Master Hsu Yun’s Chan Teachings

.Return to Self-Nature Go Straight Home: to your own Buddha Nature. Leave the baggage behind -attachments to all those things we hold onto so dearly.

ready for the next one. .Find the Way When you meet an obstacle Go on! Don't Linger! Let the mind rest nowhere. Take a breath and move forward.

Watching your thoughts Sit still. Look inside. Where does the thought begin? . Watch what happens . . .

always! .Warning! Heed Master Han Shan's warning. . Do not become immersed in stagnant waters! Move forward . .

Be unmovable.Enter the Dharmakaya Recognize the constant changing of all things Cultivate indifference . watching things arise and pass . . yet aware. . .

. Climbing into the cloud of Truth..Have Faith Blessings to you on the Path. Discovering the unknown ..

Transitions Reaching the top of the hundred-foot pole . What will you let go of? Where will you go? . . .

. .Wisdom The Hua Tao has led here . . like the autumn moon reflected in a still pool. Clear.

. No longer following the stream of birth and death - There is only Eternity.Buddha Mind Discovering Buddha Mind everything is changed.

No opinions. Gate.Formlessness Abiding in complete detachment. No form. No objections. Just peace. Paragate .

Fa Lian Shakya ."Master Hsu Yun's Chan Teachings" text by Rev’s. Chuan Zhi and Fa Lian illustrations by Rev.

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