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An example 21st birthday supply list

An example 21st birthday supply list

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Published by Meredith Hall
21st birthday supply list for others to use in order to work out what they need for decorating a simply themed, fun, outdoor 21st.
21st birthday supply list for others to use in order to work out what they need for decorating a simply themed, fun, outdoor 21st.

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Published by: Meredith Hall on Sep 08, 2013
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21ST Decorations  Glitter champagne bottle o Gold glitter o Glitter glue o Bottle of Champagne  Golf tee entrance helium

balloons o Golf tees pack 100+ o Balloon string o Helium o Approx 40 white balloons.  Bubble Station o DIY Bubble Bath (or store bought) o Refill container o Small paper cups x 100 o Bubble wands  Women in the yard o Glow in the dark paint o Chicken Wire  Bug Spray Station o Small bucket o Bug spray o Metal Stake o Ribbons (silver pink white)  Hanging Balloons o Marbles o Balloons (white and pink)  Lawn Twister o Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Spray Paint o Flameless Lamps for the Four Corners o Twister Spinner  Signage o Land of Make Believe Next Left  Sign Post/Stake o Narnia/Hogwarts/Neverland Signage  Wooden pole/Tree Branch

 Hammer/Nails  Pieces of Wood sharpened to arrows o Tent Town/Food/D-Floor/Bar/Loo/Bugs Signage  Wooden pole/branch  Hammer/Nails  Pieces of Wood sharpened to arrows  Glowstick Jars o Glowsticks o Assorted Jars  Extra Décor o Sequin Tablecloth o Streamer strings o White sheets o Glowsticks o White Tulle o Bunting Lighting o o o o o Flickering Flameless Candles x 20 Flameless Lamps/Lanterns Fairy lights – white.ebay.com. Cocktails/Drinks  Striped Straws (pink and white)  Cocktail Chalkboard Sign o Chalkboard paint o Chalk o Large Piece Wood  Duct Tape Water Bottles o Glitter Duct Tape  Drink Buckets Photobooth Background  Gold Streamers DECORATIONS/DECORATIVE ITEMS ITEM LINK Gold Glitter http://www. Fairy lights – pink Extension Cords.au/itm/Gold-Glitter-Fine-25g-Brand-New- $ $3 x 2 (6) .

50 x 3 (15) $29.au/products_product_wire-nettingchicken-90cm-5cmx10mm-10m60006_P3060441.ebay.ebay.com.au/itm/140813932828?var=440072166040& ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.bunnings.au/itm/300665408693?ssPageName=STRK :MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.au/itm/2PCS-6PCS-48PCS-Multi-Colorwhite Smokeless-Flickering-Flameless-LED-Tea-Light-Candles/230967804953?pt=AU_Wedding_Clothing&var=&hash=item35c6 .l2649 http://www.com.ebay.html http://www.m1423.bunnings.90 $15 $5.com.bunnings.ebay.com.ebay.ebay.90 x 5 Bunting Tulle White Lavender Light Pink Flameless Candles http://www.Craft Glue Golf Tees Balloon String White Pink Lilac White Balloons Pink Balloons Purple Balloons Glow In The Dark Paint /171103957150?pt=AU_Scrapbooking&hash=item27d697309e http://riotstores.aspx?search=spray+paint&searchType=any&se archSubType=products $4.au/itm/330736969008?ssPageName=STRK :MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.ebay.aspx?search=chicken+wire&searchType=any& searchSubType=products&sort=priceasc Home http://www.au/itm/New-100pcs-balloon-lot-heliumballoons-Party-Wedding-Birthday-Latex-Balloons/251279275143?pt=AU_Wholesale_Lots_Home&var=&hash=item 3a81697487 http://www.com.m1423.au/products_product_dymark-spraymark-350g-white-spraypaint_P1661104.com.com.aspx?search=glow+in+the+dark+paint&searchT ype=any&searchSubType=products http://www.ebay.com.m1423.l2649 $9 x 2 18 Approx $30 6x3 $18 http://www.l2649 $2 $7 $2 x 5 (10) Chicken Wire Marbles Red Yellow Blue Green White Spray Paint Glowstick Jars Glowsticks http://www.l2649 http://www.au/itm/321043714585?var=510093936019& ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.au/itm/5-Colours-BULK-100-GLOWBRACELET-LIGHT-STICKS-PARTY-GLOWSTICKS-Connectors/400549550599?pt=AU_Toys_Hobbies_Glow_Products&hash=ite m5d429d1a07 http://www.com.au/products_product_white-knight300g-glow-safepaint_P1540084.m1423.au/craft-supplies/craftaccessories/glue/carnival-glue-pva-waterbased-60ml.com.au/itm/SN9F-7-Color-LED-ChangingElectronic-Flameless-Candle-Lamp/121148763453?pt=AU_Party_Supplies&hash=item1c35076d3d $30 for 30 OR $40 for 48 http://www.com.com.

com.ebay.au/itm/100-200-300-500-600-LED-FairyElektric-Powered-Lights-Party-Garden-Christmas/261237436991?pt=AU_Home_Outdoor_Lighting&var=&hash=ite m3cd2f6f23f http://www.Fairy Lights White Lilac Duct Tape Punch Buckets Fog Machine c10419 http://www.$28 case of 6 Yellow – $50 case of 6 Carlton Draught .ebay.com.au/itm/Doodle-Big-Washi-Tape-Lilac-SwissDot/181194131878?pt=AU_Scrapbooking&hash=item2a300309a6 K-Mart Hire: 100p/n $11 for 100m $6 $5 x 3 Approximately $250 minimum Alcohol Sparkling Golden Gate Spumante .$24 case of 6 Passion Pop .$42 .

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