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14136072 VEDIC ASTROLOGY Brhatparasarahorasastra

14136072 VEDIC ASTROLOGY Brhatparasarahorasastra

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Published by: chiraghamin on Jun 22, 2009
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1-2. The sage said. O Maitreya! Now I will relate to you the characteristic features of
Panchmahapurushas. When Maìgal, Budh, Guru, Çukr and Çani, being in their own, or
exaltation Räçi, be in Kendra to Lagn, they give rise to Ruchaka, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malavya and
Sasa Yogas. These Yogas are called Panchmahapurusha Yogas and the persons, born in these
Yogas, are known Panchmahapurushas.
3-7. The Ruchaka native possesses a long face, he is very enthusiastic, has spotless lustre, is
powerful, has attractive brows, black hair and is fond of all things. He loves to fight wars, is of
dark-red complexion, is victorious over enemies, is discriminating, is protector of thieves and
has cruel temperament and slender thighs. He is a devotee of Brahmins, has marks of Veena,
Varg, Dhanus, Pasha and Vrasha Räçis in his hands along with Chakr Rekha. He is well versed
in occult sciences. He is 100 Anguls in height, his waste has the circumference, equal to the
length of his face and is 1000 Karshas in weight. He, as ruler of Sahyachala and Vindhya
Pradesh, dies, after attaining the age of 70, by fire or weapons.
Notes. The old Rupee had the weight of 1 Karsha. 4 Karshas are equal to one Pala and 300 Palas
make one Tula, according to Amarkosha. 20 Tulas are equal to one Bhara.
8-12. The Bhadra native is splendourous, like a lion, has very developed chest (or chest with well
developed muscles), has the gait of an elephant, has long and thick arms, is learned in all
respects. He is well versed in Yog performance, is Sattva-Guni and has beautiful feet,
moustaches and head. He is fond of luxuries and comforts and has marks of Sankha (conch),
Chakr, Gada, arrow, elephant, Dhwaja (flag) and Hala (plough) in his hands and feet. He is
well versed in Shastras, has black and curly hair, possesses independent nature and is protector
of his family. His friends share in the enjoyment of his wealth. He is 20 tulas in weight. He lives
happily with his wife and children and, as ruler of Madhya Desha, lives for one hundred years.
13-16. The Hamsa native has voice, like a Hamsa, has a handsome appearance and well developed
nose. He is a king with phlegmatic temperament, honey-like tawny-coloured eyes, red-coloured
nails, sharp intelligence, sturdy cheeks, round forehead and beautiful feet. He has marks of
Matsya (fish), Ankush (the iron hook, with which elephants are driven), Dhanus (bow), Sankh,
Kamal (lotus) in his hands and feet. He is very passionate and his lust remains unfulfilled. He is
96 Anguls in height. He is fond of swimming and playing games in watery places. He enjoys life
fully and, as ruler of a land, situated between the Ganges and Yamuna, dies after attaining the
age of 100 years.
17-19. The Malavya native has beautiful lips and a slender waist. He is lustrous, like Candr, and has
fragrance in his body. He is of ordinary red complexion, has a medium stature and clean and
beautiful teeth. His voice is like that of an elephant and his arms are long enough to reach up to
his knees. His face is thirteen Anguls in length and ten Anguls in breadth. He lives happily for
seventy years, as ruler of Sindhu and Malwa, and then leaves for his heavenly abode.
20-22. The Sasa native has small sized teeth and face, but his body is not small. He is valorous. He
has a slender waist and beautiful thighs. He is wise and enjoys wandering in forests and
mountains. He is well versed in the loopholes of the enemy. He is lively, virile and fond of
women. He usurps other peoples wealth. He has marks of Mala (garland), Veena, Mridanga
(musical instruments) and weapons in his hands and feet. He rules happily over several parts of
the earth and then leaves for his heavenly abode at the age of 70.

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