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Patricia Christyn Hoke

3985 E. Bijou St. #211A

Colorado Springs, CO. 80909
(719) 375-0561 Home
(719) 434-0172 Cell

Objective: To obtain a job that can build on my career skills, and become a great career.

Job History: Colomex Inc.

Taco Bell
4195 N. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO. 80916
(719) 593-9222
Jeff Erickson (Supervisor)
7-08 to 1-09

Colomex Inc.
Taco Bell
5650 N. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 260-1740
Gordon Good (Supervisor)
1-09 to Present

Job Description: Job duties at Taco Bell were consistent of a quick service eatery
•Cashier/ Customer Service Rep.
•Acting Shift Manager
•Crew Trainer
•Morning Prep Chef
•Line Cook

While on shift I did various tasks. I would ensure the proper training
and usage of corporate standards and procedures.

Make sure the quality and consistency of food is met.

Achieve company goals for service times and labor.

Manage up to seven or more crew members keeping up with

basic store operations.

Inventory management/Store Audits/Store reports.

Verizon Business Solutions/ Stellar Nordia LLC.

2654 Oakdale Rd.
Riverbank, CA 95362
(209) 896-9000
Diana Lopez-Leon (Supervisor)
12-06 to 4-08

Job Description: At Verizon/Stellar I was a relay operator for hearing and speech impaired.
•Translate conversation using special software.
•Attain 98 percent accuracy during all calls.
•Maintain fluent conversation for all ranges of disability
•Type 70 wpm

While on duty at Verizon/Stellar I translated conversations for all types of users,

Making it possible for voice customers to communicate with deaf or mute customers.
I also was a answering service for tty and voice customers. During my employment the
company was sold, and as a result I was laid off.