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very good ,it is about formate of organisation study
very good ,it is about formate of organisation study

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Published by: Ricardo Ellis on Sep 07, 2013
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INTERNSHIP REPORT ON ORGANISATIONAL STUDY AT BHARATH HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of The M.B.A Course of Bangalore University Submitted By Sumitra (REGD.NO.xxxxxxx) Under the Guidance of Prof. Rajeesh

EAST POINT COLLEGE OF HIGHER EDUCATION Bidarahalli, Virgonagar Bangalore 560049 2012-2013

Bangalore is a record of independent work carried out by me. towards partial fulfillment of the requirements for MBA course of Bangalore University at VVN – Institute of Management Technology and Research. Date: Place: Bangalore Sumitra Register N0:XXXXXX .DECLARATION I here by declare that the “Internship report on Organization study” at BHARATH HEAVY ELECTRICAL LIMITED. This has not been submitted in part or full towards any other degree or Diploma of any other Institute or University.

A Course of Bangalore University.B.Sumitra. Rajeesh COMPANY CERTIFICATE ACKNOWLEDGMENT (To be written by the student) TABLE OF CONTENTS (Chapters along with Page Numbers) Chapter Number Title of the Chapter Page Number . bearing Register No. Prof.XXXXX is a bonafide work done carried under my guidance during the academic year 2012-2013 in partial fulfillment of the requirements of The M.DIRECTOR’S CERTIFICATE (ISSUED BY THE COLLEGE) GUIDE CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the report entitled “An Internship Report on Organization study ” at BHARATH HEAVY ELECTRICAL LIMITED. Bangalore done by Ms.

COMPANY PROFILE Background and inception of the company Nature of the business carried Vision. Mission and Quality Policy .LIST OF TABLES AND GRAPHS/CHARTS (Separate list for Tables and Graphs) Table/Graph Number Title of the Table / Graph Page Number EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Executive Summary – should contain a brief explanation of the project. CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION Introduction Objectives of the study Methodology of the study Limitations of the study CHAPTER -2 INDUSTRY PROFILE It includes a brief introduction of the background of the Industry and the latest trends in the Industry.

Product/Services Profile Area of Operation – Global/National/Regional Ownership Pattern Competitors Information Infrastructural facilities Achievement Award if any CHAPTER -3 ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Organizational structure 3. Weaknesses.2 Mckinsey’s Seven S Model as applicable to that organization. .2 Comments on the organizational structure CHAPTER -4 FUNCTIONAL AREAS Functional Departments       Production Department Human Resource Department Finance Department Marketing Department Research and Development MIS ( A brief insight into each department – its functions and interconnectedness with the other departments) CHAPTER -5 SWOT ANALYSIS AND MCKINSEY 7’S MODEL 5. Opportunities and Threats for the organization 5.1 The SWOT Analysis: Strengths.1 Main offices 3.

. Inventory control system / order execution system / Merit rating system etc. Strategy: Any one strategy adopted by the company should be considered to explain. Eg. Style: Top down / Bottom up Authoritarian / Participative Any one decision making parameter should be studied pertaining to day-to-day operation. System: System followed in any one department in the organization should be detailed. Skill: Classification of skill – detail the steps taken to impart necessary skills – on the job/off the job training.Structure: Overall organization structure details – Board of Directors/functional head etc. where the company has implemented its stated objective. Shared Value: Study of implementing shared value in the company by an illustration.: Technical / Supervisory / Clerical. to conclude the style of functioning. “How it is implemented” e. Staff: Classification / Duties and responsibility of various groups of staff. Substructure dealing with each functional discipline. – pricing/waste elimination etc.g.

CHAPTER -6 SUGGESTIONS / RECOMMENDATIONS CHAPTER – 7 LEARNING EXPERIENCE BIBLIOGRAPHY ANNEXURES (IF ANY) PARTICULARS OF THE REPORT 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Size: 70-80 pages Hard Bound: Aqua Blue Colour Cover Font Size: 12 for the body. 14 for the Headings Font Style: Times New Roman / Arial Line Spacing: 1.5 lines Paper: A 4 – Executive Bond Sheet EVALUATION OF THE INTERNSHIP:    Evaluation of the Project Report : 25 marks Report Presentation: 15 marks Viva-Voce: 10 marks ---------------50 marks ----------------- .

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