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Secrets to Effortless Spiritual Practice

Secrets to Effortless Spiritual Practice

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Tips and secrets to meditation and spiritual practice -- excerpted from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures in over 30 years.
Tips and secrets to meditation and spiritual practice -- excerpted from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures in over 30 years.

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Published by: scribboz on Sep 07, 2013
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Q. Master, when I meditate, I can’t keep my mind concentrated here. It runs all over the

place and talks about all kinds of different subjects. How do I concentrate and meditate


M. Is that an initiate or not? [MC: Are you an initiate?] Because I’ll answer differently. Who

asked that question? [Someone answers: Yes.] That’s why we have to go to group

meditation. Because the concentrated power will help us, and we have to take time;

some people can concentrate right away and some people take a longer time. I

mentioned that previously in the lecture. Also forgive yourself. The situation in this world

is not conductive to tranquil meditation and calm thinking, but try again and again. In this

world, we have an advantage in that because this world is so difficult for us to practice in,

God’s blessing is with us many fold. So, we walk one step and the Master power will

walk a hundred steps to help us.

If we’re in heaven and practice, it’s not that lucrative. Therefore, in heaven if you want to

practice, it takes a longer time. For example, when we practice one day here it’s equal to

a hundred days in heaven. That’s why many devas, heavenly beings, like to be

incarnated into human bodies in order to practice faster. It’s because here we have all

kinds of rubbing force, like karma and situations and disasters and wars and suffering

and happiness, all these mixing together. It’s a kind of strong, useful tool for ourselves

and for the world.

While we’re practicing here, we also have the opportunity to help our fellow beings and

therefore we gain more merit as well. For example, you meditate alone at home so you

have only one personal merit. But if through your effort or your eloquence you offer your

place, for example, for a hundred persons to meditate in, then you have a hundred more

merits to add to your personal merit. So, you move up a hundred times more quickly; do

you understand what I mean? Or you get another hundred persons to come in to get

initiation, and these merits are also yours. Because after all we are one, and the more

we connect with more people, the more expanded we become and the greater we

become in terms of merit. Mathematically speaking, it’s like that.

So, it’s better than in heaven. In heaven everyone is having a good time and so they

take it easy. They don’t have the motivation behind them to push them to concentrate.

That’s why I say when you’re in deep sorrow or when you’re in despair you pray better,

and sometimes you meditate even better. At that time you remember the Master more

and say, “Oh, Master, please, please, please…” [Laughter] And then you get better

Supreme Master Ching Hai – Secrets To Effortless Spiritual Practice


The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation

experiences that day, bigger Light, stronger Sound or you feel more elated, nearer to

God. So, it’s good to practice in this world even though it’s difficult.

I’m happy that many of our fellow initiates practice very diligently. Some come to the

Center just to look around, but later… Well, they don’t look around that long because

everyone closes their eyes. So, they feel embarrassed after some time and they also

close their eyes, and then they see something inside instead of looking at pretty girls

outside. So, there’s a very good advantage to having a temple or having a Center, where

people come together and do the same thing, concentrate and one-pointedly think of

God; that helps very much. So, take your time. You can look around for a while, and then

when you’re fed up with it, you can close your eyes and meditate with all the people.


The mind always has trouble being controlled; that’s why we have to practice every day.

Otherwise I’d tell you, “Get initiation and you’re a Buddha.” No more work! Right? It’s

because our habits are long term. It’s been many thousands of years of time, maybe

more! So, taking one lifetime to clear up all these things is hard work, but it’s worth it. Or

do you want to stay here a thousand more years to continue to do that? Well, it’s fun!

So, that’s why I tell you that you have to meditate for a longer time, two and a half hours

or three hours; because the first twenty minutes is struggling – just going on, going on

with it and after about twenty minutes, it begins to settle down. After half an hour, you

begin to enjoy and in forty minutes, you’re gone. [Laughter] 57


Fremont Hindu Temple, Los Angeles, U.S.A., November 25, 1993 (Originally in English).

Supreme Master Ching Hai – Secrets To Effortless Spiritual Practice


The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation

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