While ordinary American citizens are strongly against any US plan to attack Syria to help the al-Qaeda fighters

, the goons in Washington are planning to execute their highly cherished ASB plan for obliterating Syria’s defences against al-Qaeda. They are talking about laying a broader strike on the devastated nation, using twin options of missiles and long-range bombers. Yesterday, Obama pressured by his handlers, made an appeal for support from the US public even though the message from the public is very clear – hands off Syria ! No helping al-Qaeda. While Obama was crying and wailing for sympathy from the people, his military strategists and their backers were busily salivating over what they could accomplish with their proposed plan of attack. The deadly whacking and killing from air and sea. Tomahawk missiles fired from warships and stand-off weapons including GPS-guided bombs released from B-1 and B-2 bombers will crumple Syria in the space of two days (48 hrs) and thereby allow al-Qaeda in Syria to march straight into Assad’s office. This is just how evil the US has become, other nations beware !