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Published by: Chris Finley Bey on Sep 08, 2013
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SOME OF THE ATTRIBUTES THAT ALLAH SHARE WITH SPIRIT-MAN It says in chapter 1 of the Moorish Holy Koran; so spirit-man, as seed of Allah held deep within himself the attributes of every part of Allah. I will only share seven of the attributes with you!

1. Life- All Living 2. Will- All Willing 3. Power- All Powerful - Omnipotent 4. Sight- All Seeing 5. Hearing- All Hearing 6. Speech- All Speaking – Holy Breath 7. Knowledge- All Knowing – OMNIPRESENT

Now in chapter 11 in the Moorish Holy Koran Brother Jesus and Barata Arabo are talking about the possibilities of man; Now Barata Arabo tells Brother Jesus that "Man is the marvel of the universe. He is part of everything, for he has been a living thing on every plane of life. Time was when man was not; and then he was bit of formless substance in the molds of time; and then a protoplast. By universal law, all things tend upward to a state of perfectness. The protoplast evolved, becoming worm, then reptile, bird and beast, and then at last it reached the form of man. Now, man himself is mind, and mind is here to gain perfection by experience; and mind is often manifesting in fleshy form, and in the form best suited to its growth. So mind may manifest as worm, or bird, or beast, or man. The time will come when everything of life will be evolved unto the state of perfect man. And after man is man in perfectness, he will evolve to higher forms of life." Now Brother Jesus goes on to say; And Jesus said: "Barata Arabo, who taught you this, that mind which is the man, may manifest in flesh of beast, or bird, or creeping thing?" Barata said: "From times which man remembers not our priests have told us so, and so we know." And Jesus said: "Enlightened Arabo, are you a master mind and do not know that man knows naught by being told? Man may believe what others say, but thus he never knows. If man would know, he must, himself be what he knows. Do you remember, Arabo, when you were ape, or bird, or worm? Now, if you have no better

what any man has said.All Knowing } . If man was not. the prophets told of Him. and in the market place he sat in silence seven days. the time will come when he will not exist. and go with mind into the land of fleshless things. the wise men long have looked for Him. then.All Knowing – OMNIPRESENT}: And backward through the ages master minds can trace themselves. mind never does forget. you simply guess. O Israel. Time never was when man was not. prepare to meet your King. Now in chapter 12 of the Moorish Holy Koran we get into John the Harbinger and the attribute that he use: It talks about when John was thirty years of age he went into Jerusalem. From Allah's own Record Book we read: The only way that Brother Jesus remembers that part of the creation and Fall of Man is because he tapped into the attribute of { Knowledge. That which begins will have an end. ." This where we get into the attribute of {Speech. Prepare. But when his silent past was done he stood forth in the midst of all and said: Behold the King has come.All Speaking – Holy Breath} this is where you get Allah is speaking through John! I can get into this attribute moor but for now this is just something to get moors to think…. and thus they know.. Now this is where Brother Jesus gets into the {Attribute of Knowledge. Regard not.proving of your plea than that the priests have told you so. let us forget the flesh. you do not know.

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