It was Shlomit who fell from the seesaw in the park and grazed her knee and elbow Baruch who was on the other end jumped off and helped her up trying to console her patting her on the back as she leaned over dabbing at her bloodied knee and crying said look at the hole in my jumper o my God Mum’s going to kill me o look at my knee Baruch took her to the old dame who took shelter in the first aid place and sorted out minor injuries

there there the old dame said we’ll soon put that right and took Shlomit in and sat her on one of the chairs and got out her first aid box and cleaned off the dirt and wound with some yellow stuff which made Shlomit cringe and cry o my my said the old dame its hurts but it cleans out the baddies Baruch watched helpless taking in the lopsided hair band on Shlomit’s head the blood red jumper sleeve the grazed knee the old dame wiping it clean Shlomit in tears

looking up at him her glasses crooked o my God what will Daddy say? she uttered o he’ll understand the old dame said don’t think he will Baruch thought he isn’t that type of guy leather her most probably he mused watching the old dame’s fingers putting on white lint and placing pink plasters over the top to keep it on now the elbow the dame said pulling up Shlomit’s jumper sleeve the elbow was badly grazed the hole of the jumper stuck to the wound take hold of her hand

Sonny the old dame said this might hurt so Baruch took hold of Shlomit’s hand and watched as the old dame cleaned up the elbow with the yellow liquid and cotton wool Shlomit’s small hand grabbed his own the fingers with bitten nails clung tight to his own he noticed she swung her legs back and forth under the chair the plastered knee came in and out of sight the window brought in and allowed to fall upon her knees the bright morning light.

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