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Published by: Ramsey Williams on Sep 07, 2013
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COSC 3309 Summer Course Recommendations

COSC 3309 Information Systems Software  Summer I  Monday – Friday 1:30 to 3:15 pm  Interactive TV to Longview Campus  Overview course for Microsoft Office .

removing Publisher course schedule to provide stronger emphasis on Excel and Access two or three class days in Longview  Spend .Recommendations  Adjust  Adjust curriculum.

Cover these programs  Word -Word processing  Excel – Spreadsheet  Access – Database  PowerPoint – Presentations  FrontPage – Web page editing .

Take MS Publisher Out  Least used portion of Office suite  Examples often involve using simple wizards  Better desktop publishing tools used buy most businesses .

Schedule of Course  One week of Word  Week and a half of Excel  Week and a half of Access  Half week of PowerPoint  Half week of FrontPage .

Schedule of course  Two lab days per week days every other day  Lecture  Test at end of each program .

ITV Considerations  Spend two or three days teaching from Longview  Provide a link with Longview students  Provide hands on assistance .

In Conclusion  Enhance students’ experience material covered  Streamline  Maximize short time span .

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