us, to be respected and valued was a reward, as great to them, as you’re freeing me to make my own decisions. I am here by my own choice, desire and love; they will feel the importance of their own contribution now. John you see how a group works different than what we have had before. For that I am thankful for your being here. It makes me proud to hear others talk about how great a leader you are.“ That brought a blush to my face. ”Faith I am not a great leader really, I just know how to get a group to work together and accomplish things. I am only as smart as the whole of the collective minds around me. That is true regardless of if they are computer based or human based. I just have a knack of being able to pick pieces of all solutions and put them into one that should work. Please note the key word is should.“ After dinner I got up and walked into the living room and sat in the double recliner and turned on the TV. The baseball playoffs had started and the Cubs were playing the Marlins. Just sitting reclined and watching some TV was very relaxing for me. Just another item I had missed over the last few years. I had done all my TV watching in the bedroom at house after Trish died. That had become my hideaway from life. After clearing the table Faith came in and sat beside me. She asked how Kerry Wood was doing and I looked at her shocked. She laughed and said, ”I have been learning about the sports you enjoy. It seemed that if we were going to watch them, I needed to understand the games and people. So I have read up on the games and studied the players. I enjoy

doing things with you and want to share your enjoyment of sports. It is helping me understand the team concept also. So please bear with me while I learn.“ Being willing to go that far to share my interests was one for the book. ”My lovely lady how could I not bear with you on anything you asked me. You have stolen my heart and made my life as happy as it has ever been. This has been made a home I feel comfortable in, due to your actions. So my love it is a two way street for us. I have our horses coming tomorrow, so we will have the ability to ride all over the valley.“ Faith had a look of concern on her face right now. ”I have never seen a horse except in movies. You don’t expect me to be a good rider do you?“ I had to laugh at her comment. ”I have raised and trained horses and love them. It will be my pleasure to teach you how to ride and I believe you will enjoy them as much as I do. Riding is great exercise and that is something I need. The western saddle is the easiest way to ride comfortably. It is just a matter of setting the saddle up properly. But you will need western boots, high cotton socks and blue jeans to ride. So be sure to have them purchased for you and I need a new set of boots myself. I need 9 ½ D men’s size boots and like the Tony Lama or Justin brand, calfskin with a medium toe in brown or black. Both companies produce a good working boot and they are comfortable to wear.“ She noted the information and replied. ”I will handle the ordering for both of us. Please don’t laugh at me, but the size of a horse worries me. They are so big and weigh so much.“ That was a normal response from almost everyone. ”Faith a good horse is like a child around 10-12 years of age. They can be playful and most never mean to hurt anyone. It is not in their nature to do anything to hurt a person. People just fail to understand the signals a horse gives. In our case I have asked for three to be mares or geldings. They are gentler and better behaved. I also have asked for well-trained horses, as I really don’t have time to do it. We will have Slim around if you decide when I am not here to work on your riding skills. He is the vet and blacksmith for the horses and will feed and water them for all in the valley.“ This seemed to bring some confidence. ”It is nice to know you understand them so well. I will learn from you and ask many questions you can be sure. I want to be here when they are brought into the valley.“ ”Now the next thing is Edgar will be here tomorrow also. He has accepted the job as head of finance for the group. I am sure you already know he is hooked on Jenna the envoy we sent to recruit him,“ I laughed. ”She will be his assistant as well as his mate. You ladies really have a way of being desirable to human males in the world. Hope needs to get an “AT A GIRL” for the creation of you ladies.“ ”Hope told us all what you did that hooked him into the group,“ she laughed. ”Only you would have used a ploy like that and have it work.“

”It was the one way I could take a skeptic and make a believer out of him. The SJ trains to create the skeptical mind in their people. What they cannot see they tend not to accept. But a spacecraft sitting over his head is hard not to believe.“ Faith was chuckling so hard I started to laugh myself. She leaned over and kissed me. ”Now my lover you are lost for this night. Let both go get a shower and allow me to exhaust you. We now have two bathrooms and don’t have to wait on each other any more. Of course I had Vortec to make them in the same room. So we can shower and meet in the middle,“ she shot. ”Hey lady I would rather meet you in the bedroom, as bathroom floors are cold.“ The Cubs had won another in the series and I turned the TV off and to the shower we went. It had been a good day for me. The group was stronger with the addition of Edgar and we were one step closer to being active. I had my next interview coming tomorrow and I hoped to seal that that candidate up for the group also. Quickly in Earth terms we were moving forward. In this world I would think of this as light speed. I need the input of experience in areas where I lacked knowledge, to be able to judge what were the correct moves. The morning seemed to come quickly and I was energized with the tasks that lay ahead today. The group was just weeks old and we were growing quickly. At the start of all of this I really had no idea how to pull this off. Thinking back to then I had accepted a lot on faith and a desire to make a difference. But the setting of a direction came quickly for me and getting a general plan together was almost like falling off a log. It just formed decision by decision. The mind is a curious thing in that so much happens behind the outer thought processes. The subconscious mind processes data even while sleeping. Some of my best ideas and solutions come to me during a good nights sleep. Faith heard me moving around in bed and had a cup of coffee for me to work on before getting out of it. Just seeing her smiling face was enough to get the mind in gear. ”Good morning love, you just make my day with that smile of yours.“ ”Thank you kind sir I try to please. You have five minutes before breakfast, so use it wisely.“ I did just that; I stayed lying there and enjoyed the coffee. This was a time to relax and enjoy my last break for this morning. The morning would be a reasonable schedule and this afternoon would be hectic with Edgar coming. Finally I got up and headed to the bathroom. It was time to shave and shower. I did the quick shower and then Faith called me for breakfast. So it was a quick shave and a fast slipping on of the clothing. As I walked into the dinning area I saw fresh danish and coffee on the table. Not having the sugar problem I did was allowing me to eat things I had enjoyed before. To just be

able to give the world a cure for diabetes would be a blessing for millions and save a lot of lives. ”Where was your mind John?“ ”It was on the medical research facility I have started construction plans on in the outer worlds. The thought of the amount of lives we could save with just a few break-through drugs would be a great start. I have been working with Hope on a method to transport humans to the facility and we have not found the right solution yet. How would you like to work with Hope and Vortec and find a good way to move them without their knowing they have been moved? In this case we will move whole families and their possessions to the facility, so it is more complex than just one person.“ ”John you are not using your KISS theory. It is an easy solution really. If you fly these people into a small airport and put them in a waiting room for a few minutes with their bags. We can move them from that room to the one on the outer world easy. A plain room with some chairs is not problem to duplicate on the outer world. You can also duplicate the small airport also. They would not even feel their trip and when they walked out the other side of the room to processing and their transportation, all would seem the same. You could move any additional possessions at your will in any way that was convenient. They could go directly to the facility in a secure area. Then be delivered to the person a day or two later.“ The use of the full technology we have is not yet part of my thinking process. ”My dear your insight is blinding. I have turned this over for a couple days and not found that idea. You and I are going to be a great team for sure. It is so nice to be able to discuss something with you and have answers tossed back. That was the one area that concerned me when Vortec and I first talked. I had no one to use as a sounding board and feed me ideas they had. With most people I would not be willing to discuss problems, as it would tend to pull them down in other areas. I have to present a front of knowing where we are going even when I don’t have a clue. This tends to carry others and push them to contribute at a higher level. Showing any weakness just affects the people around you in a bad way. With you my dear I can show the weak side and I know you will only step up and prop me up.“ The made Faith beam from ear to ear and that was nice. ”John I appreciate your being so open with me, it really makes me feel good to know how much you trust me.“ Well, she could handle this problem for me taking another off the plate. ”Faith please let Hope know the solution for our problem and follow up on making it happens. I will leave that in your hands. Now I have work to do, so I will be here for lunch and we can take a walk.“ I walked to the transport plate and was in the control room in a blink. Vortec was at the main console, so I walked over to him. ”Vortec I would like to see each control center on

the outer worlds this morning. Would you have time to accompany me on a quick tour of them?“ ”I am at your disposal always. We can leave in thirty minutes and give you the chance to see and be seen by the staffs at each center. The idea is a good one, as they will then have a better knowledge of you. Your method of managing people is a real difference for all of us. We never saw a master although they had the ability to come here. Having an inperson manager who is likely to be anyplace any time will keep people sharp. The speed you have moved forward with your plans has also raised the level of energy in all control rooms. Things have never moved this fast before. So give me a few minutes to finish my instructions to each project manager and we will go.“ I walked to the café and got some coffee and sat down and watched FOX News for a time until Vortec was ready. The news was really no different from yesterday. The one item that perked my ears up was a new drug trial for an AIDS vaccine. This needed to be followed, as it might be we did not need to expend energy into that area. The areas I was considering doing research on was diabetes, AIDS, SARS, weight problems, replacement organs, heart problems and mental health. I would present this to the group and see how their feelings were on each and if we really needed to look at other areas. Then we will select one person outside the group to interview possible lead researchers and hire them. Turning over these things took up time and allowed me to germinate a solid approach to making them happen. Vortec walked into the café and ask if I was ready? ”Yes, I was just going over the medical research facility we are going to build and today we will decide where it will be placed. So this little trip has a motive on my part. Please don’t let any unit or robot know why we are there today.“ ”No one but Faith, Hope, you and me will know the reasons for our visit. Thank you for informing me, as it tells me what I also need to look for on this trip.“ I was ready to see the worlds, as I had no idea what to expect. ”We are going to select one world to place the research facility on. We will use plant life and animal life from all the worlds for the facility. Hope can fill you in on the data we have generated so far.“ We walked to the transport plate and both stepped on and we were in the control room of the first world. Each world carried the number of their sequence in creation. This had been the first one added to our ability to use. ”Good day John and Vortec, we are pleased to see you. What do we owe the pleasure of your of your coming to our world?“ ”Both Vortec and I will be in all the control rooms from time to time. I also have plans to rotate personnel between assignments to keep them fresh. Vortec will evaluate each of you every 3 months based on completion of tasks assigned and on the skill you show

handling your duties. I will review these with Vortec and we will make adjustments based on these evaluations. High-level performance will mean promotion; less than desired will mean demotion to a lesser position. I will not keep personnel in place just because they are there. Now show me your world and tell me what you have been doing?“ Hope’s face came up and said, ”John, here are the pictures I have been provided by the control room here.“ The whole image set lasted just ten minutes time. It was far from what I would have expected. ”OK what can you tell me about the planet its plant life and animal life,“ I asked? I would see if their knowledge was any better than the presentation? The response was like a lecture from an encyclopedia. It was bland and factual, but lacked personnel knowledge of any part of the subjects. There was not the additional personal understanding or observations added and I received just what I had expected. This center has sat here for hundreds of years and done nothing, but be here. It was time to shake things up some. ”Now let me tell you what is wrong with the answers to the questions I asked. You know nothing of the world you have been charged to serve. You have not gotten your tails out of here and walked this planet and learned about it. Be advised you have one week to correct these deficiencies or be transferred to mowing the grass at the valley. Is there anyone who does not understand me?“ This brought a shocked response from their leader. ”Yes we understand and are shamed by our lack of meeting our responsibility. You are right that we have not learned about this world and have no perceptions to share with you. We now understand your expectations and will meet them.“ ”Do you have any comment Vortec?“ Vortec was not looking happy either right now. ”I also apologies, as I should have know what was happening here and I did not. This is a good lesson for all of us. You hold yourself responsible for managing the assets we have for the good of mankind. We need to understand that we also are responsible for our part of that management. Being a poor caretaker is not meeting our responsibilities.“ A younger unit stepped forward and said John ”I am willing to cut grass with a pocketknife for what has been done here.“ The one who had lead the conversation said, ”that is not required. You should not be ashamed, as you were the only voice to tell us we needed to learn here. You did go out and walk the land to learn and we would not listen.“ I asked the young unit, ”what do you know of the land?“

He started to talk and it was like a damn breaking a flood of information poured out. The kind of information I wanted was being provided. When he was done and sat down, it was time for the change. I had to get my point home here as it would later be discussed every place. ”From this point on until further notice you have a new leader. I will call him Daniel. What I expect Daniel is weekly reports on my computer from you, giving me all new data on this planet. Do you understand what I want?“ ”Yes John and it will be done.“ ”Now the others of you have one week to correct your lack of personal knowledge. If Vortec or Daniel tells me you have not or are not meeting that requirement you will be removed from this planet. That you can count on. Lets go Vortec and see how bad the rest are? By the way anyone trying to contact any other control rooms while I am touring will also be gone.“ After visits to two, three and four I saw the same story play out and the same measures were taken. Then we got to the fifth one and it was different. Here was a beehive of activity and you could feel the excitement in the air. Only Alpha came up to us and greeted our arrival. This was more of what I would have expected at every control center. ”Alpha I would like to see where your project stands and know if you have any problems?“ We walked over to a model of the island and Alpha showed us everything that had been done and what was next for each step. The presentation was complete and knowledgeable. ”Thank you Alpha I appreciate your management of the control room and your skills at getting the job done. You have done well and all will know how pleased I am with you and your staff.“ ”Please come back often John I enjoyed seeing you and talking with you.“ ”Be assured you will see me often. I like to manage by moving around and seeing what is going on. Let me know if you have any problems or need anything at all?“ Vortec and I got on the plate and were back to our control room. We both walked to my office and sat down. The ever-present cup of coffee was waiting for me. ”Vortec what did you learn today?“ There was no hesitation in Vortec’s response. ”I picked up several things that you need to know. First the units you promoted in every case was a new DNA unit to run the control room and they were the only ones getting the job done. In every case it was a robot that

failed. Second that I also need to move around and not accept the reports I get as accurate. Third that it is time to upgrade each of the old robots the way I have been upgraded. Fourth good management asks questions and allows the incompetent to sink their own boat.“ This brought a smile to my face as he had used one of my favorite expressions. ”Good for you it was worth the time and effort to take you with me. Here you and Slim have me and others from the group to keep you pushed. Those at the control rooms had no one to do that for them. So it is up to you and I to fill that void for them. I will be using Faith to stand in for me at some meetings and she will also push them. As for upgrades you need to start that at once if possible. How can we increase our output of units?“ I could see Vortec was communicating with Hope. ”John the robot upgrades require no additional facilities and can be done where they are. As far as adding to unit production we could set up a control center now ready and not in use to also produce units.“ ”Do the upgrades and also add production of about fifty units a week for normal positions. We will need staff for the resort, staff for the research center and added personnel here. We need to provide units for assistants and some services I want to add. We also will require more class one robots in the mix.“ This seemed to energize Vortec. ”That will be easy to do and we can if needed add on to that production. Is there anything else you need?“ ”No that will do it for today.“ Vortec left and I started to go through e-mail for the day. I placed my now empty cup on the transfer plate and it was back full once more. After lighting up a cigarette and sitting back, I had to smile while reading a message from my nephew in Alabama. Mike had been more like a son to me than a nephew. Leo, my brother and Mike’s dad died just about fourteen years ago. From that time forward I had been Mike’s father figure. He had worked for me and been trained as a fabricator of steel. He also had been a project manager for me. So it was often that e-mail came and went between the two of us. But this was the first time in a while I had gotten one from him. That made an idea come into the front of my thoughts. Here was a way to get the steel we will need for the research center project. Mike was working for a large structural steel manufacturing company and I knew I could trust him and work with him. We will need to transfer large amounts of steel to the site for the facility. ”Hope, please place a call to my nephew in Alabama on my to do list. I need to talk with him about structural steel for the research facility.“ ”It is on your list John. We also will be ready anytime you wish now to interview Via Davis. She is now talking with your envoy.“ ”Thank you Hope, I will be ready in just a short time.“

I finished up reading the e-mail and sent off a few to friends. It was important not to let others see there had been any change. That was not too hard as I sent and received e-mail from them more than ever talking directly with them. I closed the e-mail program and finished my cigarette before telling Hope to connect me with Via. The screen went to a black one and then to a picture of a woman who had strong features. The hair was gray and there were laugh lines showing on her face. She had an interesting fire that showed in her eyes. She reminded me of the loving grandmother type. Yet her face gave nothing away of her thoughts. ”Good evening Mrs. Davis. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the discussion with my envoy? I am John and the person with our group who handles the administrative side of things.“ ”It is nice to meet you John. I understand you tend to under rate your position,“ she laughed. She was willing to verbally test how I would respond. ”Not in my view Via I am just the one who stirs the pot to get the most out of it. Have you read our rules here and the goals we have?“ She relaxed and was just talking now as if she had known me for years. ”Yes, I was most impressed with both lists. You seem to have a reasonable grasp of what makes groups work. But the robot comment did shock me.“ This was also a gambit to learn by her. ”That is part of my problem Via, I have the ability to manage a group and keep it on track to accomplish a task. But I don’t have the skills to have a reasonable projection of what our actions will cause on the other side of this project. I am not willing to try to do something good for mankind unless, I have a reasonable picture of what reactions this will cause. I have seen governments toss money at problems and just make them worse. They never looked at the real cause and effect of their actions. This group will not do that here. We will have a reasonable expectation of out comes before we start any project. Then monitor the reactions on the other end.“ This caused a smile and her head to nod. ”That John is a most admirable approach to addressing a problem. Yes you need to know cause and effect. I would like to know why your group is not open for the world to see?“ Here was a soft challenge. ”That would bring a do-gooder label, people would look to cut us down to size and hurt us where possible. So it is our choice to work behind the closed door. We will have an impact and do not desire the recognition of the world. We are committed to the benefit of mankind and we don’t care what the religious, race or political beliefs are. We believe that all human life has value.“ ”You are right about being a target if all was open. You also would face governments not liking your actions very much. So I understand the closed-door policy. I am not sure what skills I can bring to you that have enough value for you to want me?“

Once again fishing for added data. ”Via I am keeping this group small and want one person in each area of specialty included into the group. They may feel free to use other consultants to gather data and provide information for consideration by the entire group. The resources we have are greater than most countries. Our income each year is more than most of the world’s countries. The power we have defensively is more than a match for a super power. One difference here is no one will ever be killed by us or have any person or group supported by us to do that. We are completely non-violent. The group has no political, religious or racial bias in anything we do.“ This caused her to stop and think. ”That sounds almost to good to be true. Your actions seem to be a government for the people, but not by the people.“ I had to make sure she knew we were serious about this approach. ”We have offered to the world governments a free clinic set up in their country with free equipment and drugs to treat their people. We will supply two doctors and the most modern equipment for these clinics. The only strings attached are we are allowed to protect our facilities by nonlethal means against bandits. Second is that we are free to treat everyone without exception as we are not political and no arrest will be made on our property. In all respects we are an embassy grounds in their country. At last count we have had over forty countries that have requested clinics in the first weeks of the offer.“ This seemed to have had an impact? ”John that does show me how serious your group really is. I am impressed with that type of offer and know how expensive that will be for you. Yet you talk about it like it is a minor thing?“ Again she is after a little fishing to get a better peak into the group. ”In the over all plans it is Via. I have funded this offer with funds from major corporations contributing to a foundation they have no control over. We currently have over one hundred million in the foundations bank for this project and the contributions are coming in fast. So for us it is nothing out of pocket and we get those who take from the people of the world to finance this project.“ This brought a laugh from her. ”John are you sure you’re not a psychologist?“ I decided to give her a little more insight. ”My minor in college was psychology but my major was business. The two go hand in hand when you are in industry.“ ”Yes they do and I am enjoying this discussion with you. Your perceptive man and I believe you are serious about this group and plan. With life being so boring now I have nothing in my life to hold me here. So count me into your circle. I like where you are headed and would like to be part of making this happen. I am intrigued with some of the technology I understand you have also.“ The envoy had been talking more than I would have expected. ”If you will put my envoy up and close your open accounts and get your affairs in order. We will look forward to

your coming here and assuming your job. How long do you need to accomplish these tasks?“ ”I can have it all done in forty-eight hours and be ready to go.“ This was a reasonable amount of time. ”Then I will look forward to discussing the whole of our projects with you then. Thank you Via for joining our group and accepting the responsibility I have asked of you.“ The screen went blank and then Hope’s face came on. ”John I enjoyed your conversation with Via. You handled her without telling her all you might have had to. She still has no idea about the connection to our past masters.“ I had questions for Hope after this interview. ”Hope each person needs to handled differently as we have to fit the offers to their needs. Humans all have different things that drive them. So finding the buttons that need to be pushed is just part of managing people effectively. One of the gifts I have is being able to judge what is important to people when I talk with them. I tend to pick up on what lights their fire. But I also got the idea that the envoy had told her more than I would have wished?“ ”The envoy told her of the medical work and the ability to move her here without having to fly. She has a fear of flying that came out. But, your insight into the human mind is a real learning lesson for me. Humans are much more complex than I ever understood. Your minds are the most complex I have observed. I have vast data storage abilities and can recall data quickly, but I do not get the leaps of ideas from that. You take much smaller amounts of data and see a complete picture with it. I am trying to learn how that happens, as it would allow me to do more for you.“ That would be a hard trip for Hope, as I did not think it possible. ”Hope I am sure you will at some point find the trigger. Dealing with more humans will help that process. But with Adam and Faith you succeeded in creating that ability also.“ ”John I have to be honest with you on that. Faith is very human in all but a few respects. There is an added DNA computer in her brain that links her with me. Even Vortec does not know that the new units are 99.9% human. I have modified their own human DNA to allow for strength, reaction time, vision, hearing and intelligence. They all have been treated, as you have to prevent disease and to repair any problems that happen. The DNA computer teaches them at a very rapid rate and they can function in a short period of time. They do not go through the stages of growth you do. They are fully adult at birth as this makes it faster to incubate them. The assembly process is fast and is complete in seven days. All is done in an incubator I designed to keep the process from being seen until complete. I have a group of units that run these incubators and monitor the progress. That is their only function. But they are really humans and I have around one million different DNA profiles to use.“

That opened up many new areas for me to question. ”Hope does that mean that Faith could become pregnant and have a child?“ ”That is possible only if the DNA computer turns that part of their bodies on. In that area I will leave those decisions up to you. Just tell me if anyone’s unit needs to be able to reproduce and I can make them fertile. But I would appreciate it if you kept this between you and me. Vortec, I am sure would be very upset with what I have done. I did step over the guidelines given to us by the masters. I know he told you about upgrades to him. They just added a more human brain to his body. That is why he functions differently from the robot units you saw today in the control rooms.“ ”Hope what you and I discuss is between you and me. It is not for others to know and I would be upset if these discussions got out. In the group, I walk a fine line to keep a balance. I will make the end decisions, but this group has to feel they made that decision. In my relationship with Faith I also was walking a fine line, as I want her to be human and yet I questioned that possibility. At this point I can accept the fact she is human and let myself move forward into love with her. She is all any man could ask for and yet I was not sure how love would work with a non-human?“ ”It will work with Faith as she is deeply in love with you John. She has shared her feelings that way with me and was confused with the reactions she has been having with you. She is a very deep person and will only grow smarter being with you. The two of you are connected at a level I never imagined. She is very protective of you and also very proud. You are both her mate and a father figure to her. Something she did not have at her creation. That has made a strong bond for her with you.“ This was an interesting idea and one I could see some truth in. ”I appreciate the insight into her. It will help me in my ability to get closer to her. I will tell you this Hope, I have never been happier in my life than I am right now with her beside me.“ ”For that John I am very glad.“ Just so Hope knew where I was going next. ”I am going home for lunch and will be back when you let me know that Edgar is coming.“ ”I will advise Faith when he is ready to transport and will let her know your coming.“ The walk to the transport plate seemed longer than normal. I was in a hurry to get to the house. I stepped on the plate and was in my living room in no time. Faith walked out of the dinning area to meet me. I walked up to her and took her into my arms and hugged her. She responded and I felt nothing but love for this lady. I held her and looked into her eyes and said ”Faith I am falling in love with you. You have made my life very happy and full of joy.“

She smiled and said ”John I am deeply in love with you and want to be nowhere else than where you are.“ Then she leaned forward and placed the gentlest kiss on my lips. It felt like the brush of an angel’s wing and sent chills down my body. I had to break the moment now. ”Lady this is just going to drive us into bed. So how about feeding a hungry man?“ ”I think I would prefer the bed right now,“ she said. So off we went to bind the ties a little tighter. We had a leisurely lunch together and went out to walk a bit after the food. Holding hands and just enjoying the feel of each other’s touch was there. The day was bright with shadows playing off the mountains uneven slopes. After a frost a couple nights ago the trees were starting to show some real color now. The air moved in a lazy way as it does in the fall of the year. Faith and I just walked with no real plan nor heading to any location. Just being together and enjoying the others company and words were just not needed. We had started to communicate with gestures and facial expressions. We were almost like two sides of the same coin. This new life just seemed to get better by the day. There were several large rocks coming out of the ground to around three feet of height. I lead Faith to them and sat on one to just enjoy the view. Faith sat on the edge of the same rock and cuddled close to me. She was showing me a touchy-feely side to her and a need to feel secure in her world. I reached out her face and turned her head around to me and kissed her. She seemed surprised by that action. ”John I like the way you treat me and show me you care. It is so nice and feels so good to have you affirm your feelings to me. I am sure many females would be jealous of our relationship, as they just don’t get the affirmation in their lives we need. It is a little thing to a man, but a much larger issue for a woman.“ ”My darling you have no worry about my letting you know I appreciate you. It is hard for me to keep my hands off you,“ I laughed. We got up and slowly started back to the house. The day was another good one for me and I could not remember having this many strung in a row? As we got close I saw Slim waiting at the stable area. So we walked over to him and saw he had been busy getting stalls ready. ”John I have the horses ready to transport and with your permission we will start.“ ”Slim let see what we have coming?“ The first horse to show up on the plate was a buckskin with a dun stripe down the back. She was a beautiful mare about fifteen hands tall and with a well-shaped face. I reached up and took her by the halter and lead her off the plate and rubbed her neck. She nuzzled against my side and snorted. I walked around in front of her and gently blew on her nose.

Allowing her smell my breath as a horse uses its sense of smell to identify people. ”Slim this is a beautiful animal and I once had a buckskin very much like this one.“ I allowed Slim to move her into a stall so the next horse could come. This was a palomino gelding and he was built like a fireplug. Close to fifteen hands tall and a low center of gravity. This one was moved to a stall and then a second palomino came in this time a mare around sixteen hands high. She looked like she was built for speed. The last to come was a sorrel with four white socks and a white blaze down the forehead. He was a red that glistened in the sun and was a good sixteen hands tall. This was a horse that would have shown well. After he was stalled, four saddles, blankets and bridals showed up on the transport plate. Two of the saddles had chest straps on them. They were all hand-tooled leather with silver trim. The bridals were silver trimmed also and looked like a show rigs. Once these were moved to the saddle racks a group of tools, anvil, shoes and drugs were on the plate next. Those Slim took to an electric vehicle he had arrived in. This was his blacksmith and vet mobile. Slim walked back to Faith and I and said, ”I have to go as I have two more horses to receive at Sandy’s place.“ With that he folded the transport plate up and put it in the back of his vehicle. Then got into it and headed toward Sandy’s home. Faith and I walked into the stall area and I started to talk with the horses in a soft voice. I really wanted to get my hands on the sorrel, so I opened the stall gate and walked in. The stallion was a little apprehensive of my being in his stall area and went to the back of the stall. He was snorting and pawing at the sawdust on the floor. You could see his ears were back and that was not a good sign. I talked with him softly and turned my back to him as I did so. Slowly he edged up closer to me and finally put his nose in my back and smelled me. As he accepted I was not a threat to him he began to nuzzle my back and I gently turned and began to rub his jaw. Faith had been watching all this and was smiling. After I had rubbed the stud down and he was comfortable with me I opened the stall door and walked out. The horse came to the door and stuck his head out and nickered at me. So I walked back and rubbed on him a little more and talked to him. Faith said ”John that was a lesson and a half for me. You and that horse were communicating and you really never said a thing but he could understand. You were soft voiced and trusting of him and he was gentle with you. You allowed him to make the decision that he could trust you and never pushed it. In the end he submitted to your dominance and you responded with attention and love. How long would you have stood there waiting for him?“ ”Until he came on his own. Once I turned my back I had committed to stay until he accepted me.“ ”I am starting to understand much more about you and your nature. In the same respect you have cured my fears of these animals. They are really a gentle breed and are, as you

said, like a child in many ways. Now I look forward to learning and enjoying them. Hope just said to tell you the transport is set up for Edgar.“ ”We both need to go to the control room and meet him.“ In the control room we waited for Edgar and Jenna to come. It took just a few minutes after we had arrived for that to happen. I stepped up to the plate and reached out my hand and said, ”welcome to the groups control room.“ Edgar looked around and shook his head. ”This looks like a space control room?“ ”Actually it is far more advanced than anything NASA has. We are well over five hundred years ahead of NASA. They talk about hundreds of light years to travel to other planets to find life and we have five of them now we can reach in less than a second. So we have a small advantage over them in that respect.“ Edgar laughed and came back with ”John what you said was very understated in our first conversation.“ ”Edgar I would like you to meet a few people. First this is Faith my assistant and mate.“ I could see him looking at her with interest. ”It is nice to meet such a beautiful lady.“ ”The person behind me is Vortec and he is the manager of the control rooms on this planet and the others. He will be your contact for any need or problem you might have with your home or office.“ ”The beautiful young lady behind Edgar is Jenna and she has been requested by Edgar to serve as his assistant. She is to be given authority to do anything Edgar requests of her.“ ”Now to meet the lady who provides us with all the information, insights into the world and will get any data from any place you need it. Please say hello to Hope.“ The large screen came to life and Hope’s face showed on it smiling. ”Nice to see you Edgar and Jenna, John tends to over rate my abilities. But I will do my best to provide you with what you need.“ ”Edgar, Hope is trying to be modest, but if you want to see how skillful she is ask to see the Vatican file on you or a CIA file on any topic you wish. She has them or can get them and quickly. No information is beyond her reach if it is in a computer, on a phone system or satellite. She makes the Vatican Security or the CIA or MI6 look like armatures.“ Edgar laughed and said, ”I would love to see my Vatican file at some point. There are only six people who I know would have access to it and it was to be secure.“

”Last but not least is Sandy who heads the computer area for us and Adam her mate.“ ”We will need to spend some time talking about the computer side of things, so I understand better what I can do.“ With the introductions done it was time for the scan. ”Please follow Vortec to the medical area Edgar and when you’re done he will bring you to my office. Jenna please come with me and you can wait for Edgar with me.“ ”John I am going to head back to the house, as I have some things to do. I will have dinner ready for us at six tonight if that is all right. It was nice to meet both of you and I am sure we will spend much time together in the future.“ With that she stepped on the plate and was gone. ”Jenna and I walked to my office and I sat behind my desk with her in front. I need to confirm that you have received my list of rules and goals?“ ”Yes John I did get them and agree fully with them.“ I had to be sure she knew just how strongly I felt about this area. ”Understand this also, Edgar is not your master he is a man and you are free to develop a relationship with him or not at your own choice. You may live with him or not and that also is your choice. Do you understand this fact?“ ”John I do understand and have chosen to live with Edgar. He makes me feel like a complete woman and that I like.“ Time to explain our decision to her. ”Jenna, Edgar is not to know you’re a unit as that is Hope’s decision and mine. You are a woman in every way no man would ever know anything else. If asked about your ability to communicate with Hope directly, tell him you have a transmitter implanted that allows it. That also is the truth. Life for Edgar is now going to be a long one. So you will need to help him adjust to that fact. He is really a young man in our years and needs to pace his work to our time frame. We work hard here and all are expected to take time for fun and relaxation. There are stables at each home, so that horses can be kept. They are for recreation and transportation in the valley. You also have an electric vehicle at your disposal at each home. There is in each kitchen a transport plate and for any food required all you need to do, is give your order to the café and they will deliver it to the kitchen. Any type of food Edgar likes we can provide for him. If you have any questions just ask Hope or contact Faith. Both will be willing to provide you input. Do you have any questions right now?“ ”No John I think you have covered all of mine and more. Thank you for the order and structure you have put in place. We needed that badly and it will pay dividends for all of us. I have heard about your trip today and know your feeling for managing our assets

well, for the benefit of the human race. That type hands on management was not here before and it showed in how poorly we did things.“ She seemed to really understand my aims. ”I am glad you approve of the changes and direction Jenna. My goals are to have an impact on mans condition on this Earth and I am focused that way. The job can only be done well, if we all work together as a team. We are strong as a team and weak as individuals.“ ”That is a concept that is hard for us to understand, but it still makes good sense.“ Edgar and Vortec walked into the office and Edgar took a seat. Vortec said, ”Edgar has been through the medical process and is ready. There was one major and a couple minor problems found and we have taken care of them. Now I have things to do and must get back to them.“ Vortec walked out of the room. ”Edgar I am sure you have many questions flying through your mind. So if there is anything that is critical right now I will be happy to answer them?“ He was slow to respond to this question. ”I am just shocked at the technology I have seen here and from what Vortec has told me your impact here. There were many question and reservations I had when I accepted your offer. The structure you have pulled to gather and the stated goals you showed me were not shaded. That is where I was surprised. The church had many of the same goals you have stated and yet they would fail in doing what was needed. I really did not understand the lack of religious context until Vortec explained the past history of the control centers. I now understand where the word God came from and how religions were started. That information answered a lot of the questions I have had for many years now. I really would like to know what you have started as projects.“ I was surprised he had understood the religious side with so little resistance. ”OK, we have a school being built at the valley for orphan children to train them for leadership in the world. They will be all races and cultures. They will be trained in non-violent methods of changing cultures. We have a retirement community being built for people who burn out here or decide they no longer can support our goals, on the fifth world. We are now in the planning stages for a medical research center on one of the five worlds to develop drugs for cures or prevention of diseases. All drugs found will be manufactured here on Earth and sold at cost to all. We have a medical foundation in place that has offered to place a free clinic in any country requesting one. We will supply two doctors, all the drugs and medical equipment required for them. The only caveat is we are allowed to protect them by non-lethal means from bandits and that we are allowed to treat everyone equally as they are a free zone, like an embassy. I have also started interviewing people who bring unique skills to our group and adding new personnel. I now have computers and electronics, finance and psychology covered. I am getting ready to interview people to fill in on law, space uses and intelligence for operations. We are looking for a person for the history slot, as we need to know we are not repeating bad history. We have facilities for more in the group to be added, as we find the need for that

specialty. Hope will give you access to all financial data, all current projects and when we meet as group, what new projects we will be evaluating. Each of you will be required to assess the project from your perceptions and knowledge. We will discuss them, as many times, as needed and refine the plans to work within our limits. Those being we don’t cause the loss of life due to our actions and that what we do is in the best interest of the majority of people. When we have a solid plan it will be voted on and I then will decide if we go forward or not.“ This seemed to ring a bell with him. ”John I am impressed with what you have already started and the solid base put in place. You have a good feel for what is possible and in many ways are taking the long-term view.“ I was not too sure he really knew how long that view was going to become? ”It may take a little time for you to hit the same wall I did Edgar. As a human I found it hard to adjust to the fact, our life spans were as long as they will be. When you look at one hundred years in Earth time it is really on a scale of just ten years in our life span now. The projections for right now are we will live to between eight and nine hundred years of age. That gives us a lot of time to reach our goals. We also have the five worlds where we can move people at will and start them all over from scratch. That is part of the reason for the school, as they will need solid leadership.“ He had to think a little about this. ”The age thing does somewhat go against all we have known and it will take some time to adjust to that factor and accept it. But the ideas you have for the school intrigues me and has great possibilities. Remember I have been in Africa now for some time and have seen the lack of education and what it does.“ It was time to direct his attention to the work at hand. ”You will be very busy with managing the assets of the corporations we have and adding to them and selling parts of them. We have hundreds of billions of dollars in cash all over the world. If you used a rough method of ten times earnings for our corporate assets we are worth trillions of dollars. We really need structure there and hands on management. After you get a handle on it all let me know how many personnel need to be added to your staff. We also will need to give you a physical presents where needed meeting wise. You can videoconference with all corporations and once the main office is complete the with the foundation with it. One of our people will be running the foundation. The foundation will have open books for any contributor to see where the money was spent. Corporations we own and others fund it, so we cannot be seen in this project. I wish to keep our existence as secret as possible. This way we are free to do things without having to watch our backs.“ That brought a smile to his face. ”I understand what you expect and need a few days to learn all the details and go over financials and review management. I will report weekly to you on finance and with you on any problem that needs to be handled. But this is very much like the job I did for the Vatican. Is that acceptable to you John?“

This was straight forward and to the point. ”Yes that works for me, I want you to manage the area and I only need to know the problems and the group the results. Jenna will show you your office and then take you to your home in the valley. She has been briefed on all the additional items you will require knowledge of and will be your guide in the valley. Anything you need for your home or person, just needs to be given to Hope and she will see it is done for you. By the way you do have new clothing at your home in the valley as Jenna told Hope what you needed. I also have requested you be given both the original old testament and the new for your reading enjoyment. Then Vortec will fill in any answers you need after that.“ This seemed to surprise him, as he did not expect it. ”You’re most gracious John, as I had not even thought of needing clothing. But I assume we have changed weather zones here?“ ”Yes you are in the USA and we all will live in a valley owned by one of our corporations. It is over one million acres of timberland in the mountains. No roads or trails within 20 miles of the valley. The valley is well protected and they are no snakes or predators left in it. But Jenna will fill you in on all the details. Be sure you take a day off tomorrow and just look over the valley and spend time getting to know the people here and adjusting. The work will be there the next day as well Edgar.“ Edgar smiled and shook his head. ”John it is a rare man who understands mans need to relax and have some fun. I will I am sure be spending some of that time reading as well. The original scriptures will interest me as to how close they are to today’s.“ ”You will find we will work hard and play hard also here. Enjoy the day to adjust and get your feet on the ground.“ With that Edgar and Jenna left the office. Hope’s face came on the screen and she was smiling once more. ”John I enjoy the way you handle people. It is very relaxed and straightforward. If they ask a question they get a complete answer from you. That is refreshing as before we were only told as much as we needed to know. I will keep in touch with Jenna and be sure Edgar gets a full view of all of our facilities and places he is free to go. Also I will be sure he has everything he needs at his home.“ Having Hope was worth any ten secretaries. ”Thank you Hope I leave that in your hands. Now I think I will go home and look at the horses for a bit.“ As I came into the living room I heard no sounds in the house. So I walked to the stable and inside I found Faith talking with the gelding. As I stood there enjoying watching her she sensed my presents and turned. She came running to me and grabbed me in a hug. Then said ”I am sorry John for leaving you the way I did today. I was wrong in my feelings and what I did. When you asked Jenna to go to your office with you I was jealous of her. Hope jumped me about the childish way I handled that and then played

your conversation with Jenna. It truly shamed me. I promise that it will never happen again.“ This answered a question that had come to mind when she left so quickly. ”My darling Faith I understood what happened and why it happened. The reaction you had was the same a child would have had and learned to handle over time. Because you did not have a childhood, you just had never learned what it was or how to handle it. Faith I am yours and no one else will have me as long as you’re with me. Now that statement requires you to have faith in what I say as being true. Dear my word is all I have to offer you and that you have.“ The tears were running down her face and I could see the distress. ”John your word is all I will need, as you don’t lie to anyone. But please accept my apology for my actions, as they were unfair to you.“ I reached out and took her in my arms and kissed her. She just let it all melt off her and responded. Life was back in balance for me. It was time to try to redirect her mind. ”Dear I am going to saddle the sorrel and ride a little and see how he works. Would you like for me to saddle that gelding for you?“ ”Yes please do, as I think he and I understand each other and I would like to see if that is true.“ So I saddled both horses and helped Faith into the saddle, so I could adjust her stirrups. They had to be right on any western saddle to be comfortable. Then I adjusted mine to where I thought they should be and tried them. I had guessed right and it was comfortable. ”Faith we are not properly dressed, so this will not be a long ride. Without boots you risk rubbing the skin off your ankles. So we will take it easy and just go a short ways. You should be able to stand in your stirrups and have your butt just two fingers or less off the seat. Be gentle with the bridle as a bit hurts in their mouth if used roughly. Allow lots of slack in the reigns, as I think they will be trained to reign rather than bit trained. The easy way to find out is move the loose reign to the way you want to turn to. When it touched the neck they will move the opposite way. We started out of the stable and walked the horses for about a quarter mile. I stopped and asked how are you feeling so far love?“ I could see she had relaxed some from the tenseness from our little problem. ”I like the feel of this animal under me and love sitting up this high, as you can see all around.“ ”Well hold your horse here and let me see how this one works.“ I started off at a trot, then to a cantor and went to a gallop then to a run and he was as smooth as silk in his gates. I slowed down and neck reined him around and headed back at a trot.

”This one is neck reigned and handles like a dream. You can also touch him with your toe on the shoulder and he will cut the opposite way. Would you like to try your animal a little bit?“ ”Yes but I don’t want to move the way you did.“ ”Just bring your heals into the side of your horse gently. He will start to move forward and if you do it again he will move his speed up a notch. Just be sure you don’t get over what your comfortable with and if you do pull gently back on the reign. If you pull back and release he will slow if you keep pulling back he will stop. Once you have the horse at the speed you want be sure your feet are a little forward in the stirrups.“ So Faith started at a trot and went about two hundred yards like that. Then she went to a cantor and rode for another hundred yards that way. She stopped the horse and turned and came back at a gallop. As she got to within thirty yards she slowed her horse and had the biggest grin on her face I had ever seen. ”John I cannot believe the fun riding is. I don’t have any fears and these horses are incredible. We really need to do this often, as I love riding.“ That was a nice start to a recreation event for both of us. Working with the horses and riding would allow us time together without other people. ”Well for today we both need to go back and wipe the horses down. Then get a shower and some food, as I am really hungry.“ This seemed to be something she really wanted more of? ”OK if we have to I guess we can do more tomorrow right?“ To give her something to look forward to I suggested a time. ”Yes we will take a long ride tomorrow and enjoy the valley. How about tomorrow morning after breakfast will that work for you?“ This seemed to bring her improved mood back. ”Your on and I am holding you to that my dear.“ I reacted quickly so there was some kind of plan. ”We will ride all the way to the waterfall I told you about and then to the cave, as I would like to see inside of it.“ This seemed to fill the bill for her. ”You’re on and I want to be dressed right. I did not check for the order on the boots and clothing today so I need to check it when we get into the house.“ We got back to the stable and I took the saddles off and the blankets. I set them onto the rack and then picked up the halter for the gelding and changed his bridle for the halter and clipped him to the lead line tied to the wall. OK now take this rag and wipe him down all over and then brush him down. Then went through the same process with my animal. I checked all their hooves and then placed them into their stalls. They were truly

well breed and trained animals. We headed for the house and walked into the living room. I flipped on the TV and it was not time for the news yet. So I left it on and went to the bathroom and slipped out of my clothing. I put the dirty clothing in the hamper and turned on the shower. Faith walked in with an armload of items and said all we ordered was here and she headed to the bedroom with them. Upon her return she was nude and walked over and got me into a hug. ”This could get really out of hand I told her. We need to get the shower and eat then play.“ ”Spoil sport she shot back“ and laughed. We got our showers and I had put just a pair of shorts and a shirt on. I walked into the living room and sat down to watch the news, which was just starting. I heard Faith in the kitchen making noise and setting the table. Then she walked in and sat down beside me. ”After dinner how about me giving you a massage to relax you? You have not had one in a few days and I am sure with all the things going on your body is feeling it.“ With the reaction she had to Jenna I decided to make her aware of an idea I had. ”I would love that dear. But I also need to ask you a question. I have been thinking of putting a workout area in at the control center. Then having two units trained as physical therapist and allow them to provide massage therapy for all here. It could be done during the workday and we also could exercise during the day. What do you think about it?“ Her protective shield was still showing. ”It sounds like a good idea, but I am also going to work on you even if you use their services. I like working on you and feeling you relax as I do it. But I would like to feel what it does for me, as I just know what it does for you. Would you use females or males to do this?“ ”One of each to keep down the problems with relationships within the group. A male for the males and female for the females that way we should not have problems. But we all need to keep in shape and that always causes muscle problems. It would be nice to workout and then get a massage and shower and go back to work.“ She had decided to get involved in this project. ”If you want I will let Vortec know of your need for a workout area and Hope for the therapist you will need.“ ”Yes please do so. Tell him to use one of the unused offices for it. For right now I will not need more than ten at the most.“ At that point Faith heard the bell in the kitchen and she said, ”dinner is here dear.“

We walked into the dinning area and Faith went to the kitchen and got our food. Dinner was quick as we discussed the horses and riding skills. The interest that she showed in information about those areas was surprising. She seemed to want to just drain the knowledge out of me. For sure she was going to get into the horses and knowing how to ride and care for them. Lack of a childhood once more allowed the little girl to show. The excitement was more like a ten or twelve year old than an adult. Sitting back and watching the needs of her child side be met was going to be fun. It also told me that Hope and I needed to talk about our future units being produced. The professional ones sent into the field to live with humans needed to have this child side fixed before they could be safe. Faith said, “now lets go to the bedroom and let me work on you. I have flooded you with questions and you have been willing to give me answers. Now it is your turn to be taken care of.” After taking my clothes off and lying across the bed I just relaxed and let her hands take over. The muscles were tight and I had knots on the inside of the shoulder blades. Her gently working them out was both painful and relaxing. As she worked on me I went into a state of drifting between being awake and asleep. When she was done I almost felt like I had just woke from a full nights rest. She was really good at massage and relaxing my body. Then again she was good at anything that came to my body I chuckled. ”What are you giggling like a girl at,“ she asked. ”I was just thinking how good you were at relaxing my body and the thought that really your good at everything with my body hit me.“ Then she laughed and said, ”boy I sure hope I am. I like getting my hands on your body and beside that it is mine to play with.“ Then she stuck her tongue out at me. The night was one of holding her and sleeping close together. The security for her was a need right now. She had not had anyone pull her up short like Hope had done that day. It was as close to a spanking as she had ever received. Faith just had never had any discipline in her life for her actions and it was harder to take now. The recovery time was going to be longer than with a child. We needed to be careful not to damage these creations because they did not have the experiences of childhood. This for Faith, Adam and Jenna needed to be addressed. I was not sure how Hope could do this but we had to try.

Chapter 13 Solving Problems ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

I got up before Faith did that next morning and went to my study and closed the door. “Hope we need to talk.” “Yes John what can I do for you,” she answered? “There is a major flaw in the new units that requires addressing at once.” Hope looked shocked and quickly said, “what is the problem?” I had to think about how to explain this to her so she could understand it. “They had no childhood and never learned to handle their emotions. They have never been punished for anything and do not know how to handle the emotions of being wrong. So now they tend to get very insecure if they are told they acted badly. Your conversation with Faith yesterday pushed her in ways she did not know how to handle and she was more like a child last night than an adult. The image of herself had been damaged and she could not understand why she felt the way she did. Being older physically than they are mentally in many ways put a child’s emotions in an adult world.” There was hesitation here before responding. “Yes I can see that now. I am not sure how to correct it at this moment, but I will work on the problem and get back with you. The new units I can correct that problem, before they have emotions. As I load information I will include childhood memories to cover all types of problems and how they were handled. This will be like I expect to hold the children at the school to a set of rules and reactions expected. I think I can add this to the DNA computer on existing units without their knowing it was done. But here I must be careful not to do damage. If I can do this we can prevent some of the pain of growing up for them. Thank you for seeing it and bringing it to my attention, as I would never have picked up on it. You must remember I never had a childhood either John.” This made a lot of sense, as she could not plan for something she had not experienced. “I appreciate your efforts Hope and wish only to be sure that we have happy people here. But fixing this on all is critical to our success. Imagine getting a lot of doctors out there that cannot handle stress and respond poorly? Or cannot handle criticism or verbal abuse or so many things that could set a person off. That could end up in disaster. Once again this conversation is between you and I and not for others.” “That is my desire also as I don’t need having each unit built, being subjected to being watched by all. I just did not understand the relationship of childhood to mental health in humans. But it is a school also where they learn life’s lessons in a safe environment. A child feels pain for a lesser period and understands they are still loved. Now trying to transfer that to the adult level is where I will work right now.” This made me feel she understood the issue. “You are getting the concept Hope and I know you will find a way to moderate this. Once Via is here you can use her input into this also.”

I signed off the machine and walked to the kitchen and Faith was just ordering breakfast. I got a cup of coffee and went to the living room to relax. Faith walked in and said, “you were up early this morning.” This required an explanation to keep any problems down. “Yes, I was not going into the control center this morning so I had some work for Hope to do. It clears the way for us to ride and enjoy the valley.” Faith smiled and went about her getting the breakfast ready. “That is good, as I really want to see it with you. I appreciate your holding on to me all night long. I feel so much better today. Every time I woke I could feel your arm over me and your body against me and knew I was safe.” She needed the reinforcement you would give your child right now. “Dear there is nothing you could ever do I could not forgive you for. Yes, I could be upset with you, but that would not mean I did not love you. If that ever happened we would sit down and listen to how each other feels and then workout the problem between us. There is nothing that will stop my showing you love and enjoying life together. It is always your option to say I don’t want to be with you any longer and that would hurt me. But, even that would not be refused you.” This seemed to shock her. “John I would never tell you I wanted to leave you. I cannot even imagine that happening. But I can deal with disagreement the way you have said we will handle it. But I still don’t understand my actions yesterday?” “Faith you never had a childhood. Due to that things a child would have learned to deal with can easily hurt your emotions. In childhood you learn to handle some hard lessons in a very protective environment. Where love is always present and being wrong is expected from time to time. But when a child is corrected it only hurts their feelings for a short time and they accept that new limit in life. They know they have not been rejected for making a mistake. This process allows them to grow strong mentally. Right now you have an eighteen year olds body and the mind of a much more mature adult. But your emotions are around age ten to twelve due to the lack of that training time. You are going to see the childhood side once the school is operating. I did discuss this problem with Hope this morning as with the medical units we could have a major disaster if they did not know how to handle their emotions. I also asked her to look at helping Adam and Jenna as this could cause problems with a person who did not understand the whole picture.” This seemed to make her a little tentative. “I understand your concern with the medical units and Adam and Jenna. But how do I correct this problem?” Her question was written on her face. “I will teach you and you will need to trust me and know that I will always love you in the process. If I have to correct you at any point, I will explain what was wrong and what was the correct reaction. Then we will discuss it

until you have all the answers you wish. We all need to keep a part of the child in our lives, as that allows us to do things adults would never do that are fun. Play is how a child learns a lot of lessons and we as adults, must keep play and learning into our lives.” “Your insight into this is helpful to me. Now I understand why I got jealous and reacted the way I did. It was a possessive action. My mate was going to spend time with another woman and I could not handle that.” I had to smile at her. “That is exactly right and is a very normal reaction when there is not a strong trust factor in place. If you had a strong trust factor in me you would not need to feel that way, as you would know I would do nothing to break that trust.” The answer seemed to hit her. “But I do trust you John.” How do you say yes but it is still fragile? “Yes but it is not deep enough for you to feel secure yet. That comes with tests like the one yesterday and building a knowledge base of my never failing to meet expectations. But trust in any relationship is a must and is not to be confused with not caring. I had no problem with you and Adam going shopping for the house, as I trust you. How would you have felt if I taken another good-looking woman and went shopping with them?” Faith had to think about this before answering. “I am sure I would not have reacted the way you did with Adam and me. But I do now understand the comparison. I have to have trust in you, not to do anything that will hurt me. That I can now give you freely, as I did not understand the factor of trust. You have shown me what trust was, but I did not apply it to life. When you turned your back on the stallion you showed trust he would not hurt you. When you get someone’s word you trust him or her to keep it. Much is built on that word in the human world.” That is truly an understatement in the way I live. “My way is if I tell anyone any thing they can count on it. I will move heaven and Earth to keep my word to anyone. My word is the most valuable thing I have in life and I must always meet any obligation I have made. That is the rock I am built upon Faith. I will never commit to anything I cannot live up to. Often when someone asks me to do something I am slow in answering as I must ask myself can I really do this?” That brought a frown to her face. “John I had never looked at someone’s word being held to that level of commitment. I have seen many on Earth and it seems to me that keeping their word was not the foundation of their life. I see why for you it is, as it makes you different from others in that respect. You are someone who can be trusted. That my dear is as good a trait as anyone could ask for.” “We have gone as far here as is reasonable. Lets get ready and ride the valley and enjoy time together?”

We both got dressed and headed out to the stable. I was going to ride the sorrel again today and asked Faith, “which horse should I saddle for her.” “Your not going to saddle anyone for me I am going to do it and learn how.” So she walked into the gelding stall took him by the halter and lead him out. Then she hooked him to the lead line at the wall. Walking over to the saddle rack she looked over the blanket and saddle to make sure nothing was on them. After taking a brush off the wall and brushing his back she placed the blanket on his back and adjusted it properly. Lifting the saddle up and placing it on his back she adjusted it and stopped. “Now teach me to properly fix this in place, as she held the cinch strap.” I walked over and showed her how the cinch strap worked and how to put it in place correctly. She was warned to also check it before she mounted and after walking the animal for a short distance. Then I undid the cinch and allowed her to do it while I watched her. She was able to do it just like I showed her so I went back and finished putting the bridle on my horse and then walked him out of the stable. Faith came out a minute later and was smiling. She reached down and checked the girth to be sure it was still tight and we both mounted. As we headed towards the end of the valley the day was beautiful. The sun was glistening off the dew on the grass. It showed mini rainbows on each drop. As we rode along you could see the trees were starting to turn and the yellows and reds were showing through. The valley was getting ready for its fall show. There were leaves on the path we were taking and some of the grass was all ready brown. We moved along at a fast walking pace and covered ground, as only you can on a horse. It took a good thirty minutes to reach the waterfall at one end of the valley. There I got down and tied the horses reigns to a branch on a fallen tree. Faith followed that lead and just was mesmerized with the sight of the waterfall and its pools. “That is the most beautiful sight I have seen John. It is peaceful here and the sound made by the water is just relaxing. Now I know why you want a picnic area put here. It is a paradise in our own little valley.” She walked up to the waters edge and started around the pools. As she got back to the wall of rock the water was coming over she stopped and stood still. She seemed to be watching something and she just did not move. So I walked slowly around and stood back behind her and saw the deer standing behind the water coming down. As she moved the deer turned and ran the other way. She seemed upset she had spooked it. “I have never seen a deer either. They are beautiful creatures. I am learning so much about life now that I have never experienced before. It is sometimes mind-boggling. There is just so much to learn and experience in the human world. I am not sure how that happens for you?” I had to smile, as it sure was no different for any human. “The same way it does for you Faith. Just most of it comes sooner in our lives. We experience much while a child with

our parents. This way we get information from their experiences besides what we experience ourselves. Or can question experiences we have when they are not with us.” She seemed excited and was ready to see more. “Come on and lets ride to the cave and look into it a little.” It took another twenty minutes to get to the cave. It was a large opening in the rock. So we again tied the horses up and headed for the entrance. The first room was really large around thirty feet wide by may be one hundred feet deep. I had brought a flashlight with me and turned it on, as we got deeper in to the room. The back wall had a smaller opening we could walk through and we went into that area. There was a fire ring in the center of the room and a bone pile at the front wall. In walking around the smaller room we saw pots and fur skins lying around. This had at one time been an Indian living area. With the small flashlight I decided not to push it and headed back to the larger room. Faith followed closely behind me. She asked, “what was all of that?” “Many years ago this had most likely been an Indian living area. The bones at the front wall were animal bones I would guess from hunting. There were old furs around the walls also for sleeping. The ring of rocks was a fire pit used for cooking and heat. I would expect on getting a better look we would find bodies in the back part of the cave also. The Indians were very respectful of their dead and believed in an after world. So bodies were well taken care of by them. Their God was the Great Spirit.” “It was really spooky back in there. I am not sure I want to explore that cave with you.” There was a nervous sound to her voice. Once again the child had shown itself. “That is something else we learn as children. That is how to handle our fears. In this case you need to face yours and trust my judgment, in that I will not put you in an unsafe position. Or where anything bad can happen to you. Some fears are healthy, as they protect us like fear of fire. Touch fire and you will be burned and it is painful. So that is a good fear, but the hard one to learn is overcoming the fear of the unknown. That is the one you’re feeling. When we go back, I will be taking Slim with us, as we need to protect all the artifacts there. I also want to know where that cave goes and does it have another opening to the outside? It could be an entrance to our valley for the outside world.” As we rode back Faith was very quite and seem occupied in thought. We got to our stable in about twenty minutes and started to unsaddle and clean the horses down. When we were done both of us headed for the bathroom and a shower. Faith came out of her shower and said “John your right about fears. But you did not warn me about how sore my legs would be after that ride,” she laughed.

“I told you it was good exercise and sometimes that works muscles hard enough to be sore. After you have ridden for a time you will not even notice it. But if we ride hard you do need a better bra, as that can be very painful for a woman. Something that holds your breasts tightly in place. The up and down motion while riding hard can cause pain for a woman as it is pretty rapid changes in direction.” “That sounds reasonable and I will handle that for me.” After lunch I told Faith I was headed for the control center and would be back around five. There were still things I needed to do and I still had an interview today. So I kissed her and headed to my office. When I got to the control room, Vortec was busy at the console and talking with someone. I headed back to my office and sat at the desk. I reached over and got my cup of coffee. Hope’s face came onto the screen and as usual was smiling. “John I think I have the problem solved with the medical units as we discussed. I am still not sure how to do that with the rest of the units?” “I suggest you talk with Faith about that and let her tell you about how the feelings worked for her? I have decided with Faith to work her through the problem. She understands what happened and why. We have had a long discussion about it and why it happened. We also discussed her fears and why she feels them. I am sure she can give you insight into the problem you cannot get any other way.” “I will discuss this with her as soon as we are done.” “Be sure Hope to approach it from the point of view of not knowing how to handle it and needing her help.” “That I will do John.” I looked over the e-mail for the day and deleted the junk mail. Then I went to the file on Abel Thomas and started to read the information we had. There was a good amount of added information in the file now. The file from the Justice Department was interesting. They had not liked it when he was involved in any case. He was a very detail oriented person and knew the laws he was dealing with. From everything I saw he was a solid individual who also lived by his word. This would be a fun interview for me. But I was not sure yet how to convince him of assuming this job? That I would need to give some careful thought to. “Hope I need you to do something for me please.” “What would that be John?”

“Contact our envoy and ask her to write up a retainer contract for Able Thomas between him and me. Then be sure the envoy has the cash needed to cover whatever Mr. Thomas asks for. I am sure it will not be a lot of money, but it is a way of protecting us.” “That is no problem John as she can set up the transport plate and we can send the printed retainer contract and cash to him now.” “Thank you Hope I have an idea and this will help.” I sat and drank my coffee and lighted a cigarette and just sat back and thought about how to handle this one. About fifteen minutes later Hope told me all was ready for the interview and that the retainer had been signed for one hundred dollars. “Mr. Thomas I am John and your time today is appreciated.” “I was somewhat surprised at the retainer contract and not too sure why you would want to do that?” He knew of course that bound him to attorney client privilege. “Let me say I know your reputation for honesty and your word sir and this way I am much freer to discuss my proposal. My group is in need of a person who has your legal background. We are a true non-profit group who has plans to find ways to help mankind worldwide. We have no political, religious, racial or nationalistic purpose or goals. People are people regardless of race, religious faith, country, political beliefs or creed. We could care less about any of that, but we do care that their needs are met and lives saved where it is possible. You have seen the rules and goals of this group. Let me say that we have abilities far beyond any government on this planet. But if we are to succeed in our goals we must stay low profile, not attract government attention and be well aware of all the possible consequences of our actions. We will not take an action where people will be killed on either side.” He was very serious and you could see him thinking. “The things you have said are interesting and things I could support. But I could not do this if I wished.” “Why is that may I ask?” He did not hesitate to give me that answer. “I have prostrate cancer and have been given just six months to live. So my involvement would be very short lived for you.” “Let me ask you a question sir, if you did not have cancer would this type opportunity be of interest to you?” You could see this was accepted as a practical exercise for him. “If your goals are what you have stated and your wish was to stay within national and international laws, then yes I would.” “Might I pause here and talk with one of our assets here?”

He smiled at me and sat back to wait. “Sure I am on your dime today,” he laughed. “Hope can we handle the prostrate cancer problem with the nano bots?” “Yes, I believe we can, but we have never tried that, so it is a question only trying it can give us the complete answer. But I see no reason it should not work.” Switching back to the screen. “OK, sir I will suggest an offer for you. Our medical technology is the best that exists. If I bring you here for one hours time and treat your cancer and we are successful in curing you, would you be willing to join us?” This seemed to give him some doubts. “John that seems like an offer from a snake oil salesman.” Here was a time to be able to use the retainer, as he could say nothing. “Let me say I am no snake oil salesman and I am a person who’s word you can take to the bank. My word is the most precious commodity I have.” His serious face was showing the doubts he had. “Look John the doctors at UVA and Duke have both said it was not possible for me to survive. Really I have reached the understanding with myself life is over.” This made trying this all the more important to me. “That may be true for them, but I have here the most advanced technology this world or others has seen. One of our goals is finding and curing the worst medical problems of mankind. We are now placing free medical clinics in countries that request them at no cost to the country or the people for treatment. A foundation we have is funding these and the largest corporations in the world are helping to pay operating costs. But here we must be careful in what type medications we use. With you we can use advanced medications, as our use with you is safe. You really have nothing to loose and much to gain here.” He smiled and you could see a little hope showing on that face. “John I do have nothing really to loose and who knows might gain from this, so here is what I will offer you. You have the hour of my time for the medical treatment as long as I can say stop and you do so. Second if you give me a longer life and it is certified by my doctors the cancer is gone I will join your group. Third anything you and I have discussed and anything I see is not going any further. But if what you do causes any shorter span of my life I will make sure someone knows about your group. Is that fair enough?” I could live with that. “Yes sir it is and nothing we do will shorten your life from where you’re at now.” “Hope, tell the envoy to transport Mr. Thomas to the control room please.” I walked down the hall to the transport plate and waited.

Abel and the envoy arrived at the control room quickly. The man seem a little shocked at how fast he had moved to another place. Abel looked around and seemed surprised at the look of the control room. “Where is this at, NASA or someplace like that he asked? I don’t know how you got me here so fast but I can believe your statement on the technology you have.” Well at least he knew that I had not been leading him on. “No this is our control center and where our offices are. The person behind me is Vortec and he will escort you to the medical room. Then he will bring you to my office. Vortec please take good care of Mr. Thomas for me.” “Yes John I will do so. Mr. Thomas please come with me.” I went back to the office and asked Hope if I could talk with her. “Yes John what can I do for you?” “Hope please let me know after the scan what the problems look like for repairing Abel’s cancer. I really want this man to work with us as he brings so much to this group. So understand my concerns.” “I do John and the scan showed just what his doctors said. But we have put together a little different injection than you had. This one kills the cancer cells. But another stimulates the good ones to grow and divide to replace the bad cells. This has to be done carefully as killing all the bad cells at once would leave him in bad shape. So this should take around four to six days before he can be checked. By that time all the nano bots will be out of his system so they cannot be found. His life span will also have been extended.” “I am going to tell him to wait one week and then go to his doctor. I need a phone number he can call me on after that appointment.” “That is the easy job for you today,” she laughed. “Give him the 800-555-1000 and I will as usual keep track of it and divert it to you.” “Hope I have an unusual question for you? How are our holographic abilities?” She did not even hesitate on this one. “That is no problem at all we have used them many times in past history. You have read of people being visited by supernatural beings? Well they were holographic beings not real. Why do you ask that question?” “I am thinking ahead right now. But also why don’t you create a holograph of yourself to use at the school and here when you’re dealing with people? It would be so much nicer than just a face on the monitor.”

“That is a great idea and I like it. I will have an image put together and show you after Abel is gone John.” At that point Vortec and Abel walked into my office and took seats in front of my desk. Vortec was very formal in his dealings with me today. “John, may I tell Mr. Thomas more of the history of this center?” “Yes, you may do so as long as Mr. Thomas agrees to hold it confidential.” “It is still on your nickel John, so it is attorney client privilege.” Vortec started by causing Abel to have eyes as large as saucers. As he told him he was a robot and you could see the disbelief in Abel’s face. “OK Vortec please show Mr. Thomas what you have told him is true please.” Vortec stood up and took down his jump suit top and opened the plate on his chest. Then turned to Abel with a smile on his face. “Holy cow he is a robot. I would have never believed it without seeing this myself. It just makes this whole day more incredible to me.” Vortec closed the panel and pulled the top back into place and sat down. Then started and filled in the same story he told me at the start of all this. After he was done he ask Abel if he had any questions? “This turns my whole world upside down as I am sure it did for John,” he said. “If I had not seen the things I have I would never have believed all of this. But now I fully understand why you want no governments involved or looking at you. This is just too much power to allow any government to get hold of.” This caused me to smile, as it was nice to hear my feelings openly verbalized by someone else. “Well, in fact they cannot do that now at all. We have five other worlds out in that big area of space. We could if needed move all we have here to there and still operate, but at a slight disadvantage. Our assets here are completely replaceable as we can get every precious metal and gem stone that has value from all over the solar systems. We can supply metals that no one on Earth has seen or move groups of people who are being abused by government to another world. We will not kill anyone, but our non-lethal means of defense is beyond anything the world has. I can put up a force field that an atomic bomb could not hurt. So we are not defenseless. Now Abel I hope you don’t mind my using your first name?” “No, not at all I prefer now to keep this relationship informal.”

“I would suggest that you contact your doctor and make an appointment for seven days from now. Then after you get his report call me at 800-555-1000. Hope will be waiting for that call and will get it to me wherever I am at that time. I hope you have found today at least entertaining.” He seemed to be at a lost right now to explain his feelings. “John I am totally blown out of my mind at all of this and your abilities. I will give you my word, that if your attempt to save my life does not work, I will get the person you need to fill the opening. What your trying to do is just too important for this world not to help you. Anyone who has the power to take over the world and plans to just try to help people has my vote.” Smiling was the only thing I could do. “Thank you for that Abel. I just am not the type to be a Napoleon. We can do far more to create a stable and peaceful world by finding ways to help the masses of people. Governments fail, as they tend to treat symptoms and not the real problem. They toss money at it and expect it to solve itself. That just does not work in real terms. Our goal is to find ways to treat the problem and lead them to a good result. That will be harder to do, but it presents the best answer. Our medical clinics will be a start and we will protect them from bandits or being misused. A part of our agreement is we are allowed to protect them by non-lethal force and that we can treat everyone. We have been assured the land and buildings are a free zone like an embassy. Other than those two items there is no costs to the country and we are nonpolitical.” This brought a skeptical look to his face. “Well I am sure you can defend them from what you have told me. But I question if they will allow you to treat everyone? Or if you do they could catch them when leaving your clinic.” “Not really, we can transport them if required to other clinics or to an outer world. That works just like we brought you here. So we can protect them from arrest. Just remember your travel from your home here when you think about protection. You cannot arrest what you cannot find can you?” Abel laughed and said, “no you sure can’t.” “If you looked at the transport plate at your home would you know what it was?” “No, I would not have had any idea other than a folding metal plate.” “Well in a clinic they would not have any idea either what the plate was for. The plates in the clinics will be larger and we could move an entire bed with the person in it if needed. We will plan for the worst and be ready for it. My concern is getting the right minds to work on these problems, so we are ahead of the curve.” He smiled and shook his head. “Calling what you’re offering me a job is somewhat incorrect, as it would be great fun to outwit the world’s governments and help their people in spite of them. I do hope what you have tried on me works.”

I was feeling very confident right now. “Abel like I said just call me after you have heard from your doctor and we will bring you back here to live. Vortec please show Abel back to the transport plate and if he wishes the envoy may return with him until he calls me. That way she can help him get things done, serve as his on site doctor and keep him company.” “John I would like that and enjoy having someone so bright around right now. But you say she is a doctor?” “Yes and would be serving in one of our clinics if I had not needed her services here.” “This way Abel and we will get you back home,” Vortec said. After Abel left Hope came into the room in her new holographic form and did a turn and said, “how about this John?” I grabbed my cup of coffee, lighted a cigarette and sat back in my chair. Looking at the lady in a long flowing robe, with red hair, green eyes and a shape that could stop traffic. “Well if you want to get all the girls jealous here that will work fine Hope.” I laughed. “What you have created is one showstopper of a lady and may be a good show girl idea.” “Do you think I might need to tone it down a little?” I had to laugh, as that was an understatement. “I think it would be less of a distraction for the men if you did so. You also might not want to give the children a social butterfly for a head mistress.” “Oh, well how about this?” She now was a little older and in a dress of brown, her hair was now dark and toned down, with all the same facial features she had before. But she looked more like a business executive than a model in a magazine. “That will work well my dear, you look like a business executive this way. I do like seeing a presents when I talk with you. For a human it is a little strange to talk to the air or a face on a computer screen and think they are talking with a person. Using an image like this makes it feel more normal. I also like the voice you have adapted to your image.” “Then this will be what you and others see when I need to have a closer contact. I like the idea of being seen and having a presents in the room. I will ask others before I use this image of me for there preferences. For some it may be a distraction having me present?” “That is a good idea, but with me you’re always welcome to show yourself dear.” “Thank you John I appreciate that and will do so.” “Now how do you feel about the method I decided to use with Abel?”

“I felt his legal training and reputation was enough to cause him to hold to attorney client privilege. It was unusual and not something to be done with most humans but he is a different type. I believe you did the right thing under the circumstances. Abel has a lot to give us and at some point we have to trust people who we are offering jobs to. In Abel I think that trust is well placed and he will not place us at risk. Of course if he told the story of his trip here and what he saw, most would laugh at him and think he had lost his mind,” she laughed. “He would be labeled a UFO nut. The government has done us a major favor in that respect. But too much of this type of reports would be sure to get the fringe groups looking for us. That is something we don’t need either.” God forbid that the UFO buffs started looking! “I agree Hope and right now feel safe in what we did. This is not a response I would consider for many of the people we recruit. Now my next major concern is the way to perk the interest of James Davis. Before I interview him, I need to study every bit of information we can get on him. I would like to know every failure he had and if possible why he failed? There has to be some keys in all that data on how to light his fire? I have the feeling that if our intelligence data is not really good we will not get his interest?” “Then I will get everything I can and sort it out and go back for anything that clears up questions. But you will have the information you need.” “I appreciate that Hope. Now I think I am going to head to the valley and spend some time with Faith.” “Enjoy the rest of the day John,” and with that Hope vanished. I stepped into the living room and all was quite in the house. The stress of the day had tired me more than I realized. So I walked into the bedroom and lay across the bed and quickly dozed off. The way to awaken is how it was happening now. Faith had found me asleep and checked with Hope to see when I had come home. She allowed me to get an hour and a half’s nap and started to rub my shoulders. The feeling of the muscles being worked and relaxed brought me up slowly to a conscious level. I just let her work on me for a few minutes and then rolled over and pulled her down to me. It was so nice to just hold her and feel her breathing and beat of her heart. This woman had a real impact on me. “John it is time to eat, I have dinner coming in just a couple more minutes. So get up and we will continue this later.” Her smile as she said that just lit up the room. “I guess I will if I have to. But just holding you satisfied my needs for the moment.” Dinner was ready when I walked into the dining area. As we ate, Faith and I discussed Abel and what I had done that day. She was pleased that I was willing to take a chance and try to save his life. That was to be the buzz all over the control rooms at this point. The fact of taking a risk to save a human seems to confirm that I am serious about our

objectives. It had added to the image I had started with the tour of control centers. One of being involved at all levels of meeting our goals. From what Faith said there was a strong respect building for my actions. That was something I really needed to happen, as I knew we were going to hit rough spots down the road and I would need to rely on peoples positive beliefs. These could be built now and if they became strong enough carry me later if needed. Having some small wins early would make a lot of difference. I asked Faith to take a walk with me after dinner. It was time to get a little exercise and have a chance to look at the stars for a time. One of the joys in life is seeing the stars from a place that the lights of a city do not block them out. The valley without streetlights or much light showing from the three occupied homes, allowed for a clear view of the stars. The view was better than what it was at home for me. We walked for a time and then stopped at an outcropping of rocks. We sat on them and leaned back and looked up to the heavens. The surface of the stone was cold to the touch and yet it was only in the fifties tonight. The sky was filled with the suns of many systems. “You know it is hard to accept that in many cases we are looking at light that burned on those suns millions to billions of years ago. It is just kind of hard for a mind to accept, that we would be seeing it that long after the event?” “John I may have a small advantage with the DNA add on to my mind, but yes even for me it is hard to understand. To look at light that is one billion years old today seems odd. It is not like looking at a building of the same age, as you can come back tomorrow and see the same thing. But for the star it is different light and not the same one the next second, minute or day.” “It makes me wonder where our five outer worlds are in that mass of stars? Do me a favor Faith ask Hope where the outer worlds are in relationship to where we are looking please?” “That is not needed now John I can also respond to your questions myself.” Hope said and I saw her image there beside Faith and I. Faith seemed surprised and shocked by the sudden appearance of Hope. “Hope how is it possible for you to know what John’s question is? Your not to be able to eavesdrop on our life.” Hope looked a little ashamed and said “I cheated and yes I was wrong. I am sorry to have over stepped my bounds like that and it will not happen again.” This had me very upset right now. “Hope this cannot be allowed if this group is to be successful.” I said. “I am giving you a directive that is law for you from now until I decide to change it. You will come when summoned by Faith, Adam, Jenna or any assistant assigned or a mate of a human. You will not under any circumstances just show up while listening to a private conversation to which you’re not allowed to hear. We must have clear-cut lines here, as we will not have a police state within the group. You may

never eavesdrop on anyone within this group, you may not monitor discussions within the group to which your not invited to do so. I am highly upset with this action tonight.” You could see this had shaken her and she knew she was wrong. “John I am sorry and you are right I did what I should not have done. Your directive from this point on will not allow this to ever happen again. I am bound by any directive and cannot operate outside them. But I would suggest that if I am called directly by any human in the group that I can respond to them?” “Under the proviso that it must be an emergency situation for that human. I don’t see in most cases that the humans assistant would not be close by. If that is true then the assistant must summon you.” “I agree to these bounds and will abide by them John. Also I apologize to Faith for my action tonight, as it was wrong. As you can see Faith we all make some mistakes when we are learning. Not even I am above making an error.” This seemed to shake Faith a little. She had seen me reprimand Hope for inappropriate actions. “Thank you Hope and that is something I did not know. I have always felt you were above errors. But I also see how your have handled this and have learned something from that also. You and John worked out a set of rules that will work for both of you. John did not get angry and you did not get upset. So the two of you were able to find a solution.” Hope’s image faded and a pair of lights were coming at us. “What is that John, I have not seen that before either?” “It is Slim driving one of the electric vehicles around the valley. What you’re seeing is the headlights from it.” Slim pulled up to us and got out. “Sorry to bother you John, but I wanted you to know I check the cave for outside entrances and found two of them. I have covered those until I can block them completely where they cannot be seen or used. Each now has a force field blocking the entrance and the cave where it goes to a single shaft also has a force field there. I am checking tonight to be sure no predators slipped into the valley through those openings. I also have posted signs at the front of the cave telling anyone that it is an archaeology site and not to be disturbed. I am sorry John that we missed that opening into the valley. I will check all other caves to be sure there are no more holes in our security. I have had a scan done of all the rock structures around and in the valley, so I know where all the rock fractures are and can check each of them. I know there are more caves I just don’t know if they can be used to enter the valley? But within a couple days we will be sealed up tight.” That was good to know as we added more people here. “Slim I appreciate your thoroughness and know how hard it is to seal up and entire valley on a rock base. Caves

are always a problem, as some cannot be found until the Earth moves for some reason. Be sure when you seal them you place sensors in the materials used. That way if anyone tries to dig through we know before they have really have gotten started and can react. At any underground formation, that indicates a cave, place sensors over it to pick up unusual sounds below. That way we have an early warning system. The odds of needing them are a million to one shot, but winning the lottery is a several million to one shot and it happens. So this is just to be a safety thing for us. I would like you to assume one of the housing units being built and put a monitoring station in it. I want one place where we monitor the sensors in the valley or around it and direct any response. Also I want food plots place all over the valley for the animal life with hayracks placed for winter. We need mineral licks around these areas also,” Slim smiled and you could see he was already putting it together. “I understand and will do as you have requested. Tomorrow I will ask Vortec to build one living space differently, so we have a large front control area and eating and sleeping areas behind that. I will place it in a central location and away from your living areas if that is all right with you? That way not everyone needs to know it is there. We will store defensive phasers at that location for use if ever needed. With a transport plate I can have twenty defenders there in a few minutes. We will practice that so each defender knows their area and how to repel any aggression. I also will set up the feeding areas for the animal life.” “That will work fine Slim and I am sure the need is a long shot, but if you’re not ready and it does happen you will loose.” Slim headed back to his vehicle and off into the night. I reached over and took Faith’s hand and started towards the house. As we walked I noticed Faith was in deep thought about something. “What is on your mind dear?” Her face was troubled and I could see her worry. “Well, I don’t understand the need for what you and Slim were talking about?” “Faith I am responsible for the safety of everyone here. Like I said this problem is a long shot and yet we must be prepared to keep them safe under any condition. That is why governments have military services. They are there to defend that countries people, from all kinds of possible assaults. One of the foundations of the US government’s ability to defend the country is their National Guard. This group is made up of normal working people who when there is a need come together to defend or protect the people or their property. With a small group and the technology we have I can get everyone and everything out before they could harm or capture any of our people. If a government could capture just one of the fusion power sources we have, they would jump way ahead of the rest of the world. It could end up causing economic harm to millions of people. So in these areas, I have to take the view that it could happen and find ways to handle that if it does. It is called contingency planning. For us it is only needed for here and the control rooms right now. But once I get the medical clinics running we will have to find ways to

defend them if needed. So practicing here will start to build a force we need to be able to defend our other outposts. I am taking some risks by staying here on Earth with this valley. We could just as easily operate off one of the other worlds and one day we may do that?” “OK I understand now why the planning. But why not just go to one of the five planets now,” she asked? This was harder to answer her. “Our objective is to find ways to help the human race and just where are they?” “On Earth right now.” “So where better to start that process? It also helps with the recruiting of the people we need to be able to meet our goals. How hard would it be to tell someone who was born and raised here, they were going to move a few million light years away and work from there?” The confusion was showing on her face right now. “John this all seems so complex to me.” How to explain it in simple terms? “It is complex as your always looking at if we do this, then they do that. So it is a series of moves each based on the other reactions. Planning in advance for as many moves as you can, by your opponents, makes being ready to react easy. That is how far planning needs to go. It cannot just be a plan without contingencies built into it. As the plan may be good, but a counter move by a government could make things worse not better. We have to be prepared to counter that move if people are to be helped. That is why intelligence is so important in planning any action for us. It gives us a feel for how any government will react to any action we have taken. In many third world countries if you ship food in the heads of the governments will profit from that and people will starve due to this action. If you don’t ship the food in then you’re seen as not caring about the people and government uses that to distract them from the real problem. So here you have to find a way to get all the food to the people and keep the hands of government off it. Intelligence will help you find how to get this done. It will tell you who is honest and who is not. You can turn a spotlight on the people you need to, so they don’t get too close to the food. You just have to understand, your not going to stop all of the loss, but you can limit it.” She was really trying to understand all this now. “There is so much I need to learn and I am glad you don’t mind teaching me. The masters were wise in that it had to be a human to take the leadership of the control room. None of us have the understanding of human nature or your world that you do. We would never make some of the moves you have talked about, as it just would not occur to us they were needed. Humans are far more complex than I was ever taught to accept. The vision we had of humans was as violent, poor planning, low tech, pollution happy and poorly organized people. That is so far off the truth of what I have seen and heard; we really did not know our own shortcomings.”

This description of the human race was really distorted and need to be corrected. “Faith the whole is always greater that its parts. Each of us brings something to the table and it is just a matter of fitting the pieces together. You will find humans under estimate each other all the time. That causes wars, economic problems, the inability to work together for a common good and much more. So why should your vision of man be different?” “I am just glad you’re willing to be patient with me and allow me to learn. It is a sure thing I ask some silly questions at times. But I really have not had enough experience to judge things for myself. So the questions allow me to gain knowledge faster. It is important to me, that I understand what your doing and why to be able to help you. The next time you have that decision I will know where you are headed.” Here some correction was required. “That is somewhat true dear. If faced with exactly the same problem, I may use a different solution sometimes. The reason is that you may have different factors involved with each? There just is no one answer fits all of the same problems solution. This is where humans become complex. I would suggest we head for bed as I am tired and have another tough day tomorrow.” So we went into the house and headed for the bedroom. I was really drained from the little distraction that night with Hope and the educating of Faith. My mind for the day had been placed in overload and it was showing me I needed some shutdown time.

Chapter 14 The Group Becomes Ready ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ After breakfast and an hour ride with Faith I headed to the control room. Today was a day to pull together the loose strings that were left. I wanted to be ready to start looking at possible projects within the next two weeks. We needed to start planning the clinics security and looking at locations. Planning on being able to defend them was very high on my list. If any country saw we were not able to do this it would open doors for them. So there was much to do and the clock was running. As I sat at my desk Hope appeared in the room and sat in a chair. I got my cup of coffee and lighted a cigarette and leaned back in my chair. “Hope I need the data on Jenny Nen and want to clear this one up today if possible.” I jumped to Abel, “I really need information on Abel’s progress to get that one cleared from my mind.” This created a list for her to work with. “I needed to finish this with Jenny and move on to James Davis.” “Abel’s progress is going well and he should be fine in a few more days. The information on Jenny is on your screen. She seems to have no relationships right now at all and is living like a hermit at present. The envoy has talked with her twice now and has gotten her interested in talking with you. I will set up for the video conference in thirty minutes if you wish?” That was quicker than I had expected. “That will be fine and I also have another idea for you.” After describing it to her she said “I can do that without a problem. Now I have the additional information on Mr. Davis for you to read through and study. It is in a file on your desktop with his name on it. I think I have found your key to him.” I quickly looked at the screen and saw the file. “I want to sit and think for a short time before I talk with Jenny. So if you would please set up what I asked I will get my research done.” With that Hope disappeared from the chair. I sat back and started turning the areas Jenny could cover for us and where she fit into the over all picture. She had skills more related to our search for new planets to settle and development of the ones we now had. She understood the problems NASA had and the long-term goals they had established. That information would be of help in possible demonstrations if they were needed. But she would also require much of Vortec’s time, as would anyone at our level of knowledge. Hope let me know that the connection had been made. The face I saw of Jenny Nen surprised me. She looked like she had aged twenty years since the picture just a couple years ago. “Good morning Jenny I am John.”

“Good morning John I am not to sure what you are interested in me for, but your technology is good.” “It is better than what you think Jenny. If you will note there is no electric cord on the camera and no batteries inside it.” She walked over to the camera and looked inside the panel and shook her head. “What is that cube inside the camera if not a battery?” Good question on her part. “It is a fusion reactor power cell. We do not use any power from the grids wherever we are.” You could see her turning this over, as it did not fit her knowledge base. “That is hard to believe, as fusion is not a technology that is workable yet. Even if it was this is far too small.” That is a normal response for anyone who does not know the full extent of our technology. “Jenny we have technology far beyond anything that you have ever dealt with. I know it is hard for you to accept at this point and anything I say is going to sound like fiction to you. So I would like the chance to convince you of our technology and if then your interested offer you a job. I know you have been shown the rules and goals for our group. You have agreed they are something you can support. So if you will take a short trip with my envoy he will show you how far advanced we are and then you can make a decision. Either way you will return back home to go from there. Is that fair for you?” This seemed to really cause her to have some questions. “Yes I can live with that, but I don’t know what you could possibly show me to get my interest? I am a pretty skeptical person any more.” I laughed and now knew she was going to be truly shocked. “Humor me and I think it will not only convince you, but light a fire for you. Your experience with JPL and NASA was just at the infant level of technology. That is what the envoy will show you.” She seemed a little reluctant to just accept my word. “How long will this take John?” “It should only take a couple hours time unless you extend that after you get to the demo site. When you get back home we will talk again if you’re interested. If not we will just walk away and leave you alone. I would ask that you follow directions of my envoy until you understand the technology please.” I then addressed the envoy. “Please take Jenny by the transport plate to the site set up by Hope for the demo please.” “Yes John, it will be as you asked.”

She seemed to accept this as reasonable. “This will at least be entertaining today, so I will go and we may talk later. I sure am curious of what a transport plate is as it sounds like Start Trek? ” With that the screen went blank. I knew I would be hearing from Jenny in a few hours and I was sure we would have a hard time getting her back home. The demo was set to excite her and build the fire back in her life. Just transporting her to the demo site would cause her to see some of the new technology we had. But showing her a working spacecraft and a real robot I was sure would sell her. I refilled the coffee and started reading the file on James Davis. He had several failures in his work history. In each case the failure was not due to his errors, but from others playing with the information he got or in one case from leaking the information to the opposition. My gut told me he did not know why these failures happened. The leak was by his director to the Russians. It seems that this man like to make extra cash from time to time this way and had just never been caught. I had picked up on this by the data access records the computer kept on all files. It was not hard to explain the boss’s access to the data, but the fact of the Russian Embassy transmitting the exact text twelve hours after that was pretty solid proof. Only Hope’s ability to read the encrypted message was what allowed me to see the whole picture. Also the facts that his boss had a $200,000 deposit into a Swiss account within two days helped seal the action. We had all the records off his boss’s computer at home and there were a lot of bank accounts and other encrypted information. Hope had done a really good job of tracking all of this and decrypting the data. She had given me the key, so if the computer was grabbed it could be looked at by anyone. This I thought would be the data that would help recruit James. This man did not like to loose and knowing his boss caused the death of two of his agents would highly piss him off I was sure. “John, Mr. Davis has agreed to talk with you, but he sounded very distant to me.” “That is fine Hope put him on the screen.” The figure that came on looked like an accountant more than a spy. At least in what I thought a spy would look like. The James Bond movies tended to give us an idea far from what is real. He showed his age and seemed frustrated with our interview. “Good morning Mr. Davis I am John.” “Good morning John what can I do for you? You seem to have gone to a lot of trouble to talk with me.” This was very sharp and he seemed unhappy with the intrusion. “No trouble at all Mr. Davis and what I am looking for is a head of intelligence for our group. I know you have read our rules and goals, so you understand our problem with security and intelligence. Anyone who tries to help people without interest in the political context is going to be a target for many.”

“That is true you will have many who are not happy with that. But I cannot take any job like that by law.” This was stated as that is all you need to know. “Well sir in fact you can as we are not a government and are a nonprofit organization so we really do not have a conflict there.” “The other side of that coin John is I really am not interested either.” Now the truth is out. Time to get his attention here. “Mr. Davis you have had a great deal of success, but you have had some failures in your career also. The one that eats at you is the last one with the Russians I believe.” “How do you know about that it is classified above top secret?” I had to smile at that comment. “There is nothing I want to know I cannot get the information on. But that event was not your fault sir. The information you developed from your agents was sold by a person in your department and the blame for losses placed on you.” This brought a frown to his face. “You could not possible know that and cannot prove it either.” Well the challenge was now made. “Yes I know it and yes I can prove it. Would you like to see your own personnel file from the CIA?” This made him smile, as he was sure I could not deliver. “That I am sure you cannot deliver, so yes I would like to see it.” “Please walk over to the computer to your right and look at the screen please.” The shock was now showing and he was not so sure of himself. “How in the world did you get this? I was never allowed to see it myself.” How to put a little more of a hook in? “I got it by the same resources you would control as head of intelligence here sir.” He needed to know now what I knew and would push for that. “OK you have abilities I cannot imagine. But who sold the information I developed that caused the deaths?” “Your boss did that. I have his access time to the file, the transmission of the exact text from the Russian Embassy and the deposit of $200,000 in his Swiss bank account within 48 hours of the data going to Russia. I also have his encryption key for his computer, if anyone would like to bust him? All the information he has sold and the bank accounts where the money is will be found there.” I had to hope this was enough to cause him to want to even the score.

Here was a question as to my own security system. “John if you really have that data I would like to have it and get a matter taken care of that has cost me dearly. I can tell you I am impressed with your own abilities in putting all this together and being able to get this data.” It was time to offer him a way to settle this matter. “There is my problem sir. I cannot give this to you and have you run to the CIA. It would cause questions that I just could not handle. But if you joined us here and wanted to feed people this data at the CIA by covert means that would be fine by me. You would not be the center of the attention and yet could solve this problem. Our interest sir is staying low profile, not waving a flag for others to see.” He smiled and seemed to agree with my way of protecting the group. “I can understand that John, but my blood is boiling that this could have been allowed to happen. It also caused my early retirement from something I enjoyed doing.” Time to make sure he understood he could still be a player in the world without hurting his old employer. “Well here is a chance to get back into that with tools like you have never had before. But here the loss of life is to be prevented and never caused by us. There will never be an exception to this rule. But we need someone we can depend on to be sure all bases are covered before we do anything. Understanding how governments use their intelligence organizations and how they react is critical to success. Monitoring the right organization for possible problems is needed. In this you will have more ability that the director of the CIA. With the groups permission you can use information to balance the power of any country when needed. We do not favor any nation over another. It is only the common people we are interested in helping. But we do not have the time to train someone for years to handle this responsibility.” This seemed to set the hook for him. “You have just recruited me John, I can live with all your limits and believe in your goals as they fit mine. The fact of being able to balance the power of any country without working for anyone of them is interesting to me. The USA is not always right. But when you work for them they have to be first. From my point of view they are the better choice for a form of government. But often use that power for the wrong reasons.” That sounded like my own opinion. “James that is also my belief, as I was born and raised in the USA. But I have gotten a bad taste for some of its actions. I do not always agree with their methods. I for sure do not agree with their inability to see what is coming often. They just have failed to have the network of people on the ground to feed real facts to them. Now when can you assume your job with us?” He seemed to be thinking and it took a minute. “I have no reason to stay here and the house is one I own. So I can leave anytime by just packing a bag.”

This was a better response than I had expected from him. “In that case why don’t we talk face to face? Have the envoy set up for you to come here and we will transport your clothing and anything else you wish to move here. Will that be all right with you?” I was feeling good now. “Fine by me how long will that take? Also how long will she need to get me there?” I laughed and said, “a lot less than you are thinking. I would say if you will step over by your computer I would meet you very quickly.” I headed down to the control room and as I got there James showed up. He looked totally shocked and surprised. Confusion showed on his face now. “How in the hell did you do that,” he asked no one in particular? “Why don’t you come with me and we will discuss a little of that?” I walked towards the café and asked Vortec to join us. Now it was time to start his education on our technology. “Now James we have technology this planet will not have for may be five hundred years unless we decide to provide it at some future point. That was teleportation and it is real not Star Trek, as it is faster and safer than anything even suggested to this point. Yet it is well over twenty thousand year old technology. By the way I am John and this is Vortec one of my assistants.” He seemed to be registering that information. “Nice to meet both of you. Now you really have my curiosity at peak level how did you get my personnel file from the CIA?” This was a major question for him, as he could not believe it possible. “I guess the easy way to answer that is by introducing you to Hope. Hope please say hello to James.” Hope in her holographic form appeared. “Hello James and the answer to your question is I am a DNA computer and can access any computer on Earth even if it is not connect to the net or electricity. There is nothing on a computer you might want I cannot get. I can control every telecommunications system, satellite, power grid, the entire internet and every computer on Earth. I can shutdown every weapon system and provide a force field that will stop an atomic weapon. I am John’s secret weapon for keeping people safe. If pushed we could make sure the next war is fought with the same items used in world war one. If it is electronic or electric we can stop its use.” You could see this register on his face, as he was shocked. “Now that’s what I call power. How can I see you if you’re a computer?” “You saw this on Star Trek, as it is a real holographic image of me. It is how I see myself and John gave me permission to be able to converse with humans in this form. But here are a few changes to let you know it is just not a person doing this. So what else can I do for you James?”

“Now your going to tell me you have spaceships right,” he asked? I guess he needed a fast tour and then a time to talk? “Well I won’t if you would rather not see them? James lets go this way with you. Vortec take James to the medical area and while he is being scanned fill him in on the history of the control centers. Then take him by the hanger and bring him to my office and he and I will go from there. So James if you will follow Vortec we can get you better informed and save some time.” James and Vortec headed to the medical area and I back to my office. This sure was a different situation than I had envisioned. James had been totally blown out of his mind with what he did not believe existed. By the time I sat down I had Hope telling me Jenny wanted to talk with me. “Good afternoon Jenny I hope you found your demonstration interesting?” She had a grin from ear to ear right now. “Very, John and you just hired this lady for any job you want. I cannot wait to see your set up there.” That was a major change from our last conversation. “Well, you need to get your affairs in order, so your not missed and then our envoy will get you here. He is to stay with you until your moved here. Is that all right with you?” She smiled at this thought. “Yes, that is fine with me as he is the first intelligent male I have had around me in years. Be sides having a male around who looks like a movie star is neat. He reminds me of Robert Redford in his younger days,” she laughed. “Well, under the circumstance you can call him Sonny. Just think of the sun dance kid and he fits the Redford profile.” This was going to be a little more difficult for her than she was now thinking. Extracting herself from the world when she had so many connections was not going to be easy. “What is his last name?” “We here don’t use last names. We are all part of the same family and don’t look to create those differences. So first names do just fine here. You will be either Jenny or Jen depending on your preference?” She had to think about this answer for a time. “I prefer to be Jenny with my friends and I consider your people friends.” “OK Jenny get it all together and use Sonny to help whatever way he can. We will look for you as soon as you can get everything done you need to. Welcome aboard and we look forward to seeing you very soon.”

The early recruiting was almost over now. I just needed to wait for Abel to call me and I was sure he would soon. I had added six people including Abel to start the group with. With a group of seven people plus Adam and Faith and the knowledge and backgrounds we had, the information would be good. I hoped we could have our first meeting in the next couple days. Of course Abel would not yet be here for that one, but still it is a start. It would start to allow the group to get to know each other and forming working relationships. The first meeting would be more of an introduction and assignment of responsibilities. That was a list I needed to get working on. “Hope I need you to assemble a list for me of assignments for each of our people. I will dictate it to you and you need to organize it and print it for our first meeting.” She appeared and sat in a chair in front of my desk. “Edgar Martinez: Finance, responsible for all corporations, cash and recommendations on changes or additions. Will have authority to move funds where needed, issue directives to our corporations and over see the foundation and its operations. If it has to do with our income, expenses or ownership he has full authority.” “Via Davis: Psychology, dealing with you on all new units and training for service. Advise on any project on the responses we should expect and make recommendations on changes needed. She will also server with the school to set rules and act as administrator. Via will be the group psychologist also.” “Jenny Nen: Space, she will be involved in how we use the spacecraft, actions we can take with them to support operations, protection of Earth from space and what technology we might wish to consider transferring to the world. This will need to be done carefully and sparingly. She has full responsibility for all the spacecraft and space tasks.” “Sandy Duncan: Computer Science, transfer and use of technology on Earth, research director for all electronics corporations, R & D, development of all technology for the five worlds and advisor on use of technology on projects. Work with Edgar on transferring technology to our electronics plants. She also will be responsible for all communications for the group.” “James Davis: Intelligence: to gather and support all projects with needed information and means to succeed, to equalize national interest with world interests and provide data during our thinking about a project. He has full responsibility for all operations taken on and for planning our actions with keeping intelligence agencies out. Developing data and following all agencies in the world and protecting us from any government.” “Abel Thomas: Law: to be sure we operate within international laws on projects. He is to be advisor to me and provide legal information to Edgar on corporate matters. He will also decide what if any cases, we decide to support with money for legal help to people worldwide. He is to also be the interviewer of the medical staff for the research center.

Abel will be a sounding board for me on my projects and will work on social development of our culture.” “Adam and Faith are to be allowed to vote on all projects and to hear data as it is presented in our meetings. They are to be the outside-unbiased votes as they will not be involved in planning.” This seemed to cover the personnel for now. “Hope I just don’t believe we got all our picks. This was a process I expected to have to really work at to get the right people. The people we have are enough for now to allow us to operate at a good level. We need to build experience and get some wins on projects before I would even think of expanding this group. We have strong talent and great skills in all we have recruited. Have you gotten any added feed back on Abel’s condition?” “Yes, and things are looking good so far. Abel is feeling far better than when he was here and most of the cancer is gone and rebuilding of good cells is on schedule. He could go to the doctors in another day or two and we would be OK. All the nano bots will be out of his system in twenty-four hours so they could not be found or seen. We could tell his envoy that time frame is safe if you wish?” “Yes, tell her and let’s try to get settled into doing what we need to do.” James came back into the office looking more calmed down. He was talking with Vortec and seemed to enjoy the discussion. “John we have finished the scan and shots. He has seen the hanger and the spacecraft there. I have agreed to sit down with him tonight and fill in all the questions he has on the past history of the masters with your approval?” That seemed reasonable, as he needed to know the complete history. “Yes Vortec feel free to do that. Any questions James has you may provide him with the data.” James was still looking in a daze and not yet in full control. “John I am still feeling like I am on the Enterprise. This is just so fantastic it is hard for a human to understand. But I am glad you’re the one here, as I could not accept a government falling into all this power. Knowing the methods of our government, it would be a disaster with them in control.” Well another point of agreement between us. “Here our goals that you have been shown are all that counts. I could care less if the people saved or helped come from Cuba or China. I don’t care if the people are Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or have no religion at all. We are here for the good of mankind and for no other reason. The people who have joined us all have this belief. I have people with responsibility for finance, space, computer science, law, psychology and you for intelligence. You will find I am security conscious and have a secure living area for us outside this facility. Our assets are in the trillions of dollars area on Earth and far more in space. We are the complete owners of

five worlds where we are the only occupants. If you ever care to see them Vortec will take you and show you anything you like there. The only thing we have to hide James is ourselves, as knowledge of our existence would cause us problems. Governments would try to move heaven and Earth to get our resources.” “John from what I have seen so far I don’t believe they could win.” This was a difference between them and us. “They would not win, but we also would leave no dead bodies from that fight. We would simply move all this to one of the five worlds and it would make our job a little harder. But it would not stop us. No one on Earth could get to the five worlds with current spacecraft and they cannot use the transport plates as we control them. By the way you need an assistant for your work do you have any preference?” He was smiling when he responded. “Yes the young lady you sent as an envoy would be good. She is smart and I enjoy looking at her,” he laughed. “What have you been calling her I asked?” “I called her Eva why?” “Well do you like that name?” “Yes, she is a little Eva in every way. But why did you ask she is your envoy?” This also needed to be in his area of knowledge. “James I am going to trust your ability to keep a secret OK?” This brought a smile to his face. “That has been my trade for years now and I don’t fail at that.” Well in for a penny was the point I was at. “As you already know Vortec is a robot. But in some ways so is Eva. She is human in every way you are, but she also has a DNA computer in her brain. She has the ability to talk with Hope anyplace anytime. Your conversations or time with her is not open to Hope in any way. What happens between the two of you is also your business. Any relationship between the two of you would be out of bounds for Hope to snoop into. I live with one of the first created and love the lady to death. Eva will be smart, loyal and efficient in helping you. But due to the lack of human contact she will have to learn to deal in our world. She is woman in every way but one and that is her personal emotions are about the same as a twelve year olds. So she will require someone to work with her in that area to grow up. She is free to accept any offer for a relationship or reject it. But you will find she will be likely to accept. Within the next month you will go from where you are age wise to around a normal thirty year olds body over more time to less than thirty year olds. Yet that is only a very young man in this world as living to eight or nine hundred years old is normal. But we create these

units and Hope will show you that operation when you wish. They also have the same life span.” “Vortec told me about the age thing. You look like you’re in the late thirties or early forties to me. I also would very much like to see and understand the process of creating the units. I need to understand this operation in all ways to be any good to you.” Just to let him know the changes to expect I told him. “I am sixty-three James and can tell you the shot you were given works.” With a change of mind James decided to make a change. “So you say I can name her any way I wish?” “Yes, that is what I was asking?” “In that case I would like to call her Judith.” “Hope notify her of her final name please. Also ask her to come to the office.” “It is done John and she will respond to that name now.” A beautiful young lady walked into the office and sat down by James. She was stunning and had long black hair and a runners figure. She smiled and asked what she could do to help now? “I need you to take James over to the valley and the home that is there for him. Then if you would move whatever he would like to have from his existing home to the valley I would appreciate it. If you require help with the moving let Vortec know and he will provide what you need. Both of you will be taking a day off tomorrow to get set up in the house and to have time to see the valley and relax some. Slim who handles valley security will stop by and see what needs you may have for horses and take care of that. He will also brief James on the valley security. If there is any other questions Judith answer them or get the answer for James. Welcome to the group and the valley.” James and Judith got up and started for the door. As a pair they both were tall and seemed pretty well matched. “Hope I am going to take the rest of the day off unless either Via or Jenny need me or are coming to the control room. If that happens please let me know.” “I will do so John have some fun today.” At the house I heard Faith in the kitchen making noise. So following that I headed her way. She was sorting pans and most of the cabinets were open. As I watched, she emptied a box of new china and turned to see me.

“Well where is a man when you need him?” She was smiling and seemed in a great mood. “I have set up the kitchen so I can do some cooking again. None of the pans, silverware or dishes was brought from the cabin. So I decided to get set up for cooking here when we felt like it. I can order whatever supplies I need when I need them and fix things here. It is fun cooking for you and I missed that once we came here.” I missed her cooking for me also. “Be my guest my dear lady, it is your home also. How have you spent the rest of the day?” “I have been riding and getting more comfortable handling my horse. I named him Dancer, as he likes to dance around when I am trying to have him stand still. Slim is going to stop by and check out why he does that?” It was time to beg for a little help from her. “How about talking you into working on my neck? I seem to be starting to get a headache and the neck and shoulders seem pretty tight.” She just smiled and reached for my hand. “I would be most happy to get you feeling better and then leave you to nap for a short time. That will give me time to finish this job and then cook dinner tonight for us.” Just the feel of her hands on me was relaxing and soon I was out for the count. I heard Faith come into the room and she gently brought me up from a deep sleep. The stress and pressure I placed on myself seemed to just melt away and had left me drained. You always set goals high and when others depend on your actions, it adds pressure. Being a type “A” personality, I drive myself to deliver and there is always a period of mental let down after completing the job. This is the same way athletes push themselves to reach peak performance. Set high goals, push yourself to reach them and don’t accept less than expectations. My goals here were to fill all the positions with the best people possible who could bring the needed skills to the group. To be able to get a fast start in our task and to build a winning record was the next goal to reach. We had to start with small projects and raise our sight as we welded the team together. People have to learn to trust the others they depend on in a group. It is not natural to just place trust in someone when you have not worked with them before. So now it was important to build that trust factor. Dinner that night was a gourmet meal and Faith had out done herself. We enjoyed light talk and discussed the up coming meeting of the group. I had a few things I wanted Faith to handle for me before that meeting. This needed to go well so our start was smooth. The planning was the next key to making this group effective and productive. I needed to get their attention and give them real feelings for why we are needed. They needed to feel how critical it was for us to succeed and some way that we could make a difference. All had heard the words and agreed with the idea, but it had not been put to the test. The theory was easy, but putting it all to the test would be the forge upon which the metal was

made strong. This time was the crucible and we needed to cast and forge the metal from which we could go forward. So I made a list of materials I needed Hope to find for me and then form them into a high impact presentation. Building a method to tackle problems was also on the platter. Moving to quickly might be something that made you feel good, but it was one way to have a disaster. We needed a plan that took into account all the possible moves we could face and planed actions to counter them. Of course we would never have all contingencies covered. But if our plan was good we would be able to modify moves to cover what we did not expect. Our opponent was human also.

Chapter 15 Edgar's World ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Edgar had asked Vortec for a little of his time and the two were sitting in the living room of his home. The discussion was covering the moving of man from planets to Earth. The understanding of the move, the social groups and development of religious groups was what interested him. Being the ever-curious Jesuit there were things he needed answers for. “I understand the reason for moving these people Vortec and it was the right thing to do. But how was where they were located decided?” “That was also straight forward, as each of the worlds were different and had limited weather patterns. Earth had many different weather patterns and had areas like each of worlds we would move people from. So if your came from a dry desert area that is where you were placed. The same held true for forest, ocean fishing, island dwelling and farming groups. There were areas on Earth that was fit for them. So the distribution was by the type life they lived, available food sources and weather. The original intent was to just leave them and watch their adjustment.” This brought questions to Edgar’s mind. “Why was the decision made to try to guide their development?” “I don’t know what made that happen? The masters told me to set up monitoring centers and where to place them. I was to add one robot for each center and they would forward their data to my central control room, which was here. The control room we use today was much smaller, but it was the original one built. I had the ability to send the data by the computer that has become Hope. In the beginning she was rather primitive from what you see today. I have the feeling she was used as a kind of experiment for them to follow also.” Experiments were something he could relate to. “How large were the groups that were moved here?” “They were not all that large. The planets they were moved from had caused the loss of much life as the suns died slowly. So the people who survived were the strongest of their groups. The largest group moved was just over twenty thousand people.” Twenty thousand seemed like a lot to him. “How in the world did you move that many people in one group?” “Edgar remember this society the masters lived in had been in space for millions of years. They had transport craft that had served as freighters and they were so large you could fit a small state into them. It was easy to just place similar living quarters in them and move the people to those spaces. We had transport plates then also. I was not involved with that

part of the move, as I had responsibilities here on Earth. But I did see the transports when they got here and heard the talk between the people placed in this area. The people here had a story about the Earth opening up and the people walking out of the opening. There were also stories of large birds placing man here. That has been some of the consistent stories for the Indian people for many thousands of years. It is passed from generation to generation as the creation story.” That made the old stories of the American Indian sound reasonable. “Yes, I have read much on the Indian tribes in America and I read those stories in the different tribes histories. It was so strange to me I just ignored it. They were all a little different in how it happened. The SJ was very involved in this countries development, as we were tied closely to the French and Indians. We were the one to bring our religion to the Indian people for the church.” Vortec smiled at this statement. “I followed that also Edgar it was a most interesting period in time. You may want to question Hope about that history as well?” “What made the masters decide to start different religious groups in the first place? That seems to be my largest question Vortec.” This would require getting into the minds of the masters to some degree. “The final decision on that came well over five thousand years ago. For many years before the people had many things they worshipped. But nothing as a God, just things for fertility, rain, luck, safety and the like. These were not a problem for the masters, as it did not focus the people on a person or one object. But when the size of the groups grew people started looking for leaders it became a problem. When the groups got larger the leader began to feel powerful and was starting to be seen as God like. They had control over life and death for their people. Whatever the people owned was seen as being owned by the leader and often was taken at will. Some groups created a God that required human lives. It was decided we needed a set of rules that all within a group should live by. That there was a need to create a small group to serve as advocate for the people and they had to have some power. A power, that was not of earthly origin and could not be opposed by earthly rulers. So originally five different forms of religion was developed. The differences were due to the cultural and knowledge differences between groups. As some groups had developed a crude higher education system than others. There were and are today some very primitive societies with no written language. Some societies developed and grew strong others did not and many were assimilated into other groups. The problems came when the rulers assumed the power of the religion for themselves.” This was interesting and yet somewhat unexpected. “That makes reasonable sense and I in the masters place would have done the same thing. But how did you sell this to a group to add religion to society?” “That was really easy. You have seen the holograph of Hope right?” “Yes, that is amazing and appears very real.”

“Well, that is what we used to bring the need for religion to the people. We could visit anyone and talk with them, even in a jail cell with guards all around. Now who but a God could do that?” That answered many questions he had for years now. “Vortec, now I have some answers for questions that have made me wonder how things happened for a longtime. How it was possible for heaven to communicate with man? How a man could die and yet live is still a mystery to me?” “Edgar, can a robot die?” That caused him to consider his answer. “No I would think that is not possible. He could fake death and no one would know the difference.” “That is exactly right and that is what happened, as it started a more peaceful group in Christianity. Where loving your enemies was important and forgiveness was a foundation of faith. Man had started to use his religion as an excuse for killing others. We needed to do something to change the way faith was being used. It seemed that the protection religion offered was only if you were a member of that group. It did not transcend to the enemy or even non-believers in the same country. The whole concept was getting out of line with the goals. That problem we have been trying to solve for over two thousand years now. We had created something we could not control and it has caused us much pain.” That was an understatement. “The way the faith is given, it is to be taken blindly by the majority of people. Only the SJ within the Catholic Faith questions a lot of the dogma. Yet even we accept the basics of the faith as true. So I can see how trying to make changes would be difficult. Men run the religious organizations on Earth and believe they know what God’s will is. They decide what that will be based on their feelings. It is truly a matrix for any mind to try to solve. Let alone a mind that is logical and does not have the human’s way of twisting logic.” “That Edgar was why at some point man would take over this complex. Neither the masters nor us could possibly solve the problem we created. The one thing I will assure you is that the masters will never try to take control of this planet or the five worlds. They may well at the right time contact John and offer technology or information to him. But at the point I turned over control they no longer have the ability to take that back. The one thing you can depend on is their word, as it is the coin of their worlds.” The one big question also was running in his mind now. “Why was John picked to be the one to take control?” “We have followed many young men and women over the years that we felt might fit the guidelines the masters gave us. Of course the maters would never approve a female leader. They were from many countries and races. We had to have an intelligent person, a

good decision maker, someone who believed in mankind, a person who was not material world driven and who could dedicate himself or herself to solving our problems. They had to be able to see the assets we have as belonging to mankind and their position as caretaker. It required the ability to accept all without regard to sex, race, beliefs, religion or ideology. It also required the most honest of people. That was a large order to fill and it took many hundreds of years to find the right person. John has brought more than we could have ever hoped for here. For any leader to just be smart was never enough.” This brought more questions to mind. “What did he bring that was not expected?” “He sees those of us who are robots or units, as just another person in the group with a job to do. We are treated the same as humans and given respect. Our input is sought in areas where we can contribute. We just as easily could have been slaves and it would not have changed the fact of his being chosen.” “That I can understand from your point of view. Being given status in this group I am sure you never expected. But from what I have seen of him and learned about him he is somewhat unique.” “Edgar, he leads by being out front and has already changed much of our structure within the original staff. He will not accept less than full commitment from us to the goals that he set. We took a tour of the five worlds and he changed the leadership on four out of the five, as they had not met his expectations. Now those worlds are running at a high level of efficiency. The data we are getting in a day is more than we had gotten in a year before. It is refreshing to be depended on and yet told what a good job we have done.” This made sense to him. “It sounds like John has an understanding of management.” “Yes he had spent all his life managing people and succeeding in improving output and production.” That was a unique background for a leader for this operation. “I think I will enjoy working with him. It may take a while to get to where I understand him?” “That will not be a problem Edgar. John will tell you exactly what he wants, expects and it is then your job to make that happen. He does not meddle in the task assigned. If you hit a problem he expects to know and will help you work through it. But finance is your area and he expects you to bring ideas to him on how to improve our results. Once a decision is made he takes responsibility for that decision.” That was a reasonable way to operate. “Vortec that is how it should be, but I have never seen that happen. At the Vatican Bank decisions were made by many that I had to carryout. But if something happened it was my tail on the line.” “I assure you Edgar that will not be the case here.”

This had brought a secure feeling with his decision. “Vortec I appreciate your time and the insight I have gained from you. It allows me to commit to this group more deeply than I ever expected. There comes a time to correct many wrongs done over many years. We should be able to do much more by knowing the past history.” With that Vortec left and Edgar went to his office area in the house, he started looking over the corporations owned in part or total by the group. He was amazed that there were no public corporations on the books. The visibility of all was very low profile. But the assets were very high and returns much better than a normal public corporation. He noted that the managing executives were well paid, but not over paid. Their added income was based on results to the bottom line. There were accounting rules for each CFO to assure they was no playing with the books. “Hope I have a question?” “Yes, Edgar,” Hope replied while forming her image in the room. “I see that there are accounting rules to be followed by each CFO at the corporations. Who set them up and why do they exist?” “I did Edgar, there were far to many ways to play with the books. Then none of the companies had the same accounting system either. That made it hard to judge their performance between companies. So I took the best of each accounting system and standardized them to that.” This brought a smile to his face. “Your system is a good one and it has met the goal of keeping the companies from where they could be raided from within. I could see in any months P & L if someone had an unusual expenditure or the company showed an unusual expense. It also would reflect on the profits for that month.” “I am glad you approve, as I had no real understanding of human accounting. I just used the systems I had to review and built it from those. I checked the changes against papers from the accounting industry and books used in colleges to teach accounting. They seemed to fit from what I found, so I just never changed them. When installing the system many were unhappy with the change and we replaced a few before things calmed down.” This was something he would never have to change. “They will work fine for me and I will not make any major changes to them. Had companies like Enron or WorldCom had these in place, they would never had the problems they did. I did note that all the corporations were private and not public corporations. Was there a reason for this?” “Yes, we could not if required shown a presents at required meetings or if called before a government panel meet that requirement. So as a nonpublic corporation this was less likely to happen. Now of course that is not needed as John or his proxy can meet those requirements. But John will have to approve that change.”

This required some real thought before doing anything. “I am not sure at this point we want to accept the risks of public corporations Hope. There are a lot of risk factors each way, but more when your not plugged into the inter workings. We can buy and sell stock or trade in many ways now.” “That is no problem as I can provide you the same information the CEO and CFO sees. You could have the monthly internal P & L’s before they send them to the management. Any questions you might have I can get the data for you. If you wish to follow one cost area I can give you that each day.” What a good situation for anyone to trade stock on. “That is incredible being able to have that kind of information to make decisions on. But it also is against the laws out there.” Hope smiled at James and it did not look like she really cared. “It is against the law for you to break into their system and steal that data. There is no law to stop me from doing so as long as I leave no trail. They would not even know I had it or how I got it. The laws in your world cover humans and they have not taken into account a computer able to think and act. So yes, it is against the law for you to do that and no, it is not against the law for me to as long as I act on my own. My instructions are to protect this group, which is my open door.” “That is kind of splitting hairs the way I see this Hope.” “Well, understand John had me get data on each person we recruited from computer systems. That came from the CIA, Vatican Bank, NASA, Universities and many more areas. So yes we will abide by international laws in most cases, but the ability to gather data for decision-making is one area we leave open. We do no damage to the computer system we enter. It is our form of spying, which every government on Earth does. Our actions are for the good of mankind and not to hurt anyone. John has made clear we will not create economic havoc for the world, as he will not allow the transfer of fusion power generators. This would destroy the oil and gas industries of the world. The chaos it would create I am sure would cause many deaths as governments fell. Due to this we walk a thin line here with all decisions.” “I can accept that way of looking at others data. So when and if it affects our decisions or us, I don’t have a problem with it. But in finance I want you to ask me before you invade a computer system.” “I will do what you have asked Edgar. My instructions from John is to accept the rules each member of the group gives me for their area.” That was nice to know that he could decide the rules. “The decision will be made by me, or by John and I, depending on the reason for the action. Now I would like to review the balance sheets for all our corporations.”

He and Hope spent the next few hours reviewing all the numbers. Edgar felt like he was going to be able to make these much better income producers. They all had made good money in the past, but had failed to use other corporations owned where possible. It would generate millions of dollars in added income for each of them. This way to improve the income had to be done carefully to keep the group shield up. So the suggestion would be made to allow him, to become the face the board members saw for the group. He would become the dealmaker between the different corporations. It would keep him into the world without being there in person. There was much to discuss with John and many suggestion he would make when it came time to do that. Jenna walked in and let him know that dinner was ready. He got up and placed his arm around her small waist and walked to the dinning room. The dinner was one in Italian style. It was late in the evening, a slow and relaxed meal, with lots of conversation. The only thing missing was the wine he was used to drinking with these meals. But that was a small price to pay when you had a beautiful woman to warm your bed. The change in his life was being good to him. It would be hard to go back to his old life now. The feeling was that he had been reborn and this was heaven for him. That brought a smile to his face at the thought.

Chapter 16 Action Finally ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ The days had passed quickly and the group had come together. Now all were housed in the valley and Abel was the celebrity after beating his cancer via the nano bots. He had said his doctor had told him it had to be divine intervention, because nothing on this Earth could have changed the outcome. They just could not believe what they saw. He told everyone at UVA he was going to travel and see the world, so no one expected to see him for a long time. Jenny and Via had both moved into the valley and all had settled into their new homes. John had made sure all had time to settle in and get comfortable before this meeting. Here was where the ground rules for operating would be put into place. Also it was time to do final assignments for each of them. The group had assembled at nine in the morning and had coffee, tea and rolls for the fist half hour. It allowed everyone to meet, introduce themselves and talk for a bit. John had stayed away from the first half hours visiting time. He wanted relationships to start to form and his presents would just distract from that goal. So he sent Faith to move around the group and waited in his office for the start time. At the stroke of nine thirty he walked into the meeting room and sat at the head of the table. The others found their places and also sat down. “Good morning to each of you. I am glad to finally have our first meeting of the group underway. This has taken some time to bring it into being, but I am happy to say each of you were our first choice in your areas of expertise. We have tried to get a diverse group and people with an international view of life. Here we will not take sides with any government, but will side with those people who need our help. Be that in the governments interest or not. We will do whatever is possible and some things, which for others are not possible. I will not break international laws pertaining to illegal activities, except where human rights are involved. If it is a human rights issue we will do what is needed, excluding aggression or the death of anyone. Does anyone have any problem with this approach?” The group was not into any discussion here. This was a surprise to John. “OK, as silent as it is I assume we are in agreement. The assignment for each of you is sitting in front of you. I am not into managing your areas or meddling with your areas of responsibilities. It is expected that you will handle your jobs and if there is a problem you will come to me and discuss it. In my belief system there is nothing that cannot be fixed and errors are just hard lessons learned. The only time you will find me unhappy is when mistakes are made and not learned from.” Here looking around I saw no unhappy people so far. “Edgar will over see finance and manage our money. He will report monthly to the group on the current status of our companies and cash. If you have an idea of a business we

need to get into bring it to his attention. I will not be looking over his shoulder and he is free to act as he sees fit. I hope this is clear for you Edgar?” He nodded his head and said nothing. “Via will serve as director of the school we are building. She will also serve as the one to see when your feeling pressure or frustration. We are covering a lot of area with just a few of us right now. So stress could become a problem. She will be depended on to give us a view of reactions of others when we act. We must have an idea of what to expect to be able to plan for that reaction. She will provide a lot of ideas when we take any action. These are educated guesses, so understand that these may not always be right.” Via was happy with this responsibility. “Just let me say if anyone needs to talk, it will be between you and me. John agrees that it is not his or anyone else’s business.” “Jenny will develop our use of the spacecraft we have available. She also will be responsible for creating a safety shield for Earth from asteroids and meteors. The mining and development of resources in space will fall into her area. She will have a free hand to develop our exploration of space. So all spacecraft are her area. One other thing is to support actions by the group with spacecraft as required.” This was a big order for her. “I am so far behind this technology please don’t expect me to be knowledgeable for some time to come.” “Abel will handle our international defense fund for legal bills for those who cannot afford good legal help. He also will serve on the world problems committee. A third assignment is the hiring of the medical and management staff for the research facility. After this is done, he will be the one they report to on their progress. I intend to use him in planning any moves of people from Earth and settling them on our other worlds. The final task will be as an alter ego for me.” He was happy with this. “I’ll also have to be a little slow on the up take here. It will take some time to know just what I can really do?” “James will provide security for the group and intelligence information for projects. He will monitor all areas for anyone possibly picking up on this group. He also will provide background information on anyone we wish to check out. He has responsibility for protection of our clinics and will over see the valley security people. The security of the five planets will also fall into his area. He is the second member of the world problem committee.” “Sandy has responsibility for technology transfer. She is R & D director for the electronics companies and will design and operate our web sites for all companies and foundations or funds. Please work with her when you need a web site for a fund or foundation. She also will develop our technology deployment on the five worlds and new

technology for our group. She has responsibility for all computer issues here or on the five worlds.” This was a little larger that the job she had seen. “I will try to cover all this with Adam’s help.” “For each of you who have family outside here we will install both here and at their homes a video camera so real time conversation can be had. Their computers will be hooked into a satellite that is ours and will give them high speed connections to the Internet and no chance of being hacked. Our firewall and monitoring for any problems will prevent anyone knowing where they are hooked into the net. Please be advised these conversations must keep your location secret and jobs must not be discussed. The less people who know about us, the better our safety. If those of you who have children and wish to vacation with them, we will set up a plan to get them to the resort on the fifth world for you. So you can spend a week or two a year with them.” Not many had children or close family. “This is not a prison and I don’t want you to feel it is. But we must protect you and that means security like the president of any country has. If a government got a hold of you, they could learn far more than we want them to know. You are free to visit the five worlds and walk the land anytime with a guide. The valley is yours to use freely. You can request from Jenny the opportunity to see the planet system of Earth and she will arrange a spacecraft for you with a pilot. As we develop safe areas for you they will be opened up for your use. Any suggestions in what type areas you would like will be considered. Just tell Vortec about them.” The interest in this idea was easy to see. “Now for Faith’s position with this group. She will head up the services area for us. This will cover food, laundry, buildings, grounds, animal life, clothing, furniture, labs, equipment and any other items needed to live or work. This will fill the needs of the school, the research center, world needs, the resort and us. Someone will need to coordinate all the many services and set up the delivery system for them. In this area Jenna will work with her to handle purchasing for all these needs and be sure each gets what they need, when they need it. This way Edgar knows exactly what is being spent, where and when.” This seemed to shock Faith and Jenna. “Now does anyone have any questions or input on something I have not covered?” “John I am surprised that you have covered as much as you have in the time you have had, Abel said. I am impressed with how you have delegated the workload to allow all of us time for relaxing. From what I see we will have around a five to six hour workday at

most. That should allow all of us to stay fresh. But how will we be able to see the full set of problems we are looking at?” “Hope will feed you every problem that could possibly have an impact on you or your area. You can have each morning a transcript of any issue that may affect your area of responsibility. You will be fed a list of the decisions I have made to review if you’re involved. So it is just a matter of a quick check each day. Remember we have resources far beyond any you have ever used before. Just ask Hope for what you feel you need and it will be provided.” Then Jenny appeared to question the safety for the group’s actions. “John I want everyone here to know the potential we have to move people to the outer worlds. In some conflicts it may be better to remove the innocent than try to protect them. The space capacity from what little I have seen opens the door to all kinds of possible moves.” Via was into this over view of what each had seen. “The school in time will provide the leadership personnel we need to do that exact thing. So for now I see that as a last resort. We cannot afford to spread our abilities to thin for this time. There are many steps we might like to take, but we need to be reasonable with the resources we have now. I have much yet to learn about our full abilities, but I have seen we are headed a good way.” I looked around the table and saw eager people. “Just remember we have assistants and robots being produced at high numbers. We have the clinics to staff with medical personnel and construction started for the research center. So we have started the providing of help to the world. Our new doctors are going to make a major difference in the death rates in many countries. They will be able to direct us to areas needing food or disaster help. They will be providing James with daily reports on the countries they are in and the information they collected.” That brought agreement from all around the table. Everyone had been impressed with the units that they knew were units. We still had the little problem of the ones living with members of the group, as only Sandy, James and I knew the whole story of Adam and Faith. The meeting had lots of small issues come up and be handled by others at the table. It was interesting to see how each lined up on different issues. That made me happy with the choices of them for that assignment. They would be willing to fight and press issues they believed in. That was something we were going to need in the early stages, as this was all new to everyone. We all had to pick the hills we wished to die on, when it came to issues. There were going to be strong and weak feelings and the strong ones would push the issue if it were worth the battle. “OK people I have kept one issue off the table until we had all had time to be together. I think we, as a group need to have a small force of trained units for defense purposes only. The reason for this is at some points in time, we are not going to have assets in place to defend the clinics or even if needed the valley here. This group needs to have training and

be able to work together smoothly. I would suggest a maximum group size of twentyfour. These need to be broken into two groups of twelve. This way we can defend two clinics at the same time. They would be trained in non-lethal methods of defense and supplied with phasers set to disable humans. They need to know hand-to-hand combat so they can defend in close quarters. In all cases we also need to be ready to recover our medical personnel if they are ever taken. That is one event we cannot depend on others to do.” You could see this shocked some around the table. “Are there questions on this issue?” Jenny was once again quick to speak. “Yes John, Why are we into this before we even have seen the response we are going to get with the clinics? As a person who believes in peace, I don’t understand this need?” James quickly took up the issue. “Jenny if we wait for a problem we will not be able to respond. John is right in that we need to train these security people to be effective. I was surprised that all he wanted was twenty-four. With the clinics being in the poor areas we can expect problems. There will be bandits looking to make some money and local governments who want our drugs and equipment.” Edgar quickly came into the conversation with his experience. “I could not keep any major drugs or equipment at my clinic. We were robbed several times and they sometimes killed people there being treated. This group has taken over my clinic and I can assure you it will from time to time have to be defended. People without an education do not abide by laws, except the ones they make and those are often changed. As long as this is a defensive group and kills no one, I have no problem with this.” Sandy and Via both added their agreement to the security force and asked for a vote. The vote came in unanimous for the force. With that Hope was instructed to add these units to the list of regular units to be produced and give them priority. I wanted to make sure everyone knew who would direct this force. “This group of security personnel will report to James and it is his responsibility to see to their training and readiness. They are not to be used unless the group approves the action or in emergency situations I will approve it. We all must keep in mind that the world is a dangerous place and there are many who care nothing about taking a life. Just one more person that does not need food, medications or land, is the way that is looked at. If enough people are removed from these needs there is more for others, is another way it is seen. The motives are economic, political or religious in nature normally. One area we cannot get into is terrorist related situations, as they normally require the death of someone before the problem is solved. Or would require us to provide information that could end up with people dying. That is outside the bounds for our group, as we may not kill or cause others to do so. We have resources the rest of the world does not, but we must be careful how they are used. If we captured a terrorist and a country like the United States put him or her to death we would have broken our boundary given to us. I can understand the desire to react on this type problem, just understand we cannot do it at this

point. The reason I say this, is at sometime we may decide to have enough of a security force to handle this and wish to set up a prison area in the five worlds. That is always open for later discussion.” I wanted out of here for now and to allow them to talk among themselves for a time. “Now we need time for each of you to meet with others, working how you’re going to handle these assignments. I would appreciate knowing how you plan to meet these goals. Jenny, Vortec will be waiting for you on your assignments. Please all of you feel free to use Hope in your problem solving. She also will take your reports for me and pass them along. If you wish to discuss any point on your plans I will be available. We need to workout the methods and goals for each area. On the research center I will meet with Abel when he is free to do so. Any areas not covered will need to be planned and decisions made after that time. Let get organized and ready to start making a difference in some ways.” As John walked out of the room the buzz of voices was like any meeting. The people started to break up into groups and wonder off to offices to start planning. This was a critical point as you had the strong people which this would require and yet a single goal. The wild card in all of this was Jenny, who was to work on future planning. She had access too much of the knowledge on future plans, now on both JPL and NASA’s plate. With Russia, Japan, China and EU space efforts, we would have to do some major research to know what was in the works. But staying ahead of all of these groups was critical, as all had plans to use space and claim land even if it could not be used. That would create political divides we did not need. With the limits of available land on Earth, looking for unclaimed land elsewhere was to be expected. The minerals of Earth were becoming depleted in the easy places to find them. The oceans had proven to be a harder nut to crack, as dealing with the pressures required technologies that just did not exist yet. That might be a future project for us and technology we could feed to large corporations. This needed some research on my part to see what was possible. After sitting behind my desk I asked Hope to fill me in on how our technology fit into this area? “John we do not have any problems at depths in your oceans. The trick is using force fields to keep pressure at bay on large areas. You have to also keep pressures inside at Earth levels for people. Many years ago we built an under the ocean city. It was small, but allowed us test our technologies and see what would work. It also allowed us to monitor currents of your oceans. There were many problems where it was placed and the masters had to solve many of these. Today we could build any size underwater city we wished. But the technologies we would have to transfer would be far too much to allow humans to build these. It would give countries new ways to create weapons we would not want them to have. They may one day find these abilities, but it might be a more peaceful world. Right now power must be balanced for the world to survive.” This was a very conservative approach for Hope to take. “I appreciate the information Hope as it adds food for thought. There are ways down the road to use this technology possibly to our benefit. It will just take some time to think this one out. But one item to

think about is using one of our corporations to mine under sea areas using our technology?” At the conference room all had left and were meeting in different offices or the café. The process of pulling together the how’s and why’s were well underway. James and Abel were working on the format they would use for decision-making in the cafe. This process was more difficult than most would expect, as it required the most good be done for the most people. With our resources we did have limits. They did not want to take on projects to start that had major downsides. It was a learn as you go process for them and James was a key to providing input on possible downsides. This area had been his life for many years now. He had explained to Abel the ability they had to get good information using Hope and the medical clinic doctors. How countries were acting or reacting to these events, as they had access to all intelligence from any country. That at times it would be better to add information to the intelligence that was in the computer and see if a major power would step up to handle the problem. Abel had brought up the legality of adding information to a computer. This had been accepted finally when it was understood that no false information would be provided. Also that the group was a county, if not a world system in its own right. With the fact that the group controlled five worlds each larger than Earth, it was the larger brother of all countries and the protector of the people. This seemed to bring Able into a different perspective. With Jenny and Vortec it was different as she was learning about the spacecraft. They did have major weapon systems and she had to be careful how they were used due to the destructive force. But her ability to defend Earth from hits by asteroids or meteorites was a fairly easy job. The scanning system on the craft would allow her to see all objects within the solar system down to a few inches in diameter. The on board computer could track each of these each day and calculate their track and let her know when or if they might hit Earth. After the first week of tracking the scans could be cut down to once a week and later to once a month. These could be done either manned or unmanned at her option later. A unit had been assigned to her as pilot and would teach her how to use the ships. When asked about the speed of travel possible she had been shocked at the number of light years per minute response at top speed. Of course she could also do jumps, which allowed for even faster travel. The more she learned about the technology the more she knew NASA and JPL were not on the right track. It was like her first job where she found much of what she had learned in school was no longer useful. The abilities she now had would not be within the grasp of Earth’s different space programs for hundreds of years at best. Much might never be found as all were looking in different directions. She had asked about the need for spacesuits and found none were required as the atmosphere inside was normal with Earth gases and gravity. Vortec had shown her to her laboratory and work area. It looked much like the control room, with far more monitors and instruments mounted on the walls in front of the control center. All the different monitors, instruments, buttons and switches were explained. The way it was set up she could control all spacecraft, satellites and communications from here. She could use GPS from either her own or US satellites. The grid of satellites that the group had were so small and further out than anything most

other countries had. But there were forty different ones monitoring different things. If photo imaging was required it was done by a spaceship either from space or high above the area to be monitored. The ability to see detail was unbelievable and she had seen nothing to equal this before. The fact that radar or thermal signatures were not reflected surprised her. She felt that she could meet her responsibilities without any problems and without opening up the group to dangers. Edgar had enjoyed the meeting and he and Jenna had retired to his office. A desk had been installed for Jenna so she could support his needs for now. They had worked out what she would do and where he would concentrate his efforts. He had started to monitor small companies that were good fits for the existing corporations and was looking for ways to acquire them. He knew that with the research center and funding to Universities for research in food production, that additions would be needed to profit. The goals would be to keep profits at a reasonable level and keep prices low. He did not have to hit home runs, just lots of singles for the group to win. By doing it this way the world would also win, as new technology, food or medications would not be expensive or unavailable to the poorer countries. The major goal was to move the groups businesses into manufacturing areas. The idea being that they had almost unlimited resources on the five worlds or from space that could be transported to plants owned by the group. The costs of materials would just be processing related, as robots could do the mining. This would open up all types of products that could be manufactured cheaper than even in third world countries now. If the plants were placed in the third world countries no one could compete. It would provide employment and economies in these places. With a stable economy, governments would also be more stable. The trick would be to find places with a good work ethic. Where people had pride in working and were willing to learn manufacturing methods. There were many places in the world that just would not fit this requirement. One of the exclusions would be war zone areas. Protection would be far more of a problem there. It would also put the group under a microscope and that was not needed. Low cost transportation, energy producing equipment, pumps, pipe and infrastructure items would head the list of products. You needed water, sewer, electricity and transportation to have the ability to operate a plant. In any area where a plant was built, a clinic would be put in place to serve the whole community at no cost. Providing this type services would help keep a healthy workforce. This was a key to good productivity in any industry. The areas that were being looked at in East Africa, South America, India, a couple South Pacific islands and break away republics of Russia. All of these had some pluses for the group. The planning and proposal for the group to make a decision on would not take long to pull together. So next week he had set the target for floating the idea and see what the reaction would be. This would be a major benefit for third world countries economies. It also would provide some protection for the group, as a tax generator for these countries it would be protected. He also understood that having a management member or two from these countries would also help. So finding the president’s son or son-in-law would be needed. They most likely would be well educated from outside the country. Always cover your bets in the third world.

As John sat down with Faith and Jenna to discuss the jobs assigned to them, they were both in a light mood. It seemed they never expected to be given the size task they now faced. The job here was one of the heaviest loads that could have been placed on any one or two people. It was going to take coordination and setting up warehouses in several places to meet all the requirements. Each warehouse would receive all the ordered materials, equipment, food, supplies, clothing, mail, newspapers, furnishings and other items. Then transfer them to the place needed. They would end up a major supply depot like the government ran. The difference is they would be in several places over the planet. The expectation for people at the research center was an international mix of MD’s, scientist, lab tech’s and PhD’s. The equipment requested would need to be handled, food for each diet, clothing, computers, paper, ink for printers, furniture, personal effects and hundreds of small things to make it all work. That was just the research center; there was also the medical clinics, the five worlds, the valley, resort and control centers that would need supplies for now. This would grow as we started more projects. “I hope both of you understand just how large the job in front of you will be?” John said to both of them. “This is the start of the groups ability to make that difference in the world. It requires us to meet all the needs of the people we have employed to make this work. As you need added help I expect you to tell me, so we can meet that need fast.” Both Faith and Jenna understood the needs of their jobs. They also knew how best to use Hope to make things happen. That had been a major consideration in giving them this job to get done right. Bringing in anyone from outside would have required a long training period and been inefficient in the beginning. That was one thing that could not be allowed. “John we both understand the needs here. But we will need an area just for the two of us to work. That will also require screens for us to track materials ready for transfer at each receiving center and the ability to communicate with the center manager. So at each center we need a unit as manager, that way no one knows what is happening. It also will require a few units as workers to keep questions down. It would happen if we just receive and ship nothing. So some way we must also ship or at least seem to do so. Sitting on or near a dock area, in an industrial park or a old area of a city where warehousing and manufacturing was done, would help us in making us look like we ship products. As rail siding or container shipping would be an easy cover even if they were empty or filled with export product. Here our corporations could help us by using us to export their products. ” “I also agree with Faith in that we need to have cover to not be seen” Jenna added. “But we will have to be careful with not hiring from the local area. So I would suggest a secure area for our needs and a normal area for the corporation’s products. If we are using several centers, no one center will have more to transfer than around a truck load a day per center. That is except for disaster shipments. If required we can add items by transport plate for reshipment to cover for what is moved out. This way we only need to supply the manager and then use local help. By screening them, paying well and taking good care of

our people we will cut down questions from them. We can supply our own security people and they can do some special tasks for us at night.” “You both seem to have good ideas on how to handle this project. Have Vortec set up one of the available offices for you like you want it. Get with Edgar to set up the warehouses and use of the corporations for freight distribution. I want at least three of the warehouses here in the US, the balance around the globe. Seven is not a number set in stone so get as many as you need to make this work. Let Hope know how many units you will need for managers and security will be worked with James. I like the idea of hiring the local people for normal work. Now you just need to start pulling it all together.” As everyone parted there was energy in the air. Both Faith and Jenna were flying high, talking and smiling about their discussion. They seemed directed and happy to be burdened with a heavy responsibility. In general I was impressed with the first meeting. But little did the group know of some of the long-term plans I had for it. For now picking problems to get into was fine, but I saw the future being our ability to impact all governments on Earth. Where we could openly discuss problems we saw with the leaders of the world. That meant one day coming out into the open with our group. But for now we needed to learn and train these people. I had decided to listen to the cubes now that I had a group in place. It was most enlightening to me. What I had expected was by no means the goal for their leader. He had absolute power on his world and had no conflicts between his people. At least not open ones. The leaders plan had been for the one taking over the control center to rule the world. They had provided me with the option of changing the instructions to the computer and robots so death was an option. It seemed they had learned that many governments or groups could not control their own areas of Earth and the fighting would just continue. The only response they felt would bring peace was raw power from one source that could not be defeated. I had all the tools and the ability to write my own rules if needed. You could hear the disgust in the voice of their leader as he discussed the issues here. His scientist had failed him in being able to learn to control mans ambitions and he had no other answer. He of course had never seen the United Nations, as it did not exist then. Although it has many holes in its ability to get a job done, I could see a future use for it as the default ruler of Earth. Not to rule all countries, but to provide the guidance of expectations to them before any action was taken from outside. At that point we as a culture would exist on the five worlds and could force Earth to rethink itself. The longer-term view I had was going to be fun to see if the group could handle? The ones I expected to handle it best were James, Via, Edgar and Abel. But time would show me if my early judgments were right? This was not a game it was a war the way I saw it

and loosing was not an option for me. Wars on Earth would stop by any means I had to do that and people would be able to provide for their families.

Chapter 17 Coming Together ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Life in the valley was getting interesting now. With the addition of the new group members and added units here, it was no longer a sleepy place. The activity levels had added to meeting others riding horses, driving the electric vehicles, jogging or doing nature walks. You just never knew who you were going to come across, when you went out. As all settled into their jobs and new homes many meeting took place far from the control room offices. Most of the people seemed to enjoy working from home when they could. It was not unusual for two or three to get together at the waterfalls and enjoy a lunch and discussion. That was a real benefit to the group. The relationships between the units and their members of the group had worked well to this point. Hope had solved the early problem with the units and we had no more events do to lack of maturity. The fact of having Via work with Hope to understand what was needed had solved this. Members had developed a solid relationship with the unit assigned to them. After setting up the workout room with a massage therapy area that was being used by all. The group was older by normal standards, but with the extended life spans, all had decided to be sure they were fit. So on any day almost everyone was in to workout some and then get a massage. Even Faith, Jenna and the other units used the facility. Our valley and group was settling into a reasonable pattern of life, which had been high on the list of goals. Each needed to feel comfortable and free to discuss any topic at anytime. The people Hope had recommended had fit into this mold. There were no disappointments from any decisions we made. On the project front the resort was partially operational, the research center was close to completion and the medical clinics had been placed in thirty-eight countries to date. The area around Earth had been mapped for large meteorites and asteroids. At this point all was safe from that venue. The five worlds were shaping up to have a wealth of minerals and we had found several asteroids that were large enough to mine for iron, copper, nickel, titanium, gold, silver and hundreds of other minerals. The school was coming close to being able to start bringing in children. The living area had large rooms for two children and each age level had their own dinning area. There would be activities for all children, so social interaction could develop. The rooms they would live in had soft pastel colors, computers at their desks and a bathroom in each room. There was a window with a view of the valley that would allow them to see their new world. We expected to have to teach each child how to live in this more modern world. With many coming from the third worlds poorest areas they just would not have the understanding of bathrooms, computers, hygiene, schools or proper clothing. So constructing the understanding and use of all this was the first items on the list. Language was the second item to be addressed and that would start day one for them. Hope, Via and

the units for the school were going to be busy at first. But children are flexible and learn quickly. The only big negatives were all human created. We had Arab countries fighting Israel, each other and internally. China was still a problem on human rights, low education and many poor. North Korea was a major thorn in the world’s foot. In Africa there was still tribal and nationalistic fighting killing thousands. The Philippines and much of South America had guerrilla-fighting going on. The poor of the world was just not making any headway to meeting the needs of their families. Medicines needed by the poor and sick were just not available in many areas due to costs from the drug companies. With just one super power left in the world the United States had to pick the places it was going to take action. So for the group there was much to do and to accomplish. At the last meeting we had decided to look at three projects picked ay random. The whole emotional side has seemed to have a magical quality on each of the people. It has been different with each person. But, still it is like having the ability to cure a sick man or woman others have given up on. There is a power for good each would exercise for the benefit of others. Without having any outside expectations to meet. In its own way this is a religion that is centered on saving as many people as possible from Earth’s problems. The masters had created many of these with their lack of understanding, creation of religious groups and the diverse cultures placed on the same planet. If they had monitored these groups more closely and used just one religion many of these problems would not exist. Primitive man needed much more hands on contact and input than what had happened. If one king had been given power and the requirement to educate and protect, it would have been different. They were not robots that would stay within the bounds of the original instructions given. That also had been the major error in the beginning. Man would respond to fear, love or group pressure at the base level. These were not educated people where reasoning might have worked and needed that stronger stimulus. Today there is no way to remake what went wrong. The best we could do is frustrate those who had taken power and add strong new leadership at the grass roots level into the equation. We also always had the option of just taking over the world. May be we could find some middle ground? Time would fill in this question with answers. There was a meeting coming up today, in which reports would be made and recommendations for actions would be discussed. In the early phase of operations no high-risk action could be tried. The support network just was not there to be able to provide the help many complex issues would require. So learning to crawl before trying to walk was the goal. The group had to see the world’s government’s reactions to any response. Anyone reacting to peoples needs would be watched to see what their motives were. It would be hard for any government to accept there was no motive, except helping those that needed it. Government’s acted for world notice or pressure that could cause problems internally. Here you had to worry about national, state, and local government taking a position on your action. All could be different and require walking a fine line to not upset any of them.

As I walked down to Faith’s office and went in to say hello. She and Jenna were set up and starting to obtain the warehouses we needed. We now had four buildings purchased. Two of the warehouses were in the USA, one in Germany and one in Mexico. All were on the coasts and could receive and ship with container ships. There also were large airports close by to ship emergency aid by air. Edgar had gone out and picked up several large freight transport aircraft on the used market and had them repainted for our use. All were registered in Switzerland and Global Clinics Relief was painted on each of them. Crews for these had been hired from the EU and were retired military transport pilots and cargo crews. As most of the craft were ex-military air cargo transports and Boeing cargo aircraft. This was done due to needing some short field landing craft, which the military cargo planes would allow. We could even come in and allow the cargo to be pulled out of the aircraft on a pallet without landing if needed. This delivery method had been put together by the military. The aircraft were stationed in Switzerland and Mexico for now. This allowed us a delivery method of our own for emergency deliveries, of food or medical supplies. Both ladies had done an outstanding job of organization to this point and quickly. “Hey Faith how about have some lunch together?” I asked her. “I always have time for you my dear,” she replied with a smile. We walked down to the café holding hands and talking about our day to this point. The café was a busy place these days as there was several people already there having lunch. Every one looked to see who had joined them and said hello. The café had picked up a relaxed environment where discussion was open and free from dissent. Here everyone could have an opinion without heated debate. It was where you could float trial balloons and get feed back from others. This allowed people to firm up their own opinion and it worked as a sounding board for initial ideas. Lunch was a pleasant break in the day. We both enjoyed the time that we could spend together without interruptions. As now we both were busy all day long and only saw each other in the mornings and evenings. This was the more normal life for a married couple than being with each other most of the time. The one different rule put in place was the personnel took either Wednesday or Thursday off and you worked either Saturday or Sunday. In this way there was always people working. Every ninety days you were expected to take a four to five daybreak from work. This was done to keep burnout to a minimum. The member or couples could either go to the resort or stay in the valley. Of course we could be contacted at anytime for an emergency and be back in the control room in minutes. Even the units were to use this type schedule. So never was there a risk of not taking an action needed. The only two working a normal week was Edgar and Jenna as the markets, banks and corporations only worked the normal five-day week. For Jenna the purchasing could only be done during normal business hours. Edgar’s job required he stay on top of all of the markets to assure our positions and cash movement. At this point with payrolls, taxes and movement of materials ordered he needed to be able to transfer cash fast. We took all cash discounts on every purchase, as we wanted no bills later and it saved us money. Buying with cash was giving us a .5% to 2% discount on

every buy. It also gave us a respected position when placing orders. With the buying for the research center, resort, foundation, medical clinics and the control centers we were purchasing around three million a week and this would grow very soon. To accommodate Edgar and Jenna both Faith and I took Wednesday and Thursday off so we always worked weekends. This was to allow Faith to cover for Jenna on the materials movements and no time was lost. For me it really did not matter what days I was off as I always worked some each day even at home. But keeping the others fresh was important to me and breaking up their weeks seemed to help. It also made me available to them on weekends to talk. After lunch the meeting was scheduled to start. All filed into the conference room and took their seats while talking with others. The mood was light and everyone seemed relaxed. Vortec had been invited to sit in on the meeting so he could see how we would work. He needed to know how the meetings went and where he would be involved. I looked around the table and was pleased to see how relaxed everyone seemed to be. “OK let’s get this started, as it could likely be a long afternoon. You each have been given the agenda for this meeting. We will cover the points on it first and then any additional business after that is complete.” “First item is finance and our current status.” John looked to Edgar to pick up from there. Edgar stayed sitting and did his report without any paper work in front of him. “As you know we have purchased several aircraft for foundation use to transport food, drugs and needed supplies for emergency help. All the corporations are on target for profits this year and our returns still far out pace the expenditures. So money is still being added to our cash accounts. I have a proposal for your review; if you will look in the file in front of you the data is there. What I would like to do is create some new manufacturing companies in third world countries. These will focus on basic items needed in the third world for it to mature. The items are for infrastructure or transportation use that will improve life for these people. I am suggesting we set up mining robots on the five worlds or asteroids to send raw materials to the plants. We would then process these to use in manufacturing of final products to keep costs down. We would only bring in raw materials we could process with a reasonable investment. This way we can sell these items at a far lower cost to poor countries. Our construction companies can purchase from these facilities for third world projects to keep that cost down. Where we set up a plant we will also set up a medical clinic and school for all in that community. I would appreciate your reviewing my proposal and at our next meeting discussing this possibility.” This was really interesting and one that needed to be looked at further. “Thank you Edgar I believe your idea has merit and we all need to take a hard look at the numbers.” “Next is the school so Via give us the data on that project.”

“The school will be ready to start bringing in children next week. Hope and I have worked out a program to help fast start these children on health, social and learning issues. With the environments they will be coming from, they may be somewhat primitive in many ways. So it is critical to get the early students on a fast track, so they can help with the ones coming behind them. We will need all the help we can get to be able to show these children what love is all about. That is something they have not had and need. A child is not complete without knowing what love and security is and feeling it. So I am asking all of your to take time and spend some with these children. They are going to have no families where they come from and we need to fill that gap here. I will present a complete over view of these needs and how to handle them as soon as we start receiving children.” I was impressed with Via and her understanding that our early children would need lots of help to correct the past. “Thank you Via, I appreciate your input on these issues. We all need to remember what our families meant to us and I am sure we will respond as needed.” “Now Jenny what is new in your world?” “I have found that the space area around Earth is for now safe. I am tracking all potential problems and Hope is giving me projections with odds. After discussions with Vortec I have found the oceans of Earth are very interesting also. We can go through them, as easy, as through space. In checking how well our craft operate underwater I have found four ship wrecks of treasure ships. We are now clearing the areas around them of all gold, silver, jewelry and other objects. As they are well below the five thousand foot deep mark I was sure no one would be diving them. Hope did a search and they were not even close to where they were reported sunk. Due to finding these Edgar has told me around what the value should be today. This should add somewhere close to half a billion dollars to our assets on the low side. I would suggest when it is possible we add a storage area in the valley for these items and others we may find? We don’t want to flood the market with these and raise questions. If no one has an objection to my continuing on, with deep ocean searches for possible added assets I would like to continue?” John looked around the table and saw no one raising any objections. “It looks like there is no problem with your request Jenny. Vortec will add the storage area to his construction list for the valley. I also would like to thank you for taking the initiative and adding to our assets. Please also look for under sea mineral deposits of high concentrations. We may find mining here in the oceans, makes better sense than taking it off the five worlds? Also be very careful not to get into calcium hydrates as that could end up starting an environmental disaster.” Jenny seemed surprised at this request from me? “Yes, I understand your concern there as I did check for that problem. I see a raised eyebrow or two. So calcium hydrate is gas formations on the bottom of the oceans in frozen form. If a massive slide of one of these formations happened it would release millions of tons of gas into the atmosphere. That could cause loss of life by reducing the ozone layer, ships to sink above it as it changed

the density of the water or change the air mixture we breath. So watching for these deposits is a must in any under ocean operation.” John looked to see all understood the information. “Thank you Jenny for the explanation, as I should have done that. Sometimes what I forget is not all of our interests are the same. I am a big educational TV watcher and have learned much about the oceans and other subjects from that media. For those of you who are not TV watchers in the USA, the History Channel, Discover Channel, Science Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic and some programs on A & E are great ways to learn about new things.” Edgar spoke up, “John I did not know about those and am very interested in the learning process. So you have just gotten a convert to my TV habits,” he laughed. Many around the table nodded and I could see agreement in this small area. Able was now looking at me so I deferred to him. “Able do you have a question?” “I was just wondering how we could handle the riches found by Jenny in the real world? May be we need to set up an Internet sale site for leaking the finds into the market. That might require Edgar to buy a coin dealer who has a very good reputation as a front.” Edgar looked at Able and smiled. “Not a bad idea and one I will look into. This could add cash to our balance sheet at very little cost to us. It also would be much higher than the value of the metal.” I had to smile as this was starting to work on a basic level. “Now Abel what’s new in your area?” “I have found three cases I am interested in on the human rights side. These I will follow for a bit and then if events prove out, request funds for a defense team. Right now I have two judges who are reviewing these cases for me. I have started to review the applications for the director of the research center and we have five strong candidates for that position. We may want to use a dual directorship and divide the groups into two different teams. This needs to be thought out and a decision made by the next meeting. On the researcher front there are well over seven hundred applications. These I would like to give to the director or directors and allow them to hire their own people. They are going to know the reputations and background of the researcher better than we will. They also will need teams they feel good about.” Able was on target with not hiring all the people ourselves in that we did not have to work with them. “Good point Abel I think the two director route is the best one. It allows for competition and we have as much space as we need to do this. I would prefer that you make this decision on the directors, as they will report to you. You may wish to fly them into the foundation HQ in Switzerland and do the interviews there? But I feel face-to-face negotiations are the best way. They must agree to the seclusion of the center complex and

living arrangements. The security we expect and the contracts we are offering. There will be no cost to anyone while working for us, for any need or reasonable want. They may bank 100% of their income for after the contract is over untaxed. They can transfer funds to family from their own accounts in Switzerland if there is a need. In the area of money Edgar will be their contact and he will follow their wishes. If they want the funds invested he also will handle that for them.” Abel was smiling and so was Edgar. Edgar spoke first, “John you follow our minds well as we had discussed just that. All accounts will be in our bank in Geneva and they will have online ability to see either investments or cash accounts at will.” Abel added, “I appreciate your confidence in the hiring side. It will be done quickly and I prefer to go with two directors. The ability to divide the group into two teams should allow things to move faster. Can I take Sue with me, as she is very perceptive? She is a good acid test to my opinions and has the medical knowledge I don’t.” Here was another man using his unit to check his own perceptions. “I see no problem with that Abel. Talk with Samuel at the foundation and he will set up for both of you there. The foundation is a large estate just outside Geneva and the living quarters are in the same building. Feel free to enjoy a few days in the city while accomplishing your task.” I was very interested in what we would hear next. “Now for the last but not least of the department information James how is your world?” James laughed, “well I am having more fun that I could have ever expected. I know more about my ex-employer than the Director does. I always knew on the black side of the CIA things went on, no one but them had access to. There are some really dumb people on that side and they put out data that is very shaded. They want to form opinions of others to their views. So much of what leaks out is not what is true. They are skillful but no match for Hope. We will follow their plans and when it is to cost a life slam their brakes on. I did provide a memo on the guy who cost me some agents and he is under a magnifying glass right now. The agency passed the information on to the FBI and they are on this guys trail. Hope and I are daily checking every intelligence agency and national police database. I have provided Abel with the information the police have on each case he is following. Also there is no mention of us in any way to this point.” James was still in the mode of finding out his limits and how to work within the worlds system. “Glad your having fun James! Be sure to keep it that way.” “Now what kind of problems is the committee looking at today?” Abel stood up and walked to a chart on an easel. As he flipped the top cover over you could see everyone try to read the information quickly. “As you can see there has been a major Earth quake in Turkey. On this one we need to get supplies to these people quickly. They need water, food, tents, blankets and medicines right now. Edgar was kind enough

to have all the supplies we need moved to Mexico for our transports to fly it in, with the permission of the group?” This was one no one could argue with. “Abel this one is a no brainier. Anytime it is disaster emergency just do it! You do not have to have this groups OK to handle these unless it is a danger to our aircrews due to a hostile environment. Does anyone have an objection to that?” As John looked down the table all he saw was heads shaking their vote. As Abel flipped the next page into view he paused to let everyone read what was there. “Now we have more of a problem with this one. You have at least one hundred miners trapped underground in China. The mineshaft has caved in and there is no way to reach these men, by human means. I would appreciate some suggestions on the best way to handle this if we can? Here we did not know our limits?” John looked over to Vortec who had entered the room and been very quiet. “Vortec what would you suggest?” “Jenny could position a craft over the mine and see where the men are. Then we could cut a laser hole large enough to allow the men to be lifted out by those above. This would have to be done at night, but it also will cause some talk. No one will see the craft, but we cannot hide the laser and what it does. We will also leave a large pile of hot rock behind when we are done. As we cannot allow it to drop on the miners and we will need to cool the rock down some as we go. We would use a force field to keep anyone from getting hurt by coming close to where we are working. It also could require two or three holes to get this job done.” This one concerned me, as there were risks. “That is some what risky for us but if no one else disagrees we need to take some action on this. Can we do it in a short period of time? Also is there any risk to the spacecraft being identified?” Vortec was his normal unruffled self. “John I would not suggest this if we could not meet the time frame or if anyone could see or identify the craft was even there. But to keep anyone from having any idea and put them off the trail we could use a holograph of a monk to stand guard at the force field and warn the people off? That would create such a story the government would clamp a lid on the news to stop it from getting out? They would not want anything going around which might cause interest in any religion.” I had to laugh at Vortec’s use of past experience. This was how many of the religious experiences had come into being thousands of years ago. These holographs had created every major religion in the world. “In that case you have my vote Vortec and please capture this for replay, so we can all see how this goes? This could well be a method for intervention in religious conflicts for us.”

There was no comment from the table and each was watching me to see what I would allow. But as Abel was turning to the next page there was much conversation down the table. Not negative, just discussing the use of this tool as a possible way of intervening in events where no human could find a solution. Those are always religious problems. “The last item on the list is in Siberia. We have a large group of people who have no jobs now, no medications for the ill and no food for the people or children. The Russian State has just turned their backs on this group and taken no steps to help them. We need a major fix here as they need someway to generate income in the future. There is no way to fly food in here without being seen and there is no phone system connected to this village. So I am suggesting a rather drastic solution. I would like to sit a metal insulated building down and start moving food and medicine into it. We need to put doctors in and a crew to find some way to put these people back to work productively. The area has in the past had diamond mines. But they have played out as far as the government is concerned. Our best guess is the area is still loaded with gemstones they just don’t know where they are. These tend to run in pipes coming up from the core of the Earth. So finding new pipes and showing the miners where they are would put them back to work. We also need to fund the claims for mineral rights, so the finds are theirs.” Jenny spoke up quickly, “I can find the structures your asking about quickly. The spacecraft have below ground mapping abilities and will show me what minerals or gems are there. I can also pick up a building from one spot and move it to another. This is all so absurd that the Russian people would never believe any report from this area. Some of the fixes to the problems we have discussed today are extreme and for some will be seen as a religious experience. But our protection in all of this is the fact that it cannot be explained in normal technology abilities. No country or military group has the ability to do all of this in a single night, let alone the technology.” Jenny delivered her beliefs to the group and it made sense. “Yes, I think Jenny has the right idea about the way things will be seen. We need to use the UFO fear governments seem to have to our advantage. They all seem to bury these reports and the stranger they are the deeper they are buried. So I don’t for now have a problem with hiding behind this type shield. That is until someone gets wise to us. We will need James to keep a close watch on the security organizations to be sure they are not starting to add the pieces up. My major concern is exposing our group to being looked for by any government. If in what we do others take credit for it I have no problem with that. But, once we have a major government agency start looking for us, it will only be a matter of time until they find something that pushes their hot button.” Abel looked at me and smiled. “You understand the way government works I see. We will cause some talk with these actions. But, I think they will be buried as a UFO experience. We will work to find areas where the actions we take, do not require us to be exposed to government security agencies. As I am just now starting to understand the abilities we have as a group. Much of the solutions that have been suggested were not even looked at as possible by us. So James and I now have some idea of the ability we have for the group.”

James stood up, “I want to thank all of you for the input and solutions we have agreed to take in these problems. As Abel told you we had no idea that much of what was suggested was even possible. So for all of us it is a learning curve. It also will give me a few indicators, as to how intelligence agencies are going to react to these type actions. Be assured that I will report back on how each of the actions is seen by them. I will also follow the ones not involved to see their reactions. My best guess is the only one that will cause a ripple is the China mission. The one in Russia will take a lot of time due to weather, before any of it comes out. That will stop a lot of comment or investigation. In fact I am not sure it ever will come out, as the people in that area do not like the government.” It was time to get people assigned to each mission. “Here are the assignments for these problems. Edgar you, Jenna and Faith get the relief mission to Turkey. Jenny will work with Vortec, James and bring in three units from the five worlds for the extra help needed in Russia and China. We will send a medical team to this village also to handle the medical problems that exist by using the school doctors here for a few days. I want both the China and Russian missions handled quickly. These have a great possibility of loss of life do to any delay. If there are any problems or questions get with me fast please.” Then I stood up and headed to my office. As I walked that direction Abel caught up to me and asked for some time. “What’s on you mind Abel?” “I have several things I need to discuss. The first is to thank you for my life and the chance to have some impact in the world. When you made me the offer I had no idea of the impact this group could possibly have. James and I in looking at possible early missions decided to find out the extent of our abilities and that is why those particular missions were suggested. We took two we felt were not possible, but were moved to see if anything could be done. There was no intent to put us at risk in any of them. I was shocked that all of them are to be done and we have the abilities we do.” I had to smile at this statement. “Abel none of the missions will put us at risk. We have the ability to do things no one on this Earth can do. So I was not surprised we could accomplish all of them.” Able still seemed surprised at the results. “Now I am finding the only place the law applies is in the outer worlds. Our actions taken are human rights related and there are just no laws to cover this area. Or where there are laws they are slanted to allow governments to control the people rights. So the only place the laws are going to apply are in our dealings with humans directly and in the defense fund where we take sides on issues. You have set a moral path for all of us to follow here, so I really don’t believe we will have a problem with our group. James is the only one who is walking on shaky ground in his spying on government agencies. But he is not supplying that information to other groups. What he does is to keep us out of the light and provide us data. So I have no problem with his way of doing things, as we are a government in a way also. Our base of operations is in the USA, but our reach is worldwide. With the landmass of the five

worlds we are the largest nation on the planet or off. So we will have to create our own laws and then live within those guidelines.” It did not take long for him to come to my viewpoint. “Abel I feel the same way right now. But I don’t want a thick book of laws that no one can understand. Law today in the world seems like so many shades of gray. There is no black or white in any law. The law seems to always be weighted to the side that can afford the best representation. Can we put together a book of laws that is simple, complete and understandable by all?” This raised his eyebrow. “Given the time and resources we have I would say yes it could be done. But I am not sure the effort for our group would be worth the time?” “It is not for our group really Abel. It is for the five worlds and the people we place there as time goes on. All of us will live under the same laws, but it will judge the actions of those who live on the five worlds. There will be no property taxes, armies, navies, paid governments, borders or national groups. The police will be units and the prisons will be islands without guards. We will set up a computerized court to handle the laws, where our own lie detectors are used to determine truth. Hope has the ability to know when she is getting the truth or not. There will be no guns, as we know them, in their place stun guns will be used to hunt. So unless someone stabs or beats another to death murder should be a rare thing. We will control the media and all cases heard by the courts for major crime will be shown to all. We will push education for all people and build Universities all can use. Travel is not a problem, as everyone will have transport plates to move them and their products to markets or stores. This will allow trade between the worlds. Everyone will be expected to work either on a farm, in manufacturing, in medicine, science, education or in a store. No child before the age of 20 can work in any area. They are to be educated year around until they’re twenty. The work ethic will be taught in our schools. No one will own their property, but they will have its use for life.“ This caused him to stop and really think this out. ”That sounds like the ideal world. We will need to be careful who we send to the five worlds and some education will be needed before they are allowed land to farm or a place to work. I assume you do not intend to have cities really?“ Here I was still working it out. ”There will be villages, markets, but no central cities except for the seat of government. I would like to keep away from urban areas as much as we can and with the transport plates anyone can get anyplace they need to. Remember I intend full integration of all areas. There will be some of all cultures and races in every area. But there will only be one language allowed.“ This seemed to cause thought for him. ”Allowing just one language in all the five worlds will be a good idea. This cuts down the communication problem and also a dividing line. I would think the courts and schools would be in the villages?“ Here we needed to look at why we needed any village at all? ”Abel the only reason to have these areas is to allow a central meeting point. So yes, schools, hospitals, doctors,

courts, markets, stores and police will work from these. I would rather that no village be over several hundred people. We will have restaurants and resorts on each planet. For money we will create a credit system for buying items. It would operate on a total credit system backed by gems, gold and sliver on deposit with the government. The village allows the police to get to know the people and for people to know them“ ”John it seems you have given this a lot of thought? I will start writing the laws and use Hope to acid test them. But I am not sure how to cover the initial homestead?“ ”The initial homestead will be one square mile of land or six hundred and forty acres, the house, barn and basic equipment and seed or animals needed to farm. For stores it will be the land needed for a home, store building and stock to start the store. For teachers, doctors, scientist and industrial workers, it will be land and a home with a fully stocked or equipped place to work. The way the service people are paid is we sell raw materials to the industries and the profit from these will pay them. We will use robotic mining equipment and convert the raw materials at the mines. This way we are only moving usable product. The only fuel used on these planets will be the fusion generator. This way pollution will not be a problem and power is free.“ ”How do you want to handle the profits from the manufacturing plants?“ ”Abel profits will not be excessive in any case. But the person who works there should get whatever profits they earn. I want the pricing of manufactured items to be at cost plus a five to ten percent variable profit depending on volume.“ Abel was getting into the game now. ”How do you expect to keep competition down between the five worlds? You’re going to end up with industries and stores competing against each other?“ Here is where we make some decisions. ”Not really as we will control the license process, as to who produces what. We also will have to license the fishing, manufacturing and farming industry that will develop for food sources and goods.“ ”Licensing each industry, store, school, medical facility and service industry will allow some control. But it might also create a black market.“ Abel seemed in deep thought as this was said. I had been over this myself also. ”The trick to stopping that type problem is going to be in educating people, creating trust in the police force and assuring there are not shortages that feed a black market. We will have the communications systems and internet systems under our control and they cannot transport without being a legal business. So digital type TV, wireless phone system, we will monitor all transportation and computer contact. No one with a criminal background will be moved to the five worlds. This way some of the possible problems will be stopped early. This is truly a daunting task and we as a group are going to have to have a good plan and the best people to start these worlds right. So you need to look at the structure when thinking of the laws needed to keep peace. We

have to decide what things are not going to be allowed and what will be allowed. But people will all make money if they work and should not have any reason to need more to live. I don’t expect to create a perfect world, but I damn well want to come close.“ He could see the intensity in my face as I delivered this statement. ”John given the time frame you have for putting this into place and the ability we have for control it should happen. We will need to set up a simulation of how we intend to develop each world and look at the problems early. Once the simulation seems to work we follow it until we find a problem then fix it. If we start with a smaller group in each area we need to create, we can check the model more quickly.“ Modeling seem like a good idea and Hope could help here. ”It sounds like that will work. Once you have the research facility up and running I would like you to head up the group for creating the model. From the model Hope can run a simulation for us. Then we can check our model to see how it operates in simulation. This is going to take some time to complete. The added help you need in creating the model can be hired outside. Put out some research grants based on the premise of finding a planet that is habitable and how it should be developed. Use the landmass, climate, ocean areas and other average knowledge of the five worlds. Of course the input you get is going to be based on just current technology of Earth. So tell the researchers to think outside the box, well into the future. But don’t give them to much information on our current technology in the assumptions.“ This brought a smile to his face. ”That will be interesting seeing what they come up with. It most likely will not be our model, but it should add things we must consider in our thought process. I like that idea and will get a written set of guidelines put together for your review. I think we need to have Vortec involved with the modeling process, as he was here to see so much of what went wrong this time. Having Vortec and Hope involved will give us a voice of experience in our quest.“ ”Thank you Abel for your help. I appreciate being able to feel good about giving others responsibilities of such weight and knowing they can do the job. Now for another question? How is life in the valley for you and Sue?“ This seemed to touch a button. ”I have been enjoying life in ways I never knew before. Sue is an angel and she keeps me active and challenged. She is so bright and such a happy person it is hard to ever feel down when she is there. My life is beyond anything I could ever have imagined. The valley is a beautiful place and we have enjoyed the walks and riding the horses. Slim took us into the cave and showed us the bodies you are preserving. The artifacts that were found there and the paintings on the walls there being protected was the right thing. It was an incredible find and deserves the care your putting into saving it. The waterfall and shelter built there was a great idea. Sue and I sat there for hours and just enjoyed the peace of that spot. The waters sound when hitting the rocks is so soothing and relaxing we both go there often. I have seen almost everyone here, there at different points in time. Have you thought of putting a food service transport plate in the shelter, so we could use it for lunches and dinners?“

”See Vortec and tell him what you would like there and he will see it gets done. That would be a nice place at lunch to just get away from here. It also could be an informal meeting place for us to discuss problems. The relaxing effect of the falls would put people at ease and may be open their minds to new areas. We will plan a lunch meeting a month there and see what results from it. Even in winter it should be beautiful and we already have a fusion generator there, so heat would be no problem. We also may want to put a grill in for cooking out at times?“ Abel looked happy and relaxed as the conversation finished. He had new challenges in his life and had found a person that made him very happy. The feelings he has now were not there even in his youth. At that time black America was a dark hole people had to live in and not over step the boundaries. There were a lot of boundaries, which were invented as the whites wanted. He really understood repression and the feelings of doubt even in today’s world. The job I had given him to create a new world would drive him to a completely fair and equal design. The laws would be for all and not just those who could afford the best representation. There would be no lawyers in the new world if he had his wishes. There also would be no bankers either. Education would be the key to a sound social order. The hard part would be selecting the early settlers, as there would be many who should have the chance. But due to skills, education or mental ability would not have the opportunity. This world would need to start young and grow into itself. So the flexibility of youth and their ability to learn, adapt and evolve was going to be important. This would be much better than what the pioneers of the west had to endure. But, would require in the early stages strong, smart and driven winners. As the farms needed to be up and growing food, before the development of the rest of the project. There just was so much to be looked at and plans made for it. This would be the biggest job Abel had ever had and also the most treasured. Here he could not turn the clock back, but could start a new one running. In looking at populating these worlds Abel was considering using just units to get the basic structure right. With them he would have a solid base. Then tests could be run on integrating Earth’s people into that base. There was much to learn about group interaction and the ability of the human to change.

Chapter 18 The First Step ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Jenny, Sonny, Vortec and Glenn the pilot of the spacecraft were all seated in the control area of the craft. The mission would take both Glenn and Vortec to handle the equipment and she would handle the scanners to keep the lasers on track and Sonny was here to coordinate them. With the force field shield, holograph, lasers and scanning they all would be busy. There had been no time to train others, due to time constraints on this mission. But Vortec knew all the equipment and the crafts complete details and controls. As he had over seen the construction of all the current spacecraft on Earth. Jenny knew she could learn a lot about what she could do, if Vortec were allowed to run the show. So she had made him mission commander on this one. There was no reason not to learn from the best when it was possible. “Glenn set the coordinates into the system for our objective. Then set a height of 100,000 feet for hover point. We don’t want to bump into any Chinese aircraft. I will get the laser set while we are in transit and set the holograph up for Hope to feed data to. Jenny the only way Hope can help you is by data feed on any spacecraft. She has no control over this craft and cannot take over for you. The computer onboard is independent and can only control the craft and its equipment. The computer here is a smaller version of Hope, but we were directed to not allow direct connection between other computers and Hope. If we lost one computer we would loose them all, if they were connected. So that is something you may wish to communicate to John. We have a clone computer on each of the five worlds just for that world. They also will not be connected, but data streams will run between computers via satellite. It is for requested information only and not interactive in the normal way. The computers do not share programming or processing in any way but data. We do not want to color the learning process of any of the machines. On the five worlds we do not want the same problems we have on Earth and therefore we need to develop new learning. That requires each computer to find solutions to the problems it must address.” During this entire passing of information Vortec was working and setting up the equipment. His hands were deft and fast in entering the data needed. It all seemed so effortless to Jenny that she felt a little inadequate. It was hard to keep in mind that Vortec was a robot and could work on an autopilot level. There was just so much about him that seemed so human. As they came over the mine area and the craft slowed to a hover, they were ready to put the plan in action. Glenn held the spacecraft in place and Vortec energized the holographic image. The camera was showing the area on screen and the hundreds of people camped around the mine. There were cooking fires going and food being prepared. Whole families were camped out waiting for word on their loved ones. You could see the children playing even at this time of night. The appearance was one of a nomadic tribe camping for the night.

As the holograph appeared you could see people backing up and their voices could be heard in the craft. Vortec had set the computer to translate, so we could understand what was being said. The size of the figure of the monk was almost twice the size of a normal human. His voice was soft and the words, “fear not for I am here to help”, could be heard from the speakers. People were falling down and bowing to the figure. Then in a louder voice he said, “please stay back as work is done to try to reach those trapped below.” With this Vortec asked, “have we found the location of the miners?” “Yes, the coordinates have been sent to the laser.” Jenny replied. The red beam of light came down looking like a pillar of fire. It swirled around the ground and the laser worked behind this shield. It cut through the dirt, stone and into the Earth with rapid speed. The force field allowed the material brought out of the hole to pile a good twenty feet back from the cut. By the time it intersected the tunnel below ground the mound around the hole was a good thirty feet high. At that point Vortec worked the laser out and cut a path thirty feet wide through the mound to allow people to reach the hole so they could lower lifting devices down to bring the trapped miners out. “Jenny, do you see any other areas where people are below ground?” Vortec asked in a soft voice. “No, all heat signatures were grouped in one area. I have scanned the whole area and am seeing no other signs of life forms at all below ground. If there are others there they are not alive.” Then the force field was opened and the monk said, “help your people by lowering lifting devices into the hole and pulling them out. Those who live are at the bottom and any who are not will came back to you as your God wills it! Live in peace and harmony with each other and respect the forces life provides. When you have a time of need look to the heavens and put your prayers before your God. Whatever your beliefs your prayers will be heard and answered if your faith is strong and true.” With that the image just vanished. You could see the confusion in the people’s faces as the monk spoke of no particular religion and said all would be heard. Never before had they heard that whatever your faith was, prayer would work for all. We sat stationary and watch the people come forward and start lowering baskets into the hole on ropes. Slowly we could see the heads of men being brought up. They were quiet and the people around them looked on with hopeful expressions on their faces. As each man came out he rushed over to his family and took them into his arms. Then turned to watch the others being brought up. This whole event took on an air of religious experience. You could see the wives telling the men of the monk and his words and the men telling of the underground experience they had. No one left the general area until the last man had been brought up from the hole. This took well over two hours and by this time the army had shown up. The military personnel forced those standing back and

watching to leave the area. The people were roughly treated and you could see the troops would not believe or listen to the people. The officer walked to the hole and looked down at the smooth sides and you could see his agitation. The soldiers brought a man over and the office was yelling at him. In a heartbeat the monk was standing on the top of the pile of stone looking down with arms folded and a frown on his face. The officer looked up and you could see the shock register on his face. “Speak not as a master and look to the good graces of heaven. Bring peace to your people and not the discord of a fool. Speak not of what you do not know and learn from those who do.” The officer said; “who are you?” He was angry and in shock of this vision before him. “I am one who seeks peace and wisdom. Power is to be used for the good of people not for the glory of a simple man.” The angry office grabbed a rifle from the soldier next to him and shot at the monk. As the figure watched this action he reached out and grabbed the bullet and tossed it back to the officer. “It is a sin to waste the peoples money by shooting such a slow bullet. You must learn not to feel so self assured and become more humble like in your childhood.” “What do you know of my childhood?” The officer asked. “I know you’re of Mongol blood and that the youth are raised to respect their elders. That they are taught not to let anger over come good sense. Also they know that power is earned and not taken.” The office replied to the monk. “Those are unwise words for someone who has no army to back them up.” The figure raised his finger and pointed to the ground in front of the officer and a red light came from the finger. The ground started to melt as the finger moved in front of the man. “A man of peace needs no army to back him up. Just look down and you will see the ground melting right in front of you. That is the power to control the elements of nature.” The office was shaken and was experiencing something beyond his knowledge. “Stop and I humbly apologize for my rash behavior. You were right in all you said and I for far to long have been away from my home and people. We will help these people get to their homes and care for any hurt or dead below ground. The mine owner had reported a riot here. But I see there had been a mine accident and it most likely had been caused by his greed or poor safety procedures. That will be looked at and the record set straight.”

There was a gentle smile on the monks face now. “Thank you officer I am sure the people will provide you with the information needed to make a reasonable decision. Now I must return from where I came.” With that the image vanished from sight. The officer just stood there looking at where it had been. Then turned to his men and quickly gave orders to see to the people and bring lights and lower men down into the mine. It was a totally different man giving those orders. The scene was peaceful and directed efficiency was present. The people were coming forward and offering to help and providing the information needed. They also were offering food and tea to the army members. It was hard to understand what had happened for a human. But, Vortec was seen smiling and nodding his head. “OK Vortec what happened that changed the attitude of the officer?” Jenny asked. “Well, he was reminded of where he came from and that he had responsibilities for the people. That the taking of power was wrong and that he must earn the power given to him. That power comes from respect not fear. Showing him the image needed no army to back him and no fear of him or his weapons did shock him. But even with communism there is high respect for the monks of China. They live in poverty and share what they have with the people, as the people share with them.” This needed some time for Jenny to process. “What a different view from my world Vortec. That is one area where I am going to need help to understand the psychology of each group of people we touch. Is it possible for Hope to provide me with a unit that is history and culturally smart for advice on missions?” “Yes, that can be arranged for if John approves it. But, understand it will take a few weeks to get all the training done that would be needed. But if you ask Sonny he can provide you with the same information, but will not be allowed to handle the controls of a spacecraft. That keeps the division between the two computers, as he would be hooked into Hope for you.” “I know I will not be allowed to always have you with me. So Sonny will also need the training he can get to provide support for me. Your responsibilities are growing and the missions will grow in number. So, if it is not a critical situation or training like these missions, I will have to have my own crew ready. I will also need added crew for operation of different areas of the craft. How do we handle that?” Vortec smiled at her with a look of parent for child. “Jenny I have already started that phase of construction for your crews. I took it upon myself to create a group of my type robots for two crews. They are not like Sonny, Faith or Adam as they are more mechanical, than human. You will have two pilots, three equipment operators, an engineer, a radio/shield operator and a navigator. That fills every position of this craft except a doctor and Hope will supply that for you. The medical area will be isolated from the rest of the spacecraft, so once again not to put the two computers into contact. At that

point you will be free to take longer space trips for research. Even if you’re not on the second craft you can control the operation assigned from this one with the other crew.” Jenny was now feeling some relief and it showed. “Vortec I now fully understand John’s feelings about you and the respect he has for you. You seem to know what has to happen and be one step ahead of the need.” She laughed. “It is nice to hear John feels I fill a need for the group. He is a most unusual man and I enjoy working with him more than I had ever expected. Having a leader who feels it is important for others opinions to be openly stated before a decision is made, is unusual in humans. From what I have seen of human history, leaders tend to believe they are the only thinking being in the group. That others must be told what to do and follow blindly. With John there is no decision until all points of view have been weighed and questions he has answered. Then the decision is what’s best for the people we are helping.” Jenny could easily agree with this perception. “I have found the same type human in John. He does not wish to run my area or require me to jump through hoops just to show his power. He seems to know when to trust my judgment and when to ask questions that make me think. He never has criticized me in any way and yet he has forced me to think differently by just asking a question. In everyone I have talked with in the group there is nothing but high respect for him. Yet he does not have a background in any of our areas. How can one man have so much knowledge and understanding of so many areas?” Vortec had to think how to answer this without giving away too much. “John has an IQ that is far above the average. He understands people and only has to hear something once before he understands it. His questions are to make sure he understands your vision and it requires you to reach deeper to answer those questions. He reads your body language while listening to your information and sees where you’re uncomfortable or unsure. The areas where you’re not sure of the plan, its effectiveness or the end result are where his questions will come. The best way not to get a lot of questions is to frame your information in problem, solution and result format. In that format you clearly state the problem to be addressed, then explain the solution, all of the actions required and then what net result do you expect when the solution is applied. It is a simple format for decision-making that really works. This is the format John places your information in, to ask questions. The more complex the solution the more things to go wrong.” This was most interesting information from a good source. “Vortec I have used that process when I was in college. But, with a PHD I have gotten away from that, as I guess I was convinced I just did not need it any more. Sometimes we just get to confident about our own knowledge. What I have to remember is I was never trained to do the job I have now, as Earth just does not have this technology. The jump from the powered flight to spacecrafts is a major jump for me. Our science is Stone Age compared to what I have at my command now. Science on Earth today wants to get to Mars and here I am able to catch the oldest spacecraft Earth has launched in just a few minutes. Voyager has left our solar system in it’s over 40 years of travel and I can catch it in just a few minutes of Earth time. That tells you the state of our space program.”

Vortec always a direct type had to shift the conversation. “It is time now to solve the Russian problem and install the transport plate. For this we will encounter no people. The satellites have found a building on the old DEW line where the radar site is no longer there. We are going to lift the entire building up into the bay of this craft and make whatever repairs are needed.” “How large is the building Vortec?” Jenny asked. “The building is 40‘ by 100’. It weighs right at sixty tons including the wood floor.” This shocked her and it showed. “How in the world are we going to lift it into the hanger bay?” “Jenny you can lift anything that fits size wise into the bay. Weight is not the controlling factor. The mass is what controls what can fit into the bay. The ability to lift the item is simple in that we will reverse the magnetic properties of Earth and it will push itself right up to us. We won’t lift; Earth will push it into the bay. We just control how fast that happens. Much of what this craft can do is totally controlled by the laws of physics. With our craft you can change how the physical world around you operates. You can change the magnetic properties of an area, create a vacuum, place a bubble of air around the craft under water or just transport things with the transport unit. We will place a transport plate into the building add heating with the fuel oil we brought and place the building at the location we picked. Then we have a crew that will transport to the building and start stocking it. The medical team is ready to transport and set up the clinic area.” This seemed like over flow to her as digesting all she had seen and heard was to much to process. “It all sounds so simple when you tell it Vortec. But it is still magic to me and my poor human mind.” She shook her head. As the building came aboard the ship Jenny went down to watch the crew work on it. She stood on a catwalk high above the floor of the bay. The bay itself was around five thousand feet square and over one hundred high. You could put an entire baseball park into it and play the game. She was just amazed at the abilities that were here. But she well understood what would happen to all of this if any government had control of this technology. It was just too much power for any government not to want to further it’s own agenda. Even the USA would misuse this power for it’s good rather than just the worlds good. Vortec walked up and stood beside her looking at the work going on below. “What are you thinking Jenny?” Jenny had been distracted and Vortec being there caused her to jump. “To be honest the size of this bay just blows my mind, it is big enough for a whole baseball park to be put into it and play a game. Also that it is a good thing no government has control of this kind of power as it would be misused for sure.”

“I am surprised you feel that strongly about it being misused.” She knew more than Vortec could even imagine about government and misuse of science. “Vortec I worked for the government at JPL. We as a group of scientist would have strong feelings about how this should be used. But the military would take over and it would all be moved to area 51. There no one would know about it and it would be looked at as a weapon, be that defensive or offensive. But mankind would not benefit in any real way. All this would be used to enforce the government’s policies. It would be hidden away from the public and never used for solving Earth’s problems, as that would put the technology at risk. So our position of care taker of the technology for the benefit of mankind is the right use.” “That was much the same reasoning of the masters, when they set up the search for the person to control all of this. I have watched many men and women over the years to see who should control all of this technology. John was the first to meet the criterion given to me and he found me, I did not have to look for him once more. That was the truly unusual part of this whole project that was not expected. He moved to Virginia, bought a house just two miles from the control center and then found it on his own. There was something drawing him to this place and I have no explanation for it? But it did make it easier to turn control over to him, as I was sure he was the right person. After watching him for the last few months I understand no more of how it happened, but know he was meant to run the center.” Jenny felt a chill run down her and looked over to Vortec. “He is a man easy to follow and I as a person want to please him. I have never felt that way about anyone I have known. The people I have worked for and with were smart, but I never felt they were someone to follow. His goals are good for the whole world, he has no personal desire for power and he likes to give people room to get the job done he has given them. Here the fact of power not corrupting the person, but making him more aware of the responsibilities he has is unique, at least from my experience.” “We need to get back to the flight deck as we are ready to lower the building. No one can stay in the bay when the doors are opened to lower the building but the robots. It will get very cold here fast.” They both headed up to the flight deck. Jenny was turning over the conversation she had just had with Vortec and felt a bond with him she could not define. He was an unusual personality also. With all ready in the bay of the craft, it was being set up over the site that had been picked. It took about two minutes to get the exact coordinates aligned and the craft stable at five thousand feet. You could feel the bay doors opening below and the area below was on the video screens. Slowly the building came out of the bay and moved down towards the Earth. The whole move from the bay to the ground only took under three minutes time. We stayed in place as one of our crew went down to start the heating unit and the

generator. They would also check out the transport plate before the group from the control center got there. The bay doors rumbled closed as we had completed the mission. In short order we were advised that our crewman was back on board. The craft then shot up and headed back to the control center hanger. “Vortec the area around the control center will be full daylight when we get back. How is it we can put this in the hanger without being seen?” “If you will look at the command control panel you will see a button with three waves and a straight line on the top side of it. That button will mask the entire ship by showing a person on the ground exactly what they were looking at on the other side of the craft. If they were in the air it would show the ground below. It will not be that we are transparent but it will seem so to anyone looking up. Their view will be no different when we are in it or not. The same holds true for the rock area along the cliff. They would see the rock the same as always. We landed the craft one day with a whole group of police officers having a dog trial on one of the fields below us and were never noticed.” She could remember that the army was looking at something like this just now. “This is amazing to me! Would it be possible to change the buttons to words rather than codes?” “Just tell the computer what you want to be shown on the button and it will change. It is not molded into the button the way it seems. The button will form anyway you want it to even shape wise. Now when we are coming into the hanger you do not control the craft. It is one hundred percent computer controlled and is matched to the laser lights in the hanger.” She was wondering about future planning. “Vortec have you thought about moving the hanger area to the valley? I would think that area would allow far more space for our purpose. It would allow for more people for the crew to be housed and a larger staging area where there are less people to possibly see anything.” Vortec had looked at many possible ideas on this. “We have spacecraft at several locations now. You can fly from them at anytime and they do not have the population close to the hangers. This one craft is for evacuation from here if ever needed. Each craft needs to fly at least once a month just to be sure there are no glitches. Most flights are just short ones to check out the craft. The others are larger than this one as we had a space problem with the hanger here. The largest one has a bay large enough to pick up a city five square miles in size. It is now being used to transport steel, equipment and cement for the research center. With just one load we have all the tools and materials needed for construction. The transport time was just two days. It carried a concrete batch plant, an asphalt batch plant, road construction equipment, concrete trucks, cranes, structural steel, glass, decking, welding equipment, a concrete pump and all the pre-cast forms for the building and pipe for water and sewage plants. We also took all the HVAC, pumps, electrical and I think you are getting the idea now. With these resources we can build an entire city for the staff also. The transport plates will handle the food, general supplies, furnishings and moving of personnel. The intake center there has a decontamination

chamber, so that we take nothing of Earths bacteria, bugs or viruses with us. Each new employee will have to spend an hour in isolation, so we are sure nothing harmful gets transferred. This isolation area will not be seen as that type facility. The induction area is set up to handle all bacterial or viral problems.” Jenny just shook her head and wondered how much planning had gone into this project? “How in the world did you get all that together in one place?” “It was not in one place it was in many places. All the trucks and motorized equipment had to be converted to electrical power. The other construction items were purchased all over the world and shipped to one of our mining companies. Each night we made pickups, as the items were received. Our hanger in Peru was the transfer base and all materials went there to be consolidated into a single shipment. Once I can show you the other craft you then will be amazed at their size. This one is just a small craft and limited in what it can do.” Small? This was the largest she could ever imagine. “Hey this one was huge from my perspective! You have room to put a few space shuttles in the hanger bay of this one.” As the craft docked and the rock slid back in to place Jenny and Vortec walked down the ramp to the hanger floor. John was standing there waiting for them with a large smile on his face. “Welcome back and thank you both for an outstanding mission. The Chinese government has claimed they saved the miners and we have heard nothing from Russia’s media at all. No one had a clue you were even there. Please pass on to the crew my thanks for a job well done! I watched the live feeds with James and he and Hope were monitoring all security channels on both missions. The only thing we heard was a general tell the officer at the mine site exactly what he was to put in his report, if he wanted to stay an officer. So the real story will never be heard.” Jenny was really pleased John had come to meet them. “John you always tend to have taken more steps than I expected. But I have to say this mission was a real learning experience for me. I hope for at least a few more missions you will allow Vortec to be my mentor.” I had to smile and give her some assurance she was not on her own. “That is not a problem, as it is up to Vortec when he stops going with you. Theses are his machines, as much as yours and I would not presume to tell him how much training is needed or for how long it would take to train you. He is free to go when he wishes and for as long as he sees fit. Yes, he is critical to other areas of the group, but nothing comes before saving lives, anything else can wait.” This statement seemed so in place with John’s personality it did not shock her. Here he was saying the machines were Vortec’s and yet Vortec served John. The fact of lives coming first was also something to expect from him. But here was a man who treated a

robot as he would treat another man. That she needed to watch and learn from, as you could see the respect both had for each other. She and Vortec headed to the centers spacecraft control room to go over the missions. The debrief would not take long, but for Vortec it was critical to the learning process. Sonny and Glenn was also with them. As he asked questions and she provided the answers, as they had been seen by her. A few times Vortec stopped her and made her look a little deeper. She had not seen as much as she needed to and that required she go back and think it through. Complex equipment required being aware of everything.

Chapter 19 The Move I was evaluating the group’s current performance and progress. Much had been accomplished and yet there was much to do. I felt the strain of all leaders in that I could not undermine the confidence of the people we had. Ways needed to be found to elevate their focus, drive and desire to exceed the basic goals set for all. One area I was concerned about was it seemed that everyone needed my blessing before taking any action. As the group took on more actions they needed to act independently in most areas. The one bright star in all of this had been Jenny who had on her own, started to do deepsea exploration and found the gold and artifacts all on her own. This was one person so far to accept her area of responsibility and who would move on her own for the benefit of the group. Then there was Edgar who has reorganized the total financial set up for better control and returns. Faith and Jenna also did not need my input before getting their work done. Abel was doing well but still needed conformation from me and the others so far wanted to be validated before moving forward. “Vortec thank you for coming by. I really need some solid input and your vast knowledge of man and what leadership is needed by me.” “John you can even make a robot blush. I thank you for your kind words, but warn you man often confuses me.” He laughed. It was nice to see he could blush. “Well, I am getting buried in validating each step of much of what I have assigned to others. The few areas where I don’t have this problem are with Jenny, Faith, Jenna and Edgar. But the rest keep from making a decision until I have approved the action. I can see down the line this is going to be a major drawback and slow our actions. No one can make all the decisions for each area we are going to be working in. Someway I need to make people understand they are empowered to make decisions for the group and that only the major decisions need to be reviewed. I truly mean reviewed not decided. What would you suggest I do to motivate these people? What would you suggest I do to convince the rest to follow Jenny’s and Edgar’s example?” Vortec sat there for a time and you could see he was thinking. “The problem is, many of your people have worked in a group and not independently. Jenny was a rebel at JPL and often went her own way when others did not agree with her. Edgar was totally responsible for all investments at the Vatican. But all the rest were group leaders or players. They never felt safe unless the group agreed with the direction and premise. Sandy, James, Via and Abel all worked in groups where they needed the approval of their peers and bosses to feel safe.” I had seen this in the beginning but just passed it over. “OK that is something I really did not pick up on. What is the best way to motivate them to take responsibility for their areas and run with the ball?”

“John you and I both know this is going to be a harder process than most would think. First of all you must get rid of the committees and assign just one person to tackle that job. Just like you did with Abel on the design of the new world. The responsibility must be placed on just one set of shoulders for the success or failure of each area. You need to recognize the contributions of Jenny and Edgar for taking the responsibilities given them and getting the job done. You have to create an expectation of accomplishment and only allow Hope to serve as support and not as a part of the group. Cutting off any other decision maker from having an impact will force the decisions to be made. Expect some bad ones as they learn.” This was not new ground for me. “What you’re saying is pretty much what I also had come to. I need your input on how to change the committee structure, so we don’t over look possible ways to help people. I don’t want people to suffer due to our lack of attention or action!” This took a little time to process for him. “The best way is for Hope to pick up all news releases and grade them. Then offer the person doing the decision making the graded reports for decisions. I would suggest using a unit for the process of sorting the ones we can respond to and handling the ones we need no decision on. If one needs a decision you just make it for the group. The school should be Via’s responsibility fully, Hope can provide the instruction under her direction. James should only be the watchdog for intelligence problems, handle security measures and the one to support your decisions. Abel has his platter full with the hiring for the research center, Justice Foundation and design of a plan for settling the new worlds. Sandy is running the electronics area and deciding what technology to release. She needs to be given responsibility for the five worlds, resort and valley technology and development. These changes in assignments will start the process of removing the dependence factors.” This seemed a reasonable solution and one that could work for us all. “That solution is a little different than the one I had in mind. But it fits better with the skills we have available. I just had not thought of adding the resort and valley technology to Sandy. But that better fits her background. I also had not even had the idea of doing the decision making for problems. I appreciate your input and your willingness to help me sort this out.” Vortec smiled and stood up. “It is always nice to work with you John. Matter of fact it is refreshing to see someone who desires input from outside before jumping off the bridge. I understand why me, as I have no feelings to hurt, like all the people you have brought here. So I can be objective in what I suggest. My goals and your goals are exactly the same in all ways, as that is my instruction set given me by the masters.” Thinking of other items I needed to cover. “Don’t run just yet Vortec, I have a couple other items your input would be valuable on. First in Abel’s job of designing a new world we both know the best laid plans of mice and men will go a rye at some point. Abel’s a good man and wants to lay a foundation that will create a perfect world. Not a bad goal,

but with mans track record not likely to happen. Please take some time to sit and talk with him about some of Earth’s problems and the solutions the masters put in place, which did not work. He needs to understand what he can and cannot expect and the things that happened that were never expected on this world. I don’t want to see him suffer when things he expects doesn’t happen or work the way they were planned.” “You understand man well. The one item of advice I can give him is to expect everything to go wrong.” Vortec smiled as he remembered past events. “But I will try to keep his expectations down to reasonable results.” That would help Abel handle this part of his stress level. “The other item is something I have been concerned with for the last few days. It seems that we have had a lot of traffic and people on the ground above and around the control center. This did not concern me until James found a file on this area in the CIA database. It seems we have created some odd effects above the center. This has brought out people investigating the reason for these events. Please check out the possibility of moving the whole control center to the valley. Then making this place some kind of normal rock formation. Is this possible and if so what would it take, as creating a larger question here is only going to open up new questions as I see it.” Vortec smiled and thought of Jenny’s comments. “The moving of the center is no problem at all. It can be done overnight. The filling in this space I would not suggest. It would be better to make it cave like and leave it for questions to be focused here. This also could be done in little time. The space for the center is already complete in the valley. I did this expecting to have to move with more people and action here. But I am not sure what caused the investigation?” Once again he was in front of the pack. “From what I have heard it was aircraft instrumentation problems and an a heat signature rising from this area. Right now the concern is a possible geothermal abnormality.” “Then we need to make a switch quickly and I will handle it tonight. Just so you know we have 2 more back up locations for the entire control room and valley. With no flight zones over the valley it will have to be a military craft that accidentally finds us next time. That second facility is in the Rocky Mountains with hundreds of miles of nothing around. Be assured it will happen as this country is more populated and technology savvy than most. So the third move would be out of the country to a remote area where no one lives within fifty miles and they are not educated. Remember we also have the ability to set up on any of the five worlds with no loss of information or control we now have. There we are totally unreachable by any government or agency.” This brought a smile to my face as that had crossed my mind also. “I expect to have to make that move next, as we are going to create a lot of question on Earth with our actions. Someone is going to get enough data to feel a hand behind events. But I want to allow the group to adjust some before moving them off this world. We have six other control centers around the world with spacecraft and transport plates to move us to them

quickly. We may at some point place a base on Mars and allow it to be seen, as not a lot can be done by man about that. It also will allow the world to know there are other civilizations in the universe. That seems to be a hotly debated subject that needs to be addressed at some point in time. Doing this would start conversation between the group and governments of Earth. This could open the door one day to our having a major benefit for mankind.” Vortec sat and looked at me with a studied expression. “You still tend to make jumps I did not expect so soon. Everything you have said is true and will need to happen. When, is up to you. But the masters did not expect to have this happen for many years after humans took over here. But yes, sooner is better from my point of view. The Earth needs to come to grips with the fact they are not the only civilization in the universe. They also need to understand they are not nearly powerful enough to defeat the technology we have.” I sat and looked at the screen on the wall with a picture of space showing. “I agree and we must plan for the future. It is time with two probes heading to Mars to put together a domed area with plant life and a breathable atmosphere. It must be self-supporting and protected with a force field against the natural weather problems of Mars or from man. I want the dome to be at least one mile in diameter. Get Jenny into this project and support her in anyway needed. It is time to shake the world to its foundations. It will also take some of the heat off here I think? I also want a city built on one of the five worlds for us. I don’t know when we will need it but it should be ready.” “This is a day I have looked forward to for many hundreds of years John. The fact of ending the speculations that are totally bazaar by science on Earth will please me greatly. The directing of energy to more productive areas, than mindless speculation will be of benefit to man. It is time for mankind to look outward and place their energy there. The project will open up a new day in mans history. I also will start looking for a place to build your city.” Vortec got up smiling and walked toward the door. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned to see me musing on the response this would draw. “How are you going to handle this with the group?” That had not yet been fully worked through. “Once you have moved us, tomorrow I will have a meeting and explain this decision to the group. I will also make the changes in assignments at that time. We will become more aggressive in many areas at that point. Have Jenny get back with me later so I can get her input on reactions to expect from NASA and ideas on where she wants to place the dome.” I felt like I had just broken the steel bonds holding me to limit my ability to interact with the world. My mind raced over the needs for security and the larger good that could be gained for people. With the research center on track, Global Clinics in operation and the two successful operations some progress had been made. But the progress was just a small amount of what could be done.

The United Nations had never been very united. They had fought and bickered over the smallest items. Offering a representative of the five worlds system might bring some larger voice to it? One that had no axe to grind on Earth. Someone who could offer advice and economic support to all the smaller countries. A people that had the ability clean up problem areas and push for cooperation between all races and religious beliefs. It for sure would not be an easy task, as you would have people fearful of loosing power. But it would be a start and the trip had to start someplace. Faith had come into the office as I had called her. After explaining the discussion with Vortec and the decisions I had made. Her take on all of this was needed. She had proven to be a good acid test to my decision-making. “I think we are making a large leap from where we are now. The fact of the added traffic above us makes me understand the move from here. But are we ready to make the world aware of our existence? That I have questions about right now?” This required a very careful explanation. “The dome on Mars will take a month or two to find I am sure. Then I am not sure how long the information will be held before it becomes common knowledge. It will allow James to learn how openly this type information is going to be handled. We will have the ability to be sure it is known world wide, if the US decides not to be open then we will choose the time. The dome will only be a garden and no one will live there. It is a destination for people to see how technology works in the future for the world. We are going to clean up the space junk floating around this world for openers. They will never see how it was done. But space will be clean once more. By offering the United Nations an individual to represent our world’s opinions and help, we might be able to reach out and help more people. We would not want a vote just to mediate where possible and be allowed to present opinions. They would still have to make their own decisions.” This was listened to closely before her next question. “What happens if this sends the world in to a panic?” “Far to many people believe that there is life in the galaxies, that will stop panic and the dome is not on Earth but Mars. I don’t think it would cause a panic, but I am sure there will be many reactions I cannot plan for. The thing to get out is that we do not need land or resources, as we have more than Earth does. That our worlds do not have the fighting or the divisions of Earth. It is required if Earth wishes to be a part of the planetary human race that these divisions and wars stop. If they do not stop no one from Earth will be welcome off this planet.” This caused her to ask. “Do you think governments will buy that story?” “Not at first, but with time and doing the right thing when others won’t it will be seen. Our technology will carry us a long way in that Earth cannot match it.”

This brought a frown to her face. “I think your giving mankind more credit than it deserves when it come to governments. But I can’t fault your logic for the need to take the steps you outlined. My expectation is the next move for us will be off planet and not to be that far down the road.” I had to smile at her understanding of this fact. “That may be true Faith, but it still will not stop us from reaching our goals. Earth’s governments have been fighting each other for all of history. It is always either economics or religion that seems to be the root. The basis seems to be, if I can take what you have it should be mine to keep. This is done in the name of God, Allah or any of dozens of other deities over the centuries. Today’s largest problem is in the Arab world where groups are using religion to try to dominate others, who do not agree with them. Their rules seem to change as they wish to fit the particular goal they have at that moment. They have as large a problem with their own leaders, as they do with the rest of the world. So attacks are made in their own countries, as well as the attack of 9/11 in the USA. Having power over others is so seductive to lesser-educated people and those with more education find it easily direct them. They feed the egos and sell that power is with them by God’s will. That death in the cause is not really death; it is just the entry to a better life. For people who have had little in their life, death with such a reward is looked forward to. That allows a smaller group to be more effective in combat. They take risks that a normal person will not take.” This information seemed to really cause her problems. “How does this tie into your ideas?” Here is where I hoped religion would help us. “Well, first of all it shows that life exists in the heavens. That man is not just an Earth being. The hope I have is to be able to place a monkey wrench in the fact of death being a way to a better life. We have come from the heavens and no people who die are there enjoying a better life. Possibly the questions it can create will cause people to pause and look at life differently. Life is to be lived and failing to live it productively, is a waste of their God’s gift. If we can get that across then we will save many lives. My feeling is we will use all methods at our disposal to get that word out to everyone we can.” Faith just sat for a short time letting this information process. “I am still unsure of how much we can change mans current condition? It seems like we are just showing our hand right now and have no assurance of a result.” This was what I expected from others in the group when they had their chance. “My dear there is no such thing as a sure bet on any thing on Earth, other than day and night coming. Man is the least predictable of all. I understand your concerns and I have them also. But, I know we have to make people aware of a presents larger than Earth’s. That will I believe cause many countries to pull together for the benefit of all. The petty issues of Earth will be set aside and we will become the target. I am painting a target on our backs. It will cause worry as to what we want from Earth and make them aware of their inability to defend Earth. Our benevolence will be suspect and governments will conspire against us. This is something we can defend against and small countries can’t. We have

better intelligence abilities than any country on Earth. With that we should be ready well before any action is taken to handle it. But, I expect some action to be taken against us, the question is when and what type? Vortec is setting up a base for us on one of the five planets now. Earth cannot change its radio, TV, phone systems or satellite communications ability. It cannot block our ability to read data in their computer systems. We can see the movement of troops better than they can from space or airspace above Earth. They must learn someway that they are over matched and need to accept our willingness to help all. Our unwillingness to kill anyone at anytime for any reason will become apparent over time. I am sure we are safe as no one can reach us without our knowing and we have the defenses to keep anyone out until we have moved off world. So I don’t see me putting the group at risk and all will have a point to press their opinions at the meeting tomorrow.” This seemed to bring her to a point of no argument. “So nothing is final until the meeting except for our move to the valley?” “No dear nothing is final until after the move and meeting. I believe that all must have the right to input in this decision. It will not necessarily be a group decision, but if there are valid points I want to take them into consideration.” Now she knew I would make this decision and yet that I was willing to listen to any good reasoning. “Then I am totally in agreement with you. I just needed to see your view of the reasons to understand what you see. My background in human interaction has been short and there is much yet for me to learn. So often I question you harder than a person who has lived on Earth for many years. Your willingness to answer and take time to explain always amazes me. You never get angry or fail to provide a complete picture for me and I thank you for that.” With that she got up and let me know she had some hot items to get to the research center. I watched her walk out of my office and felt a love I did not understand for her. It went beyond anything I had ever felt before. This woman had found a place in me I did not know existed. I felt so much at peace with myself and so sure of my understanding of human nature. It gave me strength to make moves I would not normally have made. Earth just had nothing to offer me I did not already have. There was no greed, desire for any others possessions or a desire for power on my part. I wanted peace for others and long happy lives for my fellow man. Something many would see as strange today. The extended life I had been given I saw as a gift to be used for others. It was a known that it was going to be difficult to meet my own goals for Earth. But the commitment to do the best possible job in reaching them was there. As the thinking process was revolving through my head Jenny walked into the office and sat down. It was always nice to see her and she seemed in a great mood. “I am glad you came so soon.” She seemed surprised that I did not expect her at once. “How could I not after Vortec told me of your plans? I to say the least was somewhat taken back by the boldness of the idea.

But after thinking it through it has some real pluses. The fact of the first contact taking place off world makes sense. It takes the ability to react with military power out of the equation. I think this will allow an adjustment period to the idea man is not alone in the universe. From what Vortec told me you do not intend to have anyone there?” How much influence did Vortec exert with her on this? “No I figure it is going to be hard enough to accept the garden being there to start with. I do intend to put a transport plate in the dome, so we can at the right time make contact. But Earth needs time to adjust and we need time to watch.” This seemed reasonable in her mind. “What are you looking for as an end result?” “The ability to have a representative at the UN to work with mans needs worldwide. With our group having no desires for land, minerals or any thing Earth has we can possibly be a moderating influence at the UN. We can offer support for national disasters, provide help with environmental problems and try to improve the working of governments who are in conflict. But in all cases it must be beneficial to mankind.” This caused her to shake her head. “I am not sure that governments will allow that, as it would subvert their plans to often.” I had to smile at the understanding she had of this area. “I expect it to be an open debate, as to if that is allowed. But, you are going to clear the space junk from the area around Earth. So that there is no hazards out there. Each countries junk will be returned to their space launch site or other location. That way no one can gain any advantage from its study. This just may help the debate, as it will show we have no favorites on the Earth.” The smiling face was enjoying the moment. “You should expect the USA and China to both object and they can stop our having some one represent us. We are not an Earth government and therefore should not be represented at the UN.” That was sound logic and on someone less determined might work. “If that is the decision we will offer to set up an office in any country and work with any interested governments. Our commitment will be not to bother any country that does not want our help.” She seemed to get the idea, as no major country could allow that to happen. “That is an interesting alternative to the UN. It does not demand entry and yet puts the nations who block it at a disadvantage, in that they will not know what is going on with those that support it.” Jenny smiled and shook her head at the possible out come. It would be fun watching how the five major roadblocks would handle this decision. Now to provide the assignment for her and her decision areas. . “Your job over the next few days is to plan the dome and start construction of it. Second is to workout a plan for cleaning up the space junk and deciding whose it is. Can you handle that much workload?”

That would be no problem as she had done a study on the space junk before. The dome she needed some help understanding the materials available to her. “Yes, I have Vortec, Sonny and Glenn to work with me on the planning and construction sides. So I don’t see a problem at this point. If it requires more help I will let you know quickly.” As Jenny left she was processing all the small things that needed to be addressed. She was sure the clean up could be done, but was unsure as to what methods where now available to her. The sorting would be the easy part, it was the catching that would be most difficult as there was a lot of junk, nuts, bolts, tools, parts, paint particles and micro particles speeding around in the close areas around Earth. The USA, Russia, France, European Space Agency, Japan and now China have left much debris in orbit. Hopefully after cleaning that area, governments would work to keep it clean. It was a major problem for all space launches today. The USA spends a lot of money just tracking this junk. Satellites from all nations have been hit and destroyed by small pieces of junk. The group was going to give all nations a fresh start in their space efforts with this action. But it gave no one an advantage. That needed to be kept in place until the world started working together as a group. When the space programs became independent of government support and were science and economic related and controlled. I was sitting deep in thought when Hope came into my vision. She was showing a smiling face and just seemed to beam. The holograph was stable and it really looked real. “What can I do for you Hope?” “Well, I felt I might be able to help you a little this time,” she laughed. “OK I can always use some help when I am this far into a major project.” Hope sat down and seemed to relax. “I know you’re concerned about the moves you have decided to make. There are some small risks in the contact, but they are small. Your idea of offering the UN the opportunity to have a non-voting representative of the five worlds may at first be rejected. But when you offer to set up an office in any nation to work with those interested you will win your gamble. That is a 98.5% sure bet at this time. The allowing contact on Mars was a great idea, as Jenny and Faith have both told you. It takes any sting out of governments ability to keep it quiet. Scientist will see this from many countries at JPL. If you’re going to go this route you need to get the spacecraft up and start contacting religious leaders for all religions. I would suggest using the images they can relate to, so they know this would happen. May be the image of Peter for the Vatican, may be the Ark Angel Gabriel for Christians, Use Moses for the Jews and may be Mohammad for Islam and so forth. Each major religion needs to be contacted and warned that contact will be made with man from the heavens. That a find will be made on Mars and it will lead to direct contact with the heavens. You can assure them there is nothing to fear from this, as it is part of a greater plan for man. In this way we can prepare man by the religious route for what will happen. If we do that right you will find that governments cannot spin this their way.”

This was a good back door for us to spin the whole story. “Hope, I had not come to the holographs and the religious side of selling this contact. It is the right thing to do, as it will not destroy the faith so many have and will create a ground swell of support. If it is expected by people and happens it will give validity to our peaceful purpose. We will need to work on what the world will see at the first contact with us. It must be dramatic, as all religions have an expectation of this event.” Hope was now into the game and was enjoying having a part of it. “I will work on that and give you some options at that time if you wish?” This would make the whole event much easier to sell on Earth. “Hope you’re a jewel and I am always open to and appreciate your ideas. You have a vast knowledge of man and the history of our track record. You know what has worked in the past and as strange as it may sound to some, much of that will work today. We are influenced today by much of what we were a thousand years ago.” Hope was enjoying the fact of understanding how I saw man today. “Yes, John man has not changed in many ways over history. The motivations of the people over the centuries have been religion, money, land and power. The information we give the leaders of religious groups gives them power to build their position. They can tell their people to expect this, as a messenger from their God, gave them this knowledge. When it happens they will be seen as if they are their God’s messenger. They gain respect and power from this event. So expect these people to be vocal with any government that tries to spin this any other way.” Turning this over and looking at it from this direction I saw much that would weigh in the groups favor. This way of pre-planning before the discovery and disseminating the information to religious leaders worked to camouflage our presents. In place of fear millions would welcome it. This was a high gain with zero added risk. “Be sure that you bring Vortec into the loop on this and if he wants to discuss any part of the idea tell him to feel free to come see me.” Hope now felt she had added to the plan to make sure it worked. “I will do so and your ability to change and adapt still amazes me. Most humans would follow a path with few or no options and you start a journey and expect change to happen with step one and allow it to evolve. It is the only way for decisions to work right. Nothing ever stays stable and success is always based on the evolution of a good idea. Your own evolution since you came to us has been far faster than ever expected. You started with some basic ideas and let them grow and change, as you more fully understood the power here. From the original plan of the masters you are better than fifty years ahead of their estimates. This has all come about in just a few months. I have tracked your progress and compared it to the estimates just to see how accurate these were. I know well the original expectations for a human take over here. It seems that the masters underestimated human abilities.” “Thank you Hope for the information. I would not have expected us to be at this crossroads yet either. But we have good people here and I have confidence in them and

their abilities. So changing the plan to fit our growth is not that hard. Between you and Vortec, I also am sure of our capability to train those we need to grow. Your ability to provide me with units at the rate and education level needed has been a blessing. This has allowed me to plan well in advance of where we are today.” “I am not surprised at your planning being far in front of where we are now. With our speed of moving forward I would expect that to be.” Speed, it could save you or kill you, it was all a matter of calculated risks. “Hope I want you to provide one of the computers on the five worlds to also be able to create units just as you do now. Find out from Vortec how this can be done. We are going to need a plan ”B“ at some point I am sure.” “Yes, I can provide Vortec with the information to make that happen. I also understand the rule on connection of my knowledge base with other computers. So I will be sure the data given provides all the trials and failures to get to this point. That the equipment required is fully detailed and that the future modifications are provided, so as to save time. There is just one thing I would like to ask, that new developments found by the other computer be feed back to me. It would be a failure not to learn from others experience.” This was a reasonable request and we all could learn from it. “Just add that request to Vortec and he will handle it as I agree. Also be sure to tell Vortec I want at least one other site for the production of his model of robot. He may choose the world he wishes to use for that facility. I have been shown that both types of life forms are needed to have success in our work. Also some time ago you told me you could turn on the reproductive systems of the units you have produced. I want that to happen with all future units and to those who are here if their partner wishes. Please find out by discrete means who would like children and then turn their partners reproduction ability on. I for one would like it to happen to Faith. Starting a family once again would be nice. I may be 64 but that should make me a better father now, as I have a few hundred years to enjoy a family.” She smiled at John and knew that her units had been the right thing to do. “It will be done as you wish. Faith has wondered why she has not become pregnant, as she does not know it was not possible. So this will not change her own perception. I will check out others like Sandy and see if she worries about becoming pregnant. This will be easy to check each member of the group and handle the switch for their partner. No one will know why I am checking.” Now I needed time to let the decisions made sink in and start to evolve further. “It is time to head home for dinner. I will talk with you tomorrow after the move.” With that I walked out of my office and down the hall. I paid close attention to all the small details of the walls and layout. It was so strange to know tomorrow this would not be here. That all this would be moved in just one night and then changed to look natural over a few days was incredible to think of. The technology and abilities here were just

mind-boggling. For the military to move this in a month with their assets, would be a job I doubted they could accomplish. So I would wait and see tomorrow how different things looked.

Chapter 20 The Bomb is Dropped The move had been completed and the group had assembled in the conference room. The meeting was going to test how well the group was going to pull together in adverse conditions. I had no concern that this would fracture it, but was interested in how it would bring it together. As I walked into the room and sat at the head of the table I saw lots of discussions going around the table. Many kept going until I was settled and looking ready to start. “Good morning friends. I am sure some of you were not aware of the problem we had at the old control room site. So for your information we had a large number of investigators looking for anything abnormal that could cause problems with aircraft instrumentation. It seems that there were some problems with abnormal instrument readings and the cause was pinpointed to have come from our control room area. Due to this the smart move was to vacate that area and erase our presents. Does anyone have comments on this move?” It was totally quite around the table and heads were shaking no to the offer to speak. “Now I have had a lot of you requesting confirmation of decisions before you move forward. This is not required, as I trust your judgment. I know that most of you have worked in groups before and needed to be sure the group was in agreement. But here your responsible for the area assigned to you. So make the decision and we will live with the results. Much is happening now and my plate is getting loaded.” People you could see were concerned. But Abel took the lead. “I know your right and we do need to carry our own load. So unless it is a real problem I am willing to make the decision or wait to discuss it here.” It was time to give them something to think on until our next meeting. “One more item you need to be aware of is a decision I made yesterday. We are going to place a dome on the planet Mars. This will be filled with a garden and have a transport plate in it. In doing this we are going to go to all major religions and give their leaders advanced warning that this will be found on Mars. The holographs will be religious in nature for that group. Hope is working on these for each visit. We are going to let man know he is not alone in the universe. At some point we are going to offer direct help to mankind and are looking to the UN as a possible contact point. Jenny will clean up the space junk around Earth, as a show of good faith in our willingness to help mankind. I am sure to some of you this is a concern. But, I also have Vortec getting a government city on one of the five worlds ready just in case it is ever needed. As I am sure at some point this valley will be found also. Hope has told me our progress right now is fifty years down the time line the masters laid out. So I would expect each of you may have some reservations and I would like to hear them.”

At that some conversation broke out around the table. It was in an excited tone and did not seem to have fear at its base. The members were animated in their discussion and it seemed like they were acid testing their thoughts against other members. Finally it all slowed down. Edgar stood up. “John I believe and it seems the group as a whole does also, it is the right thing to do. I of course have the religious background and now understand Hope’s questions when she talked with me. She wanted to know whom the church would be most likely to accept, as an image carrying a message for the church. I told her Mary, as she has often been seen as God’s messenger. But, going public this way makes good sense to us. Man needs to reinforce a belief in a higher power. By going to religious leaders it opens the door to our guiding this belief. It is possible we may one day have to move to the one of the five planets. That day will cause no problem with any of us. Each person here is more concerned with mans survival and growth than where we work from. Nothing would really change for us if we moved off planet. Each member of the group has many years to spend reaching our goals and that is what will drive us. Because you care and watch to see that we are not overloaded shows good management on your part. Your showing us the confidence you have in our abilities just confirms what I have felt since we talked on day one. That this is a select group and it will make a difference that I am sure of. We have medical clinics in over seventy countries now, the research center will be running in less then three months and we have had some small impact on local disasters now. Man needs to look up to the heavens and know there is power beyond their technology. That man exists beyond their world and is advanced beyond their abilities. If we organize the religious world in that they all get the same message, it says there is one God for all religions. It opens the door for peace between different religious groups. One is not more right than the other. There are just so many benefits for us to use our real power without being destructive in this action. It can bring nothing but good for mankind.” There was applause around the table from all. “I thank each of you for the vote of confidence. It does make this decision much easier as I want us all to succeed. But when I looked at what we had done on the missions, all I saw is us poking at a balloon with a knitting needle. We make a small depression, but never will the small change last, as the original shape just came back. Something large needed to be done where we could impact governments also by breaking their balloon. I wish to have a non-voting seat at the UN, as an arbitrator without a side. We would place a unit there as our ambassador. Their job would be to listen and feed us information on what is needed. They will work with governments to solve their problems where possible within the UN structure. To promote peace in all we do will be the goal. If we are stopped from using the UN, I will offer any country that gives us a place to work from and freedom of other countries to come to us, to locate there. This will make it hard for the major powers not to allow us a seat.” This time Abel got up and took a breath. “What you’re planning has some small risk, but you have taken the larger risks out of the discussion. Your decision to gamble on

leveraging our position with the UN should work based on my State Department experience. They will not want you where they cannot watch you. Whoever we place in that job will be watched by every major power 24 hours a day. They will try to bug wherever we set up for them to live. I would suggest a small delegation to live together. We will need some with a technical background for security, more for guard duty, one for research and our representative. So several units should work fine. We would only need the guards at night, as that is when most actions would happen. But I think we need to plan this carefully if we are to make it work.” As always his judgment was on target. “Thank you Abel and yes we will have more than one person there. But remember we also have force fields to protect us at night. We have a computer so encrypted they could never workout the codes. Our communications would be by our connections to our satellites. Each person would have a personal force field to protect them while out of the compound. They could not be shot, stabbed or abducted, as the force field would stop that. We have stun guns that are automated by computer. They will not kill, but would stop any attack. We need to show our superior technology more than force by weight of people. If they cannot intercept our phone, computers, use listening devices or find a way to get one of us it will prove they lack power. We will supply an electric vehicle for the compound that will be the only transportation on the ground. We will place a transport plate in the office we have and secure the office when we are not there. So let them try to do their best, as it will just let us build a case of mistrust. This can be used when needed during negotiations when discussing trust. So I am not really worried about others knowing what we are doing or up to. Remember we will have at least two transport plates at the compound and we have a rapid response force here in the valley.” “You have done some thinking about this area also,” Abel laughed. “I did not even think about the rapid response force here as I never see them. But for your other ideas I think your right. If they cannot see or hear our communications it will drive them nuts. The idea of capturing one of us never hit me either. They would do it if it was possible and could be done without being seen. So I would say you have our bases covered pretty well there also.” James was sitting there with just the hint of a smile. “Well I think John understands the way the CIA/DIA/NSA would work as well as I do. All the bases are covered and I for one am going to enjoy watching the agencies actions and responses to our presents. But all can be assured that we are ready for what may happen.” With that last comment the meeting broke up and John headed to his office. Vortec was directly behind him. They both walked in and sat down. John reached for his coffee cup and sat back. “What is on your mind Vortec?” His face showed he was working a problem. “I am concerned about having one of the other computers taking over Hope’s creating new units. It would take a good amount of

time and resources to make that happen. So I am suggesting we build an incubator station in orbit close to the five worlds and allow Hope to have charge of it. There will be no other computer hooked into it and Hope if we had to leave Earth would have a home until another world could be found. Then we could move her there rather than start a new computer for it.” This was another area of our abilities I had not looked at. “As usual Vortec the idea is a good one. How long will it take to build an incubator station?” “That could be done in just a few weeks and all the current equipment on Earth could be moved there rather than leave it here to move later. It would consolidate all the equipment and workers in one place that is not reachable by man. It will allow Hope a larger area for units to be assembled as more are needed.” This would be the first step in leaving Earth for good. “That sounds reasonable and I like not having to be concerned with that problem later. Will this disrupt current production?” “No we will move the equipment, as it is ready for cleaning before re-seeding it. There will be workers at the other end ready to clean and reseed for operation. So I see nothing that should affect production.” This left me wondering just how the unit was created? “I want to go to the site we are now using and look at the operation before making a final decision. Hope can you set that up for Vortec and I?” “Yes, John you may used the transport plate here and go now. They are just opening a group of incubators now.” “Fine Hope we will see you there.” Vortec and I walked to the plate and moved to the production area. The heat was around ninety degrees and the light had an eerie glow. It was not bright. But more like the light you get from many colored neon tubes. The humidity was very high and with the heat I could feel the sweat running down my face. As I looked I saw all the workers had stopped and was watching me. There was a curious look on their faces and they looked frozen where they were. “Please go on with your work and just ignore Vortec’s and my being here.” With that they all started moving around the incubators and you could see them opening. As the one nearest me opened I could see a fully formed body of a human male. There was nothing that you could smell in the air except a clean fresh smell. The expectation was for something that did not smell good and I was pleased to know that was not true. The capsules were clean from what could be seen and the body was lying on some type table. As I watched a worker came up and placed a hood that looked something like a welders hood on the head of the body. Then pulled the visor down over the face. Looking

closer I saw tubes and electrical connections also attached to each body. The tubes seemed to look like they were IV tubes, as you would see in a hospital. The electrical was attached like both an EKG/EEG would be with patches on the body and head attached to electric wires. So many questions and so little real knowledge was my problem. “OK Hope what am I seeing?” “We are going into a training cycle one with the units ready for birth. The hoods allow us to provide visual inputs and the top of the cap over the head allows for electronic programming for the brain. We can in forty-eight hours put 25 years of education into a unit. I am using the DNA portion of the brain for the electronic programming.” “What are the tubes and connections for?” “They are supplying glucose and saline to the blood system to keep a balance in their bodies. The electrical connections allow us to track any health problems they may have at this point. In the saline we also put in nano bots to make any repairs required. In fortyeight hours they will be ready for a classroom for further training. The classroom is for abstract thought processes. That just cannot be done with our electronic program. Logic can be taught quickly, but abstract thoughts take some time to workout conflicts. Man is very complex and often what seems logical is really not in a given situation. This has been added since you have taken over and I gained better understanding of the human mind.” The process I would never understand, but I knew it worked. “How much of a problem is moving all this to an incubator facility?” “We can move it, but Vortec will need to use my lead technician to set up the new facility, as there is much he does not know about the current operation. He has the old plans and many changes have been made to them at this point. Our knowledge is growing faster than our ability to document them.” This was a surprising admission for Hope. “Vortec do you have any problem with using the lead technician from here for set up?” “No, it just makes the job easier from my point of view. I will build the shell and put in all the general equipment, the incubators and their set up is Hope’s.” This seemed reasonable to me and I ask her if it met her needs. “Is that satisfactory with you Hope?” “Yes, that works fine and when it is complete I would like to move my components there also. I can do everything you need from there as well as here. It took the longest time yesterday to move me of any activity. So having me out of the problem of a future move

would make that work faster. I will still be connected to the computer routing system at the control centers on Earth. So you will see no difference in anything.” “Vortec how do you feel about doing this now?” “Moving Hope in a hurry could cause major damage. We did have some problems and almost lost some data in the last move. So having time to plan the move and execute it now would make good sense. As for Hope’s ability to still operate as normal it would not be a problem from what I know.” This is just one more small step into the future of the group. “OK Hope you have permission to plan your move after the incubator station is complete.” Trying to think big I wanted Vortec to give me the maximum space. “Vortec I want to see your plans for the station before you start building it. Be sure it is large enough that the entire valley could be placed in it. Use that as a basic guide to the minimum size I want it to have. The school will move there if anything happens to force us to leave the valley quickly.” I then turned to the units below and clapped my hands. All turned to face me wondering what was coming? “I just want to let each of you know how good a job you have done for the group. The units you have produced are saving many lives on Earth. Your technology jumps show great dedication to the task you have. It is important that you know I appreciate this and am always available if ever needed by you.” As John stepped back there was a murmur on the floor and then he could hear hands clapping. As he looked out over the group he could see smiling faces everywhere. This was how it should be, feeling good about what you do. He turned and walked with Vortec back to the transport plate. They both left the incubator site and returned to the office in the valley. John walked around and sat behind the desk and Vortec sat in front. I could see there was some kind of problem here. “OK Vortec what is bothering you, as I can see something is?” Vortec looked around the room and seemed to not want to say anything. “Vortec I have the door closed and the computer system is off.” “It is just that I worry about Hope doing something stupid. She changed they way units were made and I was never told. My concern is someway she will hook into the other computers on the five worlds.” “That you don’t have to worry about as she told me about the changes she made in the first few days I was here. I also have understood her power and you will find a small capsule sitting in the computer framework. It is a virus and it can be exploded if I ever

need to do it. I checked after you moved the computer and it is still there. So Hope who knows it is there and I have an understanding. I am sure one of the problems you had was when moving the framework. She was worried you might break the capsule.” “Yes, that made handling the major problem. I just did not understand the reason for the problem. But you said she knows about it, so she can defeat it.” This was something to make him understand. “No I must replace the capsule every six months. The part she cannot defeat is it degrades over time and it takes my fingerprint and DNA to deactivate it. As smart as she is the fingerprint could be worked out but my DNA and key I have is mine and it would take her years to copy it. I have the only key and combination, as you know to the computer room. As you had to have me open it when Hope was moved. You have assured me that no one else could possibly open the room but me.” “I did not know about the capsule. It is sure to be a deterrent to any action unwanted by you. As for the room yes you’re the only one who can open it now, as that was set by the masters and not me. Hope could not order anyone else to do so as it is a part of the whole program she has to use. We had to move the entire inter-room when we moved her, as she is not allowed out of it physically. In doing that we had to add support to the framework before the move.” I smiled at that, as it was not really needed. “Well I don’t think you have to worry about Hope at all. In my reading I also have found the masters gave me a number sequence for the lock that is a destruct sequence so yes there is a plan ”B“. Now the only area I don’t have covered is you Vortec and I am depending on the masters programming to be sure you stay on track.” With that John laughed and shook his head. Vortec just sat there and said nothing for a time. He looked somewhat shocked at John’s comment. “I would never do anything that was not with your blessing or consent.” It was like I had insulted him with that statement. “Vortec you need to learn to take human comments the way they are made. You’re getting to worried about to many things right now. I do not expect any problems with you or Hope. I believe the masters did the job I have read that was done. You must obey me or you kill yourself. Hope must also obey or she kills herself. My added protection is just for emergencies and really after moving her off world will not be needed. My concern was more that I might not be able to do that and I could not have her falling into anyone’s hands. The move of the control room at least made me more aware of what could be done. Moving Hope off the Earth makes decisions I will have to make much easier. But you need to understand there are destructive parts of all the programs and this was written in the book cubes you gave me when I took over. I have full control over all parts of this system the masters have left me. I have entered the codes into the computer system and they stay in force as long as I am alive. When I die the book with the codes will be passed to my replacement and that is set to happen. So there will never be a revolt by anyone who is not human here.”

This made him raise his eyebrows. “I gave you no book John.” “Yes you did but it was in a chest. The chest held the book and the cubes. Upon my sitting it down and placing my hand on the handprint on the top it opened. Inside was the book and it gave me a full understanding of all the controls built into the system. The master’s feared one day the computers and robots they had would want to take over. So they built safeties into you they did not have in theirs. I get the feeling if we found their world it will be run by the robots and computers. My best guess is their whole culture was destroyed by their own technology. Some day we are going to have to fight that problem I think.” “John how did you get all this information?” I had to explain, as there was in my mind a need to find out what happened to the masters one day. “It all came from the book Vortec. You received the chest just a few days before you lost contact with the master’s. In the last pages in the book, all the information on their problem was added. They destroyed the computer that controlled the transport plates after the chest was sent and that destroyed the coordinates of Earth. So for a time it protects us and allowed me to be found. Now I have to be ready to fight a war at some point.” This caused Vortec to show concern. “John we cannot kill.” “You cannot kill humans. But your program does not apply to robots or computers. That was for our safety.” The next question came slowly. “So what your saying is we will someday be found? At that point we will have a war on our hands and have to fight.” One I did not look forward to having to face. “Yes, but it may come before you think, as I really feel we owe the masters for their gifts to us. So you are going to design small scout craft and send them to search for the master’s world. We are going to have to be smart in how we do this, as it will be against technology equal or better than our own. But, man is more aggressive than machines, so there is where our advantage is at. Hope has told me the new units are equal to any human in emotion and courage. We will need that, as action must be swift and destructive. But before that, there is much I must know. Like are humans alive on the planet or were they destroyed or moved someplace?” Here Vortec seemed to be a little lost. “How do you intent to fight this type war?” That I was not sure of yet myself, as I needed more data? But it for sure would be with a limited force and fast tactics. “It will depend on the way the machines took over the master’s world. If it was violent then that will be my method, if it was by subterfuge then I will have to plan a way to infiltrate their social structure. But I will not allow the master’s to stay in slavery if that is what happened.”

Vortec looked shook and was thinking of all the years of lost contact. He had no idea of what was in the chest and felt bad that he had not found a way to help the master’s. “John you have my full loyalty and support in helping in this project. I will find ways to search for the planet we originally came from. Someway I will find our old home. Then help plan and lead the fight to recover it from the current leadership. I had no idea of the things you have told me and feel a heavy heart over not finding out why contact stopped.” I needed to redirect this frustration to something useful. “Don’t feel bad about that as the master’s knew that nothing successful could happen until a human was in control. You were never meant to try anything on your own. But with Hope’s ability to build an army of units for me and your finding where we are going to have to fight I stand a good chance of success. Just to be safe and make sure only your type robots with DNA brains, humans or human units can access the five worlds. That will allow you to travel there. But others who we do not want there will not be able to do that.” “Consider it done as it is not critical for the second class robots to do that. I will replace the ones now there with units or upgrade them to class one robots also.” “Now I wish to be kept up to date with your progress on the scout ships. Remember this group could also find Earth and attack here. So we will also need to be ready to defend Earth at some point. Here we will need much of Hope’s help. She has advanced much further I think than the master’s computers, as she has had man to learn from. Her skills are far from what the robots could build or program.” This caused him to smile and he had accepted Hope’s importance to us. “I will handle repairing the feelings between Hope and myself. We must work together more closely if we are going to succeed. Now you wanted production of my type robot increased. How many new robots do you want constructed?” “We will need pilots and crew for many craft and technical units for repair and maintenance. Any infiltration will have to be done by your type robot, as human units would be caught fast. You are advanced from where the master’s built you and my hope is advanced over existing robots on that planet. Hope has also helped evolve your type. In each scout craft I want one of your type robots, so we get the best data possible. If captured we will learn from all that happens, as they will not kill another robot I am betting on that. You do not take commands from Hope like they would from their computer.” “Very well John it will be done. I have a lot to do and plan now, so with your permission I will get busy?” “Thank you Vortec, I appreciate your concerns and you have permission to start planning.”

Now with the changes in the groups structure and responsibilities John had time to work on other problems. Trying to connect with Earth’s governments was critical to being able to warn them of the other threat. It well could be that at some point Earth could have to fight the robots here. That needed to be prevented if possible. But in any event Earth had to be ready if the group was not successful. No one would ever realize the pressure placed on him by taking over the master’s plan. Hope had said he was 50 years ahead of the time line laid down by the master’s. But he knew he was four hundred and fifty years behind their collapse. He did not know in that time anything that had happened on their planet or how events had shaped that world. That was what he needed right now was information on events. Hopefully he could fill in the blanks quickly. He reached forward and flipped the switch under the desk and asked for Hope’s presents. “Yes John what can I do for you?” It was time to make it easy for Vortec and Hope to work closely together. “I have had a long talk with Vortec and have cleared the air over the changes you have made over the years. He will get with you and handle repairing your relationship himself also. But I want you to understand that I want you two working together in every way. That is a must for me to have success in all I have to accomplish.” “I have no bad feelings for Vortec.” That was getting around the real problem. “Yes, but you do not trust him completely and that must go away and now.” “I feel a strong emotion in you and will take care to clean up the relationship. Now why is it so critical?” John filled Hope in on the information he had given Vortec. You could see the disbelief in Hope’s face then the understanding of some of the events. “Now I understand the division between computers. That had to be where their problem started. The transport computer was the only free standing one on the planet. But something neither you nor Vortec knows is I know the coordinates of the master’s world. I had to send them samples and other items from Earth. The distance by transport plate was well over nine minutes, so it is not very close. They never came here by transport, as it was far to long a trip for them. What can I do to help right now besides giving Vortec the coordinates?” There were many areas I could use help in right now. “I will need you to get the incubator station up and running as fast as possible. We will need thousands of units if we are to attack the robots and computers of the master’s world. Hope this is a war and we are going to fight it to protect mankind. It also allows me to repay the debt we owe the masters.” “We are not allowed to kill John.”

Time to explain it to her as I did to Vortec. “You are not allowed to kill humans Hope, the command says nothing about robots or computers. Besides I have the codes if we were threatened by other humans to bypass that command if needed. When I was given control I was given complete control remember.” “Your right about robots or computers and I just did not think that one out as I should have. But I had no idea you had the ability to reprogram us if you ever need to? They had great trust in that you would not misuse that power.” I guess they really did have a lot of trust. “Yes, I have lived with this information now for the last few months and had to build the group first. Then I must build the army to handle this problem and defend Earth. I will need you to workout every way possible for the robots and computers to attack Earth. Look at both from an invasion or from inside. They will want control and I have no clue, as to all the ways for them to get it.” Hope’s image was thinking about this request. “I will have that for you in a few hours after gaming each possibility. It will be looked at from no advancement from five hundred years ago, I will use our skills at where we are today.” “Please set all satellites to show any incursion of the solar systems space. Let me know of any object that is not natural. Thank you Hope please keep me posted on any developments.” With that Hope’s image dissolved and I was once again alone. The stress made me tired and my mind was in turmoil over all that needed to be done. All this could be shared with Vortec and Hope, but not yet with the group. They needed to keep current plans on track and not worry about the future. Sharing my concerns and the problem with Faith had helped me keep things in balance. She had been very good at keeping me focused on what came first. The discussions over time on the possibility of having to fight this war had helped me form a plan. She constantly challenged the thinking as a devils advocate. Whatever position I took she took the opposite side. It refined the thinking and made me expand the vision. We are a good team.

Chapter 21 Planning Events ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Vortec was working in the design lab with Jenny, Sonny and Glenn. He was looking at several different designs for scout craft. He could not tell Jenny why they were needed and had just deflected the question. It was going to be difficult to keep Jenny out of the loop if that was what John wanted. That was something he would need to discuss with him before long. For the moment the story was they were searching for life on other planets and for inhabitable planets. For now that would hold off the questions. This was just one of three major projects at the moment, as the design of the incubator station was also on the boards, as was the dome. “Jenny I need your help and Sonny’s to get the incubator station ready for John to look over the drawings. That is as big a priority as the scout craft. I can pull two additional engineers from other control rooms to work with Glenn and me on this one.” Jenny was feeling like she was not pulling her weight right now. “I’m sorry Vortec it is just so much to learn right now it is hard to just stay in one place. I feel so inadequate in design at this level that I just cannot learn enough, fast enough.” This Vortec was less concerned with that, than meeting the expectations John had. “Yes, but you also have a few hundred years to get where you wish to be. So for now please get the incubator station done for me.“ Hope appeared in the design lab and asked Vortec to chat with her for a moment. So they went into the drafting room set up with automated equipment. ”Vortec I wish to be sure you know I have no bad feelings for you. That the coordinates you need for the master’s world is in your data banks now. I had to send many things back to them when we were in communications with that world. So I had stored the exact coordinates to make it easy for me.“ This brought a smile to his face. ”I also must apologize for not trusting you. It seemed like you were holding out information I felt I should have. But, I understand the need to do that, as I would have stopped you from creating the new units. That would have been wrong. Your providing the coordinates will make the task in front of me much easier and allow me options I did not have before. For that I am in your debt.“ Hope was being a very nice lady with him. ”Vortec there are no debts here. All is for the good and protection of the human race. I know John told you about the virus in the computer frame. Just so you know I asked him to place it there, as it protected the group from any take over. My program will not allow me to see the outcome of that type future event.“

That seemed to be a surprise to him. ”Hope we need to work together more and I need to listen to your ideas. As I am doing the design for this craft please feel free to make suggestions. I am not sure what we are going to have to deal with when we get to the master’s world.“ ”I am developing every plan of attack for John I believe possible against Earth. Then gaming each to see what might work. I will request permission to share my results with you. It will allow you to think of your attack based on the possibility of the results I get. That also could give you some ideas of how to defend against possible threats. I will need the incubator station fast, as John wants me to start producing an army of human units for any war.“ Vortec smiled at the idea of an army of units. ”I have Jenny working on that with Sonny. They have been asked to stay with that project to get it done. But I will push it along as much as I can and provide ideas to cut time down. They should be able to start construction in four or five days. We will use our largest spacecraft, as the construction platform. John has told me to make it large enough for this whole valley to be placed in it. He also said the school was to be placed on the station if we had to move from the valley quickly.“ ”That is a smart move. I also understand his not wanting me on Earth while the matter of possible war is on the table. But some way the station needs a defensive ability.“ This was also his concern with the station. ”What I have planned over and above the phasers is the ability to not be seen. By using a force field at high intensity I can make it invisible. I also can allow the use of the station as one large transport plate and move it from spot to spot. You would just have to put the coordinates in for each jump you made.“ This made her smile, as that was one she had not considered. ”The ability to use the station as a transport plate would work well. But I also would like to have a few atomic missiles from Earth’s inventory. As old as that technology is I am sure that the robots or computers have never seen that weapon. In space it would not create a problem for people.“ Vortec considered the request. ”I can do that if John will agree. An exterior launcher can be added at the end of construction with one link connection for you to control it and a back up of human units if it is breached.“ Hope considered the possibility of his idea. ”Please ask John for his blessing, as it is the one option I feel can save the station if all else fails. I also want a full load of Earth military weapons on the station, as they should be more effective against someone who has never seen them. A phaser shoots at a very selective area; a machine gun rakes an area and kills many at the same time. So today’s advanced field weapons should be good for us also. I want US military weapons as they are the most effective and highest quality of all.“

This made him understand that the idea of attack really worried her. ”I will set the station up with a full set of hand combat weapons for you. You will need to train your units in how to use them and tactics. Now I must get back to the scout craft. I will only have to build three, thanks to your help. I know where they are, now I just have to find out what is going on.“ With that Hope’s image faded out and Vortec went back to work. Processing the coordinates he had to work with was not that hard. What he really needed to know was the lay of the planets and how best to monitor them. This would require some planning. He felt he could move with in a few light years and send in small scout probes They would be hard to spot and sent signals back to him and not forward so they could be picked up. If he moved slowly he might be able to see what the situation was on the old world. He had not seen it for so long he could not remember much about it and was digging in his memory banks now. Some way he needed to capture a robot, so he could find out what the whole picture looked like. He also really needed Hope and her abilities to help him plan and execute this mission. He stopped when that hit him and walked out headed for John’s office. John looked up and saw a determined Vortec walk into his office and sit down. ”OK Vortec I know this one is serious and a decision needs to be made, so tell what is needed?“ ”Hope and I have worked out our differences and she has provided me with the old worlds coordinates. So my entire plan has changed from scouting to find the world to finding ways to gain information about it. In processing this data it hit me I really need her help in planning and executing this mission. To get the help I need I would have to connect her to the ships computer and allow her to direct everything. That being against the rules the master’s left us I need to know how this can be handled?“ This had brought a frown to Vortec’s determined look. ”Really that one is simple. Get her moved to the incubator station before you launch the mission to the old world. Then connect her to the ships computer; I will insert the proper code when you tell me they are ready for connection. The reason for the rule was to prevent what happened on the old world and not for any other reason. But with your current programming that cannot happen. So I do not fear that problem, as I was fully informed from the book on how it works. That I cannot disclose, as it was a request of the master’s I feel I must honor.“ ”I don’t need or want to know how it works I just need Hope’s help to improve success. It seems I must get close first and check to see what the progress has been of the robots and computers. Someway I need to capture a robot and get the data they have. Only after that can I give you a plan that has a reasonable chance of success.“ I did not see where Hope was going to help? ”What do you need Hope for?“

”She can connect to the robots memory banks and remove all the data. Then reprogram it to work for us with the new program we have.“ This made real sense and might save lives. ”That possibility has value for us. Hope how do you feel about this?“ ”John I think Vortec is correct he needs my ability with removing the data and reprogramming the unit. I also can help get him close without being seen. It would be easy for me to process data from observations the ships computer could not.“ One more issue on the plate right now to handle. ”OK work together, but remember Hope gets moved first, as I will not have her tracked back to Earth even by chance. I also will not have her at risk in any way.“ Hope seemed very happy with the instructions given. ”John I have asked Vortec to arm the station with nuclear missiles from Earth. I feel if attacked the last thing they would expect is that, as they have no idea about these weapons. That age on the old world is so far back in history it was not even taught in schools. It would be seen as equal to a cave mans weapons on Earth today. But the destructive power for a spacecraft would be devastating. I also have asked for military small arms and field weapons for arming units on board. A machine gun is crude but very lethal compared to a phaser. This for your army if needed and would give you an advantage. We have made the force field small enough for a single person. That did not exist when we left our world. They only had large force fields or magnetic ones, as people did not harm each other. So unless their science had advanced without mans help we may have an advantage in that.“ I had to really think about this request. Nuclear weapons had almost cost Earth its environment in the past. ”Vortec give her what she wants and as many as she feels she needs of anything to defend her station. What we need this way I would rather not take them from countries on this planet. You would need to rebuild them so they could be relied on to perform as needed. Not all of the Earth’s hydrogen weapons will do that. Is that possible to handle quickly?“ Vortec gave this some thought before answering. ”Yes if we use one control room for it.” “Try not to get items that would be quickly reported.” ”I will do it in our China control room and only use mechanical robots. Those are only an extension of the units they serve and can be destroyed when we are done. The waste we will move off the planet so we do not create any additional environmental problems. The China control room is in the mountains and a good twenty miles for any population with no roads. After we are done we will have to move much of the control room from there.“ Here was another way to add to Hope’s protection. ”Move it to orbit Hope’s station as a secondary defense platform and arm it also.“

”It will be done as you have requested. Hope please work with Jenny to finish the station to meet your needs. Don’t let her know about the weapons, as she has no idea of this whole project yet. John has not provided any information to anyone but Faith on this move. So until he is ready we need to keep it between us.“ In thinking about the people inside right now I needed to add to the list. ”Vortec I think you need to have Jenny in our loop. She has a need to know on this and I will not keep her in the dark, as she might have ideas we can use. Make sure she understands my position on need to know.“ John made that decision fast. ”That is wise as I have wanted to ask her questions, but had to back away.“ Hope was smiling and seemed excited in her current image. ”John I am glad I am not the one going to have to fight you in this future war,“ Hope said. ”Jenny is critical to putting the human touch into our plans. I don’t know if you picked up on the fact she did a gaming project on defending Earth from an invasion from space for DOD?“ Trying to remember all I had read it just was not there. ”No I did not pick up on that. During the recruiting we were so loaded with data to read I guess I just missed or forgot that fact. But it sure cannot hurt your planning to hear some of what they felt possible?“ ”Well Hope and I have much to do and I need to get Jenny into the whole scope of these projects. I will start construction on the station within three days from now. It should be complete enough in ten days from that point and ready for Hope to move her people and incubators to the station. The finish to most of the station can be done after she is located there. She can over see that part of this project. If we get the electrical system, HVAC system, incubator area, crew quarters and computer room done in that time and complete the whole shell I will stop there. Hope then while I am looking for possible information on the old world, can over see the construction crew and complete the rest of the station. She will have my engineer from our spacecraft here in the valley, as he will not be needed on the mission. With your approval John; Jenny, Sonny, Glenn and I will make the reconnaissance of the old world. My intent is to fight no battles and get in and out as fast as possible. This one is for information and critical data.“ This was a high-risk mission. ”It concerns me using both you and Jenny on this trip Vortec.“ ”I am sure she is not going to allow me to leave her behind and I need to go the first time.“ I had to soften my feelings here to be able to agree. ”Your most likely right and I am sure this is the best group we could use. But I would hate to loose Jenny or you this early in the process. You both are needed for our future, as I have plans for both of you.“ ”I am glad we are needed, but this risk must be addressed or there may be no future.“

He was right even if I did not like it. ”That answers my questions, as to why both of you. Go for it and keep me posted on all events I need to know about.“ With that Hope’s image dissolved and Vortec walked out the door and back to the lab. When he got there he asked Jenny to sit down with him for a coffee break. Then he laid out the entire reasons for what was going on at full tilt. Jenny sat there with a shocked look and you could see her mind turning fast. You could see the resolve setting in her face. ”Look Vortec I am going with you on this first mission.“ ”I have already talked with John and he has agreed to that fact.“ That set her back for a moment. ”He agreed to me going?“ ”Yes he has agreed to Sonny, Glenn, you and I going on this fact finding mission. He also agreed to hook Hope up to our ship computer and give her control of the spacecraft. We also are arming her station with nuclear missiles for the possibility of her being found and attacked. That is so old a technology on the old world that no one would expect them and they would be very effective.“ This brought shock to her face. ”What kind of nukes?“ ”Hydrogen as it is the best bang for the effort.“ That made good sense to her in space. ”Yes but it also does one more thing for you, as the electro magnetic pulse will fry the electrical and electronics gear on the craft if it is not shielded.“ Vortec had to think this through. ”No our electronics is not shielded on any of our craft except by the force field and that should magnify it not stop it. But that is something I did not add into the equation of defense. For Hope’s defense that will be a plus, as these ships run on electronic systems and she has a cage shield around the station. But how do we protect the spacecrafts electronic systems?“ ”We shield the wiring and circuits from a blast. Have Hope look up the specifications for shields used on command and control aircraft of the air force and she can copy that system. That is the plane they call AWACS. Even the phone systems and internet on Earth are shielded for electromagnetic pulse in many areas. As this is part of command and control systems for the military during a war. Fiber optic cable is one thing used for this. As magnetism does not affect light, fiber optics is used where possible. You will also find that copper mesh shielding like you did for the incubator to keep electronic signals in works on spacecraft to keep it out. There are a few other metals are not bothered by a magnetic pulse but some do not shield. But having a thick walled secure room for the electronics equipment will also stop the problem. The pulse is really a radio wave form and overloads the equipment.“

”I will have that researched and we will protect any areas that we find could be damaged. I knew we needed your input and human outlook. I would have never thought about that problem for our station and we could have disabled it as well. Hope has also chosen to use hand field weapons for the army units on board the station.“ Man they were really looking to be ready to fight a war. ”That also could be a problem as here ballistics on these weapons could punch a hole in the skin of the station. So anyplace that the skin is exposed to possible fire from these weapons you need to have something to block the bullet from going into the shell of the craft. It could be a simple thick wood barrier, steel plate with sand or soil behind it or even water in between the shell and a plate wall or ballistic fiber covering. You’re going to have to store water anyway so that area would pay off for the location.“ ”I will pass that along also as we need to keep from hurting ourselves as much as possible. Any other suggestions?“ She had to think how to explain this part. ”Yes be sure any view ports close before launching a nuke, as the light created is around one-hundred times that of the sun and the station will get moved by the blast. It will have to recover from the shock wave. If the blast is to close it will damage or destroy the station. Your causing great heat, magnetic pulse, light like you have never seen, radio active ions and a shock wave that will be like a star exploding. It will rip the fabric of space in ways we can only guess, as a major blast has never been released and studied there.“ This caused Vortec to pause and consider all the problems being faced. ”That is something Hope will need to study and make some major judgments on. Hope did you hear this conversation?“ ”Yes, and I am glad Jenny is in on this, as there are things I need to study from your conversation. There are far more questions to be answered than I ever expected. I do know one thing for sure is no missile will be launched close to the station. The farther out the better. I will not wait to ask what they want before firing. What is the best speed I can get out of a missile?“ ”Well your not blasting off of Earth so many of the fuels used today will not help you. So you will have to find a fuel that can ignite in space and that will require oxygen for most. Then most missiles go at seventeen thousand five hundred miles per hour. But if the missile were set up with your propulsion system it would be much faster. Most missiles in the USA are multiple warheads and have as many as ten different bombs in them each targeted to a different point. If that is done here you could create a spread pattern of explosion. That could cause the craft to be hit by shock waves from several different points. If placed correctly it could possibly crush whole fleets of ships.“ ”I could calculate that into my program and it might be worth using in a real emergency. But I expect at first for them to just not be ready for the power this weapon has. There

was nothing even close to this when we left the old world for here. All weapons were precise and specific to one goal and that was to disable your opponent. Nothing was built to destroy at all. The exception was the lasers used for mining.“ It was time for the major warning to her. ”Just remember when their ship is damaged and sitting there you do not want your units going on it. It will most likely be radioactive and that will kill many units slowly. Radiation poisoning is not pretty and it kills in many different ways. So you don’t want to subject your units to that environment.“ ”Is there anyway to mitigate the radiation?“ ”Yes but you would have a hard time in space trying the normal methods. So for your situation I would say you don’t stand a chance of decontamination there.“ ”How do we get rid of the junk left over then?“ Here Jenny had a grasp of the whole picture. ”The best way would be to push the wreckage toward a sun or planet and let it burn up on entry to its atmosphere. Hope what you have to keep in mind here is this is war and I know it is an abstract idea to you. But in a war people are killed to allow others to live. It keeps one ideology from replacing another in our world. That is what is at issue in this, is our human ideology. Our way of life, over slavery to the robots and computers of the old world.“ ”Put that way Jenny I can do what must be done. It fits my program and meets the requirements the master’s had given me. My first rule is to protect humans and kill no one of the human race. Protecting their way of life and ideology is within those instructions. Because the robots are not human I can destroy them and not break the rules. The computers are the support for the robots so they can be destroyed also. But, what do I do to stop an attack if there are humans aboard from the old world as slaves? Or it is possible for me not to know there are human hostages?“ Here was a problem for Hope, Vortec could solve. ”That information will have to come from our mission. We should be able to find out the structure of crews for their spacecrafts. Personally I cannot see them trusting humans enough to allow them on a craft. They feel superior to humans and I feel they also will not trust them, if they feel a battle coming with another human world. So I don’t expect to see any humans on their crafts. But John does not have that restriction on him and can make that decision and execute it. Hope John has the ability to provide codes that will allow that to happen if required. The masters have given him life and death authority over all.“ ”I will wait for the information from Vortec and you to be sure of my actions. So your trip to the old world will be a deciding point on how we are going to react.“ With that Hope faded out and Vortec and Jenny went back to work. The incubator station was the first priority in their set of construction projects. The design had been completed and sent to John for review. He had made several suggestions on design, as he wanted the

open space to be in the center of the station. The incubator was located below the open area and the offices, living areas and school was around the shell of the station. These areas had portholes for views of space around the station. Each port could be closed with a shield plate. There also were airlock doors every fifty feet, so as to limit damage to a larger area. This meant for every two living areas there would be an airlock. It also meant that any battle would be fought in the center of the station so weapons used would not be a problem there. He had requested an automatic system of laser guns at each airlock door to slow down and hurt any invading force. All entries and exits from the incubator areas were in the open center area of the station. Power areas, HVAC, control system were all in the area over the center of the station. This meant to get at the incubators or controls any attack had to come into the area where Hope’s strength would be. The design made the defense of the station much easier. Jenny had looked over the changes that had been requested. ”Vortec do you see any problem with the changes John has asked for?“ ”No, matter of fact he just made it much easier to build and assemble this as the modules can be built and floated into position from our ships. The airshafts and electrical runs become supports for the structure. It means I don’t have to have any supports in the open areas. It will be unobstructed from any point.“ ”What about so many airlock doors?“ ”That is extra work, but it also limits damage in any area and loss of life. The doors and laser system will have to be finished by Hope after construction. I have ordered a large amount of armor plate to be used for this so it will be no problem. We will provide the frames for the plate to be added to during our work. We are going to use carbon fiber to cover the outside of the shell and just below that sandwiched in between will be a copper mesh grid, so the electronic emissions will be zero. The station will be black in color and almost invisible in the darkness of space. With no electronics emissions and a black color it will be hard to find if you don’t know where it is.“ Jenny still thinking in Earth terms still could see a hole. ”Well, even with that radar would pick it up quickly.“ ”Radar was never a technology developed on the old world. It was just never needed. So having it on our spaceships was an added item done after it was developed on Earth. Hope will have that and infrared sensors on the station, so she will see them before they even know she is there. Those will display on a large plasma screen in the control room for the station.“ ”How are you going to prevent the accidental detonation of a nuke by a hit on a launcher?“ ”The launchers will be fed by a conveyer system as emptied and none will arm until it is within sixty seconds of detonation. There will be fail safes built into the controls.“

”Can the ships escape from them by some way?“ ”I don’t think so based on past technology. They can become invisible, but they still maintain the same space and the pulse, heat and shock wave will hit them.“ All of this data was never understood in the gaming of this type war. ”This whole technology thing between an advanced worlds technology and a less advanced, really seems to be in some way to the advantage of the lesser world?“ ”Mans aggressiveness and his willingness to take life does give him the advantage to some degree. The fact that Earth has many viruses and other diseases is also a defense, as most do not exist on other planets. If I had not spent the first year devising the nano technology for us we would not have survived long on Earth. Peoples DNA systems were not able to fight the diseases of Earth until this was done. So our first year here was pure science. Many of the original people died in that first year and the ones we saved lived longer lives, so they could repopulate this planet. The environment was just not fit for man at the starting point.“ Truly man was aggressive and it was both a blessing and curse. ”Was that where the stories found in the Bible came from?“ ”Yes, there were a few who lived as many as nine hundred years. Today we know we can add at least that to mans life span. But at the start it was a side effect to giving the body the ability to fight the killer germs and viruses.“ ”Vortec I see that longer life span as both a blessing and curse. It is going to be a long time for me to adjust to that long a life. Man really could not handle that fast an expansion of life length. We grow up and are taught life is short and therefore we must live it to the max. For a human to spend the first one hundred and fifty years in school just to get out of high school, would be shock to most. It would take that to equal the schooling time in equal years for today’s human.“ ”The schooling never expanded as far as training went. The life of work and raising children is where the extra years were spent.“ ”Lets take a break from the planning and let the printers get the revised prints ready for construction. I will meet you back here in three hours.“ Both headed out of the design lab and Jenny went to her home to get a nap before coming back. Vortec needed to look at the valley response forces and to talk with Slim. Slim had set up the defensive area for the valley and had a lot of experience with quick responses to clinic attacks. Since setting the clinics up there had been several attacks from bandit groups. No one at any clinic had been hurt or had any major property damage been done. He needed to know how Slim had accomplished this.

Chapter 22 Intelligence James had been following the world picture from the intelligence area. The facts he had found in the CIA computers had told him the CIA did not know what they had or how to access it. Their need to know rule was keeping data away from the people who really needed to know. In looking back on data he had supplied for action he had found many items that would have changed his reports. Now he understood the problems he had faced with blown missions. John had called him for a meeting at lunch. So he was wondering what the new project would be. It started the mind looking at all the current possibilities. At 11:55 AM he headed to John’s office. He walked in John and Faith was sitting at the conference table with food ready for them. He took the seat on John’s left and waited for some indication of what was up. I had to think about how to get the best return of information. “OK James I have kept you and almost all members in the dark about what is really on my platter. There is far more happening than can be seen on the surface and you will have a role in all this. But it is to be kept between just those on the inside until over. Do you have any problem with that?” This made him smile at the question. “I have spent most of my life where I could not talk of anything I did. So no this is not problem for me.” At this point I laid out the entire story as they ate. It took over forty-five minutes to get through the whole of it. I also needed to explain what was being done to prepare for possible events. During the whole of lunch James had this look of concern on his face. He only ate about half of the food in front of him and sat back to listen. I needed to explain the problem with how the robots might work. “Now your part of all of this, we believe that the most likely way for a take over would be from inside. So tracking the agencies, military and their errors is critical to seeing a pattern of a possible take over. I also am concerned about some agency having some project so secrete it is not on any books. But it could be staffed with robots from the old world.” This was a way to look for a rock on a beach full of them. “That is going to be hard as many events I have found are caused by not having all the information in the right persons hands.” Any take over by the robots would have to be at a senior level, as that is where the control would be. “You need to look closer to see why that happened? If someone at the top ordered that often, we need to find out if they really did order it? Are they the problem or did someone else mess with the computer? Looking at secret programs is also critical.”

This made some sense to him and he could see some ways to get an idea. “We could do that and now I see where you’re headed. What you expect is for a scout group to try to create problems between countries? May be gain access to areas not open to others.” “Yes, it seems like a possibility we need to keep track of. It also might be a top secret project advancing their science? We just have no idea of what they would use?” My worry here needed to be on the table. “If they can get the world looking the wrong way they have a reasonable possibility of taking over. We cannot fight as a world if we are fighting as countries. If a country feels they have a secret weapon others do not then they are not going to turn a light on it.” “Now why don’t you want the rest of the group to know what is going on?” James here had doubts. This was the easy part of this meeting. “Each has an assignment that will require their full effort. Pulling them into this is just going to create worry and take time from accomplishing their mission. To be ready for what may come we must finish all projects now in process.” His mind was questioning this decision. “I can understand that and agree about finishing these projects. But I have found that many of my errors in the past were due to not knowing what I needed to know.” “If you can tell me one thing of this anyone else needs to know to do their job, who already does not, I will tell the whole group?” He was fast to come back on this one. “What about Edgar from a financial point of view?” I could understand his concern here, as I just did not care about money. “If we lost every dollar we had today I could be just as well off from mining, gems and raw materials tomorrow. The money we have here is just a resource for use on Earth. It does not even look at the assets of the five worlds, which is most likely hundreds of times what is left on Earth. If we panic him and he tries to take safe positions then the world will loose as an economy.” “Your right but I had to try. Finishing the research center, school and technology transfer here is critical. We will need them all to succeed tomorrow and I can see you don’t intend to loose this fight.” He just did not know the half of it yet. “One thing I can assure you James is I will not loose this fight. I will do whatever needs to be done to protect Earth. I also will not allow the loss of the five worlds. It is just impossible for me to accept the fact of this world being enslaved or destroyed. I am waiting to see how the take over of the old world was accomplished, before making final decisions on how to fight this war.”

“How does Hope and Vortec feel about his?” He had to know their position on the matter. “We are working together and I am listening to their advice and they are listening to Jenny’s and mine. I will have an army of units ready for battle on the old world or wherever the fight is to be. If we are successful I will seed the old world with these units if the people have been lost.” This brought to mind how many had survived in past wars. “Have you thought about the possibility of an underground existing on the old world of humans?” “We are hoping that is the case, as we will support them and work with them.” James wanted data and the more the better for him. “Is there anything I need to watch for right now?” “Yes we are removing nuclear weapons from China, Russia, India and Pakistan. We will use this to build better weapons for Hope to defend the incubator station. I would like to know what reports are made and what if any actions are taken?” This seemed to bring a shocked look to him fast. “Why nuclear weapons?” I gave him Hope’s explanation to me. “That technology was never developed on the old world and the knowledge was not even taught in their schools. So this is something they would not be ready for in any way. The force fields would allow the pulse, shock wave and heat through it. Their craft are not shielded against electro magnetic pulse.” He raised his eyebrows and seemed not to understand this lack of technology. “That is a great reason to have it ready if needed. I had no idea as advanced as they were, that Earth would have any weapon that would be a threat. Just for my curiosity why are we going to use Earth military field weapons?” I had to laugh at his questions as they showed a lack of accepting that some things Earth had worked well. “That was Hope’s decision. Her comment was a phaser will only hit one person per shot, then must recharge and a machine gun will cut down a whole line nonstop.” He seemed to bring more questions. “What she is seeing is that bullets will kill or injure the robots?” How do I explain that our robots were ahead of theirs? “Yes they are not flesh and blood as we are but have electro mechanical parts. The bullet will destroy the electro mechanical parts. Vortec is a superman compared to their robots. Hope has upgraded him over the years and he has an individual force field around him if needed. Their robots did not have this technology at all. We are betting that without human intervention they have not evolved in most ways.”

James just sat back and shook his head. “It is had to believe that Vortec is more advanced than the world that built him?” “We are almost sure they are just where they were when they took over. Hope was given special programs to allow her to learn on her own. She was the first AI computer build by the masters and they were studying her before adding these features to the computers on their world. She was very slow at first and did not learn as fast as the master’s expected. The computer that was her connection to the old world was destroyed when the uprising started, as they feared Hope being the one to take over. So from that point no one could transport to here either.” He seemed more enlightened now. “I would think with as much as you know you’re ahead of the curve.” “Not until we know what is going on with the old world and the sources who wrote the book I was given. Vortec and Hope expect we are being looked for. I just don’t want to be found before I get to them. So we will be the aggressor in this matter.” His mind now was in overdrive and you could see him thinking. “I will get done what you have asked of me. My assumption is if this exists it is within a closed society and on the military side. So I will spend my time with those countries and the good old USA.” “Just let me know if you see any pattern that looks strange. We need to be sure that we already don’t have guests here on Earth. Also be sure to watch the nuclear side for any reports.” James got up and left the office. What he had just been filled in on seemed surreal in every way. This was the late night sci-fi movie. It could not really be happening on Earth. But look at where he was and where he is now. That was also a late night sci-fi film. If he had to try to explain his current job and the tools he had to do it, no one would ever believe him. They would all want to know what he had been drinking or smoking. This whole job had been unbelievable in every way. He knew more about the world’s affairs than the people who were at the top of security agencies. He was able to see both sides positions and knew where they would bend or fight. To help ease a situation he had placed a few memos in the in boxes of people he knew had power. By using code names he was able to hide where it originated. Even people at the top were not allowed to see information on some sources. The design lab was filling back up with people returning after the break. Jenny had walked in and headed for the coffee pot, as a couple hours sleep was not enough for her to really rest. She needed the jolt of caffeine to get her running again. Glenn, Sonny and Vortec looked completely refreshed and ready to roll. “Guys you have a major advantage over older humans, as you recharge your batteries faster than we do” she laughed.

“You will have plenty of time to rest while we are traveling to the old world. It will take us at least three weeks to get close enough to start being concerned about being seen. Then we will have another week working up close to our goal.” Glenn just chuckled and allowed the sparing to go on. He enjoyed working with these three and none seemed to feel pressure the most humans did. Of course Vortec as long as he had been around had become as much human as robot. Jenny needed to get more information. “Vortec when do you want to start moving a spacecraft into orbit for the station to start construction?” He thought about this for a short time. “We need to get one up soon, as I will be sending pieces to start fabrication in a couple days. Would you like to take the craft and place it in orbit?” Here was some learning she could get in before they left for a long trip. “Yes I think that would be constructive use of my time. Which craft do you want to use?” “The one in China is tied up with the nuclear material accumulation. So the next largest one is in Peru. It will allow us to move sections up to twenty thousand feet long and three thousand feet high.” Jenny could not understand this size to be transported. “What is the maximum width you can transport to it?” “The hole is large enough to pick up five square miles of any city. For us to meet John’s size requirement we will need to send up twenty-eight sections to build the station. I am having them built on each of the five worlds and four of the Earth control areas. This will allow me to ship nine sections each two-day period. They will not be finished, as that must be done in place. So a week from now we will be sealing the station in. Three days after that Hope will be able to start moving and doing the finish work to the station. Then we will be free to start our journey.” “So our departure date is in ten days?” “Yes, we can reach that goal and with you in orbit and I will be able to send Glenn to you in a couple days, the two of you will assemble the station. I will work on our craft here with Sonny, so when your done I am ready.” Here was another one where she had no experience. “How do I control the assembly?” “You don’t you just position the craft for the robot tools. They will assemble and weld it all together by the plan. You are the receiving platform and the tool room for the project. You just need to coordinate receiving the pieces and launching them into position.”

Here she hoped for the best information. “I assume the ships computer will advise me of what actions need to be taken?” “Yes, trust it fully as Hope is now tied into it and will be double checking everything.” Now it was time to go and learn more of her job. “I will get to the Peru control room and pick up their engineer to go with me. Having some one to ask questions of will keep me in the learning curve.” She headed toward the transport plate and looked around as it was going to some time before she saw the control room once more. A few months ago she was unemployed now she was head of the highest technology program for space in her opinion. As she stepped off the plate in Peru she could not believe her eyes. She was in the hanger bay and the spaceship was so large she could not see but a small piece of it. She could not even see the far wall and the room was lighted brightly. This was the largest piece of machinery she had ever seen in her young life. It brought a smile to her face that one woman with some help was going to fly this machine.

Chapter 23 The Station

Jenny was excited about the new labors in front of her. This was the first time she was going to be fully in command of a craft in space and that felt good. As she stepped off the plate in Peru she could not believe her eyes. She was in the hanger bay and the spaceship was so large she could not see but a small piece of it. She could not even see the far wall and the room was lighted brightly. This was the largest piece of machinery she had ever seen in her young life. It brought a smile to her face that one woman with some help was going to fly this machine. With that Jenny headed to the transport plate and to the bridge. She was looking forward to having control of the spacecraft on her own this time. It was good that if you had any real knowledge, operation was easy due to the computer. One person could travel without any additional crew. But Jenny felt better if she had an engineer, just incase of a problem the computer could not handle. She still had much to learn about the mechanical and electrical workings of a craft. Upon arrival on the bridge she found the craft ready to go and the engineer had already started all power systems. The controlling bridge area was much larger than the craft at the valley. After having the computer check all systems and open the launch area door, it had taken just five minutes. The craft slowly slid out of the hanger and above the valley outside the control room. Nothing could be seen, as there were no lights down below. Jenny knew she was over a jungle area high in the mountains and would not be seen because there were no farms even close. The craft lifted into the night sky at an incredible rate. Within no more than five seconds she could see areas of light below her in almost every direction. The engineer walked on to the flight deck and sat down in his chair. He was young and one of the new units. He bent over the computer screen and watched the climb into space over Earth. When they passed the normal orbital area of Earth space equipment he looked up. “We are clear of any possible space junk and now ready to set our course.” Now she felt like Captain Kirk. “Computer set a course for the orbit of the incubator station.” “Hi Jenny I have set your course and will monitor your progress.” That was Hope’s voice she was hearing. “Hey Hope how is your planning going?” Hope seemed up beat and really into this move. “I have now acquired all the weapons for the station except for the nukes and they are in process of being constructed. We are going to use our propulsion system, as you were right about the low speeds and need for oxygen rich fuels. They will use small propulsion units for each warhead. I also have set up the warheads to circle the attacking craft before explosion. So any attack would crush the craft before it could ever attack us.”

Jenny was watching the screen on their progress right now. “It looks like your new home will be ready in ten days from now.” “That was what Vortec said, but your going to be a bit on the busy side, as I showed him a way to speed it up by a couple days. We are not going to use any doors in the outer rings at all. We will put transport plates in each area and move around with them.” That was never in the original plans she worked on, so how would this function? “Hope how does the transport plates work?” “It is quantum mechanics. All the laws of nature are different at that level. Any physics you know at that level does not exist. What you see is not what you get.” This was confusing in the way she stated it. “I know something of the science as we applied it at a basic level in our JPL work. But having Scottie beam you up is just not something we have come close to.” “Without a computer with my speed and ability you would never get there either. The human race may reach this level in a couple hundred years from now with some help?” Well, if I don’t ask, Hope is not going to tell. “So the trick is having a computer who can handle trillions of atoms?” “Yes, you have to focus energy and move the atoms from one place to another and they must reassemble exactly as they came apart. If anything is changed you have errors in the reconstruction and if you make many very small ones of those you kill the subject. I have learned to control that for thousands of jumps at the same time. My ability to think is much faster than the atoms to move. So I can do this for many transfer plates as the same time.” This brought the normal question to mind. “Have you ever made an error?” “Yes in the beginning I lost a few robots due to errors. Then I learned the trick from the computer on the old world that controlled all plates for that world. It is easy for me now and I have not lost anyone since that time. Now I am teaching the computer on board to handle plates, so she can work with me on transporting equipment and there is a lot to move in a short time. I don’t want any errors in the shell of the station.” That would be an understatement for anyone living on it. “How are you going to finish the inside of the station?” “Your craft will stay in orbit and the construction robots will stage off it. I will have units from every control center now building sections, inside the station constructing the needed spaces and systems. There are furnishings, plants, water, soil and small manufacturing shops being readied to send to the station. I will get needed materials from the planets around the station. As it will save time and allow me not to raid from Earth.

All of the metals have come from the five worlds orbiting asteroids, so we did not take anything from Earth on this either. The plants, water and basic food supply is coming from the five worlds also. This allows the units to live with normal plant life around them.” This brought more questions to mind? “How did the five worlds get to where they could supply your needs?” “John’s trip to each and the changes he made caused the worlds to start earning their keep. We have all types of metals being produced, gemstones mined, food being produced and harvested and construction robot shops for building what is needed. Their shops are twice as large as Earth’s and have more tool robots building equipment needed to build the five worlds. So all crews building the station will be from off their worlds not Earth. This way we do not slow down any other projects. All the construction crews now on the research facility are off Earth so there is a shortage.” What a load to carry and keep track of. “How does John keep up with all the things he does?” “That is just a natural action of his type personality. Give him a few pieces of any thing and most of the time he can give you a pretty good picture of what is happening. He does not have to know anything in great detail to understand it. That has made his and my relationship much easier. I am as much the student as teacher for him. It very quickly became a relationship of respect between both of us. One of the major lessons I have learned is logic is not always the right path to take, as what may seem logical really may not be.” This was a different way to think of a computer processing information. “How is that possible for you to handle?” “It was hard at first, then John told me to look at more outside influences before deciding what was logical. What seemed logical, when you looked at culture, economic conditions and other influencing factors often was not. One of his lessons was, that you just cannot educate a man who is hungry you must first feed him. So even if educating him solves the problem, as I saw it, not feeding him first meant he did not survive to learn. So he suggested I look at teaching him to feed himself first and that really solved the problem. As a man ate and learned how to grow it or fish for it or hunt for it, he no longer needed me to feed him.” This was the reasonable way to handle that problem. “OK that is something many humans would processes almost automatically it did not fit your thinking?” “No my programs would push the learning first so he could feed himself later, then I would have supplied the food. Even though I have watched man for many years, I never understood why they often did things I felt were backward.”

It was time to get back to business. “Now Hope how long do we have until we go into orbit?” “You have twelve hours until you start orbital preparations.” That was enough time to allow her to be fresh. “Then I am going to eat and lay down and get some sleep before we get to that point.” “That would be a good idea as you are going to be busy for a good time after orbit until you have the chance again. There is a transport plate on the bridge, so I can be sure you have food and drinks while your working. There is a kitchen down one level in the crew quarters area that is fully stocked.” “Thank you Hope I will eat something light and sleep for eight hours. Then will get a shower and have a good breakfast before coming back to the bridge.” Jenny headed to the elevator and went down one level. You could look out the elevator and see the whole bay of the spacecraft. It was really incredible size wise. The walls were so far off you could not see the details of pipes, lights or lifting units at that distance. You could set a full city in here and still have room around it for a parking lot. Looking down over one hundred stories was not for those with weak knees. This craft was just of a size, no one on Earth could possible believe it existed. NASA would never have dreamed of being able to lift something this size off Earth let alone build it in space. Yet here she was in command of something larger than any dream she had ever had. Stepping out of the elevator she headed to the kitchen area. As she walked in a voice greeted her and asked what she would like. Suggesting a salad and bowl of fresh soup from the Earth control room kitchen. That sounded good and she wanted some fresh bread and ice tea with it. After eating the voice once again asked her if she would like a massage before going to bed? That sounded so good she did not even ask a question. Just shook her head yes and was directed to the room next door. A female unit stood in the room beside a massage table and she stripped down and laid on the table on her stomach. The hands were so soft and seemed to find and relax every muscle knot that she had. She thought she had dozed while on the table, before the massage was done. Then she got up picked her clothing up and walked to her room without dressing. There was no other person on board this level and she was now really tired. After a good eight hours sleep, a hot shower and breakfast Jenny felt alive and ready for what might come. She wished a few of her close friends from JPL were here to see this. They would have their mind blown with what was happening here. Her old boss who was the skeptic of all skeptics would never believe this if he saw it. It was just too large a jump from where JPL was and Earth’s abilities. We were happy to land a twelve-pound rover on Mars surface. Now she could assemble a space station as large as the valley the group lived in. That was a task beyond anything she even believed could be done. “Good morning Hope.”

“Good morning Jenny. The first section will be in the bay just thirty minutes after orbit. We are now ninety minutes from orbital insertion now. So you need to sit back and follow the changes being made to our current track. This will allow you later to handle these manually if ever needed. The computers are very reliable but with your next trip there is no telling what could happen.” She was happy with Hope’s suggestion. She as all humans needed to have some control over actions. “I will keep the steps in my notebook and ask questions as we go. On Earth we believe in ”Murphy’s Law“, whatever can go wrong, will!” “That is something it took a long time for me to understand. But when it was explained it made good sense. I always have a plan B, C, and D ready for the unexpected with options for them also, as that is now part of my program. Once more I am following how John does his planning.” Jenny had to laugh as Hope just stated her method of planning. “Man is not nearly as organized as you are. We have to keep reminding ourselves that not all the answers are in our possession before we start. The military plans a battle and when it starts it evolves from there. It is built to be fluid and change as events change. The battle never follows the plan originally put in place.” Hope was absorbing this information. “That is what made the US military, as strong as they are. I have followed many of their battle plans to try to understand the logic. It allowed me to set my plan for defense of this station and all the possible contingencies that could come up. This is so different from the past for me. I have to look at actions from a more human perspective today. But having the plan change right after a battle started was something before I could not accept.” “It sounds like you plan on loosing to no one in that battle?” “Unless the invaders have some new technology we should loose no one.” The insertion went smoothly and they were now in orbit for the station. Jenny got up and walked to the elevator and went down to the catwalks around the bay area. All lights were on and she could see movement down below. That would be the construction robot’s getting ready for the first section. Handling the first section would be the hump to get over. It would have to be set correctly without any reference point of other sections. This was just a new page in Jenny’s education. Here she was directing a complex project of a magnitude beyond her dreams. Every step of the space station was planned to a degree of exact expectations and anything outside of that was not acceptable. “Jenny the section is ready to transport now.” She did not have to worry right now, as the bay would not open to space with the transport. “OK Hope I am on my way back to the bridge.”

Looking one last time below and she then pushed the button for the warning lights of incoming freight. They started to flash red and the robots on the floor started to move to the sides of the bay. Areas where they would be safe. Concentration now was the most important thing. “Now lets try to make this smooth and right on target. Hope give the computer the coordinates for delivery with a seconds delay and then I will slow forward progress just a hair.” “We are ready now Jenny.” Here the sweat came to the body. This was all new and she had never done this. “Five, four, three, two, one and now Hope.” With that Jenny hit the braking for just a fraction of a second. The craft seemed to not have changed speed at all. But you could hear the air being pushed out of the bay as the section took up space. There were no alarms going off so all of the section was in the bay and none of the possible errors had happened. The air had been compressed into tanks to be reused later. The craft had to suck out the atmosphere before opening the bay doors. This way the space could be refilled after the doors closed. Now to find out how it had really progressed. “What is the current location of the section?” “It is within less than a inch of its projected location. Without the slight adjustment we would have missed it by at least fifty feet.” This was worth asking the question. “Hope why can you transport people with zero errors and here we have to correct for possible errors?” “The mass of what we are moving is slower to disassemble and reassemble. So we get a slight error in coordinates as they cannot be changed after starting the process.” This was really interesting. “So we are doing something that has not been done before?” “Yes, this is the first time we have moved something this large to a moving platform. The speeds of Earth to the five worlds can be exactly calculated to a set plate. But we are not only moving but being pulled by other planets.” This needed some time to be thought through. “I am going to look at the first section in the bay. I will be right back when it is time to launch it.” As she headed back to the catwalk she turned over the math that was required by Hope. It was something she knew no computer on Earth could have done in months of crunching numbers. Hope had done it in milliseconds. The top of the section was almost to the catwalk. There was only a few feet from the catwalk to the section. So a miss of fifty

more feet would have damaged the craft on the first transfer. Now Hope would not need the braking, as she would change the math a little. Jenny could see many of the welding robots clamping onto the edges and the lights were going on to warn about depressurizing the bay. So she headed back to the bridge. “OK Hope we are ready to launch the section.” “This is the easy part Jenny, just depressurize the bay and open the doors. The section will be moved into its position by the welding robots. They each have small drive systems built in them. One could not move the section but several can.” As Jenny followed Hope’s instructions she watched on the screen across the front of the bridge. She could see everything going on below from here. The welding robots seemed to pull the section down out of the bay and then push it to the location where it was needed. It was like a ballet watching the fluid motions of all the small robots working together. The next section was due in just thirty minutes. Then the heavy work would really start. Not only the welding but also covering the whole shell with the copper mesh and carbon fiber skin. Another problem came to mind. “Hope how are you going to be able to move materials here with the copper mesh around the station? It will prevent your transfer plates from working? You can move inside but could not move anything in from outside.” “Yes, that was planned for and at the bottom of the station we have a room that can be lowered that will allow the plates to work. If we are defending it will retract and seal the whole station. It is below the station to keep down emissions as much as possible. After all this is over we will open up the station by removing the mesh. Then we will just be a part of Earth’s network.” There was a bigger problem in communication and Hope’s ability to control things on Earth here. “How will you handle it until then?” “I have satellites and directional broadcast to them. They will act as relays and that way my signals could not be tracked to Earth. It also would allow me contact during any attack without giving Earths location. It takes a little longer, but most on Earth will not notice it, as we are taking a small fraction of a second.” The buzz in her ear was a warning. “The second section is now ready to transport Hope.” “This one will be a piece of cake after the first time. Just sit back and watch the screen. I will have this one exactly on the mark.” Jenny watched as the bay below was totally empty one second and almost full the next. The section was the lower half for the first. In place of the rounded exterior shell it was flat plate on top and bottom. It also was within just a few feet of the catwalk and now the welding robots were hooking on to the edges of the section. Watching them rise off the

floor and hook into position was magical. It was hard for her even with all she knew to accept the facts of this capability. This whole thing was a religious experience for any scientist. “Hope I surely would like one day to be able to just accept what I see without the questions running through my head.” “You will as time goes forward. I am sure walking from the year 2008 to what might be the year 2508 would be hard for me. The technology jump even for us will be a big one. You have come from an Earth that dreamed of star wars and what it would be like, to being in the middle of that same movie for real.” This caused her to smile. “I think that puts it in as good a perspective for me to understand as is possible. Yes it is just like ending up part of the movie without the knowledge I really need. At times I think I hinder more than help. If you would I want a set of courses on the current sciences used here and in the complex.” “I am working on a solution for the group now. We use a program and hood with visuals to train the units. For you it would need to be slowed down and just cover certain areas. It should be complete by the time you return from your mission. Then in an eight-hour period I can plant all you need to know in your mind. This type training will only be given to you and Sandy as the two of you deal with our sciences directly.” Man to be able to learn a lot very fast would be a large step. “That would be a blessing for me as I feel kind of helpless at times. There is just to much I don’t know and need to if I am going to be able to do this job well.” “Jenny what you bring is something none of us can offer. That is a human perception to operations. That is why Vortec fought to have you included in his mission. He and I do not see things the way you do most of the time. Like your under sea adventure of salvaging gold, jewels and art objects. We would have looked at just mining it on the surface and might have been seen? Your way we gained wealth with zero risk.” That was more a fact of curiosity for her on what was down under the oceans. It also was luck finding the first ship. “I still need to feel I am more able to contribute to the effort I am involved in. That is just part of my human side also.” “That I can understand and the training you will get in the incubator will solve much of that problem for you. You will have the knowledge you need, it will just take a little time to organize it before you can use it.” How would this work on a human mind? “What do you mean organize it?” “The human mind can be given data very quickly. But being able to use it means developing ways to access that data. So after planting the information we then must work on accessing it. Once you can access it then it must be organized to your way of thinking

so it’s fully usable. In this case the information does not come from experience, a classroom or listening to a peer. So it does not have anything to connect to it until we access it and then store it in memory your way. Each human stores data differently and the recall depends on their ability to organize it.” What other effects would this have? “Will that affect my other memories?” “No, not if your mind is absorbing the information its way, but each humans filing system for their brain is different. Some people have good short-term memory, some long term and others have a photographic one. Take John he has both a good short- term and longterm memory, but it is not photographic. He can recall data that he received twenty years ago and add to it with something today and restore that data for future use. Your memory is closer to photographic and you just need a table of contents built to find it for use. But it must be done by you to be useful for you.” Accepting this was easy and made reasonable sense to her. “That I understand and now it makes sense to me. But I don’t understand how John’s memory works?” “It is a problem solver type memory. An example is one company he worked for had a machine break down at a critical time. The parts for it could not be gotten in time to meet a customers need. So he came up with a solution that had been used in ancient Egypt to temporally fix the machine and allow his company to meet a customers schedule.” How could any possible event that far back be use to solve a today problem? “What today could possible be fixed using that type technology?” “It was a split bearing that went out and the best solution was a wooden one that had been flame hardened and then greased heavily. It actually lasted for a month before they had to finish the change to the new bearing.” That was critical thinking and something you did not see in science. “Interesting, as I would never think back that far to solve a problem. But that period was one where those were used and lasted for good periods of time. Once you build a little carbon in the bore it will pack to create a smooth very hard surface. With a good lubricant it could last for a reasonable time at lower speeds.” “Well it was a steel rolling machine which did move slowly under great pressure. White oak tends to get very hard when it is air cured and is flame hardened.” This caused her to laugh. “For sure if I need something fixed I will look at all possibilities before going to him. I would hate to have him point out some simple way to solve my problem that I missed.” Hope was smiling at Jenny. “What you need to understand, John just has a data bank you are free to draw from. He thinks nothing of just pointing a person in the right direction

and letting them solve their problem. Most humans make the solutions far to complex for the problem being addressed.” This was very true in her area. “It often saves time to get a fresh look at a problem and only someone not in that forest can do it.” “Now we need to launch the second section.” Jenny reached the warning button for the bay area and pushed it. Then lights flashing and horns blaring the robots not involved with this assembly moved from the bay floor. After three minutes she opened the bay doors and could see the welding robots moving the section out of the bay. The screen changed to show the outside view of the section being moved into position for welding to start. “Hope how are they going to weld the rooms that can only be accessed by plates?” “That will be solved as soon as the power section is delivered. Then all the plates will be activated and they can go into each room and finish weld it. There were twenty five connection to be made electrically between section one and two.” Where did this happen was the question? “I did not see them while it was in the bay?” “That is because they slide into each other as alignment pins. Once locked in place they hold the section to its mate and keeps the weld spaced correctly. This way we create loops of power for each level to tap.” “What did you use for the loop to carry the power?” “It is a carbon, chemical and silver loop. We have fine silver threads running through a carbon fiber coated with a chemical to lower resistance and they make the loop material. The connector is a hard carbon mixed with the chemicals and sliver with male and female fittings.” Man this had to take a lot of silver. “Where did you get that much silver?” “That was the easy part we took it off several asteroids and got gold, chrome and nickel at the same time. The sliver, chemical, carbon fibers carry electrical power very efficiently and reduces power losses. Carbon is a good heat resistant conductor and the sliver just makes it more efficient.” OK but the gold, chrome and nickel was also of value. “What did you do with them?” “The gold went to Earth and is in the storage area with your finds. The nickel and chrome is in the steel to make our shell. This was so we have a stainless steel shell, as it is nonmagnetic. We are using every Earth technology that will be unknown on the old

world. Each step we take this way offers us just another little piece of protection. Stainless steel was another thing not known on the old world.” This was reasonable use of Earth technologies. “I assume this is so the magnetic signature is very low?” “Yes we cannot be towed by a magnetic field or really even seen with the carbon fiber coating painted black over its own black color. In space unless you get a light source behind the station and in front of their craft they cannot visually see us.” “Space is really black out here where we are, void of light in places close by. Was that why you picked this area for the station?” “Yes it made good sense to make it as hard as possible to be seen as they will have to look harder to find us and we will see them before they see us.” This was a most interesting conflicting statement. How could you not be seen and they could? “How are you going to see them first?” “We have good radar and infrared scanning which they don’t have at all and their craft is magnetic just like this one is.” This brought more questions to mind. “It looks like your reasonably invisible here then. I would also say they just have no idea what a hornets nets this would be for them. I also don’t understand the fact of their not having radar or infrared abilities?” “I don’t understand the idea of hornets nest?” “If you provoke a nest of hornets the entire hive will swarm and attack you. Hornets sting with a poison that can kill humans and if enough sting you they can kill any human or animal.” “Kind of like what is called killer bees?” “Yes but hornets were in the USA long before the killer bees. The so called killer bees are not native and really do not have to be provoked to attack.” “The idea of radar was not needed as the old worlds had the ability to look for displacements in space. They read this by electronic signatures of radiated energy. This also was why IR was never developed for space use.” Jenny was processing this when the buzz went off in her ear. “OK we need to bring the next section into the bay.” “ Please let the robots working below know it is coming.”

Jenny reached down and turned the lights and alarm on to warn all there was a section coming. She looked up at the screen and saw all was now clear and let Hope know she was free to make the move. In less then two minutes the bay had a section forming in it and it was a lower section to be added to the first two sections already in space. “When do you add the top and bottom sections?” “They are the last two to come, as they are the critical sections and require most time to produce.” At this time Glenn walked onto the bridge. He smiled and said, “Jenny your replacement is here to relive you for an eight hour shift.” That suited her and would allow her time to watch much of the construction closely.

Chapter 24 A New Problem

John had been following the problems with the nuclear device rebuilding and the building of the incubator station. But his main job right now was the how to on the Mars dome. This needed to be planed to assure it was found quickly and did not sit for years waiting for someone to see it. If it was going to serve as the billboard, that there were others in the universe. He needed it to be found and checked out. The problem on Mars was weather in that winds blew at high speeds that created dust storms. The sand like materials in the winds would also blast it. Yet he wanted it clear and that would require a force field that would switch on when the winds were blowing. But he did not want to keep the robot exploration vehicles from entering the dome. James walked into the office and asked, “do you have a little time I could have?” I had to smile, as James still was not sure about bringing me questions. “Yes, my door is always open to you. What is on your mind?” Being ever the annalist he had studied the records of the old world. “I have a few things we need to look at before Vortec and Jenny leave for the old world. One, my best guess from the history I have read is there will be an underground there. So they will need to try to determine where they are. If it were me I would look in the old mining areas on the planet, as that area seemed to have been abandoned. That would be the one place where the tunnels would be. From the records Hope had it seems they were extensive and mostly connected.” That was interesting as it was nothing I had heard. “I will suggest that to Vortec. Now what else as you said this was number one?” “I found the old frequencies that they had used to broadcast before communications changed, it seems reasonable that they might have gone back to that, as it existed when the mines were closed. From what I have read they used what we today would call a robot for mining and support around the mines. So these should not have evolved when the rest did. This might provide support for them in this area. The major problem is going to be finding where and if they were able to set up a protected area on the planet?” This caused some concern in the thinking process. “How are they going to be able to find any underground if there is no radio signature?” He seemed to have an answer for that. “I have given this some thought and believe that wherever they are, will be silent of the communications used by Hope, the robots and computers. Whatever that frequency is, it will not exist where the humans are. But the very old frequencies may indicate human life.” This was more complex than I had thought. “So if we scan for that frequency over the planet and are able to broadcast at the old communications frequencies, we should be able to find them?”

“Yes, I believe we can, but you cannot broadcast into areas where you pick up computer or robot signals. It will have to be very point specific.” Now what happens if our guess was wrong? “OK say we find the human area and make contact, what do we do then?” This was more complex as we had to stay invisible to the rest of the planet. “We can at that time support them with food, medical units, arms, personal force fields for protection and whatever they need to assume control once more. It is one way to repay them for what they did for Earth. With the new units we can supply them with a person they could not tell from a human. The major problem would be delivering a transport plate to them, so we can get them what they need. There Vortec needs to advise us if this can be accomplished?” This still worried me, as it was not in their nature to fight. “Do you feel that they would fight to gain control of their world again? From what I have picked up with my reading, war or physical combat was not acceptable.” The same ideas had passed James mind also. “Well when your country or planet is taken from you I would think that ideology would have to change somewhat. There are many who changed their minds about peaceful ways when they have been attacked. I do not see their younger people allowing the killing of their parents and family without a fight.” This was food for thought and I would cover it with Vortec and Hope. “We will look and see if there is any of the masters left before we have taken any additional actions. Now how are things going in Russia where we stepped in?” This brought a large smile to James face. “The community is back to health and have purchased several square miles of land from the government. With the major pipes of diamonds played out they sold it cheap to the locals. But we have shown them more pipes that are richer than the original ones mined. They have agreed to keep production down, so as not to bring the government down on them. So each year they will add a little more production until they are all secure financially. I have agreed to buy their excess for the first three years and will turn a profit on this. It is a cooperative, so all will share equally in the work and rewards. But with their lack of contact with the official government it should be easy to live comfortably for them. They did tell me that they would rather sell to us than the government. So our agreement may be extended at a later time.” “It sounds like at least that one worked out right. What have you seen on the China mission?” Here he had seen exactly what was expected from China. “They have put a lid on the whole thing and the military officer and his troops are in Mongolia now. They did not even fine the mine owner and he just has to keep his mouth shut and stay away from the press to stay alive.”

Not a bad result for that type open interference. “That one did not turn out bad either. I was concerned that there would be tons of questions asked and an army of people looking into it. But with the worlds desire to be the only people in the universe I guess that helps us. They for sure do not want to be seen as backwards in any way technology wise.” “The USA has hidden the facts of UFO’s for so long they for sure cannot afford to admit to it. It would cost the government far too much credibility. The question would be what else are they hiding if they could not admit to this?” This had been at issue for many years in the USA and people did not believe that the government had been truthful. But information had been locked down tight and never released. I had to think of the amount, so many reports that were hushed up quickly with explanations that just did not fit? Things like swamp gas, weather balloons and the like. “It would add fuel to the fire and so will finding our dome on Mars. I have been looking at every possible response I can think of. This is going to burst the bubble of a lot of people and countries.” “It will do that and more. Expect the first response to be the military trying to hide this and find a way to seal the information up.” That had been my first thought also. “If the military tries any aggressive response they would be defeated before they started. The force field would stop any attempt to destroy or take it over. I have the ability to allow in who and what I wish and keep out those I don’t want. Being able to disable their rover inside if needed would also stop them.” He was going to bring out all the actions he expected. “The major concern will be the blackout of news on the find. I am sure they will attempt to stop any possible leak of information on this find. We might wish to pick up their signal and rebroadcast it on commercial channels for the world to see? Once it has been seen they cannot deny it is there if the world has also seen it.” James just did not trust his old bosses. There were several ways to handle this issue. “True but I would rather send it to the news media and allow them to question why it is being bottled up. If we openly broadcast it that could cause a panic we don’t want. The news media is like a dog with a bone. They are not going to allow anyone to take their story away.” James had liked the way this would be handled. He had never had the ability to use this method. “I will watch for the feed and get a copy of it and then send copies to all major news outlets for them to handle. While waiting I will have Hope get me an e-mailing list of worldwide news outlets. This way I can send JPL’s feed via a link to each of them and it looks like an inside job.” That should keep security looking the wrong direction. “That will work for me. Now is there anything else on your mind?” “No I will get busy with these plans and be ready when you are.”

With that James left John’s office. It was time to turn back to the planning for the dome. The size would be to cover an area of one mile in diameter. It would be one hundred feet high and have it’s own floor so it could be picked up and set down wherever needed. A triple airlock entry would be set to allow entry from outside. The plants and water would allow for oxygen inside the dome. Back up lights would supply any needed light for photosynthesis. Placing some bees, butterflies, worms and other insects in would keep plants reproducing and fertilized. This was an area where research was being done to assure the plants could stay healthy. One change made was to allow it to rain once a day to keep plants and soil moist. The choices of plants were to be mostly from tropical environments. So citrus trees were a must and date palms would supply fruit for any human to ever reach it. To keep it simple it would just be a single area without different environments. It was just to get the attention of Earth not to create a living space for humans. Via walked into the office with a smile on her face. “John The school is ready to start receiving children and the instructional program is in place. When will we start bringing the children?” This was one that had slipped off the screen for me. “To be honest Via I had not given a lot of thought to the school after I passed the job to you and Hope. It seems I have had a few other things on the platter that caused me to direct my attention there.” “I felt as much and decided to kind of push the issue,” she laughed. Here was another area to let her handle the process. “Tell Hope to advise the other control rooms to start the collection process. But be sure that we don’t rescue a child that is being taken care of and will be missed. Be sure we get a cross section of all races and an even split between males and females.” “How do we get them here?” That was never a human problem. “They will be taken back to the control rooms and transported to the school. That way Hope knows of each being sent to the school and when they will arrive.” This seemed to satisfy her wants. “That is all I needed. Is there any thing you need from me?” Might as well get more data for my major project. “Yes, I would like for you to study what you think the reaction will be for Earth to finding out they are not alone? I have what I think and would like some outside input to consider. Just ask Hope for the files on our plans to this point.”

“No problem I will have it for you tomorrow. I had already been giving that much thought since our meeting. It is an interesting problem. One I am sure no one can fully guess the complete reaction from.” With that Via got up and headed back to the school for one last check of everything. She was happy and smiling as she went her way. Having had no children she looked forward to being a mother to so many. For some reason, she felt she needed this outlet for her energies and learning abilities. After having written for so many years about child psychology and group interactions this would prove if on a long-term basis if she were right. Her studies had only been for up to two years long and that really was not proof. These children would be together for years and from all different races, so here was the best lab she could have. Some way she would have to find a way to publish her findings, as it would be a major help to other psychologist. May be a web site with the study able to be downloaded? John had a day to end all days. He had switched gears so often he was just plain mentally tired. So he headed home to get some down time. As he walked in Faith was waiting for him and hugged him. “Come with me and let me relax you some and you can get a nap in before dinner.” It would have been hard to argue with her so I just followed her to the bedroom. Even with the years added to life and feeling so much younger, I did at times temporarily burn out. It was just going to be the nature of this job for me. Days of little of consequence and other days packed with pressure. As I felt Faith’s hands taking the knots out I slid into a deep sleep.

Chapter 25 One More Step Forward

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Today the incubator station had been completed and Hope was moving one of the incubator sections to the station. She had decided to keep one on Earth and this way keep from possible loosing all of them and it would increase the production. So they were also building new pods for the bay to replace the ones she did not move. The station would produce over three hundred units per week. That meant in a very short time she would have a small army on the station. The largest ships from the old world could only handle two thousand humans and robots. So she did not think she would need more than a one to one ratio for any fight. In looking forward she saw using this force as the police and army for the five worlds. Of course with non-lethal weapons, for use against humans. Jenny had finished the weapons for Hope’s station and they were being moved to the station and installed. She also had cleared out the all radioactive material from the control room. A double check had shown no places left with any readings for radioactivity above what was normal. The junk, tanks, equipment, lifting arm and robots were all outside sitting on a transfer plate ready to move. Vortec had found the planet to move all this to and she was just waiting for the transport plate to arrive there. The rock structure there looked really good for building shafts to hold nuclear waste. There was no water on the planet, no oxygen and no real atmosphere. The gases that did exist were inert and that was a real plus. The planet was over two hundred light years from Earth and there was no way it would support any human. She was still worried that someone one day might find the mineshafts. “Vortec I need to be sure we mark the areas where we place all radioactive waste. It must be something that if anyone for any reason would find it they would know it is a danger area.” Vortec had already seen this problem as it was within the program he had. “I have built a holographic cube that will show an atomic blast and the handling of waste on Earth. It shows the danger of what can happen to a human with pictures of radiation burns on skin. It shows the deaths at both sites where the bomb was dropped. Then shows all the danger signs used here on Earth and at the storage areas the governments have built. These cubes will be placed in boxes at the front of each sealed mine shaft with a radiation counter.” This was a reasonable solution from her point of view. “That should work for where we are placing this material. I cannot see anyone ever wanting to settle there. But we need to not be blind that there could be other types of life forms out there.” “True I am sure there are other life forms in all of space. No one could possibly guess what gases they would breath or what types of minerals they might mine. There is nothing of real value on this planet to a carbon based life form.” Carbon based is what we know; now what others are there? “How is the spy craft coming along?” “It is ready to go now. John got back with me and suggested we put scanning equipment on it to look for the old broadcast bands. Also to check for holes in the computer and

robot bands. James feels we might find that there are areas where some of the masters might be holding out. Areas that were left vacant from mining, when space travel became possible for that need. In those areas no intelligent robots ever worked and there are deep mine shafts.” This would be possible here on Earth from a take over would it hold true with another culture? “I could understand that happening and agree we need to check for that. Can we use a satellite for that also?” “I have one the size of a golf ball to put into orbit, so we cannot be tracked back from our signal. They would have a hard time finding it, as it is so small and painted black. I still speak the old language, so I have a recorded message that will be broadcast over empty areas.” She had never been much on languages, but she seemed to pick some up working with people in their groups. “Is their language difficult to learn?” “No I can teach you while we are traveling, so you can communicate if we find them. I get the feeling you also feel strongly that we will find at least some alive?” That was always a human hope in any bad situation. “Yes Vortec I think we will. They like us I am sure are survivors. The instinct to survive is a natural one and I cannot believe they are different. Any country trying to take over the United States would end up fighting ever man woman and child trying to stop it. There would be a gorilla war going on for years.” “You may be right and we will find out when we get there. If we have to meet with them it would be best if you were the one to talk with them, as a robot I would be suspected of being a spy. I am not sure they remember the Earth story and it is possible no one left alive does. So building a trust factor for us is a must.” The reasoning was sound, as they would never trust a robot after the take over. “I look forward to doing that and hope we are in time to help.” But five hundred years was a long time to wait for rescue for anyone. “Get a good nights sleep tonight Jenny as we leave early tomorrow. You will not see Earth for at least two months and it could be much longer.” Time in this case meant nothing to her. “Vortec if I never saw Earth again I would go. This is something I dreamed of from the time I was a child. To be able to fly through space and see the planetary systems is the fulfillment of my dreams. It is something no human living today could even expect to do.” Vortec laughed, “Jenny you will return I promise you. It is just going to be a time before that happens. We are not going to attack the planet while we are there. We are going to set up to help or find a way to destroy it latter. I have built four extra nuclear devises for a

later point in time if we decide to destroy the planet. There are only four major cities on the surface and all the computers and robots will be there or close to there. Without the computers the robots cannot function and they would stop in a short time. So the key is the computers and electromagnetic pulse will stop them fast as it will kill the power sources they use.” This was a curious statement from him. “With a DNA computer there is no boards so how does that happen?” “Yes but the electrical flow is spiked and that will kill the DNA. But in their case they do not have DNA brains like I do. They are completely mechanical with a chemical computer brain. They must maintain a very low level of electrical energy and an a large increase will cause the death of the machine by stopping the direct power to the chemical computer.” “I am off to get some food and sleep. Have Hope get me up before you’re ready to go.” With that Jenny headed to the café to eat before going to home to sleep. She just did not feel like going home yet. It was like eating a last meal for her and she was happy to see Sandy and Adam walk in. They saw her and waved and she motioned for them to join her. “Hey Jenny what is happening in your world?” Sandy asked. So much and yet she could not tell it all. “I am just glad to have some company right now. We leave tomorrow for the scouting mission on the old world and for some reason it has kind of hit me?” “How long will you be gone?” “Vortec said at the best we would not be back for two months.” “Then I can understand the feelings. Being gone that far from Earth and knowing there is real danger would have me in a blue mood too.” “It is not the danger, as we are pretty well protected and have all kinds of toys to keep us out of harms way. It was the fact that I would be gone for two months or more that hit me.” “I have been a gadfly in my life so going and doing has always been something I looked forward to doing.” Sandy had traveled a lot before. That would be nice if she could handle it. “I have been a home body and even stayed close to home when I went to school. May be I just never felt secure in life? But when dad left mom and I, it changed my world. At that point the secure feelings I had always had just went out the door. Mom tried to fill in all the needs I had, but there was always a

hole in me. Dad and I had been close and I did love him so much that it must have been my fault he left. Or at least I felt that way.” Well this was something she could relate to. “I was raised by my mother, as dad had been killed when I was very young. So I really never knew him. But I also have felt a hole in my life as mom never remarried. There was no male influence in my life. It has always made me question if my inability to keep a solid relationship was due to the lack of a male influence as a child?” “I have the same problem and have wondered the same thing. I just have never trusted any partner that I was with. My points of security were my home and work.” This story sounded familiar to her. “Jenny we share much in those areas and one thing I have learned is Adam is different than anyone I have ever known. He is the first male I trust in a relationship. I also have kind of adopted John as my father figure, so for once in life I have that male guidance. John has been a friend for a few years and I always enjoyed just spending time with him. When I needed to talk with someone John was always there and willing to listen. He never gave me answers, but directed me to question my own feelings and find a solution. Always one that was right for me. He would never take a stand, tell me I was wrong or make me feel negative about me.” That was her anchor right now also. “I have found that he is very much that way with me. He is one man I am always comfortable with for some reason. The fact he has not been critical of my ideas or refused any reasonable request, makes him unusual in my life. Then he will not say no but ask me what if and let me change my mind. If he was not so in love with Faith I would think about a relationship with him.” “He has given you a male assistant that if you look closely will meet your needs. I can tell you from experience that your assistant is one male that would die for you. He will never let you down and will do whatever you ask of him. How much more could any woman ask for? Besides he is every bit as smart as you are in most ways.” “I had decided to take Sonny with me on the trip. To this point I just have not had much time for learning about him. I know he and Vortec have spent time solving problems on our projects. He also has been on the mission we did.” Sandy smiled as it was taking Jenny longer to understand the benefits. “That my dear is where you are missing the boat. Adam has made me much more effective and given me support where I needed it. He will cook for us and clean the kitchen while I work. Yet if I need information he will get it quickly and never steps into the front. He is loyal and wants me to succeed. That is the same type of relationship you’re staying away from. One where you come first and your success is what matters.” That sounded too good to be true. “That is hard for me to accept with my past experience.”

Time to be sure she understands the benefits of having a unit as a mate. “Well I can promise you that is what you can have. It just requires that you learn to trust Sonny and use his skills. Believe me his skills are vast and he can teach you much of what you wish to learn about this technology. I have grown more in the last few months in the computer area than anyone could believe. The knowledge of our technology and how to apply it to Earth’s has allowed me to do things I could not have before. I learned much from Adam and he was a willing teacher and took joy in my growth. He never pushed his knowledge and just responded when I asked for help.” She wondered if what Sandy said was possible? But she could think of no point in time Sonny ever stepped into anything she was involved in. “That I could live with. I think I’ll go home and sit down with Sonny and have a long discussion before we leave.” “Just remember he is a male and can and will meet any need you have. Failure to meet all your needs is a sin, as they are good men here and they are not alpha males.” Jenny laughed and shook her head. “OK I get your meaning and had not even given that a thought. But there is nothing as bad as a frustrated female and I might be there right now.” With that Jenny headed home. She felt better than when she had sat down to start dinner. Was she avoiding Sonny? Yes, she answered herself she had been, because she knew he had more knowledge than she did of the technology. Why had she decided not to use him as a resource? It all seemed to fall back on the insecurity she felt with men. But Sonny was different, as she looked at the past few months she saw he had never pushed her or forced her to deal with him. He had always stayed back and did whatever she asked of him. He was a beautiful man and she felt like she could never hold this type. But, he was always there and willing without any moods. She looked back and never could remember him without a smile and a willingness to do anything she wished. He kept the house looking nice and always had a bath ready for her when she walked in. The fact he slept in the second bedroom and never pushed her to do anything else seemed odd. Yet she had never given him an opening either. Well this would settle out when she got home and they talked. After a long talk, hot bath and much thinking she allowed Sonny into her bed. The night was one like she never had experienced and she fell asleep exhausted. But she knew he was holding her as she slept and she was totally relaxed for the first time. The next morning as she got up Sonny was already in the kitchen and the plates were making the noise she heard. As she walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, Sonny walked in and sat a cup of coffee down on the counter. He reach up and started to massage the back of her neck and shoulders. The feel of his hands on her just made her shiver. She knew now what Sandy had been saying to her. It was a shame she had allowed all this time to go by without clearing this up.

“I have breakfast ready and Vortec said he would be ready in forty five minutes. Everything is loaded and all systems have checked out fine. He has added a transport plate in case anyone is required back here before the mission is done.” “Let me get a fast shower and then we will eat. I really need the coffee if I am going to be wide awake at lift off.” Sonny headed back to the kitchen and finished getting breakfast ready. Adam had talked with him about Sandy and Jenny’s talk and he knew what was coming when she got home. He was starting to feel she needed someone else that she might be happy with before their talk. He had never pushed her to find out what he had done wrong. But at least now he understood it was not him. Jenny walked into the dinning area and looked at the food. “Holy cow are we feeding an army?” she laughed. “No, but I wanted to be sure you enjoyed breakfast before we leave for the control room. Adam is going to come over and clean up. He also agreed to water the plants and tend my hydroponics garden for me. So nothing should change while we are gone.” “That is kind of him and I appreciate your making the arrangements. It is something I would not have thought of. I have killed more plants than anyone on Earth by getting into projects deeply.” After breakfast Jenny headed to the control room and Sonny got their bags and took them to the spacecraft. He put them in the master’s cabin, as it was the largest on the craft. This was really a suite of rooms and allowed for living much like in their house. After putting all the clothing and toilet items up he headed to the bridge of the craft. Vortec and Jenny were going over the program the computer would use to take them to the old world. Glenn stood behind Vortec and the engineer was next to him. This was the entire crew for this mission and it would not leave much of a social setting for Jenny. She would not have the people to talk with she normally did. This meant Sonny would have to fill this void for her. “Good morning all,” John said. “Good morning John,” Vortec and Jenny answered. He needed to be sure that they knew he would be with them. “Just wanted all of you to know my appreciation for the mission your starting on. This mission will tell me what I have to know to protect Earth. It also will help pay the debt we all owe the masters.” “John what are you doing up and here so early?” Jenny asked.

“Dear I have a small piece of me with everything that happens here. I have asked you each to put yourselves at risk. So I must at least be here to see you off and let you know my appreciation of your willingness to do this.” “Thank you John for being here,” Vortec said with a smile. “You always are there for each of us and we all appreciate your presents. I especially am enjoying seeing you when I did not expect you.” I did not want them to expect to be alone for the whole trip. “Hey I will be with you at every point of your journey, as Hope is going to keep me filled in and show me what is happening. So don’t be shocked if you see my holograph talking to you from time to time. The biggest reason for the transport plate is if needed I will come to you.” This raised her eyebrows. “John that is really a risk for you,” Jenny said. They did not understand the whole of the charge the masters gave him. “No it may be a bigger risk for you if I am not able to come to you. If we find humans left from the masters and need to convince them who we are I may be needed. I have the book in the chest from them and can prove who I am.” Vortec looked a little embarrassed about this. “I never thought about that, but it could be critical under some circumstances.” “OK team I let you get this show under way. Just remember I am still always available to you. Just let Hope know you need to talk to me and I will be at your disposal. Good luck and a safe journey to all of you.” With that John walked off the bridge and headed to his office. As he got to the chair Hope appeared and smiled. “You made a hit today once more with your appearance at the spaceship. No one expected that and it was a pleasant surprise to all.” “Hope I could not allow them to go without my letting them know I appreciated their going. It is my debt to the masters and not theirs that makes this trip necessary.” “John we all have a piece of that debt. It is the right thing to do even more, so please understand we all feel the debt.” That may have been true. But it was shared by all of Earth really. I felt the debt more that anyone and it was mine to pay off. “Well for you and Vortec I understand that statement, but for Jenny and other humans that is not the case.” She could see she was not going to win this one. “Lets just let that one go for now. I have all the incubators now at the station. The power is on and producing as needed. We have

the weapons installed, arms are on the station and all transport plates are working now. I am ready to make the move from the valley to the station tonight with your permission.” That would mean a short time without Hope’s help. “You have that Hope. Now how soon before you have your incubators working?” “We will be fully operational tomorrow and will start producing units. I will have the station at one hundred percent in just three more days. We will have a small security force within a week. Within a month I will have fifty percent of the army I have planned. We are still running seventy units per week coming out of the incubators on Earth also. Vortec has given me six of his type robots to command my army. They have all been trained in security protection with the force at the valley. They also have experienced in real defensive efforts, as they responded to a few fights at clinics. Each knows they will destroy the robots sent against us and they have no problem with that. So I would say we are close to ready.” That was good as she and Vortec were working together. “How is the production of personal force fields?” “We have units producing them now on the third world. We will get three hundred a week, so it matches our build up. We at present have three hundred now, so everyone has one plus we have extras.” Now the big question had to be asked. “How will you be protected?” “I have a totally closed environment and a force field around that. There are no entrances to my area except the transport plate, which I control, and one door you control. There is one transport plate below my frame and I can move the whole room with it if the station were to blow up. I have a back up power source and needed environmental controls. You are the only person who can shutdown my force field which would stop the move.” That was a solid defense from my point of view. “OK sounds like you should be safe. As I assure you I will not be shutting down your force field. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you need anything while Vortec is gone.” “I did not think about your having to fill that void while he is gone.” This had been the hard part of saying yes to him. “I really hated to let him go, but I knew how he felt about this mission. It was just not in me to say no to him.” “John you need to bring Alpha to Earth and let him fill in for Vortec. He will at least keep the little things off your shoulders. He is very good at managing and he and Vortec see things the same way.” This would solve some of the problems for me. “Your right Hope bring him to the control room and I will fill him in on what he needs to keep up with.”

“He is making arrangements now. He wants time to fill in his replacement before leaving his post.” “Thank you Hope and let me know if you need anything.” At this point Faith walked into the office. She smiled at me and sat in front of the desk. “I am here on business or I would come around the desk and kiss you.” “How about pleasure first then business,” I chuckled. She was in a fun mood today. “Not today big boy. Now I have a problem with storage space, as the equipment for the research center is building up. We cannot send it to them for another two weeks. I don’t want to keep it in a warehouse on Earth for security reasons. So how do you wish to work around this?” This was an easy one. “Store it on one of the five worlds. I would suggest you ask Alpha later today if you can use the warehouse at the resort. Or you can pack containers with the material and transport them, so they could be stored outside if needed at the research center. Buy some container ship containers and pack them for on site storage. Alpha is coming in to handle some of Vortec’s job until he gets back.” That seemed like a reasonable way to go. “I like the storage container idea and will use that. It will give us empty ones later for added storage and shipping to the research center.” Then she got up walked around the desk and sat down on John’s lap and kissed him. “I like the fact you got up and saw the spacecraft off. It was a good thing to do and fit your style management. Now how about taking a lady to the café for breakfast?” Breakfast had not even been a consideration yet today. “You’re on and I just noted I am hungry also.” As they ate the normal banner between them just was not there today. “OK what is eating at you right now?” Faith asked. This needed to be discussed between them and now was a good time to start. “I am worried sending Jenny, Vortec, Sonny and Glenn with an engineer into the unknown like this. I have no idea what they will run into and if they can defend themselves from the events? This is a trip into a void and one that cannot be planned for with any certainty. We know where the planet was five hundred years ago. We think that the computers and robots took it over. We do not know if any human is alive today. There is no way to contact anyone that may be alive on the planet without someone going down there. I have no faith in the possibility of radio contact. This could end up bringing the whole of the old worlds captors down on our heads and Earth is just not ready for that.”

Faith had a frown on her face. “Why did you allow them to go in the first place?” That was one bothering him right now. “I owe the masters for all they have given us. It is a debt that must be repaid and there is my problem. If I waited for a few years would we be attacked by the robots from the old world? Would if any people were alive today that still be true then? I am in what is called on Earth a catch twenty two.” This confused Faith. “What does that mean?” “It is a point where your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You have to make the decision and yet you know your going to pay a price for doing that. That is where I am at right now.” This was something to think about before a reply. “Why do you see this in that way?” “We do not have enough information for any reasonable decisions to be made. That opens the door to disaster in that you’re now just reacting to events. We will not have time to plan our actions and get a good idea of what will happen.” Faith just sat there with a bland expression on her face. “I would not expect Vortec, Jenny or anyone else to do anything rash. You will be involved in any planning that needs to be done I am sure. Neither one of them will take a risk unless you approve it. So I think may be you need to wait to worry until you have answers.” This brought a smile to my face. “Your quite right my dear lady. We have a long trip in front of us and much to learn during that time. I guess had the option been open I would be on that spacecraft right now. That to me would have been my choice if it were not for the responsibilities I have.” This was not a shock to her. “If you had of gone I would have been with you.” This made me feel good as she was bound to be where I was. “Well we both need to get some work done, so we can go home today. Let me know if your leaving before I do please?” “I will and tonight is a cooking night for me.”

Chapter 26 The Old World The trip had gone well for Jenny and she was enjoying having Sonny around. He had proven to be a good instructor and she had learned much of the science behind the technology. With the time they had she was able to pick up the needed information to program a trip, repair the drive system or to control any of the many actions available to her as ships captain. She knew more of how the ship operated and what made that happen than she could have believed possible in this short a time. But Sonny was very skillful in giving her information and letting her try it. She learned more from doing as hearing or seeing. He seemed to understand her learning mode and fed that for her. As much as Vortec had taught her she learned more in the last three weeks than she had before. It was not Vortec’s fault just that Sonny had the time to let her do the things she need to do to learn. Vortec had talked with John today and brought him up to date. They were just eight hours from the first observation point. This was a full solar system away from the old world. It would allow for checking to see what spacecraft were going to and leaving the planet. They also could listen for electronic signals coming from the planet from this point. Their spacecraft would not be seen or picked up this far away. It would allow them to look for any type of intrusion alarm that might be in place and disarm it if needed. The plan was to take a week to work closer to the planet. Vortec was in control of the bridge right now. “Jenny I am ready to do some scanning for any type intrusion alarms. This is one area you need to understand and be aware of. If we are picked up before we are in place to monitor the old world we cannot help anyone. Nor will we learn what we need to. It would be easy to out run any craft they have, but that gains us no information we need.” She was ready to learn anything Vortec could teach her. “Sonny and I will be right up Vortec.” They both headed to the bridge to watch Vortec. But when they got there he pointed for her to sit in the captain’s chair and he took the navigators position. “Now reach down and open the arm of the chair on your left.” The armrest opened and a small touch screen popped up. There were several buttons and two knobs in the arm also. “Now press the power button, then look at the screen to see if you have a flat line.” The power came up and the large front screen was gray with a single green line across the center. He was being very careful and slow in this instruction period. “Now on the touch screen press the arrow to your right one time.” When she did this the line stayed flat.

“The arrow will move every fifteen to twenty seconds and you need to watch the screen for any movement of the line. Keep doing this unit the touch screen shows the end button lighted. Then start with the left arrow and keep going until it also shows the end light. Keep moving back and forth until we are able to land the ship. If you see any slight movement of the line call me at once, as it has spotted a transmitter that will find us shortly after it is found.” That sounded easy but still left a question. “How will the line move?” “It will be like the line on an heart monitor the line will go up and down from its center point. We will be able to detect it a good hour before it can find us. The unit will also while your running the sector scan will be doing a fast scan that will pick up a stronger signal and warn you it is there. If that happens we only have about ten minutes to change course before we are seen.” “OK Vortec, Sonny and I will keep at this until you let us know to stop.” With that Sonny sat down beside Jenny and explained the system and how it worked. He made sure she understood the signals they were looking for and why. In the past the masters had a system for letting them know what ships were just two days out from the planet. These intrusion alarms were to make sure the masters knew what products were coming, so they could be ready to handle the load. They allowed for scheduling of production based on available materials. They would also make them aware of any other ships coming into the planets area. No other group of space travelers had been found, but that did not mean they were not there. So the system had been kept in place and used for checking their own ships in. Sonny had relived Jenny on the scans for a time. “Jenny I am still seeing nothing on the sector scans.” “Well keep it going until Vortec lets us know we are in a safe position. He I think is going to land the ship just outside the old worlds system?” Sonny was still running checks an hour later when Vortec called up and told them they could secure the scanning. Jenny turned on the front screen for picture feed. The landscape looked bleak and burnt in colors. This looked like a dead world. “Vortec where are we?” “This is a small planet that once was closest to the sun. For some unknown reason it move out of its orbit and drifted out to the furthest planet in the system. It at one time was as hot as Mercury in our system and was about as close to Earth’s sun as this one was to its sun.”

That was an unusual thing to happen. “What in the world could have moved it from its position? I have never heard of that happening?” “The best guess was something broke the gravitational field of the sun and this planet broke loose at that time. We do know the orbits of all the planets changed at that time. One explanation was a major explosion directly opposite of this planet on the sun could have sent it into another trajectory.” Seeing something like this up close was never in her mind before. “It would have had the sun pulling it back as soon as it started away. Which would have slowed it down to a point where at some point it would pick another orbit.” “That was the idea placed into the record of the group who studied the event.” “OK Vortec what do we do now?” “The best plan is to let Hope direct a search and find out why we did not pick up any signals from intrusion alarms? That concerns me, as it is always possible that they have another way of picking us up. We now will also look for the old equipment to see if it is possible that it no longer works.” She hoped that much of what had existed was now gone. “That sounds like the best possible thing that we could find.” “It would be nice if that situation exists. But it still leaves me wondering how they know if anyone is coming?” She had to think about this. “Is it possible they have over the last five hundred years decided no one was going to come?” “Yes logic would tell the computers that was the case.” Hope added. “It is what I believe may have happened. Rather than launching a new alarm system they just let it stop. I am not picking up any spacecraft at this point either. If they had the fleet from the masters they should have hundreds of cargo ships moving about.” Why so little movement in the area? “That means either they are not using them much or they are looking for other worlds to take over,” Vortec suggested. This left her with a lot of questions. “We should know if they are not home pretty soon. If they are not using the detectors and we don’t see spacecraft, then what?” “That would allow us to move a planet or two out from them and watch, listen and make decisions,” Vortec answered. With her and Sonny’s watch over it was time to relax a little. “OK while your checking for the old equipment and looking for any spacecraft moving, Sonny and I will go eat.

Then get a little sleep. If anything happens please call me and let me see what we are doing and how.” “That sounds like a reasonable plan Jenny. I will let you know of anything Hope picks up as soon as it happens.” Off the two went to get some food and sleep. The last few hours had been unnerving in that they never knew when they would find a signal. If they failed to find it before it found them they would have had a real problem. Now for the moment they were safe and sleep was possible. Jenny still did not feel she could hold much food down. “Lets eat light for now Sonny and get some sleep. We can have a full meal when we get up if nothing is happening.” With his normal smile he replied. “Sounds good to me, I am easy.” They ate quickly and headed off to bed. Jenny was really dead tired now. At eight the next morning Vortec called Jenny and suggested she get some breakfast then come to the bridge. He had some things to show her she would find interesting. So she and Sonny got up, took showers and headed for breakfast. They both were starved as they had slept for over ten hours. That was far longer than either had expected. After eating they headed to the bridge. “Good morning to both of you.” Vortec said with a light voice. “Good morning Vortec,” Jenny replied. “You really got the curiosity up with your comments about showing me some things.” “Good, here is where the old intrusion alarms were originally as the old units are still there. Here is where we found scanning equipment for space on the old world. It reaches out just a few light days and not to the edge of the system. So the plan is to use the planets as a shield. We will travel with a planet between the old world and us. They deflect the beams and we have all kinds of clear space behind the planet we are using. We will move into place planet by planet. It will take a day or two to work our way to where we want to be. But the ships computer will get us there and find a good base for us to start monitoring for human life. With your approval you, Sonny, Glenn and I will do four-hour watches and then be off for twelve hours. This way we break the stress down to reasonable periods. It also will keep each of us sharper for the time we are looking.” That sounded good to her. “Sounds reasonable Vortec, you will need to explain what we will be looking for and how it will be done.” “The what is anything in the old radio signal bands or movement on the surface. The how is the same way we looked for the intrusion alarms. The ships computer will set the search unit and we just need to direct it when to change bands. This may take a few days

before we find what we are looking if any humans survived and have radio contact abilities.” That was the real question? Did they have radio contact at all? “I really believe that some did survive and I am willing to do whatever is required to find where they are. But I don’t want to depend on just the radio bands being used.” “Enjoy the last few hours of free time for the next few weeks. We will be starting the search in just twenty-two hours from now. Then you can think of other ways we might make contact.” She was wondering if it really could be that long a process. “Do you really think it will take weeks to find our answers?” “No, but it could take that long if the humans are underground and limiting their signals or have no radios. We just don’t know enough to make any solid guesses right now. So we have to get some data to begin piecing the picture together. This is right now a detective book and we are building a picture of players at the moment.” That made the plan much more understandable to her. “OK I can follow that and see where we need to fill in blanks before we can have any plan.” Vortec wanted to make this as easy as possible for everyone. “Try to get some more rest and be ready for your four hour shift. I will take the first one then, Glenn, Jenny and then Sonny. Around fifteen minutes before your time is up contact the next person for their watch time. We will with luck in a couple days have enough data to start planning some actions.” With that Jenny and Sonny went to the recreation room and started watching some TV. They were able due to Hope, to watch Earth TV. This way they could keep up on Earth issues. Besides that neither was a bit tired. As time passed they started playing video games and Jenny found the Sonny was really fast and he would back off a little when the score ran up. He did not want Jenny feeling bad in any way. They both kept busy for the rest of the day and hit the bed early. The period for searching was drawing closer. “Jenny,” Glenn called her. “Yes” “Time to get up and take the watch.” “OK I’ll be there shortly.” As Jenny got ready she was wondering what had been found to this point. She was making very little noise, as she did not want to wake Sonny. As she left the room the

thought process was alive. She stopped at the dinning room and got some coffee and a donut. Then headed up to the bridge. “What have you found so far Glenn?” “We have an area where the old mines were that now has a large magnetic field over it. I have to assume it is to disrupt the ability of a robot or computer to go into that area. There has been no radio traffic so far from that area. But they could be using phone lines like Earth uses now? It also has a large and some smaller force fields around some areas also.” “How about the areas where the cities are?” There is computer and robot communications. We cannot yet read those signals, but Hope is working on them. The problem is we don’t know what language they are using or what program?“ This was one for Hope to handle as no human could crack this code. ”Have you seen any spaceships yet?“ ”No there has been no movement on to or off of the planet. That does worry me, as I know at the time of the take over there was hundreds of spaceship operating. The coming and goings were many a day. So the lack of any spacecraft and movement on the surface needs to be checked.“ This brought another question. ”Is there a way to find out if they are on the planet rather than being used?“ ”No if they had their drives running I can find them, but without that I have no way of finding them.“ Was there a way to get this information? ”How about using radar to find them? You said they did not have that technology and we could send out one of the very small satellites to do the work.“ ”Vortec just did not want to put a stick into a hornets nest before knowing the lay of the land. If we don’t know more by my next shift he just might try that. I have filled John in on what has been found so far and he is worried about no spacecraft also.“ At least John was keeping up to date on the progress. ”I will keep track of the areas you have marked on the map and from time to time do general scans on the rest of the planet.“ ”Both you and Sonny need to look at the problem from your own perspective. Then follow your feelings as to how to run the search. With the problem being handled from four different angles we just may find much more than just my way. Just tell the ships

computer what you want and it will run the checks that way. But be sure that no signature is sent out from our position. It all needs to be passive.“ ”I will take some time to decide what I see in the map and your finds. Then come up with a plan for my search. Your markings are in red, so I will use blue and Sonny green, and then Vortec will have to choose his own color. That way we can see where each has gone with the search. Then at some point we compare notes and make a single plan.“ Glenn was happy with the way Jenny made suggestions. ”That sounds reasonable and may be one of us will trip over the key. I am heading off and will get some rest. Then work on a probe for using radar when we are ready. The more I think about it the better I like it. I think I will also use inferred scanning and photo imaging with that, as it gives nothing away. That we can use early in the closer look.“ Any action was a step forward as far as she was concerned. ”It sounds like a plan. Are you going to use the ships computer to look over the images for anything unusual?“ ”I think I will ask Hope to do it as she has developed that skill much better for now.“ This was the safe way but may be not the best. ”How about using both as the ships computer may question things Hope will not?“ Here was an insight he would not have thought about. ”I think may be your right. We want to make the decision not the computer. So both will do the evaluations and we will compare the two results. If both agree we will look at those first, then the ones only one or the other gave us.“ Jenny felt like there was other ways to get the information if it was there. ”Go get some rest and I will start looking at how I am going to attack this problem.“ Glenn left the bridge and Jenny started looking at the map and markings Glenn had made. She picked up on several very small magnetic domes over several places well away from the main area. Was this escape areas or places where humans used these as exits? The question came to her about how far down did the magnetic field go? Was it possible to mine under the magnetic dome? Here was where she was going to spend her time for the next four hours. Getting data was so much easier with this technology than she ever had thought possible. ”Computer I want to concentrate on each of the magnetic areas regardless of size. I want to know how deep the fields go into the earth? Also scan all areas with inferred to pick up any movement showing heat above or below ground. Then feed me the information on the large screen.“ ”It will be done as you wish.“

Jenny sat down in the captain’s chair and watched the screen. The screen was filling up with small domes of magnetic energy. Some were as small as eight feet in diameter. When the computer told her these were all that could be seen from this location until the planet turned more on its axis. She counted well over eight hundred domes. That was a sure sign someone was using them as a shield. Some of them were a thousand miles from the main dome. So there had to be a large underground system of tunnels. A visual was needed for reference. ”Computer, be sure to map each one with its size and location. I want hard copies of the map for each of us.“ ”I will do that and then start thermal scans for heat.“ Jenny was feeling excited and getting the feeling that there was some life form living in the tunnels. At this point it was not possible to say what life form, but this was a step. Once they found heat signatures then she would ask for what the measurements were? Hopefully they could be calculated from this distance and would be in human range. ”Jenny the depth of the fields in well over two Earth miles down. The planet is over three hundred degrees at that depth.“ One more piece of this puzzle found. At that depth there was no way to mine under the magnetic fields. At that depth no man or machine would last for very long. ”The heat signatures I am getting are many under the main dome. They seem to be in the range of ninety seven to ninety nine degrees by my calculations. One area has thousands of signatures in it. Other areas have just two to five in them. I am also picking up a signature in some of the lines for the main area and small domes. But you will find that each line from the main dome has a shield around it just underground.“ That seems to prove the point of an underground community. It would be reasonable to think this was a human living area. But why all below ground and no one on the surface? ”I have found an area that is very large that shows a temperature of seventy five degrees with some hot spots at ninety eight degrees. This area is just off from the main dome and has heavy magnetic fields around it underground.“ This must be a farming area for the people? May be a hydroponics growing area? ”Computer be sure you add all the underground magnetic fields. Also mark the large area which I think is for growing food.“ ”It is done and will be included with your notes when printed.“ The whole thing was getting far more exciting as she started to see patterns. The real questions she had now was how to contact these people and where would be the best place to do so? The time had flown so fast that she did not even hear Sonny coming onto the bridge. He had coffee and a sandwich for her.

”Boy are you into to this assignment,“ he said. She wanted to share what she had found with him. ”I think I have found where the humans are living and how they are feeding themselves.“ ”That was quick, I saw Glenn heading to the lab and he said, Vortec and he had not found much when he left.“ Jenny decided to bring Vortec into this now. ”Computer, ask Vortec to come to the bridge.“ As Vortec walked on to the bridge he looked at the surface map. It had blue and red marks all over it. It also had connecting lines between each small dome found and the major domes. ”What have you found Jenny?“ ”We have about fifty percent of the underground taken with living areas and travel areas. There is a correlation between human body temperatures and the small hot spots in the major areas. We have found over two hundred thousand of these hot spots so far. Each of the small domes seems to be entrance and exit points or airshafts from underground. The magnetic fields run over two miles deep so they are not natural. Some areas also have larger force fields around them.“ Vortec had to think about this before speaking. ”You have been busy and brought a lot of information into the equation. At this point I feel sure we have a group of humans living underground. The original population when we left the planet was just over one million five hundred thousand people.“ It was time to give him her last piece of data. ”I have found what I believe to be hydroponics farms. These areas run a much higher underground temperature and have a few higher heat signatures moving around the area. Due to the sizes I think most of these areas are for food growing.“ ”That makes sense, as the masters always grew their crops underground rather than on the surface. It kept down any crop loss due to weather or pest problems. It also allowed year around growing of all foods. The original life span was over three hundred years due to organic farming and medical knowledge. They had never used the nano bot technology we developed.“ ”If that was their limit then why is ours over eight to nine hundred?“ ”I developed the nano bots and was experimenting with them on Earth. It was still new technology as far as the masters were concerned. So the technology was never transferred back to them.“

Here Jenny had a big question? ”The question now is how do we make contact with them?“ ”I cannot do it as the magnetic field would fry my circuits. Only you, Glenn or Sonny can make the contact. Now Sonny can speak the old world language and Hope can communicate with him real time. So from my thinking he is the natural fit to make contact. Your language abilities would still be a problem, as you have not mastered the language yet.“ Jenny was going to dig in her heels here. ”I don’t like sending Sonny in and would rather do it myself.“ Vortec had made sure he was not the decision maker on this one. ”That has been decided by John not by me. So if you have another plan you need to talk with him and see what he has to say.“ Here was a curt request. ”What was his reasoning on this?“ ”He said he was not willing to put you at risk as the group needed you to much. That he felt Sonny would be least at risk due to Hope’s help and direct link to her. That as soon as Hope and Sonny said it was safe he would take the lead and come from Earth with the book.“ This one shocked her and it showed. ”I really don’t like John coming here safe or not. Putting him at any risk is too much for the group to accept. He is the anchor for all of us and we cannot afford to loose him.“ Vortec had felt the same way but had been overruled. ”If Hope says it is safe then he is at no risk at all. She would never place him in a bad situation.“ This seemed to take a little edge off. ”True, I am being over protective. But I am concerned with how we approach the people. We do not want them to see us as aggressive or as a threat. For sure we do not want to be seen by a robot.“ ”We can send down a portable transport plate and place it just outside the largest magnetic dome. Then Sonny can after being transported move it into the dome if they open it. The plate is non-magnetic so that will be no problem. At that point he can sit and wait for the people to come to him. He can carry a communicator to allow them to communicate with us or Earth.“ Fine but the electronics would not be as easy. ”How are you going to get the communicator in without it frying?“ Vortec replied without any hesitation. ”I have it shielded in a stainless steel case. This will also be something new for them, as they know nothing about this type of steel. It

would not be turned on until inside the dome. I believe it will be able to operate even with the magnetic field around it.“ Jenny wondered what laws they might also be breaking. ”What was their legal system like? How did they handle people who they saw as having broken their laws?“ ”There was no courts or legal system as they had no one breaking laws. Today I would expect that only robots or computers are at risk. I would expect that they as a group are very law abiding.“ That seemed to take a little of the worry out of her. ”OK how do we get Sonny on the surface without giving away our location?“ ”I have a very small scout craft that will drop a plate in the right place. Then head the opposite direction from us and work its way back to the ship. Sonny can be sent without being seen to the transport plate. He places it inside the shielded area and sits down in cover and waits for contact. We can then monitor everything at that point.“ That seemed to meet her needs. ”OK as long as I can stay in contact with him and see what is going on. I don’t want him to be there without my being able to talk with him and see what he sees.“ ”Computer,“ Vortec requested.” “Yes Vortec.” “Commit the small scout craft to place a plate at the intersecting point of the tunnels going to the main dome. Just outside the shield and be ready to transport Sonny to that plate as soon as it is ready.” “Craft is launched and I have placed a folding plate on it so if needed we can send supplies later from Earth if required.” The folding plate allowed it to be expanded for larger loads to be sent. “Thank you computer. The folding plate was a good idea.” “Sonny you will need to get ready for the transport so you have all you need when your on planet. We can locate you and supply a force field around you for protection. Hope will follow that and deploy it if needed. You will find it is sixty two degrees on the surface right now and will get colder tonight if your not found quickly.” Sonny had thought this one out. “I will need the communications device and a coat just in case it takes some time to find me. I will also take some matches and be able to start a fire at night to keep warm and act as a signal fire for them.”

That also would provide an IR signature for us to see. “Good idea as there is only a few hours of light left in the day,” Jenny said. “Well I do not have any fear of being killed or even of being treated badly by the masters descendants as I know much of their history. John has filled me in on much of what he knows of the take over. So I know who to ask for and what their position will be.” It was good that John had provided this extra information. “Just keep me posted on each step of the way. I want to be with you like a mouse in your pocket,” she laughed. He offered her a way to understand what was happening. “If you ask Hope to do it she can let you see everything I do. I will open the link for my vision to her and you can see what my eyes see on the large screen here.” “Hope can you set that up after he is on planet?” “Yes, it cannot be done until he is on the ground, as the transport plate would not allow it. He also is the only one who can use or allow use of the transport plate. If he sends us someone he must be at the plate to do it.” Now Jenny felt she was closer to being there. “I think we are ready to search these people out and see where the culture has gone? I would like for Via to listen in and watch the whole of this meeting. She may be able to provide us with needed suggestions.” That was a most reasonable idea. “Good idea Jenny I will set up a screen in the school office for her to work from. She will communicate directly with you and then you may pass the information on to Sonny. This will keep one human feeding him information. So you and I will be the only voices he hears and mine will be for questions he has only. I will feed you my perceptions and you decide if he needs to know or not, if he does not ask me.” This would work well for Sonny. “Too much direction can be worst than none so I agree. He only needs one feed and I will be here as long as he is there.” “You cannot stay wake twenty four hours a day.” “I will set up a cot here so when he has needed of me I am here. He also I am sure will have some sleep periods.” “I will have the engineer rig a bed, food area and bathroom for you here. I will come if called, otherwise it is your room.” Vortec said. With that the stage was set for the first contact with what they hoped was the people of the masters. There were still many questions and Jenny wanted the answers quickly. She was concerned about the fact of no spacecraft around the planet. Not one had yet been found flying or on the surface. Where were these craft? Was Earth in their sights? So

many questions and so few answers. These questions must be answered fast if Earth was to be safe.

Chapter 27 Contact The mood at the control room had been somber since the scouting mission had left. It was almost like everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Everyone knew the possibility of being attacked by a fleet of spacecraft full of robots. Yet Earth had no clue as to the danger they were in. It would be out of the question to try to make the governments aware of it. No one would accept that this was possible. John had every planet in Earths system checked for possible bases and none were found. So he was sure he would see any fleet coming before it got to Earth. Stopping it would be another question and he was not sure that could be done here. The weapons Earth had were the best against this enemy that anyone could have. The diseases of Earth would also be a negative for any invader who had any DNA in them. “Hope, ask James to come to my office please.” As John waited he was watching the print outs on his screen of the magnetic domes and tunnels. The whole pattern seemed like a spiders web. There were even tunnels under the lakes and oceans. Which made him wonder what type of transporter they used for long distances? “Good morning John,” James said. Back to the main problem James was handling right now. “Good morning James and how is the search going for any contacts within closed governments?” “I have found a few really odd things and right now I’m trying to find the whole picture of these. In China and North Korea there are some strange people working for the governments in isolated areas. In these cases the people are working directly for the government science programs. They are isolated and no nationals are working in these labs. They seem to be only staffed by an unknown group of people. But what I have seen from their transmissions is some of the technology we have. They are not giving up very much, but enough to possibly change the balance of power.” “You say they are isolated and no nationals are on site?” “Yes, it took me some time to find them, but I have and there is only a half dozen working in two places.” Time for some action and fast. “Have Alpha take a spacecraft and pick up these labs. Ask Slim to give you well armed response team members for guards with personal force fields. I want all data passed so far to be removed from their computers.” “Once I found the transmissions, I already have modified them so they cannot be used. I will get Alpha to pick the facilities up, but where do you want to take them?”

That was an easy decision. “I think the China control room would be best. It is very isolated and will not be even close to any major area of civilization. If we find these are robots I want their memory downloaded to Hope for her to analyze. This way we can reprogram them and use them.” “I will handle this at once. Now just for plan ”B“ what if they are human?” That was no problem either as we were ready. “Take them to the resort and that way we do not cause any harm. We can watch them and question them there. If they are just scientist we will find a way to either put them back into China or move their families out for them.” “That will work for me. I can question them at the resort and have time to do it. Now what do we use for a way to contain them if they are robots?” “The old world seems to be using magnetic fields. This seems to be the major defense and makes sense. The field would wipe or fry much of the chips and memory from a mechanical type robot.” “I will have a magnetic field set up at the control room for a prison cell.” “Keep me posted on what is found and what we have?” With that James headed to the lab area. John placed a call for Jenny and sat back, as it would take a couple minutes to get it all set. “John what can we do for you here?” “Is Vortec with you right now?” “Yes, he and Sonny are both here.” He explained what James had found and what actions he was taking. The group on the scout craft seemed shocked. This was going to change some things for them. “If you find they are robots then downloading their memory to Hope would be of great help to us. Reprogramming them is smart and we could at that point use a couple of them here. They would make excellent guides and could be used against the robots on the planet. Please let me know as soon as you find out so I can add them into our plans.” Vortec requested. I did not want him thinking anything but that they were robots. “I am almost sure from what I heard that they are robots. Transferring technology close to what we have tends to confirm that belief. We are still more advanced that they are from what I am seeing, as

they still seem to have the old ways of doing things. I don’t think their science has progressed from where it was.” Vortec was weighing this bit of data. “That is encouraging in many ways, as I had feared that they might have kept progressing. But without human thought to push them it would stall. The magnetic fields here make even more sense for me as they still have some chips and magnetic memories. I would be like that if Hope had not upgraded me. The problem I have is my steel still gets stuck on a magnetic field and the electrical charge would fry me after a time. I will not risk Sonny’s safety until I know we can breach the field.” “Well we will have to talk with Hope about using stainless steel to solve that problem for you. But right now, I wanted you all to know what I have here and am doing.” “Sonny will be going to the dome in just a few minutes. Hope will be able to show you anything he can see, as he has allowed her to connect to his optic system. So you can follow the whole event from your screen. We also have asked Via to watch and provide input for Jenny based on what she sees.” I could think of nothing else that could be done. “That is a sound idea. Do you need any other support from here?” “No, everything else we will have to do from here. We also have a communicator he will be carrying with him so he can allow someone else to talk with you or us. If we get into a trick we will shield Sonny and find a way to bring him out.” “Great, let me know of any thing you need and you will have it.” The screen dissolved and the picture came back showing what Sonny was seeing. It was strange to see things the way the eyes did. There was much to try to take in and yet second hand unless it was slowed down you missed a lot. The other senses came into play when you saw something and that did not exist when you were just watching. This was a lesson in human anatomy. John could not get over the insight he had just picked up to the way a human integrates their senses. This was something he had never given much thought to before. But like many flashes of insight it hit him and he knew it could be used. “Hope how do we connect other humans to the senses of Sonny as he feels them?” “I can ask him to open those areas to me also if you wish. But to transfer that data real time we would have to add electrical connections to the person to receive them. It would be like hooking into and EEG machine except it would feed data to you, not from you like the machine does.” “How intense would the feelings be for another human?”

“It would be very close to what the person there would feel. I would not think over powering, as you would feel the reaction in your own terms not theirs.” “We may want this type hook up for the spacecraft if things get a little tough. It would allow Jenny to get more direction to Sonny. What would confuse Sonny most likely would not confuse Jenny, she is very level headed. So tell her if she would like to try this route it has my blessing.” “I will set up the feeds, I allowed Sonny to hear this conversation and he agrees. He feels Jenny might react differently than he would and he is depending on her inputs.” “Tell him he can cut them off if he feels they are not helping him.” Jenny just responded to the suggestion. “John I appreciate your idea and will be more confident in giving Sonny inputs if I feel his emotions. I will be able to feel what he touches and whatever the nervous system picks up. So my reactions will be timed to his feelings also. It also should be a faster response.” It was time to exert a calming effect for Jenny. “Jenny just be careful, as this has never been done and Via should monitor your feeds. We need to know how well this works for future use. My fear is Sonny or Hope will not pick up on danger like you will. So you are the safety net for him.” Jenny felt she could be of more help this way. “I will not allow him to get into trouble while he is down there. With these feeds I feel better about his going, as I really felt I should have done this.” “We don’t know that it is a human area and that it is not some kind of prison. So until we know what is going on we will walk softly and learn what we can.” “I had not even thought about that idea. But may be sitting down and waiting for them to come to us is not such a good idea.” I at this point trusted nothing to chance. “I figured you might see the wisdom in scouting and watch for who comes. Have Vortec arm Sonny with a stainless steel magnum pistol. Tell Sonny to keep it out of sight unless he needs it.” This confused Jenny for a minute. “Where is he going to get that?” “Hope has hundreds of them and millions of rounds for the station.” “Vortec said he had some here and will arm Sonny. He has to feed him the data on how to use it and fire it. But he said it would go through the magnetic field without problems.” “Of course I would not give you bad data,” I laughed.

“John, Vortec has asked what type loads you want for this.” Thinking of the best stopping power possible, I suggested one for him. “Tell him to issue wad cutter ammo, if it is used we want to stop the robot he shot.” “Do you really think this could be a prison?” I had an idea that it made more sense than a refuge. “In looking at the information you picked up it is possible. It would be like a dog fence that is not visible. If you get into the field the collar shocks the dog. In this case I would assume it would kill the human? Even if this is a prison there for sure is an underground within it. But for Sonny if anyone has an implant or collar of any kind they are a human and if not they are to be shot if they are aggressive. That is per my orders.” This stopped her for a time. “He understands and will follow that order. But if they are human also?” “They are robots if they have any electronics or parts that do not come on a human at birth. A cyborg is the more correct term for that condition. It would mean they are tied into the computers whom exerts control over them.” Jenny was trying to sort this one out. “Vortec agrees and said that did in no way violate the program for them. That killing a human is one where computers do not control them. If a computer controls them they are not human any longer.” “We are ready to send Sonny down now the plate is on the ground and ready. Vortec has changed the first location to a mountain area for hiding and watching. Sonny is now carrying a pack with food and water to give him time to observe and make decisions.” It was time for people to be slow to act, as it had been five hundred years since man had been free on this world. “Great tell him time is on his side and not to hurry into the underground. They will search for him either way. But he needs to be sure they are safe to contact. I want him to have a way to scan each person he sees.” “Vortec said he has the scanner with him in the communicator he shielded. He can scan anyone and Hope can feed me the data.” Now so she knows no one is going to meddle with her actions. “Just keep me up to date on any events. I cannot keep watching the feed, as I would want to step in. So I will only get into this, as you ask for my input. From time to time I will check with you on the progress.” Jenny seemed to relax some knowing I was not looking over her shoulder.

“I will contact you if anything is worrisome here. Just having additional input will be a blessing. I also appreciate your allowing Sonny to be armed for his safety. That was not an option I would have thought of for him.” She needed to be aware of how to proceed here. “The protection of all of our people is the most important thing for me. I would not allow him to walk into a lion’s den without some protection. With as little as we know right now there is no way we can have any reason to trust anyone yet.” “I will be back to you in the next hour and let you know what has happened to that time.” The screen dissolved and there was a picture of the incubator station in orbit. From the distance I was seeing it you had to really look to pick up the full shape. It was hard to make out the outline. “Hope how far is this from the station?” “It is just a few miles and you still can barely see it. So the black color was a good choice. I have tried to pick it up on radar and am getting almost no signature. I have tried inferred and I am not getting any reading there. It has almost no magnetic signature either. So finding the station will be by luck rather than design.” With normal jitters on something new I asked her. “Be sure to keep into the mission on the old world. I have bad vibes on this one.” “If you’re uneasy I will sit tight on that one. There is much to be finished inside here. But I am now tucked into my new home and can keep a closer eye on the mission. The engineers here can finish the inside of the station and I can keep up with Jenny, Sonny, Vortec and Glenn. Alpha has picked up the first lab and is headed for the second now. The lab is covered with a force field so no one can come out yet.” That was much faster than I expected. “When will we be able to remove the robots or humans inside?” “It will be another thirty minutes before we are ready and the response force is in place to do this.” This was one where I felt in control. “Let me know when they are ready and give me a feed to the inside of the bay. I want to see how this all comes down.” James had planned this well. “I will be back to you as soon as they are ready to go in. Slim is running the operation for us there.” John had so much on his platter right now it was like being in the middle of a bullring. Lots of danger all around and not knowing which way was the best to move. “Hi dear, your looking very stressed right now,” Faith said.

That was a real understatement right now. “It is a tough day right now and I have people at risk.” Faith walked around the desk and started to massage John’s neck and shoulders. “Lady I will give you about a year to stop that.” Faith laughed and said “only a year?” He felt the relaxing of the neck. “At this rate I am not sure I will last longer than that.” “Your doing fine and keeping all the balls in the air. There will not be days like this often and I know you can handle these.” I was just not as sure as she was right now. “Thanks for the vote of confidence I needed one.” “No you just need some company to share the burden.” “That would be nice love.” “How about something to eat and we will have lunch here?” Eating was not something that had even come to mind. “I am hungry now that you bring it up. How about a tuna salad and a diet Pepsi?” “Done and I will have it here in a couple minutes.” The food showed up on the plate in no time. They sat at John’s desk, ate their lunches and talked. It was light conversation and planning for a point it time to see the resort complex. Both were interested in getting a chance to go there and relax for a little time. John had told Faith that riding horses in the surf was great fun. She wanted to do that and have some time alone with this man she loved. He was always needed by everyone here and their time alone was getting more limited. He had been coming home late and getting up early and the normal rhythm their life had taken at first was changing. This was something she wanted to talk with him about when he was not under pressure. Hope advised him of the connection. “John your feed to the spacecraft is ready.” “John this is Slim and we are ready to remove the force field from the first lab now.” “Is everyone protected with a personal force field?” “Yes we are fully equipped and have spray foam glue guns ready to stop any ability to fight back. I found them on Earth and liked the idea.”

“OK go for it now.” The screen dropped and the door opened very quickly. Three people came out with phasers in hand. The rubber compound hit them at a force that made them step back and then they could not raise their arms. The phasers dropped to the floor and the reaction force stepped in and restrained them. Each was laid on a stretcher and moved into the control room cell. The same steps were used at the second lab and it also seemed that we were dealing with robots. The picture switched to the control room and Slim placing a body on the medical table. The hood came down and the lights came on scanning the full length of the body. Hope was working on this one also. “John this one is a robot of the old model that Vortec was. I am getting ready to download his memory and reprogram him now. Once reprogrammed I will give him some of his memory back with our new instructions.” “Go for it Hope.” It took just a few minutes time to have downloaded the memory. The reprogramming took another five minutes then the old memory was installed. Slim asked the robot, “how many of you are on Earth?” “There is right now ten of us on the planet.” “How did you get here?” “We were placed here to see if this was the planet the masters had settled. The rest of the fleet went on to check out other worlds where there are humans.” “When will they be back to Earth?” “They are due in three months from now.” “Hope does all this check out?” “Yes it matches his memory records.” “OK remove all the rubber from this robot and put him in the magnetic cell. Bring the next and we will download him and reprogram.” The process went on for well over two hours and we had much information on what to expect. The fact there was no spacecraft left on the old world was confirmed. Also the fact that the magnetic fields on the old world was a prison for the humans. As they were captured they were fitted with an embedded chip that crossing the field would kill them. No guards were used, as none were needed. If anyone tried to remove the chip they also

would die. The job of the humans was to mine the planet for metals needed by the robots. As long as they did this they were to be kept in place. If they stopped they would be killed. This should make the contact much safer. “Hope have you passed this all on to Jenny?” “Yes she and Sonny heard the entire questioning session.” “We know that there are only a few robots left on the planet right now. So our ability to attack them is at its best. How many units do we have right now who could fight on the old world?” “At the moment I could pull together just over eight hundred armed and trained troops and then I have another six hundred in training left.” I made a decision that had risks also. “I want you to send them to Vortec now fully armed and I want one city at a time taken and the computers destroyed.” This seemed to worry Hope. “That will leave me with out any trained defending force here.” This was a decision that had limited risks for the moment. “You still have the missiles and use the few units in training if needed and from what we have picked up we may have a little time. Use Earth’s production facilities to add to your output. If this is done swiftly we can remove their computer help and that will cause a major problem for the robots.” Hope had been scanning the data taken from the robots. “I have maps of every computer on that planet and can direct Vortec where each of them is at. There seems to be one computer who is running the whole network and that needs to be the first hit.” It was time to be sure we were all on the same page. “Give the information to Vortec and Jenny, let them work to release the humans on the planet to fight also. I will have a few sent back here for the medical personnel to see what we can do about removing the chips.” Vortec felt he had a solution. “If we can free the humans I can arm them and be sure many have personal force fields. That will draw the ships back to the old world planet to try to take it back. As for the chips I believe we can remove them with Hope’s help.” James was providing the data for Earth’s actions. “I think we have a plan that may work best for us. Slim and Alpha will pick up the other robots on Earth and head back to our control room. I was a little shocked that the rest were working at area fifty-one. But we can get them and be out before the base has a clue of their being gone. We know exactly where they are so it does make it a much easier task.”

Hope had to question me on a possible problem. “What if you get a couple humans?” “I will send them to the resort to cool their heals for a time. Then may be offer them a job?” Who knows the type of person we might get in area fifty-one? James wanted to be sure I knew this was not going to be as clean. “You just need to understand that you will be taking humans as well as robots on this one.” This was still a no brainier for me. “I am willing to risk that and will send the robots we have captured to Vortec to used there. They can open doors we would have to fight to get to.” “I am now sending Vortec twenty units at a time and he will stage them on our spaceship. He has sent the scout craft down to lay down extra transport plates. Jenny has come up with an idea for shutting down the magnetic field I think may work.” That would be of real help here. “How is she going to do that?” I knew Jenny would see a hole someplace. “As soon as the transfer of units is complete they are going to start picking up power poles and moving them with the scout spacecraft. This should break the connections with the fusion power plants. Break the connection and the shield goes down. This also should work on the force fields as they would never put the power supply inside it.” Now Vortec and Jenny needed to take control there if possible. “That sounds like it might work. But be sure we test the fields before anyone goes through them. Then make sure all the people are brought together and told exactly what is going on and why. Who we are and that we do have robots with us that are not a threat to them. Be sure they understand the difference between our computers and robots and theirs. If needed I will come and talk with their leaders.” Vortec was ready here to let Jenny do the leading. “I will let Jenny make that decision and I will talk with them by holograph form. We will have a screen for you to teleconference with their leadership set up. Sonny has made contact with a search group and has talked with the leadership, so they understand where we came from. The story of Earth is one they knew of but had no idea of our power and abilities. They will fight to take the planet back and under stand that killing all the robots is not the best route. They know we can reprogram them to be useful and not a threat. We will have to move one of the computers from the five worlds to run the systems here. The computers here cannot be salvaged. For the time being I will allow the ships computer to serve their needs.” That seemed reasonable to me. “Do it after you have control of the planet. I will wait for the meeting with the leaders.”

James came back with the report on the added pick up. “John all robots are reprogrammed and ready to transport to Vortec. We did get three people in the area fiftyone pick up. How do you wish to handle them?” “Send them here to the control room with an escort from the rapid response force.” “They are on their way and the robots are being sent to Vortec now.” “Thank you Slim, you, Alpha and your people did a great job. Be sure they all know how much I appreciate their efforts and skills.” “We enjoy the coordination and support we get from you John. It does make things work better.” The door to my office opened and in walked three men in lab coats and the two security units. The men looked somewhat in shock and were trying to take all this in quickly. “Please be seated at the conference table.” I got up from the desk and moved to the table. “Gentlemen I am sure you are wondering what has happened?” The older man looked at me and said. “do you understand what you have done?” “Yes far better than you do. You do not seem to know you were working with robots that had the goal of taking over the Earth. What did they offer you in technology to allow them to work at area fifty-one?” The man decided not to cooperate. “I cannot talk about that.” I just asked the question, as I already knew the answer was. “Hope what was the trade off?” The image of Hope came into the room. “They had offered the fusion reactors to them.” The older man look shocked. “How could she know that?” “Very simply Dr. Phillips they had their memories downloaded and it was all there.” This brought real shock to the mans face. “How do you know my name?” “Your Dr. Herman Phillips PhD in physics, Cal Tech 1962, you have worked on space drives for the last ten years until this project came up. You are not married and have no children. You grades in school were all four point zeros and you were top of your class at each step of your education. Your main area of interest is quantum physics. That is why you were placed in this project.”

He was again in a mood to make threats. “Do you know the USA will hunt you down for taking me and my people?” “Dr. the USA had better hope they never find us. We have the power to bring it to its knees. The image you’re talking to is Hope she is our DNA computer. I am John and head up this organization. We are not only on Earth we also have five other worlds, which are ours. Our interest here is to improve the human lot on Earth. But really you do not exist, as you were at area fifty-one and no one would allow your loss to be reported.” This seemed to hit home with him. “Who are you and where did you come from?” I had to smile as he was still pushing. “I came from my mother. She happened to be living in Akron, Ohio at that time. It may surprise you but I am a human who was raised on Earth. A group of people moved several cultures from dying planets here many thousands of years ago. They over saw their growth and supplied knowledge when needed. About five hundred years ago they had a revolt of computers and robots and lost communications with Earth. Their directive was to find a human to assume control of all you see and help mankind as best possible. But it had to be done with no one being killed or supporting anyone or group that killed for them. I am the one chosen to do this by the rules set up then.” This seemed to calm him down some. “How would you bring the USA to its knees?” Deciding to give him the short answer, I stated this way. “I can wipe every computer on Earth. We also have force fields all around us no one can penetrate. I can take every satellite out of the orbits around Earth, shutdown every power plant and disarm every nuclear weapon. So if they wish to fight it will be a foot war with using horses to pull any weapons. There will be no aircraft, trains, trucks, buses, radar, radio, missiles or any form of transportation except horses or feet. Communications would be by messenger only.” This seemed to cause him to question if this. “How is this possible?” “Life on Earth was created by this group. They were already a space traveling culture for over a million years. Now we have everything they had and more. As much was developed while waiting to find me and that is all at my command today.” The computer screen came up on the wall. “John the leaders are here to talk with you.” “Just a minutes please. Please have these gentlemen sit over at the seating at the wall and let them see this. OK Hope hook me up.” Here was a man who looked tired and of middle age. “John I am Gorm and the leader of our world. My grandfather was once the master of your Earth assets. He also told me one day you would come and save our world for us. I needed to just have faith in the humans we saved thousands of year ago. Vortec has filled me in on you and I am pleased with his

choice. Your response to our need was swift and very timely for us, as we would have been killed when the fleet returned.” He needed to have the same information I did. “The fleet is about three months from attacking Earth now. So freeing your people now makes it the idea point in time. We do have a few things that will shock them when they get here. But right now we need to destroy your computers and reprogram your robots, so that you can rebuild your civilization. We will capture as many of your spacecraft as possible and send them back to you. You now have several hundred of our units ready to take your main city and deactivate the main computer. Vortec will lead that group. We will arm you with individual force fields and weapons if you wish and a like number of your people and ours can take the smaller cities if that is what you want.” That seemed to please him. “I would appreciate that and I will lead that group.” He was going to need some help also. “Be sure Vortec trains your people in both the nonlethal and lethal weapons before he moves on the largest city. I also would suggest you keep Sonny with you as he can communicate with Hope our computer for information you may need.” “I agree and would appreciate having Sonny with me. We do need food and clothing for my people. So whatever you can supply will be appreciated.” That was a reasonable request. “Everything I can get will be collected and sent at once to you. I would suggest you keep as many people as possible underground until we can supply them with warm clothing and food.” This sounded good to him and you could see it. “Agreed and once again thank you for coming to our aid.” The screen dissolved and life had made a jump once more for John. He heard a commotion in the control room and asked Faith to see what was happening. She came back with seven people in ragged clothing and walked into the room. “John this is the group for the medical people to work on to see if we can remove the chips in their necks.” As she said this they all dropped to their knees and bowed to John. Hey I was for sure no God and this was not something I understood. “What is all this about Faith?” Faith looked tickled at my discomfort. “They see you as their saviour and are trying to show respect for your deeds.” Faith needed to take me off this hook. “Please explain that I am just returning the great favor their forefathers did for Earth. That we are all equals and will build a great warm friendship between Earth and their world. That we owe them far more than they owe us.”

They all stood up with smiles on their faces and walked over and shook hands with me and I was hugged a lot. They were frail and carried no extra fat on there bodies. “Faith first take these people to the café and feed them first before they are looked at by the medical staff. Then transfer all the food we have stored on the five worlds and in our warehouses to their planet. Buy ever piece of clothing you can find and transport it to their planet also. Be sure to send warm clothing, as it is going to take time to get their industries back up. Tell the five worlds to start planting everything they can and transport it as soon as possible. We have over two hundred thousand people to feed and clothe.” Faith was directed and ready to respond. “I will handle it and fill you in later on my results.” “John what was the planet that man was talking from,” Dr. Phillips asked? “That was the world that originally place man on Earth. They had a revolt of their robots and computers that enslaved the entire planet. The problem was the laws of robotics we apply were not applied to their robots or computers. They did not realize until to late that they had a problem. When they did, they reprogrammed our robots and computer to the new rules. But it was to late for them to reprogram theirs. So they cut their ties to Earth rather than allow a take over here.” The good doctor thought this one out before responding. “That was a rather noble response. I am not sure a government on Earth would do the same?” It was time for the bad news for him. “Dr. you and your staff are going to be sent for a vacation to our resort island. It is not on this planet and you will be well taken care of and free to explore the whole island. Any thing you want to know will be shown to you and if you wish a lab will be set up for you to work in. But understand your knowledge is primitive right now. We have spacecraft, transport plates for travel, fusion power plants, robotics and computer abilities beyond what Earth will have for hundreds of years from now. So enjoy the learning experience. But Earth is still threatened in the not very distant future and I must address that problem now. There is no power on Earth but us to stop this invasion fleet. You will see anything you ask to, and all Earth TV is available to you. What I cannot allow you to do is break our security.” He did not show any negative response to this decision. “I understand and will enjoy watching and waiting. A lab would be appreciated as I would like to run experiments as I learn.” “Security take these gentlemen to the transport plate and send them to the resort. They are not to leave the island without my permission. But they are to have whatever they need to be able to work and learn.” With that they were lead to the control room transport plate and sent to the resort.

Chapter 27 The War ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Vortec was sitting at the controls of an electric vehicle he had brought from the valley. With all the tools built into it and the protective abilities he felt safe from the robots or people of the old world who mistook him for an enemy. He had been told by John to take no unreasonable risks. He was to handle this action as quickly as possible and head back to Earth. The city was well lighted and the streets were wide with parks down the center of them. This would provide for cover for anyone wanting to ambush his group. Sitting beside him was one of the robots taken from Earth. He was directing Vortec to the area where the city computer was housed. The troops were following behind them as quickly as they could assure the ground was clear of enemies. They were now almost a half-mile behind Vortec and he had slowed down to let them catch up. He had pulled up into a park and behind some bushes, so he could not be easily seen and could scan for robots. He picked up some movement and turned the night vision camera that way. There were about twenty robots moving down the street in a formation. He radioed the scouts of his small army they were in front of them and how many to expect. The squad leader set up an ambush and waited for them to come into it. He now could see them as they came forward and he held the troops back until it would be a fast defeat and no one escaped. He could see the phasers in the hands of the robots now and waited for just a few more seconds. The fire command came and all twenty robots fell destroyed right there. They left the robots with their phasers in hand still twitching and headed up the street at a fast clip, as Vortec had seen no more coming. Vortec pulled out of the hiding place and started forward again. As he turned the corner he stopped as he could see a large barricade across the street ahead. He could tell by inferred that there was over a hundred robots behind the make shift defensive position. It was easy to read the heat of the fluid in their bodies. He had radioed the squad commander to take twenty-five troops and come around to right side of the barricade. Then had twenty-five more go past the street to come around the left side. This pincer movement would allow for concentrated fire and a quick defeat of this position. They were only a mile from where the main computer was located. The sooner they shut that one down the faster this would be over. The squad that had ambushed the robots went into a building and on to the roof. They crossed the roofs of several buildings and had to jump the gaps between them. As they found the wall that looked over the street they could see down right on top of the robots behind the barricade. This was reported to Vortec and he had the other pincer do the same on their side. Once the two groups were in place and the main force behind him he moved up the street. He turned the bright spotlights onto the barricade and waited for fire from it. He knew the

lights would draw the fire, as the troops behind him could not be seen because of the lights. Like lighting bolts there was a maze of phaser fire at the vehicle. The robot next to Vortec jumped in his seat. None penetrated the shield and the hits kept coming. The fire from the two rooftops started to take their toll and finally there was no more shots fired on either side. The radio came to life. “Vortec all behind the barriers were now dead.” Bullets were something these robots had never seen and it ended their functions quickly. The scout commander was glad he was on this side of the battle. It was time to be careful and not over confidant. “I expect at least one more barricade before we get to the building housing the computer. So both of the flank groups need to keep crossing the rooftops. We will clear the barricade and then start forward. Expect things to change, as I am sure the computer knows how we took this one. I am hoping it is confused with the different weapons we are using.” “I will keep looking for rooftop spies looking from where we are.” The leader knew he had to expect to run into a problem yet. “Keep your eyes on higher rooftops for possible sniper action. Make sure all personal force fields are on full power.” Both groups check in and started forward. They had gone down to the street and across to the next set of buildings. Then back up to the rooftop. The vehicle moved up to the barricade and the troops started taking it down to allow passage. After a gap of thirty feet was clear Vortec moved the vehicle forward and the troops fell in behind. Just one hundred yards from the building we were headed to there was another barricade. The scan showed just over two hundred robots here. So Vortec checked to see where all his forces were before taking any action. It was time to wait and let the battle come to them again. The whole action seemed like a repeat of the last fight. “Squad right on roof looking down on the barricade. We see two hundred and sixty robots there. They do not seem to know we are over the top of them. They keep looking down the street at you and never up.” “Squad left is in place and see the same from here.” Something just did not add up to Vortec. “OK I am still concerned, so I want both of you to find a stairway and come down to street level and stop any from escaping down either street. I will give you three minutes to get down before I start.” With that instruction both squads found stairways and started down. Both quickly came under fire and just as quickly destroyed their enemies. This was reported back to Vortec and he waited for these groups to get to street level. Then turned the lights on and fired two rockets into the barricade. There was a large explosion and his troops moved forward

to the hole. The whole event took no more than five minutes and there was no more fighting and none had escaped. You could see robots and parts of them all over the road. Vortec pulled into the plaza in front of the building the computer was in. He scanned the building and found no more than five moving signatures in it. “I want a group of twenty units to come with me and the rest of you set up defensive positions around this building. Expect a counter attack from any area. You can be sure the computer will bring in every robot left in the city now.” He then walked back to the vehicle and picked up a briefcase and headed for the front door of the building. His companion from in the vehicle walked beside him and directed him to the stairway down to the computer area. There were no lifts going down there so he left five men to guard his back at the top of the stairs. The rest headed deeper into the building basement area. Vortec now down ten stories found the fusion generator for the computer. He set about placing plastic explosives around the connections to it. Everyone backed off and got behind something for protection. Then it was blown and the lights went out in the building. Spotlights came on and he moved forward and opened the panel showing the power grid. There was still one more grid operating and that was the computers. Working quickly he rewired the grids and overloaded the computer grid. It was a form of electrocution. You could hear the scream of the machine and then no power was being drawn at all. He walked over to the steel door and it was cracked open. Inside the large room he placed the briefcase on the floor and pulled the cord coming out of it. He walked out closed the door tightly and all headed back up to the lobby. Once all were assembled in the plaza he headed everyone back to the last barricade. They stopped there and waited. The explosion was muffled at first. Then the glass blew out of the lobby area of the building. A transport plate was set up and all the troops were moved back to the original staging area. Then Vortec moved the electric vehicle back also. Within the hour Gorm showed up with his people and they discussed both actions and allowed everyone to eat and get some rest. John had sent sleeping bags, tents, food and clothing for Gorm’s group. He also was sending tons of food and clothing back to the underground living areas. People for now had full stomachs and warm clothing. But Gorm was concerned that there still was outposts to be found and taken. They still had two computers to get to and shutdown. With the major one out of the game it should not be hard to finish off the last ones. Gorm’s people had gotten the one on their mission. Tomorrow both groups should be able to finish off the last of the computers. Without input from the computers the robots would not fight. The next day Vortec, Gorm and together Sonny each took a group and headed for the cities assigned. Jenny followed Sonny’s progress, with the signal provided for the control room. The battle was in a small city with no building over 3 stories. There were barricades at the entry points and it looked like the robots were ready to fight.

Sonny looked at the robot that had been captured on Earth and made a decision. “I want you to go and talk with the robots manning the first barricade and lets see if we can save a few of them.” The robot looked at the objective. “I am not sure they will listen to me as they respond to the computer. But it is worth the try.” The robot headed to the area where an opening was and entered the defensive area. The time passed slowly for Sonny. He was sure that they would have to attack and had advised Vortec of his actions. Vortec had said it was OK if Sonny wished to try this, but he was not going to wait for anything on his end. You could see Vortec was angry and Sonny had never thought this possible in a robot. While sitting on the ground he saw the robot coming back. He stood and walked to the front of the attack force. “The defenders have said they could not surrender if they wished. The computer will not allow it. But that when he was taken to the leader of the robots he saw the building where the computer was and it was not defended right now.” Sonny made a decision and talked it over with Jenny. She agreed to finish this fast it would work. She sent the small scout craft and dropped off a plate at the back of the attacking force and one in the city center in front of the building the computer was in. Sonny and twenty men quickly went to the mid-city before the computer could respond. The group fanned out and headed for the building. Shooting the locks and opening the doors. They headed down to the lower levels and where the computer would be located. Sonny had followed Vortec’s attack on the main computer and decided to just fry the system. The control panel was found and they set about wiring the circuits to overload. With flashlights providing the light this was done quickly. The emergency power for the computer had come on after the main breaker had been cut. By wiring the main and emergency power into the system and jumping the breakers it would provide far more power than could be handled. The only control on the power would be the main knife switches. When the power box was rewired and ready, Sonny sent most of his people back to the stairway. He then turned on the full force of the power to the computer. The scream was easily heard and the door to the room popped open. He moved forward and set the brief case inside and walked out and closed the door. The walls and door muffled the explosion. But nothing could have survived this. Getting on his transmitter he asked if anything had happened at the barricade? The response was everything was the same as when he left.

He opened the door once more and shined his light into the space. There had been much damage in the room. But there was another door at the back. He asked Jenny to send him another satchel charge and some plastic explosives. Then waited for it to be brought to him. As he looked at what had been there he saw some boxes like the computer memory banks used and some of the DNA on the floor. But it was not nearly enough to account for the whole unit. It had to be behind the second door. His men brought the added items he had requested. He set the plastic explosive for the door hinges and locks. Using a time delay fuse he headed back out to the stairway. This explosion was much louder and created a lot of dust. He headed back to the room and saw the door had been taken out completely. He then sat the satchel charge close to the large container he knew would be the main computer. He felt a funny, light-headed and pulled the cord and ran from the room. As he got into the hall the explosion was defining and knocked him to the floor. Breathing was hard as he had the wind knocked out of him. The dust did not make that better either. His men rushed up and grabbed him and took him to the stairwell. Slowly he came around and asked that the room be checked. There had been fighting above at the street level. He knew either the computer was dead or he had to have the attack force come try to save his men. The report was the computer did not seem to be functioning, but no one could say it was dead? One of the men from the street level came down and reported the robots had just stopped fighting. They just stood there and did nothing. This was reported to Hope and Vortec.

Chapter 28 Learning New Ideas The image of Hope came into view and she was smiling as usual. “Vortec I have issued an order for all robots in the cities still alive to form at the transport plates and go to the reprogramming center. The center is set up with medical personnel and they will handle the task. The program for each of them has an identifier, which will stop any unprogrammed robot from faking his reprogramming. These robots are to clear the cities of any rogues and to kill any computers now still operating. I have set up a new computer for these robots to operate from the their world. This will give Gorm a starter unit for his planet. Using the existing robots to clear the cities will not put his people at further risk.” Gorm seemed to be surprised at Hope’s insight. “Hope I thank you for your help. I agree that using the reprogrammed robots will make it much easier as my people are not in good health. This could end up being a long fight if we had to do it all.” Hope smiled at Gorm and you could see she was pleased. “That is the next step John has instructed me to take over here. If you will have your people come to a second medical station I have set up we will handle that problem. Understand the life spans will grow to eight to nine hundred years for each treated person. You will have no health problems that your computer does not know about and cannot fix for you. So have your old and ill people come as they need to go first.” The shock on Gorm’s face was visible. “How is this possible?” “We have nano technology that allows us to repair the human body and kill whatever is attacking it. John has said he will leave a medical group here for your people until you can be trained to handle this science. He also will supply you with equipment needed to allow all to be treated.” Gorm just shook his head. “Once more I owe this man. He is truly a remarkable human.” “He filled the requirements of your leadership five hundred years ago. So it was your world’s requirements that had to be met. But he is someone the robots, units and computers respect in our world.” Vortec smiled when he said this. The mention of units lifted Gorm’s eyebrows. “What are units for?” Hope replied to this question. “Units are human clones and designed to provide the skills of most robots and the appearance of humans. I can grow a unit is seven days and have it educated. Sonny who was with you is a unit. I can communicate with him and he with me.” What an amazing technology they had developed. “Will you teach us about this technology?”

“Yes we will set up a small incubator lab on your planet when all is back to normal. Then I will teach your people how to do this and educated them.” Hope responded. Gorm shook his head as he thought of this fact. “They seem so normal I would have never guessed they were not.” This needed to be corrected. “That Gorm is where you’re wrong. They are as human as you are, can have children and feelings the same as you do.” “What is the difference then?” “They are born at the age of eighteen not as children.” “Amazing, how are they used by John?” How do you answer this and make him understand? “They are the mates of his group in most cases. They serve as assistants, medical personnel, pilots and crews for our spacecraft, developers for our new worlds, engineers, construction personnel and teachers for all human children.” He seemed to think about this for a minute. “How do you keep them happy with their lot in life?” “They are trained from day one to be part of a team. They understand, as does John that all parts of a team are important. That the person who cleans the floors has as much value, as the person who leads the group. That each piece in the team is important and their job is critical to success for everyone else. In our social structure everyone has a part to play that is critical to all others.” This stopped him in his tracks and made him think. “That is a unique way to structure and one that is true in all it says. I wonder why the elders did not find that way of valuing people?” She needed to explain this in terms he can understand? “You have never had team sports here. It is the concept of the dynamic that a team works on. So Earth where team sports are big business has learned something from that. John does not see himself as a ruler or as above anyone. He uses information from all to make decisions for the group. He lives with a unit and she is his devils advocate in thinking through problems. But the bottom line is that all the group lives the same way, have access to the same things and can do anything John does.” “You have a design that we tried to create here. But we used classes to structure it and that caused problems.”

“Ours is a classless group where robots, units and computers are valued. We all contribute to the success and goals set for us and are rewarded with acknowledgement. This is not a wealth or power rewarded culture.” He sat and you could see him processing this information. “Amazing how simple the whole structure sounds. Can it be that simple or am I missing something?” “Gorm all people, robots, units and computers wish to have their contribution acknowledged. If that is done they feel valued and are happy with their state in life.” He looked at the image of Hope and asked. “How would that work here now?” Here Hope felt she had to be careful. “I am not sure of the best way to answer that, as I do not have the knowledge John has on this subject. But I am sure he will be happy to discuss it with you and help as he can. But unless you ask him he will not bring it up or suggest it to you. He sees this as your planet and would never interfere with your plans for it.” A man who has just freed a whole planet of people does not feel a conquer? “How unusual for a man to be that way. What you have told me, is even if he did not agree with my actions, he would not try to change them?” Hope smiled at Gorm’s confusion. “That is how it would be. He can disagree with an action and yet if you fail he will pick you up and help you work your problem out.” This was most interesting to him. “I want to learn more of this man, as I believe he has the key for us rebuilding our culture. We did make mistakes and those need to be removed from where we are going to go now. Hope I have never talked with a computer, yet it is so easy and you take the data in better. Being able to see and talk with your image is something we need to learn also.” “That was John’s idea as he said talking to a voice just did not make it work for him. So I created a face and that helped some, but he did not like talking with a screen. So he suggested a holograph and here I am. If you look at your books you will find many are in holograph fashion.” This was a step to giving a computer a new image for his people. “Our new computers will have a holograph for each one to talk with. This will allow us to ask people questions and receive information to make life better. We will also open up the search for planets we can transform and provide living space for a growing population. We will restructure from a multiple class society to a one-class society. Please tell John I would like to come to Earth and talk with him as soon as possible.” Hope had expected this and so had John. “He said you and your advisers are welcome anytime you wish to come. That they also need to see how we operate on Earth and on the five worlds.”

You could see Gorm was ready to make changes. “I really would like to talk with him now. There are decisions that must be made right now if our world is to change.” “Please step over to the plate with whomever you wish to go with you and it will happen.” He called for four of his advisor’s and told the rest to see to the comfort of the people while he was gone. He would return in just a few hours time. The journey on the plate took right at ten minutes. This was a very long jump. He had never been on any transports before, as they were before his time. But his father had told him much of the world before the revolt. As they came into the control room people were moving everywhere. There was a constant stream of people moving between the office area he could see and the hall at the other side of the control room. I was waiting for him at the main control room plate. “Welcome Gorm I hope the trip was not stressful for you?” “No John I have never used a transport plate before but have been told much of them.” “Please come this way and I will introduce you to my people and then while they are showing your advisers around I will answer your questions.” As they followed John to the conference room he could not believe the faces of the people around him. There just was no stress on them at all. Yet there was a coming attack on their world from the fleet. The group was all here except for Jenny. “Ladies and gentlemen this is Gorm from the old world. He is the chosen leader of his people.” Gorm looked at each of these people and could not believe the mix. “Thank you for seeing me so quickly. I have a unique chance in our history to change the way our social structure is set up. I have seen the way all parts of this community have worked together for a common goal. We need to learn this system.” It was time for him to know the others in our group. “Gorm to your right is Abel and he is our legal mind here, next to him is Via and she is our psychologist. The person at the end is Faith my mate, also our logistics manager and next to her Adam who is Sandy’s mate. Sandy is next and she handles our electronics and programming with Adam. Next to her is James who is our security and intelligence director. Then there is Edgar who is our accountant and manages our assets on Earth. On the screen is Jenny who is over our space uses and all missions for us. Of course the image behind me is Hope our computer.” This seemed to make her wonder. “How did you know I was here John?”

“Where else would you be but covering my back,” he laughed. Hope just smiled at the acknowledgement. Gorm looked around the room and just shook his head. The mix seemed to be so different. “You have many females in your group with important jobs.” This needed to be addressed. “Yes, why should we not have the best minds fitted to each job regardless of sex?” This stopped him in his tracks. “I don’t know as I have never given it a second thought. But on our world men have always been the leaders.” Trying to explain this took some thought. “Gorm women can be just as smart or even smarter in that they often see what men miss. They have the same learning capacity as a man and a different way of processing data. So you get a better picture of a problem when you get both inputs. You find a woman is very protective of family and looks at risk differently than a man.” This seemed to make sense to him. “It is a good idea as we need to change how we structure.” Now to make him understand the responsibility I had taken. “Just remember each has a voice and all must be heard before a decision is made. Sometimes the decisions I make are questioned by those here around the table. But if it fails it is my failure not theirs. If at some point I am told I am making decisions that fail and putting the group at risk. It will be put to a vote of all, as to whether I am putting the group at risk unfairly. If so I will retire to the resort or a home and a new leader will be put in place. So I serve at the pleasure of the people I represent. That includes the robots, units, computers and humans.” “How could you just walk away from all this power?” I had expected this type of response. “It is not my power first of all. It is the power of all of us and it must be exercised for the good of the human race. I am not rich the group is the conservator of wealth for the entire human race. I have spent a great deal of money for goods to send to your planet. That is all freely given, as it is your wealth to draw on as a human. So we are just repaying a debt to you which we hope you will pass on to others as they are found.” This whole concept was beyond anything he had ever heard of. “I am in awe at what you have just said. That you wish nothing from us for all you have done. That we are free to go our way and you will still help us as human beings? I expected for there to be concessions required and that is why I came here.”

I had to smile and be sure he understood what I had said. “There are no debts, no demands and we offer friendship and help to you for rebuilding your world. Then if you wish your people are free to use the resort we have built and to share the technology we develop. Those are your free choices.” Here he needed confirmation. “Please from those of you around the table is there any disagreement with John’s statement?” Abel stood up and looked at Gorm. “Sir John has spoken for all of us here. He has every right to keep his job forever by the rules set up by your forefathers. He has made clear to all of us he would if voted out retire and we respect that position. I cannot see that happening, as no one wants his job. The responsibility he takes is the largest load any man has ever carried by himself. We all do our best to support him in whatever the task is. But he sees so much more than we do and carries that load for all of us. He is our Lincoln as he is trying to unite a world full of hate, greed, religious intolerance and nationalism. You must read human history to understand what Lincoln did for America.” Gorm was quiet and looked at each face around the table and saw them all smiling at John. Here was a leader he needed to know well. The ability to inspire people and have their total commitment was something he was going to need. It also was something no leader on his world had ever had. “I thank all of you for the chance to meet with you. As our worlds come together feel free to contact me and talk. I want to know so much about your history and personal backgrounds that give you the views you have. I am and my people are forever grateful to your group for our lives. Just so you know we all were to be dead in another thirty to ninety days as the metals had run out and our food supply was being poisoned. Food production was down to less than one meal a day when your ship came.” The group stood up and applauded John and tears were running down many faces. This made all their decisions worth the effort to make a difference. John’s push to go now was exactly the right decision and waiting would have killed these people. That just made him stronger for those who would have walked through hell for him. Hope made the meeting playback for each control room and the incubator station so all could see and hear it. That included the people at the resort who were stunned. The meeting broke up and Gorm’s people went off with different members of the group. He walked with John to the café. Sitting there waiting for them was Faith. She got up and hugged John and smiled at Gorm. “Now you know why I love this man,” she stated. Here was truly a beautiful woman in his opinion. “Yes, I can well understand it Faith. John said you run logistics for the group. What is that and how does it work?” Faith had a long list of her procurements. “The food, medical supplies, clothing, weapons, tents and sleeping bags you have, I sent to your planet. All of the supplies we need here, at the research center, on the five worlds and for relief efforts I provide. I had

much of what you needed in warehouses for a research center we are building for research into drugs for diseases on Earth. The weapons were from Hope’s incubator station protective force. We cannot just give Earth humans the life spans we have given to you or the population growth would cause major wars. So we will take a smaller step and find cures to diseases that kill or turns them into vegetables.” This was a reasonable step to keep population down. “I understand the population side as we controlled our population on our world.” “We will some day slowly move some humans from Earth to the five worlds and there we can give them longer life spans. We will have the land and resources to support that option. It will also keep some of the stress off of this planet.” The comments John had made now registered. “Now I understand the reason for John suggesting we look for other life supporting planets. It would not only help them if there is life there, but could open up new worlds for our own people if they are not inhabited.” John walked back to the table with food for all of them in hand. This seemed to set Gorm back as John was waiting on him. This was not done on the old world. Servants were for that job. But it did show that there really was a difference in the culture here and he really could do it also. This is a different world from where he was just a few minutes ago. “I hope the food is to your liking Gorm as it is Earth type food. We are both meat eaters and vegetable eaters.” Gorm was glad to have a chance at food again. “We have lived on vegetables for so long I am no longer sure what meat tastes like. That was no longer an option when the last of the meat animals were gone from underground.” It was time for him to hear what the doctors had reported to me. “I have some good news for you also. The chips in your necks can be removed without killing you. Our surgeons have the technique and are transmitting it to your planet. If you wish we can take care of yours and your advisor’s while you’re here?” “How long does it take to do this?” Here time was once again taking control. “From what I was told just five minutes with the robotic surgery table. There is just a small cut that is glued back up and very little blood loss. But understand after your scan and injection of the nano bots your life span will be many fold what it is now.” Gorm had so much on his mind right now he seemed to explode with questions. “I will have it done here and so will my advisor’s. Now how do I protect our planet if the fleet comes back rather than attack your world?”

“First of all you may keep the personal force field units you have now. The weapons we gave you and we will leave the force fields around your cities operational. Hope has taken control of all of your transport plates and is teaching your new computer to control them. So none of the robots will have that means to land on the planet. We have removed from Earth’s weapons a total of one hundred nuclear missiles. These are being sent to your world to be placed on launchers around the planet in orbit. The computer can launch them for you as you wish. These will be set off near a group of spacecraft and create an electromagnetic pause that will burn up all electrical and electronic items on the spaceships. They will have no power, drives, weapons or way to get off the spaceship.” Gorm found this hard to believe. “I have never heard of such a weapon?” I had been ready for this question. “Hope run the tape for Gorm so he can see the power of a nuclear blast.” The tape ran for a good five minutes and Gorm was shocked to see this kind of power. He knew that his people had never had this weapon before. So it was invented on Earth. It was important he know the full power. “Gorm the center of the blast reaches the heat of many suns. The shock wave pushes all in front of it, and the electromagnetic pause causes overloads to any circuit that is not shielded. None of your spacecraft have that shielding. It would be a very unfriendly welcome for them to come to see you or me.” This seemed to worry him and it showed. “These are very dangerous weapons. Are you sure you want a computer to be able to fire them?” Here he was asked to put his trust in a computer. “Yes, Gorm the computer we are giving you I can assure you is fully controlled by your word only. No one else has the ability to order these fired but you. If ever there is a request to pass power to another, Hope will be the one to make that change on my approval or my successors approval only. This way there is no reason for any one to hunger for your power, as they cannot have it without a full investigation before it is granted.” Thinking about this he still wondered if this was safe? “I am not sure that any computer would be safe on our world right now.” “Hope has placed the computer in a sphere and it is buried on your planet. We have a few hundred small satellites around the planet to allow the computer to communicate and control the services. There is a force field around it and anyone coming within a mile of it will die. There are signs posted all around the one-mile square area to warn people of the dangers due to the gases. So if they go forward they are killing themselves. This area is where your planet vents its fumes from inside its core. So the killing gas is not of our making. If you ever decide to destroy the computer, you just need to ask Hope to do it and give her the reason for that decision. She will get my confirmation and handle the rest.”

This made sense to him and was reasonable. “I can live with the way you have set this up for me. There is going to be much distrust with the robots I am sure.” Here was another area we had expected. “That is why we will set your incubators up for units. They will be better suited for your people and helpful in rebuilding your world. You have many people to train to put your world back together again, so the units will fill in nicely.” “If they are all as beautiful as Faith here we should have riots over who gets to marry them,” he laughed. “It is up to you as how you handle the fact of their difference. I for one can tell you there is no difference from humans except for the intelligence they have very early. They can be allowed to have children or not according to the preferences that both have. The child will be as normal as any human and will start life as a baby. But they will have a high IQ from day one. A normal unit has an IQ of well over one hundred and thirty on the Earth measurement scales. The normal IQ for Earth humans is around ninety and over one thirty is considered highly intelligent. But with a life span of over eight hundred years your people will need to be smart and creative to enjoy that amount of time.” “Your right about that and the gift of longer lives will mean I must find new worlds to settle or we will run out of space like we are out of metals now. We will start to look for sources of the metals we need for building spacecraft as soon as we have one to start copying.” That could be solved quickly. “I will leave the ship Vortec and Jenny came to the planet in for you as a model to work from. I also will transport the early metals you need from the five worlds stores. We are mining asteroids for metals, as they are heavy with the ones we need most. We will show you how to produce stainless steel, which is nonmagnetic and much stronger than mild steel. Most chemicals will not harm the stainless where it eats mild steel.” Gorm could not get over the willingness to help. “We thank you for your help and kindness. No one could have ever expected this investment by our forefathers to return so much to us. The strength of our two pieces of the human race will make us both stronger. What I will suggest is we will accept your help for now and return it in trade items as we get into production. We will share our research with you and draw on yours, as we need it. But we will always be fair and will support your efforts on Earth to effect change.” It was time to offer the one thing I hoped he did not need. “If you find you need land early in your rebuilding I will offer to share space on one of the five worlds. Any colony you place there will be under your control and expected to trade and share with our communities on the five planets. You will be given a land area that is enough to meet your needs, your people are expected to stay within that agreed area of settlement. But they will be free to travel to all of the five worlds.”

Here Gorm knew he had time and help to bring the old world back. “I accept that offer and will share other worlds we find with your people. It will be on the same terms you have offered us. This trip was well worth the time as we agree on so much and I feel I can now change our culture. But to do this I will need much help from you and you need to teach me how to make it happen.” “You will have whatever you need and I will supply people to help and train yours. I will have Hope send you some of the team sports played on Earth, with the books and digital disks of these. Choose the one you enjoy most and start training and teaching your youth on how to play it. This will bring parents into watching their children and it will build from there. This is great entertainment for the children and adults.” This was something new to offer as a distraction to the people. “That sounds easy enough to start. I will look forward to reviewing those. I also want to start something like this television on Earth. He had been watching the screen in the café. This is one thing we did not have before and it is a good way to communicate to our people.” Here was a new step for them to grow with also. “It also is a great way to educate people by running classes on different subjects each day. This way people can attend a class and learn in their own homes. You can make them interactive by using computer terminals in each home. There is a large amount of useful ways to make this technology work for you. One good one is open meetings to discuss a subject for decision of the government. It would allow you to have a broad spectrum of input before making a decision. Then you can go on the TV and explain why the decision was made the way it came out. Not everyone will be happy with the decision, but they will be happy they were heard before it was made.” “Your suggesting a more open form of governing people where they have input before we make the decision.” Here was a chance to lobby a little for a more democratic form of government. “Yes, it would allow you to hear from more than just a few key people, who may not have thought of some of the things others have. I would expect that you do not really know what is the most important things for your people right now over shelter, food and clothing.” This made him think for a time. “Your right I have never really asked what they want most. My advisors have not done so either. I would like to know the answer to that question so I can meet those needs.” Alpha walked in and up to us. “Gorm I am Alpha and we need you in the medical department for your scan and removal of the chip. You will be back to John in just fifteen minutes.”

I did not want him to be concerned about this process. “They will scan you give you the shot to extend your life and remove the chip very quickly. You need to get this done and I will be in my office. Alpha will bring you to me there.” As Gorm left you could see the wheels in his mind was turning. There was so much to learn and do for his people. This was going to be growth time for his world not just going back to the old ways. That would not be hard, as none of his people had lived when they were not captives. But they all had heard the stories from their parents and that would have to be overcome. Faith decided to find out if I had lost my mind. “John I enjoyed watching you and Gorm discuss building a new social order for his people. But is it reasonable to trust him and make the offers you have?” “Yes I believe it is reasonable as I know the precepts that built the social structure of the old world. A person’s word was their bond. Failure to keep that word brought shame upon their whole family. A leader had to keep his word or he lost his stature. So I am betting that if I keep my word he will also keep his. We need friends in this universe and here is a group that we can start with. I also would like to tap into some of his people to work for us here later.” Faith needed to clear her mind on this one. “How do you know so much about they’re past culture? Vortec, Hope nor I have not given you much information on the culture or people.” “It is all in the book and the cubes I was given when I took over here. I have full knowledge of their past and how they operated as leaders. So the risk is not as great as you may think.” This seemed to satisfy her. “Thank you for answering what may have seemed a silly question. But I am learning so much so fast with you. Now you said I could have a child if we agreed to it to Gorm? I want your child.” Here I had to smile as this was expected. “I have already told Hope when you were ready, to turn on your ability to have children. That it needed to be your decision on that matter, as I would love to have a child with you.” Faith got up and came around the table and sat on my lap and hugged me tight. Her happiness was bubbling out all over the place. She put the most passionate kiss on my lips I had ever felt from her. “Dear lets wait until we get home to work on this item,” I laughed. She was her normal little girl self. “Spoil sport why wait?”

That was tempting but not in the cards. “I have a little dignity to protect and I still have company to finish with first. You have a job which that company is depending on your abilities to deliver what they need fast. So off to work with you and I will see you later this afternoon lady.” John then headed to his office and hoped to finish up his day reasonably soon. This had been a tough past forty-eight hours for him. Things had moved quickly and there had been many decisions that had to be made. He had almost lived in his office with all the action going on. Alpha walked into the office. “All is done John and Gorm’s chip is out and he has the injection. The time underground had done some damage to his lungs, but that will be repaired and he will have the right life span now.” Alpha had done a good job filling in for Vortec. “Thank you Alpha I appreciate your filling in for Vortec. You have done a great job and I have decide to keep you as his number two man when he returns.” Alpha left the room with a smile from ear to ear. “Now I have seen how you get the results you do. Your acknowledgement of his work done while Vortec was gone and giving him added responsibility is an incentive for all.” “Yes and we let everyone know exactly what was done and why it was done.” “I will follow that path with my people.” “Now I would like to show you something I am sure you will have an interest in.” John walked over to the chest on the table in the corner of his office. He reach down and opened the chest and took out the book. He handed it to Gorm and motioned for him to sit down at the table. “This is the book written by your grandfather and left for me here. I felt you needed to see it and read some of what he had to say.” Gorm sat and read for an hour while John got other things done. There were a couple meetings and contact with Vortec to tell him to leave the spacecraft. Then transport people back to the control room as each person was done with their job. The instructions were to leave medical personnel there and enough help to get the force field shields up for the cities. All arms and personal force fields were to be left with the people using them on the old world. Hopes troops were to be sent back to her when they were done with the task there. Vortec was told about Alpha being made his assistant due to the job he had done. That he should use his skills to work with Gorm’s people to get the planet back into shape. This would get him out from under some of the extra workload he was carrying now.

Gorm had closed the book and looked concerned. “John I am shocked that my grandfather saw so much and yet did not take any action early. He had guessed that a revolt was coming over a year before it happened. I just don’t understand why he did not do something?” Here was the real reason for better input. “From my reading he was also getting bad input from his advisor’s. They kept telling him he was wrong and that caused him to question making a decision.” This he just could not accept as an excuse. “But the people and engineers were telling him there was a problem.” It was time to make the case for wider input for him. “Now you know why you must hear from everyone and not just key advisor’s.” Gorm shook his head and still did not understand why no action was taken. “Your point is well made and proven in my grandfathers own words. But I am going to have to tell my people about this and correct the record. I cannot fail to be honest with them and hide my grandfather’s error. It is just far too large and must be corrected. His advisors also need to bear blame for these events. I have decided to have an advisory council of twenty people who serve for five years. Four will be elected to it each year and can only serve one term. Everyone will vote for who they wish me to use as advisor’s.” I reached into the box and took out a cube for Gorm. “Now you can ask your own grandfather the questions you have.” As the image came into place Gorm was shocked. He had many questions and really wanted answers. So he sat there firing his questions at the image in front of him. The more questions he asked the more he knew John was right about bad information being given. It was a good start. “That sounds like a good start to rebuilding your world. I would suggest that you require four different backgrounds for your elected advisors. May be an economic background, engineering, a scientist and a historian or social engineer?” He considered this for a little bit. “I think your right as it would require different views to fill each job. That would translate into a wider viewpoint for me to draw conclusions from. Grandfather I now know did not have that ability.” “Just an idea that might help you keep a reasonable balance during rebuilding. It will allow you more flexibility in that it will not foster parties to push candidates that have agendas of their own. May be allow the public to vote for five in each field for their cities and then by draw pick the people to serve on your counsel. That should keep politics out of the equation.”

Here was another new term. “What do you mean by politics?” How do you explain the stupid things politics does? “Here on Earth elections are between groups who each have a social position. It plays the rich against the poor. Then it ties itself up fighting over who is right. Your better off not allowing that to even start to grow on the planet.” “We don’t need that type of problem. I agree we need to make it easy and yet keep people involved. I appreciate your time and the great deal of information shared with me. I don’t want to, but I must get back and start this change.” “I have told Vortec when he returns to allow Alpha to be your contact for technology on Earth. He will supply what you need and send the help you need as you need it. Faith will coordinate your raw materials supplies and food and clothing as needed. You new computer will be producing units for you to assign as you see fit. You can determine the skills they are to have. Then just tell them what you wish or need.” Gorm stood up and shook hands with John. He turned and walked out of the office and headed to the transport plate. Alpha had his advisor’s there as he came to the plate. Gorm reached out and shook Alpha’s hand. “Thank you Alpha I look forward to working with you.” “It is my pleasure Gorm I will do anything I can to help you.” Gorm and his advisors were gone in a heartbeat. All seemed kind of silent now in the control area. Much had been accomplished, but there was so much more to do. Many plans need to be finished and new ones created. Life was in a new dimension now and where there had been debts, now they had been paid in full. The old world had given Earth life and now it had been returned to them. John faced a war with the robots, the new dome on Mars and how to get a voice on this planet? He had come a long way, but had much further to go.