T/AC Janet Williams Economic and Specialist Crime Command New Scotland Yard London Broadway SW1H 0BG June

19, 2009

Dear Ms. Williams, The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics welcomes the development that has seen the Metropolitan Police begin investigations into the most notorious expense abusing Members of Parliament. The taxpaying public's outrage around this issue is finally being listened to by the prosecuting authorities. We are writing to ask you to add Jim Devine MP to the list of members you will investigate. Mr Devine charged the taxpayer £2,157 for a "rewiring" of his flat. However, the invoice he gave the Fees Office of the House of Commons to support the work had a bogus VAT number, postcode and address. The given firm's name - Eastern Electrical Ltd - is not listed at Companies House. Mr Devine has publicly commented that he initially paid the electrician - who cannot be found - cash in hand. He has, as of yet, been unable to produce a bank statement confirming this withdrawal. This alone is in our view just cause for an investigation, however, there are other expense related irregularities that Mr Devine has been unable to fully account for, despite our written requests to him. He also charged the taxpayer £2,326 for "joinery" work from his office budget. Part of this was for 66 metres of heavy duty shelving. However the investigations team from The Sunday Herald who have visited his office, are adamant that no shelves were there. He then told the West Lothian Courier the shelves were in his London flat. After this, he told the BBC the shelves were in the cellar of a pub, which has subsequently closed down. The invoice supporting the work was in the name of Tony Moran, a close friend of Mr Devine and a local publican. As things stand this appears to be, prima facie, a case of fraud by misrepresentation under the 2006 Fraud Act. We are happy to provide more detailed information on request and would be grateful for an acknowledgement of this letter by return. Yours sincerely,

Harry Cole harry@sunlight-cops.org.uk