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Published by: Sharath Vaddiparthi on Sep 08, 2013
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Vienna Experience

This new version of Vienna has been made to be installed by everyone, with or without any computer experience. If you still have problems, read this helpful document before installing the package.

Exploring the Vienna Experience folder
When you open the Vienna Experience folder, you will see 3 folders.

you can select a type of installation. a window like this will popup. We recommend you the « Classic installation » that allows you to customize your computer while maintaining its optimal performances. you will be prompted to « Restart your computer » or to « Log out ». . Click « Next step » to continue. you will be prompted to download and install it. When executed. This process may take a few minutes.Vienna Experience Step 1 It can’t be more simple then this. After this. The pack will be imported into the software and a preview window of the pack appears. Execute it. Click « Install CustoPack » to continue. Now. or during the installation. You will see a file called Vienna Experience Installer. Next. This allows to complete the pack installation. Open the Step 1 folder. it depends on selected options and your computer's performances. Click « Selection of options and Installation » to continue. After. CustoPack Tools installs the selected pack. this screen allows you to read and accept the license terms of the CustoPack that you want to install. if CustoPack Tools isn't installed on your computer.

you will see 2 folders. was been appointed to code our showpiece. This is an advanced yet easy to use Rainmeter suite for controlling your computer. It has been made to suit the Vienna 6 experience simple and clean style. Each of these folders resembles a function. One of the best Rainmeter coders.Vienna Experience Step 2 Introduction to Rainmeter Rainmeter is the core part of the Vienna experience. Exploring the Rainmeter folder When you open the Rainmeter folder. . Vienna 5 expanded it and Vienna 6 experience will revolutionize it. Vienna 4. Panels System. As example => The folder Application installer contains the Rainmeter installer files. poiru.1 introduced it.

And it is low on resources too. Rainmeter is the most flexible metering system ever made. After that. simply click Next and let the installer do it’s job. we need to have Rainmeter installed. Rainmeter works with both architectures. Follow the installation file’s instructions. When that process is over. When you are prompted with this screen. 32bit and 64bit. Select the package for your computer to continue. First. simply select Gnometer as default theme. This is the most easy one to remove quickly. Panels System and the Vienna Gadgets. then you have succesfully installed Rainmeter! Simply follow the upcoming steps to install the Vienna 6 experience official skin. Vienna 6 experience // Rainmeter .Vienna Experience Rainmeter installation In order to use all these fantastic suites. you will need to select the right Rainmeter package for your computer.

Press that and the configuration tool will popup. where you can find all things to customize. press Finish. you’ll see the empty Panels System Bar. Simply press Express Install to continue. etc. make sure Launch Rainmeter after exit is checked.Vienna Experience Rainmeter skins // Panels System Panels System Is Vienna 6 experience’s own unique Rainmeter suite. It combines power with look. and is easy to install. right-click on the bar. A wrench will popup. Now. simply execute the Panels System Installer file. To configure Panels System. The installation window will popup. To install. If so. . To add Panels. After installation. simply hover over the Time. hover over Vienna6 and choose the panels you want. like the Gmail account.

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