All the Ends of the Earth


All the ends of the earth, all you creatures of the sea,

All the Ends of the Earth

Lift up your eyes to the wonders of the Lord, for the Lord of the earth,

has come with justice for the world.All the Ends of the Earth The Master of the sea. 1 2 3 .

.All the Ends of the Earth Break into song at the deeds of the Lord.

.All the Ends of the Earth The wonders He has done in ev’ry age.

.All the Ends of the Earth Heaven and earth shall rejoice in His might.

ev’ry nation call Him Lord.All the Ends of the Earth Ev’ry heart. .

faithful to the promises of old.All the Ends of the Earth The Lord has made salvation known. .

.All the Ends of the Earth Let the ends of the earth.

All the Ends of the Earth Let the sea and all it holds make music before our King! .

Let Heaven Rejoice Antiphon: Let heaven rejoice and earth be glad. . let all creation sing.

Let Heaven Rejoice Let children proclaim to ev’ry land.” 1 2 3 4 5 6 . “Hosanna t our King.

Let Heaven Rejoice Sound the trumpet into the night. . the day of the Lord is near.

Let Heaven Rejoice Wake His people. proclaim it to the world. . lift your voice.

. put on your robes of joy. shake off your sleep.Let Heaven Rejoice Rise in splendor.

Let Heaven Rejoice And in the morning you shall see the glory of the Lord. .

Proclaim it in ev’ry land: .Let Heaven Rejoice Raise your voices. be not afraid.

He will come again.Let Heaven Rejoice Christ has died. . but He has risen.

Let Heaven Rejoice Sing a new song unto the Lord. for He has done wonderful deeds. .

play before the Lord.Let Heaven Rejoice And praise Him. . dance before Him. thank Him.

A child is born this night. .Let Heaven Rejoice Nations tremble. wise men amazed.

.Let Heaven Rejoice Wonderful counsellor. Prince of peace. a father. mighty God.

” .Let Heaven Rejoice Songs of angels. “Glory on high and peace to men on earth.

your Savior and your God.” .Let Heaven Rejoice “I bear glad tidings: born this day.

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