NCM 106 Topic_Positioning In A Acute Care Setting_ Venue_________________________________ Name Of Student_Hiram Gaven G. Abella_ Date:Aug ,2013 C.I.

_Sr. Louie Pacamalan RN, MN

General Objectives: At the of the 15 minutes ward class with NCM 105, Group A2 students will be able to understand and determine different positions in acute care setting correctly. Subjective At the end of 15 minutes ward class I will be able to: -Discuss -Definition Positioning in acute care setting -Types And Materials Needed -Identify different types of positioning -Steps -Discuss and explain the steps -Perform the steps and improve my skills -Contraindications -Nursing Managements - 4 min and 20 sec - 4 min and 20 sec Provides Visual Active listening? aids. Discusses Participation about the topic and ask questions in order to clarify. Oral recitation Concept Time allotment TLG(Teacher) TLG(Student) Evaluation Reference /nursing-notesreviewer/fundamentals -ofnursing/positioningpatients-in-bed/ http://www.waybuilde MedHealth/Nursing/Nu rseFund/default.asp?iN um=2&fraNum=040201 /doc/48736320/POSITI ONING-IN-ACUTECARE-SETTING

- 4 min and 20 sec - 1 min - 1min

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