_--=PeEll=--_ on: Breaker B0X This is a new b0x INVENTED AND MADE BY _--=PeEll=--_ on June 18, 1995 at 11:20 pm central time.

Okay? This is not really a box. This has nothing to do with tha fone system. It has to do with a person's (not yours) breaker box and electrical system within his/her house. This is foe info only. These plans should not be use in an illegal way. There are two wayz to make this box. Materials 2 Extension cords (doesn't matter how long) Knowledge of splicing wire Whatever you need to splice A plastic crate A long thin (but strong) peice of wood (a stick, broom-handle) How to make it Take tha extension cords and cut off tha ends that you plug into tha wall (ya know tha plugs). Make SuRe you have about four-five inchs on both. Now splice tha two plugs together. *****If they have tha third prong you have to break it off***** You should have something like this: =|)-------(|= Now to use it Go to tha enimies house and find an outside power outlet. Plug one of tha plugs into one of tha outlets. THEN GET ON THA CRATE!!! Make SuRe that no part of you is touching tha ground. Then plug tha other end in (cause there is usally two sockets). Watch tha sparcks. It may start a fire. When it stops lighting up tha ski, take tha stick or whatever put it in tha loop and pull it out. Grab it and run. Materials (foe tha second kind) 1 Extention cord 1 Bucket of Salt water (like a 5 gallon bucket filled with a lot of salt) Cut tha cord so you have about six-seven feet of cord. Now find an outside power outlet and plug in tha cord (might wanna get a crate). Now you have a LIVE wire. THROW (so you are not holding it) into tha bucket of water. You may have to leave tha breaker box there. This b0x is KewL cause if it doesn't trip tha breakers or fuses it will fry tha wires in tha house!!! If something is running and using electricity it may blow it (ie lights, TV, things like that). _--=PeEll=--_(tm)

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