Analysis of Truss With Ansys By Mohammad Azimi

Select The Type Of Analysis:

Select OK:

Select The Type Of Element:

Select OK:

Add Real Constants: Select Add: .

Import Area of Section: Select OK: .

From Material Models .Select The Structural\Linear\Elastic\Isotropic: .

Import Elasticity And Poisson Coefficient: Select OK: .

Import Coordinate of Junction: Select Apply After Import The Every Coordinate: .



Finally Select Cancel: .

Create The Links Between Nodes: Select Apply After Every link: .

Model of Truss: .

For Numbering Of Nodes And Elements: .


After Numbering : .

For Distinction the Holders: .

Distinct the Holders: .

Distinct The Degree of Freedom of Holders: .

For Apply Forces: .

Direction And Value of Force: .


For Solve: Select Ok: .

Close STATUS Command window: .

For See The Deformation Of Model: .

Define a Table : Select Add: .

Import The Name Of Table: .

Select (By Sequence Num) From Left Window: .

And (LS) From Right Window: .

Import (1) After (LS): .

Select OK: Select Close: .

For See The Contour Plot: Select OK: .


For See The Element Table Data(Maximum And Minimum Stress And Stress per Element): Select OK: .

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