Worcester Historical Museum: Temporary Home and Day Nursery Collection 2004.

04 Your Name Darren McQuoid Family Name Smith Your Email Address dmcquoid@worcester.edu Envelope # (2004.04-Box Number-Envelope #) 2004.04-4.192


Text on Envelope’s Outside Smith Home Sept 17th George Helen Ruth # of cards in the envelope 2 Other contents, if any 7 slips

Main card: FRONT Children Names

Date of Birth

Place of Birth Nationality

George Smith Sept. 15, 1914 Chicopee Falls American Helen " Jan. 14, 1916 Springfield " Ruth " Apr. 11, 1918 Worcester "

Admission Date Sept. 17, 1920 " Sept. 19, 1920

Date of Leaving Oct. 29, 1920 " "

Parents Father George 178 Lincoln St. American Father 1884 Boston, Mass Trade-good machinist B+M Freight House Small ($28.00 per week) Rent ($15.00 per week)

Smith Name Residence Nationality Place & Date of Birth Place & Date of Marriage Occupation Earnings Good family Characteristics Married-Divorced Deserted-Separated

Mother Martha 178 Lincoln St. American Mother 1891 Winchester Mass Housewife Lynn Slipper Co.

Other children in family No other children

Main card: REVERSE Reasons for Admission Man is a machinist by trade but has been unable to find work along his own line; was unemployed for several weeks and finally went to work at B&M Freight House where he was hurt while loading kegs of nails into a freight car. The family has been living in one of Mr. Barrigans furnished apartments and paying $15.00 a week rent; This high rent and the mans CONTINUED ON BACK OF CARD inability to find work has caused the family to get into debt. In order to pay their debts, and get ahead financially it has seemed best that they break up their house on Lincoln St. and move into two rooms, temporaryly, until their debts are paid and they can find a desirable tenement. In the meantime the House is to care for the three children and at the end of two months, if no tenement can be found, the woman and children are going to her brothers. October 29, 1920 - Mr. + Mrs. Smith are still living in two rooms. They want the children to be with them however. Who Brought? Who recommended? Agrees to Pay Relatives? Vaccinations?




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