Social Environment Attitude Skill Knowledge Physiological Psychological Anatomy Near Miss Injuries 75% Failure/s Unsafe Action/s Accident  Fatal Faults/s Unsafe Condition/s 25%  Damage  Disaster

Non usage of prescribed PPE ♦ Usage of screen/goggle Welding ♦ Use a device to hold cable at height ♦ Proper shutdown of Electrical Equipment. when it is raining ♦ Compulsory usage standard prescribed PPE of . No. Burns due to falling of molten metal in ♦ Barricade the affected area/s surrounding area ♦ Availability of water near job/s 3. Injuries to eyes due UV rays 4.HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CONTROL PLAN Sl. Electrocution in wet weather 6. Falling of cable/holder from heights 5. 1. Activity Identified Hazard Involved Precautions to be taken Gas & Electric Welding 1. Fire hazard due to combustible ♦ No combustible material near material within vicinity of welding job job ♦ Fire buckets/ extinguishers at site 2.

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